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Makeup and Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup

Good morning, fellow beauty babe. How’s it going today? Did you do anything fun yesterday?


I didn’t get to a whole lot of the things I wanted to get to around the house yesterday, like housecleaning and grocery shopping, but I did manage to go for a nice hike with El Hub. Fun took precedence over function.

Oh, what do you know about cat cafes…? Yes, this is completely random, but if you come by very often, you’ll know that’s sort of par for the course around here. 🙂

So about cat cafes, apparently they’re popping up all over Japan. They’re places where you pay a reasonable fee for the privilege of spending some time with cats. Here’s an interesting article about ’em (complete with pretty kitty pictures!). Seriously, someone needs to open one here in the U.S. because I know at least a few hundred cat lovers who’d be regular customers, myself included, even if it meant upsetting Tabs… He’d probably say I’m cheating on him.

In other news, here’s a trend (you have to click your region after the link) I never thought would ever again see the light of day. I saw these recently on the American Apparel site.

I remember wearing HUGE bows back in the day… Every girl in my seventh-grade class had one in her hair.

I don’t know, though. Are these supposed to be for grown women? I’m a little confused (and yet intrigued). 🙂

As for food trucks, remember last weekend when I mentioned wanting to make it to Off the Grid (the local food truck jamboree)? It was raining here during the last one, so I missed it, but it’s supposed to be sunny today.

Wish me luck!

A few beauty posts that caught my eye…

  • How to prevent eyeshadow fallout — Kajal Couture
  • Nail art brushes: having the right tools for the job — The Nailasaurus
  • LOVE these cool iPhone cases — society6
  • The Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Grège 734 — The Beauty Look Book
  • Tips to overcome procrastination (I’ll try ’em later, LOL!) — the99percent
  • How to use your camera’s Aperture Priority (sometimes called AV) mode to create awesome blurry background effects — Running on Happiness
  • Four words: Hunger Games sugar cookies — Fictional Food
  • How to cover practically anything on your skin from pimples to red patches — Beauty Editor
  • Good knight! a England’s Order of the Garter is a gorgeous blue nail polish — Nihrida
  • Gotta love a good makeup book: Makeup Makeovers in 5, 10, 15, and 20 MinutesJennysue Makeup
  • The relationship between acne and food — The Beauty Department


A Makeup and Beauty Blog Makeup MonsterFREQUENCY: Rare
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Bronzer Bugbears are huge, slathering ogres with a taste for bronzer. They consume it for the talc and silica, which they need to survive, and also like to roll around in it like elephants do with mud.

Bronzer Bugbears are able to sense the presence of bronzer within a 10-mile radius, but the exact mechanism by which this sense works remains a mystery (it’s not a sense of smell, since Bronzer Bugbears lack noses). Once within range of bronzer or a person wearing it, they attack! — using a special powder puff that all Bronzer Bugbears instinctively know how to construct. After collecting the bronzer, they retreat to their lairs to eat it in peace.

SIZE: Huge (12′ tall)

The Makeup and Beauty Blog Makeup Monsters

Makeup and Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup

Burberry Beauty Spring/Summer 2012Summer in Britain With Burberry Beauty

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes for Spring 2012Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes for Spring 2012

Burberry Beauty Pale Barley EyeshadowBurberry Beauty Pale Barley Eyeshadow in No. 22

MAC A Shade of Red for Every HeartMAC A Shade of Red For Every Heart

Burberry Lip Cover Lipstick for Spring 2012New Pink Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Lipsticks

Essie Navigate Her Nail PolishesThe Essie Navigate Her Nail Polishes

Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting PrimerEstée Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer

Estee Lauder Pure Color BlushesThe Estée Lauder Pure Color Blushes

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Charlotte says:

    I lived in Japan until the summer and I miss cat cafes sooo much. I wish we had one here in Frankfurt. I sometimes say I’ll go and open one myself!!

  2. Nina says:

    oh wow. sunday already! 🙂

    hope yours is great, Karen. 😀

    • Karen says:

      Heya, Nina!

      Happy Sunday to you too. What are you up to today? I’m writing right now… gonna try to make it out to the food trucks soon!

      • Nina says:

        we grilled some ribs and a whole chicken which was loads of fun. i worked out and now im just winding down so i get some sleep later!

        have fun @ the food trucks!!!

  3. Adrienne says:


    That is the cutest idea ever. Someone should do a cat library. It’d be like those awesome bookstores that have a cat, but you could hunker down and read a good book and (cheat on your)/ snuggle a kitty 🙂 Because everyone knows cats and books just go together…

  4. Thanks for the round up, it always remind me of some tips and products I´ve been seeing for the past week! thanks for sharing!

  5. Kim says:

    Oh, my. 80’s flashback with the giant bows. Actually, do you remember the Hello Kitty posters at Sephora (last year?). I realize it’s a younger audience but as I recall, the model was wearing a HUGE bow. It’s definitely a trend I won’t be reliving. Might be fun for the young folks, though. 🙂

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