MAC – Novel Twist Pre-Ordering available on Nordstrom Site

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Here are some pics of the Novel Twist collection, which you can pre-order rign now on the Nordstrom site. They’ll start shipping out on July 20th. I want the two beauty powders! Cute, yah?





There are two brush sets and I’m tempted to get the 5 Pro-Brushes set ’cause it has two brushes missing in my collection: the skunk 187 and the angled 168 but I learned my lesson last Christmas. No more short handled brush sets for me, blah!

Ever since we got back from Hawaii I’ve been doing a lot of catch up work. This has been my first day to completely reeeeelax since we’ve returned. Who would’ve thunk that you’d actually have to relax after taking a vacation, but after all of the running around it’s nice to just sit at home and just BE.


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