What Are Your Best Beauty Pick-Me-Ups?

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MAC Impassioned Lipstick

Bright pink lipsticks like MAC’s Impassioned…

There’s nothin’ like a quick pick-me-up after a long day, ya know? A glass of lemonade, a couple dozen kitty hugs, a splash of perfume, a swipe of gloss, a brush of bronzer… 🙂

And when I want my pick-me-up to take the shape of something beautiful, I almost always go with a bright lip, like MAC’s hot pink Impassioned Lipstick, because it’s easy to use and packed with POW!


Other beauty-based pick-me-ups I frequently enjoy…

  • Nude Skincare Hydrating Water ($20) and MAC Fix+ ($21). I keep both refreshing bottles on my desk and spritz them on my face throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and give my mood a quick lift.
  • Annick Goutal Neroli Les Colognes ($175). I like to dab a small amount on my wrists… First thing that comes to mind whenever I catch a whiff: summer vacation.
  • CND Solar Oil ($7.50). This one’s a little unusual, I know, but I get a thrill out of moisturizing my cuticles and nails with brush-on conditioners, perhaps because my mom’s always going on and on about how “you need to take care of your cuticles!”
  • MAC Plushglass in Nice Buzz ($20). The tingle tells me I’m alive! ALIVE! And the shimmery golden color looks great layered atop almost anything.

What about you? What are some of your best beauty pick-me-ups? Sock it to me in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    Oooh I’ve been meaning to try solar oil and keep forgetting. Where do you get yours? Ultra maybe? My biggest pick me up is yummy lotion. Right now my fave is Pacifica Indian coconut nectar. Or a shower with l’occitane amande oil!

    • Karen says:

      At Pure Beauty I think (it’s been a while…a bottle lasts FOREVER).

      Oooh! So, an Ulta is FINALLY opening up in the next town over. I am seriously counting the days.

      BTW, I love that Pacifica Lotion “flavor”. 🙂 It is one of my faves too. Anything with coconut, really.

      • Tiffany says:

        Is that a beauty supply store? Maybe I should try Sally? Ulta isn’t my fave. I’ve had bad luck there with the employees and whenever I go for something new like a nail polish collection they will have the display and like 1 polish left. Ugh. Girl you know I love me some coconut. Have you see. They have coconut face wipes now? I grabbed some at target but haven’t tried them yet. I didn’t even know target sold Pacifica!

  2. Icequeen81 says:

    Love those bracelets

  3. Lorraine says:

    Hmmm…. when I think beauty pick-me-up, I think touch up. Nothing peeves me more than shiny face, so I remedy that with my trusty Laura Mercier Translucent Powder compact. I love that old school glam feeling of being in a classic film and pulling out an elegant compact to “powder my nose”, and other shiny parts. Then a swipe of lippie to brighten my face, because my lips always need a touch up! my one and only Chanel lipstick, Rouge coco in Ballet Russe would be a great mood lifter, and now I am feeling as glam and ready for the world as Barbara Stanwyck. Besides that, nail polish of any kind! when my tips and toes are done, I feel pulled together, even when I am not. painting nails and a color change is a relaxing mood lift for me, so I tend to mani at the end of a day or when my house is empty and I have “me time”.

  4. Lillian says:

    Nothing picks me up more than a swipe of color on my lips. I love Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm – it looks different on everybody; compliments any skintone; it’s like a mood lipstick! You don’t have to think about it, just put it on!

    I’m also pretty addicted to Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips!

  5. Katherine G says:

    Since I don’t get to wear makeup much (I don’t wear it to work anymore because my face gets so oily on 12 to 16 hour shifts, and it would wear off in MMA training), getting to do my eyes and enhance them is a great pick-me-up. Products in general that give me a happy boost after a long day or starting out a new day:
    ~The Body Shop body butter in Moroccan Rose (love the scent, since I love roses, and it’s a very rich body butter)
    ~Victoria’s Secret Perfect Body Lotion in the Very Sexy scent – hydrates and camoflages small imperfections.
    ~Dior DiorShow Blackout Mascara – a classic, and makes me feel sexy and classy.
    ~Nars Blush in Orgasm – the perfect blush for me, whether it’s for work or going out.
    ~Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner in the green tea and cucumber scent – really makes my hair nice and soft and cleanses without stripping of oil. Also the scent and feel is cooling and soothing.
    ~My Olay cleansing brush (similar in looks to Clarisonic, but about ten times cheaper) – really gets my face nice and clean, and helps get rid of zits. Love to use it with Clean and Clear Morning Burst (it’s orange) face scrub.

  6. Heidi says:

    The things that pick me up are:

    Anything citrus scented. I love Pacifica’s Tuscan Blood Orange products

    A great coral lip gloss or lipstick.

    A bright blue or green manicure. The colors just make me happy when I look at my hands.

    Feeling baby soft skin after exfoliating. For my face, Nuance’s Daily Resurfacing Pads have completely transformed the texture of my skin. Amazing stuff.

  7. I want to try that Goutal scent – I love Eau de Hadrien too.

    My own pick-me-ups are:

    Caudalie Beauty Elixir – such an uplifting scent, it invigorates my skin and my brain when I spritz it on:)

    Dior Healthy Glow Nude Bronzer – I love how this adds a pale, natural looking glow – I’m completely addicted.

    Nars Sciap lipstick – lights up my face with the happiest, hottest pink!

    Aurelia Cream Cleanser – this is a new brand that makes this incredible, eucalyptus-scented, completely heavenly cleanser – like a really ridiculously posh Noxczema – it really helps me wake up in the morning, and leaves my skin glowing!
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  8. Teri says:

    I really love a bright fuchsia lip like Guerlain Champs Elysees, paired with Burberry’s Pale Barley. Another great pick-me-up is Illamasqua Tweed, it gives you nice lively cheeks, lol! I really love Dior Addict Eau Fraiche as a scent or Nina Ricci because it holds nice memories ^^. The best thing however are a good cuddle session with my cats, they just cheer me up any time really <3. Great post!
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  9. Christina says:

    Loreal’s infallible foundation. It lasts a very long time on my skin but doesn’t break me out, its a light weight foundation that covers well and doesn’t oxidize on me. I’ve gone through 4 bottles. I prefer it over Revlon because Revlon feel like face frosting to me. Ooof! :0

    Smashbox’s blush in Bare, it is a beauty dusty color. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, the scent is light and clean and lasts. Lastly, Maybelline’s Colossal Cat Eyes in Waterproof. It gives me long curled noticeable lashes. Wearing it on its own requires two coats and with eye make up it really amps up any eye look. 🙂

  10. Icaria says:

    These days, taking out my Diorskin Paradise Duo compact for touch ups and Nina by Nina Ricci puts a smile on my face. Cuddles from Fifi (cat) and Julius (dog) but most important, the big hugs my daughter give me. 🙂
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  11. Chelsea says:

    Sheet face masks are always a pick-me-up for me! I feel so great afterward, and my skin glows! I like Missha ones because the price is good, but I love trying different kinds.

    L’Occitane’s Green Tea EDT is a pick-me up. The scent is really fresh, and wakes me up. I mix it with their Cherry Blossom EDT a lot for a different feel.

    Filling in my brows really perks up my face – don’t like leaving home without them being filled in! I use the Maybelline Define-a-Brow pencil in light blond – it’s perfect for my light brows, and doesn’t look fake.

  12. Kim says:

    Definitely something with a happy scent. Either a dab of fragrance (love those rollerballs!) or a quick hand lotion. Love & Toast has some of my favorite young, fun flavors. 🙂

  13. Elsa says:

    My fave beauty pick me ups are a mani and pedi. It really uplifts the spirit 🙂
    Product wise I really love a spritz of my Caudalie Beauty Elixir or my Avene Thermal Water. To light up the face YSL Volupte Shine in 5 Fuchsia in Excess or 19 Fuchsia in Rage. I’m loving my Cartier Baiser Vole, it is very fresh and floraly, perfect for Spring. 🙂
    And last but absolutely not least hugs and kisses from my Hubby and eskimo kisses from my Sammy.

  14. Sadie says:

    My beauty pick-me-ups are: a good peachy blush, as it instantly makes me look more awake (I like TopShop cream blush in Head over Heels best), a quick swipe with a blotting sheet is handy after a long day at work, and ALWAYS have some decent lip balm on hand too as my lips get really dry. My current love is Lucas’ Papaw Ointment from Australia 🙂

  15. Danielle says:

    Funny, I’m wearing MAC Candy Yum Yum today as a pick-me-up. But I think my biggest beauty pick-me-up is is Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Shampoo. I use it a couple of times a year when my hair feels blah, just to refresh it. And it makes me feel cleaner lol.
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  16. Jenn says:

    I love to add color to my lips for a pick me up. MAC Ruby Woo or YSL Glossy Stain #11 Rouge Gauche!

  17. Maria says:

    The name Anick Goutal. I’ve always loved it! And whichever scent smells like cherries. It’s at home hourded away but I love it! A good blow out. Not a product but man does it do it for me! I love love love the Malibu body lotions from bath and body but my eczema doesn’t so those are an indulgence. And lastly a good smoky eye!

  18. BooBooNinja says:

    Mmmmm… CND Solar Oil smells so yummy.
    I use it nightly before bed. (If I remember!)

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