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This was kind of a good week for color, yah? I wasn’t expecting so much from Clinique Brandied Bronze, but that palette alone has my summer basically covered. And then there was MAC’s brighter-than-bright Just Add Colour Lipglass… I could barely take my eyes off it long enough to write the post!


How about you? What was your favorite product this week, and what are you MOST looking forward to now? I feel like going MAC To The Beach…

MAC’s Calling, and They Want You to Just Add Colour

“Limited edition Just Add Colour shimmers by herself as the lone Lipglass in the approaching Prep For Colour collection… Perfect for spring/summer. The color begins with a bold, highly pigmented POP, but it wears down over the day into a surprisingly natural dark pink.”

Next Stop: Essie Resort 2010 and Nail Polish Paradise

“Not only did Essie’s new Resort 2010 collection knock my socks off, but then it picked them up and ran away. I mean, I usually like the things Essie comes out with, but I haven’t been this stoked about one of their releases since Neon 2008!”

MAC Studio Fix Lash, A Haiku Review

Somebody pinch me because I must be dreaming. A $13 mascara from MAC that works this well? What’s the secret? MAC says it’s the mousse! And short, stubby lashes don’t stand a chance. 🙂

Tokidoki Kabuki Brush, A Haiku Review

I don’t know if you’re into the Tokidoki style like I am, but I’ve been drooling all over the new makeup line at Sephora. The new Kabuki brush is more than just a masterpiece of cute! — its good looks belie a highly useful powder/bronzer brush with long, soft bristles that distribute product over a wide area.

It’s Time for a Summer Romance with Clinique Brandied Bronze

“Brandied Bronze’s beige, bronze, gold, teal, purple and pink are so spot on that if Ryan Reynolds asked me to go on a three month surf vacation with him, I could foreseeably make it through the entire trip with just this palette, a single cream blush, waterproof mascara and a tube of MAC Nymphette.”

NARS Cactus Flower: A Bloomingly Blendable Blush

“Cactus Flower’s one of eight cream blushes in the NARS permanent makeup line. The texture feels slightly thinner than MAC and Illamasqua cream blushes to me, and I think that’s part of the reason why it’s so smooth and easy to blend. It makes the lazy beast in me dance jigs whenever I put it on because of how little work it takes to use…”

Have You Tried Boots Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes?

“I just love the way they smell and feel; the light, soothing scent reminds me of baby powder. Super soft, they don’t cause my skin to tighten up after using them, and they don’t leave a greasy residue, either. When it comes to removing most types of makeup, they get the job done…”

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  1. Kate says:

    MAC’s Just Add Colour lipglass. I ordered it after seeing the swatch on this site. I’m really looking forward to MAC To The Beach as well!

  2. Nina says:

    I cant wait for that Lipglass!!!

  3. Zenaida says:

    I can’t wait for the Mac To the Beach collection!!! I really was also shocked by Clinique’s Brandied Bronzed pallette, it may be my next to do item. I’m a new nail fanatic and haven’t gotten to try anything from Essie, but this Resort collection might just be added to my mini collection!.

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