For You, What’s One Major Skin Don’t?

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My major skin don’t is to never, ever, under any circumstances — not even when Tabs just barfed on the carpet and I’m running late to get out the house and won’t be able to clean it up until after I get home, by which time it’ll be all dry and crusty — skip wearing sunscreen.


Even when I’m just spending the day looking at kittens on Instagram at home, I still wear it.

For you, what’s one major skin don’t?

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  1. Agata says:

    Never go to bed without removing my makeup, even when I am super tired or had too much too drink (lol, doesn’t happen that often). I don’t think I’d be able to fall asleep with my makeup on.

    Sunscreen, I am really bad about applying it. I always feel like my foundation has SPF so I don’t need a separate filter…which I am probably wrong about…
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    • Laure says:

      Same, I’m terrible about applying sunscreen (even though my skin is seriously pale and could probably use it), but I ALWAYS remove my make-up before going to sleep. I could be dead on my feet or have seriously hurt my leg, but the make-up always comes off.
      Laure recently posted … Lush | Angels On Bare Skin

  2. Talking Bowl says:

    Never use Noxzema as a face masque.

    Yeah… learned that one the hard way as a teenager.

  3. Shannon says:

    hmm… wow, this is actually pretty challenging!! I can think of tons of stuff I *shouldn’t* do to my skin, but I break the rules so, so, so often… I rarely remove my makeup before bed, sometimes I go out without sunscreen, I pick at my pimples, I’ll use almost any kind of beauty “treatment” you suggest…

    Although, I guess I *am* pretty religious these days about using avocado oil (my cleanser/moisturizer) whenever I wash my face. Before, to get rid of makeup/dead skin, and after, for moisturization. I need that stuff. My face kind of doesn’t feel right without it.

    There ya go! My one (and literally only) thing. 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    Same for me – sunscreen ..ALL THE TIME ..ALWAYS:) except when I’m going to bed which brings me to the next one…not even a teensy trace of makeup before bed .
    Dee recently posted … I’m back…almost 🙂

  5. Divya says:

    For me: No matter how tired, how late and how sleepy I am I never sleep with my makeup on! even if I don’t wear any moisturiser before sleeping I sleep with a clean face !!
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  6. gio says:

    Sunscreen for me too. I wear it every single day.
    gio recently posted … Oil Pre-Shampoo: Why It Works And How To Do It

  7. Gemma says:

    Never, ever use harsh spot treatments on dry, sensitive skin, no matter how spotty you are! I ended up with a balloon face and chemical burn, from using Murad spot treatment products, not fun!

    Beautiful Life as I know it

  8. Jasmine says:

    Mine is always washing my face before bed. Makeup or not…
    Btw what sunscreen do you guys use? Do you actually reapply every two hours? (That is the main reason I never wear it, I will never remember to reapply)

    • I wear the supergoop everyday sunscreen with spf 50 for my face and a banana boat sunscree with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for my body. if I’m just walking to class or going to be indoors most of the day between 10 am to 4pm, I don’t reapply (if I’m wearing makeup). If I’m outdoors most of the day, or moee than 1 hour in the sun during peak hours, I’ll just not wear makeup, bring cleansing wipes, and reapply religiously. It’s a hassle BUT better than getting sunburned or worse.

  9. Michaela says:

    For me a big “don’t” is not washing your face before going to bed.

  10. Joan B. in S. C. says:


  11. Erin says:

    I can’t skip moisturizer. My skin looks terrible without it, even though it isn’t super dry (it’s combination). Over time if I’m not generous enough with the moisture around my eyes, I’ll start to look wrinkly. Thankfully I’m still young enough that when I boost the moisturizer, especially around my eyes, the fine lines fade away pretty well over a few weeks.
    Erin recently posted … Greetings from India!

  12. Magick says:

    I used to have much better habits than I do now but one thing I always do is moisturize.

  13. Ruta says:

    Oddly enough, I’ve never been one for SPF. I have been blessed with skin that doesn’t burn though. That coupled with being paranoid about skin reactions to the stuff and I stay away.
    Moisturize and cleanse every night. Or after a gym session.
    And never EVER decide to swap out a moisturizer to try something different. I learned that one the tough way (6 months of clearing up break outs, ugh).
    These days if you go near me with a facial product I’ll run away screaming.
    Which is very limiting foundation wise but, why tempt fate although I do have a few things I’ve been eyeing.

  14. Cathy says:

    I live in England. What sun? Seriously, though, I do wear sunscreen when the sun does actually remember our island exists. Though, with modern technology now, most make-up has an incorporated SPF. Cleansing,exfoliating, toning, moisturising. Twice a day, every day. Vital.

    • Ruta says:

      Actually, I’m just in the neighbouring island and I swear to god, it’s the once place that I can get burned in half an hour!
      Spain is grand, sit out to read a book in Ireland and I’m running the risk of mild sunburn. Apparently, we’re under a thinning in the ozone layer and sunscreen is quite important.

  15. Kate & Zena says:

    Never ever ever use a retinol product. I don’t react well to retinol. I blow up like a blow fish.

    Never go outside without a big bottle of sunscreen with you. Lupus doesn’t like the sun.

    Never go to bed with makeup on. That’s just nasty.

    Never go a month without washing your brushes. Blech.

  16. Krista says:

    For me I’m very sensitive and so have many skin things I need to avoid- mostly silicones, heavy foundations, and I must always have some sort of acne product on. If I need additional sunscreen other than in my powder (Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear SPF50) than I need to take it off as soon as I get home.

  17. Ellie says:

    A don’t for me? Aloe! I’m allergic to it and it SUCKS (just about as badly as my latex allergy), because all the nicest skincare stuff seems to have it in them now. And it means I can only buy the cheapest razors, because all the others have ‘soothing aloe’ in the little strips. 🙁 Maybe I’ll just stop shaving. Allergic reactions are totally punk rock…?

  18. Talia says:

    Well, I am also never going out with SPF protection and another big skin don’t for me is going to bed with make-up on. Even when I am dead tired, I make sure to remove my make-up and apply my moisturiser.
    Talia recently posted … Review: Black Widow Balm “Outsiders 3-Piece Sample Pack feat. Spell, Frida and Iron Maiden Color Balms”

  19. Always always always remove my makeup before bed! I was’t always the best at doing this but I am now! 🙂

  20. Diana says:

    I have two don’ts actually. First, never forget to remove your makeup before bed. Second, never be fooled by beauty ads. I’ve tried samples that don’t work out as great as the ads say.

  21. Chris25 says:

    For me its washing my face at night. Sometimes I break my own rule, but my skin suffers for it. I try to wear sunblock if i know I’ll be in very sunny areas or if I know I’ll face intense sun exposure. I’m a little more flexible about sunblock on cloudy days.
    Chris25 recently posted … Jersey Shore Sun Vegan Nutrient Dense Lip Conditioner

  22. Vanessa says:

    For me — don’t use products with irritating ingredients. Even if it seems to work ok for my skin at first… it’s not worth the eventual cracked, painful skin.

    I look up reviews on beautypedia (paula’s choice) and go for recommended products for sensitive skin.

  23. CrystalCandy says:

    I always wash my face at night, even if I don’t wear any makeup. It just feels soooo good!
    CrystalCandy recently posted … Les Wild Stylers by Tecni.ART de L’Oréal Professionnel

  24. Katherine M says:

    I never go to bed without removing my makeup first and giving my face a good scrub with either good face wash or good face wipes. I used to sleep in my makeup but it led to zits and skin irritation. I tended to do that after nights out where I was exhausted. I also now don’t go without any kind of anti-aging cream or serum most nights of the week. I like RoC night cream – it helps my skin stay smooth and elastic. I’ve been using anti-aging products since age 20 to get rid of particularly painful and cystic zits. I brought my RoC cream on vacation with me. I really didn’t want to do zit cover-up! I swear the ocean and creams with retinol and Vitamin C are the ticket to clear and smooth skin.

  25. Megan says:

    Keep it simple. Bombarding my skin with too many products exasperates things. Also, not fighting my oily akin.

  26. Iris says:

    Like you, I never got outside without sunscreen.

    Additionally, I always remove my makeup at night.

  27. Chelsea says:

    Don’t forget to do your skincare routine before you go to bed (honestly, it’s as important, if not more important, than brushing my teeth, LOL!) and don’t forget to wear sunscreen! ALWAYS!

  28. Tiera says:

    I’d say skipping sunscreen & not taking off makeup before bed are the big don’ts. For me, personally, it’s using any citrusy products on my face. They’re just too acidic, burn my skin (not in the good, tingly way), make me turn red. Just too harsh.

  29. Eileen says:

    Using products with mineral oil. It’s like asking for zits.

  30. Sylirael says:

    Overexfoliation. Seriously – it’s way too easy to get overenthusiastic, and all you’re getting yourself in for is broken capillaries, damaged skin protection barriers, and irritation/redness!

    Maybe that, or not cleaning makeup off before you go to bed!
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  31. Gillian Pidler says:

    My golden rule is always, always to take off my make-up at night. I also stay out of the sun, but I have to take off my slap at night, no matter how tired I am & I do mean a proper cleanse not just a lick and a promise as my Mum would say!

  32. Kaja says:

    Mine is always removing my make-up, cleansing my skin and applying moisturizer before bed. No matter how tired, how sick or how drunk, there’s no way I’m going to sleep before doing it.

    I wish I could say applying sunscreen was one of my things, but I’m absolutely terrible at it. Mostly because I always breakout when I wear something with SPF. But living in Norway, I tell myself I don’t need it as much as anywhere else on the globe. Sunlight? I don’t know what this thing is that you’re talking about.
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