Whether You’re Kissing Cats or Mirrors (or Someone Else), the Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set Will Be There For You

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Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set (5)

You know, I realized today while applying one of the lip glosses in the new $28 Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set by Sephora that I’ve never left a kiss mark on a mirror.


This shocked me, as it’s something that seems like it would be both cute and kinda psycho, which is totally my style. ๐Ÿ™‚

Only the universe knows why I haven’t gotten around to it yet…

Should I decide to rectify this situation anytime soon, I’m sure this new lip gloss set would be up for it.

Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set (1)

Most of the glosses in it, like the fuchsia, the purple and the golden peachy pink (which is kind of like NARS Orgasm), are so pigmented that they could totally star in their own movie and play liquid lipsticks. I mean, if I were to smooch a mirror with one of these on, yeah, you’d definitely be able to tell that Karen was here.

Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set (2)

There are also a few shades that are pretty sheer, like the clear gloss and shimmery golden glitter. Makes for some nice variety.

Being as smooth and silky as they are, you might be thinking, “Hey, are those things MAC Cremesheen dopplegangers?”

Alas, they aren’t, because these guys are all about strawberries, as in that’s how they taste and smell, so no vanilla.

Eh, it grew on me. Eventually.

Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set (6)

As an aside, and this is directed at the cat boarder who lives rent-free in my house, FYI, you can forget your evil master plan to stick 10 pounds of fur to my gloss, because these glosses aren’t sticky at all.

Haha! Take that. Your plotting was for naught, my feline friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set (4)

Sephora Endless Kisses Lip Gloss Set (3)

To lay a long, magical kiss on these glosses, visit your favorite Sephora store or sephora.com. The kit costs $28 and comes with 10 0.068-oz. tubes, each with a doe-foot applicator.

Everything a girl needs for a fun time kissing mirrors.

PRICE: $28 for 10 0.068-oz. lip gloss tubes
AVAILABILITY: Limited edition, and available now at Sephora stores and sephora.com

Speaking of mirrors…

OK, was anybody else completely terrified of the Bloody Mary story?


Remember? You’d look in a mirror and say her name three times and eeaaaah! No way. I was way too scared for that sh*t when I was a kid.

I brought it up because I started watching Supernatural (OMG! It has Dean from The Gilmore Girls), which is this show about two brothers who travel the country in a muscle car fighting demons and whatnot.

Anyway, there’s an episode in the first season where they deal with the aftermath of a bunch of teenage girls playing Bloody Mary in front of a mirror, and I just about freaked out!

Your frightened neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ashleigh says:

    That is a very naughty plan to put pounds of cat fur into your lipgloss! It’s a good thing he likes you since you feed him treats and all.
    That episode of Supernatural is so creepy! In fact, a lot of the beginning ones were really scary. And you know, Dean and all. *_*

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ashleigh! That episode left scars, man. You won’t find me saying Bloody Mary into a mirror any time soon. Have you watched much of the series?

      • Ashleigh says:

        Hi Karen! I’ve watched almost all of it, except I haven’t started on the newest season. A friend of mine got me into it years ago and I pretty much binge-watched several seasons in a row, haha. And since then I’ve watched them around the time they air or shortly after. They’ve grown less scary over the seasons, but there are some great story lines, and I’m a big fan of the characters. To be honest they probably should have stopped the series around season 5 or 6 (they had a nice story-arc that tied up loose ends, and were all set to end it, but CW kept renewing it). If you watch it past season 5 you know you’re a true fan, lol! Have fun watching it, however far you get, as it’s definitely a fun one!

        • Karen says:

          Thank you! I need a break from The Gilmore Girls because I’ve gotten to the point in season 5 where things start getting nuts. I miss the Chilton years, le sigh!

          I will keep pressing on with this series — maybe just not watch it before going to bed. I’m intrigued by this story arc that everyone keeps talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚

          I hope that you had a nice day. Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already! Do you have plans yet for the weekend?

          • Ashleigh says:

            Gilmore Girls is one I’ve never seen, but I’ve heard it’s a must-see series and has a great script.

            Yes, watching it before bed is never a good idea. A friend and I were watching an episode of Supernatural in the dark once, and we were already creeped out when she paused it and said, “something’s crawling on me, can you turn on the lights?” I got up and turned the lights on and a FAT SCORPION scurried under the blankets. WUT! Needless to say there was a lot of pent-up terror and we screamed a little louder than was probably appropriate, haha. We managed to catch it and release it back into the “wild” aka the backyard… we watched the rest of the episode with the lights on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Jenny says:

    “This shocked me, as itโ€™s something that seems like it would be both cute and kinda psycho, which is totally my style.”

    This totally made me crack up like a geek and cringe in embarrassment thinking back to my middle school days when I did this like a creep! (Did I just admit that?)

    This is a really nice set for $28, though!
    Jenny recently posted … Get to Know Me

  3. Katherine T. says:

    Wow, that’s a great deal for that set, especially since some of the glosses are so pigmented !

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine! Yes it is. You can also mix and match the colors to create custom lip looks, too. Have you tried any of Sephora makeup? I like their glosses and their brushes.

      • Katherine T. says:

        Haven’t tried their glosses, but love their Rouge Infusion lip sticks! Got one as a sample and bought 3 during the last sale.

  4. Agata says:

    Nice glosses but I really love your eye makeup. That liner looks so perfect!
    Agata recently posted … My Sephora Makeover

  5. Xuvious says:

    I was just staring the picture of all lip glosses for about 10 minutes. Does that happen when products put you in a trance? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m loving the darker pinks from the lot.
    Xuvious recently posted … Butter London Nail Polish in No More Waity Kaity

  6. Tulipthecat says:

    OMG I totally remember being terrified of Bloody Mary! I haven’t thought about that for a long time. My friends used to say her name twice when we had sleep overs and then we would all chicken out. I’m still a little afraid.

    • Karen says:

      I tried it today to see if I could do it but I couldn’t get past the second one! On an unrelated note, have you been to the Home Goods Store in San Rafael? I went this evening and I am super obsessed! They have lots of cute Christmas decor right now.

      • Tulipthecat says:

        No I haven’t been to Home Goods yet. I was at Michael’s yesterday and they have so much Christmas stuff there too. I love the ornaments!!! I was thinking of getting some to replace the one’s Tulip broke last year. She kept hitting them off the Christmas tree and they would break. Does Tabs like to hide in the Christmas tree?

        • Karen says:

          I stopped by there too! I went specifically for Thanksgiving items but they only had a teeny, tiny section. I’ll have to go back to take a closer look at the Christmas stuff, because when I go into that store, I have to limit my visit to a single task. Otherwise I will be in there for hours. HOURS!

          OK, yeah –Tabs and trees. One year, he climbed onto the trunk and then knocked the whole thing over. And the shocking thing is he did it in complete silence! I was in the same room (my back was turned), and when I looked over at the tree, it was down. To this day I still have no idea how that happened.

          Does Tulip swat at the low-hanging ornaments?

  7. Deanna says:

    I love Supernatural! I’m on the latest season, and you know how some shows go downhill after a couple seasons? This show gets better and better!

    • Karen says:

      That’s what I hear, Deanna! I’m excited about watching it. I just have to remember not to watch it too close to bedtime, LOL!

      Hope you had a nice Thursday!

  8. Casey says:

    there are a few sephora brand products i’m loyal to but their gloss is not one of them. have you tried their luster matte lip colors? they have a really different texture; opaque color but really smooth and not cakey or drying. good stuff!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Casey,

      I haven’t! They sound great though. Adding them to my wish list right now. What colors do you recommend?

      • Casey says:

        hey back! the one i have is called petal, it’s a cool toned medium pink. i want to try some of the darker ones next, i think the two i like are cranberry and mulberry. and the red. and the really dark one, and the nude…kinda want them all! it’s a sickness!

  9. Eleine says:

    You’re one of my two favorite beauty bloggers. We’re both Asian with double lids, live in the bay area, love our cats, splurge horribly on makeup, and now you’re watching the show I’ve been addicted to haha.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Eleine,

      Thank you! I’m always happy to meet another Bay Area gal (and cat lover).

      Have you been watching Supernatural since the start? I feel like I’m really late to the party, LOL!

      • Eleine says:

        Nope! A friend recommended it about 4 weeks ago and I’m almost at season 6 on Netflix haha.

        Btw, is it just me, or have almost all the holiday collections this year been rather disappointing? My wallet is quite happy that my feelings have been so “meh” about everything.

  10. Laarni says:

    You are glowing! Good to know they are not sticky. I hate having my hair stuck onto my lips lol.

    I am a fan of Supernatural! I do remember that Bloody Mary episode! Actually, the first seasons of SN were the best! The hunting of monsters in the later seasons were lessen okayyy no more spoilers here! HAHA!

    Dean and Sam <3
    Laarni recently posted … Birthday Outfit: Teal Dress

    • Karen says:

      I’m trying my best to recover from the scars from that ep, LOL! Last night I tried to watch one about a guy with a hook hand and it freaked me out too! No more Supernatural before bed. That’s my new rule!

  11. Dean is in Supernatural? NO ONE TOLD ME! :-O

    As for the glosses, the second-to-last one looks pretty.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … A flattering make-up look with soft effect powder eyeliner & pretty pink lips

  12. kim says:

    I bought this gloss set and returned it. the glosses are super comfy, and pigmented. I am just not into pigmented glosses. I feel like they make me look over done.

  13. The pigmentation on the darker shades looks impressive.

    I quit watching Supernatural because I read about this episode. Even the first two left me sleepless for weeks.
    I am such a baby when it comes to those things, I couldn’t get around watching The Walking Dead because I was too afraid of the Zombies…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in 07 Strawberry Tint

    • Karen says:

      Hi LindaLibraLoca,

      You know what’s really scary about The Walking Dead? The humans. They’re much more frightening than the zombies! You should give the show a go, though. I think it’s one of the best ones on television right now.

      Happy Thursday to ya and Little Bean. ๐Ÿ™‚ What are you guys up to?

      • As it is evening already where I live the Little Bean is asleep and I am cooking (and reading blogposts, obviously).

        Mr. Loca watched The Walking Dead and really enjoyed it, but I got nightmares after watching “Zombieland”, which is probably the least scary zombie film out there.
        My current TV-Show is Breaking Bad, I really enjoy that one.
        LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in 07 Strawberry Tint

        • Karen says:

          Ooh! Yeah, that show’s good. I made it close to the end and needed a break, though. I’ve still yet to watch the final season — but I already know how it ends, since it’s kind of a big pop culture reference here. How far are you into the series?

          • Just season 2. I had to stop watching because things got crazy over here during the last six weeks. I finally have some time on hands, but I need to give the blog some love first, since I feel I have neglected it.
            And with the Little Bean around, the evenings are the best time to do that.
            I admire how you keep releasing witty, well-researched blogposts several times a day while keeping up with Tabsยดneeds!
            LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in 07 Strawberry Tint

  14. Estefania says:

    KAREN. Supernatural is one of my favorite shows! I used to have a major crush on Dean (Supernatural Dean, not Gilmore Girls Dean). That show will hit you in the feels so. hard.

    • Karen says:

      Apparently it’s been on for forever? How did I miss this?! Anyways, they have a ton of seasons on Netflix right now. I have to do one episode at at time otherwise I get too freaked out. The one last night was about the hook killer. EEEEEE!

      You know what confused me for the longest time? I thought Adrianne Palicki (the gal who plays Sam’s girlfriend, but you already knew that) and Jared Padalecki were related because they kinda look a like and their last names are similar. Whoops.

      Hope you’re having a nice day at work. Is it Friday yet?

      • Estefania says:

        Ooh, girl just wait until you get to the huge, epic story arch. Sh*t gets SO scary. My boyfriend still does the voice of one of the villains when he wants to freak me out!
        That’s so funny, I’d never realized that, but they do look alike!

        Funny you mention work… I just got done with one of my first major projects (phew!), and I’m actually taking the day off tomorrow and going to NYC with my mom! I’m treating her to a nice weekend and some Broadway shows! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Karen says:

          Oh how fun! What a nice daughter you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ What shows are you guys going to watch? And are you going to do any beauty shopping?

          • Estefania says:

            We’re going to go to IF/THEN (Idina Menzel’s new musical! AH!) and It’s Only A Play (Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Megan Mullally, and…RUPERT GRINT *swoon!*).

            Psh, girl you know I booked the hotel all sneaky. We’re within walking distance of two Sephoras and a MAC Store! Mwahahaha!
            I’m also planning on stopping by a Tom Ford counter (never been to one in person) and splurging on my first lipstick! Perhaps Pussycat? ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Karen says:

            So fun! Enjoy your shows and let me know if you hear any songs that I need to listen to ASAP.

            OK, so, Tom Ford. Pussycat is great. Definitely put Flame (the warm orangey red matte) on your list, too. And even though it’s not new, I have to say Sable Smoke is one that I grab over and over again. OH! And Flamingo (although it’s more of a spring/summer shade).

            Do you have any TF Nail Polishes? African Violet and Viper = must haves!

  15. Janet Shepherd says:

    Supernatural & Gilmore Girls are both shows I somehow missed when they first aired, and now I really want to watch them both from the start, which in Australia sadly means buying the dvd’s as we don’t have Netflix here. Fyi one of my favourite shoes that I ‘discovered’ is called Haven & I highly recommend it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Janet,

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve caught a little bit of Haven and remember liking it. I’ll have to try getting back into it again.

      Whereabouts in Australia do you live? I’m in Northern California, just north of San Francisco.

  16. Fancie says:

    This formula sounds really nice! It looks like I need to keep my eye on Sephora glosses. Also, that episode of Supernatural was so scary! I had to watch it with the lights on lol.
    Fancie recently posted … This Lip Balm Changed My Life!

  17. I love love love the Sephora lip glosses!! I need to get my mits on this ASAP!

  18. Rachel R. says:

    These are nicer than I thought they’d be. Impressive on the darker colors, especially. Thanks for the swatches.

  19. Erin says:

    The darkest is my fav.
    Erin recently posted … Thanksgiving Wine Ideas: Budget Bottles

  20. Janet Shepherd says:

    I’ve been to San Francisco but only really the city & def not for long enough! Only a few days about 6 years ago lol. I live on the Mornington Peninsula, around an hour south of Melbourne. I’m originally from Tasmania though & have also lived over in London in the UK.

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