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The Makeup and Beauty Blog Weekly Roundup

The following is an excerpt from an interview that did not appear in Cat Fancy magazine:

I can’t take all the credit, but yeah, I think I was the first person to use the term, “cat aquariums,” this way.

Before that, they were just regular fish aquariums for cats, ya know, to give them something interesting to look at, but then I came with the idea of building really big aquariums filled with cats for crazy cat ladies like me.

This one here is our bestseller. It’s called the Tabby 2000. It’s a 2,000-cubic-foot, lightweight plexiglass enclosure, complete with AstroTurf flooring, a 60-foot-long cat run and dual-cedar climbing trees for $390 (cats not included).

Very popular at birthday parties and farmers’ markets this year…

Oh, that one? That one over there is our portable model, the Micro-Mau. It’s designed for home use. As you can see, it’s about the size of a phone booth. Same AstroTurf flooring, a single cedar climbing tree with seven levels and a perch on top. Perfect for households with one or two cats.

If you’re interested, I can give you a great deal on a floor model. 🙂

Rise and shine, pal o’ mine. Good morning!


Hope all is well on your end of the keyboard. No complaints from here. I slept in a little, and now I’m just fooling around online (as you can see).

I had so much fun with the girls in the city yesterday. I got a nice medium-pressure massage at Bliss (turned out I wasn’t in the mood for deep-tissue) and then tea and yummy food at Samovar.

Not sure what I’m gonna do today. I cleaned the house yesterday before leaving, so I did most of my chores. I might try to go see Snow White and the Huntsman, but it’s such a nice day outside; I’d rather not spend it indoors.

We’ll see. Right now I’m going to take Tabs out for a quick walk. Be back soon. 🙂

Surf’s up! Or, where I’ve been, what I’ve watched and what I’ve been lemming lately

  • Amazing summer foundations for oily skin — Atomic Beautè
  • Can you spot the kittehs in these haunting illustrations? — Maude & Minet
  • This manicure and accompanying makeup look are DOPE — Chalkboard Nails
  • CUTE! I might have to welcome a sleeveless peplum top into my home before summer — Sydne Style
  • If you’re curious about Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm — Beauty Junkies Unite
  • Because you never know when you’ll feel like rocking milkmaid braids… — Beauty Banter
  • Are acetone-free scented nail polish removers trending up? — Fear No Beauty
  • Super pretty eye tutorial showing Sigma Beauty Products at work — From Head to Toe
  • Tabs is always frontin’ and probably wouldn’t admit this himself, but he would totally hang out with these nine delightful library cats — Mental Floss

La vida está afuera.

I just looked up the word “summer” on and my computer started playing this song.

Now where’d I put my big hoops…?

Got this on repeat. Got this on repeat. Got this on repeat.

The posts you might have missed

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The MAC Beth Ditto and Casual Colour Collections The MAC Beth Ditto and Casual Colour Collections

NYX Spring Fling Palette The NYX Spring Fling Palette for Eyes, Cheeks and Lips

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Seven seconds. That’s how long it would take you to enter this weekend’s $50 Sephora eGift card giveaway with a quick one-word comment like, “poop!” Incidentally, that’s one second less than it takes to win a rodeo. 🙂


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  1. musical says:

    Ooh, Tabs! I am madly in love with those eyes and whiskas! Would love to lounge at Samovar again, someday! Today, i am planning to have some meow time (which of course will involve hanging out at Sephora and some noms). And i need to visit a bookstore, any bookstore…It’s so sad that so many bookstores have closed (there weren’t many to begin with, in this area)-but there is something about being at bookstore that’s just so, so relaxing!

    • Karen says:

      Hi, musical. I wholeheartedly agree about bookstores, and they’re disappearing. It’s sad. I do like, and who doesn’t like low prices, right? — but that’s part of the reason bookstores are disappearing.

      What if a bookstore charged a low annual fee, like a Sam’s Club or Costco, where a few dollars/year got you access to the store? That might be one way for more brick ‘n mortar bookstores to stay in business. They need to do something, that’s for sure, before it’s too late.

      • musical says:

        You’re right, Karen-bookstores need to come up with innovative ways to stay in business. For example: Harvard Book Store introduced “Espresso Book Machine”-to instantly print public domain books. Some bookstores have a good cafe’ as a part of the deal, while a few others have fantastic gift shops.The membership fee sounds like a nice idea!

        It was such a treat to be at a bookstore today (chain or not)-I picked the boxed set of 1Q84-easier to carry each book now, instead of the bulky one ;).

  2. Rads says:

    Tabs 😀 😀 He is the cutest :*

  3. Nadège says:

    Tabs totally needs a show or a youtube channel!

    So…I’m loving Big Hoops! Never heard it before 🙂 And I LOVE How We Do. It’s on my summer playlist!

  4. Nina says:

    Another week done – time is just whizzing by, isnt it?

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