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My goodness, girl, what is going on around here with these winds blowing through Northern California? We’ve been seeing steady 10-20mph gusts nonstop since Friday. There are tree branches, leaves, lawn chairs and other odds and ends strewn about everywhere outside — the place is a mess!


The other night El Hub sprung out of bed three times at different sounds he’d heard in the night, assuming in that way that only boys do (God love ’em) that he was hearing someone breaking into the house, when it was just the wind knocking things around. Tabs, of course, was absolutely no help in the guard cat department. He claims his contract doesn’t extend to personal security…

What did you end up doing yesterday? I only managed to take care of some of my laundry and chores, so after my bro’s girlfriend’s graduation this morning, it’s right back to more chores for me!

I don’t mind, though. I’m still riding a high from the makeup and beauty products we talked about last week, and here are a few of my favorites of the bunch:

MAC Pro Longlash Mascara for a Flirty Fringe in a Flash

MAC Pro Longlash mascara“I’m in love with MAC Pro Longlash (I hope El Hub understands) — the dark color, the degree to which it lengthens and thickens, the lack of clumping and how quickly it dries. Plus, the price is totally right!”

Sandal-Ready Feet in a Week? That’s Quite a Feat. My Tow-Up Tootsies Test Drove Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme“After one week with this thick, greasy cream, I wouldn’t say my feet are foot fetish worthy yet, but I do think I’m back to being able to wear flip-flops without feeling self-conscious. My heels aren’t as cracked or dry as they were, and there’s a definite decline in skin scaliness around the tops of my feet and toes. ”

Illamasqua Blush in Lover Is Like a Coral on the Hush

Illamasqua Blush in Lover“Lover’s one of 15 blushes in the Illamasqua permanent line and made its way into US Sephora stores last year. It behaves a lot like the other Illamasqua blushes I’ve tried. Not only is it pigmented and blendable, but it also lasts a good amount of time, both in terms of wear time and because of the size of the pan.”

MAC To The Beach: A Bit of Blue for a Rainy Spring Day

MAC To The Beach: A Bit of Blue for a Rainy Spring Day“Today I’m wearing my new ‘I’m living in complete denial about the weather’ makeup look, which features gold, peach, coral, blue and bronze. Even though it still makes use of some of the brighter colors from the MAC To The Beach collection (among other things like these and this), I think it’s a little daytime-friendlier than the orange and green liner look I tried last weekend.”

Tuesday Beauty Tips: Being Resilient

Tuesday Beauty Tips: Being Resilient“Like sailing, life has its ups and downs. One minute you’re cruising along at a good clip, the wind at your back; next minute it’s like you’re beating back a storm, flailing with your arms and legs just to tread water! Because the seas aren’t always smooth sailing, it pays to be resilient.”

Office Makeup: How to Look Polished and Professional at Work

Office Makeup: How to Look Polished and Professional at Work“Looking competent and professional is incredibly important. Although that might mean putting down the glittery eyeliner, it doesn’t have to mean bare-faced beauty. Studies have shown that women who wear make-up to work are more likely to get promoted. The trick is finding a look that enhances your natural beauty.”

The Body Shop Nomadic Goddess Baked Powder Bronzer in Warm Glow Is First to Leave the Party

The Body Shop Nomadic Goddess Baked Powder Bronzer in Warm Glow“The Body Shop says they make this and their other powder products by hand, baking them in terracotta discs that bind the pigments together. I can see it now… men and women dressed like cooks in a kitchen, covered from head to toe in excess powder! I love the idea, and I think it makes their powder products that much more special.”

Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner: So Smooth It’s Almost Criminal

Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner“For starters, like MAC Technakohls, Nourishing Eyeliners have skinny twist-up pencil tips, which makes ’em fab for drawing thin, precise lines. Neutrogena was also kind enough to add a built-in smudger and sharpener with each one, a convenient and welcome touch.”

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    Hey Karen! Wow, it sounds like the weather is crazy there! Be careful if you go outside – you don’t want to get nailed with a sailing trash can or something! I recently got back from a trip to Punta Cana, which was the windiest place I have every been! Some days were totally insanely windy!

    Yesterday I had lunch with my in-laws and then did boring errands (oil change, car wash, gas, target for boring stuff, etc.). Last night we watched Up in the Air on the couch!

    I’ll have to give that foot cream a try – I do go coo coo for anything coconut, lol! That coral blush looks great too!

  2. Nina says:

    After we got back from our trip, I just buckled down and got the laundry started. After folding, we just made a quick pasta w/ garlic, butter and parsley for dinner.

    I just vegged and watched the Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe season finales soon after that!.

    I might pick up some of that tea for the Hubs. He finds it a bit hard to settle down and sleep in the evenings – maybe that will help! 🙂

  3. holly says:

    The wind out there has been INSANE! I’m coming out in a few weeks (first trip to Cali!) to visit my dad who’s living out in San Fran for work. I was on the phone with him on Friday to touch bases and run some ideas of things to do by him, he was walking to Safeway to pick up some groceries and I have not a damn clue what we discussed because of the wind. I’ve lived in New York, which I equate to living in a wind tunnel, and I’ve never had such a hard time hearing someone in my life.

    I was totally intrigued by the Body Shop bronzer, but I’m a little terrified of anything that has ‘bronzer’ in it’s name because of my super fair skin.

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