What Was the Last Beauty Backup You Bought?

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Because perish the thought of using the very last spray, pump or drop of your most precious, essential beauty product and coming to the nightmarish, gut-wrenching realization that you have nothing on the premises remotely good enough with which to replace it!

I used to buy more backups, especially of limited edition products I really liked, but now I’m pickier. Now I usually wait until I finish, or almost finish, whatever it is, like a pan of eyeshadow, a bottle of nail polish or whatever.


Now my rule is that I can only buy backups of things that I KNOW I’m going to finish to the very last drop, and it has to be something that I feel the absence of would disrupt the world as I know it. 🙂 Then it’s worthy of having a backup.

I also try to buy backups on discount, like when Sephora has their VIB sale. Viva la discount!

So this was my longwinded way of saying that the last backup I bought was MAC Fix+, because I love it and use it all the time, and I’m sure I’m eventually going to need/want a new bottle. Before that, I got a backup tube of YSL Touche Éclat.

How about you? What was the last beauty backup you bought? And generally speaking, what kinds of things do you buy beauty backups of?

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  1. Ellen says:

    I bought back ups of almost the whole Sharom Osbourne collection from MAC this winter because the warm peachy browns are the perfect color for my fair, redhead skintone. I’ve never done that, but I think it will all eventurlly get used. The only one I did not back up was the bronzer/highlight duo. The highlight is gorgeouw!!!!! But it was less than one quarter of the pan, and when it got low it hit the peachy brown that took up most of the pan, and really doesn’t have any uses. Would love to find a dupe of the highlighter though!! Other than that, I buy the things I use all the time, like lip pencils and eye pencils when they are on some sort of sale, if possible.

  2. Sarah says:

    Bobbi brown creamy lip colour in pale plum from the Marrakech chic collection… It’s my very favourite lip colour in the world and it was ltd ed boo 🙁 I managed to score another on eBay but I’m dreading the day I’m all out… I’ve been scouring beauty counters trying to find a dupe but no bueno… I hate when that happens… My all time annoyance was maybelline dream mousse concealer being disco’d 🙁 I have been seething ever since lol x

  3. Fancie says:

    I just recently repurchased a couple haircare products but it’s been a long time since I’ve backed up a product. The last time I bought backups was during the MAC Rihanna summer collection. I had to have backups of RiRi Boy and Heaux. Now I hold off on backups. Like you, I try to just wait until I’m close to finishing a product before buying more unless it’s limited edition.
    Fancie recently posted … All Glammed Up with MAC Matte Royal Lipstick

  4. Kwmechelle says:

    MAC Spiked & MAC Lickable (which I’m almost done with so yay for backups). I’ve got three MAC 217 brushes & was tempted to buy another (seriously, that brush is the only one I need to apply my makeup) but decided to splurge instead on a set of Wayne Goss brushes, which arrive tomorrow. Woooo hoooo! Oh and I almost forgot, I bought an extra tube of the LE Riri Viva Glam 2. I’ll cause a small riot when I finish the 2nd tube. It’s one bada$$ color =)

    • Lauren says:

      Wayne Goss brushes are amazing!! You’ll love them!! The Riri is to die for…I’m out of my backups and so sad! That was the most beautiful red on everyone! Enjoy your brushes!

      • Kwmechelle says:

        Yaaay!! They arrive tomorrow. Gah, will I even be able to sleep tonight??!!!!

        • Lauren says:

          You won’t sleep at all…and you’ll probably knock over the delivery man! I hope he/she arrives early so you can play all day!!

          • Kwmechelle says:

            Ahhh, Lauren! I feel like you KNOW me. AND HERE’S TO AN EARLY ARRIVAL SO I CAN PLAY ALL DAY!!!! (Yes, I’m screaming. Eek!)

          • Lauren says:

            Hahaha!! Enjoy, sweetie, and let me know how you like them! His brushes are the next best thing to his cute self doing your makeup!!

          • Kwmechelle says:

            I sure will! Stay tuned. And I agree about “his cute self!” Lol =)

          • Kwmechelle says:

            Lauren! My brushes are HERE!! I’m. So. Stoked! Just finished watching Wayne’s vids on the best way to use his brushes. Plan to start playing within the hour. And holy moly! I think I might actually be able to find my crease bc one of the brushes is small enough to fit into my crease. These may revolutionize my makeup-loving world!!!!

          • Lauren says:

            AHHHH YAY,YAY,YAY!!! I’m soo excited for you!! I hope your delivery person isn’t too bruised up!! You will LOVE these brushes! Funny you said that about your crease…mine were non existent also! He has a new video posted about how to “create” a crease…check it out! It’s so helpful! Enjoy every second of the brushes!! You are a transformed woman now! =)

  5. Ashleigh says:

    Picked up another one of my Bath & Body Works triple moisture cream in Pure Paradise, because I ran out of it last winter and had a mild panic moment when I realized it was a summer exclusive scent. Luckily you can buy it year-round on their website, but when it went on sale for 75% off that was the perfect time to pick up another. ^_^

    I’m also hoarding not one, but two backups of my favorite mascara, the Blinc Mascara Amplified. I always work out in it because it stays put during sweating but comes off easily in the shower instead of giving me raccoon eyes. The problem with fair eyelashes is that I feel naked without mascara, hence why I wear it even to the gym.

    The next Sephora sale that rolls around I’m definitely stocking up on Beauty Blenders though. I keep stretching mine out too long!

  6. Kalli says:

    Urban Decay didn’t even give me a chance to buy a back up of the OG version of their Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin! I’ve gone through many tubes of it over the years and I use it every day. But I swatched the new one at Ulta a few weeks ago and I think I actually like it bit more? I’m not totally sure, but I know I don’t hate it! Basically, I’m not too heart-broken that it’s a little different.
    Kalli recently posted … Recent FOTD’s Because I’ve Been a Neglectful Blogger

  7. Lauren says:

    Anything LE from Mac that I like, I buy at least 3 of…it’s a really bad addiction/habit because I never finish even 1 tube of lipstick.

  8. I stocked up on Gelée Bronzers from the EL Bronze Goddess collection! Got a new tube last week. I now have one in use and two backups.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | LIERAC Sunific Self-Tan Iridescent Tinted Cream Gel + Tinted Gel

  9. Stacey says:

    I recently picked up another tube of Hard Candy 12 Hour Power primer. Normally I don’t buy backups as I like to always try new products but if something works really well I will buy it again.

  10. tati breda says:

    karen I’m holding, more confess I buy a lot of makeup, hair products, over the last one was buying it trumpets lifting base, yet not just want more already the basis dior studio teint fps 30, also bought lipstick mac impassioned, and already want more !, more I think I can not buy as much makeup, since I have things at home almost unused and already won ..
    It turns right. more I’ll enjoy and to clean.
    Karen I’m crazy for mac collections, also wanting to live the hourglass of products, precise restrain my impulses consumo..é hard I buy a lot !!! and love
    tati breda recently posted … Banana Coberta com Alfarroba Sem Glúten e Lactose

  11. Michou says:

    So, I actually purchased, quite a long time ago, the double ended eye pencil by Becca in Cabrera (after reading your review of it, actually!). I FELL IN LOVE annnnnnnnd then it was discontinued. So, I ended up finding a site that still had it in stock and bought two a couple of months ago. It’s one of the most gorgeous colors I have ever owned and will be sad when I run of out them again.

    I’ll buy hair dye in advance (so I’m not lamenting not having it when I need it) and lotion up the wazzooo (I’m a super dry babe) so that I never run out.

    Outside of that, though, I’ll just wait until I run out before really considering if I want another. I get so caught up in the NEW stuff that I usually end up trying something new before restocking something old.

  12. Rachel R. says:

    I buy backups of basic things I use regularly, such as my BareMinerals foundation and mineral veil, e.l.f. Mist & Set, makeup remover.

  13. Ditte K. says:

    Last time I bought a backup was Clinique’s eyeliner in intense chocolate – then it failed on me, couldn’t be screwed up or down, and Sephora tried for seven weeks to get me a new one, but alas, they’ve failed all over Europe. Tried one in Greece last week, and that had the same problem *boo*
    So now I bought a Bobbi Brown gel liner in brown instead.

  14. Vijaya says:

    I once had a really great discount at a retail job and stocked up on Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Foundation right before I left.
    Vijaya recently posted … Kafka on the Shore

  15. Lulle says:

    I rarely buy backups, because I rarely finish makeup products, lol! As for skincare, I’m to loyal to one brand or product. The last backup I did purchase (during a sale) was my TimeBalm concealer by theBalm. Bought it a year ago and I haven’t even opened it yet so I’m not sure it was necessary!
    Lulle recently posted … Lashem 3-in-1 Eye Bright Giveaway!

  16. Hmm, I think the last backup I bought was the Yes to Cucumbers face wipes – my absolute favorite for texture, scent, and effectiveness!! Unfortunately, I’m currently out of those because I also tend to buy those on sale, so it looks like I’m in need of another CVS sale lol!

  17. Kristina says:

    Hope you’re doing well Karen! I JUST bought a back up of my all time favorite pink lipstick: Lancôme Love It! 🙂
    Kristina recently posted … butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon’s

  18. Laurie says:

    Ugh, backups! I have such a compulsion for these; if I love a product enough the first/ second time I use it, I feel a strong urge to buy another. I have to tell myself to ease up, try it longer, wait a season, wait for a sale etc.. The last backups I got were of the Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream, Cover FX CC Cream, MAC Strobe Cream, a St. Tropez bronzing mousse, Philosophy Miracle Worker retinoid pads. I think that’s all, recently. 😛

  19. Abby says:

    Urban Decay primer potion – I bought backups of all three when they went on sale in preparation for the “new” primer. Needless to say, I will not be needing more eye primer for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
    Also – Bareminerals eyebrow powder in auburn. They took this away from me once and it’s hit or miss on its availability. I have it in several other colors as well, and a couple unopened still. It’s not my only eyebrow product, but it is one that makes me sad when I can’t replace it!
    I’m not sure if this one qualifies as a backup, but I always get samples of Smashbox’s primer when I can, because it’s the only foundation primer I like, and I don’t ever want to have to buy it if I can avoid it! Consequently, I have 6 or 7 mini bottles of it floating around in my bathroom at any given time.

  20. Cherie says:

    Nars creamy concealer for sure. The best concealer I’ve ever used.

  21. MonicaP says:

    Last back up: Milani Anti feathering lip liner. This product works quite well, but it’s always sold out. Other than that, I don’t buy many backups. By the time I get to the back up, the color is out of style .. lol.

    MonicaP recently posted … Laura Geller Highlight Blush Bronze Sculpt Palette

  22. Winy says:

    Hey Karen! Have you done a review on the Mac Fix +? I’m always on the fence on wether to get it or not

  23. ericca says:

    Bath and body works are the only items I buy back ups of.

  24. Carolyn says:

    Definitely my Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Water. I also like to have cotton pads and hair dye in the cupboard cause I don’t seem to pay much attention to how much I have on a daily basis. I recently picked up the Rose, Cucumber and Coconut Fix+ and actually got 2 of the Coconut. I try so much stuff that I really don’t buy backups of anything because I always have something else in my drawers.

  25. Jessica says:

    I bought a backup of the Urban Decay Vice 1, because my stupid cat knocked mine over. It’s mostly-ok but slightly worse for wear, and I love that palette.
    Jessica recently posted … Ratfest 2015

  26. Tatiana says:

    Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. I just love everything about it. I have tried so many other cleansing oils and I either don’t like they way they feel or I don’t like the smell or the taste (when you accidentally get some on your lips). Tatcha is a bit pricey, but it hits all the points for me. Rinses away cleanly without an oily or sticky or filmy residue, doesn’t taste horrible, smells beautiful, but most of all it cleans away all my makeup and sunblock and leaves my skin feeling really great.

  27. Trude says:

    I’ll do backups with staples I get at CVS when they’re having a discount, like for my favorite body wash and dry shampoo, because I’ll use them long before they expire. As for makeup and skincare, I always make sure to have a backup Anastasia brow pencil because you can’t tell when it’s going to run out (at least not without completely twisting it up and I’m too terrified of it breaking to do that). I’ll also grab backups of my mascaras (I use two different ones in combo) when I can feel them starting to dry out. Oh and I have my beautician friend pick me up my cherished Studio Fix compact once I really start hitting pan, I hate not having it for touch ups! 🙂
    Trude recently posted … 5 Things

  28. Carrie says:

    Shiseido Cotton.

  29. Pearl says:

    MAC’s Fix + spray also but as for other makeup – not unless it’s part of a permanent collection. I got suckered into the LE frenzy for a while and I still haven’t even opened my back ups. I’ll give them away as gifts but I’ve learned my lesson. I think at this point if I ran out of any one color of anything, I could mix from other colors and find a match.

    Skin care – routinely, I wait for sales and stock up.

  30. Iris says:

    I may be the odd one out but I don’t purchase back ups of any products. I like trying new items so have rarely purchased the same product twice.

  31. India says:

    I bought the loreal true match foundation, well 4 of them, because of the Ulta sale!
    India recently posted … June Favorites 2015

  32. Meghan says:

    The last beauty repurchase was the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment from a newly discovered online skincare store for Canada and the U.S. It’s basically one of my only skincare holy grail items. Sephora has discontinued Sunday Riley products (among many other products from a huge range of brands) from shipping to Canada *tear* because of “Canadian laws and packaging regulations”. So I quickly went into research/ panic mode to find out where I could find my beloved Sunday Riley! I’m just waiting for the order 🙂

  33. Chelsea says:

    I’m big on backup skincare; I usually have backup Hada Labo Tokyo face masks and cleanser – I buy extra when they’re on sale. Also, my Thayer’s Cucumber Witch Hazel toner. I always have extra sunscreen, being ginger and all. (Going to buy another tomorrow before our 4th of July vacation!)

    Makeup wise, I like to have an extra mascara (Chanel).

  34. Colleen says:

    Tarte park Ave princess lipstick. It is my HG color.

  35. Joyce says:

    Klorane tinted dry shampoo. I buy 2 bottles at a time. Probably need to stock up on the oribe dry texturizing spray too. It makes my hair do the happy dance. 🙂

  36. Jen says:

    My last backup purchase was NARS lipstick in Napoli. It’s a great pink-peach beige that is the perfect nude for my fair NC25 complexion. It doesn’t wash me out at all. When it didn’t show up on their website anymore (discontinued??) I bought one from Nordstroms, just in case.

  37. BooBooNinja says:

    I have a few backups of some skin care products, and of course I have a backup of my brow stuff.

  38. Alex says:

    Hey Karen,

    Smashbox has also come up with a water primer. I was wondering if you have heard anything about it or tried it. Would you still choose Mac over Smashbox?
    A water primer is at the top of my wishlist, and it would be great if you could help me choose between the two. I usually refer to Sephora for such decisions but they don’t carry Mac so… please help!

  39. To be honest, I haven’t bought a makeup backup in ages. And so far I haven’t finished any makeup (except setting powders) that I would miss, so …
    But skincare! I always have a backup of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and of AlphaH Liquid Gold in my drawers.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Favorite Face of … June

  40. TJ says:

    Mally Beauty eyeshadow stick in Saddle Shimmer. Best one minute but looks like you made an effort shadow out there!

  41. Bella says:

    The last backup I bought was Chanel Blush Camelia Rose. I use one of them very often and am preserving the other intact. On the other hand, I have not bought a backup of Lumiere d ete even though I’m using it like crazy too. I guess I got real LOL!
    Useful backups I have are Nars Pro-prime Smudgeproof eyeshadow base … irritating if I’d have to wait for a new one to come (no Nars counters in country) if one were finished. And I have Chanel Boy and Confidence Rouge Coco Shines, because can’t live without, and though they’re permanent…who ever thought Nars would discontinue Douceur ;)?

  42. Kay's Ways says:

    Over the weekend I picked up a backup of the NYX Micro Brow pencil, I am loving that thing right now!
    Kay’s Ways recently posted … ASUS Chi T300 Review (w/ Blog Exclusive Unboxing Video)

  43. Kim says:

    You should sit down so you don’t keel over from shock. Not. My last backup was, predictably, UD Whiskey. 🙂

  44. Gillian says:

    The last back up I got, actually I got two of them as they were on half price, was Nip + Fab Glycolic fix toner pads. Other things that I always have a back up of is mascara, foundation, concealer, my favourite cream base shadow, day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum, and my favourite oil and balm cleansers. Oh and Co-lab dry shampoo as that tends to just finish without any warning!!

  45. Sarah says:

    Always Shiseido cotton pads, but more recently, Bumble and Bumble invisible oil primer.

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