Sundays with Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 140

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Cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy is kind of an odd dude. He’s big, bald, covered in tattoos, and communes with cats for a living. He also has a show on Animal Planet called My Cat From Hell (thanks for the recommendation, gals!).


Jackson GalaxyTechnically, he’s a cat behaviorist/therapist. Frustrated cat owners hire Jackson — who with a name like Jackson Galaxy must have been a Vegas lounge singer in a past life — to help them understand why their kitties act out.

Like a doctor who does house calls, he carries the tools of his trade, things like cat toys, treats, black lights (to detect where cats have been “spraying”, eww!) and motion-sensitive compressed air cans (useful for training kitties about off-limits areas), in a big black case, except that his case was originally designed for guitars, and he treats a variety of kitty conditions, ranging from domesticating feral scaredy cats to teaching cat owners the fundamentals of feline psychology.

After watching a few episodes filled with kitties clawing their owners, shredding the furniture and peeing on beds (eek!), it reinforced my appreciation for Edward Scissorpaws Tabs. He’s not always the easiest cat to work for (the late night parties, rides to the airport, midnight gravy demands), but he could be a lot worse! 🙂

The show got me thinking about pets in general and all their funny quirks.

Do your pets have any strange habits? Tabs has quite a few…

1. Specific “cat” rules concerning use of the bed

Although he doesn’t sleep through the night with us, Tabs does like to hang out in bed while we read, but he can’t just hop casually on/off the bed. He’s very specific about his bed entry and exit.

First, he has to circle the bed counter clockwise to the side furthest from the bedroom door. Then, without fail, he hops to a specific area about 18 inches from the head of the side on which El Hub sleeps, from there walking across El Hub’s chest directly to my left side.

No matter what, he always takes the exact same route.

I’ve tried and tried to lure him up a different way — from my side and the foot of the bed — but he just won’t do it. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a little OCD.

2. Right shoulder specificity

Always the right shoulder

An affectionate boy, Tabs loves to hop into my lap and then lean over my shoulder beside my face while I’m writing or watching TV. Always the right shoulder, absolutely never the left.

It’s the same when I carry him around the house like a big, furry baby. Paws up on the right shoulder, absolutely never the left.

Like the whole bed entry thing, I’ve tried to get him to cuddle on my left shoulder, but like many cats, he can be inflexible when it comes to…well, just about everything. As far as he’s concerned, it’s the right shoulder or nothing.

3. “The Circuit”

Tabs had been an outdoor kitty before we moved to Novato, and I’m sure he’d be one now if he had his way. He spent hours (and in some cases days) exploring our old neighborhood, but this is coyote and raccoon country here, so now he spends most of his time indoors, except for supervised walks on his harness to explore the great outdoors.

He gets rather excited when he knows it’s time for his walk. The second he hears the leash, he performs what we’ve started to call “The Circuit.” It’s a counter-clockwise sprint through the dining room, kitchen, living room and back to the hallway by the front door. Sometimes it’s one circuit; sometimes it’s two, but he has to run at least one circuit every single time.

(Oh, Tabs will also grab his leash in his mouth to let you know when he wants to go for a walk…and he loves to play fetch outside with El Hub, LOL!)

How about your pets? I’m sure they have some unusual habits. Does Fluffy insist on drinking water from a running faucet? Will Patches only play with one type of toy? Tell Tabs and I about your furry friends and the funny things they do.

Who is Tabs the Cat? About three years ago I befriended a stray, flea-bitten tabby cat with a bad case of worms. I could see he’d fallen on hard times, but his profound knowledge of high fashion and department store cosmetics led me to believe that he was more than meets the eye. We became fast friends, and now he’s actually my boss (and a successful kitty model). 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addicts,

Karen and Tabs


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  1. Vijaya says:

    When my bunny was still alive, she would always sit in a very specific area of the room, when we let her out of the cage.
    Vijaya recently posted … Look- Test Day Makeup Revisited

  2. My dog Greger chased after a cat that looked just like Tabs today! Do you ever meet other cats when you are walking Tabs on a leash?
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … Last minute editing

  3. Terri says:

    I love how Tabs perks up when he hears the leash (and that he carries it in his mouth). That is very cute.

    My cat used to love sleeping on my bed. He had a bad habit of sleeping on my legs. If (when) I would wake up late for school or work, he would sometimes go flying. He also lacks the ability to drink properly. Instead of lapping like a normal cat, he tends to sit with his chin submerged in his water dish.

  4. Amber says:

    Sweet Pea used to fetch, until she figured out that if she ran after the toy but left it there, I would come pick it up and throw it again. That darn cat has me trained.
    Amber recently posted … Practicing non-attachment

  5. Dao says:

    My cousin’s cat “Tuna” loved to play catch and he drank from the toilet bowl. Your talk about Tabs’ bed entrance routine and right shoulder preference makes me think about Belly’s quirks, too. Home boy always entered from the left side of my bed at a specific angle. And he would give a quip if I hold him on the left side. Also, he does not like Fancy Feast. His dry food is either Purina or Meow Mix in seafood flavor. If I got something different, he would give me is classique stank yeux 😀
    Dao recently posted … Belly at Large- Cambodian Kittens

  6. Elizabeth says:

    One of my cats only goes on my left shoulder. All the dogs jump onto the bed from a specific side and spot. My little dog, who is only about 10 pounds, growls and cries when he sees any animal on TV. He jumps and tries to get at it. I guess he thinks the TV is a window. He has even done this with animated animals. I had to turn off “Ice Age” because it was making my dog too upset.

  7. gen says:

    karamel, one of my four cats, is “mine,” since i rescued him, and while your tabs will only use your right shoulder, karamel will only use my left. he’s very very specific about that and will not stay on my right, no matter what i do.

    also, lucky, another of my cats, will kind of “paw” the front of his water bowl for a few seconds before taking a drink. lucky was abused and when our shelter found him, he was in a 3×3′ closet, with another cat, and they had both been in there for about two weeks (the “owners” left them in there while they went on vacation). so their food and water bowls were empty and they had used them as litter boxes. so when lucky “paws” in front of the water bowl, we think it’s his way of saying “thanks” for keeping the bowls full and clean.

    bella, the only girl of the four, likes to run up to my dad and rub his legs constantly, as if saying “HE’S MINE!” lol

    and then charlie, the biggest, is a huge bacon hog. whenever we have pizza, or pork chops, or anything pork, he goes NUTS. he weighs, without a doubt, about twenty pounds, but still thinks he’s a kitten, so he’ll jump up on my dad’s leg and DEMAND food, and will only eat it off the table.

    yeah. fellow cat lady, here. lol. i don’t know where i’d be without them, though! <3 (sorry for the novel! 😉

  8. Nina says:

    Off topic but Karen I gotta say, you look so beautiful in your first picture with Tabs! You look like a dark, gothic woman but a graceful one. If someday you decide to repeat this look and tell us how to do it, I would be veeery happy =)

  9. Lauren says:

    My cat Bella is one strange cookie. If I have homework or papers or textbooks on the floor or on the table, she’ll ALWAYS lay right on top of the papers or books. She sleeps with her eyes open, she snores, she likes to be spun around on our hardwood floors by my husband. She’s just one strange cat, but she’s mine and I love her!

  10. SH says:

    My cats (brother and sister) have more quirks than I can count. Since we didn’t used to give them wet food in the morning, my boy kitty learned he could improvise and make some himself. He will push the water bowl and dry food bowl together, then (with his paw) scoop out dry food and deposit it into the water bowl.
    Once the little dry food pebbles are wet on the outside but still crunchy, he’ll scoop them out of the water one by one and eat them off of his paw pad. It looks just like a person eating chips with their hand! Except since he has no opposable thumb the pebbles fall off of his pad and he has to do it over again.

    Now there’s a sort of pavlovian thing going on, where he’s figured it’s great to put ANYTHING in a water bowl, like rubber bands (which he loves to stretch and release with his teeth with a BOING sound), candy wrappers, and bugs.
    The boy kitty is basically a teddy bear that’s come to life; there’s never a time he doesn’t want to be petted and cuddled. You can even treat him like a teddy bear and he loves it. Now if I blow kisses at him, he’ll start to purr from association (I kiss them on their little heads a lot).

    Both cats “talk” in an unusual fashion…they have a very large variety of sounds, and a lot include using some form of “brrrr” (trilling the r’s) or “brr-ow)…they sound a little like doves. (no it’s not purring, and it’s funny to hear them talk and purr at the same time). However my boy kitty only talks like his sister TO his sister. In passing each other they will both go “brr”. To people he squeaks. Literally squeaks. Or goes “er”. When he’s confused he goes “erf”. The girl kitty, however, talks the same way to people as she does to her brother.

    His sister is too smart for her own good. She talks so much sometimes we wonder when she will shut up lol. I’ve even caught her talking to herself. She loves climbing to high places in our very high basement. She studies the surroundings to figure out what objects she can climb on to get where she wants to be; she maps it out. She gets completely absorbed in it, and sometimes she figures there’s no safe way up, so she gives a little remark of utter disdain and leaves.

    He’s known for bullying her to be dominant, so she has her own way of getting back at him. She will crouch really low, wag her tail (classic stalking) and then run in his direction. At the very LAST second she veers off. Basically she does it to give him a scare, but he can’t do anything about it b/c she didn’t do anything to him. She basically fakes him out.
    There’s more but that’s enough. I’m glad you wrote this post…I reminds me that I need to write this stuff down!

  11. jessica says:

    My cat Snook,sometimes he sounds like a duck when he talks!He mostly mews,but he does like to make these quacking noises.It’s so funny.He also likes to lean to the side when he sits down,with one of hie feet sticking out.Snook has huge paws so it looks so adorable.

  12. DaenaCat says:

    I love hearing about people’s pets’ strange quirks. I have 4 cats (Yep, I’m a crazy cat lady) and they’re all weirdos.

    One quirk they all share is that they prefer to drink water in a cup in the bathroom, drawn from the bathtub faucet. For some reason it’s Magical Awesome Water. I’ve tried using the same cup but in another room and they won’t go for it. I’ve tried filling their water bowl from the tub faucet — not the same. Must be in a cup, set next to the tub, drawn from the tub faucet (not the sink, God forbid!)

  13. Jen says:

    Mr Tabs is quite the kitty! 🙂 I love how he plays fetch, LOL!!!!! My cat Bacon enjoys dog food (i saw this a few times at the neighbor’s) and eats Doritos (also at a neighbor’s. Not a cat abuser, swear!) LOL. She also loves jumping into boxes. Have you seen Maru the cat on Youtube? 🙂
    Jen recently posted … Review- Alternative to Micro-Dermabrasion with Dual Action Refinishing Treatment

  14. Ms Erin says:

    Juni likes to get blown with the hair dryer. He waits between the shower curtains until I get out of the shower and then waits on the floor or counter for his turn.

  15. Instant Karma says:

    Aww, this is such a cute post! I knew you’d like the show :). The only problem is that it makes me paranoid that Gizmo needs more levels, haha. Is the cat tree enough? Do I need to build some kind of kitty ramp system that allows her to travel from room to room without touching the floor? In other news, I really want Jackson’s car. So jealous.

    I wonder why Tabs prefers your right shoulder and seems to appreciate moving in counterclockwise motions. If he ever tells you why, let me know! 😀 Has Edward Scissorpaws come back, or has he returned to his regular old self?

    Tigger has his field greens/spinach/arugula/various other greens obsession (ideally with oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top), as well as a fondness for bread. Seriously, he’ll nip at your sandwich if you’re not careful! However, he only has one true ritual, as opposed to just odd food preferences. He has a little stuffed gerbil that he carries through the house, and he has a specific howl for when it’s in his mouth. He won’t howl like that for any other reason. It’s really loud, which makes me wonder if it’s some kind of chant in its honor, or whether he is trying to alert the entire neighborhood to the fact that he has his little pet with him, lol. If you give Tigger the gerbil when he’s asleep, he’ll tuck it under his chin or between his paws, up against his chest. It’s so cute!

    Aisha had her hilarious “water dance” ritual where she would scratch at the bowl and dance around it, moving from side to side. A cat I had up until a few years ago, Iceman (a very friendly, massive silver tabby — basically a 6’4″ linebacker in cat form), would occasionally build these miniature versions of Stonehenge out of dry cat food. It was pretty fascinating, but to this day, I still am unsure of what it meant! Gizmo doesn’t seem to have any real rituals yet; they’re more just weird habits. If you remove the cover to her litter box to clean it, she will run under it. She waits hours to eat her wet food, because she wants to eat in the middle of the night. Cats are so funny! 🙂

  16. Vicki says:

    My cat has to sit in my dad’s chair in his office, as he works from home. She sits on his desk giving him the evil eye, and if he so much as gets up to make a drink, she’s in there like a rat up a drainpipe.

    She also has a compulsion to go through windows. If a window is open, it is like she can’t stop herself, the fresh air lures her.

  17. Madelon says:

    I love the articles about Tabs 😀 I always take supervised walks with my cat, ‘cus we live in a high building without garden and it’s not save for him to go outside. It’s so nice to finally see someone who also does that 😀

  18. Nina says:

    cats own their humans, never ever the other way around.

    tabbies are an especially rambunctions bunch … napoleon gets his crazies every now and then and just tears around the house like his tushy was on fire. 🙂

    linus and anja are very vocal, on the other hand. theyre chatting, talking back and whining all the time.

    tabs is such a cool cat … 🙂

  19. Julie says:

    Cute story and pics. I think you look awesome with bangs.

  20. Julie says:

    My cousin’s cat enjoyed to sit on my face while I was sleeping, to lick my eyelashes! It’s cute, but is that tongue clean?!?! and it’s really rough!

  21. Ruchita says:

    I love seeing pictures of Tabs and hearing about his quirks. 🙂

    We have a fluffy, soft cat cat bed, but Mingus perfers to sleep on (or sometimes inside) these cheap reusable grocery bags I bought for a dollar! Those are his bags now, and I had to buy other bags that I keep hidden.

    Mingus used to be an outside kitty to, but we keep him inside now and he whines every evening to go out. I have a leash and harness and I need to try and train him. I’d prefer he be outside while safely supervised.

    My other cat, Ella loves shoes and socks. My husband has a pair of slippers with a fluffy lining and she’ll lay down and put her paws right in them. She investigates any new pairs of shoes that come into the house and sometimes she’ll lay right across them. Yesterday she took a nap on a pair of socks that were laying on the floor!

  22. Emma RZ says:

    Both of our cats are quirky. When Rooster is tickled in the magic spot near his tail he starts to clean his ruff, always on the left and sometimes he’ll do it for an ear tickle too. Rooster likes to sleep on things that are raised, such as a closed laptop or a book lying on the floor. Rooster also likes to drink from the tap in the bath. He waits beside the bath or outside the door until whoever is in gets out and then sits and licks away. Shadow can’t quite work that one out and he sits on the bath beside Rooster watching and sometimes hits the tap.

    Both the cats are big talkers and have the typical Maine Coon chirup.

    Shadow isn’t that keen on sitting on laps but he loves to be petted if he is high up on the kitchen bench or the chest of drawers. Now we have a new high chest of drawers both cats love to lounge on it. Shadow also loves to be carried over a shoulder half hanging down my back. Either shoulder is fine with him though. Shadow had never been outside before we got him so he’s scared of going out of the front door, but Rooster taught him about the deck and he loves to sit and watch the birds.

    We sure have two quirky little chaps.

  23. Stevie Raye says:

    I have two dogs, a 2 year old chocolate lab named Charlie and a 6 month old boxer/lab mix named Roxi. When the two get to playing, sometimes they can get a little too rough, and that sends Charlie (who is a girl, by the way) into a humping frenzy. She humps Roxi, the La-Z-Boy, everything except my girlfriend and I (which I am VERY thankful for!).

  24. Nikki says:

    Love seeing updates on Tabs! Always wanted a kitty, but darling husband is a dog person to the core, so that won’t be happening any time soon.

  25. Chris25 says:

    Rock n Roll insists on circumventing me while I’m still in bed by walking around my head. I have tried to get her to walk another way, but Princess can only do it her one way. She also likes my boyfriend’s backpack and laptop bag for naps, and she’ll jump into my lap whenever she likes. Even if I am having lunch, she wants my lap for herself.

  26. Adrienne says:

    Me and my roommates adopted a very silly kitty we named Daphne (who is now specifically mine, yay!). We basically never have to fill her water bowl, though i do freshen it up, because she likes to drink from the water spout in the shower, which must have a slow drip or something. She follows me around all the time, and when i’m in the bathroom she’ll follow in and use the litter box, after which she cleans off her feet in the tub 😛

    When my girlfriend sleeps over, she’s woken up in the middle of the night a few times because Daphne was licking her fingers! My girlfriend is always saying “Daphne’s so weird!” to which i reply “she’s a cat, they’re all weird!” hehe.

    She has recently claimed my computer chair, which i rarely use because it doesn’t fit well under my desk. It has gone from black to a dull grey because of all the kitty hair, and when she’s hyper she’ll sit on it and spin around, chasing her tail, attacking the chair, and sometimes she’ll get so carried away she’ll fall off. She’s also in constant battle with the printer. She seems to think it’s evil, and that everything that comes out of it must be stopped and shoved back in. I have to put her outside my room whenever i print anything important…

    Every night, when i’m in bed and i turn my light off, she’ll hop up on the bed and, before she goes to lie down and cuddle, she sniffs my face and i give her a kiss on the nose. It’s like a little goodnight kiss 🙂

  27. Marian says:

    I have one cat who is bulemic. I’ve had her thoroughly examined and she’s healthy but she “purges” every day.
    My youngest cat is a little “slow”. She gets along in life by copying everything and going everywhere with my big male cat.
    My male cat is huge. He’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen….but he’s a scardy cat and runs and hides from every noise.
    My toy poodle is ferocious. She goes after pit bulls or anyone who comes near me, including my hubby!

  28. ReneeT says:

    Balls (my handsome Meow) hunts for my Goody hair bands…finds them, and takes them to the kitchen where he proceeds to drop them in his food dish. I have seen him open drawers to find more of his prized catch. I LOVE HIM!!!

  29. Phyrra says:

    Phaedra is an attached at the hip Standard Poodle. She comes to work with me and sleeps in bed with me. She likes to be touching me at all times. She’ll sprawl out in the bed with her body flush next to mine and kick away anyone who tries to snuggle close.

    I’ve taught her a lot of awesome tricks, but one particular useful one is keyed to the phrase ‘Who’s there?’ If I say that phrase from anywhere in our home, she goes and peers out through any of our sliding glass doors into our lanai to see if there’s a person (often the pool guy) in the lanai. If she sees someone, she lets out a low ‘wuff.’

    If the doorbell is rung she barks, and I command her to stop. She’ll often give me this weird whine that is really long, almost like she’s back talking. She makes the same strange whine when we’re in the car if we see birds that she wants to go play with.

  30. sara mathison says:

    Yep Fluffy only drinks from a running faucet. Every evening when I get home I have to go immediately into the bathroom and turn on the water. There is no question or deviation. That is what happens everyday.

  31. Nikita says:

    I have 4 cats, Bits (6 yrs) , Kibbles (6 yrs), Cali (1 yr) and Little Demon (8 months). All of them have their own little quirks, which makes them even more adorable and lovable :).

    Bits is my cat, rescued him from a shelter, he was abandonned on the side of the road when he was just a little kitten , his 3 other brothers and sisters didn’t survive :'( . He is a funny cat though, he LOVES to sit in the sauna with my mom, guess its his way of warming up from the -30 degress we have here in the winter. He sleeps in the kiwi vines in the pool yard all day long, just peering out watching the people in the pool, like our little watch cat! :P. Although its kinda funny when the branches start to give out from underneath him and he has to pull himself up to stop himself from falling. He also climbs and manouvers through the vines trying to catch the birds that live in there. So funny watching a 15 pound tabby trying to chase a bird on the side of a house 😉 He seems to love to climb up onto the roof of the house, and just perches himself on the edge so we can just see his paws and little facce peeking over the edge, looking at us through the windows 🙂

    Kibbles is actually my aunt’s cat, who just spends alot of time at my house (she’s our neighbour) Like Bits, he sleeps in trees (not vines, only bits does that), and tries to catch the birds living in the trees. Kibs LOVES to go swimming in the pool, its his way of cooling of in the summer, or knocking over peoples glasses to roll around in their cool water.

    Cali is my sister’s cat. She has MAJOR attitude problems. she won’t let any one but my sister touch her. But she does enjoy her cat nip toys, and lounging in the shrubs in the gardens, waiting for a chipmunk or grasshooper to move so she can go and chase it 🙂

    Little Demon ( or May, but demon suits her better 😉 ) was actually given to use from a friend of ours who couldn’t take care of her. Shes half tabby and half egyptian mau, so she has the weird purr/meow of the mau and the facial structure, but the shirter body and strips of the tabby. She loves to lick peoples toes, and noses, and if your thumb is anywhere near her mouth, she’ll start to lick and chew on your thumb! Just like Tabs, when we carry her anywhere she’ll rest on my right shoulder, but she also likes to slink herself around your neck and curl up like a scarf 🙂

    My cats have an abundance of funny habits and quirks! i could write a book about them all 😛

    Sorry about my novel btw 😛

  32. Adria says:

    We have a dachshund/terrier mix named Zeus. He is a really sweet, loving, attached goggie who loves kids and goes nuts when you grab the leash, too. When my husband comes home, he jumps all over his uniform and sometimes jumps up into the hubster’s junk…..not pleasant. He also likes to do what we call “zoomies”, when he starts running around like crazy all over the place for no reason. He brings his rope toy to you for you to throw and play with him, but he ALWAYS leaves it juuuuuust out of reach, so you have to stretch to get it. He won’t let go of that sucker for anything.

    The weirdest thing he does though is what he does when he is getting ready to lay down somewhere: he turns a million times in one direction, then a million times in the other (accompanied by growls)- THEN he lays down. A half-hour later….Wacky dog!!!

  33. Tracy says:

    I have two cats – Kia and Skye. Kia is the dominant cat, and she bosses everyone around. Her weird quirks is that she always has to eat or drink from the sides of the food dishes or water bowl so that she can still see what’s going on in the room. She also jumps on my nightstand after I get into bed and meows. She won’t jump into my bed until I acknowledge her and pet her. Skye – my scaredy cat, is afraid of most people, but just worships Kia my other cat. It’s as if Kia is her “hero”. She follows her around, and will be worried if she can’t find her. Even though Kia won’t give her the time of day, and occasionally hisses or swats at her, it doesn’t matter, Kia is still her hero!

  34. lol our cat goosa is the same way about entering the bed and exiting. she has to jump on our dresser then jump on the bed walk along the walk on the bed onto my pillow then to leave she walks on the other dresser next to where my husband sleeps. she has taken over his pillow since hes deployed now

  35. Charan says:

    Our 2 cats have different personalities, My tabby is so bent on lying down in my daughter’s bed 😀 . He always waits for us to lift her up and then he occupies her place 😀 . Whereas my blackie is completely mamma’s boy, he will sit in my lap every night for about 10 min and would want me to pet him and talk to him. he won’t let me ignore him 🙂 . My blackie will sleep only on the top of box in our bedroom whereas my tabby will go under the bed to sleep.

    When we feed them, my tabby will always eat from the left side and blackie on the right side 🙂 . My tabby loves ice cream and when we eat them, he will sit next to me, pawing me till I give me a lick 😀 .
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  36. Emily says:

    My cat will lick the walls randomly and insists on following me into the bathroom when I use it. Also, every night when I turn of the lights and lay down she curls up next to me so I can pet her while I fall asleep…it never fails…so sweet. If you continually scratch the base of her tail she’ll also eventually start sticking her tongue out while trying to look behind her. And then there’s her ball….she taught herself how to play fetch and will paw at you and beg like a dog until you throw it. =)

  37. Maria says:

    I just caught that show this weekend! He’s a cool dude – cats have mental issues too hahahha
    My dog is habitual in some stuff but the biggest is when we get home he runs and jumps up on my legs which always almost knocks me over. Sometimes it’s just irritating cause he’s 7 lbs and that should not be enough to knock over this big girl!

  38. HanaBerlin says:

    My old cat used to take money hide it or leave it random places. Really strage thing to do. We would find dollar bills in the planter or by her food bowl. =) lol

  39. bluematilda says:

    my kitty has both myself and my husband “trained” that when the shower turns off, and we step out, it’s her bathtime! with wet hands we must “wash” her, i imagine how her mom would have done…also we play hide and seek at night in the mostly dark living room and i swear she sneaks up on me, rises up on her hind legs, tags me and runs off to hide again!

    • Instant Karma says:

      Oh my God, that’s so adorable! I’m totally going to try to teach one of my cats how to play hide and seek now.

  40. Instant Karma says:

    These comments are all so great. Everyone here has such cute stories!

  41. Denise says:

    My dog Coco will not nap anywhere else on the bed but at the bottom. If you pick her up and move her, she will get back up and lie down at the bottom. And when she chooses to sleep on my pillow, she will scratch it for about 2 minutes before settling 🙂
    Denise recently posted … Manic Monday at the Post Office

  42. Katie says:

    My cat is the exact opposite shoulder-wise! It’s always my left shoulder. She’s also very picky about the levels of food and water…she has a free-feeder with a reservoir on top and one of the running water fountains (can you tell she’s spoiled much?) and if her food gets too low or her water is low enough that it stops running, she’ll stop eating/drinking and come pester me until I fill it up for her.

  43. Linnea says:

    Hahaha. I can’t believe Tabs goes on walks! Thats amazing!

    My cat has a harness/leash that she goes on, but trying to take her on a walk is not possible. even trying to get to walk to another place under your direction won’t happen. It has to be her choice or no choice. But EVERY time she gets to go outside(whether its supervised or an escape) she has to run to the cement, and roll and roll and roll.

    She has her 3 spaces on the couch(my mom’s lap, or my mom’s spot, my spot (not my lap), and the arm rest), and if you’re in one of those spots? she’ll just wait until you get up and shes DOWN for the count. Don’t even attempt to move her.

    She gets dry food ALL the time, and gets wet food around 4 oclock. As it happens, as soon as 3 oclock rolls around and someones home? Hello its dinner time. NOW.

    Also, she never drinks out of her water dish. That is too “expected”. Instead, she will drink out of the dogs dish, the water candle holder, faucets, random glasses of water, even the toilet. But the water dish right beside her food? Puleaaase. Also, she doesn’t just lick the water. She dips her paw in the dish, and licks it. And EVERY time she drinks water with this method, she must dry her kitty paws by scratching(she doesnt have claws) the sliding door window because of course it makes a sweet noise.

    I think that’s all her quirks! As for the dog, he’s good anytime all the time with anything as long as someone is there. He does have extreme paths though. 😀

  44. meibaola says:

    My mother takes an extremely hot shower every morning and her cat has taken up entering the booth as soon as she’s finished: the kitty-lady sits on the wet hot steamy tiles and on with her daily hygienic licking routine. When she was a kitten she lived outdoors and her personal odour was not very nice. Now you can stick your nose in her fur and inhale deeply: she smells lovely!

  45. Heidi says:

    I have a turtle, he’s 12, and he splashes around in his tank if he sees me eating Taco bell, he won’t do it for anything else. He probably recognizes the wrapper which translates for him “ooh Im getting me some tomatoes!” It’s hilarious. another weird thing he does.. he will eat pieces of bananas but I have to hold them for him, otherwise they will just float around and it will be like he’s bobbing for apples. He also likes to flip his turtle ramp over, I think that’s ninja turtle training. 🙂 love your blog!

  46. Nicole says:

    Love this post…we have 2 cats and a dog. All of them are strange; the boy cat love clean laundry (has to be clean). Wherever there is a pile of clean laundry, he will sleep. Quite often he will jump into the basket and bury himself in clean clothes. He also has a spot on the couch that he like to lie on a cushion, and if the cushion is not on the ‘spot’ he will pace around and complain until it is…He doesn’t meow, he just has chirrups that he makes. The girl kitty is bulimic too – she purges every day for no particular reason, and the dog? He has to be watched when drinking. He will herd you to the water bowl, or lead you (by attaching himself to your knee – he is a golden retriever so thinks we are all blind) and makes you watch him drinking. If you go away, he will top and herd you back….weirdo…

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