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Last week I did a post on how I found some scarlet colored goodies in my makeup case. They are both really beautiful, but slightly terrifying to me because I usually don’t wear brights. I’m trying to not be so fearful of color, so this week I’ll be doing makeup experiments with MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush and MAC Russian Red Lipglass so that I will no longer be SOS … aka, Scurred of Scarlet!

Bloggers Kia over at Yummy411 and Apple Diva at Pumps and Gloss suggested trying layering over the Frankly Scarlet Blush. I couldn’t get a hold of MAC Other Worldly (a warm yellow-gold blush from MAC’s Moonbathe LE Collection) at my local counter so I fished out the Woodwinked and decided to do some improv.


Here are a few pics of what I worked with:

Frankly Scarlet, in all of her glory
Woodwinked, a veluxe pearl shadow described on the MAC website as “warm antique gold”
And here are swatches of both:

I tried to keep the eyes and lips neutral to keep the focus on the blush.

First I prepped with MAC Bare Canvas Paint. You really can’t see it here because I shrank the picture down so much, but this is a really beautiful, natural-toned primer with soft flecks that helps “grab” your shadow. I like it as a primer for matte browns.

I then used the following to create a soft, matte brown eye. Going from the top eye brown and working downward:
1. MAC Concrete shadow, with MAC 266 brush to fill in brows
2. JANE Dream Cream Eyezing shadow on brow bone, with MAC 252
3. MAC Soba shadow, with MAC 244 in crease
4. MAC Soft Brown Matte shadow on lid, with MAC 217
5. MAC Saddle shadow in outer v, with NYC Cosmetics shadow applicator
6. MAC Fluidline in Graphic Brown on upper lash line, with MAC 316 lip brush
7. Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in Brown
8. MAC Saddle shadow on lower lash line, with MAC 213
9. MAC Select Moisturcover concealer in NW 25
10. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in #2


After doing a quick eye cleanup and then applying foundation and powder, I used MAC 129 to apply Frankly Scarlet, a bright rose-red matte, to the cheeks. The blush is highly pigmented, so I had to dilute the color by swiping the brush on the back of my hand, then tapping it on the side of the sink. I barely had to use any to get a nice, bright flush.

I then used the same 129 brush and applied MAC Woodwinked shadow on top of the Frankly Scarlet. I was very pleased with the soft, glowy flush.


I don’t have anything on my lips in this pic and I probably could’ve stopped here, but on a whim I decided to line the lips with MAC Spice liner and MAC Clear Lipglass.


What do you think? Scarlet’s not so scary, yah?

I returned from Tahoe and I am sad to report that I did not win the jackpot, boo hoo. However, I am happy to report that me and The Hub had so much fun. The good folks at Harrah’s hotel upgraded our room to a suite, which included this massive spa tub.

This tub was the shizz, ya’ll.
It was deep and had six jets that heated the water. I must’ve taken three or four baths, and it was the cleanest I’ve ever been in a 48-hour time span.

Tahoe itself was so beautiful. The lake water was so clear – it actually looked like a tropical ocean! Too bad it was too damn cold to go swimming in.


View of the lake from Camp Richardson. Yes, I’m in pajamas.

The view of the mountains from our room
My favorite part of the lake is Emerald Bay, where you can see the only island in the lake.

I hope your weekend was fun and that your Monday hasn’t been too hectic. Have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Apple Diva says:

    Luv the cheek glow… Mulch is a great alternative for Other Worldly.

  2. KIA says:

    KAREN! FABULOUS! I LOVE YOUR GLOWY CHEEKS!!!! I’m glad it worked out for you!

    I’m going on a scary blush challenge as well. I love dollymix on darker toned skins… but i’m always afraid of looking like Raggedy Anne doll. I trust that with layering another blush and the #187 brush will bring me to loving dollymix blush for myself *fingers crossed*

    The pics from Lake Tahoe are gorg! I wish i was able to soak in the big hot tub… did they have some fab bubble bath to go along with it?

  3. Apple Diva says:

    @ Kia

    Girrrl, get that DollyMix ASAP!!!

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Kia and Apple Diva! WOO HOO! Scary blush challenge! I love them. Kia, I am totally on board with Apple D. GET THAT DOLLYMIX … NOW! (Oh, and if it’s too bright try using a bigger, fluffier blush, like the Sonia Kashuk brush I know you are jonsing for!)

  5. Toya says:

    That really worked out well! You look great.

    Kia – Get that Dollymix, Mama! I have it and it’s my favorite pink – it really makes a woman of color look fabulously healthy and rosy.

  6. Karen says:

    Hey Toya! Thanks for the complement! Always nice to see you. Um, KIA! WHERE’S THAT DOLLYMIX!?!?!

  7. Cindy says:

    dayamn – gorgeous pics from Tahoe! Glad you had a good time

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