MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection: Swatches, Product Pictures and DANCE FEVER!

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MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Swatches

When I sat down to take pictures of MAC’s new All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection (on counters/online this Thursday), things started out normal enough.


I got out my trusty camera, fired up some music and began to CLICK, CLICK, CLICK away…

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Swatches 5N Lipstick 1
Lipstick in 5N, $14

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Swatches Myself Lipstick 2
Lipstick in Myself, $14

Things took an unexpected turn when my iPod…

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Glamour for All Lipglass 3
Lipglass in Glamour for All, $14

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Personal Style Blush 4
Blush in Personal Style, $19

…blaring away on shuffle…

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Show Stopper Eyeshadow 5
Eyeshadow in Showstopper, $15

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Mink Brow Set 6
Brow Set in Mink, $15

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Review Black Blonde Brow Pencil 7
From left to right: Impeccable Brow Pencil in Black, Brown, $15 each

Swatches from left to right: 5N Lipstick, Myself Lipstick, Glamour for All Lipglass, Showstopper Eyeshadow

Mario Lopez head…produced a magical master mix (to borrow a phrase from ABDC host A.C. Slater/Mario Lopez)…

MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Swatches B 10
From left to right: Personal Style Blush, Mink Brow Set, Black Brow Pencil, Blonde Brow Pencil


MAC All Ages All Races All Sexes Swatches paper 12

…of ’80s and ’90s dance hits!

Brows: Black Brow Pencil and Mink Brow Set; Eyes: Show Stopper Eyeshadow; Cheeks: Personal Style Blush; Lips: Myself Lipstick

Same items as above on brows, eyes and cheeks; Lips: Glamour for All Lipglass

Same brows, eyes and cheeks; Lips: 5N Lipstick

5N Lipstick to Hall and Oats’ “Out of Touch”…


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun while wearing Glamour for All Lipglass…

Sometimes, you just can’t help but feel the music. πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. How was your Tuesday? Anything good happen? I’m stoked because my cough is clearing up, and I think I’m beginning to feel normal (ha, ha… insert joke here!) again. Tabs says HOLLA!


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  1. Jen says:

    .-= Jen’s last blog post… Sale At Stella & Dot! =-.

  2. Jenna says:

    Ooh I love the shade of the 5N lipstick!! I bought a similar shade from NARS called Shrinager but I think I’ll get the 5N the next time I’m at the mall.

  3. DonnaN says:

    I think you took TOO much of that inhaler today…..LOL!!

    Showstopper eyeshadow, hmm? I think that needs to be added to my “LIST”……

  4. Megan says:

    I just saw the stuff online before my daily fix of mbb!!! I can’t wait to get myself & personal style!!! I love your blog, keep up the good work & hope you have a good week!!

  5. Jen says:

    Hope you are feeling better girlie!

    Im fighting a cold with every old remedy in the book… our temperatures in MIAMI (yes as an FLORIDA) have dropped a lot and we are not prepared for this type of cold weather… its usually in the 80s this time of year… πŸ™‚

    ps. this collection is FAB. I can see a few lippy things I may want…
    .-= Jen’s last blog post… UmÒ€¦ did someone put Miami in the freezer??? =-.

  6. shontay says:

    Karen, you are so funny! I can’t wait to fly up to Mac Thursday and get my hands on this stuff. I had a very short list at first, but now I want 5N, Empowered, Myself, Glamour For All, Showstopper and Banshee. I hate Mac for always sucking me in. It never lets up!

  7. Solé says:

    Hi Karen!

    I’m literally Ell-Oh-Elling because of you! Those are some fabulous accessories, by the way. So is this collection supposed to the be some kind of one-size-flatters-all neutral bonanza? The colors look great on you, but I’m thinking something may be wrong with my computer because Myself and Glamour For All look like frosty beige in their tubes, but they look *very* pink on you (swatches and face). Even 5N looks like dark brown in the tube, but it looks like a burgundyish-magenta on you.

    PS: You brought back a wonderful island glow, especially evident in the bottom pic. Very cute. πŸ˜€

    • Karen says:

      Yeah. From what I’ve seen, it feels like a MAC N Collection redux. If you’re already good with your neutrals you probably won’t need it.

      I think the lipstick changes color because of my lips — the pigmentation does funky stuff, and tends to bring out pinks in various lip shades!

      How have your first few days of class been? Are you liking your courses?

  8. You have one the best blogger personalities EVER! Hilarious πŸ™‚ I love the Glamour for All on you… It’s such a gorgeous shade. I’ve got my eye on 5N for myself. Hope it doesn’t sell out here.
    .-= PolishedPrude’s last blog post… Have Yourself A Nailtini =-.

  9. Shivotra says:

    Karen…! I am so envious of you. You get this sent to you!!! But your blog is AWESOME and there is a reason why we all keep coming back.
    I am not too big on this collection. Its kind of blah everyday stuff.
    .-= Shivotra’s last blog post… love/like/not – The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream =-.

  10. Smiley says:

    haha. Glamour For All looks almost lilac! Hmm. A very wearable one at that.
    .-= Smiley’s last blog post… Golden Purple FOTD and White Nails? =-.

  11. Lillybeth says:

    Holla back at you, Tabs! (That’s from my skinny-for-Summer kitty, Mac, who’s shed his long-haired Winter coat here in NZ).

    LOVING the glamour for all lipglass, as above!!! So opaque!

  12. Glosslizard says:

    I like the look of 5N!

    Hee hee, I ended up at a kareoke bar on Saturday night with a bunch of pals from my high school choir days! I sang Sweet Child o’ Mine and thought of you! πŸ˜€

  13. Rati says:

    Oh wow! This is such a day to day wearable collection. Lovely! πŸ™‚ Loved you ‘poison look’ lol!
    .-= Rati’s last blog post… Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup Kurbaan and Three Idiots =-.

  14. Abby says:

    aww you’re so cute, I love your fotd πŸ™‚ And great swatches/review!
    .-= Abby ‘s last blog post… Holiday Haul: MAC Pro =-.

  15. Rae says:

    LOL! You are too funny, Karen!

    I have to admit; this collection kind of bored me with its promos. And I mean, it still does (I think these items would be better off in the perm. line) but it looks really good on some of the bloggers who have been buzzing about it! 5N in particular looks really great on you, if you ask me πŸ˜‰

  16. Paris B says:

    Haha… Yes you’re certainly on the mend – glad to know you’re feeling better πŸ˜€
    .-= Paris B’s last blog post… Spring 2010 : Dior Dentelle Collection and Extase Mascara =-.

  17. amy says:

    I have a similar headband like yours myself and I love love love it. I think Myself lipstick and Showstopper eyeshadow is right down my alley these days.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Urban Decay Homegrown, AC/DC, Mushroom, Sellout Eyeshadows, 24/7 Glide on Liner Graffiti and MAC Lipstick Pink Cabana =-.

  18. Christina says:

    Yeah Hall and Oates! The brow pencils and setting gel looks intriguing but with my brows, i’d bet money they’d end up looking clownish and drawn on.

  19. Marisol says:

    You are hilarious! Every time I see Showstopper, I can’t help but think of Danity Kane.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Time to take control =-.

  20. Marce says:

    I absolutely LOVED this post! It’s great how you mixed both arts, makeup and music. Great photos too, your expressions are great. I like a couple of things from this collection. What do you feel about the new pigment vials?
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… By Candlelight Look – MAC Warm & Cozy Collection =-.

  21. veronica says:

    Fabulous! You crack me up πŸ™‚
    .-= veronica’s last blog post… Another year, another CES! =-.

  22. diane says:

    You look so beautiful in this pictures, especially the last one. Love it!
    Have a nice day!

    .-= diane’s last blog post… My version of Avatar inspired make up and a nice tag! =-.

  23. Jen says:

    Karen, you’re too funny! I’ve been at home by myself a lot, so there’s a lot of that dancing-like-a-maniac going on here too.

    I like the two lipsticks, but everything else is kinda meh.

    • Karen says:

      I feel you! I’m all about dancing like no one is watching… because no one is actually watching, ha ha ha! Well, there’s Tabs, but he doesn’t really care. πŸ™‚

  24. Karen B says:

    You are brilliant. I so totally do that too!
    I think I’m going to love Myself lipstick. Too pretty and I need a new nude-ish lipstick.

    • Karen says:

      That color will look pretty on you! πŸ™‚

      What’s going on for today? Doing anything fun?

      • Karen B says:

        Thanks, I hope so.
        Well today has been not that fun as I’m having my periods and the pain in my back is killing me. But in the late afternoon I took some painkillers so I’m okay now. Watching Cats on dvd and printing out the score πŸ˜‰

        • Karen says:

          You poor thing! I hate it when “Aunt Flo” visits. Like you, I get killer backaches. I get migraines, too, which are bootsy.

          Anyhoo, I know it’s a totally overplayed song, but I’ll always have a soft spot for “Memory.”

          • Karen B says:

            It is pretty overplayed but I still love Elaine Paige’s version. Such sorrow and depth πŸ™‚
            One of my other favourites is Macavity the Mystery cat πŸ™‚ Love it.

  25. Lolly says:

    Hey just wanted to say your handwriting is really beautiful haha

    Thanks for making this range more interesting! It looks really natural and beautiful!

  26. lesley says:

    Just curious, but what do you think of the brow pencils? Are they hard/soft/waxy? I’m having a friend buy me some to send them to me here in Norway and I’m not sure which shades I should get! I’m considering Taupe or Black, but from your swatches and the webby’s swatches it seems they run darker?

    BTW, I love your freestylin’ Karen! I hope that you’ve been lifted of your grief and finding joy in your life again :o)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lesley,

      They look dark in the swatch but actually apply lighter on the brows. I’m not usually a brow pencil girl, but found these really easy to use. They’re harder and not as waxy as Benefit’s brow pencil (which is super soft and creamy), which I like. If you find them too harsh you could always mellow ’em out by running a clear brow gel through your brows afterward.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  27. gio says:

    Lol, you’re so funny Karen!

    I’m not really digging this collection. Everything looks too boring and wearable for my tastes.
    .-= gio’s last blog post… 4 Tips to Prevent Eye Wrinkles =-.

  28. Roxanne says:

    You are ridiculouly cute in those pictures πŸ™‚

  29. NINA says:

    Youre fun!!!!

    I love the following from the collection — the Myself Lipstick and Glamour for All Lipglass and the Personal Style Blush …

    I AM excited about this collection for some reason … πŸ˜‰

    • Karen says:

      Are you a neutrals girl, NINA? πŸ™‚ Do you remember the MAC N collection from a few years back? That one would’ve totally been up your alley!

  30. Sarah says:

    Wow, I love those swatches! That blush looks much pinker on than in the pan – which is good!

    I’m also loving the eye swatches followed by it on the eye, somehow it changes the color completely!

    • Karen says:

      The eyeshadow is totally scary in the pan and the swatch, but I think if you work it in a certain way it can look very wearable. Basically all I did was apply it on the lid with a flat eyeshadow brush (MAC 239), then, I smudged it up into the crease with my finger. I lined the lower lash line with a short shader brush and then smudged that too. It mellows out the color and turns in into this really beautiful brownish black… so great for work!

  31. Marina says:

    LOL you are so funny πŸ™‚
    Tahnk you for making the swatches on the paper!
    Tell Tabs hi πŸ˜‰
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… Laura Mercier Polished Collection for Spring 2010 =-.

  32. happybadfish says:

    Great post!! Love those lipsticks! I might even buy my first lipstick…..eeek!!

    • Karen says:

      Dude, you gotta get on the lipstick train! It’s so great for those days when you don’t want to deal with getting hair stuck in your gloss, LOL!

  33. Sara says:

    haaaa! love the pics at the end! and the story….i was actually more interested in it than the collection pics (*hides*) a tribute to your writing!

    glamour for all looks great on you btw!
    .-= Sara’s last blog post… MABB Monday Poll =-.

  34. Ada says:

    Hey Karen, those lippies all look great on you!

  35. Kim says:

    My Tuesday went alright; it was the first day back to work after Christmas/New Year’s vacay… I wish I could sleep in for an hour more, but no dice. So far, my Wednesday may get cut short — we have impending doom on the weather front. More snow!

    I love your quirky ipod shuffle poses. Vogue, baby.

    • Karen says:

      I heard about the cold front. I gotta give you props — I can’t handle the snow AT ALL!

      How was your Christmas/New Years?

      • Kim says:

        We had a white Christmas in Arkansas. It was our first in a few years! I mostly just laid low and played video games with my bf. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I moved from my old house to my new place. That was kind of stressful (I say kind of, but I really mean Iwanted to pull my hair out!) but I got most of it done in a few days. Then, I hardly drank on NYE because I thought I’d have to drive home to have some friends over… it never happened. Semi uneventful, you could say?

        How was yours? I know you’ve been having some rough days but, hopefully otherwise it’s been okay. I’m sure you don’t share everything with us ;).

        • Karen says:

          Oh, are you already unpacked? Do it NOW. Otherwise you’ll end up with an island of boxes in the middle of your dining room. Um, not that I’d know anything about that. πŸ™‚

          Both holidays were low-key on my end, too. Being sick pretty much put the damper on any partying. I have to say that loafing around the house has it’s merits. I appreciate it more in my old age, ha ha.

  36. lexi says:

    I would have love to see the pose set to Hall and Oates “Private Eyes” – I am such a fan I am not ashamed to admit it hahaha

    I am loving 5N lipstick – what kind of finish is it? Also Showstopper looks to be like a cool brown. Okay I am starting to feel overwhelmed by all the new collections – I already purchased a few products from the Love Lace and Warm and Cozy collections. I shake my fist at you MAC!!!

  37. Frances says:

    I love the 5N lipstick! As for the rest of the collection – it’s pretty, but I am trying to branch out from my usual neutral shades.

  38. Shadowy lady says:

    I’m feeling a combo of Myself and Glamour for All.

    Thanks for the pics Karen!
    .-= Shadowy lady’s last blog post… Gold and Gray =-.

  39. Shelly says:

    KAREN I LOOOOVE YOU! You always crack me up (and I’m laughing WITH you, not at you, I swear!)

  40. Kymberlee says:

    oooh I was looking at MAC’s site yesterday and saw these… I love the Myself lipstick. I might have to pick that up since I have an unused giftcard from Christmas!

    I stumbled upon your blog last week when I was bored at work. Ever since then, I’ve been e-stalking it daily. πŸ™‚

  41. Karen you crack me up girl. I’m skipping this and Lillyland because the Spring Colour Forecast is going to bankrupt me, so I’m trying to save now LOL.
    .-= Never Enough Nails’s last blog post… Your Opinion!!! =-.

  42. inday says:

    omagawd girl you crack me up! love the dance moves (“that girl is poisooon/ahaa ahh”)! and that new collection is very pretty – i really like the myself lipstick on you although i wouldn’t have looked twice at it in the tube, might have to go out and try it ‘myself’ haha

    love your blog, it makes me smile everyday, thank you and keep up the beauty-ful work!

    p.s. so glad to hear you’re feeling better!!

  43. CC says:

    Heehee I love all the vogueing!! πŸ˜€

  44. Shannon Steele says:

    5n is looking good on you but wouldnt look so good on my fair skin. i may go take a look anyway, just to make sure.

  45. Catherine says:

    LOL. You’re so funny, Karen!

    And ooh, I actually love 5N lipstick on you!
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… MAC Spiced Chocolate FOTD & Birch Aquarium Pictures =-.

  46. Tatiana says:

    I love Hall & Oates too. “You’re out of touch, I’m out of time!” My ultimate fave is “No Can Do”, that’s my shizz!!! I think I may pick up that 5N lipstick. Is it creamy?

  47. Andrea says:

    Karen you’re so cute !! I’m going to be checking that collection whenever I go get a new Fix+ !

  48. Christina says:

    Haha I was so doing this in the car the other day… Caught a few puzzled glances from other drivers. πŸ˜‰

    Those colors look boring in their natural habitat, but great in action. Impressed!

  49. Kat says:

    Ouu these look lovely!

  50. Stephie says:

    Don’t think im quite feeling the collection so much but WOO love those pictures girl. workin that camera πŸ˜›
    .-= Stephie’s last blog post… It’s a New Year =-.

  51. L says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA amazing. You watch Glee, right? Thanks to the Acafellas episode, every time I think of the song “Poison,” I imagine Will Schuster and the others singing it. They were good!

    My favorite Acafellas song, though, was definitely “I Wanna Sex You Up.” Truly fantastic.

  52. Anastasia says:

    Wow, this is the first collection from MAC that’s really caught my eye since Style Black (looooved!!!). I may have to break my resolution to tone down the beauty spending ha ha. I found 21 lipsticks and lipglosses in my handbag the other day and was only slightly appalled LOL

    Great dancing Karen! Love that headband too.


  53. Lee says:

    I didn’t I’d like the colors but your swatches have changed my mind. I really like the lipstick shade in 5N.

  54. Saku says:

    LOL. I like that 5N lipstick, but it may look too dark on my skintone, looks great on you. But I really like the color of the lipglass better.
    May treat myself to two or three lipglosses this year. And I have my eye on MAC.^.^

  55. Baby Girl says:

    I’m playing catch-up this morning. Leave it to Karen to make me laugh. I’m going to check these out tomorrow. Karen, you so cray-zee!

  56. Vero says:

    Wow, 5N is pretty!

  57. Lina says:

    Karen – you never fail to make me smile. Your photos/poses are HILARIOUS! I love 5N lipstick on you, it was too brown for me, but looks fab on your skintone.

  58. Michele DiCola says:

    hi– I hate this cold stuff- going to the Mac counter tomorrow,

  59. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!! The dance fever…. AWESOME!!!
    .-= Khalia Bentson’s last blog post… TGIF!!!! =-.

  60. JM says:

    Every single time I see the goofy “vogue” picture I crack up! It puts in a good mood, no matter what. I had to show my husband because I kept getting funny looks for my constant hysterics. : P Go MBB!

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