Sundays Without Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 162

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Dear Diary,


Been a nice, relaxing weekend so far. No runways, raging parties or ridiculous drama. I actually needed some peace and quiet, so I even decided to give my assistant/driver the weekend off.

I know! I’m too kind, but she’ll be very busy next week.

I needed this — this alone time with my kitty thoughts, ya know? Oddly, even though I lack opposable thumbs and am no longer legally allowed to drive, I’ve still gotten quite a few things done…

On Friday night I had a couple of friends over for drinks and appetizers. I served warm turkey Temptations and made this new catnip martini that I saw featured in a recent episode of the Nate Berkus show. Per usual, the Russian Blue from next door got WASTED.

Good times…

And then yesterday I had my masseuse come over and work out the kinks in my back. It wasn’t budgeted…but whatev. It’s a business expense, and I need to be in tip-top condition for napping.

Any other day, I would have had my assistant give me a deep-tissue shiatsu kitty massage, but this new gal, who also moonlights as a pet sitter, did alright. Not my favorite (she had weak fingers), but it got the job done.

Today I just woke up early at around noon, caught up on my subscription to Cat Fancy, and organized my accessories drawer (can’t believe how many ribbons and ties I have now).

That reminds me — my assistant dropped the ball and left for her weekend jaunt without getting my ascot, monocle and top hat, which means I’m still without a decent Halloween costume (planning this whole steam punk theme…).

“Siri, remind me to take care of that tomorrow.”

So, yeah. Not a bad weekend at all. I do kindasorta miss my assistant, though, but don’t tell her that. She can be a little annoying, sure, but she’s reliable and has strong fingers.

The older I get, the more I realize how hard it really is to find good help.

Catch you later,



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  1. Lillie Day says:

    This is so cute, Karen! My little girl, Chopper is loungin at the moment after a roudy night!

  2. Jenn Staz says:

    Oh Tabs you’re do fab. Living the good life! You’re quite the photogenic one.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I love this.
    I think to myself sometimes…
    If my 4 cats could talk.. What would they talk about and how their voices would sound. 🙂

  4. peach_ says:

    Aww, underneath the huskiness is a sweet Tabby… 🙂 I think your assistant misses you too, Tabs!
    peach_ recently posted … Chanel Le Vernis Rose Insolent 489 in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  5. Michelle says:

    You always make me laugh! I just read this whole post to my husband, and he said it sounds like what our cats would say if they could.

  6. Nina says:

    You are such a fab tabby, Tabs! I am so glad you enjoyed your time away from your assistant!

  7. Twyla Munden says:

    I laughed outloud in the office over this blog… thanks cause Mondays in the office need a little laughter!!

  8. Chris25 says:

    I cannot tell Rocky and Jazz about catnip martinis. They’d bug me to no end to make them!

  9. Sarah S. says:

    Aww, I really needed this, made me smile on a tough Monday!

  10. This post made me crack up like crazy! 😀 I laughed when I read about the cat next door getting wasted as usual. Hehe, I’m picturing Tabs having his fancy parties and then the Russian Blue overindulging. 😛
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … eos Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm Review & Pictures

  11. Katie says:

    Haha Tabs, you make me laugh 😀 I’m happy you had such a fun, relaxing weekend!

    My cat Sunny is a Russian Blue and he’s super handsome and charismatic just like you. We live in Boston so a cat hangout is out of the question – maybe you can skype him? RussianBlueForYewww is his skype name (Ok I clearly took this too seriously bahaha :))

    Hope you’re having a great day Karen!

  12. mn says:

    Oh Tabs, you lead such a rough life 😉
    Glad to see that you are being civil to that Russain Blue- I know he’s always trying to get on your nerves.

  13. Linda says:

    i’m big fan of your site but honestly not a fan of cats. But when i saw the 1st pic of Tabs’ chubby paws, i couldn’t help but “aawww…” Those are cutest kitty’s paws i’ve ever seen!! Makes me feel like wanna grab them and munch them hahaha…Send hugs to Tabs 🙂

  14. Ava Roxanne says:

    Tabs is why I will be back! I need to use my kitty more on my blog too. Who doesn’t love something warm, soft and cuddly?!

    Chat soon!

    Ava Roxanne @MySkinConcierge

  15. Ava Roxanne says:

    Oh yeah do you know about #skincaresunday on Twitter?

    My Skin Concierge Ava: Skincare Sunday on Twitter Follow Along!

    See you there!

    Ava Roxanne @MySkinConcierge
    Ava Roxanne recently posted … The Hottest Holiday Season Spa Treatment

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