Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 265

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Sundays With Tabs the Cat

Who is Tabs the Cat? About six years ago I befriended a stray, flea-bitten tabby cat with a bad case of worms. I could see he’d fallen on hard times, but his profound knowledge of high fashion and department store cosmetics led me to believe that he was more than meets the eye. We became fast friends, and now he’s actually my boss (and a successful kitty model).

Dear friends and felines,


As a full-time kitty supermodel of some renown, I spend many days and nights “dolled up.” I’m used to getting into character for modeling spreads, which is one of the reasons I absolutely, positively love Halloween.

That…and the cat treats.

In my neck of the woods, the cats go all out! Everyone dresses up in costume and parades around the circle like it’s a catwalk in Milan. Then we trick or treat at each other’s houses.

Of course, my place always gives the best treats. Fancy Feast Appetizers all the way.

I’m already feeling the Halloween spirit, and I encourage you to start planning your costume now. You don’t want to leave it to your assistant to make a rash, last-minute decision (trust me, that never works out).

Start now, and get the jump on your feline adversaries. Don’t let anyone else win Best Cat Costume of The Year.

On that note, here are 25 of the best cat costumes available for fashionable felines like yourself.

Enjoy! 🙂

25 Cat Costumes for Fashionable Felines

1. Sharknado Cat Hat ($20)

Every week is Shark Week when you wear the Sharknado Cat Hat!!

Available now at the NotsoKittyShop Etsy store.

2. CoolCats Orange and Black Halloween Costume Tutu Dress ($29.95)

Be a prima ballerina for a day in this festive orange and black tutu dress.

Available now at the RockinDogs Etsy shop.

3. Carmen Miranda-Inspired Cat Hat/Kitty Fruit Salad ($30)

Channel your inner Brazilian Bombshell with your very own basket filled with glittering fruit.

Available now at the NoSoKittyShop Etsy store.

4. Nurse Cat Hat ($32)

Temperatures will rise when you wear this nurse hat to your next Halloween party. Paging Dr. Naughty.

Available now at the ToScarboroughFair Etsy shop.

5. Mermaid Halloween Cat Costume ($8)

This mermaid costume should go swimmingly with almost all fur patterns and colors.

Available now at Petco stores.

6. Daniel Boone Pet Costume ($27)

Both city and country kitties will appreciate this ruggedly handsome costume…

Available now at the DogAndCatWorld Etsy shop.

7. Cupcake Cat Costume ($21)

Resistance will be futile when you wear this sweet cupcake costume…

Available now iheartneedlework Etsy shop.

8. Cleocatra Cat Headpiece ($8)

Your feline friends will build pyramids in your honor when they see you in this Queen of the Nile ensemble.

Available now at Petco stores.

9. Pumpkin-Shaped Glasses for Cats ($12)

Like to trick or treat incognito? No one will suspect that you’re a famous international kitty supermodel when you’re cruising your ‘hood in these pumpkin glasses.

Available now at the NotsoKittyShop Etsy store.

10. Raggedy Andy Wig ($39)

This yarn wig will have the other kitties thinking, “He’s such a doll.”

Available now at the ToScarboroughFair Etsy shop.

11. Witch Hat ($25)

A bold red ribbon and crimson polyester hair take this witch hat to the next level…of fabulousness.

Available now at the ToScarboroughFair Etsy shop.

12. Sailor Halloween Cat Costume ($8)

Ahoy, matey! Whether you’re sailing the seven seas or climbing your cat tower, this sailor costume will keep you looking sharp.

Available now at Petco stores.

13. Raggedy Ann Rag Doll Yarn Wig ($40)

You don’t have to be a ragdoll kitty to appreciate this Raggedy Ann Rag Doll Yarn Wig.

Available now at the ToScarborough Fair Etsy shop.

14. Good Witch Cat Costume ($28)

Sometimes the classics can’t lose. This witch hat, a Halloween staple, looks timeless and always in style.

Available now at the ToScarboroughFair Etsy shop.

15. Sushi Costume ($8)

If you like fresh fish (and what cat doesn’t?), you’ll want to catch this shrimp sushi costume before it swims away…

Available now at Petco stores.

16. Wizard Cat Costume ($18)

Cast a spell on all the neighborhood kitties when you wear this magical wizard hat…

Available now at the iheartneedlework Etsy shop.

17. Pirate Pet Costume ($3.99)

Sail around the world! — or your living room — in a pirate hat that even Jack Sparrow would love.

Available now at Petsmart stores and online.

18. Kanye West Black Shutter Shades ($20)

Is that Kitty West or Kanye West? Bling-out this Halloween with a pair of rhinestone-encrusted glasses and matching necklaces.

Available now at the NotsoKittyShop Etsy store.

19. Royal Cat Crown ($24)

Drama queens and kings rule! You already act like royalty, so why not have an accessory to suit your style this Halloween?

Available now at the ToScarboroughFair Etsy shop.

20. Pumpkin Cat Costume ($11)

Glow like a jack-o’-lantern in this pumpkin costume, which also comes with a matching stuffed stalk hat.

Available now at Petco stores.

21. Rapunzel Cat Costume ($21)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

This fairy tale costume is ready for both tricks and treats…

Available now at the iheartneedlework Etsy shop.

22. Pharoah Cat Costume ($11)

In this pharoah costume, you’ll look and feel like a king.

Available now at Petco stores.

23. William Tell Cat Hat ($18)

This William Tell Cat Hat hits all the right spots.

Available now at the NotsoKittyShop Etsy store.

24. Paddington Bear ($25)

A blue toggle coat and a yellow hat lend authenticity to this Paddington Bear costume.

Available now at the NotsoKittyShop Etsy store.

25. Candy Corn Dress ($27)

You’ll look so blasted sweet in this fun candy corn dress.

Available now at the gatinela Esty shop.

Well, there you have it. Have you already picked out your kitty costume this year? 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addicts,

Tabs and Karen


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  1. Chelsea says:

    I’ve been dying to get the mermaid costume ever since I saw it at PetCo!

  2. hanna says:

    So adorable loving the last one
    hanna recently posted … Covered Bridge Festival

  3. Preeti Kaur says:

    Awww so cute and adorable 🙂
    Love all of them <3
    Preeti Kaur recently posted … Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush Fresh Coral Review

  4. Haha, the one with the fruit salad made me laugh! All of these are cute. Thanks for sharing, Karen!
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … Quick Look: Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection Swatches, Bottle Shots & Press Release

  5. ah love that I wanted to live in your town to celebrate Halloween is so much fun

    wear my cat carmen miranda, which is a Brazilian I liked tai .. I did everything for you like me, oh baby not like me not, you have to give me your heart

    most loved everything karen wanted one of each model

    Tabs wonder how will be the cutest cat of Halloween!

    a kiss darling karen you are too!
    thatiane gomes recently posted … Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 -Resenha/Review

  6. Tiffany says:

    I love all of these costumes! The look on Tab’s face is priceless in the top poc! LOL

  7. eli says:

    I just luv Sundays w Tabs! He knows just what the cool kitties will like!!

  8. Esther says:

    This should not be allowed! Where is the dignity? No wonder those cats all look thoroughly p****d off! Funny though.

  9. meredith says:


  10. Liz says:

    LOL! So cute! But cats don’t do costumes! Come on! I love this site for all the kitty related stuff. Tabs is so cute. 🙂

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