Two Ways to Win All Four Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions (a $76 Value)

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  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Sol C.! Congratulations, Sol! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. πŸ™‚

Sometimes the word “tube” refers to something bad, like that time years ago when you were in line at the grocery store. You were wearing a tube top and carrying your friend’s little girl, and the child reached up and pulled down your top (true story!).


And then sometime the word “tube” refers to something great, like the new packaging for Urban Decay’s four Primer Potions — Eden, Greed, Original and Sin. UD moved them into easy-to-squeeze tubes, making it that much easier to use every last drop.

A lot of gals love these primers, and I do too. They accentuate the richness of both powder and cream shadows and extend how long they last on the skin, keeping products in place from dawn till dusk. Or way past dusk, depending on your schedule. πŸ™‚

I think Eden’s my fave. Which one’s yours?

A Makeup and Beauty Blog Giveaway!

  • One (1) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden (a $19 value)
  • One (1) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Greed (a $19 value)
  • One (1) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original (a $19 value)
  • One (1) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin (a $19 value)

  • There are two ways to enter, and you can do both of them for two chances to win. First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, a comment about anything at all, like, what’s your favorite Urban Decay product of all time? Have you ever lived in a big city? Where would you live if you had all the money in the world? Do you have any regrets? Who inspires you? What shoes are you wearing today? — the sky’s the limit!
  • Second, you can enter by following me on twitter Twitter @karenmbb and retweeting (RT) the following message:
    • Follow @karenmbb and RT to Two Ways to Win All Four Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions (a $76 Value)

  • The deadline to enter is Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 11:59PM (PT).
  • Entrants must enter using a valid email address and/or Twitter account to win.
  • A maximum of two (2) entries per person — one within the comments at the bottom of this post, and a second entry via Twitter addressed to me @karenmbb.
  • Contest is open to individuals of any country who have reached the age of majority according to their local laws (18 in the United States with these exceptions: Alabama and Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21).
  • Tabs and I (heretofore referred to as “T-Money and K-Dawg”) will select one (1) winner at random from the entries either left in the comments at the bottom of this blog post or addressed to @karenmbb on Twitter.
  • The winner will be announced here within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day, young lady. πŸ™‚ My flight must have just taken off about 20 minutes ago, so I’m probably about a third of the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I’ll touch base again soon. Have a good one today.

  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Sol C.! Congratulations, Sol! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. πŸ™‚


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  1. Elli Le says:

    Favorite UD product … would probably have to be their DeSlick line. Which is probably cheating, because that’s like three products, but the point stands. πŸ˜€ While I love the Naked palette and the primer potion and the eyeliner, all of that would be pretty useless, on me at least, without the oil controlling products. O_o

  2. Tiffany H. says:

    We are having Mexican food brought into work for lunch. I am so hungry!!!
    Tiffany H. recently posted … I Did A Photoshoot

  3. Rinnie says:

    My favorite Urban Decay product would be the deluxe eyeshadows, it applies rather smoothly for me and I like the colors and it’s a good size shadow if bought separately, even if it’s a little pricey. Also to answer the shoe question, I’m now wearing those new skechers shape-ups, mainly for work as I’ve encountered some feet issues and these shoes really do help with the pain.

  4. Barbara says:

    The people in Syria who are firgting for their freedom inspire me.

  5. nabel says:

    these are amazing!!! i love them all!

  6. Wynell says:

    My favorite Urban Decay product would be the primer potion

  7. Christie says:

    I’ve tried the primer in Sin, and while I really liked it, I thought it was just a bit too shiny for every day use. But I’d love to have the set, that way I could choose depending on my look! And I love the new packaging, it seems much easier to use.

  8. Christina says:

    Original is my favorite but I’ve been wanting to try sin.
    Christina recently posted … Baby Shower

  9. katie says:

    a fellow cat-lady needs to win these.

  10. Sunny says:

    My favorite urban decay product is my wonderful Naked Palette:)

  11. Michelle says:

    I started my diet today and I’m cranky!!

  12. Amy says:

    I’m so excited to move to Tallahassee in July!

  13. Heidi Keller says:

    Never used Urban decay so sounds like a great product to try.

  14. Denise says:

    This is so exciting! While I’m all giddy over this, my dog has draped herself all over my pillow, sleeping πŸ™‚
    Denise recently posted … To all the Awesome Moms out there

  15. Jessi says:

    OMG at the tube top incident. I’m sort of jealous of your ability to wear them though!
    Jessi recently posted … Pink and Teal Never Looked this Good- Estee Lauder ShadowStick Duo in PinkTeal

  16. Jen says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway Karen! :O
    I’ve -always- wanted to try UDPP, being in Australia, it is so expensive. ^__^
    *crosses fingers*~!

  17. KPrice says:

    I love their primer potions. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  18. Supriya says:

    I love their primers!!! It works great in Atlanta heat, like today it’s 91 degrees!!! sheeshh…

    Have a good day!

  19. Cindy says:

    I need these in my life like ASAP !!!

  20. Tamara says:

    My favourite UD product is a toss up between the original Primer Potion & the Naked palette.

  21. Amy says:

    I really need to try out these primers sometime soon, even if I don’t win they’re definitely on my “to buy” list πŸ˜€

  22. Analy R. says:

    I’ve been living in a big city for all my life (almost 24 years) but I would love to live in a little town in a couple of years. I was in Italy for a study aboard program during university, living in a very small city…. I absolutely loved the peace and scenery there!

  23. Sara says:

    Hello! I became a beauty lover and addict just a year ago. I had never realized there was such a huge support group behind all these beauty blogs and videos, heck I didn’t even know there were beauty blogs and videos. Now, I spend too many hours online reading and watching all things beauty related. I truly love your blogs, your blog is the first blog I check! I love the way you’ve organized your individual blog posts and in general, your whole blog. Organization is great and I can hear your voice through your writing which is fantastic. Your product reviews are honest and your tutorials are amazing. I love that you’re not afraid to use colors! Also, I love that you post on the weekends. πŸ™‚

    I actually own the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but I think that is too greasy for my eyelids and I really want to try out UD’s primers. I hear great things about them!

  24. Nina says:

    UDPP Eden has been my go to primer since it released! <3

  25. Jamie says:

    My fav UD primer potion is def eden!! HG status

  26. Tina Lane says:

    I have never tried any Urban Decay products, but I always want to try their eyeshadow primer since everyone raves about it.
    Tina Lane recently posted … Kabuki Brushes

  27. Tina says:

    I’ve never tried UD Primer Potion before. Thanks for this giveaway.

    Have a safe flight. Hope you’re seated next to someone nice and not all up in your personal space.

  28. Avianna says:

    aw man, UD finally switched to tubes! Awesome.

  29. Stephanie says:

    My weekend starts tomorrow afternoon. I’m very excited.

  30. michelle says:

    sin is my favoritest but i def need to try eden, as i have discoloration and oiliness of the lids, and concealer never sticks. today im gonna til my yard and plant 6 new rosebushes and a clematis. cant wait to see them thriving!

  31. Carissa says:

    Ahhh I really wanna try the UD tube version!

  32. Jenny says:

    Yay Karen ! These look hella awesome πŸ™‚

  33. Jia says:

    My favorite Urban Decay product is the Naked Palette! I use it everyday!

  34. Rai says:

    I love the UDPP, especially Eden!
    Rai recently posted … Wet n Wild Bloom Collection Giveaway!

  35. levi says:

    I have to say I love most of the UD products I’ve tried…the 24/7 lip liner in Ozone is great to use with any lip glosses that settle into fine lines, the glide-on eye pencils are obviously fantastic (although zero is the ONLY one I don’t like!), their eyeshadows are amazing… I’ve yet to pick up a lipstick (I’m thinking of Oilslick) and a cream shadow (any shade recommendations?). I use UDPP everyday (in Original), I’ve tried Sin as well and it’s a nice change, although as a primer it isn’t as brilliant. I’ve yet to try the tube packaging, though, which is exciting πŸ˜€

  36. Nancy says:

    So far, I’ve only tried the original UDPP and I love it. Would love to try the others!

  37. Inga says:

    Studying for finals today, the weather outside is so lovely it’s distracting me from my books.

  38. Jeana says:

    UD primer is my fave. Works great in Hot’lanta! Can you believe going to be 90+ today.

  39. Shannon says:

    I’m hoping that Urban Decay has an “evangelizer” position available for these things . . . I’ve converted my good friends, a few strangers, and anyone who’s seen me at the end of the day and my eyeshadow IS STILL HOLDING (often after 10+ hours).

  40. Ariana says:

    I love many UD products, but the 24/7 liners are amazing! Enough colors to make your head spin…and empty your wallet. πŸ™‚

  41. Aneela A says:

    My favorite urban decay product is Naked Palette:)

  42. lalaith says:

    I LOVE the urban decay deluxe eyeshadows, they are so brilliant and fun to work with <3 <3 <3

  43. Iram Imtiaz says:

    I LOVE urban decay primer potions! I don’t have Eden though but it looks good πŸ˜€

  44. Mandy says:

    Hi T-Money and K-Dawg!! T-Money, you are so handsome I can’t stand it! I just want to kiss your little kitty nose.

    I have only ever bought and tried the original, which I love so much I have four of them in the original packaging. I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I’m thinking one of these days I’ll use an exacto knife and cut them open. Except I’m afraid I’ll lose a digit cause those things are sharp! Still trying to work my nerve up to do that.

    It is 90something degrees here today and my office is freezing – so I have turned on a space heater because my feet are freezing in my adorably cute espadrilles (which I can spell but not actually pronounce). I bought them on sale at DSW and now I want to buy them in a million colors because they are so comfy! It’s my first pair of wedges.

    I live in a semi-big city but I’m really hoping to move to Charlotte, NC at some point. Almost all of my friends are in the area and I would love to have the chance to move and experience a different place and meet new people.

    Hope your flight goes well, Karen!

    (Most random comment ever.)
    Mandy recently posted … nicekittyrawr- Follow @karenmbb and RT to Two Ways to Win All Four Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions a 76 Value http-bitly-jXtokl

  45. Sarah says:

    hey karen, another contest yay! ok well my favorite urban decay product would have to be their 24/7 glide on eye pencils. i have them in rockstar, deviant, covet, ransom and stash. i love love love them and use them everyday. πŸ™‚

  46. Zombii says:

    Shoe? Ha! It’s sunny and warm out (sort of rainy today, but still – warm!!)! My feet are already black on the bottom from prancing about in the garden. Prancing I says!

  47. auroragyps says:

    I lived in Buffalo, NY (well, just outside of) for 11 years and I LOVED it. I like the cold, so that never bothered me. I lived within 15 min. walking distance of 2 awesome 24 hour grocery stores, a Super Kmart, & a Petsmart. I could even walk to my cat’s vet in less than 10 minutes. The restaurants were great, they were open late, & tons of them delivered ( I tend to be nocturnal). The library system was amazing & so was the mass transit system. I had to move back to my hometown several years ago & it feels beyond backwards after living in Buffalo.

  48. Sanna says:

    I regret that I stopped going to the gym last year…

  49. Elizabeth S says:

    I love love love the new shadow pencils!

  50. Elaine says:

    would love to try the Eden primer potion!!!

  51. Nika says:

    I just recently had my first experience at water sports! I tried kneeboarding and wakeboarding. It was amazing!!
    Nika recently posted … Products I brought with me to the beach

  52. Jennifer says:


  53. Erin says:

    I made a 93 on a massive final project for school that I managed to get done in the two days before it was due!!!

  54. Bianca says:

    I love the naked palette! I would love to try all the primer potions! The person who inspires me the most is my mom! The way she loves is unbelieveable! She inspires me to love the unloveable. I live in Long Beach CA & I love it here! Coming from a small city it was a huge change! I’m helping single moms & girls w/ out moms & I have no regrets & I wouldn’t change my life if I had all the money in the world!

  55. Nadine says:

    I have never lived in a big city, but I’d love to try Vancouver!

  56. Alejandra says:

    I try them the UDPP but in the old format… I’m dying to try this new versions. Thanks πŸ™‚

  57. Amy J. says:

    Love love love sin. And adore the new packaging. Im definitely currently infatuated with the new roller girl palette. <3 Woodstock

  58. Marika says:

    My favourite Urban Decay product is the Naked palette of course πŸ™‚

  59. Ami says:

    I’m at the zoo looking at tigers!

  60. lo says:

    Oh my gosh, so embarrassing! That’s exactly why I don’t wear tube tops! I’ve never lived in a big city, but I’m hoping to eventually go to med school in Seattle.

  61. Molly says:

    I love the Original UD Primer!

  62. Pat says:

    Seeing UDPP in a tube is a *Beautiful Thing*…! I’d be thrilled to win a tube of ANY one!

  63. Jula says:

    I have been using Urban Decay since my pre-teen years but I have to say my all time favorite product from them is the Naked Palette. It’s just the greatest thing that has ever happened to me–makeup wise, lol.

  64. Heather says:

    Have heard endless raves on the UDPP, and still haven’t picked one up for myself. This would be the ultimate giveaway – thanks for hosting, Karen!

  65. Gabrielle says:

    Happy hump day everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday! πŸ™‚

  66. Farah says:

    I want to go on vacation to hawaii! I wish summer would come already!

  67. becca says:

    Gasp! All 4??!? I always come back to the original!

  68. Tina H says:

    My best friend is coming into town tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see her…. I can’t remember when I was this excited to see someone… oh wait…. it was in september when I saw Adam Lambert…. but this is different I guess…. but anyways…. I so can’t wait!!!!

  69. inycat says:

    My eyelids are so lame I even need primer to make eyeliner stick for any significant period of time…sigh.

  70. Noeladd says:

    My favorite Urban Decay products are the 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils. My current favorite color is Lucky. Also I think if I had the money I would live on a boat and travel all over the world! This is a really cool give away

  71. gina says:

    trying to choose classes is hard when you don’t even know if you can get in!! :[

  72. tjoyu says:

    I am wearing my purple glitter Converse to work today even though they greatly highlight my height disadvantage!! Wish I could have worn purple glitter on my eyes too…but that would have been a little OTT for work today.

    Hope you had a safe flight!
    tjoyu recently posted … Jordana Purple Rain

  73. Aretha says:

    UD primers are so good! I have the original, but I thinking about buying the Eden one also.

    Thanks for the give away! πŸ™‚

  74. Neela says:

    Hopefully getting new cell phones tonight! And going to see Thor.

  75. Jeanette Nemec says:

    I live in the same city I was raised in, The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. My neighborhood is called Castor Gardens in the Northeast Section. Today I’m dressed in leggings, a long pick organic tshirt, and flippies. Very comfy and cute.

  76. Ada says:

    If I had all the money in the world I’d build a castle in the middle of a forest and live it up Cinderella-style, haha!

    I’m also going whale-watching soon! Gonna wear some UDPP and hope to get splashed to test how strong it is under fire πŸ˜›

  77. Sandy says:

    I love the new ud shadow stick pencils! They are really amazing and last so long!

  78. That_Tiffany says:

    I am dying to try these I hope I win!!!
    That_Tiffany recently posted … Giving my hair a break

  79. Nathalie says:

    Hi there! *WAVES AT U* πŸ˜‰

    Supergiveaway! I’m in!! πŸ™‚ Awesome! πŸ™‚
    Since I can tell you anything I want (the sky’s the limit) I’m gonna tell you something very important: i don’t have any primer so I really need to, no I just HAVE to win this!! πŸ™‚
    I also tweeted: and I’m following you ofcourse… πŸ˜‰ On both Twitter an Bloglovin and I like the post at Bloglovin too! πŸ™‚

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed! πŸ™‚ What the hell, I’m even crossing my toes! πŸ˜€ Lol!


  80. Fanni says:

    I have never tried anything like Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox. I have never ever beeno a Sephora like store. The reason for that is that I live in Sweden. But in 20 days, my flight reaches for New York which is my biggest dream!

  81. Rachel says:

    UD Sellout Eyeshadow is my fave eyeshadow of all time, would love to win these

  82. evo says:

    i want the sunshine to come back…..i’m sick of seeing the rain

  83. Ruchita says:

    I am currently loving the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  84. Alison says:

    It’s so hard to pick my favorite UD product- they have so many great ones! I’ll have to go with the Naked palette. First, it has my favorite e/s ever, Sin, in it. And second, it really saves my butt when I oversleep in the morning and only have a few minutes do do makeup!

  85. Christy O says:

    I’ve never had a successful run with any sort of primer, face or eye. I’ve never tried these famed items, it’d be great to try them out.

  86. Rebecca says:

    Hi there :-),

    I will start off by saying that you always have the best giveaways!!

    My favorite urban decay product (so hard) would have to be their eyeshadows. I cant get enough of them πŸ™‚ followed closely by their original primer potion.

    Have a great flight πŸ™‚ and thanks for a the giveaway.

  87. Sandra says:

    I’ve never actually owned any urban decay products. Haha. But the primer potions Are on my list of must-trys

  88. Chelsie says:

    I love me some UDPP. I’ve used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but it seems to separate and get watery in the tube. I’ve never had that problem with UDPP.

  89. Charlotte says:

    I love UD! I wish I could get my hands on the tube version of the UDPPs!

  90. Jen says:

    I’ve never tried these and would love to because I hear nothing but good things!

  91. Betty says:

    I surprised my bf for his big 25th birthday, a trip for me and him to Puerto Rico for a week. And we leave next Saturday!! =)

  92. Nikki B. says:

    If I had all the money in the world I would have a beach house in Isles de Margarita, Venezuela…that is such a beautiful island and although my Spanish is a little (okay a LOT) rusty I would love to go back there again. Especially since their beaches are amazing…and it’s pretty close to my other favorite islands -T & T, Bahamas and the big one Jamaica – as well as home (Florida).

  93. karen says:

    i haven’t tried these primers since the wand packaging. excited that they come in a squeeze tube now!

  94. Julia C. says:

    My favorite Urban Decay products would have to be the eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and easy to blend!

  95. Marci says:

    I have never used Urban Decay products before.

  96. Jessica says:

    I LOVE UD Primer potion. I have a problem – i want everything UD makes!! I have Greed on right now. I would LOVE to win πŸ™‚

  97. kylie says:

    I’m loving all the giveaways Karen, Thanks!!

  98. Kali says:

    If I had all the money in the world, I think I would just move all over…like have a vacation home in Greece and one in Italy and one in Spain…and like a loft apt in NYC. Then again, I kinda like my little comfy home in Oklahoma πŸ™‚

    Great giveaway, Karen. Have a safe flight!

  99. Anna says:

    I’m guilty of owning a Midnight Cowboy single… that I bought at Sephora by itself. Then years flew by and having a face full of glitter stopped looking cute. I just lie and tell people it came from a UD set every time someone spots it in my makeup collection πŸ˜›

  100. nisha says:

    I love spring!!!! Great giveaway Karen, hope you have a fabulous time in SoCal. πŸ™‚

  101. Isabel says:

    A whole year outside of the US and I absolutely cannot wait to step foot inside a TARGET when i get home to NY next week. Little did I realize how much joy I get from my small drugstore beauty buys. I’ve tried to stay inside the “beauty loop” by reading your blog, but I’m pretty excited for that moment when I’ll feel overwhelmed by all the new products that came out while I’ve been overseas. On a non-beauty note, it’s pretty amazing how being out of your country and culture throws some humbling experiences at you. Makes you appreciate the little things.

  102. Lynn says:

    I’ve never tried anything by Urban Decay, so here’s hoping I win! Nothing better than freebies!

  103. Michelle says:

    My favorite UD product is their 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon. I wish they would make it part of their permanent collection instead of just LE with their sets!

  104. Hobbit84 says:

    definitely the primer potion in original is my favourite! but i’ d love to try all the others πŸ˜‰

  105. Jade says:

    The sun is finally starting to come out! It’s been dreary for a week now… not spring-like weather at all!

  106. aclearcutsign says:

    The Primer Potion is my favorite Urban Decay product.

  107. Rachael says:

    I WILL NOT engage in road rage!

  108. Amanda says:

    Right now i’m watching Hawaii Five-0 and I really wanna go to Hawaii!!

  109. Hohe says:

    I’ve actually lived in NYC most of my life.

  110. Kaianne says:

    My family lives in a city with a population of about a million right now, and it is just “big city” enough for me. People are still friendly, and things are still accessible, but it’s also just exciting and urban enough. I go to school in Montreal, though, which is quite a bit larger. It is also a great city!

  111. april says:


  112. Linds says:

    i love the naked pallete

  113. Betty says:

    Nothing helps my eyeshadow stick to my oily lids better than UDPP. I haven’t tried Eden or Sin yet. My favorite Urban Decay product is their 24/7 eyeliner in Rockstar (plum).

  114. Ashley says:

    Definitely the primer potion (in original), 24/7 eyeliner, and NAKED palette!

  115. Katie says:

    This is awesom! Recently, I strained and screamed my way through slicing up a mini bottle of UDPP. It wasn’t my first time doing that, but imagine how furious I was to see all of the product that the little wand couldn’t reach! I need to try the tube version.

  116. Clara says:

    My favorite UD product is definitely the Naked Palette!!! πŸ™‚

  117. L says:

    I really want to try these!!

  118. niewniewjen says:

    Wowww I can’t believe they’ve finally put the primers in tubes πŸ˜›

  119. Vicki says:

    Oh bottoms I just got chocolate on my cream sofa. It was worth it though, yum yum!

  120. Rosee says:

    Urban Decay is my favorite brand right now. I love love their eyeshadows and potions!
    Rosee recently posted … Final Exams

  121. Fayeth says:

    I love the UD Naked palette and the deluxe shadows… my goodness the purples are gorgeous!

  122. Katrina says:

    I love urban decay eye liners!! πŸ™‚

  123. winni says:

    Eden is my fav too!

  124. Ling says:

    I love how UD finally switched to user friendly packaging for their Primer Potion. Gone are the days of trying to get product out of that tube!

  125. Karla says:

    I haven’t tried any of the primers, it is unique that UD has 4 types. They all look great!

  126. Shannon Mackey says:

    UD Primer potions changed my life. I has always tried to figure out how to keep my eye makeup from creasing. I finally stumbled upon the primer potions about a year ago and I have used them almost everyday since!

  127. Lisa says:

    I love that Urban Decay products are vegan!

  128. Vvn says:

    I’m so glad UDPP exists, I’ve gone days without it.. and… it wasn’t pretty

  129. Tahnee says:

    UDPP is my Holy Grail product! LOVE and absolutely NEED it in my life! πŸ˜€

  130. Krista says:

    I’ve only gotten into makeup the last few months and I have to say my two favorite products from UD are primer potion and the naked palette. What more could one want? πŸ˜‰

  131. Stephanie says:

    I bought the 15 eyeliner set on a whim (I love it), but I have never tried the primer potions. I would love to have this set!

  132. Christine says:

    I just finished reading “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde and it was so good!

  133. Jillian says:

    Today is a beautiful day! The second nice day that actually feels like summer! It is amazing how sun and nice weather can put you into an amazing mood!

  134. Becky H says:

    Yay for the new UDPP tube!! This was the first eyeshadow primer that I ever used, and it opened my eyes to what make up could be, an absolute revelation!

  135. Nora says:

    I would really love to win this. Urban Decay isn’t sold in Norway and it’s quite hard to find a online store who ships to Norway. It doesn’t make it any better beeing a poor student who also has a big makeup shopping problem πŸ˜€

  136. lauretta says:

    I’m just about running out of primer!

  137. Danielle N says:

    Heyo, I’m watching some Chelsea Handler clips online right now – she’s hilarious!

  138. kana says:

    Mine is definitely the regular eye primer? lol, i am having a huge brain fart but i love the one in the puurple packaging! i’ve tried tarte’s and for some reason i am starting to hate it.

  139. Amista says:

    UD Primer Potion is my all-time favorite primer!!!! I would loooove to win these πŸ™‚ Right now im enjoying some much needed peace and quiet while my 3 yr. old takes a nap. Hope you’re having a good day! πŸ™‚ I also RT you on twitter (@amistabaker)

  140. NeenaJ says:

    I dropped a bowl of mashed potatoes last night. It landed face down on the carpet, splashing my favorite gray trousers and suede shoes along its journey. Ever tried getting mashed potatoes out of carpet? It is not fun. What does that have to do with UDPP? Nada. But, winning these might make me feel better!

  141. Katie says:

    I love Urban Decay products. My FAV-O-RIT is definatly the Ink For Eyes cream eyeliner. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. These primers are great too!

  142. I love UD. Primer Potions are the best !
    Hacer @ Makyaj Günlüğü recently posted … NARS Multiple – Riviera &amp Copacabana

  143. peach_ says:

    Oh gosh, your tube story! I’d be mortified. I just love the way you relate your seemingly random personal experiences to the products you’re talking about! It’s why I read your blog religiously!

  144. Cristine says:

    I didn’t realize UD had 4 different primers. What’s the difference? I’ve only seen the purple one and the gold one before.
    Cristine recently posted … bienenkiste-Lily Donaldson for Nicole Fahri S-S 06I want

  145. SDpfeiffy says:

    favorite UDPP? Eden, but Greed is a very close second πŸ™‚

  146. Tascha says:

    I would looooove to win, because Urban Decay isn’t available in my country, but I heard so many good things about it!

  147. brittany says:

    my eyes need this!

  148. kate says:

    i don’t have any urban decay products, but i’m dying to try these!

  149. Sherry says:

    I have my last final for the semester this Saturday..wooo hoooo!!

  150. Heather says:

    Hi πŸ™‚ my fav UD products are the primer potions and the Naked Palette! I use both everyday and don’t know what I would do without them!


  151. Jessica says:

    i’m excited to try out the new tubed primers – those old containers were such a bear XD

    off to go study for my finals now! woot! (not)

  152. Lydia says:

    I live in a big city- Chicago πŸ™‚
    Also, it’s to hard to pick my favorite UD product of all time, I like the primer potion in greed, lipgloss in gash, and the eyeshadow pallettes πŸ™‚

  153. Eva says:

    My favourite UD products are the Deluxe e/s, first Book of Shadows palette, Mushroom from the second BOS (wish this would be available as a single!) and, of course: UDPP!! So far I´ve only tested the original one, so getting all four would be soo great!!! ;o)

  154. Mimi says:

    Hello! My new favorite UD product is my Rollergirl palette! The hot pink is HOT! I need some primer potions to go underneath it though! I also LOVE the 24/7 liners. I have probably 25 of the colors… I have an eyeliner obsession!

  155. Georgia says:

    I love EVERYTHING Urban Decay – everything I try from them is of exceptional quality. Unfortunately they recently removed every single stand from my hometown πŸ™ It’s a very sad time for me.

  156. day says:

    so excited to try these!!!

  157. jessica says:

    love this new packaging for the primer potion! too bad i havent seen it in any of the stores near me =(

  158. Jessica says:

    24/7 liners are currently my favorite UD Product. I would love to add these primers to my make up stash.

  159. DLAOKC says:

    Love Eden, but so glad for the tube packaging! I’m one of those who used to slice open the package to scrape the last of the product out…

  160. Else says:

    I live in Amsterdam, that’s a big city in The Netherlands πŸ™‚
    but if you compare it to big American cities, Amsterdam is really small and cute.

  161. Erin says:

    Love Eden the best, haven’t tried the tubes yet so I can’t wait!

  162. Stephanie Kamila says:

    My boss just told i’ll have to work next saturday ’til 3 p.m., and just want to kill him, can I?

  163. Andrea says:

    I’m from San Francisco too! I love it so much πŸ™‚
    Andrea recently posted … Be delicious More like you better be delicious

  164. Lauren says:

    If money wasn’t a factor I would love to live in New York. It’s such an amazing city and I just love it there!

  165. Mandy says:

    Love UD. Just returned from UK & Europe. They sell UD at drugstores in London. How very strange!

  166. Belle says:

    Now that I don’t have to deal with the bottles, I want to try UDPP!

  167. Raquel says:

    I love their eyeshadows!!!!!!!

  168. Nicole says:

    We just rescued a kitty last week who was abandoned in a foreclosed home & starving to death. We are nursing him back to health & he is such a little lover. The twinkle in his eye lets me know he’s gonna be okay. πŸ™‚ His name is Mr. Jiggles!!

  169. cassi teague says:

    Eden is my favorite. It kinda doubles as a concealer, because it hides the veins in eyelids! I love it!

  170. Jessica says:

    Hey Karen

    I think you and tabs (sorry ) T-MONEY would enjoy the Urban Decay Vegan Palette that Urban Decay put out to celebrate PETA’s 30th Anniversary. Picked it up yesterday and its fantastic not to mention animal friendly the colors in are supeerrrr! Run to your local Sephora! πŸ™‚

  171. Emmanuelle says:

    AWESOME prize !!!! Thx for the opportunity. I’ve never used anything but the classic one and hope I’ll be lucky enough to test them all ;-))

  172. Lynn says:

    If I had all the money in the world, I would live in the Italian countryside.

  173. Anastasia says:

    I never tried Urban Decay products…It’s not available in My country … πŸ™

  174. Michelle says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE urban decay and their primers!! πŸ™‚

  175. Veda says:

    I love the new tube for the UD Primer!! Love this contest too!

  176. Ive been buying a couple of items from Urban Decay when ever I am able to buy me a little something and my favorite so far have been the eyeliners – Charcoal is my fav and I would really love to try thses primers, maybe next time :).

  177. Natalie says:

    My favorite UD product would definitely be their Primer Potions. I’ve used them for years!

  178. Vanessa says:

    I love Urban Decay! I have yet to own one of their beautiful eyeshadows, but I did buy their eyeshadow primer, the one that comes in the shimmery beige tube. Fantastic!

  179. Melissa says:

    I’ve never tried an UD product! If I’m lucky, this will be my first!

  180. KyaLyn says:

    I love the original, but have not had a chance to try the others. This would be a great opportunity!

  181. Rachel says:

    I would love to say what my fav UD product is because I have never tried UD. I would love for this to be my first!!

    The website bar is saying my website it isn’t showing up but here it is

  182. michele says:

    It would have to be my Naked Palette….I know everyone says that…but its true love from the minute I laid eyes on it! :)))

  183. Jill says:

    I do love my Naked Palette! I also love Shakedown as an eyebrow color! Fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, all the reviews and wit πŸ˜‰

  184. Beatrice says:

    Urban Decay has such beautiful palettes. Like really, the packaging it comes in is georgeous!
    Beatrice recently posted … Garniers Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller 7 Day Challenge – Day 67

  185. Emily says:

    Aw man! I have only tried the original Primer Potion! Love my Naked Palette though..
    Emily recently posted … My favourite

  186. Stacey says:

    I love UD!

  187. Taylor says:

    I’m wearing my rainbow flip-flops : )

  188. Kristina says:

    I’m second generation born and raised in SF but unfortunately I’m not there anymore since I moved for school. Do plan on moving back because it really is the most amazing place to live. There is absolutely nothing like it, plus the weather suits my almost see through white skin perfectly.
    Kristina recently posted … Lipstick Tag

  189. April says:

    My favorite NYC product is actually the NYC Palette.

    It’s a dual winner for me because first, I love all the colors in there as they are all very
    pigmented, and it’s usually my Go To palette when I want to stash something for travel easily.

    Second, I just LOOOOVE NYC and the palette is decorated so nicely with Big Apple memorabilia.

  190. April says:

    ammendment…wrote too fast

    the NYC Palette from Urban Decay, not NYC

  191. Paula says:

    My favorite. UD product would be the 24/7 eye liner pencils. I got the Stash kit that has a bunch of them a couple years ago. I’d love to try these eye primer potions.

  192. Christina says:

    Having just recently started using eyeshadow primers, I’m hooked but am hesitant to fork out the money when I already have so many chances to update my makeup through the day hahaha.

  193. Vijaya says:

    I just finished doing a look with orange eyeshadow. Now I feel special. =]
    Vijaya recently posted … Linnaeus Cosmetics Review- The Golden Lion Tamarin Collection

  194. gio says:

    I love the Original UDPP but haven’t tried the other versions yet. I would really love to though.

  195. phuongk says:

    i’ve got one more final karen and then i’m done. you know how you dread something but just want to get it done with? πŸ™‚

  196. Heidi says:

    I’ve never lived in a big city. I’ve always been a ‘burb girl.

  197. Jessica says:

    I have never really lived in a big city but I also have never wanted to! I live pretty close to San Fran so it’s perfect that I get the normal suburban life here but so close to the excitement of SF that I could take a quick trip whenever I like. Best of both worlds! πŸ™‚

  198. Desiree says:

    I love where I’m living and I don’t see myself moving anytime soon! We have the benefits of being in a bigger city such as malls, shops, restaurants, movie theaters and fun activities for the kids and we’re not right in the middle of a lot of crime and traffic. It’s perfect to me! <3

  199. Jennifer says:

    I love UDPP! Definitely could not be without them! Eden is my favorite!

  200. kirsty says:

    Favourite UD product of all time! 24/7 liner in stash!

  201. Liz says:

    Primer potions have renewed my love for eyeshadow.

  202. Delaney says:

    I love you! and hope i win!! i would live in Arizona if i didnt have to leave my family/friends and today i was celebrating the warm sunny weather with some flip flops!

  203. Destinee says:

    I just ate my favorite summer food, Sonic! Nothing better than a cheeseburger, tots and a cranberry slush!

  204. Basak says:

    I lived in a big city for 10 years (3.5 million people). Now I am in a college town of 70 thousand. Both have pros and cons but I do miss the big city sometimes πŸ˜‰

  205. Mikki says:

    I love these primers! Im obsessed with eyeshadow so primer is a must for me πŸ™‚

  206. Jill says:

    Is this week over yet? It’s felt like Friday since…well, Monday!

  207. Noa says:

    I love the glitter eyeliner from ud!!! I was born in the third biggest cities in Russia but grow up in the second biggest city in Israel πŸ™‚ tlv πŸ™‚ so, it’s not that big but it’s fabulous!!!
    Luv this blog!!! C ya!

  208. Andrea says:

    i am in looooooove with my naked palette!

  209. Natasha says:

    I love Urban Decay! I was so excited when I found out they made their primer potions in tubes. I don’t like the applicators that come with most primers.

  210. Lindsay B says:

    My favorite UD product would have to be the 24/7 liners. I have them in almost every shade and love playing with different colors. I’m sort of a chicken when it comes to really loud eye shadow, but the liners let me take a little bit of a risk!
    Lindsay B recently posted … MCTA recap

  211. Darlene says:

    Love the UDPP in Eden

  212. Barb says:

    I just recently got turned onto this product and it is amazing! I bought the original primer and the Show Pony Shadow Box and have been having fun since then πŸ™‚

  213. Danielle says:

    I would live in Paris if I had all the money in the world.

  214. Jody says:

    I’ve only tried original and eden formulas. I wonder if sin and greed are any good.

  215. karen says:

    I love the 24/7 liners in my waterline! Pop them on if I don’t feel like I putting on a full face.

  216. Mai says:

    I’m currently wearing black flats πŸ™‚

  217. Holly says:

    Wow, this is a great prize! I’ve just run out of my travel sized UDPP and need a replacement stat to fill the void in my life!

  218. Denise Pilat says:

    Karen, you have an amazing Blog and Tabs is a total cutie (almost as cute as my three tigers ;-))…it would be so awesome to win these Primer Potions because it’s so hard to get them here and I’ve heard so much good stuff about them!

  219. Iris says:

    I was wondering to buy a primer and I thought about an UDP and this is a great opportunity to win all of these.

  220. Erica says:

    I’ve always wanted to purchase Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, but have always heard about how terrible the packaging was. Now that they come in new packaging, I would love to give them a try.

  221. Advah says:

    Oy to the tube top incident, but I want to know how you reacted! Would have turned bright red while pretending nothing’d happened..

  222. Bren Flowers says:

    I have been fighting breast cancer for 4 years. Sometimes it just makes me tired…nap time!

  223. mona says:

    hey πŸ™‚ my flat mate made me a wonderful dinner tonight πŸ˜€

  224. Chris25 says:

    I have three papers to write, plus an assignment for American Literature. Prof. Pace won’t let me off the hook and is forcing me to revise my last paper. Phooey on him!

  225. Angelica says:

    Awesome contest Karen, I don’t any UD products so this would be a great start! I’ve been debating on whether to take the plunge and buy the infamous Naked palette and so far I haven’t given in but who knows what the future holds! Thanks for your great blog!

  226. Cindy says:

    In the Naked Palette the Virgin shade is one of my all time favorite shadows & I don’t want to buy another palette just for that. boohoo

  227. Anna says:

    So far I’ve only tried the original UDPP that was included with Naked palette. LOVED IT, and I would love to try to the different finishes they have!

  228. Lora says:

    Karen, you crack me up. That’s my greatest fear! (Regarding tube tops at least!)

  229. Cassidy says:

    I would love to win! πŸ™‚

  230. Sara Loza says:

    OMG! This is awesome! πŸ˜€ And I’m wearing some navy blue moccasins, my fav shoes ever =D

  231. Nicole says:

    Hooray for new packaging. I love UD’s 24/7 eye liners!

  232. Jill says:

    Just found your site today & I LOVE it!
    i love the UD primers!

  233. Sarah S says:

    I have never tried Urban Decay products nor have I been on this blog but so far it looks like I could really love both!!

  234. Lyza H says:

    Urban Decay is actually the only makeup brand I trust to put on my face!
    Lyza H recently posted … My dad calls earlier- I pick up &amp tell him my moms not home

  235. Wendy says:

    I soo want to try the pocket rocket but everyone says the smell kinda bad.

  236. Linda F says:

    I haven’t tried Urban Decay products so I don’t have a favorite.

  237. Amy says:

    My favorite UD product is their tinted moisturizer in bodyguard. It’s my second attempt at a tinted moisturizer since the legendary Laura Mercier broke me out :(. The UD is incredible for my yellowy medium toned skin, but they definitely need more color options!

  238. laura says:

    i have too much homework to do.
    laura recently posted … At Your local Kubrick library

  239. Sugar says:

    Believe it or not I have never tried UD. Want!

  240. Dori Dee says:

    I feel like a looser………I don’t tweet. πŸ™

  241. kalcedon says:

    I’ve been living in a big city for all my life (the capital of Hungary… OK, not London or NY-size, but still)? and I love it… I’m a typical city girl, and I’d never change it for anything (I love that I can go to a mall or a good!!! theatre or any cultural place in about an hour, and everywhere I go, there’s at least one grocery or supermarket… it’s comfortable).
    And today, I’m wearing black close heels with some solid studding :).

  242. “What shoes are you wearing today?”

    I’m wearing open-toed heels for the first time in a long time– it hasn’t been warm enough, can’t wear open-toed shoes at work, haven’t had an occasion– but we’re going out to a matinée and I’m showing off my jungle green sparkle toes today!

  243. Jackie says:

    The Naked Palette is definitely my favorite Urban Decay product! It has so many great colors, and it comes with the UDPP so it’s like a 2-in-1! πŸ™‚

  244. izzie says:

    I just finished my last final for the semester!!! yay!!

  245. Gaby says:

    I have wanted these forever! Currently studying for grad school finals, these would make an amazing end of year gift to myself πŸ™‚

  246. Tanya^^ says:

    OMG, I need that greed primer!!!

  247. Brenda says:

    UD is not available in my country so I’d love to win these!!!!

  248. Shannon says:

    I lived in Seattle and LOVED it. I want to move back!!

  249. Kate Williamson says:

    Love the new packaging!

  250. Amy says:

    i love the delexe eyeshadows and ofc the primers!

  251. Nora says:

    i go to school in detroit πŸ™‚

  252. Nicky Bromow says:

    I’ve never tried UD products, now would be the perfect time! Im fed up with my Lemon Aid lid primer by Benefit, it creases!
    Nicky Bromow recently posted … Conseils pour devenir une femme parfaite

  253. KAREN says:

    Love UD primern potions!!! and loving UD more and more each day!

    Have fun in our neck of the woods! πŸ˜‰

  254. irini says:

    I have never tried anything Urban Decay! Dare I start now?
    irini recently posted … brown leather

  255. MARY-FRANCES says:

    Bruise nail polish. Loved when these came out & all the dark colors with the cool names.

  256. Laura says:

    This must be fate!!haha I just bought my first Urban Decay product! Where I live there is just some pallettes in Sephora, and I looooove the spring colours in mine πŸ™‚ I wish I could match them with these primers!!!!
    Kisses from Spain!!

  257. chiara says:

    i think i’m falling in love with my chief…is that so bad!?

  258. Nicki says:

    My favorite Urban Decay Product is the Naked palette. I LOVE it.
    Nicki recently posted … Getting Heart Healthy

  259. Beth says:

    I hate when I ground my children for something and later I forget about it! ARGH!

  260. chiara says:

    today i wore my lovely red shoes πŸ™‚

  261. DarkDesire says:

    OMG I’d love to win this set as none of the shops here sell Urban Decay products and I’ve been wanting to try the Primer Potions for ages!
    DarkDesire recently posted … Produkttest- Hildegard Braukmann Jeunesse Balance Creme

  262. Llora says:

    omg!! πŸ™‚ this is my first makeup contest! i hope i win!.. have a lovely day everyone <3

  263. Mai-Huong says:

    I have always wanted to try these! I could just never bother to shell out the cash for them.

  264. Jana says:

    People who stand up for their opinion inspire me.
    Jana recently posted … Auf der Suche nach etwas- das es vielleicht noch gar nicht gibt

  265. Krupa patel says:

    I love the original. I think a got a defective sin because it creases in less than an hour

  266. Madelynn says:

    This new packaging is a godsend!

  267. Kerri says:

    I love the original UDPP but i would LOOOOVE to try the others! And the new squeeze tube, i’ve only used the old genie bottle! Love your blog Karen πŸ™‚

  268. Tina says:

    i would love to win this.

  269. ROANA says:

    I wish I had Naked Palette!

  270. Carolina says:

    I love UD primer potions!

  271. Valeria says:

    The new packaging is amazing! My fave UD product is definitely the 24/7 eyeliners!
    Valeria recently posted … Next Review Options

  272. Ariana says:

    I love summer because you can wear make-up looks inspired by mermaids!!

  273. Clara says:

    It would be awesome to win UD primers. I’ve read so much about them!

  274. Nicole Jarvis says:

    I love everything UD

  275. amy says:

    it’s finally hot here so i can now wearmy flipflops! πŸ˜€

  276. Leah says:

    Always wanted to try the Sin primer potion!

  277. Ana says:

    TBH I’ve never tried UDPP, none of them! So that’s the reason I’m entering your giveaway. Thanks for it!
    Ana recently posted … Deals &amp Steals- Free Cake Beauty Milk Made Velveteen Hand Cream

  278. Toma says:

    Thank you for the chance and I hope you’re enjoying your day!
    Toma recently posted … PINK WEDNESDAY- 55

  279. Mari says:

    Love your blog!!

  280. Meng says:

    I am sitting in class!

  281. Emily says:

    I only recently tried the original UDPP. Can’t believe I waited so long, it’s amazing!

  282. Amber says:

    I just got the original in the new tube, but I really want to try the others!
    Amber recently posted … Calaveras

  283. Iben says:

    I currently live in Denmark where I’m going to this hardcore baccalaureate which is a mega killer, but I’m completely done with all my exams this Monday πŸ˜€ So dang excited to enjoy my four month Summer holiday!!

  284. Marisa says:

    I love UDPP!

  285. Savannah says:

    I love UDPP! It’s the bestttt!


  286. Cyra says:

    oooooooh this is amazing!

  287. Vicky says:

    My mom hasn’t gone grocery shopping yet, so I’m eating instant noodles for lunch LOL

  288. Marlo says:

    I am currently wearing yellow ballet flats that I got at George’s! Awesome although our weather in Vancouver BC isn’t!

  289. Stacey F. says:


  290. Siena says:

    I love (but don’t own) the naked palette. so gorgeous!! Currently not wearing shoes :D, and if I had all the money in the world, I’d have two houses: one really modest one in Arizona or something and the other near the beach. I can never live without my beach haha.

  291. Karen says:

    I have tried all of these eyeshadow primers as samples and LOVE how each and every one looks on my eyes and helps my eyeshadow stay in place. That being said, I currently own exactly NONE of these since I am paralyzed by having to make the choice. (I secretly feel that no matter which one I choose I will wish I also had any of the others) and so as a result of my inability to make a decision I have NONE in my beauty arsenal! *tsk tsk tsk*

  292. Izzy says:

    ooh this would be a great thing to cheer me up before exams
    Izzy recently posted … Eyeko Mascara

  293. Christie says:

    Yay!! How exciting are these!!

  294. Emily Schramm says:

    I would love to try these! I usually use the MAC painterly paint pot, but I’ve heard amazing things about these and would love to try them!

  295. Michelle says:

    I love UD 27/4 eyeliners!

  296. jade says:

    I really would like to try these! Thanks for giving me a chance through this giveaway.

  297. Jane-a-roo says:

    This is the best primer ever. Nothing else even comes close to keeping my shadow on my eyes!

  298. I like in San Francisco and it’s a really nice city.
    I just hate when I’m all prepared for a nice sunny day and instead we get overcast and fog. The weather always changes!

  299. Jenn says:

    Hmmm…I am currently wearing rain boots! πŸ™‚
    Jenn recently posted … Two Fandango Movie Tickets for only 9!!!

  300. Halifax says:

    I don’t have many UD products. I heard Sin is the most awesome πŸ™‚

  301. Monica S says:

    What a prize!!!

    My favorite UD product is their eyeshadows. Almost everyone I have is amazing and richly pigmented. My latest go-to-shade is Sin. You can just put it on, add a simple black eyeliner and mascara and you are ready to go – feeling a little bit glam on a regular day. πŸ˜‰
    Monica S recently posted … Tutorial- Colorful Smokey Eyes

  302. Carrie says:

    I used to be so smug about never experiencing an embarassing moment. I no longer have that pleasure. Picture a hot dude flirting with you and you on a whim sending a neutral email. Only to discover 5 minutes later that his GIRLFRIEND is a friend of your roommate! I can no longer look at him. And my friend thinks it’s hilarious ( and I think so too). So I feel you Karen.

  303. Isabela says:

    OMG I wanna it…I Need it!!

  304. glenda says:

    these look so pretty, they are calling my name :p

    thanks Karen!

  305. Hannah A. says:

    I’ve never tried the urban decay primers but I’d really like to!
    Hannah A. recently posted … Picture of the Day- Glitter Egg

  306. Tuhina says:

    I love these giveaways!

  307. cynthia anthony says:

    Love Primer Potion, works beautifully, but the first package I purchased was extremely dry and made it not such a great value. Looking forward to the new packaging.

  308. Chloe says:

    I wish Urban decay was available in New Zealand πŸ™

  309. Stephanie says:

    I just purchased some glow in the dark nail stickers.. I am addicted to glow in the dark ever since I was a little. :D:D I’m so happy right now, haha!
    Stephanie recently posted … Personal Update- Im Back

  310. MJ says:

    Primer potion has made me love eyeshadow all over again.
    MJ recently posted … Great Online Stores to Get Your Beauty Fix

  311. Jennifer says:

    Primer Potion is, without a doubt, my favorite UD product of all time. I’ve been using it religiously for years now, and the other day I was in a rush and somehow skipped it… when I got home that evening, I couldn’t figure out what had happened to cause the oil slick crease-pocalypse on my lids, until I realized I must not have used primer. It was horrible, and it made me see just how much my makeup routine has depended on the stuff for so long!

    But a very very close second would have to be my HOLY GRAIL of lipglosses: UD Ultraglide gloss in Video, which was quietly discontinued sometime in the past year or so. I’ve got about 1.2 tubes left, and I’m like freaking Gollum with those things. I’m mourning their loss already, even though I still have some. (It’s a little bit irrational, I know!)
    Jennifer recently posted … Stationery Adventures- Hybrid Ink Ballpoint Pens- A Comparison &amp Some Thoughts

  312. Jamie says:

    My favourite UD purchase has to be the Naked Palette. I have the regular PP, and I love it.

  313. Christine says:

    I love the UD primer potion and the face primer

  314. Cara says:

    I can’t wait to try the new squeeze packaging! When I had a car accident 3 years ago I bawled so much every trace of mascara and makeup got washed away–except my eyeshadow thanks to UDPP!

  315. Liz says:

    Right now I’m wearing FitFlops, ‘cos I just got home and my feet are tired. πŸ™

  316. Lori says:

    UDPP is the only primer that works for me…and i’ve tried lots!!!!!! and i’ve been so faithfully saving my money for my upcoming wedding. new additions to my mu stash would be awesome πŸ™‚

  317. Jennifer says:

    This would be awesome to win! I love that they are in squeeze tubes :).

  318. steph b says:

    I’m definitely a city girl…have lived in NY, Boston, DC, and Honolulu.

  319. Terri says:

    I wasn’t much of an Urban Decay fan until I got the Naked palette. It came with a tiny primer, which I’m liking a lot.

  320. TofuuCube says:

    I would love to visit HK or Japan! πŸ˜€
    TofuuCube recently posted … Things to Look Forward to –

  321. Rosie says:

    Finals week is ALMOST OVER!

  322. Maria says:

    If I had all the money in the world I would totes live in Italy!!!!

  323. Mel says:

    I love Urban Decay because it doesn’t irritate my skin! For so long, I have only been able to wear MAC products, then I discovered Urban Decay and BAM! Instant love. I still love MAC, I do. But Urban Decay is so affordable and has amazing amazing palettes!

  324. Jarucha says:

    Would love to try the UD primers out….and more pics of Tabs please. πŸ™‚

  325. trb says:

    I never tried UD primers and suddenly I need to have one…

  326. Mylie says:

    I can’t choose!!!! I love every single products of Urban Decay! πŸ™‚

  327. Grace says:

    Love their primer!

  328. Shauna says:

    UD is a great line of products. Not only are they animal and crulty free, but the quality is great! My favorite UD products?
    UD primer potion(s)
    24/7 pencils
    Naked pallette!

  329. maxi says:

    I have never got chance to try any Urban decay product ,kinda expensive for me ,but i have heard abt these like zillion of times and i would love to win this ,it will give me chance to try these .

    have a safe flight Karen πŸ™‚

  330. Maribel F. says:

    My sister inspires me! xoxo

  331. Liene says:

    Today was perfect spring/summer weather, yay, finally πŸ˜€

  332. Casey says:

    Love UDPP!

  333. Grace says:

    Heading to my 2nd NBA game! So excited !

  334. Ginelle says:

    Urban decay has done it right with these primers!

  335. Mellissa says:

    i have a bulldog named Maggie.

  336. Alka says:

    Wearing my brand new Toms Wedges in Red!

  337. Saffron says:

    ooh this stuff is the best, thanks for the rad contest!

  338. Goldie says:

    Love the new tubes! Hated the old packaging, what took them so long to catch on and re-package this amazing product?

  339. Luci says:

    My favorite UD product is the Gash liquid eyeliner.

  340. Poey says:

    reading this post made me go dig out some tube tops… πŸ™‚

  341. keely says:

    i love there primer, i ran out of mine, so this will be perfect! (:

  342. Saddy says:

    Never tried Urban Decay before – would LOVE to!!

  343. Nikki Nikita says:

    My favourite Urban Decay product right now is the 24/7 eye pencils. Such beautiful colours that make me feel great when I wear them!

  344. good luck everyone! i think my favorite is sin too πŸ™‚
    aquamarine565 recently posted … Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Review

  345. Atanza says:

    Favorite Urban Decay products are definitely their eyeshadow palettes — especially the Naked and BOS III. So many colors to choose from whether I’m feeling like going neutral or bright, and all the colors are amazing. I would LOVE to win these primers, I have the original and love it but I haven’t tried the others (OR the squeeze tube for that matter!)

  346. Lauren says:

    I’m home in buffalo w my family on vaca and loving it!!!

  347. LaTonja says:

    I have never used urban decay but have been tempted.

  348. Wendy says:

    used my naked palette for the 1st time today =)
    Wendy recently posted … NOTD- Trophy Wife

  349. Courtney says:

    I love surreal skin mineral makeup from UD!

  350. Kass says:

    Want! I love UD 24/7 eyeliners!

  351. Pearl says:

    The primer potions ARE My favorite product!! I HAVE to apply it before putting on any eyeshadows!

  352. Lara says:

    When I discovered UDPP (the original) 18 months ago, the eyeshadow world changed completely for me. Looove it!!

    Do you think it can be used undereyes? (Sam, do you know? I think that’s an experiment right up your alley LOL) πŸ˜‰

  353. ValbonaPro says:

    Over 300 comments ALREADY? Pffff….there go my chances.

    Believe it or not, I have not tried the potions yet. I know…I know, gasp, but after buying the naked palette, I fell in love so much that I totally forgot about the potions. Maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe not.

    The design of the potions reminds me of a fairy tale. Very beautiful, creative, and unique.

  354. Chloe says:

    You can get more out of the new packaging of the udpp… love the new packaging πŸ™‚

  355. Nat says:

    I just joined twitter πŸ™‚ I’m a newbie! I have no clue what I’m doing. RT your contest. My twitter name is tootsie_rollSam.

  356. Kristina says:

    I love their eye shadow sets/palettes πŸ™‚

  357. Amy Miranda says:

    I love the photography on your blog channel. U r very talented. Can u provide more tips on photography. What is the lighting u use etc so we can learn from u. Thank u Karen!

  358. Meezy says:

    I’m loving hummus right now! So delicious!

  359. Sherry says:

    I’ve actually never tried the UD Primer Potions before but I would love to! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  360. Katie S. says:

    Awesome idea for the new packaging! This will totally pin me as a newbie, but I didn’t ever realize there were different kinds! I’ve only used the original and it’s the best I’ve found so far to rid my lids of the horrible 5 o’clock crease from makeup =)

  361. Lauren says:

    favorite UD product of all time is their 24/7 eyeliners, LOVE THEM!

  362. Graciella Angélica Gomes says:

    My favorite Urban Decay product is the black pallete

  363. J says:

    Never tried these before, but I want to!

  364. izzy says:

    glad they repackaged these suckers!

  365. Katie says:

    I lived in Seattle for about twelve years, and now I’m considering moving to San Fransisco after I graduate college!

  366. John says:

    I love that changed the packaging. Such a great product

  367. Jen says:

    I’ve tried all of the UDPP except Greed. I love them all, including Sin and Eden, but they crease on me. πŸ™ Only the original one doesn’t crease. Even Too Faced Shadow Insurance creases a tiny bit on me! Woe.
    Jen recently posted … New kicks!

  368. Tukta says:

    Wanna try this so bad…we don’t have UD in Thailand

  369. Claire says:

    i really want to try the primer potion- i only used a sample size and want more!!

  370. Sophia says:

    My favourite product from Urban Decay is Primer Potion in Eden.

  371. Erica says:

    I like all of the primers! Oh, and their eyeshadows are very nice too πŸ™‚

  372. Suri says:

    Lovee my UDPP!!! I hope I get to try the others! πŸ˜€

  373. joanne s. says:

    I love make-up.. shame here in the U.K we can’t get many groovy things that the U.S can.. but one thing we do get in the UDPP and i have to say if it hadn’t of been for Blogs like your own i would still be sporting a ” my eyeshadow has disappaered but left an ugly prominenet line ABOVE my eyelid” look by night-time everyday!
    A big hooray for your Beauty Blog, and certainly hope i can gain knowledge in your wisdom for cosmetics again in the future- Woop! πŸ˜€

  374. Today I finally finished cutting out pieces for my soon-to-be-mosaic-ed vanity table. It was a dump find, solid oak, and covered in a bad white spray paint job. I’ll be sanding it, taking out divots and chips, then coating it with shiny black lacquer paint.

    The top is going to be different colored pink, purple, and yellow stained glass lotus blossoms, green and brown vines, and iridescent flashed water. I’ll be creating a photo-how-to as I go along! I’m not really looking forward to grinding the pieces- I tend to get cut a lot when I do it because I’m clumsy!
    Snarky Princess recently posted … The Seven Deadly Sins – Greed and Charity Collaboration with Makeup Zombie

  375. Libby says:

    Funnily enough, I’ve never tried the Urban Decay primer potions. I’m loving the NARS one though! πŸ™‚

  376. Rabia says:

    This sounds great!!
    I’m from Germany and we don’t get ANY UD Products here =(
    And besides I’m loving your blog,just got referred from a german blog =)
    Rabia recently posted … Waiting for you to come home

  377. Lygia Akemi Kanegusuku says:

    I’m crazily seeking the Urban Glows!

  378. Mary says:

    when I look down at my toes, my neck disappears.

  379. Meghan says:

    I was studying for an AP test I have tomorrow, but surfing through makeup blogs is much more entertaining. πŸ™‚

  380. Patricia says:

    Maybe a chance to try UDPP!

  381. Sam says:

    I love Urban Decay, they’re my favorite brand but unfortunately not for my college student budget!

  382. Renee Richardson says:

    I absolutely love all the colors. Thanks for the great giveaway πŸ™‚

    Renee R
    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  383. Amanda says:

    I just got a sample size of the Primer Potion in Original and I looove it! I can’t believe I was living without this! Would like to get the full size just on a tight budget at the moment!
    Amanda recently posted … xoxoSnowflake- anyways- super excited @crazycharisma gave me the gift she won!

  384. Meha says:

    i’m loving Nars tonkin matte lipstick and MAC’s cremesheen in Bare again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t need any reason to wear them, i’m home, in my PJs.. studying with NARS on! woohoo πŸ˜€

  385. Janelle says:

    My fave UD product has got to be UDPP! They just work well for me. Even Benefits’ creaseless shadows crease on me! Thanks for the giveaway, K-Dawg! πŸ™‚

  386. Mindy says:

    FLIP FLOPS! πŸ™‚

  387. leetal says:

    i only have a the original… great giveaway

  388. Ally says:

    I love chubby hubby icecream:D

  389. May says:

    I love UDPP but it’s somehow difficult for me to justify shelling out money for an eyeshadow primer

  390. Vanessa says:

    I can’t believe you’re in SoCal and I wont be able to meet you!
    Vanessa recently posted … A Touch of Green

  391. Stephanie says:

    I live in a somewhat big city, i hate it though! I’m leaving in 20 days iA!
    Stephanie recently posted … Preparations

  392. raquel says:

    i only have the ud original primer potion,love to try he new ones!

  393. Stephanie says:

    The first thing I bought from UD was the Primer Potion and I will never be without it.

  394. Lisa says:

    I really want to try Greed!

  395. Shannon says:

    I want to win these! I’ve never tried any of them but I’ve always wanted to!

  396. raina99 says:

    I <3 UD primer πŸ™‚

  397. Sarel B says:

    thanks for the giveaway!! cant wait for summer!

  398. Elizabeth says:

    I just got a Potion sample for 100 points at Sephora, but haven’t tried it yet!

  399. Anca B. says:

    Wow, I love UD Primer Potions! I would LOVE to try out one of the new ones, I only have the classic one.

  400. Jeni says:

    I broke a bottle of Mischief by Hard Candy (bright orange sparkle nail polish) all over mypants & shoes last night @ Walmart. πŸ™

  401. sienna says:

    i like the original, but love the packaging. havent tried any of the new shades, so, crossing fingers!

  402. yiota says:

    Omg i’m going to need a new primer soon! Mine is running out πŸ™

  403. Michy Kim says:

    I love UD primers. I bought the one in Original before. My favorite from UD are the eyeliners, however. Second would be the eyeshadows! So pigmented! πŸ™‚

  404. Nou says:

    I haven’t tried any of them before but I always test it when I go to Ulta/ Sephora…

  405. Ashley says:

    If I had a penny for every regret I have, I’d have a lot of money πŸ˜›
    Ashley recently posted … Review- Hada Labo GOKUJYUN Lotion

  406. Stephanie says:

    The original is best for me.

  407. KaylaDora says:

    We are having the most amazing rain storm right now where I live. The rain is light enough to make everything smell like summer while not completely blocking out the sun. I love it. <3
    KaylaDora recently posted … Lost in Makeupland Review

  408. Jadyn says:

    I ADORE UDPP. these are amazing!

  409. Sandy says:

    I have never tried these eyeshadow primer potions but would love to give them a try since I have very oily skin! Love your blog Karen!

  410. Leslie says:

    I haven’t been able to try the urban decay primer before, but, I love their cream shadows. Winning these would finally let my experience what everybody has been raving about. Twitter: LaReinaDeFl

  411. Heather says:

    I love those primers!

  412. Erica says:

    I love Urban Decay!!

  413. Nicole says:

    If I had all the money in the world I would live in Alaska in the summer and Kauai in the winter. And I’d visit, San Francisco, NYC, Paris, London…etc in between.
    Nicole recently posted … New Flats

  414. sharee says:

    need these ! πŸ™‚

  415. Josie says:

    This is so sweet of you to do! I can’t afford to purchase one of these primers let alone all four. You are going to make one makeup lover very happy! πŸ™‚

  416. Nicolle says:

    Have always loved the 24/7 eyeliners. Wearing black Mary Jane danskos at work today- nothing too sassy!

  417. diane says:

    I just came home from school and these look deeelicious πŸ™‚ love your blog, Karen (and Tabs)!

  418. Issa says:

    oh, i think this is a better packaging…. i am about to go in the office. just checked on twitter while my son is watching Little Einsteins…
    thanks for this awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚

  419. Vutny says:

    I love UD Naked Palette & primer potion!!!

  420. colleen b says:

    i’ve never tried urban decay before but i really want the naked palette!

  421. Jes H. says:

    I live right out side of DC. LOVE it here. And I LOVE urban decay – the roller girl palette is my current favorite!

  422. Kim says:

    I love the Naked palette!

  423. Ceci says:

    eye makeup is my favorite kind of makeup. *chomps on a stacy’s pita chip

  424. Stef Smith says:

    Watching “Oprah” and hanging with the kids! And I loooooove Urban Decay!

  425. Lily says:

    The old packaging is so magical like, but the new ones are so chubby and cute!

  426. chanel says:

    My first and favorite Urban Decay product is the Naked Palette. I think its the best palette EVER!

  427. Sindy says:

    Oh i wanna try their new packaging!
    The best moment of my day is in the morning when i sit down and pamper myself…putting make up on is relaxing to me. Like a small therapy every morning. Not that i can’t live without it but it just makes me happy:)

  428. anna says:

    thanks for the giveaway

  429. Alison S says:

    I love their Potion Primer!

  430. Peggy H. says:

    I don’t wear a ton of makeup, just usually on the eyes. So, I love UD’s shadows! πŸ™‚

  431. LuvJaime says:

    Thanks to UD for listening to consumers. The tube packaging is a lot more practical than the old one..

  432. AshBash says:

    i live in DC. i would like to move back to the atlanta suburbs.
    AshBash recently posted … FOTD- Blues and Greens

  433. Judy says:

    Happy Hump Day!!!

  434. o0Stacey0o says:

    I remember the first time I got this was when I worked at Ulta and the UB rep came in, and gave us all a full sized tube. Ever since then, I have been in love. Haven’t tried the others yet! ooooooo pick me! =)

  435. mandy says:

    LOVE UD primer potion! The original is still my fav primer, although I have tried Sin and its gorgeous πŸ™‚ My favorite UD products are their 24/7 pencils (i have the anniversary set) and one of their limited edition shadows – Mushroom- from the Alice in Wonderland set.

  436. dave L says:

    The Bruise UD nail polish is my favorite product!

  437. Yvonne says:

    the new tubes are much better!

  438. Deb says:

    I’ve only ever tried UD lipsticks, and while they have great pigmentation and last a long time, they taste awful. Maybe I’ll wear them as part of my next diet?

  439. K says:

    i always feel so…prepared when i’ve got a good primer on. like i could go on an adventure..!

  440. Kim says:

    I’ve only ever tried the original.

  441. Angela says:

    I love the new packaging,thank you UD for listening to your customers! I’ve only tried the original primer,but Sin looks like it would be pretty and Eden sounds really interesting. I am from So Cal,but I have been living in Southeast Alaska since 1995 and although I miss the city I don’t think I would want to live there again!

  442. Ellie says:

    I got Too Faced Shadow Insurance because I thought the UD packaging was inconvenient. I wish I had known these would come out! The Shadow Insurance is kind of disappointing D:

  443. hanh nguyen says:

    would love to try it!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  444. Casey says:

    I love the Stardust eyeshadows and the UDPP. πŸ™‚

  445. sara says:

    i’ll give you 3 comments for the price of 1:

    my contact feels like there is a piece of sand on it.

    speaking of sand, i’m going to the beach this weekend!

    i am newly hooked on aldi (the grocery store), specifically the lacura skincare and makeup.

    tweeted @sarelile! thanks!

  446. Mary Cris says:

    thanks karen and tabs πŸ™‚

  447. CJP says:

    Those look like a dream come true!!!

  448. Tina says:

    The naked palette is my favorite at this moment!

  449. M. A. Leal says:

    I would LOVE to win this πŸ™‚

  450. Elin says:

    I love my UDPP.
    Elin recently posted … Elinllb- Dilemas morales

  451. Vicki says:

    I just got home from the gym – I should be showering instead of commenting!

  452. Brittany says:

    I love greed the most. I do crazy make up all the time and greed has never failed me.

  453. Rachel says:

    Can you imagine how much women had to reapply makeup when the didn’t have primers?!

  454. Anka says:

    I’m wearing rain boots today!

  455. Claudenka says:

    the 24/7 eye liners are amazing (flipside and stash being my ultimate faves) and the naked palette has got to be the best neutrals palette ever invented πŸ™‚ haha

  456. Kristen says:

    Yay for new packaging! I love greed the most πŸ™‚

  457. Bianca says:

    I have been lusting over these products but haven’t been able to get my hands on them :S
    Heard they’re AMAZING and would love to try them

  458. amanda says:

    today i am wearing blue flip flops from old navy!

  459. How long did you take to become famous on the net with your make up blog?? ^^

  460. Jessica says:

    Finally, UD in tube form! No more cutting open primer bottles ^_^

  461. I live in the big city: THE BIG APPLE. I’ve never tried an Urban Decay product, but I’d like to. And I like to read romance novels while watching QVC.

  462. Meghan says:

    I’m wearing my silver Birkenstocks today. They’re nothing fancy but so so comfy.

  463. Ana says:

    I would live somwhere in california!

  464. Ellen says:

    This primer is THE best. It’s practically flawless. Plus it has its own cult.

  465. Laurenn says:

    I really want to get the Urban Decay 24-7 Glide on pencil! I havent bought it yet!

  466. Roni says:

    i looooove urban decay! have been waiting for it to come to quebec for years and FINALLY they’ve started selling it here! obviously the naked palette is sold out.. i keep going back to sephora to look for it.
    anyways, the primer potion is my favorite thing! ive been wanting to trry the different formulas for ages πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  467. Elizabeth says:

    If I had to pick a favorite UD product, I would say the Naked palette or the new Rollergirl palette.

  468. Elizabeth says:

    I am wearing my new Tory Burch Wedge shoes πŸ™‚

  469. Sarah A says:

    My favorite UD item of all time would be THIS! Primer potion! Best invention ever πŸ™‚

  470. i want to try out some of the other UD primers!

  471. vivian says:

    ahh i’ve been dying to try these!

  472. Jordan says:

    Ooh Sin looks the prettiest!

  473. Quinn says:

    I agree with everyone who said the new pakaging is much better!

  474. Louise says:

    I live in Sydney!

  475. Bunny says:

    My favorite UD product is the original primer potion for sure. I’ve been dying to try the other versions, which are not easily found around here =(.

  476. Jessica says:

    I have only used the original UDPP but I’m would love to try the others!
    Have a safe trip Karen, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  477. Jenny says:

    Today I wore purple plaid sneakers!

  478. Kathy says:

    I try to listen to the clichéd advice of livingwothoug regrets, but it’s some of the greatesy advice you’ll ever hear.

  479. Aileen says:

    I actually went to Sephora today to pick up the UD primer potion in Eden in the new packaging and they were out! Aaah! Would love to win this! This is an HG product for me!
    (Neelia476 on Twitter)

  480. Crystal says:

    I had a job interview today. Don’t know how I feel about it. I need to study for my exam tomorrow, but I’m on here instead. hehe

  481. JamieRebecca says:

    i did Zumba on my Wii for the 3rd time and i wished for death. out. of. shape.

  482. Lucia says:

    I actually don’t own anything by UD at the moment, but I’m sure it will be hard for me to choose between UD’s eyeshadows (still haven’t gotten the Naked palette!) and their 24/7 Glide-On pencils if I own both in the future =)

  483. Panna says:

    Spring has finally sprung in Central PA!

  484. Kat says:

    THIS gal would love to own some UD primer. Love their shadows…not so much the chunky glittery ones. Word.

  485. nekosan says:

    I’m really glad my cats are all indoor kitties; I found an unfortunate outdoor kitty a few minutes after she had a bad encounter with a car. Poor girl didn’t make it. =(

  486. jessica davis says:

    I love UD eyeshadows, My fave is Midnight Cowboy. Hope to get rid of my headache, gotta study for finals and do homework then give my lil one a bath tonight.. Awww what a life little kids have, I would love to be one again with no worries!!

  487. I love Urban Decay. I love this website. I love FREEBIES! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Jaime Fausnaugh recently posted … Two Front Teeth

  488. aubrie says:

    Can’t wait to try upp in the new tube!

  489. Jessica Leigh says:

    I love the ud primer potion! I have also heard great things about their all nighter setting spray. Anyone else have a good experience with it?

  490. Alexis says:

    I’m at the hospital and in labor, ha. Contractions about every 3 minutes. It’s going to be a super fun night ;).

  491. Stella says:

    I love UD primers!!!

  492. Aimee says:

    Yess I’ve been wanting these nice tube shaped packaging ones but haven’t gotten around to it so it would be awesome if I could win these.
    Aimee recently posted … Roses and Tulle

  493. Anna says:

    Love these new tubes. I could not believe how much product was still inside my “empty” genie bottle when I cut it open. Can’t wait to try out the different shades, haven’t had a chance to yet!

  494. Denice says:

    Gah! I want this!

  495. Ampted on this giveaway!!! =)
    It’s about din din time- what shall I make? Pizza? Burritos? hummm….
    Hope everyone has a great nite!!

  496. Marian says:

    If I had all the money in the world, I wouldn’t settle in one place. I would move around from country to country and try to see and experience as much as I could.

  497. Natalie says:

    while I will miss how cute the old packaging was, the new packaging is so much better and i love how much more product I will get!

  498. Giselle says:

    Thank goodness for these tubes

  499. Allison says:

    I did not wear any shoes all day! I work on the beach so my toes are in the sand from 10-5!

  500. thian says:

    I love URBAN DECAY ~~~

  501. Emma says:

    I have a few regrets, but they’re not life-changing…they definitely didn’t need to happen. At some point I’d like to be regretless, but you know what? I don’t regret having regrets.
    Love you, Tabs! My kitty Bitty says hi!

  502. Ashley says:

    I Love the 24/7 shadow pencils!!!! and I want to try these to experience what everyone loves so much….hopefully I win them, bc I have bought way too much make up during this pregnancy!!! gotta make myself feel cute somehow πŸ˜‰

    • Nadia A. says:

      Ashley, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I just had Baby #2 (my daughter) in December. I am sure that you look beautiful and radiant during this pregnancy.

  503. Tracey says:

    Sin is my fave!

  504. Regina says:

    Love UD’s attitude! I like their eye shadows a lot. So silky! at least those that I own.

  505. stephanie says:

    i would like a cookie

  506. Jennifer A. says:

    Just over 1 week until this semester is over! Then I have 10 days until Summer session begins. I’m going to go CRA-ZY!

  507. Elizabeth says:

    I love the packaging!! Tubes > Wand

    Elizabeth recently posted … My Essie Summer Picks

  508. Arabelle says:

    Hope i win!
    Arabelle recently posted … things that are very important to me

  509. Bhevarri says:

    Ohhhh I really REALLY need to grab some new UDPP! Running SUPER low! Awesomeawesome giveaway! Good luck to all <3

  510. Bridget says:

    Oooooohhhh, I loooove Disney World! If I could, I would LIVE THERE!! πŸ™‚

  511. Kristen says:

    Our new kitten is driving me crazy!!

  512. Menchie Santos says:

    udpp waaaaah i so wanna try this! πŸ™‚ have a great day everyone!:)

  513. Krissy says:

    I can’t live without UDPP and Lip Junkie glosses!

  514. lostcause says:

    is it friday yet

  515. Jocelyn says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Eden FOREVER! For some reason I haven’t gotten around to buying it.

  516. Anna says:

    My favorite urban decay product is actually the face case. I think I bought it for $15 at ULTA and it has the most amazing blush inside of it, but UD doesn’t make the blush in its permanent line. It’s like this hot pink color that just makes your cheeks POP and it looks great on everyone. I hate how there are lip glosses right next to the powders, they are extremely gunky now, I wouldn’t be able to use them if I tried, but the eyeshadows and blush make up for it.

  517. natalie says:

    friday i am going to model a dress i made and a bikini made by another student! wish me luck! i will be wearing fake lashes for the first time

  518. Shayna says:

    I’m loving the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray!

  519. Kylie says:

    I’m really wanting to try the Eden and Sin primer!! Great giveaway:)

  520. Anna says:

    I have had a very bad itch to spend money lately… I am fighting every urge to spend boat loads of money

  521. Hilary says:

    Naked Palette ftw.

  522. Kimberly says:

    hope you’re enjoying socal!

  523. Lily says:

    I love the caps on those tubes!

  524. Candice says:

    I would love these primers. They are my HG eyeshadow primers.
    Candice recently posted … Burton Treat

  525. Juji says:

    The first time I ever locked eyes on a tube of UDPP I was in love.

    Then I proceeded to drop it – on my bathroom tiles.

    While this is usually no biggie, somehow the tube cracked open, right on the seam at the base of the tube.

    I was heartbroken, and deeply convinced I was cursed to a life of migrating liner and dull eyeshadow.

    But trusty google came to the rescue – helping me discover that many beauty mavens lamented the packaging of UDPP and had devised new (and frankly, terrifying) methods of extracting every last drop.

    So I picked up a sample jar, grabbed my 210 and started scooping.

    And there I was – sad no more.
    Juji recently posted … Lunch at Must- Margaret River

  526. Jenny says:

    I just freshly opened up my 4th box of UD primer potion today! πŸ™‚

  527. Erin says:

    i looooooooooooooove the naked palette and the udpp!!!! <3

  528. Priscilla says:

    Would totally love to try these, especially with the new packaging.

  529. Tierra says:

    I love UD Naked e/s. Not the palette (although I am sure I’d love that too…dont have it yet), but the matte e/s single. Perfection!
    Would love to win these, esp. Eden!
    Thanks!!! :^)

  530. Nicole Martin says:

    I love Urban Decay!! 24/7 eyeliner in Zero is my fave!!

  531. Emily says:

    I haven’t used very many UD products yet. I have the original UDPP (would love to try the tube versions) and one of my favorite eyeliners is 24/7 in Rockstar.

  532. Nina says:

    i’m gonna try depotting my udpp for the first time!

  533. Eva says:

    What a great comp! I love Urban decay, such an amazing brand, I hate to admit it buy I’m yet to try their primer potion!

  534. Gina says:

    Yay! This could be my chance to finally give Eden a shot!

  535. Catherine says:

    I like the Show Pony palette!

  536. Alexis says:

    I am DYING to have these primer potions! Urban Decay is a long love of mine, I just wish that I could afford to indulge!

  537. Katrina says:


  538. Em says:

    I LOVE Deslick in a tube! Great stuff!

  539. Abi says:

    I’ve never tried primer potion before!

  540. shannon thompson says:

    love urban decay.

  541. adelle says:

    thanks for the giveaway!
    amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com

  542. jennifer s says:

    omg! i totally love the sample sizes i got with my palletes. although i havent tried greed or eden, so winning this would be great!
    love u karen! say hi to tabs for me!

  543. loofah says:

    Too faced isn’t working so well for me now so this would be so useful!

  544. Ziba says:

    I really want to try eden!

  545. Allison C says:

    My favorite Urban Decay product is the Naked palette!

  546. Mary Thi says:

    The kitties at my house are too cute!

  547. Aloix says:

    The only UD product I’ve ever tried is the PP, I love it though, and haven’t ever considered trying any other ES primer. And, I’m almost out, so winning would be awesome πŸ™‚

  548. Ambi says:

    urbandecay makes me swoon

  549. Christina Moreno says:

    UD’s eyeshadow primers and eyeshadows are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  550. Clara says:

    I need new primer!

  551. Kat C. says:

    Ohhh how fab! Please count me in xx so jealous that you are in some place fab, and i’m stuck in an office the whole day. but no matter, i’m gonna go hiking and climbing a mountain this weekend! πŸ™‚

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  552. shusheshe says:

    Still trying to find a way to re-pot my UD potion without making a mess!

  553. Marlyn P. says:

    if i would live anywhere id live in camarillo because there is a CCO there lol

  554. Bomi says:

    I just looked at the eden primer potion review on youtube haha what a coincidence!

  555. Alice says:

    my favourite one is Eden too! it’s so velvety smooth ^^

  556. chibicheeks says:

    I love Urban Decay’s eyeshadows! I own every single Book of Shadows, and they’re worth every penny πŸ˜€

  557. Emily says:

    Ohhh! I want, I want!!! Trololololoooo!!!

  558. Cassie says:

    next spring I’m going to spain and italy with my best friend. The only thing I’m worried about is what perfume to bring! haha

  559. nia says:

    i love UD! and it has finally come to Malaysian shores via sephora which recently opened in Kuala Lumpur, but i haven’t got a chance to hit them up. I’m so looking forward to play with UD stuff XD

  560. Kim says:

    I never have try these because I’m usign the Kat Von D one. But those have a so good reputation so…

  561. Sharon says:

    It’s about time UD transferred their Primer Potion t a tube!!! Thanks, Karen!

  562. Bahiya Smalls says:

    What gorgeous colors. I want to try these.

  563. Jona says:

    Naked pallet and primer potion!!!!

  564. Dovey says:

    I haven’t gotten much use out of my naked palette

  565. Tiffany says:

    I have to say, I’ve never tried anything from Urban Decay! :O

  566. Magdalena says:

    I am a beauty addict, and I don’t regret it !

  567. Mel says:

    I’m so glad these are coming out in tube form…I like them better than the bottles.

  568. Erin J says:

    I just stumbled across this blog today! Go me! I love UD eyeshadow in ‘Oil Slick’ which I started wearing when I lived in the UK. It’s super versatile. Great for making a smokey eye, great as an eyeliner and mix it with a little glycerin and it works as a liquid liner (that moisturizes and stays put).

  569. olivia trelles says:

    i love the deluxe shadows. so smooth!

  570. Christine says:

    I still haven’t picked up the naked palette πŸ™

  571. Emily says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the UDPP in Eden for forever!! I had to depot my old UDPP original into a little Burt’s Bee’s lip balm tin, and it’s starting to dry out πŸ™ I’m excited to try this new packaging!

  572. Jay says:

    Love my UD Naked palette! Worth every penny, although my 15 yr anniversary pencil set is a close second :D.

  573. Britany B. says:

    I’m wearing a leopard print shark rip tank with a cardigan and black leggings with black boots. :-\ I don’t think anyone cares, I just want to win something >_<

  574. amy says:

    i still love my UD Naked palette – but I feel like I hv to use my fingers to apply the lighter colors (I don’t wear the dark). But works great used that way!

  575. Brianna says:

    My first UD buy was the Naked Palette and I adore it! Though I wish I bought sooner so I could have the dual eyeliner. But the brush works good, too. It’s just that I have so many flat shader type brushes.

  576. Julie says:

    so glad that UD changed the packaging…it’s like music to my ears!

  577. Margherita says:

    This is so convenient..I happen to be running out of my UDPP πŸ™‚

  578. Sylvia says:

    why they didn’t think of this idea before!!!!! the old packaging sucks!

  579. kelly says:

    i had a terrible day, would love to pick these up!

  580. Ivy Hu says:

    my favorite has to be NAKED ;D

  581. perry says:

    I would love to try these!!

  582. Natasha says:

    i love urban decay! it’s my favourite brand of all time πŸ˜€ my favourite urban decay product is probably the naked palette because it is super versatile by being able to give you a really natural look or a very smokey look.

  583. kim Law says:

    OMG I depotted my old UDPP tube last night because i couldn’t get anything from it and got a good amount after it was depotted, will last me a while. I was thinking how i have to spend a good amount for the new one in the new packaging. Hopefully I win this.
    Twitter: Kimmydadiva
    kim Law recently posted … FOTD- Reppin That HEAT Pt 2

  584. Nur Amirah Jumari says:

    I live in Singapore, people call it a city but I’m not sure how big it is. And truthfully, I’m not even sure if I can enter. Just trying my luck, yeah!

  585. Archana says:

    hey I am from mumbai and first time visitor.

    I would realy like to use UD eyeshadow

  586. Liza says:

    I have wanted to try the primer potions forever!

  587. Elizabeth says:

    I loveeee primer potion, but I sparingly use it because I don’t want to use it all, but it works wonders!!

  588. mariasaysrelax says:

    Is this my lucky day?!?!

  589. hungrypumpkin says:

    enter me please!! unfortunately i’ve never tried and urban decay products before sine they are unavailable in hong kong : ( uhmm i was wearing my pair of botticelli gladiator sandals today! super love!

  590. Andrea Ito says:

    I went to my Sephora today to buy Eden in the tube.. I was so excited, until I found out they still only had the old packaging, so I didn’t pick it up after all. Such a bummer!

  591. RJ says:

    I love using UD primers!!

  592. Rosalyn francisco says:

    i love urban decay’s 24/7 liners!

  593. Cheryl says:

    Im katy perry teenage dream polish πŸ˜€ lurveeeee

  594. Joanne-Marie says:

    Although I’ll miss the genie shaped bottle, I do like the idea of it being in q tube much better. The original packaging broke on me! I don’t even know how it happened :(.

  595. Lorraine says:

    UPDD is awesome.

  596. Lauren says:

    my favorite product from urban decay is their primer potion πŸ™‚ definitely wont be using anything else since its the only thing that keeps shadows on my lids all day

  597. Lorraine says:

    UDPP is awesome.

  598. Nadia A. says:

    I love Urban Decay!!! I love all the Urban Decay products that I have. They are the UDPP in Original, the UD Eyelash Primer Potion, the Naked Palette (my favorite eyeshadow palette), 24/7 pencils in Bourbon, Zero, and Whiskey, and the Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie. I just ordered the De Slick Setting Spray and a 24/7 pencil in Oil Slick.

  599. Tania says:

    I can’t wait for the summer and the warm weather that come with it!

  600. Tina Nguyen says:

    I love urban decay naked palette to death !! Their eyes primers are the best too !!

  601. Glenda says:

    My eyeshadows suck. I need these.

  602. Andrea says:

    I wore suede sandals today which I bought in Spain a few years ago, I love them so much!

  603. sarahpuffy says:

    My favs are Eden and the Original. I lent Sin to a friend and never saw it again! :\

  604. R.Borro says:

    Karen, I love your blog. I’ve just recently found you, and am I glad I did!!! You’re so funny and smart and your tips are great.

  605. Bonnie says:

    I’ve only lived in three cities my entire life: Alhambra, where I grew up and which I still call home; Berkeley, where I did my undergrad education; and Irvine, where I got my master’s degree and teaching credential. I think Berkeley’s probably the biggest city of the three.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  606. rochelle says:

    thank goodness for the new UDPP tubes! my favorite UD is the 24/7 eyeliner in zero! it’s really nice! haven’t tried much of UD! but will try out more things soon!

    thanks for the giveaway! hopefully i will win, i never win any giveaways before which is a bit depressing! :/

  607. Iman says:

    I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

  608. margaret says:

    i finally got the ud naked palette this month and i loooove it!

  609. Amanda says:

    love love love the fact that they are in tubes now!!! so exciting… hahahaha

  610. Kelly says:

    awesome prize idea!

  611. Gala says:

    Would love to try me some UDPP.. their eyeshadows are great regardless!
    there is a rail strike here today, all of the sudden, so I hope this day goes better than it started..

  612. Catherine says:

    Just started using UD eye primer and I’m in LOVE!
    Catherine recently posted … Finals

  613. Nina says:

    I love UD’s lipsticks! However, I’ve never tried any of their primer potions.

  614. Grace Y says:

    I’m laying in bed watching Jimmy Fallon!!

  615. Swati says:

    I love urban decay! Their eyeshadows are really nice too!

  616. Ann Christine Citadini says:

    I feel like jumping everytime i see a tube of UD’s primer potion. It’s a lifesaver!

  617. Karin says:

    I wish i was wearing some Jimmy Choo’s but sadly im not πŸ™ Maybe one day when i have loads of money. πŸ˜€ A girl can dream right? πŸ˜‰

    I really love the new UD shadow pencils!! They are great. I want them all!

  618. hazel says:

    UDPP is love! πŸ™‚

  619. Anna says:

    Unfortunately UD products are’t retailed in my country, but I’d love o try some πŸ™‚

  620. Ryou says:

    I DO adore Greed… *w*

  621. AnaBanana says:

    Just got accepted to nursing school!!! great timing, just had a baby!! Yay!! Def gonna be interesting to make it through the program with 2 kiddos- already had to quit job: sacrifices! Would be nice to win something I won’t be looking into getting until I finish school!! Thanks Karen and good luck
    to all:)

  622. Tran says:

    Urban Decay pencils!!!!

  623. Jana says:

    I WANT , I WANT! I wish they had these in Australia =(

  624. nidhi says:

    OMG…Thanks, It’s difficult to choose one, i love UD naked Palette, UD 24/7 eye pencil, UD mono eyeshadow ..volcano..and many more
    nidhi recently posted … Yellow everyday look from Zoeva 88 palette

  625. Gâzde says:

    I love UD Naked pallete!!!!

  626. Albertina says:

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my first child and had my first ultra sound yesterday. Now I’m floating on air and can’t stop looking at the pictures of this little miracle inside me. Life is truely amazing and I feel like celebrating.

  627. Nicole O. says:

    OMGAH!!!! I want to try these sooooo badly!

  628. Radhika says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssse πŸ˜€

  629. Ana says:

    couldn’t decide which one i like better so i bought the original again.but i would be happy to have the other 3 too πŸ˜€

  630. Silke says:

    I live in Belgium, and I am trying to hunt down the urban decay naked palette, but I can’t find any webshop who ships it to my country. And I have no idea where to buy it in a shop here πŸ™

  631. Sandy says:

    I haven’t tried the tubes yet — and I’ve only used Original and Sin. Can’t wait to get my hands on Eden!

  632. Evelyn says:

    I am curious to try the coloured primers — I have heard really great things!

  633. Rachel says:

    I live in a big city now! Philly! (:

    – Rachel

  634. Leah says:

    I’m working from home today. It was tempting to stay in my PJs, but I have lots to do, so I dressed the part – down the my black slingback heels!

  635. Candace says:

    It’s a tough choice for me, but I would have to say the deluxe eye shadows!

  636. Lillie says:

    I’m liking me some cream blushes right now.

  637. merve says:

    i have submit my senior project yesterday this is a perfect day to stay in the room and just wear slippers

  638. Monique says:

    If I had all the money in the world, I would live in Laguna Beach, California!

  639. Gabrielle says:

    My favorite Urban Decay product is the primer. I’m running out of my primer potion and i’ve only tried the original one. I would love to try all four of them!

    G. XOXO

  640. Ray says:

    I’m really excited about getting Armani Eyes to Kill in Vol. 4.

  641. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never actually tried any urban decay products but with all the great reviews about each one of the primer potions, I would love the chance to try them!

  642. Jenny says:

    Love these primers! I have tried so many and these really do the job. So far I have only tried the original one, would love to try them all!

  643. Christine Lin says:

    random post

  644. LinnK says:

    I´m waiting for the urban decay naked palette, and i’m really looking forward to getting it, but the primer potion they’re including should be in a tube too, so much more practical!

  645. Jessica Lester says:

    I love UDPP!

  646. Dorien says:

    These tubes are brilliant!
    Something to be proud of, when you posses them!
    Friend of mine would be delighted to try them, she’s a brilliant make-up artist!

  647. linda says:

    I only tried the original one but love to try the others

  648. Kelly says:

    I grew up in Hong Kong~ I miss living in a big city πŸ™
    Kelly recently posted … Quiet Reflection

  649. Jenn says:

    The UD primer I’ve tried is Sin, and I love it! I would love this set πŸ™‚

  650. Gen says:

    Trying to supporte the best way i can my husband this week : he’s kind of sad (but excited too) for Smallville big Finale!!

  651. Montana says:

    I bought three of Avalon Organics face products thinking that they would be a miracle for my skin. Sadly…breakouts have occurred.

  652. nams says:

    the ud product i love the most is the naked palette:)… absolutely love it!

  653. Lauren says:

    Karen, I’ve never used an Urban Decay product before, but I’m excited for this giveaway despite the fact that I am not a big city girl!

  654. Jane says:

    I’ve been wanting to the Eden primer potion for a really long time!

  655. ak323 says:

    I’ve never tried Urban Decay product before, but would love to win this and try them πŸ™‚

  656. Samantha says:

    Have been waiting to try out the tubes until I finish the last of the Sin old packaging that I have, but I would LOVE to try them all. With my naked palette of course!

    It would also be a great graduation present, Karen.. just saying =)

  657. Rene says:

    I love UD and Eden is my fav too! πŸ™‚

  658. Joanna Park says:

    this would definitely help my single eye lid smudging dilemma… !!! <3

  659. Alida says:

    I just ordered the Naked Palette, I hope they deliver it soon… I have never tried Eden before, I have the original and sin.

  660. Monika says:

    I love a lot of Urban Decay. I recently bought a few of the After Glow Cheek Tints, and those are the And like many others before me, I have a very special place in my heart for the Naked Palette.

  661. Rebecca Lee says:

    The naked palette from Urban decay is AWESOME… all time love

  662. Olivia C says:

    I haven’t really tried any Urban Decay products before, except for their primer potion. If I could live in any city in the world, I’d choose to live in a very luxurious European city. (:

  663. Jane says:

    I’ve lived in Chicago and it is really one of the best cities in the US. The food is amazing and so is the shopping. Only downside is the 10.25% sales tax, boo!

  664. Sara says:

    I love how pigmented their eyeshadows are!

  665. Rebeca says:

    I’ve never tried it but i’ve heard really good things about ud pp

  666. Cassie says:

    I never—repeat NEVER wear eyeshadow without putting on eyeshadow primer first! It’s a MUST!!!! : )

  667. Lors says:

    Would love to win the primer in its new packaging!

  668. Cassie W. says:

    I love EVERY Urban Decay product I’ve tried! My fave has to be the 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner!