Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 329

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Tabs for Vans

You might be wondering, “What does an international cat of modeling and mystery do on his Sunday afternoon?”


Answer: kack at birds, that’s what, because it’s sunny bird weather here today, and the birds are out in force. There are way more birds than usual for this time of year, I guess because of the heavy rains, so more things are blooming and the grasses are going off. There must be lots of stuff for them to eat.

Tabs takes a very official approach when it comes to birds. He sees monitoring the bird situation outside as one of his primary job responsibilities, so he sits on the windowsill in the living room kacking, literally for hours, while El Hub and I watch TV, and the poor guy sounds so concerned… He’s like, “MOM! Do you SEE!? Do you see that bird out there on the hill??”

Yes, buddy, I see.

Poor guy…

This was a busy week for Tabs. After the holiday break, it’s back to business again. There’s a lot of work out there for kitty models right now, and here are some of the latest ad campaigns… 🙂

Those Vans tho! I would just die.

Tabs for the new NARS Spring Fling Quads

Tabs for new Starkissed Tuna-Scented Fur Foundation

Tabs for CatGoods stores

Tabs for new Dior Dandelion Deodorizer

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Hope you’re doing something fun right meow. I’m on my way to Ulta…and the hardware store, woo-hoo! 🙂


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  1. Icequeen81 says:

    I would love those vans

  2. Nivedita says:

    Tabs is the busiest cat I have ever known! ni wonder he needed a helping hand for this blog.
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  3. Those Vans footwear are seriously super cute. I am eager to add some cat prints in my wardrobe .. All thanks to u 😉

    Love the Tabs Bars collection 😉
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  4. Kim says:

    Love them all, esp Tabs’ eyes in the Star Kissed. 🙂 I hope you survived the hardware store. And, Happy Monday!

    • Karen says:

      Morning! Tabs is quite proud of the Star Kissed one. Apparently one of their subsidiaries makes one of the top brands of tuna on the market, or so I’m told…

      I made it through the hardware store unscathed, just barely. I perused the gardening section while El Hub tracked down the right nails to hang a big mirror we have at home. I don’t mind wandering around the hardware store as long as I’m not looking for anything, you know, specific, lol.

      How are things going over there? What did you do over the weekend?

      • Kim says:

        I hear you! Who would have guessed there could be so many different types of nails and screws? It’s overwhelming! I saw that you guys got a big mirror in one of your later posts. That’s awesome – congrats! We got one as a gift when we first bought the house and it makes such a difference in the room. It’s over the mantle and just perfect. It’s a bit too high for me to actually look in but I think it adds depth to the room. 🙂

        We’re trying to stay warm! HAHA! Last weekend was great, with only one hockey game which is unheard of. We got a lot done around the house in terms of cleaning and organizing so it was really productive. THIS weekend on the other hand will be awful. One of the boys has a tournament about an hour and a half away (with games at like 8 AM both days) so I’ll be up very early. The Hubs has to work 10PM to 6AM which is super-rare so his brother is going to visit to cart son #2 to his weekend games. I hate not being able to watch them both but, thankfully, it doesn’t happen often.

        Wow – that was long – sorry!!

  5. Estefania says:

    You know what, Karen? I might be losing it. At first I thought, “Ew! Foundation that smells like FISH?”, then my brain goes,

    Brain: “Well, Estefania, humans have makeup that smells like chocolate, and some that smells like other desserts!”

    Me: “But that’s different; chocolate is delicious.”

    Brain: “Well, tuna is delicious for kitties. Let the Tabs have his tuna foundation.”

    Me: “Yeah, I guess you’re right…”


  6. Annemarie says:

    I’m glad to hear that Tabs has been busy monitoring the birds up there in Marin County. My Rose was busy monitoring birds here in NJ just outside of Manhattan–so West Coast and East Coast covered! They are so dedicated and hard working! 🙂
    Anne Marie

  7. Sylirael says:

    Ahahaha! Tuna scented foundation! *runs in horror* I know I’m not a cat, but I haaaaaate the smell of tuna. Makes me feel ill :-S LOL! If I were a Cat Mommy, that would be one makeup item they would never be allowed to wear. Purple lip (whisker?) stick would be totally OK though.
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