Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 309

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The Tabs Diaries: Uncensored

Dear Diary,


I could really use a bowl of stress relief tea right now. This promises to be a hectic fall. Busy, busy, busy. Being an international kitty supermodel, fall is typically a really intense time for me, and this fall will be no exception.

I have a lot on my plate over the next few weeks — the VMAs on the 24th, the Emmys on the 25th, Fashion Week next month, the US Open (paws crossed!).

I’m booked to cover the awards shows for E! News this year as their exclusive kitty correspondent, which is a brand new gig for me. Am I excited? Absolutely, but I’m also a little nervous, as I have yet to figure out what bow tie to wear (or if I should wear one at all?).

Fashion-wise, I’m usually a Chanel cat, through and through. Always have been. Karl and I have an excellent relationship, but with the issues I’ve been having with Choupette lately, I’m not sure…

Dolce & Gabbana called, so I may go with something from them, but this is all off the record, of course. I’m even nervous writing it here.

Let’s see, what else… Oh! Fashion Week is coming up, and I’m booked for a slew of shows. For sure, I’ll be walking for Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, Diane Von Furstenberg and Rebecca Minkoff, but I’m not sure as to what my final show schedule will look like, purr usual. My assistant is in charge of all that, and she hasn’t yet programmed it into my iPhone.

While I’m out there, I’m really hoping to attend the US Open because Roger Federer and I have had longstanding plans to hang out. I desperately want his help with my tennis serve, but our schedules haven’t meshed. Whenever I’m in one place, he’s in another. Hopefully, this time it works out.

For the next few weeks, I just have to try to keep my nose above water. Such is the life of an international kitty supermodel.

Not that I’m complaining. I love being busy, but I may have to hire a second pet assistant soon…

Catch you later,


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  1. Tanya says:

    I am so in love with the picture of Tabs strutting his super cute outfit on the catwalk. It’s the purrfect place to showcase his modeling skills and fashionable style. As for his wardrobe for some of his upcoming awards ceremonies, I think he would look best in a bow tie with some encrusted bling. IMO, he looks best when he wears jewels….it brings out his stripes. Hugs and kisses!! 🙂

    • Tabs says:

      Greetings Tanya,

      That’s such a great idea! You can never go wrong with a diamond encrusted bow tie. Perhaps I’ll hire you on as a stylist. Do you currently have any pet assisting commitments?


  2. Musical says:

    He’s adorable!! I too would love that necklace look (the one you polled) on him for the runway!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love your pics, Tabs. Would “El Hub” be considered a second pet assistant? That way you don’t have to hire another one.

    • Tabs says:

      Hello Elizabeth,

      He’s more like my in house personal trainer/massage therapist. I never considered taking him on as a full time employee. That’s definitely something to consider.

      Do you currently assist any lovely kitties?


  4. Look at Tabs strutting his stuff on the runway! A natural.
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  5. Kim says:

    Hang in there, Tabs – I’m sure all your fall engagements will go off without a hitch. 🙂

    • Tabs says:

      Dearest Kim,

      I’m trying to stay calm! It’s hard with all the mayhem surrounding me. Perhaps I should schedule in an additional yoga class or two. Let me know if you’re free; we can go to bikram together.


  6. Chelsea says:

    Bloglovin told me I had already read this, am I sleep-reading MBB now? Love hearing from you Tabs! Don’t forget to set some time aside to relax in between all the events! <3

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