A High Brow Collection: MAC Brows Are It!

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MAC Brows Are It

Loving the fact that (MAC) “Brows Are It!”

One of my favorite things about being a makeup devotee is watching trends come and go, and I’m sure that fashion lovers feel the same flash of nostalgia when they see ‘90s styles come back in vogue that those of us who love all things makeup feel when brown lips make a comeback and are bigger than ever.

But even though I love following the trends, I’m not one for hopping on bandwagons all too often. Contouring? Only if it’s subtle. Strobing? I thought I was already highlighting — what’s different? I’m confused…


I’ll be honest with you ladies (and gentlemen), that’s why I am SO excited that brows are having their moment again. As a child, my grandmother praised my thick, arched brows and told me never to pluck them. So I didn’t (I listened to her), and though brow fashions have waned and waxed from thin back to thick, my brows have remained my own.

The MAC Brows Are It! collection is the brow collection for those who are proud of their brows, whether bold and defined or soft and natural. Whatever your outlook on brows, this collection has something for everyone!

MAC Brows Are It

The MAC Brows Are It! collection

The MAC Brows Are It! collection includes a wide breadth of products to help you create just about any brow look, in almost any natural shade imaginable. MAC’s website offers product breakdowns on different looks and recommends which of the many products released with the collection would work best for your personal preference.

For an angled brow, MAC recommends their Veluxe Brow Liners ($21 each), a smooth “classic” brow pencil that glides on without tugging to create a sheer wash of color that blends with any brow color. These pencils are creamy and easy to use, with a built in spoolie that makes product application, placement and blending a dream. For me, this is the standout product of the bunch. I love a good ol’ brow pencil, but the Veluxe Brow formula offers a smooth, much-needed twist on traditional brow pencil formulas, and it feels comfortable, fresh and modern.

MAC Brows Are It

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner (from bottom to top): Strawberry Blonde, Omega, Brunette, Redhead, Fling, Dirty Blonde, Deep Brunette, Deep Dark Brunette, Taupe, Velvetstone

MAC Brows Are It

MAC Veluxe Brow Liner (from left to right): Strawberry Blonde, Omega, Brunette, Redhead, Fling, Dirty Blonde, Deep Brunette, Deep Dark Brunette, Taupe, Velvetstone

Longtime MAC lovers like me will recognize the brand’s classic Eye Brows pencils ($16.50 each) that self-sharpen and provide deep bursts of color. These pencils are best applied patiently and slowly as the product is intensely pigmented — trust me, a little goes a long way. Eye Brows pencils create realistic hair strokes in sparse areas and also help reshape the overall appearance of your brows.

As part of the Brows Are It! collection, MAC has also released several new products, among them the Big Brow Pencils ($21 each), which function similarly to cream shadow crayons in that they deposit large washes of color. For those who already have thick, well-defined brows in terms of shape but are looking for an overall touch-up or tint, these pencils are ideal and make the process of filling in brows quick and easy.

Big Brow Pencils have been great for me, as I’m often rusing in the morning before work and reaching for them as a way to achieve the look of painstakingly filled-in brows in a hurry.

MAC Brows Are It

MAC Eye Brows (left to right): Lingering, Brunette, Strut, Stud and MAC Big Brow Pencils (left to right): Fling, Coquette, Cork, Lingering, Spiked

Among the most exciting products in the collection (other than the Fluidline Brow Gelcremes, which are not pictured) are the Brow Duos ($22 each), which are classic brow-friendly powders in MAC’s shadow duo packaging.


The powders are smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. If you’re one for applying powder to your brows and have the patience to fill them in with a brush, these duos are for you.

MAC Brows Are It

MAC Brow Duo (left to right): Omega and Soba, Coquette and Brun, Cork and Espresso

The MAC Brows Are It! collection is available now in stores and, as the products are permanent, you’re not likely to miss out on a hot item while deciding which brow powder or pencil will best help you achieve your perfect arch. I love the wide variety available and the consultative nature of the launch on the brand’s website. You’re sure to find something you love, and MAC has made sure to help you make that decision.

Until next time, I’ll be here peering out at you from behind an array of Velue Brow Liners and filling in my trademark arch!

Which products, if any, from the MAC Brows Are It! collection are you most likely to go for? Something you’d like to try? I’d love to hear about it.

Jessica Revitte

Jessica is a Project Manager by day and a mommy, soon to be wife, avid reader and makeup lover in the in between times that really count. You may remember her from her former beauty blog, Getting Cheeky. Jessica is stepping out of beauty blogging “retirement” as a creative outlet and is eager to write about makeup, once again bringing her signature cultural, literary and historical twist to the table. See what she’s been up to these days, with and without makeup, on Instagram.


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  1. Erin says:

    It might be the lighting but some of those look way too warm!
    Erin recently posted … Juliette Has A Gun Anyway

  2. Lulle says:

    “Strobing? I thought I was already highlighting — what’s different?” Yes, thank you for that moment of truth! Renaming existing techniques to sell more of the same highlighters, that’s how I would define the strobing trend…
    Anyways, I agree with Erin, the light shades in this brow product range look really warm, where are the ashy tones?
    Lulle recently posted … #FrenchFriday : Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water Review + Giveaway!

    • Jessica Revitte says:

      I love a good highlight but there was something gimmicky about the strobing trend that I just couldn’t get on board with. 🙂

      There are a lot of warm shades. I have auburn hair so this was a plus for me, but I agree that more cool toned shades would be beneficial.

  3. As others have said, very warm shades! But I do think I see some that would match my brows.

  4. Chris25 says:

    There are some nice colors here!
    Chris25 recently posted … OPI Russian Navy

  5. I have used MAC Fling before, but stopped repurchasing because it just is empty so quickly! But to be honest I never found anything I was as satisfied with, so I might need to get back to MAC again…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara – Language of the fan

    • person says:

      Try Maybelline’s “Brow Precise micro crayon” in blonde (it is the lightest color they offer). It is ever so slightly darker (hardly noticeable. It is so close to mac and half the price. I love it and was so afraid that I wouldn’t find a replacement.

  6. Nivedita says:

    Most people in India, prefer thin brows. Honestly, I don’t like brows which are too thin and overdone and it looks so unnatural. Having sparse brows turned out better for me, as I can still just get away with slight trimming and filling in. It looks polished and natural. Looks like I need to get my hand on this when they introduce it in India.

    Talking about trends, oh, there are so many culinary terms used in makeup techniques. They just sound useless.
    Nivedita recently posted … Project Pan of March 2016

  7. Ingrid says:

    I just purchased the Fluidline Brow Gelcreme and it is to die for! I definitely like it more than my Anastasia dipbrow. It’s so creamy and more forgiving than the dipbrow, yet still lasts all day!

    • yelena says:

      agreed. I’m on my 3rd pot of gelcreme (deep dark brunette) I spent months looking for a drugstore dupe and ended up repurchasing. silly me.

  8. Kwmechelle says:

    I’ve been a die-hard fan of MAC Spiked brow pencil for a few years now. So much so that I can’t bring myself to use anything else- even if it’s a slated cheaper dupe, or something more high-end like Anastasia Beverly Hills. Great post!

  9. Mackenzie says:

    OMG Jessica is back! I was disappointed when you stopped blogging so it’s nice to see you here. I just clicked through to comment. My brows are so full I just use clear brow gel

    • Jessica Revitte says:

      Thank you!! We’ll see how it goes on Makeup and Beauty Blog for the next few months. I may get my foot back into the blogging pond. 🙂


  10. My brows are naturally blonde and a little sparse, the past few years I’ve been dyeing them which helps but I still need a fair amount of product most days to flesh them out. I’ve been intrigued by the big pencils since I heard about them, I need something quick especially with baby #2 now. Sounds like it might be a good option when my brows are relatively freshly dyed and I just need a bit more fullness. Since I recently finished a brow pencil, surely that means I can replace it with 3 new things right?! 😉
    Nicole – paleandfreckled recently posted … Beauty Empties as of February 2016 – lots of makeup & skincare!

  11. Debra says:

    I would have been helpful if you had shown us the points on these products.

  12. yelena says:

    can you comment on the wear time of each? product? maybe sort them in ascending or descending order of wear time?
    I have the gel crème and this lasts all day…have been thinking about getting a pencil to keep in my purse for touch ups (if needed) or as an alternate when I don’t have time to use a gel and spoolie, etc.

    awesome swatches – thanks!

    • Jessica Revitte says:

      Great question Yelena! The powders obviously don’t wear long without a clear brow setting gel which I think is pretty typical, and the Big Brow pencils don’t last much longer than a standard work day (I noticed some wear by the end of eight hours); however, all pencils stuck with me through work, work out, mom-ing etc. Pleasing because the Veluxe Liners are not a typical brow formula so I was happy they endured. 🙂


      • Yelena says:

        thank you! I’ve been anxiously awaiting your reply lol.
        I have a little spot with ZERO hair on it, so I always go for longevity. (quite embarrassing when your eyebrow disappears at the end of the day before you leave the office) lol.
        I had read somewhere else that the veluxe liners were dry and patchy so I had been reluctant to try them.

        thanks for your response!

        • Jessica Revitte says:

          I’m sorry for the delay! Juggling work and motherhood means I’m a bit slower than I’d like sometimes. 🙂

          I actually find these to be really smooth, but maybe that’s because I’m accustomed to drier/waxier brow pencils? They definitely glide on more smoothly than what I’m used to.


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