MAC Haute Dogs Collection Fall 2015

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It’s time to raise the roof! (Get it? Sorry…) It’s MAC Haute Dogs time.


I wish I could have hired a professional dog actor to serve as my cuddly co-broadcaster for this video… I guess I could’ve put Tabs in a dog outfit, or better yet, dressed him up as an actual hot dog of the “meat in a tube” variety — complete with all the fixin’s, of course (but please hold the sauerkraut) — but you and I both know how either of those scenarios would have gone down. There would have been hell to pay, and the payment would have involved me being scratched-the-eff-up by some very sharp tabby talons!


MAC Haute Dogs is a pretty hefty fall release with 33 pieces, and here’s a look at 13 of them (limited edition products), along with thoughts on the MAC Mineralize formula, because the collection is heavy in the Mineralize department. Got some swatches in there, too. 🙂

mac haute dogs collection

13 of the 33 pieces from the MAC Haute Dogs collection

mac haute dogs pure bred quad

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 in Pure Bred ($46)

mac haute dogs glimmer of gold quad

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 in A Glimmer of Gold ($46)

mac haute dogs posh pedigree quad

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 in Posh Pedigree ($46)

mac haute dogs lipsticks

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Lipsticks from the left: Fashion Pack, Rare Breed, Barking Gorgeous, Nose for Style and Labradorable ($23 each)

mac haute dogs collection glass

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Glasses from the left: Lap Dog, Sheer Coincidence, Modest, Dressed to the K9S ($23 each)

MAC Haute Dogs Fall 2015: Products mentioned

As always, thank you again for watching.

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  1. KPrice says:

    Labradorable! I have a 14 year old black lab that I love with all my heart. She recently found two 6 week old abandoned kittens in our yard and was kind enough to let them into her loving home. So I’m a dog person but my dog loves her kittens (named Frankie and Beans). I just ordered Labradorable and can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the post.

  2. Lulle says:

    I like the quads but the price is a little steep for me. Rare Breed lipstick is my fave item in this collection!
    Lulle recently posted … Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in Water Lily: a new summer liquid blush!

  3. Cathy Blanton says:

    I am TEAM DOG! We currently have 9 (8 of them are rescues) and we love each of them as if they are our children!

  4. Ebony says:

    I’m new to makeup but my MAC foundation colors are Matchmaster 7.0 and NC45. Which of these lipstick and eye shadows would work well with my complexion?

  5. Alexis says:

    I’m an equal animal lover as well. But my oldest daughter is Team Cat all the way. She loves wearing stuff with cats on it (or unicorns) and constantly begs for one. The only thing I’m remotely interested is the lipsticks/glasses. I’m so glad I watched this review. The Fall collection I am really feeling is Chanel’s – ugh my poor wallet 🙁

  6. Cherie says:

    Very pretty collection, but I agree, the quad price is steep. If I love every single color in a quad, I’ll get it since I know I’ll use all of it (like Chanel’s quad for the Fall collection — I’m holding off on getting that). I do like Rare Breed, is it similar to Tom Ford’s Skinny dip?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Cherie,

      I have (and love!) Tom Ford’s Skinnydip. They look quite different; Skinnydip is more coral and warmer, and it has a subtle golden sheen that I don’t really see in Rare Breed. I also think Skinnydip lasts longer on the lips. HTH! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  7. Pamela Haddad says:

    Loved the video! Hate it when there’s a random cat hair that I can feel, but not see or seem to remove!! Happens every morning when I’m trying to make-up. =^..^=
    I love all animals, though I guess I have a special passion for cats. That being said, I have 2 huge dogs that I love, besides the 3 cats. All rescues. If I had a bigger place, I’d probably adopt more. /( ‘.’ )\
    ( UU )/

  8. Rachel R. says:

    This collection is nice, but it doesn’t really call to me or seem very unique. I’ll be passing.

  9. Allison C says:

    Pretty collection of neutrals, but I agree that those quads are too pricey when I could get a full palette for around that price. The dog theme is cute but not sure how it’s related but I guess you can put a theme on anything
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