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Makeup and Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup

Rise and shine, morning glory. 🙂


It was so warm and snuggly in bed this morning that I didn’t want to get up. The weather here took a bizarre turn a few days ago, falling quickly from 108F on Wednesday to about 65 yesterday and today.

Blast these silly Bay Area microclimates! I want more summer, stat!

What’s your game plan for today? I never did make it to that movie yesterday (Scott Pilgrim), but hopefully I do today… I did, however, watch Gattaca for the first time, and holy double helix, Batman! — what a great sci-fi flick!

The director, Andrew Niccol, is also directing Stephenie Meyer’s The Host (due out next year!). Now I have much higher hopes for that.

So how are things going with you? What was your favorite makeup of the week? Did you try anything new?

Here are some of the things we’ve talked about lately… I’m not sure which one was my favorite. There’s the obvious, MAC Fabulous Felines, but I’m actually leaning toward those NYX Studio Effect Liquid Liners even more.


Keep your cool kitten eyes peeled for the Superslick Liquid Eye Liners ($17.50). Available in nine shades, these innovate long-wearing, water-resistant liners actually look wet when they’re dry, and Tabs thinks they’re the cat’s meow.

Today while he napped (apparently, fabulous felines require a lot of sleep), I took a look at eight pieces from the collection. First up, the Pigment in Blood Line ($19.50). Simply put, I love this purplish brown loose powder shadow. It’s smooth, with just a hint of shimmer, and I bet it would rock the socks off of looks featuring plum or brown smokey eyes. Read more…

Lorac Close Up Real Life to Red Carpet Eye Tutorial KitLORAC REAL LIFE

If happy hours, ramen noodles, party crashing, mac and cheese, Taco Bell bean burritos and Totino’s frozen pizzas are fixtures of your college life (like they were mine!), take a little look at LORAC. Their $36 Close Up Real Life to Red Carpet Eye Tutorial Kit has “I’m a [hawt] broke college student” written all over it.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to buy books in college… YIKES! I guess I didn’t get the memo about every thick, hella boring science textbook costing an arm and a leg, and maybe it was out of a desire to prevent that same kind of eye-bulging sticker shock that LORAC came up with the idea.

The kit makes it easy to go from lunch in the campus cafeteria to a look ready for dinner and a movie. For $36 you get four full-size LORAC all-star products — a primer, a mascara, an eyeshadow trio and a liner — along with a small dual-tipped eye brush and a tutorial booklet with step-by-step directions for three different looks. Bought separately, the liner, primer and shadow trio by themselves (not including any of the other cool stuff) would cost almost twice as much as the entire kit. Read more…

NYX Studio Effect Liquid LinerNYX STUDIO EFFECT

Hey, boo. Howzit? Sorry if I’ve seemed a little distracted lately, but I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much time as possible with my in-laws before they head back to Hawaii on Friday. Yup, it’s been an interesting beauty balancing act — trying to be a considerate host while also being biologically incapable of resisting makeup for more than a few hours at a time, ha!

But like any self-respecting member of the Borg collective knows, “resistance IS futile.” Keeping this beauty fiend away from her makeup is like trying to keep Tabs away from gravy (read: hard). Today I even locked myself away in the bathroom for an hour just to be alone with the new NYX Studio Liquid Liners ($4.50 each). Read more…

MAC Fabulous Felines SwatchesMAC FABULOUS FELINES

Tabs couldn’t sleep at all last night and woke me up at 3 this morning like a kid on Christmas morning. MAC Fabulous Felines pounced onto counters nationwide today (and international counters next month), and he wanted to make sure we made it to the mall.

We did. 🙂

Of the collection’s three color stories, Leopard Luxe was the one we’ve both been looking forward to the most (lots of warm corals and golds)…not that Burmese Beauty and Palace Pedigreed don’t also look interesting.

Despite its name, the collection isn’t just for fellow feline enthusiasts. If warm golds and corals sing on your skin/fur, get your paws on Leopard Luxe; if cool plums, pinks and blues crook your tail, consider Palace Pedigreed; and if you prefer to party with a mixed crowd, try Burmese Beauty’s blend of greens, taupes and browns. Read more…

Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine GlosstickJEMMA KIDD

Some cats possess talent; others are possessed by it. When that happens, as the great Rod Serling once said, “a talent becomes a curse.”

Imagine, if you would, a cat with sharp claws resting on an air mattress (the same one you’ve been sleeping on since your in-laws arrived).

This cat has a talent for destruction…and for keeping me awake at night.

As sleep deprived as I’ve been these past two weeks, I’d be a heck of a lot grumpier if it weren’t for Jemma Kidd’s new Hi-Shine Glossticks ($25 each, available in five shades).

Inspired by the beautiful colors of beachy Barbados, these hydrating lipstick/gloss hybrids contain nifty light reflective particles to go with their SPF 15. The particles create the illusion of fuller lips, making them great for gals looking for a little lip boost. Read more…


You know what they say, right? You can take the girl out of the ’90s, but you can’t take the ’90s out of the girl.

Well, I’ve never actually heard that before…but wouldn’t it make an awesome fortune cookie?

Back in the day matte lipstick was my BFF, and I always had at least one in my little black backpack (gawd, remember those?). I loved the look, but dangnabbit those old school matte formulas made my lips dry and flaky!

After all these years, I still love matte lips, and now with uber-moisturizing formulas like the one in new NARS Pure Matte Lipstick ($25), matte lips can be comfy, too (think spaghetti strap dress/baby-T combo, circa 1995).

Available in six shades with spectacular geographic names — Volga (a deep aubergine), Bangkok (a soft rose), Tonkin (a plum), Tere De Feue (a blackish cherry), Tashkent (a nude beige) and Vesuvio (a bold red) — the unscented, unflavored line conditions lips with hydrating vitamin E, wild mango butter and acai oil. Read more…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nina says:

    I held off buying the superslick liners but that gold is calling my name! 😀

    • Karen says:

      You should answer the call! 🙂

      What have you been up to this weekend? I just finished going for a run, and now I’m making spinach salad for lunch and doing laundry.

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