What Are Your Top Three Beauty Pet Peeves?

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1. Dear product, please don’t go

When I fall in love with a product that’s absolutely perfect in every way, and I wonder, “Where have you been all my life!?” and things are going great for us, and I’m telling everyone about how great it is, and then it gets — gasp! — discontinued.


Case in point: BECCA’s Cabrera Liner, a near perfect purply bronze liner pencil combo, of which I have five backups (yes, I love it that much).

On that dark, dismal day I wear that last stick down to the nub, you’ll find me huddled in a corner somewhere, rocking back and forth as glittery tears stream down my cheeks in slow motion…

2. The bad breakup

When I fall head over heels for a product, but it ends up giving me breakouts, WAH!

Happened a while back with Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation… It’s been years, but I’m still not over it. If you can wear it, you’re so, so lucky!

3. Packaging woes

This last one is rather specific, but it’s on my mind because I wore the product yesterday, and it made me grit me my teeth. You know MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer? It’s the bomb dot com when it comes to concealing dark circles, right? But the packaging — it comes in a small glass bottle with a pump — drives me absolutely batty.

The pump has a hair trigger. It’s super touchy, and I always end up dispensing way too much product.

OK, but then when the bottle is running low, it’s hard to get to the last drops, because MAC affixed the cap in a way that doesn’t let you unscrew it. So you can’t open it up. You’re kindastora forced to get a new bottle, even though you know there’s still a good amount of product left in there.


So, beauty pet peeves! Let’s discuss. What are your top three? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Darbie says:

    Lighting issues with pigment. Natural light with one of my favorite BB creams, looked awesome in Hawaii. I get back and use with indoor lighting and it looks like I rolled it on. I have the exact opposite issue with one of my full coverage foundations.

  2. Ellen says:

    Pet peeves:
    1. SHINE (the oily type). Shiny face. Shine everywhere.
    2. Eyeliners that take forever to dry and therefore transfer to my upper lid.
    3. Foundation that oxidizes – ack!

    Happy friday! I love your ring – where is it from??

  3. Darbie says:

    Lighting issues with pigment. Natural light with one of my favorite BB creams, looked awesome in Hawaii. I get back and use with indoor lighting and it looks like I rolled it on. I have the exact opposite issue with one of my full coverage foundations.

  4. Know what, Karen, I actually BREAK the bottle of the Pro Longwear concealer just to get all the product out. I once cut my hand doing it. How crazy is that huh? It’s silly that we have to resort to such measures. Just put in a tube, MAC, c’mon! lol 🙂
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … My current make-up & beauty wish list

  5. Darbie says:

    Ack and people who hit submit twice. How do I delete a comment?

  6. Audrey says:

    1. Visible foundation
    2. Lipstick that goes all over the edges of the tube at the top. You know what I mean? It happens frequently with my Revlon Lip Butters.
    3. Scents – I know this is a plus for many, but going near Benefit’s Bella Bamba gives me a headache. Same with Chanel blushes
    Audrey recently posted … My Top 8 Lip Colors For the Perilously Pale (or anyone who has lips!).

  7. Karen – 5 backups does not seem crazy, its genius! No questions asked if you find a HG products you stock up.

    One of my beauty pet peeves is running down low on the Maybelline Fit Me Stick tube.. I can see so much product in the tube but I can’t turn it up any more and I feel like I am losing out on a lot of product stuck down there. Not fun.
    thebeautybadger recently posted … Wanna See My Latest Mascara? It’s L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

  8. Natalie says:

    I’ve never had a fave product discontinued! I bought a back up for the first time this year, with MAC Silver Dawn, that’s how in love with that colour I am!

    Shea Butter in 90% of moisturiser…. I’m allergic!
    Nail polish that chips the day after you apply. Grrr.
    And finally… black gel eyeliner that isn’t opaque!

  9. Kristen T-D. says:

    1. A lack of base or top coat when doing a manicure. When I do my friends nails and they tell me they skip those steps I am personally offended and hurt. IT’S SO IMPORTANT.
    2. SHINE. Although, I’ve been good the last few months.
    3. Finding the right size refills for my eyelash curler. Without fail, they are always a tad bit too short.

  10. Andrea says:

    1. Concealer settling into the lines under my eyes… I’m only
    24 and my eyes look 74!
    2. Lip products in general – I can’t seem to wear
    glosses/lipsticks without lip balm underneath, no matter how
    moisturizing they are!
    3. People that wear eyeshadow and/or liner, but no mascara! It
    is so important to complete a look; but then again, I’m a
    total mascara junkie (maybe I’m the one with the problem)!

  11. Shannon says:

    1) When lip products give me that “white line” that forms where your lips connect… BLECH
    2) When mascara somehow migrates to the under-the-eye region
    3) When volumizing hair products only last half the day (SO annoying!)

  12. Natalie says:

    When anything doesn’t blend well! I hate having harsh lines.
    Natalie recently posted … NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette Rocks My Socks

  13. Lilly says:

    1. Makeup that either smudge or disappear within 1 hour of application. What’s the point?
    2. Matte/lifeless looking skin
    3. this is a repeat of #1, but SMUDGED eyeliner!!!!

  14. K.B. says:

    1) Anything that claims to “mattify.” That just means I’ll only have to use 2 blotting sheets twice a day instead of 3 or 4 blotting sheets twice a day.

    2) The lighting in stores that sell makeup. Why is this so difficult? For as bad as department store lighting is, Sephora’s lighting is THE. WORST. I’ve learned the hard way to ask for samples from Sephora sales associates because they always, always “match” me a shade too dark and WAY too yellow.

    3) This probably doesn’t count, but when people complain about a makeup product having low SPF/no SPF. You should not be relying on moisturizers, primers, foundations, etc. for your sun protection needs, because you don’t apply enough of that product to get enough protection from the sun. Please apply a separate SPF in the mornings if you’re planning on leaving your residence that day, regardless of how much time you plan on being outside.

  15. Alison M says:

    1) Saying there are rules to makeup. That’s like saying there are rules for art.
    2) Shade matching. Brands should make all face products easy to shade match. They need to give a description or SOMEthing to help a sister out.
    3) Packaging. It can totally make a stellar product not worth it.
    Alison M recently posted … NARS Final Cut Collection: New Attitude Blush and Villa Lante Satin Lip Pencil Review and Swatches

  16. Cassy says:

    Mine would be:

    Formula Changes – This happens more to me with skincare than anything. I will find a moisturizer I love and then 3 bottles later I’m like why on Earth did I like this again?

    Product Longevity – This is very specifically about liquid liners that we will not call Stila Stay All Day which I LOVE because they are a minty green and they are amazing and then 3 days later they seem basically dried out despite being stored properly. And then the ensuing 2 more times the same thing happens.

    Limited Edition Anything – I’m a baby. I hate having to work for things. I don’t want to have to stay up until 4 am stalking websites. And then when I do manage to get something there is the struggle on how many to buy because if I love it and I didn’t get a backup, then I better only use it once a year but if I hate it I will inevitably have bought 3 backups.
    Cassy recently posted … Sensible Makeup for a Dr.’s Appt

  17. Tatiana says:

    I hate limited edition products. It takes me forever to decide and by the time I decide I want it, it’s all sold out. Sigh. And of course, I never saw the BECCA Cabrera Liner and with my green eyes, I’m now lusting over it.
    I also hate foundation that oxidizes. Oompa Loompa is just not a good look.

  18. Sylirael says:

    Mine are quite specific, I guess!

    1. Milky or pastel lip products (especially glosses) that sink heavily into lip lines. I cannot imagine that that didn’t happen in product testing, but they keep trying to sell them anywyay!

    2. Eyeliners that transfer to the upper lid after they’re dry – if they’re touted as a long wearing formula.

    3. ‘Nude’ lipsticks that are actually shades of unnatural chalky beige/pink/orange.

    I could probably go on 😛 but those are the 3 that immediately spring to mind! 😛
    Sylirael recently posted … Beauty and Grit: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in Peach Parfait, Wild Watermelon and Sweet Tart

  19. fancie says:

    1. Foundations without pumps. I like that I’ll be able to get the last few drops out but I doubt I’ll be finishing a foundation any time soon so I’d rather not deal with the mess and waste that comes with open foundation bottles.

    2. Definitely eyeliners that take too long to dry! I have hooded lids so it’ll be all over my eyes if it takes too long to set

    3. Polish that takes too long to dry. I think all formulas should be quick dry by now lol. I’m constantly smudging my nails
    fancie recently posted … MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

  20. Julie Greenwood says:

    1. Makeup that smells “off” before it should be expired (I’m talking to you Nars lip gloss)
    2. Shade matching – I could foundation, conceal, and powder a small, pale Army with my “misses”
    3. Red lipstick – most of it turns pink on me.

  21. Erin says:

    1. The powder/foundation blot that gets on my phone screen if I hold it too close;
    2. Makeup companies reintroducing a color that is the same color as one they discontinued, but now it has a different name and I can’t match them easily;
    3. When I see someone failing hard with a makeup look that they’ve been wearing for literally decades, but not in a vintage/retro/flashback way. In a “I forgot to look around and notice that the matte white lipstick never ever worked on someone with my skintone” way.

  22. Kendra says:

    Karen, if you know anyone in UK or Europe to buy Cabrera for you, it’s £2.99 on http://www.directcosmetics.com. I’ve used them & they are great, as I’ve recently bought lots of Becca from them, as it’s so cheap 😀

  23. Iris says:

    1. Limited edition products which quickly run out in store and are marked up on eBay.
    2. Packaging which breaks long before the product runs out or hinders product use.
    3. Products which don’t work or even make issues worse (Nars Pore Refining Primer made my skin look greasy. I’m glad it was a free sample).

  24. Diana says:

    1. Beauty products that come with new formula that doesn’t suit my skin.
    2. Beauty products that give my skin beauty boost but give pimples/redness after using 2 or 3 bottles.
    3. Leave-on conditioner. I have dry hair but leave-on conditioner is way too oily for my hair.

  25. Deanna says:

    1. Mascara that smudges when I laugh a lot. Why am I being punished for laughing?!

    2. Skin care products that claim they are for delicate/sensitive skin, but burn like crazy when applied. This has happened to me quite a few times.

    3. Awesome products that are always sold out. This drives me crazy!

  26. Daniel says:

    1.- NOTHING fitting my NC-42-ish skintone. I’m… too yellow for almost everything.

    2.- Fallout, feathering, bleeding. Makeup is supposed to stay in place unless you smudge it!! I hate having glitter all over my face, it triggers my anxiety, and I’ve resorted to SCRUBBING my face with paper towels and hand soap to remove it (when I’m at the office, for example) …this later irritates my sensitive skin, and leads to breakouts… which leads to my dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking) flaring up. That means: color bleeding = skin bleeding. NOT GOOD.

    3.- Lining lips with a color WAY DARKER than the lipstick. I’ve seen people lining theirs lips with BLACK eyeliner and then using just lip balm over it.

  27. Kristyn says:

    My pet peeves:
    -mascara that smudges
    -foundation that oxidizes
    -lipstick color that looks different on my lips than in the packaging

  28. Marisa says:

    1) Foundation that look thick, caky and unnatural.
    2) Mascara that causes lashes to look clumpy.
    3) Lip colors that fade within a hour or so of application. 🙁
    Marisa recently posted … Chantecaille “The Evening” Duo Review

  29. Chelsea says:

    1. When I find a foundation formula I really like but they don’t make a color that matches my extremely fair, neutral toned skin. Looking at you Urban Decay Naked Skin!

    2. The fact that my cheeks seem to eat blush, because nothing lasts on me!

    3. Weird scents or strong scents in lip products. So many lippies I would never wear because of flowery scents.

  30. – Limited shades especially with base makeup
    – Lipstick/eye liner that bleeds or feathers
    – Black liner that applies sheer

    I have the same issue with the MAC Pro longwear concealer Karen. I’ve now completely switched to Clinique Even Better Concealer – its amazing! Creamy formula, full coverage and wears long! You should give it a try!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Friday Favorites #1

  31. 80sChicwithglasses says:

    1. Limited Edition! I know not everything can be permanent, but it never fails that I try something, fall in love and it’s gone because it was limited edition!

    2. Glitter…. I’m well into my 30’s and refuse to go to work looking like Edward when he steps into the sun! Every once in a while a bit of glitter on the eyes will do, but not everywhere. Not in my bronzer, blush, eyeliner or even foundation (revlon photoready I’m talking to you).

    3. Oddly scented products. I can love the color of something, but for me floral or play dough scented products completely turn my stomach and make me not want to use them. For example: Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks. LOVE the color, HATE the scent! I have maybe 2 lipsticks and it’s a shame because the formula, pigmentation, etc… are all wonderful, except the darn scent!

  32. Erin says:

    1. Oxidizing Foundation
    2. Break-outs from products
    3. Limited edition items (I’m looking at you, NARS)
    4. Overly scented products
    5. Rubber Mascara Wands (please tell me I’m not alone!)
    6. Ranges not making pale or dark shades in all undertones.
    7. Lip products that cause peeling lips

    I could think of more, but I don’t want to sound persnickety!
    Erin recently posted … The MOST Important Diet Philosophy: The 80/20 rule and how it can transform your eating!

    • Amy says:

      I think I know what you’re talking about with the rubber mascara wand. I tried Covergirl Clump Buster or whatever it was (green tube) and the brush was spiky and the first time I applied it felt like a scratched up my inner eyelids. It was awful. Normal brushes ftw.

  33. Polarbelle says:

    KAREN!!! You are not going to believe this!!!! I just noticed that the ampersand in your logo has cat ears! It’s a cat! Has it always been that way?
    Polarbelle recently posted … Check Out My Awesome Rain Boots

  34. Juliana Glumac says:

    I agree with you about the MAC Prolongwear concealer. Also I hate the fact it is made of glass because I dropped mine the other day and it smashed. It cost $36 Australian dollars. Was not happy!!

  35. Amy says:

    1. Breakouts from products. Although my skin is finally acting normal lately…
    2. Ghosty looking foundation/powder. I mean, I’m white as snow, but I recently tried Bare Minerals original powder and went out that same night and in every photo I looked like Casper.
    3. Brow pencils for blonde that are waaaay too red. A lot of companies seem to do this. Taupe is not red! I always want to trade up and try the expensive brow pencils, but the little Covergirl (or is it Maybelline?) shortie brow pencils that come in a set of 2 are my go-to. Thank god they’re cheap and last forever.
    4. DRY SHAMPOO. I’ve tried two drugstore brands (tresemme and Suave) and they make my hair feel disgusting and chalky, even when I apply it as directed 🙁

  36. Erin says:

    1. Oxidizing products – I have oily skin so it can happen fast and I end up looking like an orange without even knowing. Soooo embarrassing.

    2. Creasing – I have oily lids but usually with primer I am okay. If it creases even after I used the primer, I growl. GRRRRR!!!!

    3. I am gonna go with irritation for my third. I bought a mascara that looked great on, but within the hour, my eyes were so irritated, that I couldn’t keep rubbing at them, thus smearing my makeup everywhere.

    • Chelsea says:

      I hate that with mascara. YSL was the worst, but Guerlain Cils D’Enfer was bad too. And pretty much any Maybelline mascara I’ve tried.

      My eyes itch enough on their own anyway.

  37. StrayCat says:

    Only three?

    1. First and foremost, I resent deeply cosmetic advertisements that are so photoshopped and computer altered that the real live products could never give the look or perform the miracles claimed like the ad. Worst offender….mascara ads in which the models obviously have on false eyelashes and the entire image has been digitally perfected with ridiculously long perfect unreal looking lashes. SLAP!

    2. Packaging purposely designed to cheat the purchaser out of product and causing them to buy it more often. GGGRRR!!!

    3. Limited Editions….WTH? Stop with this elitist marketing technique. It pits woman against woman. And that makes me mad. KARATE CHOP!

    4. Discontinuing best selling products. This is a real head scratcher. If a marketing dept. would like to explain the reasoning behind discontinuing best selling products, I’d be happy to listen. Until then….KICK!

    5. Heavily or weirdly scented products. Everyone on the planet is allergic. So just stop it. AAACHOO!

    6. When makeup gets a bad rap because of the crimes women perform with it. I just hate to see ugly, scary, weird faces drawn on by women who desperately need some professional help from someone who knows how to use makeup. I want to scream…don’t blame the makeup! KA-POW!

    I could go on…..but I’ve run out of expletives.

  38. Angel says:

    Well, since you asked…:)

    1. I loathe fragrance in skincare and makeup. Why on earth does an eye cream need to smell like perfume? I will never understand it. Many people are sensitive to fragrance on their face, others avoid it for health concerns and migraine triggers. Either way, our ranks are growing and cosmetic companies need to adapt or continue to lose customers. I seriously can’t use skincare by L’ancome for this specific reason.

    2. Silicone in acne products. So many people, myself included, break out from silicones. Why it would be included in a product intended to clear your skin boggles my mind.

    3. Sigh. Discontinuing well loved products. I will still never forgive MAC for getting rid of Strada blush. It was the perfect blush AND contour for us pale chicks. I have three backups, and when they’re gone, I’m screwed.

  39. Ana says:

    1. Mascara advertisements: Seriously … That lashes look so photoshoped/fake I can’t believe there’s really a mascara that would do that.

    2. People with tattooed eyebrows or eyeliner: I know some bad cases of scary thin tattooed brows… And man! They give a look of an angry face… Just DON’T do that for God’s sake!!! As for eyeliner, How boring to wear black eyeliner for the rest of your life, gimme some colors girl!

    3. People that actually wear tester lipsticks and mascaras: Two words: ewwww germs.

  40. Kim says:

    I agree with product disappointment. Whether it’s something that breaks me out or something that I’ve wanted for a long time, then finally buy, and realize that it doesn’t look good on me. Such a bummer. 🙁

    I also have a product-specific pet peeve. I tried the Algenist serum (Sephora’s 10 day test) and loved it. I was actually ready to believe in skin miracles. When I bought the full size, it just wasn’t the same. I’m not sure if there was a formulation difference between the samples and the actual product or if my skin “got used to it” but it was very expensive and I was pretty disappointed. Sigh.

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