What Are Three Makeup-Related Things You Do Every Day (Without Fail)?

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Three makeup-related things you do every day

Hook or crook, I always…


1. Curl my lashes

I can’t live without my Shu Uemura lash curler. Well…I could, but I’m not sure I’d want to. My lashes are naturally straight, but curled I think they make my eyes look bigger, and make me look more awake.

2. Fill in my “ghost brows”

If I don’t fill in the sparse outer parts of my eyebrows, I feel like something’s missing from my look, almost like I’m naked. Over the years, I’ve had flings with different brow products, but the two I always come back to are MAC Concrete Eyeshadow and the 266 brush. It took a little while to get the hang of using them together, but I can do it quickly now.

3. Cover my dark under-eye circles

Concealer is my BFF! Without it I’d look like an extra in The Walkind Dead, and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer has been rocking my world by concealing my circles for the better part of a year. It covers everything and won’t migrate for nothin’!

What are three makeup-related things you do every day (without fail)?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Thalian says:

    1- Put on mascara
    2- Brush on some Blush
    3- apply some EOS lip balm to my lips

  2. Stèphanie says:

    1. Fill in my eyebrows
    2. Concealer
    3. Mascara..
    If I haven’t done one of these my makeup is not complete!
    Stèphanie recently posted … Tutorial: Cupcake Nails!

  3. Kelly says:

    1) I use bare minerals as a powder foundation OR as a setting powder
    2) mascara!
    3) lip gloss 😀

  4. I have two out of your list! The most basic makeup I’d have: Fill in my brows, curl my lashes and mascara.
    Connie De Alwis recently posted … Beauty Budgeting Chp. 12: Emptying the Bottles

  5. Cassy says:

    1 – foundation up (my blotchy red skin is very sad without some color correction)
    2 – put on mascara (I can live with invisi-brows, but not invisi-lashes)
    3 – spritz on some kind of perfume (having a different scent every day keeps me happy)

  6. Kelsey says:

    Remove my makeup from the day before (yeah, bad habit)
    Fill in brows
    Kelsey recently posted … Playlist for a rainy Monday

    • LoveVex says:

      Taking the time to remove my makeup every night is the one beauty goal I really need to work on. That and wearing sunscreen places other than my face!

  7. Karina says:

    By hook or by crook, I always apply a layer of face powder, lipbalm, and lipstick!

  8. Ivy says:

    If I was really tight on time, it’d come down to:

    1. Apply BB cream (Foundation + moisturizer + concealer super product? Hell yes!)
    2. Curl lashes + mascara
    3. Fill brows

  9. Sarah says:

    1. Foundation
    2. Concealer
    3. Powder

  10. Carmela says:

    1. Fill in brows
    2. Conceal those circles!
    3. Tightline upper waterline (doing this, I can get away with no mascara or curling)

    Happy Hump Day! <3
    Carmela recently posted … Nail Art Wednesday: Special Birthday Nails Part 3, Apple/Mac Nails

  11. Nina says:

    1 – i do brows everyday.
    2 – conceal dark circles and discoloration
    3 – lipbalm

    that is essentially my weekend look, with a bit of blot powder added to set my concealer. 🙂

  12. felicia says:

    I always fill in my brows, use concealor under my brows to highlight, and use my bare escentuals foundation.

  13. Chris25 says:

    1) Put on eye cream
    2) Splash my face with water (before eye cream, of course).
    3) Apply a lipstick or gloss.

  14. Melissa says:

    1. Wash my face
    2. Conceal any discoloration
    3. Mascara!

  15. mango the mango says:

    1. Slap some Benetint on my lips
    2. Conceal my acne & acne scars
    3. Finger-paint on some eyeshadow, haha

  16. Twyla Munden says:

    1. Curl Eyelashes & add Mascara
    2. Brush teeth with a Whitener to help fight the war against my coffee.. lol
    3. Apply Lip Gloss or Vaseline Lip Therapy

  17. elle says:

    bite my nails
    put on mascara

  18. Rachael says:

    1. Moisturize with Hope In A Jar
    2. Sunscreen
    3. Lip balm

  19. Nika says:

    Without fail, I ALWAYS:
    – Conceal my dark undereyes
    – Apply powder foundation
    – Apply tinted lip balm

    I do wish I had more time everyday to apply mascara and fill in my brows though. 🙁

  20. Nikki B. says:

    1) Cleanse/Moisturize my face w/ Olay products
    2) Sephora Matte Foundation Powder or Mary Kay Foundation Liquid
    3) Lipgloss (I can get away w/ not having mascara on but I can’t wander around w/o any type of lipgloss/balm/stick on my lips)

  21. Jenn A. says:

    I don’t necessarily wear makeup everyday – gasp! I know. But there are some things that are essential in my everyday beauty routine. Cleanse, moisturizer and lip balm!
    Jenn A. recently posted … A Look Back on IMATS 2010

  22. LoveVex says:

    1) Remove any remnants of yesterday’s makeup. Even when I wash my face the night before I usually find stray mascara the next morning, so a cotton swab dipped in remover is my morning BFF.
    2) Apply powder foundation. It smooths out my mild blotchiness from my mild acne and helps fight my ridiculously oily T zone.
    3) My face doesn’t look right without eyeliner on my upper lash line, usually black but occasionally a bright blue or purple. I’m working on finding a brown I like.

  23. Claud says:

    1- Moisturize! + apply lip balm
    2- Cover my under-eye really dark circles
    3- Curl lash + Mascara

  24. shonda says:

    1- foundation or at least tinted moisturizer
    2- fill in my brows
    3- red lipstick : i don’t need a brush or lipliner. i can swipe it on straight from the tube with ease.

  25. Ooh, great question!

    Everyday I…
    1) wear sunscreen, 2) curl my eyelashes, and 3) apply lip balm.

  26. gio says:

    I apply sunscreen, lip balm and concealer!
    gio recently posted … Product Review: BIC Miss Soleil And Soleil Lady Shavers

  27. Shannon says:

    1. Mascara!
    2. Either fill in my brows or tame them with clear gel
    3. Put something on my lips (balm or gloss, typically)

  28. Marian says:

    I don’t apply makeup every day. Sometimes, like today, I am absolutely bare faced….but I do take care of my skin by alternating glycolic acid and retin-a at night before bed. I guess this is makeup related because it preps my skin to look it’s best with or without makeup.

  29. Christy says:

    1. wash my face (is that beauty related? sure!)
    2. put on lip balm
    3. mascara!
    Christy recently posted … EOTD Weekend Neutral + Tutorial

  30. Ichi says:

    1. Apply Concealer (for eye bags)
    2. Face Powder
    3. Lip gloss/light lipstick

  31. ana says:

    1.I use some kind of light fundation or tinted moisturizer
    2. Fill in my brows
    3. Blush

  32. Alyssa says:

    1. mascara
    2. Bare Minerals powder
    3. apricot-colored lip gloss

  33. Heidi says:

    My bare minimum is:

    1) Concealer (gotta cover up the undereye circles)
    2) Eyeliner
    3) Mascara

  34. Hane says:

    1. filling in my eyebrow
    2. filling in my lashline
    3. putting on plumish lipgloss

  35. kalcedon says:

    None, as I don’t wear make-up every single day-my skin is really sensitive, and sometimes I just give it a rest (especially when I don’t leave my house or when I’m just going to the grocery store). But if I do make-up:
    -concealing my under-eye circles
    -plucking my brows (or at least look at it in the mirror if there are hairs I have to and can pluck out)
    -concealing my acne, blemishes etc.

  36. Kim says:

    Blush, mascara and fill in my brows. I’m not sure I could leave the house without doing those things. Even if it doesn’t look like a big difference to other people, I feel like it is. 🙂

  37. Sadie says:

    1. Moisturiser (with SPF of course)
    2. Powder to dim my shiny, shiny face
    3. Mascara.

    Everything else is just window dressing 🙂

  38. Katie says:

    Actually, the three makeup-related things I do for “everyday” are pretty much the only things I need:

    1) Foundation is a MUST for acne, blotchy skin, scarring. I feel 100x awake and prepared when I’ve got it on.
    2) I’ve got ghost brows, too, Karen! My face is entirely different when I’ve got them filled in. My “power brows” (as I like to call them) add structure to my baby face.
    3) Mascara or eyeliner smudged to add some depth to eyes.

    It’s Hump Day! Almost the weekend!

  39. Diana says:

    1. face powder
    2. lipstick/lipgloss
    3. mascara

    everything else is worn only for special occassions

  40. Viva says:

    I always do these things after cleansing my face…

    1. Apply sunscreen
    2. Apply kohl/eyeliner
    3. Apply lipstick or gloss !

    If I am feeling generous then blush too!!

    In summers… Powder compact become no.2 😛
    Viva recently posted … Steal a Stila – 24 K Gold in a Gloss !

  41. Linnea says:

    1. Curl my eyelashes! (Karen.. the Shu is a godsend. Amazing).
    2. Wear some sort of Blush (otherwise I look sickly pale)
    3. Put Mascara on! Oh the joys of being a red-head!

  42. Danni says:

    1. Brows
    2. Curl lashes
    3. Lip gloss

  43. mandy says:

    1.Line my eyes (otherwise I look like I just rolled out of bed)
    2. Mascara
    3. Concealer to cover up blemishes/acne scars/dark circles

  44. Veneeta says:

    1.) Put on Moisturizer, I have very dry flaky skin.
    2.) Fill in my Brows, other wise I have none.
    3.) Apply my EOS Lip Balm, I have dry cracked lips and the EOS brands are the only ones that actually work for me, (Summer Fruit my Fav)

  45. Vonvon says:

    Lately, it’s apply 1) BB Cream, 2)lip gloss or lipstick, 3)blush/cheek stain.
    Vonvon recently posted … Look: Pink Lids & Smokiness With Singapore Sling & Green Martini From Sleek Curacao Palette – FAILED!

  46. Melissa says:

    1.) EYELINER…what?! Top and lower water liner, everyday/allday haha
    2.) Blush (or bronzer/blush combo)
    3.) Lipstick/lipgloss or a combo of the two. I have full lips and I make sure they look proper (soft & shiny) and oh so kissable for my hubby 🙂

  47. Mary says:

    1) Brush out my brows. Weird, I know, but my brows are fairly thick and if I don’t use my mini toothbrush (for beauty purposes only) on them they are out of control!
    2) Lip balm. Nuff said.
    3) Conceal undereye circles.

  48. Jaymie says:

    1. Wash and moisturize my face (don’t forget sunscreen)
    2. Curl lash and apply mascara
    3. Face powder and lip balm

  49. Elin says:

    1. Tinted moisturizer with high SPF (and this week I’m trying Dr. Jart’s bb cream).
    2. Lipbalm.
    3. Perfume!

  50. Adrienne says:

    1) cleanse
    2) conceal
    3) foundation

    I can run out of the house without any color on, but my face needs to be washed twice a day (though I have had a few instances where my drunk ass forgot to at night, lol), and I haven’t been in public without foundation on in about 10 years. Damn persistent acne.

  51. Jen says:

    1. conceal dark circles
    2. mascara (ideally post-curling)
    3. lip balm

    I debate whether lip balm is a beauty product, any more than I consider toothpaste a beauty routine! So if you agree, my new #3 would be fill in my brows.

    • Adrienne says:

      I debating that too, but I figured since it’s something I keep on me and reapply often without a mirror, it’s not so much a beauty product for me, and it’s really more of a life requirement. Lol

  52. steph b says:

    Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen
    Lip balm

    I can do these on autopilot, they are such an ingrained part of my routine.

  53. nia says:

    1 – foundation/powder
    2 – eyeliner
    3 – lipstick

    😀 sometimes i only do two things powder & lipstick 😛

  54. Jaime says:

    1) set my foundation
    2) curl my lashes
    3) blush

  55. marisol says:

    Wash face
    marisol recently posted … How I deal

  56. Stef Smith says:

    Wash face
    Moisturize with SPF moisturizer!
    Lip balm

  57. Soos says:

    Oh, me too! I can go to work without mascara, but not without eyebrows!
    Soos recently posted … Stop with The Hat!

  58. lexi says:

    your brows always look great and natural. also, good call o that SK eyelash curler. was able to get it at target a few weeks ago. loves it. also…for those still interested, I’m now seeing them on clearance!

  59. artemis says:

    1.covering my dark eye circles also. ALL THE TIME! but i can still see them, ugh. mine are worse then yours…i bet. i’m also pale.
    2.foundation to hide my bad skin…tho it only 50% does it :)))
    3.apply mascara and eyeliner

  60. Futuralon says:

    I don’t wear makeup every day but if I do it’s
    1. Powder for shiny bits
    2. Lip gloss
    3. Eyeliner
    I used to do mascara rather than eyeliner but I’ve come to accept my eyes are very sensitive and water a lot at the outside corners, so need waterproof mascara… Which is really hard to remove so I need products to get it off… Which makes my eyes sting and water so you know what… Screw you mascara!

  61. Meg says:

    Even if I’m stuck in the house all day, I HAVE to:

    1. Moisturize
    2. Apply concealer and powder to under-eye circles
    3. Fill in eyebrows

    If I am leaving to go anywhere, I must also apply eyeliner. I’m naked without it!

  62. Yelena says:

    Totally agree!
    #1 – eyebrows ( cannot leave the house without doing this!!) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND tarte brow mousse. it’s changed my life LOL.
    #2 – dark circles (I like benefit erase paste) & almay bright eyes concealer.
    #3 – mascara – currently loving tarte LCL and Lancome definicils (buying my 2nd one this wk)

  63. Janelle says:

    1. Fill in my brows
    2. Blush/Bronzer on my cheeks
    3. Conceal any horrendous acne

  64. Jenny says:

    If I feel like wearing makeup, I will ALWAYS fill out my brows, line my eyes, and slap on some blush!

  65. Jackie says:

    1. Fill in brows with Clinique Instant Lift for Brows in Soft Brown.
    2. Put on Benefit Porefessional so drivers don’t get dazzled by the shine off my nose.
    3. GLOSS!


  66. The three musts are:

    1) Definitely foundation. It provides the flawless blank canvas to begin with. My all time favorite foundation is Napoleon Stick foundation. The versatile foundation Stick doubles up as a concealer and offers variable coverage from very minimal to maximum depending on your occasion. With this foundation we can achieve a glamorous day or night look.
    2) Mascara – this is a must to frame your eyes and keep them looking bright.
    3)Lipstick – a splash of color on your lips will lift your whole face.

    These three things are all a must if nothing else:)
    Makeup Artist Brisbane recently posted … Formal Makeup Brisbane

  67. Rudin says:

    1 – Fill in brows
    2 – Eyeliner
    3 – Sunscreen

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