Sundays with Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 137

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Tabs for Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liner

While I’ve been sweatin’ my tail off cleaning the house and organizing my makeup collection, Tabs spent the day at the beach. Can you believe that? The nerve, right?


He said it was for “a work thing” with Stila. Yeah, right. If you call surfing “work.”

I remember when Tabs and I used to go to the beach all the time, but that was before he got famous. We would tandem surf, with him in front and me steering on the back of the board (Ha! Could you imagine!?). Those were good times…

Here’s a quick look at some of the kitty modeling jobs Tabs had this week. 🙂

Who is Tabs the Cat? About three years ago I befriended a stray, flea-bitten tabby cat with a bad case of worms. I could see he’d fallen on hard times, but his profound knowledge of high fashion and department store cosmetics led me to believe that he was more than meets the eye. We became fast friends, and now he’s actually my boss (and a successful kitty model).

Tabs for Milani Cat Flash Liner

Tabs for MAC Prism Fur Tint

Tabs for the Urban Decay Urban Lion Palette

Tabs for Chanel Fleurs de Catnip Glossimer

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Have you ever seen The Basketball Diaries? I’d never seen it before, but it was on TV last night. Dang, Leonardo can act… I wonder why he doesn’t take more roles.


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  1. Jessi says:

    What a luxurious mane Tabs is sporting in the Urban Decay ad. Did he grow out his fur for it? Tabs is so dedicated to his craft I would be a bit disappointed otherwise!
    Jessi recently posted … Week 4- Shopping my Stash for Untried Polish- OPI OPI Red and Some Glitter

  2. Samantha says:

    Oh man, I love Sundays with Tabs!
    Oh, and I read in a magazine once that Leo only takes roles that he feels really passionate about and that will be movies worth his time and think will be big ones! (Titanic, Inception, Aviator and everything else, all award winners!) He’s one of my all time fav actors *swoon*
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Heidi says:

    Wow, I think this is my favorite series of photo shoots yet! And Missy is requesting some of that Chanel Les Fleurs de Catnip for her birthday!

  4. Denise says:

    Tabs sure knows how to party and get down! My kind of cat guy!

  5. Erin says:

    Tabs looks amazing in all of these, but my favorite is the Urban Lion campaign! Great work Tabs!
    Erin recently posted … Merry May Julep Giveaway!!!!

  6. Katie says:

    The Stila ad is wonderful. I wish cats really could surf, my tabby would love it! She sits on the edge of the tub when I’m in the shower because she likes the water spray.

  7. Instant Karma (formerly L) says:

    Tabs is one hell of a dancer!

    Tiggy says hello 🙂

  8. Beatrice says:

    it’s so cute that you do this with your cat :3 I bet he gets the royal treatment at home! (god knows my dogs do *rolls eyes* lol)
    Beatrice recently posted … Is Victorias Secret Mineral Bronzer Gold Baked Into A Pan

  9. Nina says:

    Tabs for Stila is my fave this week — he is just like his slave, Karen who likes the beach. 😀

  10. Beth says:

    Have you ever seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? He was PHENOMENAL in that.
    Love the pics!

  11. Barb says:

    Love the Urban Decay shoot Tabs, great work!

    I love, love, love Leonardo. I recently just saw The Basketball Diaries for the first time too. He was so young in that movie. I don’t mean to sound conceited but all I kept telling my husband is that Max (our youngest son) looks a lot like him, especially in his younger years. It’s the eyes, they both have the same type of eyes.

  12. Beth says:

    Hey was Tabs “prepping” in the Milani ad? He’s got sweet moves!

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