Are You Comfortable Leaving the House Not Wearing Any Makeup?

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Beach Karen last summer, without a stitch of makeup

Ya know, I’m the gal who’ll fill in her brows and apply under-eye concealer just to walk outside to get the mail, but I’ve become (a little) more comfortable lately leaving the house sans makeup.

Granted, it’s not something I do often, LOL! (I dunno if I’ll ever get there, to be honest.)


But, yeah, for a quick errand or stroll around the neighborhood, I can deal with Raul and my ghost brows for a half an hour. πŸ™‚

How about you? Are you comfortable leaving the house not wearing any makeup?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Hi Karen! I will definitely leave the house to walk to the mailbox with no make up on whatsoever but if I am going anywhere else- even for a quick run to a store I put on some basic make up.

  2. Lean S says:

    You look gorgeous with makeup, but this looks gorgeous too. Very young and fresh.

  3. Leah says:

    Yes, and I left the house without makeup today to *gasp* go to work since I’m still getting over a cold and just did not feel like it. :/

  4. Malaka says:

    I am almost too comfortable leaving the house without makeup. Which is shocking considering I was raised by a very Southern mother who would rather die before going out to get the newspaper without at the very least lipstick and earrings. I’m doing a lot better lately but I don’t think I’ll ever be as crazy about it as my mom.

  5. Laura says:

    Yes, I’m going through a dry skin moment so makeup doesn’t sit well on my face. I pretty much run errands without makeup, but if I’m going to Sephora or something I at least curl my lashes and put on mascara. Although, when I was in school I ALWAYS had a full face on.

  6. Rads says:

    Hmmm..not really..a little concealer and fill in the eyebrows, at the very least! πŸ˜›
    Rads recently posted … Today’s Makeup: Easy Neutral Wear-to-Work Makeup with Warm Browns

  7. Cindy says:

    Never. I will never feel good about leaving the house without makeup. I am *very* pale with a pink tone and have rosacea. I always have a full face on when I’m leaving my house! The only time I go without it is when I’m sick and need to go to the dr. If they see me without it, they will KNOW I’m sick and need medicine! Haha!

    • Majick says:

      Cindy, I SO agree about not wearing makeup when you go to the doctor. When I go I want him to be able to see my skin color/texture/tone etc. You can tell a lot about a persons health when they are sans the camo. πŸ™‚

  8. Christin says:

    I typically don’t ware makeup inless I am going out, but I got a ton for Christmas so that needs to change!

    So I have a question about a No Makeup look:
    I’m 33 and I have rosacea and recently I started using Olay’s CC Cream – Total Effects Daily Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation. Great product, but not as much coverage as I would like to cover my rosacea. Is it possible to use this CC in conjunction with another foundation? I just want a bit more coverage but don’t want a full on, heavy, airbrushed look for work, lol!

    • Majick says:

      Christin, you could try a yellow corrector powder to tone down the redness. Smashbox makes one, and there are quite a few products on the market that will do the same thing, some powders and some cream. I hope you find your perfect mix.

  9. BARBARA says:

    I’m more likely to go sans makeup on the weekends but never during the work week. I, like you, might not ever be completely comfortable going without something on. πŸ™‚

  10. Martha Nelson says:

    I’m currently living in Ontario, and as you can imagine, winter is extremely cold but summer is extremely hot and humid, so I’ll go (almost) without makeup on summer, but I have bags under my eyes (hate them) so, is actually nice to use concealer the rest of the year.

  11. Meredith says:

    I can go to the mailbox or for a walk around the neighborhood (with sunnies) sans makeup, but I will not go anywhere that I have to have social interaction without concealer on my dark under-eye circles. They’re from allergies, and I’ve tried everything to make them go away but to no avail. People would think I was a zombie without it!

  12. BETSY says:

    With age (wisdom, I hope lol) I am a bit more comfortable. I have serious ghost brows, and that and lipcolor are my must haves for quick errands, fast run out etc. Mailbox trips or bank runs? I’m okay with nothing on the face!

  13. I am seriously jealous of beach Karen right now. Beach Karen looks fab. Beach Melissa looks like a sea monster… It’s mostly my skin that I feel self-conscious about. It still thinks it’s 16, so that means acne, oil and a very uneven skin tone. Oh and pores galore πŸ™ I’m pretty sure that if I had smooth even skin I’d dare to bare, but right now, no chance.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Love Beam & Commotion

  14. Johanna B says:

    I never wear makeup. I know, so why am I reading this blog. I love makeup. I just can’t find a look I like on me anymore. I need professional help.

  15. Mary says:

    Yes (I am blessed with really great skin) but I have to fill in my brows. I was born a dirty blonde so over time, my hair darkened to a sandy brown. My brows are darker hairs but the tails are blonde so my brows are naturally very sparse looking with barely any tails. I look very weird without filling them in so if I don’t wear any makeup out, that’s fine but I have to fill my brows in.

  16. Deanna says:

    You still look gorgeous without makeup, Karen! My skin tends to be red, especially when it’s hot out, so I typically wear a BB cream or Bare Minerals Ready Foundation to even out my skin tone, no matter where I’m going. My husband always tells me that I’m beautiful without makeup, but I still feel self-conscious without it. If I’m spending the day at the beach, I only wear sunscreen, though!

  17. Jennifer says:

    Hi karen! I can go out without makeup not unless I got a few breakout thats the time I use a basic makeup.:) I can even go out without my eyebrow fill but I always wear a hat or a beanie to cover my eyebrows lol

  18. Iris says:

    I almost never leave the house without any makeup unless I’m sick and going to the doctor’s or on rare visits to exercise classes.

  19. Futuralon says:

    Wow, that’s a loaded question. I feel like I should say, “only when…”
    The truth is I wear no makeup a vast majority of the time I am not at home. I go to school, eat at restaurants, go to work, shop for everything without makeup. I do carry some with me (powder, eyeliner, lipgloss), so if I feel bland-looking or am bored, I’ll put it on.
    Sometimes, like date night, job interviews, or if I am rocking an exceptionally nice outfit like when I visit my parents, I’ll put on a full face in the morning.
    Most of the time I wear my noticeable hormonal acne, oily nose, brows that can’t compete with my nerd glasses frames, etc as though I was a man – with no covering whatsoever. Even a loaded question can’t make me hide the truth. I love makeup, but don’t want to spend that kind of time on it just to live my regular life.

    • Sarah S. says:

      I’m the same! It’s so nice to see others are like me – love makeup but can’t be bothered with it all the time πŸ™‚

  20. Natalie says:

    Yes, I can leave the house without my “face” on. I don’t really mind it. I didn’t wear makeup at all till my early 20s so it doesn’t really bother me. I think it’s good to remember that you are beautiful without it, since it only really enhances the way you already are. Every woman is beautiful bare faced πŸ™‚

    BTW Karen, you look lovely without makeup on!
    Natalie recently posted … Mentioned in My 2013 Favorites: Benefit Dallas

  21. Kaelyn says:

    I rarely ever leave the house without a stitch of makeup on, because I count putting on a tinted moisturizer or bb cream for spf as makeup. If I’m just seeing family casually, don’t feel well or incredibly lazy, or just running a really quick errand I will concede to my face being naked of all makeup. However I cringe to go out in public without filling in my brows and applying some kind of foundation and concealer at the very least!

  22. Ruchita says:

    Yep! There are plenty of times I’ve been in public without makeup. Sometimes I’ll even come to work without it. However, I do notice I feel a bit more peppy when I’ve done my hair and makeup and put on a nice outfit. I guess I do it more for myself than anyone else.

  23. Katherine M says:

    You look fabulous without any makeup on. I actually leave the house quite frequently without makeup to run errands. When I first started wearing makeup in high school and college, I associated it with special occasions and work/school to look “done.” It’s probably why still today that I will put on makeup typically when I am going somewhere other than running errands. I don’t really care what people think when I am out shopping at Target or Giant. If it’s a shopping type date with the hubby (like to Georgetown), I will usually dress up more than a t-shirt and jeans and put on some makeup. I am also not shy about running errands in workout clothes or sweats – like I said, I don’t care what people think when I am picking something up at Home Depot, Target, or Giant. I think it’s good to have “no makeup” days because it gives your skin a break. I noticed that when I wear makeup more often, I tend to get little zits here and there despite my best skincare techniques. The skin around my eyes will also get a little irritated from eye makeup even when I use a very gentle cleaner to take it off.

    • Adriana RP says:

      Hi Katherine…
      I have the same problems on my eyes… I did some allergic tests to discover what is going on… but it stills a mystery! (there is something with some metal and blue colors, but is not as simple as it could be). So, let’s just continue having break days!

      • Katherine M says:

        Thanks for your response! I think it’s because the skin around the eyes is sensitive and thin in general, and I wear makeup that stays on all day. I love dressing up my eyes, but at times I think makeup is not as breathable and light as some companies claim and it’s good to take a break. I’ve heard of using coconut oil as an eye makeup remover so I will have to try that. It’s certainly cheaper than many makeup removers today and has multiple uses (hair masks, cooking, lotion, makeup remover, etc). Sometimes what you have in your kitchen is better than the makeup removers and more gentle than many companies’ removers claim to be.

  24. Bella says:

    I take my kids to school without any makeup at all on my days off. (I always pick them up with a full face though…haha!!) I don’t look as pretty as you doing it though, since you actually have eyebrows and pigmented lips ;).

  25. Joanna says:

    I have done it many times living my home with no makeup not only to errands but sometimes on my daily activities. Funny thing is I did not before but after having my two boys I became comfortable in my on skin. I do like my makeup though πŸ™‚

  26. Ashleigh says:

    Yes, I’ve spent many days without makeup in public, mostly in college and during my outdoor jobs. However even if I’m running late I try to throw a bit of powder and mascara on, thanks to blonde eyelashes. I remember a friend of mine seeing me for the first time without mascara and her reaction was enough to make me realize how strange I look without it, lol.

  27. Nataya says:

    I’m definitely that girl (no makeup). Comfortable or not, I was unable to wear due to skin disaster. The opposite of you, I don’t know when I get there..with pretty make up. I just start playing around with make-up and I’m happy beginner :).

  28. nai says:

    I go to the gym, the beach, the grocery store, hiking, without makeup. I’d never go to work without makeup unless I had something going on with my skin or something like that. Basically, if I can go someplace in a beat up tshirt and shorts or gym pants, then I might opt to go sans makeup. Otherwise, I’ll wear something on my face because I feel it’s what’s appropriate, I like pretty colors, and MAC aint cheap so I better use it. =P

  29. Barbara says:

    Never, ever go to work without makeup! I am at the point where I can go to the grocery store without makeup, but I notice I won’t make eye contact with people and feel strange without any on in public.

  30. Silka says:

    You look “linda” with and without your makeup. I wear a full face of makeup from Monday to Friday and NOTHING over the weekends, unless my hubby invistes me on a date!

  31. Michele says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous without makeup (obviously with it as well!). I usually do brows and BB cream at the minimum unless I’m just going for a walk and can put sunglasses on.

  32. Gj says:

    You look beautiful without makeup! I only wear no makeup sometimes on weekends and only my bf or family members are allowed to see me that way.

  33. Adriana RP says:

    I had a great holiday time without makeup (on the new year)… nothing at all! Just me and my sun protector daily! It was amazing as I remember why I really wear makeup… it is definitely NOT because I fell I’m not pretty at all… because I’m really beautiful on my natural skin! LOL (and I have pictures to prove! LOL)
    I’m also not wearing makeup these last weeks because I’m in a home office work… but at this point I really want to have something exciting to wear a great makeup look! LOL… It’s ashaming so many beautiful colors stay there “looked” in that palettes!
    P.S. What is that NARS nude palette? I REALY need one!!!!!

  34. Nicole says:

    I have blonde brows and lashes, so I really prefer to get some color in them if I’m leaving the house otherwise I can look really washed out. But, it’s not the end of the world if I don’t have time or have been sobbing because my week old son wouldn’t sleep all night, yeahh. If I didn’t wear makeup around work people who were used to me having brows and lashes, I would get comments about looking tired and/or sick all day. Hah. πŸ™‚
    Nicole recently posted … Beauty Favorites from 2013 and as a New Mom, Swatches and a Few Extras!

  35. fancie says:

    You look so young and cute! Like a teenager lol. I don’t mind leaving the house without makeup as I don’t wear much on a regular basis anyway. Just brows, falsies and a lippie usually. But I do prefer to hit the streets with at least my brows filled in. I inherited the bald brows from my mom and they just look odd natural. I literally only have an arch lmao! No tail. Nothing where it should start. I can’t live without my brows on lol
    fancie recently posted … Philosophy Hope in a Jar Review

  36. Majick says:

    It really depends on where I’m going but mostly I am comfortable with no makeup. I’m not wearing any today. Well, I just got new glasses and I’m getting used to them so the makeup application is taking a leeettle longer. LMAO

    I never wear makeup to the beach EVER and will only wear it to workout if I started the day in it. I have good skin and I’ve always taken care of it.

    My husband thinks I look great without it but he LOVES a red lip. So do I and I’ve found that a really good red lip or bright lipstick brightens your entire face and you don’t even need as much other stuff.

    That said, I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without it if I were going somewhere special or on a date with the hubby. It’s part of the process and I feel it completes the look. I have always found the process of putting on makeup very relaxing.

  37. Majick says:

    P.S. I forgot to tell you, you’re a real cutie patootie! I always love seeing people without the paint – it’s so much fun watching the transformation.

  38. camille says:

    oh, boy. for the past week i have been going makeup free. not my much choice, though πŸ™

    TMI and pretty yuck, but i got ringworm (or so i think. dr. appointment this friday to confirm!) from my bro-in-law. his dog is the culprit!

    so i washed and sanitized all of my brushes and cleared out some make up and have been pretty minimal. i have been too lazy to try to do make up with just my fingers, so i decided not to put any on. it looks pretty scary, but it feels nice to go home and not have to scrub off the makeup.

    but i haven’t been going anywhere special. i have a hair appt. this week, so i’ll make an effort to look less like a zombie. (damn you, dark circles!!!!!)

    i’m pretty self conscious. darnnit, i’m vain. so i like to look my best because i never know who i’m going to meet.

  39. Madeline Richmond says:

    The only time that I can go “without” makeup in public is at the beach. And even then, I have to apply tinted moisturizer, concealer, Benetint, lip gloss and waterproof mascara! I feel like everyone is staring at me–and not in a good way–if I don’t wear any makeup.

  40. Amy says:

    I used to wear less makeup/be less skilled at applying makeup. So I wear more now, but I’m also learning to be more comfortable in some situations not wearing, like I did before. It’s kinda backwards lol
    I still use it as a crutch though. Like I don’t go out to dinner or hang out with friends without it. Not like I need a full face. But I’ll pop into Whole Foods or go shopping on the weekends with a clean face.

    Mostly my “must-haves” are mascara and light foundation. My eyelashes are blonde and I look tired/sick without mascara, and my rosacea needs some toning down usually.

  41. Marisa says:

    I’m pretty comfortable as long as nothing special or eventful is happening that day. Although I do prefer to have quick swipe of a mascara across my lashes before I leave, just in case. πŸ˜‰
    Marisa recently posted … Review of Mac Studio Tech Foundation

  42. Lisa says:

    No no no. I feel I would scare small children so I wear at least foundation and mascara.

  43. Natalye says:

    I definitely feel comfortable, I hardly wear makeup ’cause it usually takes too long to apply
    Natalye recently posted … EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit Review

  44. meganlisa says:

    Good for you!!! I don’t do it.

  45. Ideally, I would at least be able to tightline, curl my lashes, and add mascara if I’m going out to run errands but I’m fine going without too–I definitely wouldn’t freak out or anything. But if I’m walking my dog or hanging around my house, I don’t put makeup on. And if I see someone I know, that’s what big sunglasses are for! πŸ˜› lol
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … Finally Embracing the Fall/Winter Color Palette…

  46. Jen says:

    Routine no-makeup events: going to the gym or walks to the mailbox. Occasional no-makeup events: occasional physical activities (swimming, hiking), unexpected trips to Home Depot during a DIY project, to the store when I’m really sick. Otherwise I have some minimal makeup on to look presentable.

  47. J says:

    Absolutely! Some days I love the cake, and some days I just prefer to be completely natural. I’m actually a lot more self-conscious when it comes to bad hair days!

  48. Chelsea says:

    I will go out without makeup, but I try not to. The biggest thing I’m uncomfortable about is my eyebrows, I hate going out without them filled in!

  49. hanna says:

    When I have early morning classes, I’m lucky to brush my hair.
    hanna recently posted … School Drive, and Bathroom

  50. vineetha says:

    oh Yes! i am. very much. but i love makeup and so never try to miss an oppurtunity
    vineetha recently posted … MAC Huggable Lipcolor Red Necessity Review, Swatches

  51. Sylirael says:

    Totally. I’ll usually wear lip balm, but that’s more for actualy physical comfort rather than a feeling that I looke better with it on!

    I’m definitely too lazy to do full makeup most days. Lipstick and a bit of concealer is about as complicated as I usually get!
    Sylirael recently posted … Leave the Scales to the Fishmonsters – Freeman β€˜Bare Foot’ Foot Lotion and Scrub

  52. Vanessa says:

    I’ll go without makeup in my free time, but I very rarely skip make-up for work. Usually just eyeliner and eyebrows, though.

  53. Rebecca R. says:

    I used to be very self conscious about not wearing makeup but in the last few years I’ve gotten very comfortable with it. A lot of days I just feel like taking those few extra minutes of sleep. Although I have to admit that even on those days I’ll wear powder and lipgloss or lipstick. I definitely love wearing makeup though and definitely feel a bit better about the way I look when I do. But I don’t depend on having to have it on anymore.

  54. Rachel P. says:

    You look absolutely beautiful in that picture! For me, I do not like going out without makeup (which I’ll explain). I’ll bare-face it now and again, but I have spent most of my life makeup-less and now that I am into it, I love it and don’t really plan on looking back! It’s a key part of my self-expression, and I would just feel a bit empty going around without it! It’s not that I am ashamed of my naked face or have low physical self-esteem- I love my features and find myself beautiful when I’m au naturel. But I don’t wear makeup to alter my appearance or convince myself I can be more beautiful. It’s about me loving makeup as a hobby and willingly applying it when I am going out into the world, because that’s the face I love the world to see, and it’s a face that feels as true to me as my un-made-up face (if that makes sense). If makeup disappeared forever, I’d be sorry to see it go because I enjoy it so much, but I would live and move on and still be confident with my appearance.

  55. Lily says:

    I didn’t feel comfortable about it before I started my blog. But if I could post my naked face online for the world to see, why not go out in real life too? I walk with my head held high even without makeup because every woman is beautiful in her natural state! And I hope every woman feels that way too!
    Lily recently posted … REVEALED! The NEW Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion

  56. Babsi says:

    You look sooo great Karen, xo Babsi

  57. Diana says:

    Depends on where I’m going LOL. When I’m not at work or parties I seldom wear makeup, only sunscreen and tinted lipbalm with SPF πŸ™‚

  58. Mel says:

    Yes I am completely comfortable with leaving my house without any make up on. I believe in resting my face and unless I’m going somewhere that I’ll judged for not wearing make up I enjoy my day make up free

  59. Jasmin says:

    I used to go out with little makeup on, but I’m so used to having it on that I don’t anymore. Maybe in the middle of the night, or an emergency, but I usually have on a full face during the day. I know, so sad.. HAHHA.

  60. Julie says:

    I only go out in public without my eyebrows did when I’m on vacay. Mostly because we are crazy about scuba diving and well, nothing is THAT waterproof.
    Lately I’ve been going a day or two without any foundations, which is huge for me. Ever since I started using Lancome Dreamtone + Genefique my skin redness and texture has drastically improved = Confidence!

  61. ANDIE says:

    I am always leaving the house with out make up. I’ve been known to come to work with out it too.
    You are beautiful with out it!

  62. Danielle says:

    I will leave the house without makeup if I have to, but I would rather have at least a little bit on.
    Danielle recently posted … Origins Peace of Mind

  63. Kim says:

    Oh, no. Never. I’ll leave the house in pajamas and a ball cap but NEVER without makeup. When I was young, it wasn’t a big deal but now that I’m older, my makeup-less face would be enough to scare the hair off a cat. πŸ™‚

  64. Eileen says:

    I don’t mind being without makeup, but that’s because I have black lashes and brows, mild rosacea on my cheeks (nature’s blush πŸ™‚ ), and medium rose lips. I might feel completely different if I had pale features that disappeared without a bit of cosmetic help.

  65. Liz says:

    I love love love makeup but I can totally leave the house without it. I think it’s good to let your skin have a breather, with the exception of SPF of course. But I love the fresh, natural, clean look. I don’t wear makeup to work either because I work long (12) hours and when you’re running around like I do it’s to much work to deal with makeup. Plus the 20 + years I’ve been going to work without makeup I haven’t scared anyone to death.. Not yet atleast so I’m good for now.

  66. Keri says:

    I’m not wearing any makeup today! I’ve had some breakouts lately and I overslept today, so I went to work with moisturizer on and nothing else.

    I used to go barefaced more often, but my face isn’t as clear as it used to be. Payback for perfect skin in my teens, I guess :/

  67. Geetika says:

    You look pretty even without any makeup on! And I really like the idea of going without makeup
    Infact, I love going bare face. I use minimal makeup to cake my face. I believe the less, the better it is for the skin because the skin stops breathing under oodles of makeup.
    Instead we should let our skin breathe. And why shouldn’t we?? ………After all, we should love our skin! I also use home made remedies to soothe my skin and for my hair.

    Geetika |

  68. Beach Karen is absolutely a stunnah! πŸ˜€ Kauai Karen, FTW! I am pretty comfs leaving the house without makeup as long as I don’t have an outbreak of zit crazy going on. Sometimes I find it quite liberating! Just to be wild and young and free (or at least remember that that’s how we ALL felt as girls)! One caveat, though? I do not feel comfortable AT ALL going to work without makeup! The thought alone gives me the jeebers. I just can’t imagine the amount of “Are you sick”s I’d get from people after working there for going on 9 years, and only skipping makeup like…once. A cowroekr once asked me if I had the flu because I hadn’t done 4-step eyes! I was like, uh oh, might need to back down the shadows slowly up in here or they’ll all think I have cholera!

  69. rachel rogers tv says:

    No way can I leave home without my eye make up. Maybe no lippy if going out for a run

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