Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 362

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Originally, Tabs and I planned to take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood this morning, but that all went to sh*t when the paparazzi showed up…


They’re relentless! They never leave Tabs alone.

On the one paw, he’s a camera hog who loves attention, but even kitty supermodels need their private time. Tabs thinks up his best work on his daily walks, and they’re when he does his best creative contemplation.
















Immediately after we escaped the photographers and returned to the office, Tabs had me call our legal team, and he put them to work securing these pictures. Tabs didn’t want them being published in some rag-tag gossip mag without his permission.

So that’s been my Sunday with Tabs so far… He was a little grumpy about the whole situation and needed some cheering up, so I suggested that we try something different this week.

“Why don’t you survey the kitties who read your column, Tabs?” I asked him. “It’s always interesting to learn about the cats who follow you and admire your work.”




He thought it was a great idea!

Just ask your feline employer to complete the following form (copy and paste with their answers into the comments). Tabs looks forward to reading them. 🙂

Life goals:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tanya says:

    Name: Boris
    Age: almost 3
    Breed: Scottish Fold (long-haired)
    Occupation: Mommy’s official helper with everything (I follow her everywhere and insists on being with her for every task)
    Life Goals: being the most adorable, sweetest, and loving boy I can be for my mommy (and daddy). I’m quite popular on my mommy’s Facebook page and I’m trying to convince her that I need my own page. I mean, I could be the next Grumpy Cat or Waffles the Cat!! I haven’t tried modeling like Tabs but I may give it a try in the future. Right now, my mommy just takes random photos of me looking adorbs. I’ll take any pointers you may have….;)

    Boris aka Fluffmuffin

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Boris sounds like a real lovebug! You’re very lucky to work for such a wonderful employer. Tabs could take a lesson from him because he’s been very curmudgeonly lately. 🙂

  2. Nik says:

    Name:Karmina, Hector and Satine (prononce “Sateen”)
    Age: 10, 8 and 6
    Breed: Domestic calico, maine coon and doll-face persian
    Occupation: Professional hide/seek player,fresh laundry inspector and full-time princess(keeping my shaded silver robe perfect is so much work, you know!)
    Life goals: Being able to love my lil’sis Satine (she is so high maintenance, it gets on my nerves,. I’m from ASPCA, so I’m really a low-key kind of girl),being the PDG of the FancyFeast brand so I can create my favorite food inspired wet food can : “popcorn and slice cheese madness” :P, being able to like brushing time so my mom don’t have to clip all my hair in this ridiculous lion cut (when she does, I look like E.T with my big eyes and THAT’S REALLY NOT PRINCESS LIKE!I hide under the duvet for like one month after all this drama!)

  3. agnese says:

    I also would like to walk with my cats , but in Italy it is not a habit , only with dogs . sin , I think it’s fun !

  4. Deniz says:

    He’s so adorable! Sadly my cat passed away two weeks ago =(

  5. K says:

    Name: Jacket
    Age: 14 (I think…)
    Breed: Ragdoll
    Occupation: Motivational study coach, food taster, professional sleeper, ex-professional model, now retired
    Life goals: get my lovely white fur on as many dark items of furniture and clothing as humanly possible, help my employee with her study by lying on top of the books and looking gorgeous

  6. Efrain says:

    Name: Max

    Age: 3 years

    Breed: Chihuahua (In Max’s words: I think we have to delete the bad blood between many dogs and cats)

    Occupation: Latin America ambassador and president of Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC also studying a PhD in Human rights and social change

    Life goals: help cats and dogs to get along, also help children with love and look for houses to many dog friends. Can I say find a partner for my assistant?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Efrain!

      Tabs wanted me to tell you and Max that Tabs thinks Max is doing a fantastic job running our Latin America business. He’s been the top employee in the entire company so far this year. We definitely need to get your assistant a partner.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Quincy us an honorary kittycat, right?

    Name: Quincy
    Breed:Dwarf / Dutch mutt bunny
    Occupation: CEO of the household, bunny model
    Life goals: Getting the cat to leave me alone, eating all the bananas

    Name: Jiji
    Age: 4
    Breed: shorthair black cat with possible Siamese
    Occupation: he’s my analytics assistant when I work from home
    Life goals: Never having to meet anyone but my humans!

    Annnd… Surprise! We just added to the family!

    Name: Mina
    Age: 3 months
    Breed: Unsure, adorable
    Occupation: She’s still in school, but a likely kitty model! She has no tail, which makes her very unique.
    Life goals: Get Jiji to be my friend!

  8. Jen says:

    Name: Jack
    Age: 10
    Breed: orange tabby shorthair
    Occupation: crumb cleaner, snuggler, pet therapist
    Life goals: keep my humans and my feline sister, Daisy, in line

  9. Linda says:

    Name: Jane FurryPaws HR
    Breed: Rag Doll/Domestic
    Occupation: While I appear to be quite languid, and cool lounging about my employee’s house, editing for her and occasionally blowing kisses at the two dogs I allow to also live here, I lead a double/triple life as a kitty superhero ridding the local neighborhood of resident rodent evil and am also secretly a manga character in SoulEater
    Life goals: Rid the neighborhood of evil ratatas, look good always

  10. Becca M says:

    Occupation:Ruler of universe, pretty pretty princess
    Life goals:taking over the world; barring that, taking over the bed

    Life goals:figuring out how to eat without having to expend all that energy chewing

    Occupation:curtain and cat bed destroyer
    Life goals:opening the hard food bin and feasting like a king

  11. Melissa says:

    Name: Rambo
    Age: 14
    Breed: Bombay
    Occupation: Retired, but enjoys being the family therapist certain times of the day
    Life goals: eating all the milk flavored cat treats ever made.

  12. I am unemployed at the moment, that is, dont have a feline employer and need to go to another daily job at the moment, so I cant fill in your survey. I just wanted to express my concern, Tabs really needs some time on it´s own, I would hate his creativity going down due to lack of privacy!
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … If I were a snake – REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

  13. Isis the Cat says:

    Name: Queen Isis of the Fur
    Age: Age is how you feel
    Breed: Black tortie angora
    Occupation: Being Queen of Everything
    Life goals: Smacking everyone around as much as possible
    Isis the Cat recently posted … Dead Beach

  14. Name: Furball the Wonder Cat
    Age: 2
    Breed: dilute tortie shorthair
    Occupation: being perfect
    Life goals: i want someone to lick my face
    Furball the Wonder Cat recently posted … Dead Beach

  15. Kate says:

    Name: Kate
    Age: 6
    Breed: Grey Tabby
    Occupation: Looking out the window and being cute
    Life goals: see above

    my owner usurped my name for the internetz blogs, is that good or bad?

  16. Laurianna says:

    Age:8 years
    Breed:American shorthair, tuxedo b/w
    Occupation:patrol captain of windows, snuggling adopted human mom and attacking/ playing with adopted human dad, chatty catty, sir climbs the walls
    Life goals: to spend my time pursuing the attention of my adopted sister cat, whether attacking, playing or simply wanting to dine together at all times.

    Breed:American shorthair, bicolor brown tabby
    Occupation:household protector, huntress, snuggle queen, athlete
    Life goals: to avoid the crazy cat boy that unfortunately also lives in my Mansion de Daisy

  17. Tatiana says:

    Name: Nora
    Age: 11 years
    Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Black
    Occupation: Pampered Princess
    Life goals: To get my employees to only feed me food with lots of gravy. After I’ve licked off the gravy it’s not worth finishing the food. To get my employees to take me outside more often. They have this wonderful catmint growing in the front yard, that I love to roll in and get a little buzz off of. To control the territory around my palace, so there are no other intruder kitties.

  18. Jen L says:

    Tabs – I have two kitties – they are sisters from the same litter, but couldn’t be more different!

    Name: Eldora Leftylucy
    Age: 8
    Breed: Dilute Tortoiseshell Med-hair
    Occupation: Neighbourhood Watch
    Life goals: Constant Control, to be left alone except for when I desire attentions

    Name: Elena Rightytighty
    Age: 8
    Breed: Dilute Tortoiseshell Long-Hair
    Occupation: Speaker of the House
    Life goals: To get outside, then Immediately back inside

    Being girls, they both love the Tabs tho’, on that they agree!

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