Two Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

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  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Kristy! Congratulations, Kristy! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. πŸ™‚

A Makeup and Beauty Blog giveaway
A Makeup and Beauty Blog Giveaway

Wow! The rain is coming in sideways right now and it’s freakin’ me out! The big pine trees on the hill outside are whipping wildly around in the wind, and I can literally see the rain moving horizontally.



I hope the power doesn’t go out…

And in non-weather-related news, happy Saturday! πŸ™‚ Welcome to the weekend. Despite the angry skies outside, I feel pretty optimistic today, pretty good overall. I’ve got a warm cup of coffee by my side, electricity and Internet access (at least for the time being), an oftentimes affectionate cat (who’s asleep at the top of his cat tower right now, apparently unbothered by the storm), friends to keep me company (thank you, btw) and my man (who’s currently putting batteries in all the flashlights).

Everything I need.

And while I don’t particularly need an egg over easy right now, I really, really want one, so while I go get my breakfast on, why don’t you enter this weekend’s Sephora eGift card giveaway? I’ll be right back!

What folks are saying…

“Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Karen (and Tabs, of course)! I really appreciate this! I’d been eyeing the Anastasia brow pencil in Strawburn to match my red hair!”
-Chelsea (and Jiji the kitten and Quincy the bunny)

“Hi Karen and Tabs. Wow! Thanks so much for this! It’s hard to believe I actually won something. I can’t wait to shop my little heart out! Thanks again. Love to Tabs! And I love your blog with the Tabs stories. ;+)”
-Sophie, St Petersburg, FL

“Never before have I been so pleased to check my email right before bed!!! Thank you so, so much! I truly enjoy your blog and check it almost daily! Thanks again! This made my night!”
-Melissa, Edmond, OK

“Hi Karen. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I won! :O Thank you so much! You, Tabs, and your blog are amazing! Thank you for keeping me updated on all things beauty and more importantly, for keeping me entertained! Keep doing your thing! πŸ™‚ Thank you again.”

“Hi Karen. Thank you so much, I’m so excited, I’ve never won anything before. My name is Hana … I just turned 25 (today is my birthday!) Yay! Thank you.”

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • There are two ways to enter, and you can do both of them for two chances to win. First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, a comment about anything at all, like, what’s your favorite blush under $20? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What’s your favorite way to waste time? How do you take your coffee? Have you ever been to a spa? — you get the idea.
  • Second, you can enter by following me on twitter Twitter @karenmbb and retweeting (RT) the following message:
    • Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

  • The deadline to enter is Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 11:59PM (PT).
  • Entrants must enter using a valid email address and/or Twitter account to win.
  • A maximum of two (2) entries per person — one within the comments at the bottom of this post, and a second entry via Twitter addressed to me @karenmbb.
  • Contest is open to individuals of any country who have reached the age of majority according to their local laws (18 in the United States with these exceptions: Alabama and Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21).
  • Sephora eGift Certificates can only be redeemed online and are not valid in stores or available for purchase or redemption in Canada. International winners may opt to substitute the Sephora eGift card prize for $50 sent directly to their email address by PayPal instead.
  • Tabs and I (heretofore referred to as “T-Money and K-Dawg”) will select one (1) winner at random from the entries either left in the comments at the bottom of this blog post or addressed to @karenmbb on Twitter.
  • The winner will be announced here within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Kristy! Congratulations, Kristy! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. πŸ™‚


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  1. Tricia Fitzgerald says:

    My favorite highlighter right now is the cream colour base by mac in the color shell.

  2. Natalie says:

    My favourite way to drink is lots of milk! Latte!! Yummm
    And the perfect way to waste time is to sleep or surf internet πŸ™‚

  3. Leslie says:

    I love Sleek blushes!

  4. Lindsay says:

    I love to waste time by reading blogs (lol) and catching up on youtube videos!

  5. Lo says:

    My new favorite time waster is Draw Something on iPhone/iPad. I have 6-7 games going right now!

  6. DJ says:

    My current favorite way to waste time is Pinterest. Just looking at all the lovely things makes the time fly by.

  7. Amber says:

    I’m obsessed with Sephora! I can’t go in there without buying anything, even if I don’t need it lol.

  8. Mindy M. says:

    My fave way to waste time is reading, sleeping, and browsing makeup blogs, YouTube videos and makeup shopping online!

  9. Zoey says:

    I love the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes, which are under $20, but I don’t think they’re sold any more? Still love the ones I have though!

  10. Zhar says:

    I LOVE to shop… that is all =D

  11. Rose says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’ve never been to spa since I got here in PAsadena:( but hey love the way my hubby make me coffee every single day, good morning:)

  12. mn says:

    They were predicting snow over my way today but it’s just been rain which is fine by me because the tulips are already blooming. OVerall this has been the warmest winter and coldest spring- very weird.

  13. Karen M. says:

    Favorite way to waste time is gardening. Although I suppose that’s not totally a waste…

  14. Shana says:

    I like my coffee with cream and sugar, we call that cowgirl coffee in the south:-)

  15. Steph D says:

    I’m obsessed with special K bars

  16. kprice says:

    It’s grey and cold here in WI, but I have an appt this afternoon at Sephora for a makeup consultation so I’m super excited! Have a good weekend and thanks for a chance at a giveaway.

  17. Denise says:

    In ten years, I to have my first kid by then!
    Denise recently posted … NOTW: Pink ‘n Glitter

  18. Neha says:

    Hey Karen & Tabs! lol. Um, I’m…obsessed with makeup & your blog really just adds fuel to fire! I love coming on here & wasting away time when I’m bored.

  19. Erin says:

    I have been to a spa, twice. I wish I could afford to go every week!

  20. Alix says:

    I’ve been thwarted in my attempt to win the MegaMillions prize, apparently… maybe I’ll have better luck here! πŸ˜‰

  21. Patricia C says:

    Not a very big coffee drinker here, on my third cup of tea this morning. Not into Cola either love Ginger Ale though.

  22. Stephanie says:

    I really like the Milani baked blushes.

  23. Anna says:

    Getting my free Godiva chocolate of the month today. wheee. free chocolate!

  24. Wynell says:

    My fav blush under $20 is milani mai tai

  25. Joanna M says:

    My favourite way to waste time is lounge by a pool or beach w/ an ipad or good book. I opened the new year with the flu and every month I get sick. I am thinking that the saying once you open the new year w/ the flu the entire year would be like that. #bummer

  26. I drink a cafe au lait in the morning, like half coffee half milk. I don’t like sugar in my coffee (flavored syrup is a different story), and I only drink black coffee when I have a cold (it really helps)!

    Happy weekend, Karen and Tabs!

  27. Ashley Miller says:

    My fav blush is melba by mac!

  28. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Happy Saturday. Not enjoying this Spring so far – one of my worst allergies seasons yet! Any tips on how to conceal my swollen, red eyes and face? Bring on the concealer πŸ™‚

  29. monique says:

    I love my sleek blushes affordable and pigmented

  30. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Also usual, have tweeted about giveaway!!/kimpcole/status/186114731038347264

  31. Cynthia says:

    Someone needs to create a nail polish addicts anonymous because my collection is getting out of control!

  32. Nina says:

    I think I should try a cream blush. My dry cheeks have trouble with powder. I love experimenting with makeup πŸ™‚

  33. rainebeaux says:

    I normally take my coffee with the usual sugar and cream. When in, say, Starbucks, however, all bets are off: vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

    In 10 years, I see myself having visited a spa at least twice…or living within spitting distance of one. πŸ™‚

  34. Carolyn N. says:

    In ten years I hope that I made it through pharmacy school alive and finally live my life! πŸ˜€

  35. katie says:

    wooooo the drag queen i was voting for got the top votes for Drag Race All Stars!!! yaaayyy sharon needles!!!!!!

  36. Mitzie says:

    My latest beauty purchase was Naked2 by Urban Decay! Love the colors & love the 3 freebie samples from Sephora!

  37. Mariee says:

    I just had waffles for breakfast, yum!

  38. Renee says:

    My favorite way to waste time: browsing Internet reading beauty blogs.

  39. Leece says:

    I have been to a few different spas and love going. I used to work at one and I actually miss working it.

  40. Kass says:

    I hate coffee and easily lose hours playing games (on phone or PC)

  41. aubrie says:

    I love the NYX cream blushes, they are amazing and inexpensive!

  42. Justine says:

    I could surf the Internet all day and never run out of pages to read and browse!

  43. Maura Williams says:

    My favorite way to waste time is to watch movie trailers on IMDB… I can watch them for hours.

  44. Kaitlin says:

    I think a 12 hour drive from Nor Cal to So Cal is deserving of some pampering today, don’t you? An at home mani pedi is on the list today!

  45. Rikki says:

    Finally getting over my allergies, yayayay.

  46. Maggie says:

    I like my coffee with a bunch of sugar and half and half πŸ˜› Though I’m more of an espresso gal, so given the choice I’ll take a white mocha over coffee! I know they’re bad for me, but they’re so dang delicious I can’t resist.

  47. Alison says:

    I take my coffee with a little sugar and a LOT of milk. My PhD advisor makes fun of me and says I turn my coffee into a milkshake! πŸ™‚

  48. Valerie says:

    My favorite way to kill time is to read a new book, look at beauty blogs, shop, work out, and cook. I really want some BE Ready Minerals so winning a gift card would rock my world.

  49. Avery says:

    My favorite way to waste time is playing Tiny Wings. Its literally the best game ever

  50. Tiffany says:

    I love rainy days!

  51. Ami says:

    I don’t have a favorite blush under $20… Ever since I got Orgasm I will never buy anything else!

  52. BettyS says:

    No coffee here; I’m a green tea girl!

  53. Katrina says:

    I take my coffee with a little bit of cream, it’s so yummy I’m enjoying some now!

  54. Nikki says:

    I like black radiance blushes, super pigmented, super cheap!

  55. Saddy says:

    My favorite way to waste time is perusing fashion and beauty blogs, or watching a show on Netflix Instant!

  56. Jess says:

    I recently started using the wet n wild catwalk (it has the 5 color strips you can swirl together) and it gives a great blush and glow. And cheap! πŸ™‚

  57. imergo says:

    Still searching for that magic eyeliner that will give me alluring eyes and only smudge where I want it to.

  58. terry says:

    I don’t really drink coffee. Apart from Java Chip Frappucinos from Starbucks.=DDD

  59. Melitina says:

    Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes, definetely!

  60. Erin says:

    I like my coffee with just cream, and not too light either! I could use some more coffee today, it’s one of those days!
    Erin recently posted … NOTD: Milani Twinkle and China Glaze Secret Periwinkle

  61. Brooke says:

    I really love the Hard Candy quad blushes, but I wish they made more.

  62. Lisa says:

    Hey K-Dawg…

    I <3 The Balm's Frat Boy [But I hate the name!]

  63. Jordan says:

    the weather has been weird around here too, my favorite blush under 20 is everyday minerals day dream , and I like my coffee with not coffee at all πŸ™‚

  64. Melanie says:

    Beige is my favorite color. Am I boring. Lol.

  65. Chris25 says:

    Still sick after 2 weeks. πŸ™

  66. Pam says:

    I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t take coffee at all. πŸ™‚

  67. BethL says:

    dealing with sick yet rambunctious dog, going on several days, love her v. much but wearing me out!

  68. Kwin Nichola Wong says:

    For coffee Bitter is better for me! Coffeholic again! And i thought im cured of it hahhaa you made me want for more

  69. Marivel says:

    I’m so hungry! I’m feeling a savory breakfast today!

  70. Brittany says:

    I’m a tea girl, I don’t really do that much coffee. I love pretty much all kinds of tea except really floral ones. And I take mine with stevia usually πŸ™‚

  71. Brooke says:

    I waste time by watching re runs of Roseanne!

  72. Christina says:

    My birthday is next week πŸ™‚

  73. Daniella says:

    My favorite cheap blushes are Milani’s. I love them. Favorite way to waste time: watching Netflix while knitting (I just got hooked on Supernatural!) and I adore the Glen Ivy Spa outside of Los Angeles..

  74. mai says:

    Having a lazy Saturday so far! It’s the beginning of spring break for my school πŸ™‚

  75. Amy M. says:

    I’m engaged!! πŸ˜€

  76. shusheshe says:

    Mac’s redhead is my current daily highlighter~

  77. Nadia A. says:

    I am highly addicted to Starbucks. Each day before work, I pick up a grande coffee with half & half and two packets of Splenda. Delicious!!! It’s just the jolt of caffeine to get me through the day.

  78. Jenn says:

    Mmmm coffee…. I am going through this phase where all my creamers must be cold so I can immediately drink my coffee! I love the pumpkin spice so not good for you flavored non creamer substance πŸ˜‰

  79. Karen says:

    Have a great weekend, everybody!

  80. Let says:

    Favourite way to drink coffee: latte. Or white chocolate mocha. There is a cafe near my palce that makes a mean one πŸ™‚

  81. kirsten says:

    I recently bought melba from mac and I love it! It has to be my new fav, but amour from nars is also one of my all time favorites!

  82. Suzi says:

    I got to see and try out the new Mac eyeshadow collection. Can’t wait to buy one or two or three:) love how you can use them wet or dry. I’ve never been a fan of the mineralize so this seems like a good alternative. Right now I’m loving the pro long wear eyeshadows too!

  83. Kristy says:

    Dearest T-Money and K-Dawg,
    I learned how to crochet on Wednesday night, so lately that’s how I’ve been wasting my time. I”m not crocheting anything in particular, just practicing. πŸ™‚

  84. Nicolle says:

    I really love watching YouTube beauty tutorials! But I’m learning new things so I don’t really think I’m wasting time haha πŸ˜‰


  85. Isabel says:

    Love that gif!
    I have been dying to try those Tarte blushes, and NARS Albatross highlighter!

  86. tiffany says:

    Karen send some that rain my way in Texas!

  87. ann says:

    i’m flying to hong kong in 7 hours !

  88. Agata says:

    I am a coffee addict but I won’t drink it black, I need some milk with it. Drinking my 4th cup today,lol. I love Bourjoius blushes, another habit from when I used to live in Poland πŸ™‚ I have never been to a spa, hopefully one day πŸ™‚ And I love wasting my time browsing the Internet. Have a great weekend Karen!

  89. Karrie says:

    Sooo… I found out some horrible news last night…. I’m NOT the Mega Million lotto winner!!! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed on winning this Sephora gift card. I spend my beauty supply allowance on lotto tickets and I am in desperate need!!! Please help!!!

  90. My favourite blush right now is Subtle Breeze by MAC (a mineralize blush from the Naturally collection). It goes with nearly everything! πŸ™‚
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … I Heart New York! (Warning: Photo Heavy)

  91. Xero says:

    My life kind of sucks right now.

  92. corallista says:

    I’ve never been to a spa but I would love to! Only got face massages and hair spas till now at my regular salon.
    corallista recently posted … Illamasqua Free Shipping and Giveaway Update!

  93. Elaine says:

    I need more eyeshadow!

  94. Christina Miller says:

    I am excited to try Loreals new EverPure hair color collection of shampoos and conditioners!

  95. Christine says:

    Hi Karen, I’m a beginner to makeup so I try not to stockpile too much of any one product. My collection thus far is two mascaras, two holiday lip gloss sets (love holiday sets!!), a mac blush, two bobbi brown gel eyeliners, and one eyeshadow palette. I don’t think I’ll be hitting pan on my blush anytime soon, but I’d definitely go back to mac for my next blush.

  96. Samantha says:

    I just bought NARS blush in Deep Throat, and I love it! It’s similar to NARS blush in Orgasm, just with less shimmer, so it’s better for a daytime look.

  97. Anna says:

    I like my coffee without sugar – either black or with a bit of half-and-half.

  98. Paula says:

    My favorite time-waster is Internet window shopping. Way too much time plotting all the things I love, but can’t afford.

  99. Sara says:

    I love watching low budget sci-fi flicks to waste time! So much cheesy goodness.

  100. Charity says:

    My favorite beauty product is LORAC Spotlight!

  101. Audrey says:

    I’m not a big fan of coffee, but I do love tea!

  102. Hi Karen,

    What a wonderful prize to be giving away! Thank you so much. <3 I've been wanting to 'treat' myself at Sephora for a couple of months now, but with recent issue of nonstop car issues I've been putting any extra savings into my car. πŸ™

    I really want to get a makeup brush set at Sephora since I currently own a collage of different cheaper brands.

  103. Maria says:

    i love sonia kashuk blushes!

  104. Karen says:

    I’m really getting into buying lipstick now. I’ve always been a gloss type of girl, but with so many beautiful colors and formulas, I had to move past gloss to something with more lasting power! My latest fav is Mac’s Rebel.

  105. Savannah says:

    I’m a coffee addict, I need about a gallon of it before I can properly start my day!

  106. Amanda says:

    My favorite way to waste time is browsing makeup and clothing sites πŸ™‚

  107. Anitacska says:

    Can’t wait for the new Mac Tres Cheek blushes to launch, they are my new favourite blushes. πŸ™‚
    Anitacska recently posted … L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows Review and Swatches Part 2

  108. Amber says:

    Have u ever tried hair chalking? I recently heard about in on pintrest, but i’m mot sure it will take well to darker hair, which i have. Let me know if u try it!

  109. buckycatt says:

    I’ve been to spas in Puerto Vallerta & Las Vegas & it is truly an amazing experience! My favorite package was the mani/pedi/headrub combo! Plush spas are not really the thing here in Montana. Maggie cat says to tell Tabs to stay cool!! She’s 15 & just discovered she really likes wet food. Diva!

  110. Jody says:

    My favorite blush under $20 is the Sonia Kashuk cream blush.

  111. Melody says:

    Thanks Karen! Just had the most awesome Friday night and looking forward to a wonderfully relaxing weekend πŸ˜€

  112. Katarina says:

    Would you do a post on concealers soon, I need a one that covers my dark circles during summer but that is light enough so that it wont feel to much in the warm weather…..And I also tweeted :!/Omtrent/status/186140296801812480

  113. laura says:

    my favorite blush is MAC Pinch o Peach! Love it!

  114. Katrin says:

    My husband is 4000 miles away at the moment and I miss him like crazy! Glad to have my fur friends!

  115. Megan says:

    IDK what blush I use. Some cheap one by Cover Girl, I think. πŸ˜›

  116. Lisa says:

    My recent favorite is la femme blushes+ Z palette, 4 blushes (their eyeshadows, blushes are the same size) would fit perfectly into a small Z palette! I have 2 blushes, 1 contouring, and another 4 eyeshadow palette depotted into a Z palette and it’s so cute and functional!

  117. Mallory says:

    Hey Karen ^____^ I’ve loved all the Hunger Games inspired posts lately. I loved the book and the movie and can’t get enough of it. I for one won’t be complaining about Capitol inspired looks or Games inspired posts. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. I always love reading what you write.

  118. Jennie says:

    I’ll be going to Sephora for the first time tomorrow (there’s only one on the island). I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages!! πŸ˜€

  119. Christina says:

    USC and LMU acceptance and rejection letters come out tomorrow!

  120. Hannah S. says:

    Regrettably, I have a cold today πŸ™ at least it is the weekend!

  121. Amanda says:

    I just put some brownies in the oven!

  122. Jane says:

    So glad bronchitis is finally going away. Seems to have taken forever.

  123. Y. says:

    never been to a spa!

  124. Genevieve G. says:

    Lately, my go-to blushes are tarte amazonian clay 12-hr blush in blissful and tarte cheek stain in tipsy.

  125. marisol says:

    omg I survived my first 48 hour cleanse. Like whoa!

  126. Crystal says:

    I just bought MUFE F&B for Sephora’s VIB sale and I’m so excited to try it!

  127. jen. says:

    I’m jealous of the rain! It’s supposed to be 93 here today. Boo!

  128. Jenna N. says:

    I’ve been lemming so many things from Sephora right now, it’s driving me crazy. But I’m living on student loans! Gah!

  129. Lauren N. says:

    Hi Karen! Lately, I’ve been digging my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (cinnamon flavored) with some milk, sugar, and a dash of cinnamon. It’s great! I think you’d love it (considering you like chai lattes! – me too!) Thanks for doing this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  130. Vnssa906 says:

    It’s a dreary NYC day… Did my cleanup and workout, awaiting my honeys arrival from work do we can get out grub on then head to his nephews 8th birthday party!!

  131. Yuri says:

    I’ve been spending my time watching parking wars it’s hilarious

  132. Delaney says:

    love your blog!! check it EVERY day πŸ™‚

  133. Vanessa says:

    I love to waste time by watching something stupid on TV (like Storage Wars) and pinning things to Pinterest!

  134. Carol says:

    I don’t really like hot drinks so I always get iced coffee with milk and sugar.

  135. Anka says:

    My favorite way to waste time is reading books not required for research, college, or my job. But that’s not really a waste πŸ™‚

  136. colleen boudreau says:

    I’ve never been to a spa before, but I would love it! πŸ™‚

  137. moth says:

    Does bribery work? I’d promise Tabs a package of cat treats in the mail if i win. πŸ™‚

    Love the blog! great photos!

  138. Kelsey says:

    Have you ever been to a spa?

    I had a facial once. Not a fan.

  139. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me yesterday πŸ™ now i have an extreme shopping urge but nothing to go shopping with! So all im eating is giant bags of mini eggs.

  140. Anna says:

    Milani Luminoso is a good under 20 blush, Orgasm-y.

  141. A. says:

    No coffee, no SPA, no blush, no wasting time. In ten years I’ll probably say yes to all!

  142. CJ says:

    need to study!

  143. Kristi says:

    Current favorite way to waste time is watching videos on YouTube – reviews on French skin care products. Maybe not really a waste as I am gaining knowledge. But I usually find a makeup tutorial or 10 to watch as well. Then 2 hours have passed!!

    Happy Saturday to T-Money & K-Dawg!

  144. Rachel says:

    Rain a little more please! Let my flowers bloom in the garden! Spring is here, the birds have arrived! And as one reporter said, “birds don’t lie!”

  145. C Williams says:

    I would love to win!!

  146. Miso says:

    It’s that chic week at sephora that 50 gc would have come in handy today!! I think I may go overboard on products

  147. Alexis says:

    Hubs and I watched both the old and new Tron movies this weekend. Yeah, we’re cool like that :). On a beauty related note, I’ve been loving Becca products lately… especially the shimmer face powder in Angel and the concealer compact in Praline. Thanks to you for getting me hooked on the brush cleaning soap too ;).

  148. Dawn says:

    I always get an iced latte. Even in Winter. Would love to win the Sephora gift card. I need a couple of things. This old broad needs all the help she can get! Thanks for the chance.

  149. jessenia says:

    I love to drink my coffee with milk and 3 sugars while reading your blog!

  150. Sandy says:

    My favourite blush under 20$ is Mac’s Pressed Amber from the Semi-Precious collection. It’s a lovely matte blush with a bit of sheen but no glitter at all. The color translates so nicely to my NC35 skin, just love it. It’s my first mineralize blush. Happy Weekend!

  151. Krista says:

    It really sucks that Sephora won’t let Canadians use there 15% off code online. All the things I was going to get with the sale! *tears* Oh well… πŸ™

  152. Danielle says:

    I am a total Milani blush lover!

  153. Hannah says:

    i love these giveaways!

  154. Maria says:

    Ooooh my favorite drugstore blush is Wet n Wild’s Pearlescent Pink! At $2.99 it is SUCH a steal! Plus it has a very creamy powder consistency, great pigmentation, and delivers a beautiful glow-y pink color. Love it!!

  155. karen says:

    my favorite blusher under 20 dollars is canmakes cheek & cheek blush in gerbera kiss.

    also i’m uber excited for season 2 of game of thrones!!

  156. aclearcutsign says:

    I prefer my coffee slightly bitter, so either an epresso or just add a splash of milk and some sugar.

  157. Julie says:

    I just picked up a Sue Devitt blush (in the color Belize) on sale for $5 and it is already one of my all-time faves!

  158. EmmyJean says:

    My favorite way to waste time is playing mindless games like solitaire, sudoku, majong, etc.

  159. Karen F says:

    Fave blush under $20? Meow Cosmetics Soka. It’s only in their summer collection but it’s my HG coral blush!

  160. GAIL says:

    Beautiful day in south Florida today – What a long week it was – and the weekend is half over – Boo Hoo

  161. Jaymie says:

    I don’t really drink coffee but I do love Coffee Bean’s tea lattes!!! Yum yum yum!

  162. Silkilini says:

    I will stay in my pj all day today.

  163. lisa brown says:

    Right now my favorite blush is TheBalm Hot Mama.
    Thank you!

  164. Kalisa says:

    A pick me up is some new make-up!!!

  165. Wendy says:

    This is wonderful!

    Strange and odd fact: I always buy more conditioner than shampoo because I always end up using more conditioner.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. Audrey says:

    My favourite way to waste time is reading makeup blogs! Haha, I’m sure I’m not the only one here who does that.

  167. kelly m. says:

    today is icky, hope i win.

  168. Laina says:

    Wow! thanks for the opportunity to win. I love Sephora, the folks that work there all know me by name…lol. I just tried the Boscia BB cream…I love it…

  169. laura says:

    when i started drinking coffee i used to put in quite a bit of flavored creamer to sweeten it up, but i take it black w/o sugar if i do drink coffee these days.

  170. Joy says:

    Wasting time is something I am a master of. (That, and procrastination.)

  171. Wendy says:

    My fav blush under $20 is Watermelon Prowl by Pretty Addictions, an indie company. Heck with shipping it’s under $10!!!!
    Wendy recently posted … March 2012 Collective Haul

  172. laura says:

    my spring break is almost over! and my fave blush under $20 at the moment is nyx peach.

  173. Natasha says:

    Smashbox is my new favorite brand of makeup! There complexion perfection kit works wonders πŸ™‚

  174. Brittany says:

    I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I may start this week. My work shift starts at 7 am!

  175. Caitlin says:

    I think the best drugstore blushes are from Milani. I’m very fair skinned, so the peachy pink of Luminoso is perfect for me!

  176. Petunia says:

    i need a nap
    really badly
    and it is just noon

    i don’t consider naps a waste of time as sleep is the number one beauty aid-

  177. Yukari says:

    I feel like a bit of a snob but I haven’t bought a blush under $20 in sooo long. Right now I’m loving Benefit’s Bella Bamba (on my second box!) but I saw Maybelline’s Bouncy Blush (?) at the drugstore the other day and it looked so cute! Might try it out..

  178. Rie Maeda says:

    i just got a haircut and i love it!

  179. Tania says:

    It’s so cold and rainy over here today. Where is the spring that we had last week?

  180. Janet says:

    Really obsessing over Butter London polishes right now. Thinking of a haul: Disco Biscuit, Trout Pout, Blagger and Royal Navy.

  181. My favorite blush is Covergirl Cheekers Blush Iced Cappuccino and its under $5 πŸ™‚

  182. jane says:

    i like my coffee black! hope you’re having a great weekend!

  183. Ginelle says:

    Happy to be spending the day with my family for my aunt’s surprise bday πŸ™‚

  184. iryna says:

    I love the Covergirl cheekers blushes!

  185. Jelena says:

    My cat really adores spring, he is soooo happy that winter is over… But no cute birds in my backyard, he hates them:)

  186. Eating hot soup on a cold day is so great.
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … MAC Sculpt Powder Review, Swatches, Photos

  187. sylvie says:

    i love green tea lattes from starbucks. those little green buggers are addictive.

  188. Jennifer says:

    It’s so frustrating to go to Sephora looking for things I saw on the website, only to be told ‘oh, not in Canada yet’…and sometimes never!

  189. Karen says:

    I’m happy with the Sonia Kashuk beautifying blush I purchased at Target last weekend.

  190. ricky blue says:

    I just had a dermalogica facial the other day and i can’t stop running the side of my finger across my cheek because it feels so silky smooth…

  191. Shelly says:

    I don’t like drinking coffee. =( Have a nice weekend Karen!

  192. Lulu says:

    My favorite time waster is painting my nails, it helps me feel relaxed! πŸ™‚

  193. Mandy says:

    Leaving for Bangkok and India for a month, very soon!

  194. Mush Cohen says:

    Smashbox, Bare Escentuals, Josie Maran and the list goes on to put that gift certificate to good use!

  195. Rachel says:

    My favorite way to spend time is by reading…and I say spend because reading is never a waste of time!! πŸ™‚

  196. Jane says:

    My favorite way to waste time is watching reruns of shows that I love

  197. Jaimee says:

    Tomorrow is my Birthday!! πŸ™‚

  198. San D says:

    You have fab giveaways!!!

  199. Lisa S. says:

    Favorite time waster?: Pinterest

    Favorite blush under 20 bucks? Milani Luminoso

  200. Janet says:

    Haha, I love your idea of putting that Mega Millions animation at the top of this post. X)

  201. Debbie says:

    I’m having tea!

  202. Talya says:


  203. Jennifer says:

    My favorite blush under 20 bucks is Covergirl blush in soft mink!

  204. Francesca says:

    I want the weather to get warmer super fast!

  205. steph b says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to go to spas a few times. Not for overnight stays, just for a treatment or two. Heavenly.

  206. singrsling says:

    The weather is very dreary today. Just hanging out, watching some old movies, and going to get taxes done!
    Of course, I never leave out a chance to look at my makeup sites!

  207. bruna louise says:

    I love elf blushes!

  208. Meg says:

    I LOVE Boots No. 7 Highlights Illuminating cream!!!

  209. Tiffanie says:

    My favorite way to waste time lately is napping. I’m nine months pregnant so I have to get what sleep I can now!

  210. Rosie says:

    I finally saw The Hunger Games! So good. I loved Katniss’ eye makeup in the final interview!

  211. Liz says:

    I like my coffee with half and half but no sweetener. I like how the half and half mellows out any bitterness without any sugar to make it taste like candy.
    Liz recently posted … Best manicure EVAR

  212. Coral says:

    I had this grand plan to make cookies today, and realized a major ingredient was missing and I didn’t want to go back to the store.

  213. irini says:

    Never been to a spa! πŸ™

  214. Sarah says:

    I don’t drink coffee, go to spas, or wear blush. I do love to waste time though – by catching up on my favorite blogs or watching my favorite mindless reality tv shows!

  215. julie says:

    i like my coffee with half and half or milk! i’m so tired and my dark circles are worsening – so if i ever win this gift card, it’s off to sephora to find the holy grail of all dark circle eraser!

  216. Yao says:

    That rain sounds scary. Hope you stay safe!

    And while I’ve had the whole spa experience before, I’d love to do it more often. I could *really* use a massage right now.

  217. Samantha Layne says:

    My favorite blush right now is Gaitey from Nars. It is THE most beautiful spring pop! Love it so much! Highly reccommend it!

  218. Yung chun says:

    I love eyeliner till death do us part!!!! I can’t live without it and i am always looking for a water proof smudge proof eyeliner to try. =D

  219. Nikki B. says:

    Earlier today while the weather was still good, my friend and I went to this event called Odd Duck Bazaar where we got some really cool items made by local artists and this delish homemade jelly spread – bourbon apple butter I believe it’s called. Super tasty.

  220. Larie says:

    We went out for brunch today! It was fabulous πŸ˜€
    Larie recently posted … Wedding FOTD #4: Blushing Bride?

  221. Ashleigh says:

    My favourite things to do to waste time are check bloglovin, watch movies, using the internet or reading. My favorite cheap blush are the nyx ones:)

  222. styleezta says:

    I like milani blushes!

  223. Mai says:

    I just had a yummy breakfast lunch!
    Mai recently posted … Silk Naturals Posh and Chic Brown EOTD

  224. Dani P. says:

    Im so excited that the weather has been starting to warm up! I cant wait til it gets even warmer! πŸ™‚

  225. Elise says:

    My favorite thing to do to waste time would be checking out all of the beauty blogs!

  226. Judy says:

    i’m spending all my free time with my new kitten Momo these days! i melt every time she nudges me with her little wet nose or gently smacks me with her paw hahaha

  227. Brenna says:

    I’m drinking iced Dunkin Donuts coffee and wasting time watching shows on Netflix.. what a perfect lazy afternoon!

  228. dawn says:

    Not a fan of blush, but I like a touch of bronzer to add some colour.
    And I like my coffee best with a spot of cream πŸ™‚

  229. Hillary says:

    I like a grande iced skim vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso.

  230. Tina says:

    So, where do I see myself in 10 years? Hopefully, I will be working with children as a respiratory therapist. I’m in school now and getting ready to apply to the program where they only accept 30 students. Fingers crossed that I get in.

  231. Resa says:

    My favorite blush is milano’s mineral blushes (they don’t have parabens unlike their baked blushes). It lasts all day and gives me a natural flush :).

  232. Adele says:

    Once I tried Caudalie beauty products, I finally had faith in natural beauty brands! I found my new must-have eye cream!

  233. Donna F. says:

    I love all things beauty…makeup and skin care! When I walk into a store like Sephora, I feel just like a kid in a candy store…especially when looking at all the pretty colors!

  234. jasmine says:

    I recommend Spa Utopia in Pan Pacific Vancouver. It’s so amazing and their staff is just wonderful

  235. Eva says:

    I dislike all coffee.

  236. Liz says:

    Well, I didn’t win millions of dollars this week but maybe I can go on a Sephora spree. That’s almost as good, right? Right??

  237. Ruchita says:

    My favorite way to waste time is lounging on the couch with a good book. Happy Saturday!

  238. Alisonc says:

    favorite blush under $20…i think the only one i have under $20 is elf’s candid coral – but i like it!

  239. Allison says:

    i’m so pale that MAC’s well dressed is my everyday perfect color.

  240. Stephanie says:

    Hi Karen and Tabs!

    I like my coffee with just a couple of tablespoons of milk but I like real Italian coffee with crema on top. It’s the best! πŸ™‚

    Have a good weekend!

  241. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I drink dunkin donuts iced french vanilla coffee all year round. I get it with milk and 2 sweet n lows.

  242. Jenny says:

    I really like those old Jane blushes in the black packaging. The matte colors were surprisingly excellent! I bought up the whole display when they went on clearance, so I (almost) have them all! Can’t have enough blush, right? …Right? Yeah, you probably can. Oh well.

  243. Kelly says:

    I actually went to a spa for the first time just over a week ago! I loved it! πŸ™‚

  244. Jana Ricketts says:

    Be careful in the storm Karen! And everyone else in the area :]

  245. destine2grow says:

    My fave blush under $20 would have to be La Femme Russet.

  246. Marjie says:

    Happy Saturday! I am having a lazy day today playing on the internet, and re-watching all the episodes of Mad Men starting with season 1. I really want to try the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season-to-Season Bronzer that you blogged about. I love how it is seperated by season. Hope you and Tabs have a great weekend!

  247. Janelle says:

    My favorite way to waste time is to catch up on my favorite shows via Hulu and do my nails or put on a face or hair mask. πŸ™‚

  248. StephVG says:

    $50 might not go very far at Sephora, but it’d be enough for the Naked2 palette!

  249. Quinctia says:

    I like my coffee with the darkest roast possible, lots of sugar, and either a little bit or no creamer. (I’d rather have no creamer than too much!)

  250. Carleen says:

    I have never been to a spa before but I would think it would be fun.

  251. Olivia D. says:

    Just tried YSL Touche Eclat at the Philadelphia Sephora… I’m officially obsessed. If only it was more budget friendly.

  252. Victoria says:

    My cats name is Chrissy and every time she see’s Tabs on the screen she tries to play with him!
    Does Tabs like other cats? Cuz Chrissy is OBSESSED!

  253. Marilynn says:

    I love make up! But with 10 dogs, and 43 cats I spend most my money on them! Take pity on a make up deprived pet lover!

  254. leetal says:

    we love tabs!!

  255. Grace says:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway Tabs! My favorite blush under $20 is the cream blush from Joe Fresh in Rose, its only $6 CAD and gives an amazing, natural glow!

  256. elia says:

    I want to try some new nail colors and the benefit foundation,I’ve been broke so haven’t been to sephora in a while

  257. jess says:

    i love your hair color right now. is it pink or red highlights? i wanna do something like that! so fun!

  258. Alanna says:

    Favourite way to waste time? YOUTUBE!

  259. Dominique D says:

    Though I don’t really consider this a waste of time I spend A LOT of time reading.

  260. Melissa says:

    How do you do it all?

  261. Bee says:

    Hi Karen, please enter me into the giveaway πŸ™‚

    In my own beauty news, I bought my first Touche Eclat today and realised that this stuff is £1000/100ml in this country! As you can imagine, the $50 would come in ever so handy πŸ˜‰

    Loving your blog as always! Bee
    Bee recently posted … Nails of the Now: Misstique by Missguided

  262. Rho says:

    This is my study break

  263. Advah says:

    “T-Money” cracks me up every time! πŸ™‚ Here’s a virtual scratching Tabs’ ears.

  264. Nora says:

    Physicians formula happy booster in Natural is AH-MAH-ZING!

  265. Gina says:

    Hi Karen!! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this is my first post.. I guess this is my opportunity to say how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog!

  266. Cornelia says:

    I love the dream bouncy blushes, a teeny bit of Hot Tamale is my favorite blush color ever.

  267. Ceci says:

    One of my favorite ways of spending time is with a purring kitteh on my lap, a good book at hand, and a plenty of snacks nearby. If it’s raining, then all the better!

  268. Caitlin says:

    Hope I win!!

  269. Katrina says:

    Heheh, oh Megamillions. If only!

  270. Courtney E says:

    I love getting all cozy and watching a movie or reading a book.

  271. April says:

    I don’t drink coffee which made everyone think I was crazy in college. Not even when I had 8AM classes…those were the days πŸ™‚

  272. Shelly says:

    My favorite under $20 blush is MAC blushes!

  273. Dovey says:

    I have a mud mask on πŸ™‚

  274. Nicole says:

    Tomorrow’s April fools!

  275. sweeks1980 says:

    Although it isn’t technically under $20, I got a full-size Laura Geller Blush & Brighten in one of my Birchboxes last year, and I love it. While I’ve found that Birchbox can be hit or miss, getting a full-size product like this makes it worth the $10 gamble every month πŸ™‚

  276. Cailin says:

    I am totally in love with Revlon’s “Minted” nail polish and nail Inc.’s “Portabello” nail polish for spring! I love your blog!

  277. Lisa says:

    What a great time for a Sephora giveaway! I have been twice this week for Chic Week……stocking up on needed items. Well, pretty much needed anyway. My favorite blush is a little bit over $20……..$25 for Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Glisten. It always works and looks fantastic. LOVE your blog and photos. Great job. Thanks for all your contests. Hope to win one someday…………..
    Happy Saturday.

  278. annie says:

    In twenty years, I hope to be happy and healthy. And hopefully a hubby as well ; )

  279. Julie says:

    Even though I am a sick makeup addict with over 150 palettes, my favorite of all time is my Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes palette. So good, so easy, so versatile, and perfect for me!

  280. Augusta Caputo says:

    favorite drugstore brand has to be nyx, and high end is benefit! love everything from them both

  281. I love ELF blush in Twinkle Pin! It’s great! πŸ™‚

  282. Taryn says:

    winning would definitely make me feel better! Im spending the day sick in bed!!

  283. Lucy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Today is my best friends birthday. Happy Birthday to Linda. God bless her. She’s been like family to me.

  284. Nicole says:

    I like life.

  285. Halifax says:

    I’m stuck inside today, hope your weekend is better πŸ™‚

  286. Kate & Zena says:

    We’ve had rain like that. It’ won’t turn off the power, promise!

  287. Melodyy says:

    I love Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso. I’ve never been to a spa, I hope to be in a career that I love and hopefully in New York? I love just mindlessly shopping and I don’t really drink coffee.

  288. Dee says:

    I go to Mac for blushes under 20 dollars! Also, cover girl has some pretty good ones as well!

  289. Chrissy says:

    Was just looking at the new Pantone Universe, $50 dollars would make a nice dent in my shopping trip! >_<
    Chrissy recently posted … KBShimmer’s Berry Patch

  290. I’ve been using a Wet N’ Wild blush and it hasn’t been that bad! It was so cheap I couldn’t not grab it.

  291. PS says:

    Happy Saturday. I haven’t found a favorite blush yet. My favorite way to waste time is checking out all the fashion/make-up blogs. I have never been to a spa, not sure I really would like it all that much. I just like getting my pedicures and would rather spend the money on clothes/make-up.

  292. Becca says:

    There is NOTHING I hate more than waiting for a package to arrive–especially one containing makeup that I’ve been lusting after for months!!!

  293. Jennifer says:

    LOVE all this rain we are getting in Northern Californiia! Think it’s getting ready to hail at my house in San Ramon (I am in a micro-climate on top of a hill). Hope “they” can cancel the drought. SU called me from London the other day and it was Sunny and 70 degrees (F). That particular day here was dark and rainy. Go figure.

  294. Ana Bella says:

    I enjoy you tube but I have to remind my self that nursing school is way more important! But you tube vids get addicting and before you know it wowsers!! It’s been an hour! Happy weekend Karen hope the Internet is not affected:)

  295. Harpa says:

    In 10 years I´ll hopefully be working as a psycotherapist πŸ™‚

  296. Krista says:

    I love to read πŸ˜€

  297. Amy says:

    Just barely under $20, but the $19 theBalm Hot Mama is one of my favorite blushes!

  298. KaylaK says:

    I haven’t been to a spa..yet!! I’m thinking after I get done with school for the semester I might try one out! I have our local hero Renee Rouleau or a Bliss spa…just gotta figure out which one to try first! πŸ˜€

  299. Kristie says:

    I love milk and Sweet Italian Cream creamer in my coffee.

  300. Martina says:

    In 10 years I will have two teenage girls so I see myself pulling my hair out but hope I have a best selling novel.@martiferg

  301. Denise M says:

    thanks for the chance! I am definitely in need of a Sephora run to stock up

  302. Amy D. says:

    I haven’t been able to see the Hunger Games yet! D:

  303. nekosan says:

    I take my coffee… as tea. #laughs# No, actually, if i do have coffee, it’s as a 50-50 mixture with milk. Or, if i’m feeling decadent, 50-50 with hot chocolate.

  304. Kim says:

    I seem to be wasting too much time these days on Pinterest.

  305. Mylie says:

    I wish I could be in a spa right now! lol

  306. Jessica says:

    With cream and sugar please πŸ™‚ Hope your weekend is going great Karen!

  307. Missey says:

    I’m dying for the new Estee Lauder Pure Color limited ed. Pure Color blushes…why can’t t be may already?

  308. Annette says:

    My favorite blush under $20 is Milani Luminoso.

  309. Naomi says:

    I all these beauty collections are killing me lol; Sephora + Pantone, MAC Reel Sexy and Tres Cheek!

  310. Alyza H says:

    I love your makeup monsters series, they’re all so cute!

  311. Fannie says:

    Oooo I just went to a spa this week to get my first brazilian sugaring…! In one word? Torture. Dunno if I can do it again. It was traumatic, but the results are awesome. I’d love to drink coffee, but I can’t deal with the caffeine! If I could, I’d have milk and sugar, please πŸ™‚

  312. Carissa says:

    i’ve never been to a spa before, but i would love to go! one of these days…

  313. o0Stacey0o says:

    I LOVE referring people to my favorite cosmetic products! NARS Smudgeproof, Alima Pure powder foundation, Tarte Smooth Operator, etc. Don’t keep ’em a secret, share the wealth!

  314. Michelle says:

    I love Bare Minerals blushes! Fruit Cocktail is my fave!

  315. Alexandra says:

    I take my coffee black no sugar.

  316. Ali says:

    My favorite way to waste time is definitely browsing around the internet! I spend way too much time on my computer.

  317. TiffanyTerese says:

    My fave blush under 20 is probably MAC blush in Well Dressed! It’s my go to when i feel like nothing else is working!

  318. Lesleyk says:

    I don’t have any blushes under $20. Although I recently got Benefit Thrrrob for $18 on Amazon — does that count? LOL

  319. Sheila says:

    just picked up YSL glossy stains at sephora in #8 and #11 (already have #3) with my VIB card. can’t wait to use them!

  320. Jennifer A. says:

    I just moved into my new apartment today! Very excited (my last place I had a smoker under me)!

  321. vns says:

    I always love your outfits and accessories. And Tabs is the cutest! (Not as cute as my cat though of course =P)

  322. Karen M. says:

    It has been raining for almost 7 hours. It’s driving me crazy.

  323. Amanda says:

    I like Milani blushes!

  324. Soo says:

    I love the gif you have at the beginning. finding out about the winner being in Maryland (where I live) was kind of a bummer, but we didn’t expect to win. at least we only spent 2$ on our tickets. it seems silly hearing about people who spent 500$ and didn’t get their money back..
    Soo recently posted … Nails Colors Galore!

  325. Christina says:

    Love your blog and Tabs-he looks like my Bailey boy who I had for almost 10 years.

  326. Kaoyee says:

    I didn’t win the megamillions jackpot so I hope to win this one!

  327. Amanda S. says:

    I really wanna win this one… i think i need a change in luck maybe? πŸ™‚ Good luck to all you other makeup addicts out there!

  328. Anna says:

    I haven’t gotten used to the taste of coffee yet so I usually just get a mocha – lots of milk and syrup to hide the coffee taste πŸ™‚

  329. mishel says:

    i would love to win and get a naked 2 palette!

  330. Candace Bangerter says:

    I so need a clarisonic Mia!

  331. adiosmiley says:

    I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time today, and I loooove it! πŸ˜€

  332. Georgette says:

    The weather in my neck of the woods was cold and gray today, but that didn’t stop me from getting my first pedicure of the season! I went with a purple OPI shade (I forgot the name…).

  333. Rebecca says:

    I looovvveeee rainy lazy weekends and this one is no exception. Hubby and I just cashed in our $7 lotto ticket. πŸ˜‰

  334. Stef says:

    My favorite way to waste time is watching makeup tutorials and cat videos on Youtube.

  335. rosie says:

    Thanks as always for the giveway-stay safe during the storm,hope you don’t lose your power!

  336. Christine says:

    My favorite under $20 blush(es) are Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blushes! Cheap enough that I bought a few colors :D.

  337. Jenny says:

    my fav blush under $20 are the mayblelline bouncy blushes! i love peach satin πŸ™‚

  338. Sunny says:

    I’m on spring break!!!!!!!

  339. Missy M says:

    Just got the Naked 2 palette and am very pleased with it

  340. Terri B says:

    I like most physician’s formula bronzers. under $20 and in place of blush.

  341. Sam says:

    I have the sweetest almost 11 month old baby girl<3

  342. Step says:

    Jane blush in Blushing Babydoll is super great and way way under $20. I think it was $3.

  343. Joe says:

    Love to wn for wifey

  344. BeckBeck says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever tried on a blush I DIDN’T like.

  345. Christine K says:

    I like to drink my coffee with half and half and sugar. I prefer it not too sweet and not too milky.

  346. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Karen and Tabs! I actually don’t drink coffee. I’ve never cared for the taste. Sometimes I wish I did, though, for those times when I need caffeine. I usually opt for a Coke Zero then.

  347. Felis says:

    Latte breve with an extra shot! It’s the only way to fly. Otherwise I just drink tea. πŸ™‚

  348. Sara P. says:

    The rain was REALLY bad in SF this morning. Glad it was sunny for a bit this afternoon.

  349. nabel says:

    Soo tired!

  350. Melissa says:

    Instead of working right now I’m reading your blog! πŸ˜‰

  351. GenesisCal says:

    Hey Karen, you made me crave fish and chips the other day and actually had some @ betty’s fish and chips here in santa rosa!

  352. Reema says:

    I really hope I win. I’ve had a pretty bad week and I need something good to happen. πŸ™

  353. Ris says:

    I waste my time rotting out my brain by watching TV. Asian dramas, to be exact.

  354. Sigourney says:

    I have three cats: two big males and one small female. It’s getting really funny because now that the little girl is growing up with them, she’s taking on their strange mannerisms. She tries to fight with them, but it doesn’t seem to be working. πŸ˜›

  355. Megan says:

    Favorite waste of time? My iPad!

  356. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to see what Tabs has been up to in his Sunday post tomorrow.

  357. Becky says:

    Soy lattes and yogi breathe deep are my go to drinks! I’ve been reaching for Fleur Power by MAC lately, such a nice springy color πŸ™‚

  358. Michelle says:

    I’m currently having a serious perfume buying phase, can’t get enough!

  359. Mina says:

    Five minutes of every day belong to Karen’s blog! I can’t go more then two days w/o reading it πŸ™‚

  360. Bridget says:

    I always order a large $1 black coffe by McDonalds, then add a Bailey’s flavored creamer in the fridge at work…;)

  361. BooBooNinja says:

    My favourite way to waste time is by reading oodles and oodles of beauty blog posts! πŸ™‚

  362. Tran says:

    My favorite blush under $20 would be NYX blush in peach!

  363. cassi teague says:

    I just got Peachykeen blush from MAC and have been loving it for the warmer weather we have been having in TN. Although I have been wanting to try the Ready blushes from Bare Minerals! I hope you and Tabs and El Hubs have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  364. Tina Renee says:

    I am all alone in the house now and it is thundering in the distance and I have to admit I’m a little scared. I’ve been watching too many episodes of Ghost Hunters and 48 Hours!

  365. Grace says:

    Enjoying a movie night with my husband and of course some yummy junk food!

  366. Patty says:

    I shouldn’t admit this, but I eat Nutella by the spoonful. LOVE that stuff!

  367. Cara says:

    Tried the new Smashbox BB cream. Loved it! And the light shade fits my pale skin great, guess i’m lucky because they dont offer many shade selections.

  368. Nina says:

    thank you so much for your giveaways every week πŸ˜€

  369. Emily C says:

    Love, love MAC’s Margin and Peachykeen! Hope you and tabs are having a wonderful weekend!

  370. Yelena says:

    hope ur wkend got sunnier. p.s. i fought the most delicious frozen yogurt treat at the store today:
    frozen yogurt in granola treat bites by yoplait. YUM!

  371. Sara says:

    My favorite way to waste time on Pinterest.

  372. Katie says:

    I hope I win!:D
    Sephora is amazing.
    Im addicted to nail art and makeup.

  373. Cass says:

    I would love to win this after spending a bit too much during the first 2 days of the 15% discount! Oops!

    As for the topics, I would spas. I prefer facials over massages though. For some reason, they just relax me more.

  374. kellie mize says:

    I would love to win the lotto but we don’t have it al. So a sephora gift card is the best thing think to win!

  375. Demi says:

    I love painting my nails.

  376. Christine says:

    I loved the review of the Tom Ford stuff……

  377. Libby says:

    I take my coffee black with an extra shot of espresso! πŸ™‚ Only on days when I have class though, otherwise it’s a mug of green tea preferably with honey!

  378. Melissa says:

    I’m getting a puppy this summer!! I’m so incredibly excited.

  379. Stephanie T says:

    The other day I was playing a Taiko Drum video game… and I got a blister from it. HARDCORE

  380. Kickback says:

    A Mtn d e w slush would be swell right now!

  381. Amandalee says:

    I love my coffee with splenda and natural bliss creamer in sweet cream…mmmm!

  382. Chanelle says:

    I would love to win! I am allergic to coffee. Along with sugar cane, all dairy, and wheat/gluten. I try to distract myself from the idea of good food with makeup. haha

  383. elif says:

    I love make-up

  384. I completely <3ed your Illamasqua Fierce FOTD, Karen! I'd never be able to pull off a shade like that πŸ˜‰
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense: Intense Black, Intense Plum swatches

  385. Jarucha says:

    I am one of the few who didn’t buy a lottery ticket….

  386. milaxx says:

    There is nothing more heartbreaking than making the decision to let go of a beloved pet. My sis had to put hers down today and it was absolutely gut wrenching.

  387. Jessica says:

    After seeing your hunger games inspired makeup, bow and arrow included… I decided that I twang to be Katniss for Halloween!! Thanks for the opportunity to win, have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  388. ashley says:

    pick me karen πŸ™‚

  389. Hilary says:

    hmm not sure about my fave blush under $20… my all-time favourite blush is the dandelion box powder by benefit – it’s ridiculously expensive in Australia (around $50!!)

  390. MelodyJ says:

    I take my coffee with sugar and milk or cream. Once in a while I’ll add flavor.


  391. Panna says:

    My favorite blush is NARS Mounia and the $3 Wet and Wild in Berry Shimmer is a good, pigmented dupe!

  392. Barbara says:

    My favorite way to waste time is the interwebernets!

  393. Marian says:

    I’ve never been to a spa : (

  394. Lauren says:

    I love coffee with whole milk and sugar! Mmm!

  395. Lisa says:

    Milani Luminous!

  396. Marisa Payne says:

    Coffee+Khalua is the only way to go

  397. kiwi says:

    You have my dream lifestyle Karen! Makeup + Fuzzy Animal = heaven

  398. Gans says:

    Spending time with KITTEHS is number 1 use of time. We are lucky they let us spend so much time with them.

  399. Manu says:

    I want a gorgeous cat and a wonderful life with my boyfriend πŸ™‚ And oh, I’m totally winning the hunger games 10 years from now πŸ˜€

  400. Emilee says:

    I like my coffee with just a little bit of milk- sometimes I’ll go for one of those flavored Coffee Mate creamers if I’m feeling fancy!

  401. Anna says:

    Sephora giveaway!

  402. Lili says:

    milk and sugar

  403. Jennifer says:

    Fave blush under $20 – MAC Conjure up.

  404. I hope in ten years i’ve got an amazing career and married with children haha.

  405. Joy says:

    I like my strong to really perk me up in the morning… so black it is! πŸ™‚

  406. Michelle C. says:

    Thanks for this, Karen!

  407. Joyce says:

    I’ve been spending my weekend trying to get my site to fix. =/

  408. Caroline says:

    Man, next Friday morning I am picking up my paycheck and hitting up Sephora to catch the last day of the VIB sale. I’ve been drooling so hard after the Sephora + Pantone set and it’s a great time to get it! I never thought I would be brave enough to wear orange lipstick (indeed, the thought had never occurred to me), especially since I’m chicken about bright lip colors even though I love them, but I’m loving all the Tangerine Tango orange and I’ve found it extremely wearable! I used to hardly ever do intense lip color, even bright pink, but I’ve worn orange lips probably five times in the last week or so.

    Hey, you should do a Tangerine Tango look! That would be awesome, and it would probably look great on your skin tone! (I’m a semi-freckled fair brunette but I make it work for me anyway.) I need a little inspiration for orange eyes, I think. πŸ˜€

  409. Anja says:

    My favorite blush under $20 is Too Faced Full Bloom in Sweet Pink! Perfect for my vampire like pale skin πŸ™‚

  410. lisa says:

    Love tarte amazonian clay blush!

  411. Tiffany says:

    Would love to get some kate somerville products…this NE weather is causing havoc on my skin!!

  412. Michaela says:

    I loooooooooove facials at a spa.
    Michaela recently posted … Review: Nyx Glossy Black Liner

  413. Deanna G. says:

    I’ve never been to a spa!

  414. Rita says:

    I love your blog and I love Peeta!

  415. Jennifer says:

    Your kitty is adorable!!!

  416. elle says:

    Winning a Sephora gift card would be so awesome. πŸ™‚

  417. MJ says:

    I love to play video games as my means of wasting time. :3

  418. lizzym says:

    i just painted my nails like a galaxy! im so excited to show them off tomorrow

  419. Alicia K. says:

    I think Tabs is so cute!!!

  420. Katie says:

    My favourite blush under $20 is Physician’s Formula Happy Booster! :0)

  421. Christin says:

    I love going to the spa πŸ˜€

  422. Anneri says:

    No coffee for me – I’m a tea girl all the way!

    Thanks Karen for your amazing blog! Love it and come back every day to check the news!

  423. Katty says:

    Lottery fail!

  424. Melissa says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Pinterest and have learned so many new things. Made an awesome chicken salad that I saw on there this week.

  425. layla says:

    fav blush under 20? easy, toast of new york by revlon.. its perfect for us tanned girls! a beautiful peach colour! i paid 4 kwd (kuwaiti dinars) which converted is about 12 US, but i’m sure it’ll be under 10 over there as everything here is so inflated! its not a very soft blush though, so you have to swipe a few times to get some colour of your brush, but its just so beautiful!

  426. Sharon S says:

    mac fleur power

  427. kaydi says:

    I want to watch Hunger Games (again) on IMAX!

  428. Ellie says:

    …I’m on vacation! It is so awesome. And the best part is that the place I’m staying is across the street from a MAC store πŸ˜€

  429. lesley says:

    Mama needs a brand new blush (or two!) from Nars!!

  430. Becky says:

    Today is my birthday!

  431. ROCOLONDON says:

    My favorurite blush under 20 $ is Sleek!! enter me please!

  432. verônica alcovér says:

    tabby, stay away from gravy!

  433. Maureen says:

    I have never been to a spa before but maybe someday.

  434. Ines says:

    I can never buy enough from Sephora! Currently thinking if I should fish out for the Clarisonic Mia after all.

  435. Pamela says:

    My favourite budget blushes are from NYX!

  436. Tina says:

    happy april fools day! : )

  437. Christi says:

    “K-money” & “T-Dawg” plz enter me in contest, I would luv 2 do a lil shopping at Sephora!!

  438. Laura says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  439. Amie F says:

    I take my coffee with milk and sugar. No cream, no half and half, no creamer are allowed in my coffee!

  440. Jessm says:

    I tried benefits new foundation after your review and loved it! Natural finish without causing breakouts!

  441. Sara Estep says:

    I’m so sad UD is discontinuing the deluxe shadows πŸ™

  442. Linda says:

    I love my Mac blush!

  443. Sarah BB says:

    Have you ever tried the Eminence from Hungary skincare line? I’m very interested in it!

  444. Flavia says:

    Fave blush under $20: the Sleek blush by 3 palettes!

  445. Denise says:

    I’m always in search of the perfect concealer. My latest buy is the Revlon Photoready and so far I’m loving it.

  446. Caitlin says:

    I stumbled upon your blog about two weeks ago and ever since I’ve been addicted! You’re delightful to read and your pictures feed my makeup obsession.

  447. Nicole says:

    I make my coffee at home and I use French roast and a little bit of sugar free hazelnut creamer.

  448. Hanna says:

    MAC immortal Flower looks like something i might have to pick up!

  449. Jula says:

    My favorite blush under $20 would have to be my MAC Fleur Power which I bought in the Pro Pan so it was only like $16…lol I can’t think of my favorite drugstore blush! Most of the ones I get are high end.

  450. Liz says:

    Out of all blushes, the ones I reach for the most are Mai Tai (Milani) and Per Suede (Stila).

  451. Eli says:

    coffee coffee coffee: my favorite moment of the day!
    I like mine with milk, no sugar.
    Don’t you juste love the smell in the morning? I love having 5-10 minutes to myself to savor it before the day starts.

    Thanks Karen

  452. Ann says:

    The only time I have ever been to the spa was when I won a spa trip years ago to Laguna Niguel. It was great!

  453. Adia says:

    The best way to waste my time is to use Ipod πŸ˜€
    Adia recently posted … Urban decay Rollergirl palette swatch & pink lips makeup looks

  454. Sarah says:

    Love Tabs! <3

  455. Marylene says:

    I cannot start a day without my caffè macchiato while I read or watch some beauty video on youtube πŸ™‚

  456. Laura H says:

    I have never been to a spa before but I want to go so badly ! I just have to find a good one that is worth my money.

  457. Linda says:

    yay for black coffee

  458. reverte says:

    For some odd reason, the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection just screams Hunger Games to me!

  459. Ali says:

    Love coffee with a little cream. Got a kuerig machine for Christmas and love it!

  460. Nina says:

    Its officially my birthday month! πŸ˜€

  461. Danielle says:

    I am in love with all of salma Hayeks products at cvs!

  462. Beth says:


  463. Jordan says:

    Just ordered Laura Mercier’s mineral powder- hopefully this will be my new spring foundation!

  464. Libby says:

    Your mention of spas in this giveaway made me really want a massage. I haven’t had one in a couple years and I love them.

  465. Darlene says:

    I love reading about health & beauty in my spare time. Also, catching up on my favorite shows. Have a wonderful day everyone πŸ™‚

  466. DalaLuz says:

    I have been having a passionate love affair with my Sleek Suede blush for the past year and there are no signs of falling out of love Ever. This matte blush looks very modest in the pan, but I think they put some fairy dust in it because whenever I apply it it just makes it look like I am glowing from the inside out! <3

  467. Lina Plata says:

    Hi Karen!! Thanks so much for this give away opportunity, mostly because I have become a makeup addict thanks to you!! And also because most of the giveaways arenÒ€ℒt for international readers, so this is a big chance for me!! (by the way, I live in BogotÑ – Colombia)

  468. Ana says:

    Favorite way to waste time? Look up reviews/swatches of makeup products I don’t need, of course!

  469. Kai says:

    I really want to try Shiseido’s White Lucent line…please!

  470. Kathryn says:

    I never really drank coffee until my boyfriend got a Keurig. Now I love all the flavoured ones, but with lots of milk lol

  471. Melissa says:

    Count me in! πŸ˜‰

  472. I drink my coffee strong, but with lots of hot milk. I have been known to reheat yesterday’s coffe in lazy desperation too though – so I’m clearly not as picky as I pretend…..
    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog recently posted … The Scent of Spring

  473. Sara says:

    Can’t wait for Game of Thrones…

  474. Cristy says:

    I went to a concert last night and I’m so tired, and I have to be in a hour at a clients house! Got a Work in Sunday!!! O.O my feet hurt!!!!!
    I don’t want to gooo! My hubby it’s sleeping so comfy… (Jealous)

  475. Ramblingdoll says:

    Dear Tabs & Karen, I’m heading to California and Las Vegas at the end of the month, and I’d love to think of you spending a gift card at Sephora while looking for the best blush ever under 20$ ;-))) I love NYX blushes, they have a great staying power and plenty of colors to choose from! Also love the little round blushes from Bourjois (a French brand), so cute πŸ˜‰
    My cat, Pirate, absolutely adooooores the smell of these, so much that he always ends up with pink blush on his little nose πŸ˜‰

  476. Tina B says:

    I think 95% of my blushes are under $20! I love Rimmel but I think one of the ELF all over color sticks is one of my favorite blushes ever!
    Tina B recently posted … Giveaway Winner, Prizes, Klout Perks and Brew Crew

  477. Kimberly says:

    happy sunday!

  478. VictoriaJane says:

    Best way to waste time (well I don’t think it’s a wastecbut others in my household who shall remain nameless do . . . ) Read beauty blogs! This one’s my fave and on the daily list πŸ™‚ Always brings me a smile-thanks, Karen!

  479. Shana says:

    Love Rimmel Santa Rose!!!!

  480. christine says:

    I have never worn blush because I have very pale skin and flush easily. But I think they are very beautiful!

  481. Shyne says:

    Love your blog! Its the first site I go to for product reviews and recommendations!!

  482. Madelynn says:

    My dog won’t stop digging in my yard!

  483. Jones says:

    I just found out this paper I’m working on is due a week later than I thought. Phew!

  484. Anne says:

    I wonder if the new Dior Summer Nude bronzers will be worth it

  485. moniquehasana says:

    Hola, Thanks for these giveaway. At this point my retirement plan is the lotto, so 10 years from now I will be working, but that is a blessing if God is willing. Have a blessed week and thanks

  486. LauraA says:

    Ack this weekend has evaporated!

    Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity, Karen! πŸ™‚

  487. Christina says:

    I love sephora!

  488. gia says:

    i did the warrior dash yesterday! it was so fun

  489. brittany says:

    just saw hunger games! a little disappointed but it was still great cuz it’s hunger games!

  490. Amy says:

    I love the Hunger Games nail colors. Now I need to find a really good under eye concealer.

  491. Heather says:

    never been to a spa, but would really love to go to one! need to celebrate on my recent acceptance to med school (SUPER excited atm)

  492. Catherine says:

    I like posietint!

  493. Lori says:

    Coffee? Is more like I put a little coffee in my sugar and cream. I like my coffee really loaded.

  494. blkrox says:

    Favorite under $20 blush is definitely Milani Minerals Blush in Luminous.

  495. Nicole says:

    I guess technically most MAC blushes are $20 and under, but it almost feels like cheating…
    On the even cheaper end is the Sonia Kashuk blushes, love mine in tawny.

  496. monika says:

    For that price range Mac has great blushes. Nice pigment and texture.

  497. Tupou says:

    I’m officially on a “fix yo’self” mission. My goal is to get into shape, be healthy, fix my herr and step up my beauty game. It’s about time. I’ve got til June 2nd to look as good as I can for Hawaii. Your website is like a holy grail right now.

    Que pasa, Tabs!

  498. Michelle says:

    trying to plan the perfect april fools prank! haha πŸ˜›
    love your blog!

  499. Caitlin says:

    Im loving orange nails right now !

  500. Elizabeth says:

    Rain is good for cuddling and relaxing!

  501. Leslie says:

    Favorite blush under $20 has to be Milani Mai Tai!

  502. Sarah C. says:

    My favorite blush for under $20 is the Sonia Kashuk cream blend blush!

  503. Lily N says:

    I like reading beauty/fashion blogs to waste time πŸ˜€

  504. Tess says:

    My fave way to waste time on a lazy afternoon is playing draw something and watching NBA basketball! Love the blog!

  505. Katherine says:

    My favorite way to waste time is reading blogs – beauty, food, humor, etc.

  506. Emily says:

    Coffee with milk or cream please, no sugar.

  507. eight says:

    I read blogs to waste time… but at least they’re educational, right?
    eight recently posted … Oh, hey, Nail & EOTD!

  508. Sam says:

    I think coffee is best black!

  509. Kayla says:

    Really craving a nice iced coffee… and some BE marvelous moxie lipgloss. πŸ™‚ Thanks for everything Karen! <3

  510. TrippyPixie says:

    The way I usually end up wasting time is by randomly surfing the internet. Once I finish reading through various beauty blogs, I end up just looking up random things on Wikipedia. Some may classify that as having no life, but it helps me know a lot of the answers on “Jeopardy!”.

  511. Katie says:

    MAC has great under $20 blushes. It sounds ridiculous paying over that much for blush, then again, I’ve bought Tarte and Benefit blushes because they’re so worth it.

  512. Ms. Strong says:

    I recently became a daily morning coffee drinker, and quite a fussy one at that! Every time I make a cup I have to grind two tablespoons of whole beans. Freshly ground coffee really is nice, though! I think it’s worth the effort. I take my coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 only; I think sugar in hot coffee tastes like melted plastic.

  513. Celia Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the giveaway =) Sigh.. hate to admit I’ve never been to a spa. One day though!! Umm eyeing the Sephora Pantone collection in the meantime. Have a great night!

  514. Hannah says:

    So in love with the Sephora+Pantone collection! I love the color.

  515. Julia says:

    I am so excited for Spring!

  516. gabby says:

    I don’t have a favorite blush, I wish I did but I still have not found one that I love.

  517. Joy says:

    I can’t remember the brand, definitely a drugstore one though, but it’s dream mouse or something like that. It’s really the only thing I use other than Benefit. Although I did pick up an ELF blush that works pretty well also. I’m not big on blush.

  518. Amanda says:

    Lots of family medical drama right now. πŸ™

  519. Jane says:

    Not sure about a favorite blush. I like Tarte – both the Cheek Stain and the Amazonian clay powdered blush. As for coffee, I like it black.

  520. Eliza D. says:

    favorite way to waste time: reading a book!

  521. Angela says:

    I can’t wait for Game of Thrones.

  522. MMM says:

    I am ready to win, shopping cart is ready to be checked out!

  523. woohoo I am soo tired but happy I caught this giveaway before it ended!
    Ashleigh Walls recently posted … Calling All My Coffee Drinkers! #CutTheFrap With Wolfgang Puck’s Organic Cold Brewed Iced Coffee! Great Deal & Coupon!

  524. Jaa Maurer says:

    Am I the only one that have not seen the Hunger games ?!?

  525. Amy M says:

    My favourite way to waste time is by spending time on the internet!

  526. pearl says:

    My fav blushes are Milani Baked blushes

  527. mrsshukra says:

    Watching Celebrity Apprentice!

  528. Charan says:

    I am loving the Bobbi brown concealer in peach

  529. Jess says:

    Spring break for all the kiddos in the house. Oh Boy! its going to get loud in this place!

  530. Marie says:

    new girl and modern family rule my world

  531. Maya says:

    It’s really nice of you to host these giveaways Karen πŸ™‚

  532. Monica says:

    I love CoverGirl blushes for a quick, cheap thrill!

  533. Brian AKA Roulette says:

    I think overall my favorite blush is still Sunbasque by MAC.

  534. Rochelle says:

    Senior Ball is next month and I’m excited : )

  535. Sarah BB says:

    Im interested in trying out the Amazonian clay blushes!

  536. Demi says:

    I’m going to vegas this weekend! Wooooooo

  537. Sandy says:

    I recently discovered Wet N Wild Heather Silm blush, and it is AMAZING!

  538. Carrie says:

    I get to be my best friend’s maid of honor next month. Super excited! Would love to be able to try a new makeup look. πŸ˜‰

  539. Stacey says:

    Lately I’ve been moving away from matte foundations to dewy, semi-dewy ones! I really want to try the NARS sheer glow!

  540. Belle says:

    Lipstick always makes me happy πŸ™‚

  541. Lexi says:

    I’ve been trying BB creams lately, and feel bad for those who have a skintone darker than NC25ish because they wouldn’t be able to get in on these awesome products!

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