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Together, let's unravel the mystery of the world's greatest kitty supermodel!

Together, let’s unravel the mystery of the world’s greatest kitty supermodel!

I’m looking for questions to ask on my upcoming exclusive Q&A interview with acclaimed kitty supermodel Tabs! This is a huge opportunity for me, and I could really use your help coming up with the questions. 🙂

What should I ask?


Should I ask him about his plans for retirement, how he built his kitty modeling empire, how he tightlines his eyes without opposable thumbs or how he feels about crows?

The sky’s the limit.

Leave me your question ideas here in the comments, and I’ll try to squeeze them in during the interview later this week.

Thanks for your help!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Miriam says:

    I have a few questions that I desperately need Tabs input on!

    I have pretty nasty allergies and sensitivities, like all the good things everyone else enjoys and sings about, for instance almonds or heavily fragranced items, are a no go. I need a deep conditioner for my hair (I’m natural with ‘4A’ hair) and since Tabs has such a fabulous fur, perhaps he can recommend something?
    And face moisturizers! With not a line in sight, I just know he’s got some great recommendations.


  2. May says:

    1) How does he get his fur to feel like a new born kitten?
    2) How does he keep in shape?
    3) Has he ever considered venturing into ‘Tabs the Cat kitty therapy’? (I sure could use it)

    Hugs from the Great Up North! *Besos*

  3. shaf says:

    I would like to know:
    Would he ever consider body piercings? Yes/no? Why?
    What are his top 5 beauty products that he simply cannot live without
    What is his advice to aspiring kitty models?


  4. Casey says:

    Tabs! What’s your favorite international city? Favorite claw polish color? Also, how do you feel about blind dates? Tell us about your love life, handsome.

  5. What is Tab’s worst culinary nightmare?
    What is the minimum he gets out of bed for in the morning?
    Does he have any pet peeves? (no pun intended)
    What’s his favorite room in the house?
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  6. Tekoa says:

    Tabs, what is your favourite type of food?
    Have you ever caught “the red dot?”

  7. Kim says:

    Walking the runway takes it’s toll on sensitive kitty paws. How does Tabs keep his pads soft and supple?

    Not all cats are born with unique markings and standout coloring. How can “plain Janes” boost their fur appeal?

    Sometimes even the most talented kitty models have an off day. Assistants have been known to coax performances with toys, laser pens and even gravy. Do you feel this is unfair manipulation or are you a proponent of “do whatever it takes to get the shot”?

  8. Dae says:

    Does Tabs ever get jealous over you and your husbands relationship? And who needs more attention between the two.

  9. Erica says:

    I’m getting all into Tabs’ business. Does Tabs have a significant other? If not, does he date at all? Does he want kittens in the future? What qualities does he look for in a mate? What’s his zodiac sign? What’s on his bucket list?

  10. Erin says:

    1. How did he decide being a model was for him?
    2. What’s his kitty heritage?
    3. What eyeliner he uses for that crisp never fading cate eye?
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  11. ana says:

    1. Is he nice to strangers, will he let them pet him?
    2. Does he shed a lot?
    3. Does he kill other animals like other cats do? Every seen him in action?

  12. kelliegonzo says:

    I was trying to find the link to the post where you told us Tabs’ story and how he came to be yours and I came up empty. Maybe you could link it in your FAQs? Thanks and love Tabs!
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  13. Barbara says:

    Is Tabs single? I have a gorgeous petite kitty named Olive that he may like.

    Is he a mouser?

  14. AMY says:

    I would like to know if Tabs helps you type?

    Does Tabs like silver vine? My Kitties have found it to be oh so wonderful.

    Where does Tabs like to sleep at night and what products he uses before bed?

    What is Tabs favorite toy or type of toy?

    have a great interview!

  15. Shannon says:

    What are Tabs’ go-to healthy treats? And which non-healthy treats can he simply not resist? 🙂

  16. Amy says:

    Ingmar Bergman or Michelangelo Antonioni? Or when it comes to classic flicks, does he prefer foregoing intense foreign films for a frothy 1950s rom-com?

    Who is his favorite tap dancer: Sammy Davis jr. or Savion Glover?

    What was his favorite subject in kitty school? Beauty school? Business school when he got his MBA?

    What kind of investments does tabs prefer: stocks or real estate?

    As a philanthropist, what are his favorite goals and causes?

    Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla?

  17. Krista says:

    Yay! I like this one! I’d like to know if Tabs can do any tricks, like fetch or sit on your face in the morning to wake you up, etc. You know other than being a supermodel. 🙂 Does he also try to chase anything?

  18. Pod says:

    I’m a big fan from the Uk – I’d like to know if I ever had the good fortune to meet him in the fur, would he let me snorgle his belly meat?

  19. musical says:

    How do I get Tabs to be in my dreams, like, every single day?

    OK,some serious stuff here:
    1. Tabs’s favorite books. And what would be the title of Tabs’s first book?
    2. How to fight stress, because, kitty modelling can be so stressful-how does Tabster relax and rejuvenate?
    3. When is he launching his own Instagram?
    4. Is there anything on his assitant’s vanity that he’s particularly attached/attracted to? How does Tabs react to perfumes (janky socks not included?)

    Love and kitty purrs to the most handsome Tabby, ever! <3

  20. Stephanie says:

    Does Tabs drive, or does he have a chauffeur?

    What size shoe does Tabs wear?

    What is his favorite restaurant?

    What are his plans when he retires? Will he launch his own collection?

  21. nlm8 says:

    Tabs, I have 2 questions for you:
    1) what is your favorite longwear lip product?
    2) do you have any cute/funny rituals? Our cat only eats if both sides if food dish are filled lol

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