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mac a rose romance summer rose beauty powder blush fotd hella cranky
Cranky face of the day, boo!

Do you ever have those days when you just feel BLAH from the moment you crawl out of bed? This morning I woke up to one of those, feeling super cranky and sure I was headed for further fussiness until two things happened. Oddly, both had something to do with roses. πŸ™‚



First, I heard Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine on the radio. Day-am, that is one great song…

Growing up in the East Bay, I had to keep my Guns N’ Roses tendencies on the ‘low because everybody — EVERYBODY! — listened to hip hop, which I love too, but if you listened to metal where I grew up, you risked being labeled a pariah.

It’s been years since I heard Sweet Child. To this day it moves me, and after rockin’ out to it this morning, I began to feel a little better.


Then, I read through some of your comments on yesterday’s MAC A Rose Romance post, and thanks to your ideas and a couple swipes of Beauty Powder and See Thru Lip Colour, I was back to my usual chipper self. πŸ™‚

Again, MAC has soothed the savage beast.

And speaking of MAC, you gals brought up some great questions about the new collection yesterday.

Summer Rose Beauty Powder

mac a rose romance summer rose beauty powder karen fotd
Beauty Powder in Summer Rose on Cheeks

MBB Babe L asked:

Do you think theyÒ€ℒd work well as a blush?

Hey, L, I think Summer Rose Beauty Powder would work well as a blush, but I’d recommend it for girls okay with having to apply several layers.

It goes on as a sheer, plummy pink, and the finish has just the slightest touch of pearl in it, which is where I bet it gets its subtle glow. On me as a blush, I think it looks gorgeous and natural, like I’ve just come back from a brisk walk.

It took five layers to get the color to show on me (it’s *very* sheer), but I like the final look, so I don’t mind the effort. If you’re lighter than I am, you could probably get by with just two or three.

Secret Crush Lip Colour

mac a rose romance secret crush see thru lip colour emanguel ungaro not so shy product-shots
Secret Crush and Not So Shy See Thru Lip Colours

The questions didn’t stop there! A couple of you gals also asked about See Thru Lip Colour in Secret Crush.

MBB Babe Shivotra wondered:

I really want the See Thru Lip Colour, but I get a feeling that the Rose Romance color [Secret Crush] is exactly like the one from the Emanuel Ungaro collection last fall. Can you please confirm, Kare?

Aww, Shivotra! Nobody’s called me “Kare” since college. That was the nickname my college girlfriends gave me.

About Secret Crush, it’s a lil’ different than See Thru Lip Colour in Not So Shy, which was released with last fall’s Emanuel Ungaro collection.

From left to right: Not So Shy, Secret Crush

Not So Shy applies as a bright reddish magenta, and Secret Crush applies as a reddish berry. The difference is subtle, but it’s noticeable up close.

See Thru Lip Colour in Not So Shy

See Thru Lip Colour in Secret Crush

That said, if you’re trying to budget your MAC moolah and already have Not So Shy, then you probably won’t need Secret Crush. If, however, their subtle differences drive you wild, then I think Secret Crush is worth a splurge because it is very pretty.

Then MBB Babe Amanda asked…

Steal my heart is really, really pretty to look at, and I love me a good stain. Both are super pretty, too. Do they *ACT* like stains? I mean, really stain and leave behind color for hours?

Hey, Amanda. Steal My Heart is one of the Lipglasses, which is just a traditional ole’ lipgloss. If you were referring to Secret Crush, yup, it’s a straight-up stain. The formula is thin like a liquid, and when applied to the lips, the color does leave a stain that’s visible for several hours. Like most lip stains, the See Thru Lip Colours don’t have a lot of shine to them, so what I like to do is pop a gloss on top. In the pic at the very top I layered Secret Crush beneath Steal My Heart. I think it’s a nice combo!

Circa Plum Pigment

mac a rose romance circa plum pigment mauvement product shots

The last question was from MBB Babe Nicole 15:

Circa Plum looks like a dupe for Mauvement pigment in the picture. Karen, could you tell in real life what the difference was in the two?

Good eye, girlfriend! Mauvement, a pigment released in the Overrich collection last fall, does appear very similar to Circa Plum, but both do apply differently.

mac a rose romance circa plum pigment mauvement pigment

I think a little more silver and gray come through in Mauvement. Circa Plum doesn’t really have the same silver to it. Matter of fact, it looks more purplish to me.


They’re definitely not identical, but if you have Mauvement already, it’s not necessarily different enough to rush out and get Circa Plum.

Got more questions?

Thanks for the great questions. Always keep ’em coming. If you ever want to ask anything, even if you don’t want to leave it publicly in the comments, you can also email me using the contact form at the top of the page.

So how was your hump day?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. shivotra says:

    Thanks Kare πŸ™‚

    I’ll just call you that from now on πŸ™‚

  2. Kailey says:

    I have a question Karen.
    Can I go ninja and sneak to NorCal and steal all the wonderful makeup you have? =D
    just kidding

  3. shivotra says:

    Seriously, how much make up do you have? My house is overflowing with makeup, but I no where as much as you have. ANd I finally got the Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation and I think I like it πŸ™‚

  4. Ok, I grew up in the East Bay and am still there and me and everyone I knew listened to metal and NO hip hop back then! Guess it depends on which city huh? LOL! πŸ™‚

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..Sephora Glitter Nail Polish

  5. Alexzandra says:

    I love your pics! I had written off Rose Romance as being too cool for me, but that beauty powder does look amazingly good on you, so now I’ll have to check it out!

  6. L says:

    Thanks Karen for answer the question regarding the use of a beauty powder as blush, I just wasn’t sure if you can get enough color payoff with it and now that you’d tested it out, my wallet will be hurting. Now my only problem is how can I possibly use it without destroying that pretty embossed rose

  7. Hafsa says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for the answers! I just have one more question. Well, it’s probably more of a favor! Would it be possible for you to do a FOTD using the “just a pinch” gel blush? I’m close to your skin tone and would love to see how much of a “flushed” hue it gives your skin. Thank you!

  8. Shiny says:

    Man you are one of the few beauty bloggers who takes time to talk to her readers. This is why you’re my favorite! πŸ™‚

    Hump day has been okay… I was marking undergrad work and just caught some hardcore plagiarizing, I feel like a detective!

  9. CC says:

    I love this look – those earrings work really well with the lip color!

  10. lexi says:

    Hi Karen,
    I feel you on GnR! It’s how my husband got me to meet him for a drink for our very first outing – he told me they had GnR on the jukebox at a bar around the corner from his place about 4 yrs ago and the rest is history hahahahaha….

  11. Kate & Zena says:

    Haha, I love your expression in the very first photo.

    Ironically, I spent oh 7.5 years divided in Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin and the big music genre in those states seem to be country! It’s like “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Ewwww.” I’m very picky about my country music and even pickier when it comes to jazz, but these guys like Garth Brooks country. I hate Garth Brooks with a passion from having to listen to it on every single radio channel for years! I would hunt for hours trying to find a pop station in Wisconsin to avoid country!

    Zena and I went on a walk in a record high of 55 degrees! That’s the highest it’s been all week. I had a headache earlier today but that went away after I took some ibuprofen. Zena’s been spunky all day due to the warm weather. If she weren’t outside, she was throwing around her cock-a-doodle-doo’ing chicken (v. annoying, I assure you). If she weren’t playing, she was doing everything to be noticed. She finally calmed down after her walk and just went back to normal Zena behavior–sleeping. She’s crazy, I tell ya, absolutely crazy.

  12. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the answers. Also, love this FOTD on you – that beauty powder really is worth the effort, it looks totally gorgeous on you!

    Catherine´s last blog post..Yesterday’s Mermaid Eyes FOTD

  13. Rae says:

    Ugh – I convince myself I don’t need any more makeup, and then you go and change my mind again!

    I guess I better start saving up those pennies, because from what you’re saying, the beauty powder blush and Circa Plum are right up my alley x.x Oh, wallet, how will you ever forgive me?

    Thanks for such great reviews of everything, hon πŸ™‚

    Rae´s last blog post..Possible NARS dupe?

  14. Glosslizard says:

    I loooove G&R! Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City and Sweet Child never fail to lift my mood! πŸ™‚

  15. Marisol says:

    I was in such a funk yesterday. Maybe it’s the crazy wind that we have been having.

    Marisol´s last blog post..Dalai LamaÒ€ℒs 18 rules for living

  16. victoria says:

    hi karen thanks for the review. the bp looks lovely on you but even though it really looks pretty in the pan, i’m don’t really like packing blush for it to show up. however, i am very interested in the gel blush esp for summer. and thanks for the review on the e/s. been looking for the right pink, hope of summer would be the one i’m looking for.

  17. Marina says:

    Karen, you look FANTASTIC on the second photo! this make up really fits you! I totally love it πŸ™‚

    Marina´s last blog post..Smashbox. Untamed Summer 2009 Collection

  18. Nicole15 says:

    Thank you so much Karen for doing the comparison of Circa Plum & Mauvement. I can totally see the difference now in this post you did & that cleared up things for me short of having to wait until next week to swatch it myself. You rock!

    I know your a busy woman, but if you have a chance & can let me know the difference in Mutiny pigment vs. Aire de Blue pigment, I would totally appreciate it. You see, I’m trying to steer away from buying colors that are too much like ones i already have as i’ve done this so much in the past. At least just for now, since moolah is tight. Guess i’m trying to justify buying new items as long as they’re different & new for me. Not sure if its working as i’ve bought 4 new makeup items since Monday, but i am trying. For us beauty addicts, trying is half the battle. LOL! πŸ™‚

  19. YadiQ says:

    i love the cranky face

    i am always cranky but i don’t look that cute with my cranky faces lol

    i will have to pass on this mac collection it lacks wow factor for me

  20. Stef says:

    Thanks for all the answers, Sweet Child!

    Sadly I think this collection is just too cool for me. But honestly, my wallet needs a little break (or will soon as I’m about to buy about 6 Dazzlegalsses!)

    Stef´s last blog post..Clarisonic Plus Skin Care System giveaway!

  21. Stef says:

    Thanks for all the answers, Sweet Child!

    Sadly I think this collection is just too cool for me. But honestly, my wallet needs a little break (or will soon as I’m about to buy about 6 Dazzleglasses!)

    Stef´s last blog post..Clarisonic Plus Skin Care System giveaway!

  22. I end up having to do multiple swipes with my Heatherette Beauty powder too which I don’t mind now. I have Gleeful blush and even with the slightest touch it still comes on dark on my cheeks so now I’d rather have the blushes where I can build them up to show instead of having it be like BAM when I put on a tiny bit. I was already intrigued by the rose imprint on that blush. I’ll be putting in on my wish list.

    Girl with Curl´s last blog post..In Memoriam

  23. Amanda says:

    Thanks Karen! I feel so special now… πŸ™‚ But seriously, thanks for answering the question about the stains. (in my original comment I wrote my thoughts as a run-on sentence….went from one topic (lipglass) to another (stains) without a clear break. oops!) I was wondering about the actualy product application and wear of the see thru lipcolors. Good to know! now I’m even more tempted.

  24. Jessica says:

    Hi! I’ve been lurking your blog for a very long time, but this is my first comment!

    I was wondering if you had any tutorials on how to use pigments! I saw the post you did with black soul and that looked AMAZING, but I really wanna know more ways to use it. I know general information and have seen other posts by other bloggers, but I am slightly partial to your blog so I’d realllllllly like to receive some suggestions from you.

    I love the new pigments from A Rose Romance collection… I’m wondering what other colors you would use with mutiny?

    I am of asian descent and have a fairly neutral skin tone, but I’ve noticed that light silver, bold blues, and pastels usually don’t complement my skin tone. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a rule of thumb on what colors usually look good on certain skin tones?

    I know I’m probably asking an overload of questions considering how many people comment on your pages. Even a link directing me to the answer would be awesome. Thanks!

  25. Sarah says:

    OMG, SO cute!! Love the blush… wasnt really feeling this collection too.. but im definitely liking the blush! everything might be too “pink” for me πŸ˜›

  26. Hafsa says:

    Hi Karen,

    Great review. I had one question, well, more like a favor. Would it be possible if you could do a FOTD, or something along that line, using the gel blush? I’m close in skin tone as you, and would love to see how it works on your skin, if it gives that natural “flush.” Thank you!

  27. Daya says:

    Hey Karen!

    I, too what to know the answer to the mysterious question “How much do you have?” and “Do we get to see your stash?” Does your husband roll his eyes at you as much as mine does to me when you buy more makeup??

  28. Dorcas says:

    My favorite MAC product of all time would have to be the Club eyeshadow. The metallic undertones allows you to use the shadow in multiples ways depending on how you blend it.

  29. cloudburst says:

    In my opinion Mauvement is more of a taupey colour, Circa Plum is a lovely silvery plum. I’m on the fence with the Beauty Powders, I’ll have to make the decision when I go instore. I kinda wish they had made them Beauty Powder Blushes instead.

  30. Anastasia says:

    LOVING that as a blush on you Karen. Thanks for trying it out! I like that it’s sheer, in that maybe I won’t look like Tammy Faye – I’m way pale and usually all blushes are too much on me. I rarely wear them…. but I am going to try out this MAC one fo’ sho’!


  31. Nancy says:

    You look so pretty in your pictures, even the cranky one! LOL. And the Not So Shy looks gorgeous!!

  32. Janelle says:

    Oooh I’m even more excited about A Rose Romance now! I’m currently on a “beauty diet” and I haven’t made any impulsive purchases since March. This collection will be my first splurge! The beauty powder look great on you. πŸ™‚

    Janelle´s last blog post..Busy Bee-ing

  33. Laurie says:

    Omg you have the best blog about makeup…EVER… I love getting reviews because when I turned 25 this year I went bonanza on makeup and skincare (quarter life crisis). I was completely lost so I was watching all these youtubes and blogs, but yours is the most real. Your pics are very clear and so current, bc I actually convince the sales girl sell me the Rose collection last night when it was suppose to be released today (hehe…). So I bought the whole collection basically and the stuff I didn’t get, thanks to you–I have a better understanding. You’re such a guru!

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