Is MAC Delft a Dupe for Siahi Fluidline from the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection?

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mac siahi fluidline

With just a couple of days remaining until the big premiere, the new MAC Mickey Contractor Collection (opens Jan. 6 in North America; internationally shortly after that) has a lot of us singing Hooray for Bollywood.


Reader Megan had a question about a product that promises to be one of the stars of the show…

“Do you think Siahi Fluidline is similar to Delft Paint Pot?
— Megan

Hi Megan,

Oh, Delft is one of my all-time favorite MAC Paint Pots! I picked it up a few years ago when it was part of the permanent collection, but it seems to have gone MIA since then (at least online).

It’s a shimmery teal with a hint of gold, and it, like the rest of the Paint Pots, feels softer and slightly fluffier than the Fluidlines do to me.

I usually wear the Paint Pots as cream shadows and/or eyeshadow bases, although they’ll double as liners, too.

About Delft, it’s like Siahi’s lighter, greener cousin; however, they both have very different shimmers. Siahi’s looks rather teal to me, while Delft’s is more of a straight up gold.

While I was rutting around in my stash for Delft, I also noticed that teal blue Korres Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Petrol looks a little like Siahi as well, except that it’s darker, with a matte finish.

mac delft paintpot on left and mac siahi fluidline on right
MAC Paintpot in Delft (left) and MAC Fluidline in Siahi (right)

mac delft closeup
MAC Paintpot in Delft

mac delft paintpot, mac siahi fluidline and korres blue petrol
Korres Eyeliner in Blue Petrol at top

mac siahi swatch
Swatches from left: MAC Paintpot in Delft, MAC Siahi Fluidline and Korres Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Petrol

MAC Mickey Contractor Collection

For more on the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection…

I’m curious… Can you think of any drugstore dupes for Siahi?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



P.S. This isn’t MAC related, but I just got word that the Urban Decay Naked Palette is currently available again online at This will sell out fast, so if you’ve been wanting it, better get on it sooner than later!

urban decay naked palette swatches photos pictures

P.P.S. Update, January 5, 2011: A couple of you gals wanted to know how Siahi stacks up to MAC Float on By liner from last year’s To the Beach Collection.

That’s Siahi on the left and Float on By on the right.


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  1. Tracy says:

    Is Float On By Eye Kohl form the To The Beach Collection close? Or is that more turquoise?
    Tracy recently posted … Smashbox Halo Yellow Color Correcting Hydrating Powder

  2. Zenaida says:

    Deflt just got discontinued a few months ago. I went into my MAC and didn’t see it one day and that’s what they told me. But I was lucky because they had one left!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Zenaida. I’m sorry to see such a lovely color go. So glad you were able to snag a pot!

      Have you tried it with Club? It looks really pretty.

      • sammy says:

        I’m glad you brought this up. I’ve had delft for a while now but have hardly used it. I also have club. I’ll try them out later and see how I like them together. thanks!

        • Karen says:

          You’re welcome! I hope you like the Delft/Club combo. Sometimes I throw in a little green (on the lids) and/or gold (inner corner) to add a bit o’ spice to it, LOL!

      • Anastasiya says:

        DELFT IS NOT DISCONTINUED! well it is…but you can still get in, in the Goodbyes section of the site. I just ordered ir. Good luck!

  3. Nina says:

    this is making me want siahi more and more! have to wait til thursday tho! sold out online! 🙁

  4. Katie Coleman says:

    How is it sold out online if it doesn’t launch until the 6th? I’m confused!!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I have a liqiud eyeliner who looks almost the same as Siahi. The liner is just a little bit brighter.
    Stephanie recently posted … Nail Display Wheels

  6. Livy says:

    It’s already released in the UK online and in store!

  7. Appu says:

    I tried mixing two shades and got a pretty, pretty close dupe. Prestige total intensity pencils in Fierce Blue and Fearless teal. The teal on top of the blue looks exactly like Siahi 🙂 Hope that helps!
    Appu recently posted … MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline

  8. dear siahi, please be in my life.

    i’m heading to a sephora right now, hope they have the naked palette in!

  9. Sofia says:

    The lipstick I wanted (Mehr) is sold out! NOOOOO!!! I was watching the MAC website all day tomorrow and soon as I gave up, the collection went on sale… NOOOO!! *sigh* =(

  10. Silva says:

    Siahi is gorgeous. I need it right now.
    Silva recently posted … Happy New Year &amp New Years Manicure

  11. Kim says:

    I don’t usually like blues on me, but those are definitely beautiful colors (esp that Blue Petrol)!

    • Karen says:

      Blue Petrol kinda rocks, especially if you like smudgy liner looks.

      • Kim says:

        I actually wore blue liner with some pink shadow (of course) today because I was inspired by this post. Mine’s a bit more on the Siahi side than the Blue Petrol side though (UD’s Binge). It’s all I have for blue. 🙂

        • Karen says:

          Oh nice! I love blue and pink together… especially when the pink is light/shimmery wash on the lid, and blue on the lower lash line.

          • Kim says:

            I agree! It makes me want to sing The Reflex. 🙂 It’s funny but if I choose between upper lash line and lower (for liner), I always choose upper. I did both today, and actually I usually do.

            You’d be proud that I rocked a daytime friendly, brown-themed, smokey eye look yesterday. It wasn’t awful! I just need to get some more shadow practice in. Oh, and those little fluffy tipped things with the handles would help. Brushes? 🙂

  12. gio says:

    Siahi is tempting me, it’s gorgeous!

  13. mahnaz says:

    Karen, thanks so much for the tip on the UD naked palette! I JUST ordered it from Sephora. You are awesome hun! Love your blog.

  14. Katrina says:

    YES YES! I scored the Naked palette! I’ve been wanting that for ages! Thank you SO much!

  15. Tessa says:

    Delft is a place in the Netherlands, known for its blue 😀
    Siahi is so pretty! I want it really badly!

  16. Megan says:

    Gorgeous blue! Ahh to bad I just picked up a new paint pot ( Chilled on Ice ). I could totally rock that blue.

  17. lexi says:

    I am bringing back Dangerous Cuvee tomorrow – way too shimmery and not gray enough on me. I hope they will have this in stock – MAC store at the Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo.
    lexi recently posted … When your cocktail resembles windex- its best to walk away – booze review 3 &amp 4

  18. MariaC says:

    Karen, I’m an NC40 and would like to buy an lip pdt from the Mickey or Peacocky collection. It’s hard for me to choose one without seeing them IRL, so have to buy it online. I’m thinking one between Super, Mehr, Woo me or Yash. Which do you recommend? TIA.

  19. Jane says:

    Limited edition MAC kohl power pencil in sense of style might be quite close..its a dark teal with golden shimmer 🙂

  20. baby1black says:

    Hey Karen they sold out of the siahi fluidline at the sf pro store do u have any other tip to use to get it. I tried the website in the morning but it was gone.

  21. baby1black says:

    and naked palette is also gone at sephora

  22. baby1black says:

    hey karen do i have to register to ask u a question? for some reason my post comment did not show. i will try again. i called the sf pro store and they are out of siahi any other suggestions thankyou

    • Karen says:

      Hi Baby1black,

      Try the MAC Pro stores in Costa Mesa (562) 623-4300 or LA (310) 271-9137. I think they ship, but I’d confirm with them first.

      I think Nina here in the comments also mentioned that her store has it too (she’s in Texas). Let me ask her and get back to you!

  23. Baby1black says:

    Thanku I’ll call

  24. megan says:

    Wow thanks Karen….i didn’t expect to see my question become a post. I wish Siahi was darker though, like the Korres pencil cause that one is gorgeous. Thanks again Karen!

  25. Lia says:

    I think I got the Naked palette!! I won’t believe it till it shows up on my door step but it seems like Sephora is pulling through! yay!

  26. Alexis says:

    Just to let you know, I managed to snag the Naked Palette off of Sephora thanks to your tip!

  27. baby1black says:

    to everyone who did not get siahi, its back online at mac cosmetics and there is free shipping

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