What’s Cooking at the Sephora Gloss Lab? Sheer, Non-Sticky MAC Cremesheen Dupes

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sephora gloss lab review Hot Pink No. 5

Wearing Hot Pink No. 5 from the new $25 Sephora Gloss Lab kit

If chem lab had been anywhere near as much fun as Sephora’s new Gloss Lab, I never would have finished any of my titrating!

I would have been too busy mixing and matching the 10 marvelously moisturizing glosses (which could easily pass for MAC Cremesheens) in the $25 kit, and then watching the clouds above my head part to a concerto of harps and herald angels singing.


Unlike chem lab, Gloss Lab is exclusive to Sephora. The limited edition holiday kit, which is available now, comes with seven shades in an assortment of nude and bright colors and three colorless top coats (one clear gloss, another with small bits of white shimmer in it, and a third with larger bits of multi-colored shimmer), and all 10 of them come with an easy-to-use doe-foot applicator.

sephora gloss lab

sephora gloss lab

sephora gloss lab swatches

Sephora Gloss swatches from the left: Pink Shimmer No. 1, Peach Shimmer No. 2, Coral Pink No. 3, Pink No. 4, Hot Pink No. 5, Neutral Rose No. 6, Rose with Shimmer No. 7, Top Coat in Clear Shine No. 8, Top Coat in Shimmer No. 9 and Top Coat in Glitter No. 10

sephora gloss lab review Pink Shimmer No. 1

Pink Shimmer No. 1

sephora gloss lab review Peach Shimmer No. 2

Peach Shimmer No. 2

sephora gloss lab review Coral Pink No. 3

Coral Pink No. 3

sephora gloss lab review Pink No. 4

Pink No. 4

sephora gloss lab review Neutral Rose No. 6

Neutral Rose No. 6

sephora gloss lab review Rose With Shimmer No. 7

Rose With Shimmer No. 7

I’ve always liked the way MAC’s Cremesheens taste and smell like vanilla. I prefer it to the fruit-punchy scent and flavor of these Gloss Lab glosses, but they kind of grew on me after a while. At least they’re subtle and fade quickly, so they’re not all up in my nostrills for hours.

Other than that, though, these share almost everything in common with the MAC Cremesheens — a smooth, non-sticky texture that feels fantastic when I rub my lips together, a moisturizing formula that lasts from 2-3 hours, and similarly sheer, easy-to-wear pigments that makes ’em a cinch to apply when I suddenly realize, first thing in the morning, that there’s no coffee in the house, and I need to go to Starbucks immediately…

Coupled with the price, which works out to $2.50 per 0.068-ounce tube, and you’ve got a pretty sweet deal.

I’m really impressed with this kit…but I think it could have been even better if Sephora had — oh, I don’t know — included a red.

What better way to celebrate the holidays?

If you like your lipglosses sheer and non-sticky and don’t mind having to reapply every few hours, swing by the Gloss Lab on your next Sephora visit.

PRICE: $25
AVAILABILITY: Available now exclusively at Sephora stores and online at sephora.com

You know what they say: don’t judge a movie by its beards

I’d been reading and hearing such great things about Argo since it came out a few weeks ago, but there was something about the trailer that kept turning me away…

I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but then I got it — Ben Affleck’s beard.


I got over it, though, and finally gave in to the hype last weekend, and surprise! — I thought it was great.

Ben did a great job despite the beard. 🙂 Great acting and a gripping, far-fetched story that’s apparently mostly true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben gets an Oscar nod, and I think he deserves it. Highly recommended!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ahhh the beard! I saw an excellent infographic relating the success of Ben Affleck’s movies to his degree of facial hair. Sans-facial hair movies were actually worse (Gigli…)
    Gotham Polish recently posted … Inspired By: Barneys Holiday Windows 2012

  2. Katherine G says:

    I visited Sephora in Georgetown today (it’s a 2 story one), and saw these there (didn’t get them though). I did get the Laura Mercier kohl eye liner set, 3 Kat Von D duochrome shimmery shadows, and 1 Sephora waterproof jumbo liner in Peacock. Have yet to try them, but Kat Von D has always had nice shadows and I’m excited about the unique colors I got.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine G,

      I hope you like Laura’s kohls. They’re pretty smudgy, but that’s what I like about them! They’re my favorites to use as bases for smokey eyes. Try the gray or green liner as a base for MAC Club sometime, and then pop a warm brown in the crease. Super pretty!

  3. Iris says:

    Those lipglosses are so cute and they look good on you.

    I actually like Ben Affleck with the beard.

  4. jenny says:

    I loved the previous line of lip glosses in Rosy and was always asked what it was (even by Sephora employees) but unfortunately I hate the smell of the new ones. They smell incredibly potently sweet!! I don’t mind a little scent but ohmygeez instant headache. They look lovely though. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jenny,

      I never tried the previous line and now I’m curious about the scent! I don’t mind this one too much. As long as it doesn’t smell like plastic, I’m good!

      Have you tried/loved any other pieces from Sephora’s makeup line?

  5. Angela Hall says:

    I wish they had a red and some deep plum or burgundy shades
    Angela Hall recently posted … Profiles in Makeup Artistry: Rick Baker

  6. TrippyPixie says:

    Ugh, ’70s facial hair. The only thing that’s worse is 1860s facial hair — I was gagging the whole time I watched “Lincoln” (though it was an excellent movie otherwise).

  7. Kim says:

    I’m so glad you finally saw Argo! I have to confess that I’m not a big Ben (or beard) fan but I thought he rocked the 70s hair and beard. I think it’s his best look – and realize I’m in the VAST minority. HAHA! I loved the movie, too. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      LOL, I will happily pass Ben with the beard over to you. That thing freaks me out! I keep thinking that he’s hiding snacks up in there…

      Speaking of movies/beards, have you watched Lincoln yet? I haven’t, but I heard it was good.

      • Greta says:

        I loved Lincoln, it was AMAZING!

      • Kim says:

        HAHA! I had a great visual of Ben’s beard as Hair Bear’s hair. (I think that’s the bear that used to pull like saws and other objects out of his hair when he needed them.) Ben’s all like, “Feeling peckish, Karen? I have some Nutella right here…” 🙂

        Not yet on Lincoln, but I put it in my Netflix queue, just in case I don’t make it to the theater to see it. Maybe if I hadn’t chosen to see Skyfall twice, I could have gotten there! It’s hard to regret that decision, though. 🙂

  8. Nina says:

    That would be a great gift!!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I love the colors in this kit and I’m a pink gloss addict so…. this seems great to me! 🙂 Totally buying it!

  10. Aw, you look so cute in that hat! 😀 And I like the glosses too.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Sinterklaas giveaway: win three make-up sets!

  11. Lainey says:

    Are those glosses sitting on top of the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual? 😀

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