Sundays with Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 165

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Tabs for Make Up For Ever Wild and Chic

Earlier today I saw famed runway coach Miss J. Alexander on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta show a group of aspiring models how to walk, and it totally reminded me of Tabs.


A lot of people don’t know this…but it was actually Tabs who showed Miss J. how to walk (years before America’s Next Top Model).

Tabs had a few big kitty modeling jobs this last week for Make Up For Ever, Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia and MAC, but things have started to slow down for the holidays. It happens every year, and it’s nice because it means a little less traveling for Tabs.

If you’re interested, here are the latest pics from his portfolio. He hopes you enjoy. πŸ™‚

Tabs for Tarte Puttin on the Glitz

Tabs for Bobbi Brown Cat Party Shimmer Brick

Tabs Anastasia Bright Brows Big Tabby

Tabs for MAC Unsung Heroes Phloof Eyeshadow

Who is Tabs the Cat? About three years ago I befriended a stray, flea-bitten tabby cat with a bad case of worms. I could see he’d fallen on hard times, but his profound knowledge of high fashion and department store cosmetics led me to believe that he was more than meets the eye. We became fast friends, and now he’s actually my boss (and a successful kitty model). πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. So how’s it going tonight? Please tell me you watched The Walking Dead a few minutes ago. Seriously, wasn’t that great?! Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it if you didn’t tune in, but both Tabs and I loved it! Probably my favorite episode of the season so far. One word: Daryl!

P.P.S. I don’t know if I’ve ever shown this to you before, but Tabs has a look book that he takes to go-sees for potential kitty modeling jobs. Here are some (just some) of the pics that are in the book, and there are plenty more in the archives here.


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  1. Tracy says:

    That was totally the best episode so far this season! Daryl is the best character, and he isn’t even a character from the graphic novels! Loved that Merle was back too!
    And that was the creepiest barn in history. What the heck?
    Tracy recently posted … Rediscovering MAC Sumptuous Olive Eye Shadow

  2. Rads says:

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Bobby Brown Cat Party is my fav πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Rads recently posted … Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Spray

  3. Rads says:

    Bobbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….eeeeeeeeeeks …am not going to turn up here for another century 😐
    Rads recently posted … Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Spray

  4. Heidi says:

    Regarding the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick: Tabs can have the turkey side, but Missy insists that the fish side will be hers. She’s a seafood gal all the way!

  5. Angela says:

    Bahahaha. I love the bobbi brown shimmer brick with the turkey and tuna. On another note, I have that stupid Duran Duran song stuck in my head after seeing Tabs “Cats on Film” photo. You know which one I’m talking about girl. Just give it a second. LOL

  6. Vonvon says:

    Tabs for MUFE is my favorite!

    Mac Phloof comes a close second!
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos, Swatches, Quick Review & FOTD: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors

  7. Nina says:

    Tabs + Phloof == awesome! πŸ™‚

  8. Kim says:

    Oh, the Bobbi Brown turkey and fish made me smile this AM. πŸ™‚

  9. PinkGlitter says:

    Oh my gosh. I love Tabs modeling photos. My favorite has to be the MAC “fur” foundation. So cute.
    PinkGlitter recently posted … Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused

  10. Marian says:

    OMG that shimmer brick is genius!

  11. Erin says:

    Tabs is killin it in in that top hat!! Great look!

  12. Tabs looks so much like my enormous tabby – except mine’s a bit less good in fromt of the camera:)
    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog recently posted … Luscious Locks

  13. peach_ says:

    Yesss! Sundays with Tabs! I’d love a Cat Party Shimmer Brick, please. I love Tab’s portraits strewn about everywhere in the MAC store. He really has an impressive portfolio! πŸ˜€
    peach_ recently posted … Dior Vernis Apparat 871 (Holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or Collection)

  14. Hehehe, I like the part where you say that it was Tabs who showed Miss J. how to walk! That cracked me up! But you know what? It’s so true. Cats are so poised when they walk, so I don’t doubt it.

    I remember when I was a kid, we had a cat (Tiger) who really liked to walk behind the TV (where there were TONS of cables because my dad was really into electronics and had a lot of gadgets plugged in). I was always amazed that Tiger could walk behind there without stepping on a single cord AND without having to look down. Animals are incredible!
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … Nail Art Tutorial: Frog Nails

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