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By: Natasha Wed, 04 Jul 2012 00:21:44 +0000 1. Mood: Positive.
This is going to be a good week!

2. Mild, medium, spicy or extra hot?
Spicy! I’m so grateful that the hubby likes spicy food, too. I once dated a guy that thought chow mein was spicy… that didn’t last very long… I like my men and my food, HOT, HOT, HOT!

3. Your most awkward years?
8-17… never quite fit into inner city Nashville where we moved when I was 8…. and the whole hormone thing didn’t help matters.

4. Watcha reading right now?
Bindi GIrl. It’s a travel musing. And it was free on Pixel of Ink. It’s an interesting look at travel and 3rd world countries.

5. Your current Hollywood crush?
I will always have a thing for Will Smith… but any hunk du jour is pleasant eye candy. Channing Tatum is awfully nice eye candy right now…

6. Speaking of Magic Mike, what would your stripper anthem/theme song be?
No idea.

7. Fave teen hottie of the ’80s or ’90s?
The shy basson player in Youth Symphony…. alas, unrequited. Probably a good thing.

8. Hair up or down?
Half up, half down. Lots of braids when working outdoors.

9. Tell me about a fear you’ve conquered:
I used to be scared of performing and would freeze and go blank during recitals in my teens. But in college I forced myself to go to open mike nights and got over my fear. And now i have no problem in front of crowds — which is a good thing since I often give talks as part of what I do.

10. Weekly goals: Finish cleaning the house. Avoid getting caught up in chaotic panic about the state of my house, my schedule, etc. Make sure I grab a little me-break this week. Enjoy my mother-in-law — who is arriving tomorrow and staying for a week.

By: Advah Tue, 03 Jul 2012 19:40:13 +0000 High five, woman! 😀 (I’m 4’11, I’m not picky…)

By: Linnea Tue, 03 Jul 2012 19:27:32 +0000 1. Mood: Ok. It was a long weekend here, so getting slowly back into the work grind, plus dealing with the worst back of the knees sunburn, which is making things mighty uncomfortable.
2. Mild, medium, spicy or extra hot? I’m all over the place. My huge issue with spiciness is I want what I eat to have flavour, not just HOT. So for most things, I’m a good medium girl, but some dishes can be spicy and delicious. Noodles are one of them. Soup is another. But i’m not the kind of person to chow down on some hot hot wings. I was the same as you Karen — I was NOT interested in any kind of spiciness until maybe 2 years ago, when I had something very hot but delicious. And then the craving starts..
3. Your most awkward years? I would have to say 13-16. I was a late bloomer, so first I wasn’t up to snuff, and I missed all the years where everyone had no idea what was going on, and then I was awkward because I was trying to catch up.. I really didn’t find my own until after highschool.
4. Watcha reading right now? I just (literally) finished ‘Savor the Danger’ by Lori Foster. Really liking the series, and the macho men are really hitting the spot right now 🙂 Plus, the stories in the series are really interesting and some good funny moments.
5. Your current Hollywood crush? Umm, I’d have to agree Karen.. Ryan Gosling still does it for me (I watched Crazy, Stupid Love again this weekend, and something about the Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling combo just gets me going — PS HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER FOR GANGSTER SQUAD?? If you want to instantly be back to Ryan, check it out). Channing Tatum also does it for me — But its definitely a returning crush, with ‘She’s the Man’ really getting to me back in my teenage years. 21 Jump Street cemented the comedy crush with him (shocked me!) and Magic Mike looks really good, in a completely indulgent way.
6. Speaking of Magic Mike, what would your stripper anthem/theme song be? I really like Tonight by Addictiv, or Where Have you Been by Rihanna — for some reason, I can totally see a sexy dance to that song!
7. Fave teen hottie of the ’80s or ’90s? Embarrassing, but Junior Floyd in Little Giants (Devon Sawa).. I think he was also in Casper.
8. Hair up or down? Up is more comfortable, down looks cuter.
9. Tell me about a fear you’ve conquered: I have a lot of un-acknowledged fears, but I think believing in someone and something would be the most recent fear I’ve conquered. I know, boring, but its kind of huge.
10. Weekly goals: I think I want to start watching Girls. Enjoy the week, but don’t get too down because the Boy is leaving to go to Vegas on Thursday. Keep the spirits up!

By: artemis Tue, 03 Jul 2012 11:37:04 +0000 andrew garfield