When Was the Last Time You Hit the Pan?

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Now THIS is something I don’t see often

TGIF, ladies. πŸ™‚ This week I somehow managed to hit the pan on not one, but TWO (!) things. I can’t remember the last time that happened… The lucky/unlucky culprits were MAC Blot Pressed Powder in Medium Dark ($22) and MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete ($14.50).


BAM! BAM! It was like being struck by lightning, twice!

When was the last time you hit the pan on a piece of makeup, and do you remember what the product was?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Mika chan says:

    My Dollymix blush πŸ™
    .-= Mika chan’s last blog post… Neon rainbow Rocks! Sonic EOTD =-.

  2. A really long time ago back when my collection was tiny and I actually used everything I had on a regular basis. Now I have too much stuff to hit pan many things, though I think my Brule e/s might be coming soon.
    .-= SoVeryFabulous’s last blog post… MAC Too Fabulous Lip Liner Swatches =-.

  3. Marina says:

    It was with my fav Artdeco eye shadows. I actually finished most of them which usually never happens πŸ™‚
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… Meteorites Perles Collection by Guerlain for Summer 2010 =-.

  4. I recently hit pan on one of my highlight shades in the 88 palette – those pans look small, but theyre deceptively deep! But before that, I think the last time I hit pan was in high school, when I wore this one black eyeshadow EVERYDAY. It was horrifying.
    .-= SilhouetteScreams’s last blog post… Sweet Dionysus =-.

  5. It does take forever to hit the pans with MAC. I’ve been thinking of trying the blot powder, is it a great buy? You just use it to touch up shiney spots, and it doesn’t add color? Do you use a sponge or a brush?
    .-= Andrea Beauchamp’s last blog post… 1/2 OFF–Sale-sale-Sale–Green Lolipop Flowers Zipper Pouch =-.

  6. Shah'ada says:

    I’ve never hit pan *blush* I like buying makeup. A lot.

  7. Erin M says:

    I have actually recently hit pan on three eye shadows, Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe, and Sable (before I dropped the pallete and it broke into a million pieces). Amazing that I hit that many because of how many I have in my collection.

  8. Catherine says:

    The only thing that I’ve truly hit pan on is the darker half of my Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Ash (I’ve hit pan 3x now – in the same pan though lol)… and I think that was a few weeks ago? I wear the thing has enough powder to last me another two years or so though. Other than that, I finished an EDM Natural Reflections finishing powder about two weeks ago, but that’s loose powder so I don’t really hit pan on it lol. Have only been wearing eyeshadow, blush and lipstick regularly for a little over a year so I haven’t “hit pan” on any individual items of those yet.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Product Focus: Laura Mercier Stickgloss =-.

  9. Rae says:

    Ooh! Congrats on hitting pan m’dear! I’ve…neverhitpanorevencomeclose [hides] One of these days, perhaps…
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… Painted Love: Nymphet =-.

  10. Sexy Sadie says:

    Cliniques Keylime Prime.

  11. Liza says:

    I just hit the pan on Nars pressed powder, which was shocking. I almost feel like hitting the pan means I need to re-buy it, but I’m on the lookout for a powder that looks less, uh, powdery.

  12. Christina C says:

    I don’t remember the LAST thing I hit pan on but it was probably my Clinique Eye Brow shaper or my blot powder. Now I am trying to finish the very last bits of my Studio Fix powder for back to MAC.

  13. wehkwas says:

    The only products I really hit pan on is the essentials like foundation, lip balm, concealer, finishing powder, and under-eye brighteners because they’re used so frequently in everyday looks. My sea of eye-shadows and lip-glosses and lipsticks? Rarely. Maybe one day, lol!

  14. bubbles says:

    MAC cream colour base in Hush last week πŸ™‚ I love this thing for cheekbones or brows highlight, or a base for blushers πŸ˜€

  15. Frances says:

    My Smashbox halo pwder – but lately I’ve not been feeling the love on that, so I’m looking for something different. Also I think there were a couple of Lorac eyeshadows I hit the pan with , ans some stila eyeshadows, including kitten.

  16. Tali says:

    Last thing was a lipgloss.. a mercier lip glace!
    The first product i ever hit pan on was MAC Golden bronzer and I remember being devestated! lol Now i get excited because it means im using my stuff!

  17. mkdallas says:

    My MAC Blot Powder in medium and my Stila convertible Color in Gerbera. I have so much makeup (like, more than I could wear in this lifetime, lol) that hitting pan never happens for me unless it’s an absolute daily essential. I’ve never hit pan on an eyeshadow or eye pencil.

  18. Haley says:

    the last thing i hit the pan on was anastasia’s brow pomade in brunette. and i didn’t just hit pan, i used the entire sucker up, i practically licked in clean. i’m on to my second, and bought a backup.

  19. Gemma says:

    my NARS laguna bronzer <3
    .-= Gemma's last blog post… PHOTOS: Christmas ’09, Sugarland TX =-.

  20. Tiffany says:

    ummm, never? I think the only items I have finished up are foundation, concealer, mascara, and lip balm. and none of those have pans πŸ™‚

  21. Karen B says:

    A silvery-white eyeshadow from the Body Shop which was the very first decent eyeshadow I got. There were at least four years that I used it daily to tightline my top lashline with (don’t ask).
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… Patisserie Cupcake Soap Trio =-.

  22. Bella says:

    The only thing I ever hit(and keep hitting) the bottom on is my Jane Iredale mineral make-up pressed powder. I use that more frequently than anything else. By the way, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It’s the best mineral make-up I’ve ever tried! It’s super easy to put on and the coverage is fabulous. All those bare escentuals, minerals don’t even come close to this stuff.

    Rest of my make-up, I don’t think I’ll ever hit the bottom on!

  23. didinium says:

    My elf Complexion Perfection. I used it every day for a few months, loved it to bits, and though you get a lot of product it’s quite powdery and you use a lot of it.

    Also I hit the pan of my self-mixed compact powder I made out of some powder blends and self mixed mineral make up, then I smashed it and filled the pan to the top again.
    A year before or so I hit pan on my catrice Sahara Sand eyeshadow, a sheer, satin-finish ivory shade. I have a backup, but now I find it too shimmery to keep using it as a highlighter and stopped using it entirely. lol

    Less than two years ago I hit the pan of an awesome little 1Γ’β€šΒ¬ blush from Tedi (a kind of one dollar store) which has the cutest nude-pink color, and on the alverde Mauve blush which has a similar color, and was actually on of the first babies in my blush collection which is, by now, huge.
    After I hit pan I have drastically reduced using all of the products except for the face powders for whatever reason, it’s stupid but I’m afraid to empty them. ^^

  24. Kelly says:

    Hmmm it’s been a loooooong time. It was probably Omega E/S though, since I use it for my brows on a daily basis and I go through that one the most.
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… Illamasqua Jan Nail Varnish Swatches & Review =-.

  25. gio says:

    I only hit the pan once. It was an highlighter on one of my Sleek palettes. πŸ™‚
    .-= gio’s last blog post… New Collection: Philosophy The Color Of Grace =-.

  26. Amanda says:

    I have hit the pan on my MAC blot powser 2 times! GASP I cant believe I have actually used TWO-WHOLE-PANS of that stuff!!!! I never hit pans! I have a toooon of makeup!

  27. Andreea says:

    I haven’t hit the pan of anything in a while but the last one was probably the saddest. I hit pan on my Moth Brown. I almost cried.

  28. lexi says:

    I just recently hit the pan (hardcore) on my Chanel Teint Innocence Compact foundation. I feel so proud of myself cuz that sucker ain’t cheap!!

    Otherwise, I hit the pan of MAC’s espresso since that’s my daily brow color. I will probably hit the pan of my Soba – (almost) daily crease color.

  29. NINA says:

    Woohooo Friday!

    Thai food and laundry tonight. Groceries tomorrow and shopping on Sunday … πŸ˜€

    I hit pan on Milani’s Luminous blush last week … so proud of myself! πŸ™‚

  30. Diana says:

    I hit the pan on my Benefit “Get even” Powder about a month ago! I Kinda cant wait until I run out of it completely so I can go and by a new MAC beauty powder instead!

  31. Katie says:

    I have multiple times! Um..my NARS Crazed blush, MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow, MAC Bronze eyeshadow, NARS Night Fever, and NARS Jezebel duo.
    .-= Katie’s last blog post… What are your favorites? =-.

  32. Lindsay says:

    I’ve hit the pan twice on Stila’s Cloud eyeshadow, also anything that’s a highlighter e/s i’ve hit pan on.
    .-= Lindsay’s last blog post… MAC Liberty of London Swatches =-.

  33. Michelle says:

    I hit the pan on blot powder a lot — that stuff is my saving grace and I have to use is all the time. I also recently hit the pan on Blanc Type e/s — I use it to highlight my browbone almost daily.

  34. Pansy says:

    I’m still working on hitting the pan for eyeshadows but I did hit the pan before for a Physicians Formula blush.

  35. Stacy Z says:

    I’ve hit the pan on Nars Orgasm (or rather, I hit the pan and then I accidentally dropped the entire thing so now it’s sitting in a container masquerading as loose blush) , Mac Blot Powder, and Physicians Formula Translucent Powder.

  36. Thais says:

    I’ve hit pan on Shroom eyeshadow, NARS Laguna bronzer, and NARS Orgasm blush.

  37. Jyoan says:

    Gosh! It’s probably because I use makeup on an average of only 1 or twice a week… But I have only hit pan once. For Silkygirl blusher in coral. I think I am never gonna hit pan for MAC blushers!! They are so huge, and I love getting new ones.
    .-= Jyoan’s last blog post… TAG – 40 Beauty Questions! =-.

  38. Sylvie says:

    I’ve hit pan before, on my Studio Fix powder, on Hey, the neutral/gold colour from the Fafi quad, and Fawntastic CCB, which I used virtually every day last summer. It felt good that I finally WAS using things up. Kind of justifies purchases. πŸ˜›

  39. Jackie says:

    MAC Shroom Eyeshadow! It is always the first thing I hit pan on…and its happened three times already! What can I say? I use it for everything; it’s the perfect highlighter for eyes, cheeks and lips. I love it =)
    .-= Jackie’s last blog post… An artist’s touch with a beginner’s price =-.

  40. Vanessa H says:

    Happy Friday! I hit the pan on my MAC Dazzlelight shadow last week πŸ™‚
    .-= Vanessa H’s last blog post… Friday Survey! =-.

  41. Casey says:

    It only happens with two products – MAC Blot Powder and MAC blush in Pinch o’ Peach

  42. Indoorkitty says:

    I hit pan on MAC blot powder or sheer powder at least once a year. That stuff makes my skin look so fab, I wear it all the time. I’ve worked my way through a Teddy MAC liner and a few lipsticks, but can’t remember if I’ve hit pan on an eyeshadow… The year’s still young though, and my Naked Lunch highlightey goodness is looking dimpled…

  43. Arianne says:

    Just one, a drugstore powder — Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Powder, I think. I loved that powder. I even used it alone for no makeup days. Yay for drugstore superheroes! πŸ™‚
    .-= Arianne’s last blog post… O Hai! MAC Liberty of London Shell Pearl. =-.

  44. Julie says:

    I am really happy to see I am not the only one seeing no pan πŸ™‚

  45. Ann says:

    Hit pan with Tempting e/s, and blot powder

  46. Sharon says:

    I’ve hit pan on a few things… CoverGirl powder blush in plum (the only blush I used for a long time) and some pressed powder that I only use to powder my nose and forehead midday.

  47. Toni says:

    I hit pan on a Clinique blush about a year ago. It was my only blush. I finally got rid of it, because I was tired of the color and couldn’t remember when I bought it! I have also hit pan on an Estee Lauder eyeshadow and a Smashbox eyeshadow duo. Since I have just started getting back into makeup (after finding your blog and watching YouTube videos!), most everything else I have is new.

  48. Jasmine says:

    Last item I hit pan on was MAC Shroom e/s. Probably since I used it as a highlight/every day. Now onto ricepaper and Arena!

  49. Astrid says:

    I recently – to my surprise – hit the pan on something! UD’s eyeshadow Sin, I use it every single day, no matter if I layer other shadows onto it or not. I know I’ll repurchase, it’s just perfect πŸ™‚

  50. Naiyana says:

    WOW…well unfortunately I hit the pan way tooo often especially on earth tones πŸ™ I guess it comes with the job.

    .-= Naiyana’s last blog post… If I Were… =-.

  51. Jinnzor says:

    I recently hit pan on my MAC Sweet Harmony beauty powder. I often hit pan on pressed powder or powder foundation. Eyeshadow…. never!
    .-= Jinnzor’s last blog post… Stashtastic: Missha Shimmering Oven Blusher =-.

  52. Courtney says:

    I *finally* hit the pan of my Nars Orgasm blush and it is FREAKING me out!!

  53. Annalise says:

    Nars Sin Blush and Chanel JC blush in winter shimmer

  54. Lucia says:

    my concealer/eye bright from Benefit. I do not remember seeing the bottom of the pan of any other make up item I ever owned!

  55. Alice says:

    I have two things I’ve hit the pan on: one is Benefit’s Dallas (heaven sent. Makes you go from zombie to human being in .5 sec :D) and the other one is the HD pressed powder by Cargo, which I bought after reading your review Karen! And I’m absolutely satisfied with it, it really makes a difference :))

  56. I ALWAYS hit the pan with my Nars blush and bronzer duo. I am currently hitting the pan right now, actually!
    .-= Deconstruction’s last blog post… Product Review: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel =-.

  57. KarenF says:

    I’ve hit the pan on MAC Naked Lunch twice, Shroom once and most recently on Shell Pearl blush/highlighing powder. Oh, and Benefit Dandelion.

  58. Daya says:

    I hit the pan on my Studio Fix and blot powder.

  59. Martha says:

    Two days ago – the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, a very fine product, but I need a powder that can asorb oil too. (If that exists.)

  60. Meg says:

    I just hit pan on Carbon Brown es the other day. Not too exciting but I use it almost every day for filling in my eyebrows. I’ve been through a few of these already πŸ™‚
    .-= Meg’s last blog post… Teaser Photos: Essie Spring 2010 polishes =-.

  61. Jean says:

    I hit pan with the NARS Copacabana multiple in a palette. I didn’t realize how much I used it! I also hit pan (or glass?) of L’Oreal’s HIP Jelly Balm in Plush.

  62. Sally says:

    I hit pan on Smashbox Vapor eyeshadow. It’s discontinued, but it is the best highlight I have ever found! Good thing I have backups :]

  63. Jaclyn Rose says:

    Ricepaper eyeshadow… it’s actually almost gone and I bought it about 2 years ago… it’s my go to highlighter =P but even at that… i can’t believe how long I’ve had it!
    .-= Jaclyn Rose’s last blog post… Some New Changes =-.

  64. DanielleO says:

    MAC Orb — ages ago.

  65. Mary O. says:

    My favorite eyeshadow lately, Stila Kitten, hit pan last week. But ironically, I went to a play that night and haven’t seen it since then πŸ™

  66. Celine says:

    What does the pan look like??? I kid! I don’t think I’ve ever hit pan, I usually drop and break the powders before using them up!
    .-= Celine’s last blog post… maravi: Whoa I don’t match. It’s apparent I got dressed in the dark today. =-.

  67. veronica says:

    I hit the pan on my SmashBox blush and my Cargo Blu-ray Powder!
    .-= veronica’s last blog post… How relevant is computer engineer Barbie? =-.

  68. Meghan says:

    Urban Decay hotpants eyeshadow, but I’ve had it for 5+ years, and Cargo medium bronzer (which I’ve had for 2+ years).
    .-= Meghan’s last blog post… sneaky new zoya pic! =-.

  69. Jen says:

    I only ever hit the pan once. It was UD Ink for Eyes in Binge — and then, only because I was using it to write silly words on my arms (I was bored… haha).

    Other than that… never. I only just got into makeup recently (couple years ago), and I have since bought A LOT. Ask me again in a few years πŸ™‚

  70. candi says:

    I hit pan recently on my mac MSFN in light, and also benefit dandelion after wearing it almost every day for the last 4 years!!!

  71. hmm I’ve never hit pan on an eyeshadow before, even those tiny Lancome gwp shadows. I do run through lipbalms regularly, and I also hit pan on my second Clinique eye primer awhile ago, but those are things I use everyday.
    .-= Makeupmorsels’s last blog post… Heads Up: Head To Nordstrom =-.

  72. I’ve only ever hit pan twice – All That Glitters eyeshadow, and that took a looooong time, and NARS orgasm cream blush which took about a year. I think that maybe Shroom will be next though. I’ve never finished a lipstick or gloss ever. I’m also banned from buying a new foundation until I finish my current bottle of Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich. I don’t love it – it’s just okay. Next one I try is going to be NARS sheer glow.
    .-= scarlettholly’s last blog post… Velvet Matte Makes My Day =-.

  73. amy says:

    I hit pan on my MAC Shroom eyeshadow, Peachykeen blush and MSF natural in Medium Dark. I have finished my Clinique Even Better serum a few times.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… MAC Too Fabulous and Give Me Liberty of London Mini Haul 2 =-.

  74. Tiera says:

    It was just the other day… Bamboo!!
    .-= Tiera’s last blog post… Man! I Feel Like a Woman! =-.

  75. Michele DiCola says:

    NARS orgasm blush

  76. Nancy says:

    i put in an order with nordie’s today for my first pan of blot pressed powder. can’t wait to try it. also coming with it will be sun & moon mineralize blush. where’s that mail guy?!? πŸ™‚

  77. Vonvon says:

    Don’t remember ever hitting pan on anything and my collection is just increasing in size!
    .-= Vonvon’s last blog post… Going For A Concert Tonight! =-.

  78. Rica says:

    It’s too long ago… it’ll be my Annabelle blush (which is a Canadian brand)… And I don’t think anything I own is gonna hit pan any time soon. Maybe my bronzer… I think it’ll be really hard for me to do project 10 pan…
    .-= Rica’s last blog post… NOTD + Another nail polish failure… =-.

  79. clouston says:

    I sense that we are not ditching our products on the remarkably conservative infection-avoiding schedule I keep seeing…
    Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick and one of their mauve eye shadows are the only products I ever used enough and liked enough to replace.
    Apropos of nothing, does anyone like Nars Orgasm Nail Polish? It streaks. It takes forever to dry. It isn’t at all flattering (even though I’m a fan of their blush). And it wears forever. I’m just waiting for it to chip so I have an excuse to take it off.

  80. Paris B says:

    Haha just this week! I hit pan on one of my favourite powder foundations – I Nuovi FaceFix UV. Its great stuff πŸ˜€ already plotting my repurchase soon.
    .-= Paris B’s last blog post… Upcoming: Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara and LÒ€ℒAbsolu Creme de Brilliance =-.

  81. Emma says:

    i hit the pan on bobbi brown chocolate shimmer wash eyeshadow –use it for eyeliner!

  82. shivotra says:

    MAC Juxt eyeshadow. I finished it COMPLETELY.
    .-= shivotra’s last blog post… This is so frustrating. =-.

  83. jen in Va says:

    Only a couple in my lifetime – MAC Shroom, Sweet Lust, Pink Venus eyeshadow, MAC Studiotech foundt. And my MAC Margin blush that I use when I’m tanned….I love it.

  84. knownever says:

    It was a Rimmel shadow duo in Biscuit Box. Perfect my-eyes-but-better set of shades. I NEVER finish any non-daily beauty products.
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… Twins: CG Database Way Off Base =-.

  85. Miss_Rona says:

    I hit the pan this week with Woodwinked (MAC e/s)…sad, sad, day. There are a few shades that are often replenished – I don’t like looking at the bottom of the pan, (even if it’s just the slightest, tiniest, itty-bitty spot of silver!!) NO BUENO!
    …ok, mabe I’m a LITTLE obsessive with my makeup, lol.

  86. Rueblade says:

    i hit pan on my MAC illegal cargo eyeshadow last week. First time I’ve ever seen pan on an eyeshadow. I was both pleased and devastated
    .-= Rueblade’s last blog post… Packing up our lives together =-.

  87. noemii says:

    i think i hit the ban on a HiP eyeshadow duo that i had last year . it’s disappeared now .

    When was the last time you went through an entire eyeliner pencil ??
    i always lose mine ’cause they get so small and they actually become quite hard to use ! haha .

  88. indi says:

    ummm… never??? i dont think i ever have but i am getting close on some of my products

  89. Pinch says:

    I’ve never hit pan on anything! Unless you count my two major depotting tragedies, Meet the Fleet and Plumage. I lost 2 thirds of those. I think the first item will be Shroom eyeshadow by MAC.
    .-= Pinch’s last blog post… Lip of the Day: MAC Syrup =-.

  90. Sophia says:

    My Benefit Hello Flawless! powder in, I believe, Me, Vain? Champagne. But that’s just because I use powder every day! I think the only other thing I’ve ever hit pan on is black eyeshadow, back when I was a baby punk girl.

  91. Deirdre says:

    My Mac Select Sheer Powder…… I hit the pan,,,,,but there’s still alot left even though I’ve had it for around 9 months! It’s brilliant! I don’t think I’ve ever hit pan on anything else though…just finished my Studio Fix Liquid Foundation today though, luckily I got a new one in advance since I felt it coming on!

  92. Cindy says:

    2 MAC e/s, Antiqued and Glamour Check, but i already bought back ups πŸ™‚
    And MAC matte bronzer, need to buy a back up of this too.

  93. Laura says:

    other than foundation concealer and mascara i rarely hit the pan other than perhaps on face powders i.e. finishing powder, blush and bronzer.

  94. Christina says:

    It’s almost always blush for me, because I have a hard time choosing colors that work and when I do, I use them FOREVER.

    Or until they’re discontinued, which has been my luck the last few. πŸ˜‰

  95. Isabel says:

    I got hit 3 times within the last month or so: my Laguna bronzer, Orgasm blush, and the taupe side of my HIP eyeshadow in Sassy. I think it’s because I haven’t been feeling very adventurous and I’ve been doing my staple look a lot lately.

  96. Jean says:

    I just hit the pan yesterday on my Benefit Dr. Feelgood! I was so upset.

  97. Caroline says:

    MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown (which I use to line my brows) and the bronzer in Golden. LOVE hitting the pan!!

  98. Never!! =}
    .-= The Crochet Queenn’s last blog post… Set of Two Pretty in Pink Flower Hair Pins =-.

  99. Nurys says:

    just yesterday i hit the pan! MAC BRONZING powder in BRONZE..

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