What Beauty Maintenance Do You Tend To Neglect?

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Call me Sasquatch…

Is it nails? Waxing? Getting your hair did?

Me, I tend to neglect shaving, but only in the winter. If nobody’s going to see my shins or my ‘pits, I figure I might as well use the extra fur to keep warm, haha!


In the summer, different story. I’m on it like abs on Ryan Phillippe. I’m like a Terminator when it comes to hair removal, and I absolutely, positively WILL NOT STOP until I’m de-fuzzed.

Um…let’s see. What else?

Toe paint. Yes, I’m guilty of letting pedicures go a week or two (or three) past their prime. In fact, I have a pretty chippy one right now that needs some tending, le sigh…

I’m also not always great about getting my hair cut on a regularly basis.

It’s weird. When I had it short (chin-length) back in the early 2000s, I got it cut at least once a month, because the moment I felt it creeping at the back of my neck, I’d go crazy!

But now that it’s longer, I can easily let it go a month or sometimes two. I just throw it in a ponytail or a low bun and forget about it. For me, having long hair is lower maintenance than having it short.

Gimme the deets, sweets. Tell me a bit about your beauty routines. What beauty maintenance do you tend to neglect?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. kiwikiwidragon says:

    I am a daily pit shaver, all seasons, no matter what. I do tend to slack on getting my hair done. Lol

  2. Melissa says:

    Shaving in the winter months, for sure. And although I moisturise my face in the morning because I find my makeup goes on better, I haven’t been moisturising or spritzing a toner at night. (Heck, even properly cleansing, I’ll just swipe a wipe or a cotton pad with some toner water across my face). Letting my lazy girl reign ๐Ÿ™

  3. Alison M says:

    My poor hand see the least attention. They lack polish, are dehydrated, and often sport un-cared for nails. I blame it on the fact that I have two toddlers so there is on time for lacquer to dry and cream to settle. But the fact of the matter is that I am the only one stopping myself from slowing down a little bit!

  4. Sunny says:

    Oh it has to be my nails! My toe nails are largely ignored in winter, though I’m pretty good about them in summer. My fingernails are very often unpainted all year round. They’re weak and with the housework I do, nail polishes don’t normally stay for more than one day. I only go through the trouble when I have somewhere to be!
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  5. Agata says:

    Pedicure is one thing. In the winter I don’t even care about painting my toes. I go months without trimming my hair. I think I am afraid the stylist will chop off too much. And I am terrible and moisturizing my body. I wouldn’t go to bed without putting cream on my face but the rest of my body is a different story. I am trying to remember to moisturize it and the dry body oil is helping but still, I just don’t like doing it.

  6. Maja says:

    Shaving in the winter fo sure, and moisturising my hands I don’t kknow why I am just lazy! :/

  7. Lorraine says:

    I am awful about going to the salon for anything. Haircuts, manis pedis etc. I just hate being touched by strangers! call me odd but I will never ever get a massage. my idea of hell on earth.

  8. Katrina says:

    Hahaha that extra fur in the winter made me LMAO! I thought i was the only one who neglects shaving. Yup if no one is going to see my legs or pits i don’t shave. In the winter my pit hair can grow up to 1.5 inches bwhaha! (Tmi) lol

  9. Sarah S. says:

    I must be Queen of the Sasquatches because I neglect my hands, shaving (in Summer, too… so don’t ask me why I’m wearing wool pants to the office when it’s 90 out, mmkay?), my hair… I’m pretty good about moisturizing, though (because if I don’t I will be itchy) and I have a standing pedicure appointment every three weeks so I always have awesome toes ^.^

  10. Pretty much everything you mentioned Karen – long gaps between hair cuts, unwaxed legs in the winter and neglected toe nails! I used to be irregular with my body routine – scrubbing/moisturizing but I’ve become more religious with that now!
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  11. Danielle says:

    Shaving in the winter. And lately I have been neglecting my eyebrows a bit since I’m trying to get them to grow back after a bad waxing.

  12. cloudburst says:

    I am very slack when it comes to my hair…some days I don’t even brush it LOL! It’s very long so I usually just wear it in a bun.

  13. Annabella says:

    Yep shaving legs, although I could go a week or two without shaving anyway because I’m not that furry.

    The one thing I neglect because it hurts is waxing the upper lip. I’m half Italian which entitles me to a beard and moustache like all the other women in my family. I grew up with watching my mom apply that awful smelling Nair so I started to wax but I’ve been a bit slack lately…
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  14. doroffee says:

    Things I don’t do (because I don’t feel they are necessary or due to laziness):
    -self tanning

    Stuff I do more rarely than I probably should:
    -I don’t shave in the months when I can get away wearing a pair of long trousers – I’m quite lucky that my bf actually likes natural beauty in that sense, too ๐Ÿ˜€
    -get my hair done at a salon (sometimes I cut the ends if they are really split and dead, but that’s it) – I probably go once or twice a year at most

  15. Katherine M says:

    I am bad about re-doing my toes when I should (I have brittle toenails that don’t respond well to distance running, so keeping them short, neat, and painted is a must) – sometimes I will wait an extra week or 2 myself because it can take a while to make them look good and I don’t always have the extra time.

    I am also bad about getting my hair done on a regular basis. Luckily for me, my hair is thick and has little to no damage despite being dyed, and I rarely get splits, so I can get away with not getting trims/cuts for months at a time. It is also easier and more low maintenance then trying to flat iron cute layers and side swept bangs into submission to keep it long and let the layers grow out just a little bit.

    And, lastly, if I skimp on my skin routine even for a day, I will pay for it with a pimple the next day. Retinol and good anti-aging stuff every day is a must to keep zits at bay.

  16. Teresa says:

    I once let a toenail paint job grow out for ten months. I frequently resemble a Sasquatch. And I’m terrible at remembering to moisturizer below the neck. But reading some of the comments, I don’t feel so bad now!

  17. Iris says:

    I’m bad with using a face masque weekly. I purchased a mark one which I’d planned to use weekly. I’m still on my Balea (Canadian drugstore brand) sachet and haven’t even opened the mark masque.

  18. Tammy says:

    My toes get neglected. I want to keep them lovely but having Lupus with secondary Raynauds keeps socks and slippers on my feet nearly full time.

  19. Monica P says:

    Probably shaving .. I’m not as diligent in the colder months as opposed to the warmer months.

    I always have my toes done .. once a week I slap on a new color. I like pretty feet.

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  20. Thalia Ortiz says:

    I could relate to everything you said in this post, especially the chipped pedicure! I definitely tend to neglect my hair during the warmer months! The humidity and contact with chlorine from pools really take a toll on my hair and I forget to deep condition it.

    I can’t believe this is the first time I discovered your blog, I’ll definitely be coming back to read more of your posts. Love your sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. Stephanie Smith says:

    Definitely the shaving the legs, even in the Summer! I can’t believe how lazy I’ve gotten! A big one for me is also washing my hair. I don’t like to wash it too often, I have wavy hair, but it’s fairly thin. I’ve noticed that if I wash it once a week, I’m doing pretty well. Even with swimming, which makes it feel so gross, I’ll just put it in a ponytail or bun and go about my day. I am on top of manicures and pedicures though, I like my nails polished! Oh! And my eyebrows, my plan was to get them figured out, but I have yet to do that. Boo.

  22. Chelsea says:

    I slack on so many things! I tend to get bumps/rashes from shaving, so I put that off a lot of the time (especially my legs – my leg hair is blond, so no one really notices if I don’t shave!) My nails get way too long sometimes – they grow really well, and don’t break too badly, so they end up long if I don’t do anything.

    My toenails are bare right now because I haven’t had time to paint them! They were pretty chipped, definitely past their prime.

    I don’t get haircuts anywhere near as often as you’re supposed to. I need a trim pretty badly.

  23. Vanessa says:

    I’m really lazy about a lot of things beauty. I let my (small, thin) body hair grow in year round, only epilate it occasionally. I cut my own hair, but I don’t usually cut it until it REALLY annoys me. I rarely build-up the enthusiasm to exfoliate or apply a mask.

    However, I am very good with the daily stuff. I always remove make-up, wash my face, put my hair up in a pony tail before bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Lydia says:

    I keep my legs waxed all year round and get pedicures throughout the year. I guess it’s because living in Southern California I will wear sandals and capris even in the wintertime. My hair doesn’t require as much maintenance now that it’s longer. BUT I’m not always good about thoroughly cleansing my face at night. That needs to change.

  25. Petra says:

    My nails are a mess and I can’t remember to moisturize below the neck to save my life.

    My fingernails I have just given up on. No polish stays – no matter what I do. I just flakes off. So no point in getting manis.

    And if I am not superdry and scratchy I just can’t remember to moisturize, I don’t know why…

  26. Dana says:

    Wintertime is a lazy, sad-Sasquatchytime for me and my maintenance regime. I definitely go into extreme hibernation in the cold season and avoid shaving, nail polishing and other things that I could not or would not avoid the rest of the year just so that I can fit in with the normal folk population at large.

    I am terribly lazy about moisturizing parts that are not my face.

    I am remiss about penciling in my eyebrows properly. I pluck daily and get them waxed and shaped monthly, but never mastered the art of not looking overly arched a la Dietrich.

  27. camille says:

    oh, so many things to do, as a woman!

    like you, i tend to let the fur grow a little longer, in the winter. just the legs, though. i have to shave the arm pits.

    even though i live in las vegas, i told my hairdresser that i’d still get my hair did by her, when ever i go home. more reason to go home, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ well, i haven’t seen her since april. ๐Ÿ™ she said i could cheat on her, but i don’t trust anyone! LoL. my hair is now past my bra line, and it’s starting to annoy me. that means it’s long overdue for a trim, or cut.

    i might just have to find someone out here…..makes me sad. ๐Ÿ™

  28. Maria Nunes says:

    nails! I know it’s terrible, but I’m lazy to do my own nails! :/

  29. Xero says:

    I pluck my eyebrows less often than I should. >.> And I’m completely awful about my hair. I’m trying to grow it out so I almost never cut it unless the ends are super fried and most days I don’t brush it or style it really. I brush it when I wash it once a week, and I either leave it down or put it up, but I never relly bother to style it other than straightening my bangs.

  30. Monique says:

    The only thing that I may neglect are pedi’s in the winter. I’m really good about everything else. I shave every day in the summer, and every other in the winter. I’m constantly doing something beauty or skin are/hair care related.

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