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Makeup and Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup
Rise and shine, pal o’ mine. 🙂 Happy Sunday. Tabs and I were just chilling out on the back deck with our Starbucks, me with my soy chai latte, and him with his favorite zinnia catnip tea (decaf).

Tabs is so hooked on zinnia right now that if I don’t pull him away from the plants, he’ll reduce one to stubs in about a minute. He’s not very good at gardening.


How’s your weekend coming along? This one’s flying by, isn’t it? I haven’t accomplished much of anything yet, but I did see a movie yesterday that I really liked, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I liked it more than the other remake (the one with Marky Mark) and even the original with Charlton Heston (“Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”). This time the apes are digitally rendered but with their movements and expressions based on real actors and animals using motion capture tech (like Cameron did with the Na’vi in Avatar). Very cool stuff. The facial expressions and emotions for the apes seemed totally real to me. I forgot I was watching digital characters after the first few minutes. Seemed like a big step up from the bulky costumes and special effects makeup used in the earlier films.

So, what was the makeup/beauty highlight of this week for you? Was it a look you saw or tried, or was it a new product? Mine had to be the MAC Me Over stuff (it’s a huge release) and also getting more comfortable with Lloyd…

The Weekly Roundup: Posts You Might Have Missed

Dr. Scholls High Heel Insoles DR. SCHOLL’S HIGH HEEL INSERTS

I trekked all over San Diego late last week and through the weekend in my current sandal crush, a pair of Franco Sarto black leather cork wedges I picked up last summer, and after the first day, my feet felt fine; by the end of the second day, however, my feet and I were beginning to feel a little ‘tow up.

I turned to a pair of Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Inserts (about $8) to restore the spring to my step. They’re basically an adhesive gel insert, like a cushioned sticker, that fit into high heels to hopefully make them more comfortable. Read more…


“I wonder if I’m burning enough calories to get a cupcake.” That’s the thought that kept going through my head in San Francisco this afternoon as I shivered on my way to and from a late work lunch. It was freezing in the city! And all I had on was a dress, a light jacket and sandals.

Not good.

It’s my own dang fault for forgetting how chilly SF can get in August… On my way home, I stopped by Neiman Marcus to warm my heart with new fall makeup, specifically a yummy Le Métier eyeshadow kaleidoscope kit with pretty purples and bronzes (I’ll post a pic soon).

Before I headed into the city, I tried on some of the Lipglasses from the upcoming MAC Me Over collection. These are $14.50 each ($17.50 CDN) and arrive on counter a little later this month. Read more…

Conair Velvet Touch Medium Nylon Brush SHE BANGS, WITH THE CONAIR VELVET TOUCH

Greetings from Novato! Sorry I’ve been MIA today, holmes. My flight was delayed out of sunny San Diego, so I spent the better part of this afternoon sitting at my departure gate while a non-stop serenade of saxophone-heavy airport muzak did its best to drive me insane.

Too late! Needless to say, after three hours of relentless Kenny G., I was a tad grumpy, but I feel a million times better now that I’m back home with Tabs.

Shoot, I think he was even happy to see me…or maybe he just thinks he’s gonna get gravy tonight (he is). Read more…


Kiss me, you impetuous fool! But wait — let me apply my lipstick first.

Just some quick swatches of a few of the lipsticks from the upcoming MAC Me Over collection on NC42 lips/skin (arriving on North American counters Aug. 25; internationally this September).

I left Tabs with specific instructions to swatch and post anything MAC-related while I was gone, but because he’s a cat, he never listens to a word I say.

You know how it goes. Read more…

Make Up For Ever Smoky Couleur ALL EYES ON THE MAKE UP FOR EVER

Hey, baby, what’s your sign?

No, I’m not throwing you a cheesy pickup line. I’m just curious. I’m a Gemini, by the way, and while I probably wouldn’t make major life decisions based entirely on the stars, I like to imagine that they play a role in our lives.

I actually feel very connected to my sign; Geminis are supposed to be good communicators and are said to have dual personalities. I’m still working on the communication part as far as expressing things like frustration and anger in constructive ways (gotta stop slamming doors when I get fussy), but the dual personality thing describes me to a tee! — especially when it comes to makeup.

Some days I prefer bolder eye looks; others, like today, I prefer to take it easier with something mellow, perhaps something using products from the new Make Up For Ever Smoky Couleur collection, for example. Read more…

BlogHer 2011 Video Scripting and Storyboarding for Writers BLOGHER 2011: VIDEO STORYBOARDING

This class and that one on writing the other day were absolutely my favorites of BlogHer 2011, but I missed the first 30 or so minutes of this one, which, based on the part of the class I actually was present for, I’m assuming was the part that covered storyboarding and scripting.

LOL! I may have missed the titular topics, but I was present for a really fantastic discussion on video blogging.

The two speakers are very accomplished video bloggers/podcasters, and I think I might try to connect with them again.

Here’s a video from one of the speakers, Corrine. Isn’t it fantastic? Read more…

Easy Travel Makeup with a Clear Pencil Case BE A GOOD STUDENT OF TRAVEL MAKEUP

Stop letting lost tubes of lipgloss languish at the bottom of your luggage on trips. Next time you travel, keep them and the rest of your makeup safe and sound (and organized) in a clear pencil case. With back-to-school season coming up, you might even be able to find them on sale.

I’d been using Urban Decay’s voluminous Quinceañera makeup bag to store my face paint on my last couple of trips because of how wonderfully cute and spacious it is (fits all of my foundation, eyeshadows, brushes AND the kitchen sink), but it was a little tricky locating specific products buried within the roomy bag.

I usually ended up just dumping the contents on the bed and sifting through the pile. Not a great system, and it was only matter of time before something rolled off the bed only to get accidentally left behind. Read more…


I don’t know what I did to lose their support, but at some point over the past few weeks, my brows decided to stage a coup. A chunk of my left brow just didn’t come to work one day, like it decided, “That’s it! Game over.” Now I have a brow bald spot, and I’m really not sure how it happened.

Then a group of longish witch hairs rode into town one night, probably detecting an opportunity to seize power. I call them “Kool and the Gang.” There may be someone, somewhere out there who finds insubordinate, mutinous brows alluring, but I’m not crazy about the look.

I would have reached for my Benefit Instant Brow pencil to restore balance to my brows, but I used the last of it a few weeks ago.

Perfect excuse to visit Sephora to look for something new. Read more…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jessi says:

    So has Tabs moved on from the basil or did he eat all of that? you should take a picture of him munching on the plants!

    The highlights of my week have to do with buying things, haha. Beauty-wise I bought the UD 15th Anniversary palette and I’m super excited about it. And not beauty related, I finally bought a Kindle. I’ve only had it for a day but I already love it! Makes it so much easier reading in bed without having to hold big bulky books.
    Jessi recently posted … Rainbows on Crack(le)!

  2. Jenn says:

    Can’t wait for the MAC Me Over collection to come out! 🙂
    Jenn recently posted … Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick: 587 Dior Kiss, 554 It Pink

  3. Shannon says:

    Super excited for MAC Me Over although it won’t be in South Africa till September…which is good since I’ve blown the beauty budget for this month!

    Highlight: finally found the perfect pink lipstick/gloss combination for me: Benefit’s Lady’s Choice with MAC’s Fashion Scoop. LOVING it.

    Other highlight–or lowlight, rather–is that my 15-year-old foster son (who still lives in the US) broke his collarbone and dislocated his shoulder playing football. Reminds me of my soccer-playing days! At least I was able to advise him on the most comfortable positions to sleep in when you’ve broken bones you can’t cast.

  4. Nina says:

    another weekend gone! time flies!

  5. Sabrina says:

    I love lazy weekends …..just came back from a invigorating class of ZUMBA..its raining here in up state ny ..just as well I likes days like these…

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