Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 417

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Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

Tabs has a very strong opinion about fall.


On the one hand/paw, there’s more wind. It’s breezier than summer was, which means more stuff moving and more leaves blowing around, which gets him fired up, because you know how cats are when they see movement.

Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

But on the other hand/paw, there’s no green grass left to nibble. The grass is all brown, so, basically, the corporate salad bar is closed.

There was a lot of activity outside when we went for our walk today, so that kind of put Tabs on edge.

Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

Between the leaves rustling, and a dog barking, and someone hammering something, and a neighbor trying to train her Jack Russell Terrier to “stay!” Tabs wasn’t very comfortable.

Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

So he just wanted to quickly finish his rounds and make sure there weren’t any kitty trespassers, and then go back inside.

Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

Some days are like that. Sometimes you just really aren’t in the mood to be outside.

Kitty supermodel Tabs the cat California fall

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addicts,

Karen and Tabs


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  1. Chris25 says:

    Tabs looks so majestic, even when he’s on a leash.
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  2. Chelsea says:

    Love seeing that belly and flop in the sun!

    I love fall here in Michigan – it’s been really rainy so far, but given the drought in some areas of the country, I’ll count our blessings. Michigan’s a big state for apples, so lots of fresh local ones right now. I just got a box from my grandpa’s trees that I need to figure out what to do with.

  3. Yeah, some days are stay-in kinda days where you can just enjoy the calm and quiet, amirite Tabs?
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  4. Kim says:

    It’s hard to enjoy the peaceful outdoors when there’s so much noise; I’m glad Tabs was able to get his patrol in, though. 🙂

  5. Tatiana says:

    I can totally relate to how Tabs feels about barking dogs and Jack Russell Terriers. The other day in Neiman’s one woman was carrying a small dog, another about twenty feet away had a German Shepard on a leash. The small dog starts barking it’s head off at the Shepard. All of a sudden the Shepard lunges at the woman with the small, barking dog. I unfortunately was standing in between. Scared the daylights out of me. The woman with the Shepard kept trying to tell me he was a really sweet, calm dog and it was OK to pet him. Uhm, no thank you. Don’t know if dog ears mean the same thing, but if I saw a horse with it’s ears back that way, I wouldn’t touch it unless I needed to.
    Hope Tabs’ next walk is more peaceful.

  6. Annemarie Harrison says:

    I totally understand what you mean about good days and bad days outside for our respective kitties.
    From April thru Oct-ish I let Rose outside when I come home for about 10 minutes and she stays by me in the front yard watching the birds, cooling her belly on the grass and just hanging out.
    When I came home from work today I saw the little sign in the yard letting me know that Tru-Green was here today and they put down pesticides and to not let kids/cats in the yard for 48 hours.
    Well Miss Rose was not happy about the ban on going outside! I know she was saying to herself “The nerve!”
    I have to giver treats tonight to make up for it!
    Anne Marie

    • Karen says:

      Hi Anne Marie,

      Aww, poor Rose! Don’t worry, kitty, soon you’ll be outside soon enough.

      When you guys go out together, is Rose on a leash? Or does she naturally stick by you?

  7. Annemarie Harrison says:

    Karen, No Rose is not on a leash. She is really good about staying by me and not going beyond the sidewalk. We used to live in Manhattan and she is a City Kitty–she knows to stay by her Mommie.

  8. Tania says:

    Oh, I just love the photo of Tabs sunning his tum!! ☺️

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