Two Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora!

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WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Daniela! Congratulations, Daniela! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Makeup and Beauty Blog giveaway

Two Ways to Win a Sephora eCard on Makeup and Beauty Blog


Rise and shine, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you slept well and had makeup-filled dreams.

And if you did, hey, how ’bout we try to make those dreams come true with this weekend’s Sephora giveaway?

It only takes to a minute to enter with a comment on this post and/or a Twitter tweet (see details below).

Have an epic day!

What folks are saying…

“Hi Karen!!! Wow, that news definitely gets a hoo ray ray and an elephant!!! (I’ve maybe been watching too much Boardwalk Empire.) Thank you so much!!!”

“What a lovely surprise it was to see your announcement (after completing one of many exams/papers/projects I have this crazy week)! The eCard will definitely ease expenses for this broke, beauty-obsessed college student. Thank you, Karen and Tabs!!”

“Thanks so much, Karen. Just in case you were wondering what I got with it, I decided to go with the Clarisonic Mia–I’ve been wanting it for years now, but have never purchased it because of the price. Your eCard helped me finally buy it! I look forward to using it. Thanks again!”

“Shut the front door! OMG Karen, you have made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sick in bed with the flu and this has just cheered me up immensely!!!!!!!! BTW, I’m the one that sent you that pic of my pug in a wig a few weeks back LOL! Thanks again, honestly, I’m beyond giddy right now.”

“Thank you SO much Karen! OMG! Wishes really do come true! I can’t believe I won! You have no idea how much this will help me through the holidays. I’ve been an avid fan of your blog for the past two years. Your witty and creative entries, informative makeup information, and beautiful photos have kept me hooked. I look forward to more of it. Goodness, you’ve
seriously just made my week and it’s only Tuesday night!”

“Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Karen (and Tabs, of course)! I really appreciate this! I’d been eyeing the Anastasia brow pencil in Strawburn to match my red hair!”
-Chelsea (and Jiji the kitten and Quincy the bunny)

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • There are two ways to enter, and you can do both of them for two chances to win. First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, a comment about anything at all, like, what’s your favorite kind of cheese? If you could change anything about your brows, what would you change? What was the name of your first pet, and what was he/she like? Liquid, pencil, cream or gel liner? How often do you floss? If you could go anywhere in the world today, where would you go (it doesn’t have to be far)? What are some of your hobbies? — you get the idea.
  • Second, you can enter by following me on twitter Twitter @karenmbb and retweeting (RT) the following message:
    • Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

  • The deadline to enter is Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 11:59PM (PT).
  • Entrants must enter using a valid email address and/or Twitter account to win.
  • A maximum of two (2) entries per person — one within the comments at the bottom of this post, and a second entry via Twitter addressed to me @karenmbb.
  • Contest is open to individuals of any country who have reached the age of majority according to their local laws (18 in the United States with these exceptions: Alabama and Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21).
  • Sephora eGift Certificates can only be redeemed online and are not valid in stores or available for purchase or redemption in Canada. International winners may opt to substitute the Sephora eGift card prize for $50 sent directly to their email address by PayPal instead.
  • Tabs and I (heretofore referred to as “T-Money and K-Dawg”) will select one (1) winner at random from the entries either left in the comments at the bottom of this blog post or addressed to @karenmbb on Twitter.
  • The winner will be announced here within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Daniela! Congratulations, Daniela! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Katrina says:

    Today is my last day of vacation in West Palm Beach Florida and I don’t want to leave:(

    • Lisettee says:

      Hi!!! I noticed that you have tried so many makeup lines. If you could create your own makeup line what would you what kind of line would it be? Also, what would you call it?

  2. Lori Pou_ says:

    My first pet was a blonde colored Cocker Spaniel named Sandy. I loved her to pieces!

  3. Nicole says:

    If I could, I would want my eyebrows to be darker and fuller. My eyebrows are barely visible and are really sparse towards the corner of my eye, so even coloring them doesn’t help much.

  4. Danielle says:

    I love your website so much, I can’t help but check it every day. Just saw your post about the TF + Sephora palette and I am seriously intrigued, do you think it would be suitable for super-pale skin (especially those bronzers!)? If I win this I’d love to give it as a present to my dear mom for mother’s day.

  5. Mallory says:

    I am studying for finals all weekend, and needed a beauty blog break! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Agata says:

    If I could go anywhere, I’d go visit my family in Poland! Happy weekend Karen!

  7. Alix says:

    If I could go anywhere, it would be Paris!

  8. I overplucked my brows in middle school and some patches never really recovered. If I could change them, I’d make them grow in nice and even, with no odd sparse spots! And maybe make them a little less unruly, haha.
    If I could go anywhere right now, I’d head over to anywhere in Europe. A vacation right now would be amazinnggggg (and so would a Sephora gift card!).
    Jay @ Wayfaring Beauty recently posted … KBShimmer Southern Belle Soap Review

  9. Jennifer Pham says:

    As a recent graduate, I’m currently worried about finding enough experience to find a focus for graduate school, and naturally internships help with this. Yet, most of them aren’t paid, and we all need money to stand on our own two feet. Still, if I find a job, I’m worried about having to commit! What do I do?

  10. Denise says:

    I can only use gel or pencil liners. I’ve tried every kind of liquid out there with every kind of brush, and I just can’t seem to master it. It always ends up crooked or blotchy or just weird looking.

  11. Zoey says:

    I tend to prefer pencil liners.

  12. Tiffany says:

    I unsubscribed from all the sample boxes I subscribed to. I’d much rather just buy what I want instead.

  13. I love your happy and fun pictures with your cat. Your put a smiler on my face.

  14. Zara says:

    I prefer pencil liners… My hands are too fussy to try using gel or liquid.

  15. Andee says:

    I wish my eyebrows were darker and thicker, so I wouldn’t have to fill them in all the time

  16. Kathia Rivera says:

    I love your blog.

    My kitty got lost while I was moving and I’m so sad, I haven’t stopped crying.

  17. Julia says:

    Pencil eyeliners all the way!

  18. Valeria says:

    I wish my eyelids weren’t so oily because then I’d be able to wear eyeshadow without it smudging!

  19. Rikki says:

    My first cat was baxter and he was wonderful.

  20. Lisa Brown says:

    I love goat swiss cheese

  21. Natalie says:

    I never win anything, but I still try! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Have a great day

  22. Rachel says:

    Pencil liners, for sure. My hand is too wobbly for liquid!

  23. Khalilah says:

    I’d go to sephora to buy nars pro prime eye shadow base and a lip tar…

  24. Megan says:

    I prefer pencil liner with exception of the Lorac Front of the Line PRO liner. I absolutely love it!

  25. Karin says:

    I have the oilest Tzone ever. I wish I could find a remedy to stop the oil from making my makeup slide across my face

  26. Carla says:

    I’m at work today, which is improved by the fact that I am wearing an awesome orange and black skirt :>

  27. Jennifer Rivera says:

    I prefer gel liner. I finally got the hang of it and I love how smooth it applies and love that it stays on long.

  28. Whitney says:

    Have a great weekend!

  29. Elena says:

    My favorite cheese is gouda

  30. Marina says:

    I wish I could have a pet. I’m allergic to cats & dogs (& horses), which is really no fun as the vast majority of my friends (and even family members) have cats or dogs or they ride horses. Because of this, I started allergy shots a few months ago just for dogs and cats. So every week for 4 months I have to get two shots. After those 4 months are up I have to get 2 shots a month for 3 years. OH VEY!

  31. Jasmin says:

    Awesome giveaway!!! Just went to Sephora yesterday to buy MUFE HD foundation. Can’t wait to try it on today!

  32. Jana Ricketts says:

    My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar but on sandwiches I prefer Swiss. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Nisa says:

    I tend to gel pencil liners really. Especially the one from TheFaceShop! Works like a charm. Doesn’t smudge and is waterproof. Too bad all of them has shimmers. I can’t find a waterproof black eyeliner yet!

  34. Megan says:

    I guess pencil liner is my fave because it’s the easiest for me to control. It also smudges and blends out too easily, though. So for wear-ability, I’d pick my cream eyeliner. I’ve never tried gel.

  35. GB says:

    If I could go anywhere right now: Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore of Oahu. Amazing!

  36. Niya says:

    I am quite eyebrow obsessed, and have had thick eyebrows all my life. I used to keep them as arched as possible (while still seeming somewhat natural), but now I’ve gone a bit less arched but still clean (and natural) looking. I do actually want to go thinner with them, but I’m afraid there is no going back once I go thin and it would change my face too much. Maybe I’ll try it out in a couple of years.

  37. Lydia says:

    My favorite kind of cheese is mozzarella!

  38. So in, as always! ๐Ÿ™‚ Le boyfriend is leaving for a conference tomorrow afternoon, so I am going to be all sad and alone next week. I could use something to lift my spirits! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Do it yourself botox in 6 steps | Heaven skin care + Bee Venom Mask & Bee Venom Eyes

  39. Joanne E. says:

    I’d skip class and be in Europe for a month-long trip if I could.

  40. Mariee says:

    I floss daily.

  41. Aida says:

    I’m pretty much obsessed with flossing. I floss after every meal or snack. Yeah, obsessed…

  42. Amie says:

    My favorite cheese is Havarti with dill – yum.

  43. Sunny says:

    Oh I floss every single day! Mostly because I like my dentist back home A LOT and I don’t want to disappoint him LOL. I love to plop myself down on the chair and go:” inspect my pretty well-maintained teeth!”

  44. Kori says:

    I’m writing my masters thesis and quickly losing my mind! I’m definitely going shopping after the thing is finished haha thanks for being a fun distraction ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Jessy W says:

    I am watching the news right now and they are talking about the difference in prices of hospital charges. There is a HUGE difference around the U.S.

  46. Erin says:

    Hi Karen! If I could go anywhere today, I would go to Florence, Oregon (about an hour from my house) and sit on the beach. Maybe I’ll see if I can talk the hubby into it ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. heather says:


  48. Alison says:

    I floss every day, no exceptions! (And I kind of judge people who don’t…)

  49. Beth E. says:

    My eyebrows haven’t been the same since I went through chemo. I wish I knew how to make them look fuller.

  50. Jess G says:

    I loveeee UD!!!

  51. Mary says:

    Tomorrow I’m leaving for Italy, and I wish I was there already.

  52. onegreatsmile says:

    I am madly in love with a french goats milk cheese called Bucheron. Check it out. sooooooooooo good!

  53. Tiffanie says:

    I’ll dream about winning this while I help my husband build our fence today.

  54. Maritsa says:

    If I could be anywhere I’d be at the Met looking at Caravaggio.

  55. Nicole says:

    I’m off to Sephora shortly. Can’t wait! =)

  56. @warp65 says:

    I really dislike my eyebrows. They are straight and have no arch. I love the eyebrows many celebs have but if I tried to use brow liner
    to create an arch, I’m afraid I’d look clownish & odd.

  57. Katie F says:

    I floss every day! I like when I go to the dentist and they compliment me on how I take such good care of my teeth…it’s a little sick, I know, but I’ll take those confidence boosts where I can get them. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Cheese…oh man, I love so many kinds of cheese! Goat cheese, sheep’s milk cheese, brie, cheddar with chives in it, stinky cheeses, pretty much anything.

  58. Yogirl says:

    Just came home from a day in the city incl new haircut (half an inch shorter), new color (blond with darker highlights) and because it dried naturally all my curls and waves appreared.

  59. Ashleigh says:

    I <3 Blue Cheese and Feta!

  60. Amanpreet says:

    I wish that I wasn’t so heavy lidded so my eyebrows could handle having more of an arch. I get so annoyed with how they sit on my face lol

  61. Doreena says:

    A dreary rainy day here on Long Island but tomorrow promises to be outstanding! Happy Mothers day to all & any type of Mom’s out there whether a bio Mom, a Step Mom, or a Fur baby or Pet Mom! I am a Mom to a Fur baby Dog~Jack & 5 Turtles~ Jesse, Jamie, Jack, Jerrod & Harriette

  62. Liz says:

    I use pencil liner to tightline and waterline, and along the top lash line if I’m in a hurry, but if I have time I love the clean edge I get from gel iner of the lash line. So pretty, and it usually lasts better too!

  63. C R Williams says:

    It’s beautiful day!!

  64. Mo says:

    I have no money because I bought my first car today, I am excited, but equally sad because I’m just running out of some of my YSL makeup. xD

  65. Melitina says:

    Gel liner changed my life, heehee!

  66. Deretta says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t discover goat cheese until I was 50! Love it!

  67. Icequeen81 says:

    It is hard to say which is my favorite kind, cause brie is the kind I love for bread , I love blue cheese on pasta and pizza. Parmesan on pasta, Gouda cheese in cubes as snack, I love 4 cheese pasta and four cheese pizza.
    hard to choose ๐Ÿ™‚

    My first Pets where 2 Lucero and Nevado one was a Doberman and the other one was Dutch hound, When I was little , the used to walk with me everywhere protecting me. Both Boys

    My brows, I hope they where more angled ๐Ÿ™ , to make the more angled

  68. ALL cheese is my favorite!

  69. mkdallas says:

    I spend waaaaay too much money on makeup, considering I specialize in the “no makeup” look, lol.

  70. mini says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. sweeks1980 says:

    If I could go anywhere today, I would definitely pick Boston so I could see my friends.

  72. Dagni says:

    I have a dog named Armand. He’s a doberman pinscher and my best friend. Last night I told my husband he should be lucky Armand wasn’t human because if he were I’d have married Armand instead of him. He wasn’t nearly as amused by that as Armand & I.

  73. Mary Main says:

    If I could go anywhere I would go to guam just to be with my husband during his deployment!

  74. Laurinha says:

    Hi Karen!
    Happy weekend!

  75. Jenn says:

    Definitely Clinique brush on cream liner! ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Rachel B. says:

    Hubby and I went grocery hopping today. Yup, you know, it’s just like bar hopping, the difference is, we went to the grocery store. Fun, huh?

  77. camille says:

    “I want to go to there.” -Liz Lemon. I don’t know why, but I associate you with watching “30 Rock”. I think you get Tina Fey’s humour ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, if I were to go anywhere (But home. I miss home.) I would LOVE to go to Italy. I fell in love with the country while taking my art history class. I want to see the art: the paintings, the sculptures, the buildings, the history. *sigh* one day. Happy weekend to you and your fam ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Andrรƒยฉanne says:

    Let’s be honest here. We should floss soooo much more often. Shame on us (me). Lol I want this 50$ so baaad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Ashleigh says:

    I love liquid liner with a brush tip like loreal

  80. jessica davis says:

    If I could go anywhere right now I would go home to California to be with my family I haven’t been gone that long but seems like it.

  81. Anna says:

    I would love to go back to singapore ๐Ÿ™‚ i was born there but we moved away when i was very young. I’ve made it a life goal to go back there someday ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Esra says:

    I love some bronze eyeshadow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Marly~ says:

    I love my eyebrows. They’re full and even a little “bushy” but I love them & they’re so me.

  84. rose says:

    i would so much like to be in St. Marteen right now sitting poolside enjoying a drink!

  85. meredith says:

    I use pencil liner regularly but I think I’m ready to branch out and explore cream/gel/liquid options.

  86. Saddy says:

    Pencil liner is my go-to; I still can’t work well with cream, gel, or liquid.
    Saw “Django Unchained” last night – it was FANTASTIC!

  87. Holly J says:

    if i could change my brows, i’d make the brow hairs thicker, so i didn’t have to fill them in a ton every day ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Sarah says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for the giveaway…..I’m a extra sharp cheddar kinda girl…..

  89. Emilia says:

    If I could be anywhere today I would love to be at the beach somewhere on the Pacific Coast… It’s my dream to go live there…

  90. Elyse says:

    I love eyeshadow

  91. JMay says:

    I prefer gel liner!

  92. If I could see my mom for the last time again, I would tell her how beautiful she was inside and outside…everybody cares so much about clothes, shoes, make ups and forgets that the most important thing is your family. If I had the chance, I would ask for just 5 minutes with my mom again.

  93. becca says:

    Those look like candy!

  94. Ceci says:

    My first pet was an Oranda goldfish named Smirky. He was the smartest goldfish I’d ever met. He would shoot jets of water to knock fish pellets from our fingers.

  95. rayna says:

    Love your blog Karen! Great give away too!

  96. Krista says:

    Asiago… on a bagel ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Sharon says:

    Karen, I’ve always been curious – Whats your everyday makeup routine? And whats your favourite MLBB shade of lipstick?

    PS – you’ve been looking extra stunning lately

  98. Denise says:

    Thanks, Karen, hope you and your family enjoy a lovely Mother’s Day–

  99. Nathalie V. says:

    I wish I was in Paris!

  100. Rebecca says:

    My first pet’s name is JJ. She is a beagle and just turned 14! I am in denial about the fact that she won’t always be around…

  101. says:

    Pencil liner

  102. Amy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Karen! I’ve been so stressed out lately, I need retail therapy.

  103. Jenny D says:

    Have a great weekend with your love one. And thank you for giveaways. =)

  104. Amber says:

    If I could change anything about my brows, I would want them to grow! I over plucked as a teen and have puny brows that don’t grow anymore.
    Amber recently posted … iFabbo featured blogger

  105. Rachel says:

    My favorite kind of cheese is Manchego – I love aged nutty cheeses!

  106. Leslie Brooks says:

    I am trying my best to do my brows when 1. I can’t see very well 2. my hair does not grow anymore 3. It sucks turning 50!

  107. Sienna says:

    Pencil liners, for sure!

  108. Lulle says:

    If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’d bo to Hawaii with my hubby ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lulle recently posted … Earh Therapeutics Orange Eye Pads: better than fresh cucumber?

  109. Ashley says:

    As pre-crazy Amanda Bynes said in She’s the Man: “My favorite’s Gouda.”

  110. Brittni Owens says:

    I am exited for my opera audition on May 30th!

  111. Erin says:

    Favorite kind of cheese is… What? People really have only one favorite cheese? Okay, I guess it’s Romano. Or asiago. Or Roquefort.

  112. Mary says:

    Had such a wonderful lunch with my friends today at a BBQ resturant in town!

  113. Suzy says:

    Tonight my favorite kind of cheese is paneer (feta) which is part of my dinner tonight – Indian food! I love cheese, any kind of cheese. Amost as much as makeup ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. alison says:

    I wish I was at the beach in Santa Barbara!

  115. Rachael G says:

    If I could change anything about my eyebrows it would be the color. I swear that my left eyebrow has somehow gotten lighter than my right eyebrow so I have to try and even it out. It’s more noticeable when I have my brows trimmed down than when they are grown out, but I like them trimmed down…darn miscolored eyebrows!

  116. Yukari says:

    Oooh I love cheese so it’s hard to choose.. I would have to say brie, feta & cheddar!

  117. sevenoctobers says:

    My favorite kind of cheese is the one that you find in ice cream.

  118. Nanette says:

    I super want the Naked 2 pallet….winning this would make all my urban decay dreams a reality.
    Thank you ever so much!

  119. NeenaJ says:

    I’d love to go to Iceland and sit in the thermal waters!

  120. gabby says:

    It is soo warm out today!!!! I would love thinner eyebrows. I have very thick eyebrows and it is such a pain to maintain well groomed.

  121. Laura says:

    I am very unlucky with giveaways, but I just sorted out all of my mother’s day plans and I’m feeling lucky! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  122. Michelle says:

    If I could go anywhere in the world, I would want to go Boracay Beach in the Philippines! I’ve always wanted to go there, it looks so beautiful! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, Karen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. Christina says:

    I like to think I am pretty good at all kinds of eye liners, but do they all look good on me? Not so sure! I think the best for me is actually using Embark eye shadow, by MAC, as an eyeliner.

  124. Elizabeth says:

    I recently got back to the U.S. after living in South Korea for a couple of years. I miss it so much. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go back there.

  125. Y. says:

    i like my eyebrows but sometimes i wish they were a little lighter and not so dark

  126. Kate says:

    My favorite you tuber is Ingrid ( a.k.a. Missglamorazzi)

  127. Rene Groyer says:

    I dye my very pale blonde eyebrows light brown,makes such a difference.Have tweeted the contest

  128. karla says:

    having in n out!

  129. Susan T. says:

    If I win this contest I will go to Sephora and buy a really good topcoat and base coat since I’ve bought so much nail polish lately. And a lip gloss because I can’t enter Sephora without leaving with one!

  130. My first pet was a hamster named Keesha. Adorable little thing–so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. Vixees says:


    They’re sparse, uneven, and they don’t grow. When they do grow, it ends up being on the middle of my eyelid. (Exageration).

    It literally takes me 45 minutes to draw them on, and even then I’m disatisfied. The eyebrow gods obviously hate me for overplucking themas a teenager.

  132. Kate & Zena says:

    My first pet was a hamster named Sandy.

  133. Erica says:

    Love your blog!!

  134. Claire says:

    The answer always has to be Tokyo. Home of mind-blowing sushi, Suqqu brushes, and my personal favorite gardens.

  135. Kylie says:

    Liquid are the best. With primer, they don’t move or smudge on my super oily eyelids. Gel comes second, but it will start moving like crazy about halfway into the day. Pencil is a huge no-no.

  136. Annaham says:

    I tend to prefer pencil liners!

  137. Bernice says:

    I prefer pencil and gel liners! ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Chelsea says:

    Anywhere in the world? Lord, please deposit me on a beach. Because I’ve only been to a beach once. Amen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. stacy s says:

    went grocery shopping. it was so crowded. glad to kick back now. i cut up the fresh berries and am marinating top sirloin for some korean kabobs tomorrow. Yum!

  140. Heather USA (@aitch77 FB: rosie areola) says:

    I love milani’s liquid-like and Liquifeye eye liners and the Rimmel Scandlous pencils are great too.

  141. Ellen says:

    If I could change anything about my brows, I would make them less curly!! I definitely got my dad’s brow texture, and it means I have to trim them all the time or they go crazy – such a pain in the neck!

  142. Cassidey says:

    I am still trying to find the perfect foundation, and I would love for my brows to be thicker!

  143. aradhana says:

    i like different types of liners, but my overall fave would be pencil type kohl liners. love that they can be precise or super smudgee!

  144. christine says:

    Oh, how I would love thicker brows that could be shaped into an arch.

  145. gabis says:

    If I could go anywhere in the world right now I think I’d go to Rio de Janeiro take a long walk in the beach and have some coconut water. That would be so great right now.

  146. Stephanie Smith says:

    I wish my brows had an arch shape to them, but they’re rather straight. I need to work on them more, that was one of my resolutions, but other than keeping them groomed, I haven’t done much in the way of shaping.

  147. Becky says:

    Awesome giveaway thank you so much!! Today was such a beautiful day hubby and I took our boys out for a walk and went to the playground. They loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Emily A says:

    Does anyone else think the price on the new UD palette is redic? $10 and then another $72 to fill the darn thing with 4 colors? Wut?

  149. Angela says:

    Brie cheese is the absolute best! Mmm…

  150. Aelyn says:

    Cheddar! The sharper the better!

  151. Stephanie S. says:

    I would love a gift card to Sephora!

  152. Lena says:

    I’m in love with my eye makeup today!

  153. nat m says:

    love spring showers! makes the air nice and crisp

  154. Sylvia says:

    I’m sitting here trying to decide how much or little to buy from Becca’s Last Chance sale page. Eek!

  155. nat m says:

    great weather today!

  156. Clemence says:

    I have never had a pet before!

  157. I would go to the tropical island of St. Lucia if I could today. I am going to my favorite places (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) later this week though and consider that pretty darn great.

  158. GUSnail says:

    I wish I could go visit Tokyo. I’ve never been.

  159. Arlene says:

    I love giveaways!!!

  160. Jordan says:

    muenster cheese is my favorite! yum!

  161. Hannah says:

    Who is your makeup inspiration?

  162. gracie says:

    have you even been to a different country?

  163. Jaa Maurer says:

    I like cream eye liner =D

  164. mahera says:

    halfway through my exams!

  165. mrsshukra says:

    Lovely day on Oahu!

  166. Kate Williamson says:

    Yeah! Happy Weekend everyone!

  167. Jenifer says:

    My parents are getting married again after being divorced for 30+ years. True love never dies!

  168. brittany says:

    would love this!

  169. Jackie says:

    Hey Karen, so glad I found your blog. Loving it all and the photos are great quality.

  170. leetal says:

    trying to find a new foundation for summer for oily combo skin. suggestions?

  171. Sandy says:

    I love every kind of eye liner.

  172. Carissa says:

    have a great weekend!

  173. josie says:

    hey. i love liquid eye liner so much more simpler and easier to use than the pencil.

  174. Kerri says:

    I love my husband!!!

  175. Sara says:

    My favorite cheese is gouda

  176. Cassie says:

    My first pet was a cat named Tux– he was the sweetest ball of fur ever!

  177. jmaindahowz says:

    Dear K-dawg & T-Money, if I win the gc then I would buy a makeup view master like Mila Jovovich used in the Fifth Element. But since that hasn’t been invented yet (never mind that we’ve put a man on the moon and invented 3-D printing… priorities) I’d settle for some new color in my makeup kit.

  178. Jessica says:

    The one thing I can say that I love beauty wise are my brows! I get them threaded and she shapes them perfectly! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  179. Mandy Sark says:

    We are having the flooring replaced in our upstairs and we are both exhausted with all of the cleaning, moving of stuff, and leaving the house to stay out of the installer’s hair.

  180. Jessie C. says:

    Floss after each meal, at least three times a day.

  181. Jessie C. says:


  182. Daniella says:

    My fave cheese is melted gruyere YUM! If if could go anywhere right would be Paris. closer by? San Francisco. And knitting is one of my fave hobbies ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. peach says:

    I love baked brie with fruit spread.

  184. Rita says:

    Will I finally be lucky this time? Hi Karen!

  185. auroragyps says:

    I wish my eye brows would grow more evenly. My left brow is pretty good, but the right one has all sorts of weird things going on with it. Note, I’d like them to both to be like the left one… don’t want to jinx myself and end up with two like the right brow tomorrow.

  186. Bitts says:

    I’ve always used pencil liner, but I just got a pot of gel liner with a teeny tiny brush. Now I can suddenly do a sharp looking cat eye!!

  187. martha says:

    I wish I liked cheese but I just never have.

  188. Rosemarie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. April says:

    I’m really loving liquid liner these days

  190. Stephanie G says:

    Pencil liner all the way!

  191. Rosee says:

    I just got invited back for a 2nd interview for Sephora. **CROSSES FINGERS** ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. Gracie says:

    My new favorite cheese is bleu cheese! I hated it as a child, so I guess it has become somewhat of an acquired taste for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  193. Jenn says:

    I have the best eyebrow waxer in the business. My mom!

    • jmaindahowz says:

      Lucky! I drive an hour and a half to get my eyebrows shaped and groomed. But I wouldn’t trust anyone else, so to me an hour and a half is a small sacrifice for the sake of not looking like Mr. Spock (from Star Trek) :/

  194. heather says:

    I am terrible with liquid liner and I haven’t tried cream, but I like gel for the upper lashline and pencil for the waterline and tightline.

  195. michaela says:

    i don’t have a steady enough hand for liquid liner!

  196. Lydia L says:

    I luv sharp cheese!!! Yummy!!!!

  197. Tina F. says:

    Hey Karen, ty for the giveaway opportunity. Right now I’m loving the Stila stay all day liquid liner =)

  198. Liat says:

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

    I like bobbi brown gel eyeliner.

  199. Elizabeth says:

    My first cat was named Little Bit…my mom got her when she was a kitten and couldn’t decide what to name her…so when she heard the kids on the bus called me little bit(they couldn’t say Elizabeth) She named the little gray kitten Little Bit. We had her for like 17 years. Now I have my first dog and his name is Tooter. He is the love of my life and I love the little furball! P.S. your blog is great ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. Amanda says:

    I just recently started doing stuff to my brows and am amazed at the difference it makes! I have reasonably full and well-shaped brows to start with so I always just kind of left them alone – but filling them in a bit really helps define my face. It’s crazy.

  201. Vanessa says:

    Gel eyeliner!

    But I need a new brush.

  202. MK says:

    MAC’s kohl eye pencil in Feline is still my absolute favorite. I have tried dozens of other eyeliners, including liquid and gel, and nothing compares for me. Holy grail product for sure!

  203. Eva says:

    I floss every day!

  204. Cassandra says:

    Moving to Virginia, refused to put my makeup on the moving truck! Have makeup, will travel!

  205. Minty says:

    Enjoying motherhood with my 1 year old.

  206. TrippyPixie says:

    I love pretty much any type of cheese.

  207. Hazel Le says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there! รฐลธหœล 

  208. Rosario says:

    I love french cheese!

  209. Ruth says:

    liquid eyeliner is my favorite and would like to try the new Dior one; it looks heavenly =)

  210. Lynn says:

    I wish my brows were fuller and more similar. i know brows aren’t suppose to be exactly the same but my arches and brow length are different. I’m constantly trying to grow them out to reshape them, but then i get frustrated they they don’t look neat so i pluck them. then i try to grow them out again

  211. Tatyana G says:

    Pencil liners for me and gel liners occasionally.

  212. Jen says:

    just got some new make up at Sephora to help with my goal of adding color to my life!

  213. Carrie z says:

    I just spent an entire day at the baseball field with my kids, hello summer life.

  214. Julia says:

    I use gel eyeliner on the top and smudge shadow on the bottom. I think I’d make a mess with liquid liner.

  215. Maria J. says:

    Favorite kind of cheese has to be Gouda cheese!

  216. karen says:

    I wish my brows were less thick ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. Colleen L. says:

    I have always wanted to go to South Korea! I just can’t get enough of their K-dramas ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. Jamie C. says:

    I alternate between Liquid and pencil liner, but I normally use a pencil liner for both bottom and top tightline and use liquid when I want to do a winged out liner.

  219. Monika says:

    Cream liner w a thin brush is the best…

  220. Sam says:

    I think I’m really not cut out for summer time. As the days get warmer and I’m spending more time outdoors I’m starting to get the feeling that I might have a sun allergy ๐Ÿ™

  221. Sarah W says:

    I just tried gel for the first time, and I’ve loving it! Generally a pencil girl though

  222. Josie C says:

    I have recently devoted some of my time to feeling better about myself. I did not know a thing about makeup a year ago but have since started a “real job”. I have really dry and rough skin and have always had low self esteem (for many reasons) and I find my makeup time in the morning to be my own little therapy!

  223. MelodyJ says:

    If I go anywhere I would take a trip to major cities in the world shopping and going to museums.

  224. jasmine says:

    I like liquid liner because for me it’s a little easier to apply. I use Lancome’s art liner and I always go over it with black eye shadow to get rid of the shiny look. I have used the L’Oreal one bit it dries way too shiny and its more effort to take away the shine. I also noticed that the L’Oreal one peels off in patches.

  225. Madelynn says:

    I LOVE colby jack cheese.

  226. Barbara says:

    Feta cheese is my favorite!

  227. paula says:

    I really wish that someday i could find a list WITH pictures of all of the old metal tin urban decay shadows :sigh: those were the days

  228. Annie says:

    My favorite cheese is Gouda, jonge kaas specifically.
    It goes great with pretty much anything. Makes great grilled cheeses and omelettes.

  229. Jacqueline says:

    I love a great aged gouda with green apple slices! Yummy!!

  230. Neha says:

    Hi Karen,
    I really wish I win this Sephora card, I just learnt how to drive & I would love to drive to the only Sephora to spend this… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love ya

  231. Lydia says:

    I only use pencil liners. I have a sample of an emerald liquid liner from Sephora but haven’t got the guts to use it yet.

  232. Kay says:

    After scrolling down the page and glancing through comments, all I can think about is apples, grapes, and/or pears with cheese. I know what I’ll be having for a snack tomorrow.

  233. Laura says:

    I floss every night and have been doing so for the past seven years. My mouth doesn’t feel clean unless I do it.

  234. Joy P. says:

    My only gripe about my eyebrows is that they’re quite sparse and undefined ๐Ÿ™ Thanks god for eyebrow pencils and powder :p

  235. Terri says:

    Looking forward to a nice Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow. I would love to spend some time at the Sephora nearby!

  236. Pooja Vijay says:

    My favorite kind of cheese? Manchego, and if I cannot find it, then I stick to Asiago! I would make my brows…permanently stay in shape and make the hair stay flat and straight as opposed to the curly mess it becomes when it grows out a bit. Thanks for letting us have a chance to win this, Karen!

  237. Roxanne says:

    If I could go anywhere I’d be Sweden. I’m dying to go.

  238. Tita says:

    Gotta love a giveaway!

  239. Oraiba says:

    Can’t wait to watch the Great Gatsby

  240. Nancy says:

    I’m falling in love with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders!

  241. Melissa says:

    Im graduating next Monday! I’m so excited ๐Ÿ˜€

  242. Jen says:

    I’m a dentist and I definitely like to floss:). Favorite brand of makeup (for right now:) is Ton Ford. Too bad it’s so pricey!

    Your blog is a go to website for me, Karen. Thanks for doing it!


  243. Alyza says:

    If I could change one thing about my brows… it would be the giant scar that dissects my left brow that I’ve had since childhood. I’m used to it, but it means that the shape of my brows can never be even, so it gets frustrating, plus powder or pencil (even with primer) hates to stick to the thick scar tissue. =[

  244. dezzi says:

    Well today has been an awesome day. I was on youtube and I follow a lot of beauty channels and I came across some beauty box monthly subscriptions so I watched some reviews and found some pretty awesome websites that will send samples and full sized products to your door for a monthly fee. So I bought some and im just super excited to get them!

  245. Bonnie says:

    I loooooove mozzarella, although smoked gouda is super tasty too.

  246. MJ says:

    I love gel eyeliner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  247. Jessica J says:

    bobbi brown gel liner for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. karla says:

    i kinda hated the great gatsby. not my favorite movie

  249. Heidi says:

    I’m a big fan of goat cheese. YUM!

  250. Cat says:

    My first pet was a goldfish named Cleo (as in the fish from Pinocchio). Not much of a personality and he spent his time doing…I don’t know…fish things. He did live to be eleven, though.

  251. rozae says:

    Gel liner all the way, it’s much easier for me to apply than liquid ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. Andi says:

    I’ve been trying to eat healthy but my downfall is the weekend. If it isn’t drinks out with my girls, it’s lunch somewhere new, or something a friend whipped up– ugh! It’s such a great predicament to be in.

  253. crystal says:

    love your blog.

  254. Emily says:

    The last impulse-buy nail polish I got was because of a movie. All that Jungle Red in The Women. Fabulous!

  255. Nazmiye says:

    It’s so easy to be a makeup addict when better and better products come out daily! . . and they all look so pretttyy

  256. Bobbi says:

    Today there are parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, let the best one wins!

  257. Erica says:

    happy mothers day!

  258. Claudia S. says:

    Dreaming of Oahu!

  259. Judy says:

    Doing my first 10K run today!!! I don’t think I trained enough though… and it’s super cold today…

  260. Alida Giordano says:

    Hi K and T!
    I have a recurrent dream since I was young (a loooong time! haha). In my dream, I’m visiting makeup stores and then suddenly, I just pick a bunch of teeny tiny nail enamel multi colored bottles, in one hand fits like a hundred of them, and then I just run as far my feet let me. This dream repeats at least twice a month! And I wake up with a huuuuuge smile in my face! XOXO from Cancun.

  261. Yo says:

    Ok, three thoughts (because I had to draw the line somewhere):

    1. I read your blog religiously and buy all your A+ rated products. I even declare it on the Internet!

    2. I got bangs once and then I looked like Little Richard all summer because my hair is naturally curly and I did not take this into account.

    3. Right now, my beauty wishlist is heavy on skincare and highlighters. When it gets all mucky in the summer, too much makeup feels stifling. So skin that’s in good shape, a good SPF, a little highlighter or eyeshadow or mascara, and we’re good to go, right?

  262. irini says:

    Any soft, white cheese is a winner with me!

  263. Lissette says:

    Hi Karen, if you had your own makeup line what kind of line would it be and what would you call it?

  264. Margie says:

    I wish I was in Hawaii!

  265. Deb says:

    I’d love to treat myself to a couple of the new Butter London polishes…one can hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

  266. Caitlin M says:

    I like gel and pencil liners.

  267. Arianna says:

    I love a pencil for my upper water line! I prefer it to be a little bit on the dry side like Revlon’s colorstay pencil. It stays on my waterline through a 12-13 hour day.

  268. Maxi says:

    If I could go anywhere, I’d visit New York and Los Angeles and take lots of photos of the amazing architecture and landscape! ๐Ÿ™‚

  269. Evelyn says:

    My New Years resolution was to floss every single day and so far so good

  270. Alex says:

    First pet was a fish named Calvin. After the comic book character Calvin and Hobbes

  271. Liz says:

    Well, I would have to say my favorite kind of cheese is mozzarella. I spent a couple of weeks in Italy recently and it was so fresh and delicious!

  272. Ann says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

  273. E. says:

    I wish my brows were naturally fuller. Like many of us, I over-plucked during the 90’s.

  274. Rachel Ellis says:

    MMMM… Cheese! I love cheese! Now I’m hungry.

  275. Kristin says:

    I have been dieing to get my hands on the maybelline color tattoos. They look like so much fun.

  276. Crystal C says:

    Today’s my very handsome boyfriend’s 24th birthday! I left him a little surprise on his laptop for when he gets home. c:
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  277. Rebekah says:

    If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be in disney world! Most magical place on earth!

  278. Tianqi Yang says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers here~~

  279. Joy says:

    I’m from Wisconsin so picking a favorite cheese is like picking a favorite child. I do love the squeakiness of fresh cheese curds, not a type of cheese but a form.

  280. Amy says:

    I would love to visit Japan. I would love to shop in some of their cosmetic stores. That would be so fun!! Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

  281. Claire says:

    It’s hard to decide but I’d go with brie!

  282. Danielle says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. If I could travel to one place in the world it would have to be to Sicily. My family is from there and I would love to see where I came from

  283. Ashley Bernier says:

    Oh this would be a gorgeous gift! I’ve developed quite the Laura Mercier crush and frankly my wallet isn’t so smitten. Thank you for the opportunity! And if I could go anywhere in the world I would go to England. It has always been a dream of mine, and hello, men with accents. *swoons*

  284. Neesh says:

    Those NARS satin lip pencils are still calling me….I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

  285. Katherine says:

    My first pet was a hamster named Frank!

  286. Cynthia F. says:

    I would love to see some of the farmlands and small towns in the UK.

  287. Emily says:

    I like my brows.*

    with daily tweezermaning

  288. Cristy says:

    I had a terrible weekend… My embryo didn’t stay… I’m not preggo(IVF) I have no words to describe the pain…

  289. ineke says:

    The name of my first pet was Minneke. He was the sweetest cat, became 18 years old and he grew up with me. He was like a brother to me…

  290. Jennifer Ryder says:

    I’d be getting on a plane bound for Hawaii if I could.

  291. sandy says:

    sharp smoked cheddar yumm

  292. honei says:

    Yippee !! I want to win , been a fan of your blog for a few years now … I been a make up , beauty and fragrance junkie since I was a pre teen …ahh the day my mom let me shave my legs the heavens opened and sang lol

  293. Nina says:

    Why is the forecast for rain this whole week?!

  294. Shannon says:

    I want to skydive!

  295. Caitlin @PiratePigg says:

    My fรƒยฎrst pet was Midnight, and she was a cat. She had long black hair and green eyes-my BFF was a beautiful girl. It took a second out of cancer to take out my buddy, but she had a great life and made my life great.

  296. Jessica says:

    I read your blog daily! Thanks for the
    Makeup updates!

  297. amy rouse says:

    I’m going to the Melting Pot for dinner tonight!!! Choco dipped strawberries all around!!! Woo hoo

  298. Maureen G says:

    Its a wonderful day. Flowers in bloom. Healthy family. An I love chocolate

  299. StellaDiva says:

    Would be great if I won but thank you regardless. You’ll make someone very happy.

  300. Rie Maeda says:

    I love liquid eyeliner!

  301. Nicole says:

    Lovely giveaway! Like the other Nicole above, my brows are mostly blonde and I’ve considered dyeing them to cut down on the time it takes to color them in every day. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nicole recently posted … “No Makeup” Makeup Look Inspired by Lisa Eldridge Video

  302. Eremittglam says:

    I’m wearing my one of my favorite nail polishes of all times: YSL Gris Deco.

  303. Sara says:

    Ive been wanting to shop at Sephora but I haven’t been able to because I don’t really have income! This is a great chance! Thankyou!! <3 Lots of love!!

  304. Faiza says:

    I’m really happy with my eyebrows. I get them threaded every couple weeks. I think threading allows your brow to have a shape that you can’t get with just waxing.

  305. Lorraine says:

    I don’t floss often enough. Pencil, but I need to learn cream by June to do show makeup for my daughter. I am meticulous about my brows because they tend to be very thick and crazy otherwise. but I’d rather have this than the opposite problem. everyday my tweezers are at the ready!

  306. virginie says:

    My first dog ever, a german shepherd , his name was Olim, and I wanted to marry him. I was 7 or 8 and I was asking my mum if it was a possible option to be married with dogs, and I was serious! I cried all the tears of my body when he passed away…RIP mon amour.

  307. Diane Bassette says:

    Happy Mother’s Day..thanks for the chance!

  308. Karen says:

    First things first, Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. My first pets name was Petite she was a beautiful collie.

  309. Rica says:

    Thank you Karen and Tabs! I hope you have nice day with your family today ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s raining ice pellets in Canada btw :/

  310. Katherine says:

    My favorite cheese is havarti with dill.

  311. sakura says:

    If I could go anywhere in the world today it would be Hawaii. I’ve never been and I want to hike and enjoy all of the beautiful natural beauty of the island.

  312. Kristen says:

    If I could go anywhere in the world today, I think it would be Bora Bora. It’s insanely expensive, but supremely gorgeous and I really want to go! (But probably never will)

  313. Jess says:

    I used to always prefer gel liners… but there’s something SO awesome about a good liquid liner!

  314. Vicki says:

    I am a recent convert to gel eyeliner.

  315. jami says:

    my dog’s name is snooki, named after snooki in jersey shore ๐Ÿ˜›

  316. Lisa says:

    My first cat was named Boots. I was 8, and he was black and white with white paws.

  317. Cherie says:

    I hope I win because it’s time for my quarterly beauty haul at Sephora!

  318. Mary says:

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  319. PINAR DERNEK says:

    I want to go to Italy this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  320. Lisa says:

    I actually just tried gel eyeliner for the first time yesterday… WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE??

  321. Mili says:

    Love provolone cheese and…pencil liner

  322. I’m gonna have a sleepless night tonight as I’ve gotto submit a draft of my thesis tomorrow morning! This giveaway was just too tempting to resist (:

  323. Sunita says:

    Speaking of cheese, I love Papa John`s pizzas; they beat Domino`s hands down!

  324. Deborah says:

    I floss mostly every day, but soooometimes I don’t!

  325. BeckBeck says:

    Havarti cheese is the BEST. You must try it if you haven’t already.

  326. JenGarza says:

    Hello! I love trying out new cheeses. At the local co-op there is a little basket with the odds and ends of the cheeses they cut. Since most of them are out of my price range, it’s fun to get a tiny little chunk once in a while. We just got a delicious cheddar from Ireland that was filled with lots of herbs. So tasty!

  327. Kelsey Madelung says:

    I just got LASIK this weekend and I’m not allowed to wear eye makeup for a week. So what do I do to treat myself? Buy the aqualillies tarte eye/cheek palette. Now I’m just torturing myself more. Can’t wait to test it out.

  328. maria says:

    i’m trying to grow out my brows to shape them. It’s so haaaard ๐Ÿ™

  329. Wynell says:

    I love liquid eyeliner

  330. Sue McKibben says:

    I just subscribed to your newsletter and I am loving it. I am a make-up addict, so I live reading your reviews and info.

  331. Faith Halford says:

    รขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅ (I just found this blog and I already love it!) Well my final exams are this week and then 8th grade graduation the next week, my heads about to fall off! รขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅ

  332. I’m a late bloomer with makeup, but I’m really enjoying it. Makes me feel purty

  333. Julie says:

    I just bought tickets to the London IMATS!

  334. Wayne says:

    May 12 and there’s freezing rain and flurries today and a frost warning for tonight.

  335. Carmen says:

    I just got back from Chicago, then a day in Palm Springs before heading back home. Talk about weather disparities! I’m glad to be home!

  336. Hope says:

    I love cats!

  337. Becky says:

    Hi there!

  338. Becky says:

    Aloha friends

  339. LauraA says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity, Karen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  340. Brenna says:

    I have ‘typical’ Asian brows, sparse in some parts, but I just use Smashbox eyeshadows in Sable and Sumatra, which are matte brown. I love Urban Decay 24/67 eyeliners, and just got into Bobbi Brown gel liners. I have them in the colors Ivy, Espresso, and Mauve black. Have a great day, Karen! XX ๐Ÿ™‚

  341. Wild Orchid says:

    It’s been a beautiful day! Thanks for the chance to win!

  342. Wild Orchid says:

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted–

  343. BB says:

    I vote liquid eyeliner (today)!

  344. steph b says:

    I love the thin precise line I get by wetting powder eyeshadow and applying it with an angled liner brush. Sometimes I’ll go back over with dry powder for a softer effect.

  345. janey says:

    Ah, my eyebrows. I wish they were thicker, less gray and much less unruly.

  346. Cara says:

    I would like to be with my best friends in Italy!

  347. Anastasia says:

    I love American cheese

  348. Ebru M says:

    my new fave color from Essie is mint candy apple – best green for the summer! Love it!

  349. MarciaF says:

    My Mother’s Day news is that in November I’ll be a grandmother. Best news ever!

  350. Malaka says:

    I had a great weekend. I hope everyone else did, too.

  351. thelingster says:

    doing a brazilian wax on yourself is the worst! ๐Ÿ™ but the bliss wax set is amazinggg

  352. Brittney says:

    If I could change one thing about my eyebrows….I would make them less sparse as they naturally are. They are forever disappearing in pictures when I don’t put them on.

  353. Dee says:

    I would love to go somewhere hot this fall, maybe Hawaii? Fingers crossed!

  354. Doris says:

    I love making grilled cheese sandwiches. Not picky on the type of cheese, since I love all type of cheese. Well, maybe not blue cheese, I can only handle small amounts…

  355. Elaine says:

    I love gel liners! Can’t really go back to wearing anything else now.

  356. Avery says:

    My cat is being so cuddly today and I love it!

  357. Bunny says:

    My brows can use all the help they can get!

  358. Larie says:

    Liquid liner, all the way!
    Larie recently posted … Snapshots: Currently Loving, May 2013

  359. Rose says:

    If I could go anywhere today, it would be to Chicago to see the Museum of Contemporary Art and The Art Institute of Chicago…and maybe sneak in some Ikea shopping.

  360. Favorite kind of cheese…oh gosh, this is hard. I do really love the Truffle Cheese at Trader Joe’s, but brie is hard to turn down as well. I just want to eat cheese all day long ๐Ÿ˜€ As for liner, I’m liquid all the way! Thanks for the giveaway, Karen.
    Makeup Morsels recently posted … Beauty Blog Link Love 5.11.13

  361. Mary says:

    My first pet was a bunny. I would love to have a cat like Tabs though!

  362. Tiffany S. says:

    Enjoyed my mother’s day by giving myself an awesome blowout and doing my nails, without hubby and kids to interrupt me.

  363. Kat says:

    I’d love to tell you a favorite cheese but I am EXTREMELY allergic. This is the point where in every conversation someone goes, “You’re lactose intolerant?” And with a look of clear derision (because I said ALLERGIC not INTOLERANT), I say “No, allergic. My lungs get congested and I can’t breathe.” At which they always respond with “Oh you poor soul, I could never live without pizza/grilled cheese/mac n’ cheese/etc.” Without fail…you probably are having some thoughts right now of what cheese ladened dish you can’t leave without aren’t you? LOL

  364. Erin says:

    I like to use a combo of two eyeliners. I have super oily lids and to get stuff to stick and stay is a bit of a production. my current go-to is laying on a thick line on my upper lid with Physician’s Formula Lash Booster 2-in-1 blahblahblah World’s Longest Product Name (the fat sharpie marker version), then I do a thin little accent line extending out to wings with NYX’s Studio Liner, in the black. the NYX takes foreverrrr to dry but it’s amazing and stays all day super black without fading or flaking. sometimes if I’m doing something fancy I do another line in a bold color of the Studio Liner, especially the gold or plum purple.

    so that’s liner thoughts!

  365. Abby says:

    Dying to go to Italy!

  366. Elle says:

    Happy Mother’s day to the bestest Momma Tabs could ask for!!

  367. Michelle says:

    If I could go anywhere it would definitely be the Philippines to visit family and go to Boracay Beach! I’ve always wanted to go there!

  368. Hohe says:

    My favorite cheese is goat cheese.

  369. Shannon H. says:

    Celebrated Mother’s Day today with some Korean barbeque! Can’t go wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. Danielle L says:

    I don’t like to use liners, lol. I prefer to use an angled brow brush and eyeshadow. I get better precision this way.

  371. Emily says:

    Cabot makes a really good habanero cheddar cheese.

  372. Katie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  373. Mandi says:

    So thankful for today. My first Mothers Day as a mother to a beautiful little boy who is the love of my life #blessed

  374. Amanda says:

    I had foot surgery a month ago and I am so tired of sitting around! I just want a spa day or a little pampering! Haha.

  375. Emma says:

    Gel liner! : )

  376. elle says:

    Halfway done with finals…!

  377. Tina says:

    My favorite cheese is swiss cheese.

  378. Alyssa says:

    I’m loving corals and peaches for the summertime !

  379. Charlene says:

    Although I’m normally a frugal gal, I would pay some big bucks for a foundation that actually matched my golden Asian skin and looked natural.

  380. Rachelle says:

    MUST….. BUY….. ALL…. MASCARAS!!!!!!

  381. Adrianne Parker says:

    Love your blog:)

  382. Laurel says:

    I love the color of my brows but I wish they were more full because they are extremely dark and sparse on my fair skin and I have to fill them in

  383. Nikki says:

    Gel liner…lasts much longer!

  384. mandy says:

    I wish my skin wasn’t so oily.

  385. Val says:

    I think that I want my eyebrows to be much more full I may have over plucked last year ๐Ÿ™

  386. Saffron says:

    Oh my goodness I almost forgot to comment this week – it’s been craaaay. I just had to replan my wedding due to how many mofos stood us up at the last minute, still gonna be hella fun!

  387. chibicheeks says:

    Liquid liner! Looks the sleekest and stays on the longest

  388. Bearsmama says:

    My favorite cheese is Roquefort or Stilton or any stinky blue cheese!:)

  389. Melody says:

    So excited for summer to really get started!

  390. Christine says:

    It was blazing hot today! But I love the summer colors that have been coming out lately!

  391. Anna C says:

    Golly, I sure hope I win! My shopping list at Sephora is getting a little out of hand ๐Ÿ™‚

  392. Jill says:

    So sad the weekend is over ๐Ÿ™

  393. Chai says:

    I have yet to find a brow pencil that I like. Perfectly groomed brows really change your whole face!

  394. Natalia says:

    Liquid liners are the best!

  395. Carolyn N. says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  396. Angel says:

    I waaaaant!!!

  397. Janet says:

    Hope all the moms out there had a wonderful day!

  398. Step says:

    Pencil liner is my go-to, but I get in liquid liner moods every once in awhile

  399. Angel says:

    Still no stocks of Nars Sheer Glow in Stromboli ๐Ÿ™

  400. leokavi says:

    Gel liners are the best!!!

  401. Kim M says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping to one day win this giveaway! I love Sephora!!

  402. Lindsey says:

    My favorite type of liner is liquid, since gel and pencil smear on me if I don’t set them. I have two cats named Chaco and Fluffy ๐Ÿ™‚ I was born and raised in Hawaii (Maui), but I’m currently attending college in California. I really want to visit Switzerland!

  403. Daniela says:

    I love L’oreal liquid eyeliner <3 Thanks Karen!

  404. Maria says:

    Oh please pick me and make my sephora dreams come true! I have so many things I need! Thank you!!!

  405. Melissa says:

    Crossing fingers that the used car we’re looking at tomorrow is in good condition! (Acura RSX)

  406. Peta says:

    Hey Karen, I spent 2 hours in both Sephora locations in Time Square last Friday night. I tried the Pantone color IQ and it seemed to be pretty accurate. I’ve been trying to find a new foundation recently because everything is making me look orange. I would love to afford the NARS sheer glow (tahoe) that I think was my best match! Anyhoo, If I could go anywhere it would probably be Maldives or Bora Bora. I’m from Jamaica so I know nice beaches but those places just seem peaceful and perfect. I’m currently loving the L’Oreal Infallible super slim eyeliner so I haven’t used my gel liner in a while. BTW I love your unsung series…

  407. Christina says:

    Hi, i stumbled upon your website after looking up dior lipglow!

  408. Elsa says:

    Hi Karen and Tabs ๐Ÿ™‚
    My fave cheese…well I have a few…I love Camembert and this Portuguese cheese from the island of Azores called “Queijo da Ilha” is the best ๐Ÿ™‚
    My favorite type of liner is pencil. I am not great at applying liner on myself. Pencil makes it easier for me.
    I have so many places I would like to go now, if time and circumstances were not an issue. A few places I need to check off my list of spots to visit. Like Greece and Australia and New Zealand. ๐Ÿ™‚ My first pet’s name was Gil Vicente (I named him after a Portuguese playwright/Poet). He was an angel. He was a beautiful Samoyed dog that looked like a teddy bear/white wolf. He was extremely intelligent, trilingual, had a HUGE heart and I miss him every single day. He passed away in 02/2009 ๐Ÿ™
    I was privileged to have him in my life for almost 14 years. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo, Elsa

  409. Dijana says:

    feta cheese is the best cheese ever!!!! i put it on everything lol literally!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  410. Pam says:

    I prefer gel liner although pencil is very convenient.

  411. Karen says:

    Gel liner for sure!

  412. Dhariane says:

    You know, after today’s 88+ degree weather, I have realized that it’s not the best idea to live in Southern California if you don’t like the heat.
    Oh, if only I could blow off the rest of this semester and just spend a year traveling the world.

  413. Petunia says:

    I really need to deal with my nails. They are a mess right now and there are so many fun summer colors calling my name.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  414. blkrox says:

    Let’s go WARRIORS!!

  415. Vanessa says:

    Man I could use some makeup loving from Sephora!
    I need some new face products for the summer….you know, the lighter foundations that won’t make me look like a ghoul at the end of a hot day XD
    Thanks for the giveaway girl ~! ๐Ÿ™‚

  416. Amanda says:

    I love cheese! I like mozarella and brie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  417. Chanelle (C.M.) says:

    I’m allergic to cheese ๐Ÿ™

  418. Olivia K says:

    My first pet was a schauzer named Lady Alexis of Pepper Mill, and now I’m really not sure where my parents got that strange name!

  419. Rebecca H. says:

    Hi there! A friend of mine sent me some of the new Milani lipsticks and I am loving them! I’m wearing #07 Best Red today. Fabulous!

    Oh, and I tweeted:

  420. Dianna Trujillo says:

    I can’t stop chewing ice and my baby is already 12 years old!

  421. Adriana RP says:

    I love British cheddar cheese… it’s strong and delicious! Unfortunately hard to find it here in the other side of the globe…

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