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Hello kittens,


My loves, as you can tell from my pic, I’m 1) dripping in diamonds (don’t you just love the bling?) and 2) absolutely and completely exhausted.

I’ve been working overtime this weekend, and it hasn’t all been gravy and naps. I had to practice posing in all of the windowsills at home — you know, to give the neighbors a good show — and also just for practice.

Then I put together this extra special list of possible Mother’s Day gifts for my favorite cat moms (like you!).

Yup, Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 12), and while I’m not a super sentimental cat, just between us…I really do like my assistant/cat mom/BFF. 🙂

This year for Mother’s Day, I think we (the cats among us), should shower our loving cat moms with affection and presents, and here are 21 kitty-inspired gift ideas for $42 or less.

As always, all my love,


21 of the Best Feline-Focused Gifts for Cat Moms on Mother’s Day

1. Kitten Infinity Scarf, $22

For the stylish, fashion-forward cat mom who loves accessories…

Available now at the Redd Apple Etsy shop.

2. Kitty Cat Ring, $9.99

Ready to fully commit to your cat mom? Then put a ring on it with one of these kitty cat rings.

Available now at the iluxo Etsy shop.

3. French Lavender Aromatherapy Cat Eye Mask, $26

Treat your cat mom to a few minutes of well-deserved “meow” time with this black satin cat eye mask filled with organic lavender flower buds harvested from the South of France.

Available now at the Naomilingerie Etsy shop.

4. Crazy Cat Lady Wayfarer Glasses Tank, $23

Just in time for hot summer nights! This racerback tank features a print of Abby, a rescue tabby, and will keep cat moms looking and feeling cool. Choose from red, turquoise, black or gray.

Available now at the rctees Etsy shop.

5. Mother’s Day Cat and Kitten card, $4.95

How sweet is this Mother’s Day card with a black and white photo of a kitten and its mother? You can personalize it, too, with your own message.

Available now at the Arduosity Etsy shop.

6. Temporary Hipster Cat Tattoos, $6.18

Super-trendy hipster kitty lovers with a fun sense of humor will appreciate these temporary Cat-toos.

Available now at the stephsayshello Etsy Shop.

7. Cat Design Kitchen Apron, $17.95

Your cat mom will look so cute in the kitchen wearing this colorful cat print apron…

Feel like taking it further? There’s also matching pot holders, towels, a tote and a tea cozy in the same cute design.

Available now at the Mountain Lodge Etsy shop.

8. Mother’s Day Card With Vintage-Style Blue Flowers, $4

A vintage-style design with a nod to nostalgia…

Available now at the PetScribbles Etsy shop.

9. Cat Bookmark, $25

This sculptured bookmark will make the purrfect gift for cat moms who love to read. And get this — you can customize the kitty!

I’ll take a tabby with gray stripes and black feet, please. 🙂

Available now at the whitehouseblackcat Etsy shop.

10. Cozy Cat Grass Drawing Sweatshirt, $34

Not only will your cat mom stay comfy in this loose-fitting sweatshirt, but the gray color conceals several different shades of kitty fur.

Available now at the Xenotees Etsy shop.

11. Hand-painted Blank Mother’s Day Cat Card, One Cat and Two Kitten Butts, $6

This hand-painted and signed card was inspired by the artist’s cat, Nemo, a FIV+ (Feline immunodeficiency virus) cat who passed away two years ago. 10% of the proceeds go to a volunteer-run, no-kill cat shelter with a special FIV+ facility called Kate’s Place Animal Shelter.

Available now at the 2forksdesign Etsy shop.

12. Cat Shopping Tote Pink Eco Friendly Mothers Day Gift, $20

This roomy cotton shopping tote features a darling cat design made from hand-cut hot pink canvas sewn on each bag; the bag is also gusseted, so it stands upright just like a paper grocery bag.

A must-have for Petco visits.

Available now at the MissHandmadeHome Etsy shop.

13. Swarovski Crystal Cat Ring, $23

Adorable handmade-to-order kitty rings made with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Available now at the KimLeeJewelry Etsy shop.

14. Rescue Mom Pet Plaque, $7.50

This wooden plaque proudly proclaims your cat mom’s love for rescue kitties.

Available now at the Inmymindseye Etsy shop.

15. Cats Stained Glass Suncatcher, $26

Catch the light in your cat mom’s favorite window with this stained glass sun-catcher.

Available now at the GothicGlassStudio Etsy shop.

16. Cat Illustration Print, $32

Blank walls are boring! Add some life to your cat mom’s home with this fully-framed cat illustration print of two sleeping kitties.

Available now at the ShopMissElla Etsy shop.

17. Matte Gold Mod Kitty Minimalist Necklace Mother’s Day, $20

You know the old saying, “Accessories make the cat mom.” This minimalist matte gold cat necklace adds dainty charm to your cat mom’s favorite outfits.

Available now at the LaDivineBijoux Etsy shop.

18. Kitty Cot Window Perch, $39.95

Spend more quality time with your cat mom, and enjoy a view of the great outdoors from this cat bed window perch.

Available now at the rusticstore Etsy shop.

19. City Kitties Cat Nail Art, $9

This set of nail decals marries your cat mom’s love for kitties and nail art! It features cats and kittens that are currently up for adoption or have been successfully adopted from City Kitties, a non-profit, no-kill rescue group improving the lives of stray cats in the West Philadelphia area.

Plus, a $5 donation to City Kitties is made for every purchase.

Available now at the IHeartNailArt Etsy shop.

20. Alexander Henry Crazy Black Cats Clutch, $42

Take your cat mom’s style to the next level with this black and white cat clutch.

Available now at thetinybird Etsy shop.

21. The TARDIS Cat Box, $30

Does your cat mom like sci-fi? Does she love cats? Does she like the idea of time travel? If your cat mom answers “yes” to these questions, she’ll love this TARDIS cat cardboard box.

Available now at the KittyCities Etsy shop.


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  1. xuvious says:

    Omg that cat bookmark is so cute!! 🙂 🙂
    xuvious recently posted … OOTD : Burgundy Dress

  2. musical says:

    Ooh Tabs, such wonderful ideas! And you are looking so handsome, as always :). Love and kitty kisses.

  3. Lauren says:

    Number 20 reminds me of that Cats in Paris movie, I forget if that’s the actual title, but it was an animated movie from the 90s I think! <3
    Lauren recently posted … Boring Homework/Chore Weekend EOTD

  4. Sherry says:

    Cats and Doctor Who, my life is now complete.

  5. Sunny says:

    Oh Karen, I absolutely love and hate it when you do a post like this. Love it because whoaaa cute kitty stuff! And hate it because, well, now I have to visit Etsy and GET SOME OF IT! 😉 That bookmark will most probably end up in my shopping cart. I might get a couple more for my cat lady friends as well!

  6. Felis says:

    Oh, I am LOVING that clutch. As a crazy cat lady I think it is meant to be mine. Sadly, the cat won’t fit into it.

  7. Noëlle says:

    Thank you so much for having me here Tabs! Karen is lucky to have you in her life!


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