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A Thanksgiving Makeup Look by Tabs the Cat

Dear friends, fans and felines,

Yes! I think I finally figured out what makeup to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday.

What do you think?

I was sure you’d like it, so I put together this quick tabby tutorial.

There’s glitter, which you know I love — you can never go wrong with a little spark and funky style — but it’s also themed and holiday appropriate.

After last weekend’s giant Thanksgiving to-do, this week’s actual Thanksgiving dinner will just be a small fête for the employees here at the office…mostly just my assistant and her man servant/significant other.

I’ve met him before. Nice enough chap… Strong hands.

I just couldn’t handle another big party, ya know? Not with everyone saying, “Tabs! Tabs! Tabs! Look over here! Look at this!” And there’s always that one person scratching at the floor to get my attention or waving something around. I can’t help but look, of course, even when I don’t want to. It’s exhausting.

Oh! And then someone always has to bust out the laser toy or my feather stick, and then I end up running around and jumping at the walls like a fool.

I just have to be smarter than that and not put myself into those kinds of situations…

Anywho, I really hope you give this look a try. I think you’ll look great. 🙂




  1. Apply a metallic bronze loose pigment to the inner half of your lids with a flat eyeshadow brush (I wet my brush first to really amp up the color).
  2. Clean the remaining eyeshadow on your flat eyeshadow brush with a paper towel. Then, rewet the brush head, and apply the copper loose pigment to the outer half of your lid. Now wait for both eyeshadows to dry…
  3. Seamlessly blend the bronze and copper eyeshadows together with a tapered crease brush.
  4. Trace your upper lash line with black liquid liner, and flick out the edge, going up and out.
  5. Draw a little autumn leaves flourish just above the bronze and copper eyeshadow with a brown, and yellow (or gold), liquid liner.
  6. Finish with your most flirty, fabulous pair of false lashes.

P.S. Really though, please do not try this at home on cats. I know you already know this, but Tabs does not advocate putting actual makeup on cats.

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  1. sarahc says:

    Oh, Tabs you will look faboo at Thanksgiving dinner with your look. I agree with you about keeping it a small affair. With close friends is the only way to go. 🙂

    • tabs says:

      You’re too kind, sarahc. Yes, smaller shindigs are great because they afford one the opportunity to really connect with guests and discuss interesting topics like recent advancements in gravy technology and the bird uprisings.

      Fascinatingly yours,

  2. Martha Nelson says:

    “stay classy” Tabs

  3. Laurie says:

    “Strong hands” LMAO Oh, Tabs.

    Awesome autumnal tutorial. I shall try this with my MAC pigments this week (minus the autumn leaves flourish, perhaps — I’m not quite the fashion icon risk-taker that you are, T.!)

    • tabs says:

      I hope you reconsider the liner leaves flourish, Laurie. I think it adds that certain something that takes this eye look to the next level.

      As for cosmetics courageousness, trust your instincts, and go with your gut. It will never steer you wrong (especially if it’s full of gravy).

      Much love, always,

  4. Bahaha, this cracked me up 🙂 Tabs is great at tutorials!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Pimping poinsettias at the Stars for Europe Christmas workshop

  5. Lisa says:

    interesting how Tabs wears his false lashes upside-down to really open up his eyes

    • tabs says:

      Yes, I have found that by accentuating my breathtaking eyes, all other aspects of my look become basically irrelevant.

      Purrs and kisses,

  6. Stephanie says:

    Tabs, will you be throwing a Christmas party? If so, is it all cats or do you allow humans to attend also? And lastly, do you do your own Christmas shopping or do you delegate that to your assistant? You look gorgeous, as always!

    • tabs says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I will most certainly be throwing a Christmas party this year — three, in fact — for various kitty modeling industry bigwigs, fans and friends. Humans are always welcome, especially if they come bearing gravy. 🙂

      As purr your shopping question, yes, I usually do most of my own shopping online from my iPhone.


  7. Eleanor says:

    Great tutorial Tabs. These pigments look great with your eyes. I think I will try something similar myself. I could use my crushed metallic pigments from the MAC Spring 2012 Vera Collection. It was so beautiful that I HAD to have it. But, I haven’t had much use for (so sad).
    Eleanor recently posted … Colour Lover Fall Pallet

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