Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 370

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Good morning, sir! Are you awake? I hate to disturb you, but it’s almost noon, and you have a full schedule today.



(One hour later.)

Rise and shine, sir! It’s me again! Oh…you’re still sleeping?

James Franco keeps calling, sir. You two had a lunch meeting. Remember? I’m not sure what to tell him…

Maybe I should just wake you up. Or let you sleep? I don’t know… I guess I’ll check back in another hour. It was a long night, after all. That was SOME party, but it’s Sunday, sir. It’s time to do your column. What will we tell your fans?

I don’t even know if you can hear what I’m saying… Boy, you are out like a light! This would probably be a good time to ask for a raise. Lord knows I deserve one…

I guess I’ll check back in an hour.

(One hour later.)


What!? You can’t still be sleeping. Still…? Well, just so you know, I’ve been working my tail off today, thank you very much. I just finished cleaning the living room because your friends trashed the place, but I’m taking a late lunch now. I’ll check back in an hour.

(One hour later.)


UP AND AT ‘EM! UP, UP UP! Got a hot cup of catnip tea here with your name on it!

No? Nothing…? Seriously, are you asleep, sir, or are you faking? Come on, Tabs. We have work to do. You have to write your column.

(One hour later.)


Oh, boy. I guess you aren’t getting up today. Well, status report: the house is clean. James Franco called back again, and I told him that you were in tough contract negotiations for your next major Hollywood movie, so you’re gonna have to smooth things over with him later.

As for your column, I guess I’ll have to write it. It won’t be as good as when you do it, of course, but I’ll do my best. Then I’m heading home. I guess I’ll see you when I see you…


Oh! Speak of the devil… How nice of you to join us. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. jane says:

    What a life! I always miss having a cat when I see your photos of Tabs:)

  2. Chelsea says:

    Awww, looks like Tabs had a good day! He must have really needed his beauty sleep. Jiji was about the same today.

  3. Ruchita says:

    Well with Halloween and the time change, I’m sure that threw of Tabs’ normal schedule. 🙂 Mingus still woke me up bright and early this morning for breakfast. Nothing stops a hungry tabby!

  4. Tatiana says:

    In that first photo he almost looks like a kitten! Nora slept the day away, too. She’d be upset if she knew I told you this, but she was snoring. I work for a slacker kitty.

  5. Lulle says:

    It’s kind of what I did this weekend too… Mornings are overrated, afternoons and evenings are all that counts!
    Lulle recently posted … #FrenchFriday : Evian + Longchamp Giveaway!

  6. My daughter was up bright an early at 7 am. But the upside was: We got to the breakfast place we had picked right when they opened, so we had everything to ourselves and were ready to leave when the masses started rolling in.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Favorite Face of … October

  7. Jessica says:

    I kind of did exactly the same thing yesterday.

    Sometimes the effort of waking up is so great I need a nap afterwards.
    Jessica recently posted … The E Train

  8. Pamela Haddad says:

    I’d love to have a day like Tabs! So cute!

  9. Lisa Foster says:

    Must be due to the time change, I’m feeling a bit tired too.

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