Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Oct. 20

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  1. Mood:
  2. Cognizant… but just barely!

  3. Eyeshadow:
  4. Stila Front Cover Look No. 2 (the next palette up to bat for my Wedding Palette Auditions).

  5. Fragrance:
  6. Very Irresistible Givenchy.

  7. Anxious about…:
  8. Getting through the workweek. It will be another hectic one ’cause I’m training somebody new. And I still haven’t thought of a Halloween costume!

  9. Happy about…:
  10. The sun (it’s bright and crisp outside on this lovely fall day), my Strawberry Frosted Pop Tart, the boots I’m going to wear today — It’s all about the small things… 😉

  11. Blush:
  12. Stila powder blush in Tint.

  13. Nails:
  14. Sephora’s OPI Metro Chic on my toes. Bare fingertips (for now).

  15. Morning drink:
  16. A steaming hot mug of mango white tea… YUM!

  17. Song of the day:
  18. Pink’s So What. Sidenote: Dang, Pink is cool! Who puts their ex-husband in a video for a song about their breakup? I’d love to meet her.

  19. Goals for the week:
  20. To remember to *breathe* and to find Tabs a kitty Halloween costume.

Let’s get Monday off to a good start. If you’re just sitting in that cube/class/hella boring meeting right now… copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments. 🙂


Le list

Anxious about…:
Happy about…:
Morning drink:
Song of the day:
Goals for the week:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. yadiq says:

    sleepy and hungry

    i have a kat von d palette in my bag scary as it sounds i havent mustered up the dedication to put my game face on yet

    amazing grace

    Anxious about…:
    my vacation, the economy and my job when i get back

    Happy about…:
    having seen all my friends this past saturday, having spent time with my parents and sister this sunday and being able to have began packing

    nothing yet

    bare with slight traces of the good earth very hard to take off lol

    Morning drink:
    3 cups of coffee between 6:30 am and 10 am

    Song of the day:
    i forget the title of the song buts its by ludacris and chris brown soemthign about i know what them girls like lol

    Goals for the week:
    try to not be stressed work out and finish packing get atleast 2 workouts in this week and get some zen like mentailty flowing for vacation

  2. Caro says:

    Mood: Sleepy, as usual.
    Eyeshadow: None yet… I’m thinking about a dark shade, to suit my new pin-up girl inspired hairstyle.
    Fragrance: D&G Light Blue
    Anxious about…: next weekend. I’ll see the Harlem Globetrtottes with my sister and my parents… just like those days when I was a little girl! And in the 3rd row! I wouldn’t mind if a ball hit me!
    Happy about…: my new hairstyle…
    Blush: none yet
    Nails: bright red!
    Morning drink: chocolate atole!
    Song of the day: Monster Mash!
    Goals for the week: Finish all of my job, minimize my worries.

  3. Nadine says:

    Le list

    Mood: Tired because I was shopping the whole day
    Eyeshadow: Tempting Quad from MAC without Sharp
    Fragrance: Serge Lutens Louve
    Anxious about…: My car which needs to be checked
    Happy about…: my 4 year anniversary in four weeks
    Blush: Orgasm Nars
    Nails: bare as usual
    Morning drink: two coffees with lots of milk
    Song of the day: Robbie Williams Advertising Space
    Goals for the week: clean my appartment and do some Yoga

  4. lexi says:

    Mood: a little sad – I have to go back to work in about 2 wks – I’m already having separation anxiety from my little girl!

    Eyeshadow:none – girl – I haven’t even washed my face yet – HA!

    Fragrance: remnants of fig apricot lotion – Fresh

    Anxious about…: strapping my little sweat pea into her baby bjorn and going for a walk

    Happy about…: the world series!

    Blush: none

    Nails: Essie’s Ballet Slippers – I hate that it’s streaky though..

    Morning drink: cofee/water/OJ

    Song of the day: American Boy – love LOVE love the Estelle CD!

    Goals for the week: exercise at least 4x this week like last week – it’s been a while since I’ve done it at least 4x!

  5. jenna says:

    Hi Karen,

    I <3 that Pink song too and need to find a Halloween costume for myself! It needs to be warm as I plan to march in the Halloween parade in NY with like a million people!! =) I’m sure Tabs will be so cute!

    Le list

    Mood: Happy as a clam
    Eyeshadow: UD Goddess & Half-Baked (your dark blue looks from last week inspired it!)
    Fragrance: Gucci envy me
    Anxious about…: nothing really..
    Happy about…: my new shoes! bcbgirls pumps!
    Blush: nars orgasm
    Nails: nothing (i’m ashamed!)
    Morning drink: america runs on dunkin
    Song of the day: runaway by janet
    Goals for the week: be uber productive at work

  6. Ellery says:

    Embarrassed, I just chased my dog up the road since he ran away!

    I have a little bit of MAC on my brow bone, I don’t know the name but it’s the beige-gold one from the metallic eyes royal assets compact.

    Christina Aguilera, as always!

    Anxious about…:
    Wearing my new shoes out in public, they’re major!

    Happy about…:
    Ordering my new shoes, I just did it ten minutes ago. I’ll have to show you them, they’re amazing. And possibly moving in with my boyfriend, we haven’t discussed it yet but we talked about it a few days ago!

    None, I don’t do blush, I only own one and it’s MAC Dainty Mineralized blush. (I prefer highlighter!)

    Nails: Nothing, but I soo need a manicure or something, they look gross.

    Morning drink:
    Monster (I’m addicted even though I’m slightly allergic, I get all light headed and my right eye twitches, lol! But I am cutting back!) and then water.

    Song of the day:
    Fergie – Here I Come. I seriously can’t stop dancing to it.

    Goals for the week:
    Box up stuff from my room and get ready for decorating, then buy some flooring, I’m thinking solid wood, hopefully walnut!

    This week went by so quickly. One week exactly until my birthday! Eeee! And ugh, I’m jealous of your weather, here in Scotland it’s all gray and rainy and totally gross.

    What are you thinking of dressing Tabs as? I’m dressing my dog and cat up, Babycake will be a witch,, although I doubt she’ll keep it on. And Jack will be a bat, (Sorry about the links but I don’t know how to do the little clicky on here and I’m embarrassed about getting it wrong! Annnd wow this comment is long.)

  7. Lisa says:

    Le list
    Anxious about…:
    Happy about…:
    Morning drink:
    Song of the day:
    Goals for the week:

  8. Lisa says:

    Le list
    Mood: Hopeful
    Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown limited edition palette of metallic eyeshadows (the one with the with creamy lipsticks on top)
    Fragrance: Chanel 5
    Anxious about…: A meeting with the client this afternoon…
    Happy about…: This week is going to be better than last week.
    Blush: Chanel
    Nails: Chanel Wonderland (pale sparkly pink)
    Morning drink: Vanilla Almond tea
    Song of the day: That’s Life (Sinatra)
    Goals for the week:
    Get through the week, so that I can enjoy my makeover on Friday at a local Neiman Marcus (courtesy of Bobbi Brown’s visiting artist)

  9. Laura B says:

    Mood: Depressed – I can feel winter coming…
    Eyeshadow: Purple drugstore which was gone by lunch – why bother?!
    Fragrance: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique
    Anxious about…: Money. As always
    Happy about…: Having started my Christmas shopping (bargains were too good to resist!)
    Blush: MAC Ambering Rose
    Nails: Parlez-vous OPI?
    Morning drink: Blackcurrant cordial
    Song of the day: Modern Girl – Meat Loaf
    Goals for the week: Buy my dad a 50th b-day gift

  10. Gina says:

    Le list
    Fragrance:dior addict
    Anxious about…: a midterm on thursday!! ahhhh and $$$$
    Happy about…: seeing my boyfriend in a few weeks, carving a pumpkin soon & receiving the boots i ordered a few days ago
    Blush:tarte cheek stain
    Nails:redish essie color, actually painted em myself last night!
    Morning drink:cafe bustello coffee
    Song of the day:taylor swift “tim mcgraw”
    Goals for the week: study for midterm, book flights for GA visit w/ BF, start doing yoga agian!

    Gina´s last blog post..What Are You Capable Of?

  11. Lehea says:

    Mood: Content

    Eyeshadow: None

    Fragrance: None

    Anxious about…: Picking up my presale items from MAC on Thursday. I ordered the cool eyes quad and rose lip set from the holiday collection. Yeeee!!!

    Happy about…: Not having to work today.

    Blush: None

    Nails: Bare

    Morning drink: Milk to go with my chocolate chip cookies.

    Song of the day: Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait

    Goals for the week: Bring out the rest of my cold weather clothes, hit the gym, plan dinner with the girls.

  12. Daya says:

    I’ve listened to Pink’s So What at least ten times over the last two days! She rocks! With that said, :):

    Mood: Mellow
    Eyeshadow: MAC’s Amber Lights, Rule and Vanilla
    Fragrance: none
    Anxious about…: my math test tomorrow, if we’re actually getting to my parents’ home for the holidays
    Happy about…: the beautiful day here
    Blush: Clinique’s Lucky Clover
    Nails: bare
    Morning drink: always coffee
    Song of the day: Trapt’s Wasteland
    Goals for the week:

  13. Daya says:


    Would you mind posting your toes?? I’ve been considering grabbing Metro Chic myself. 🙂

  14. Brittany says:

    Mood: Busy, crazy, starving 😛
    Eyeshadow: Urban Decay eye shadow Shot gun and sell out.
    Fragrance: I sprayed on some BBW Irresistible Apple earlier, I doubt I still smell like that though.
    Anxious about…: Taking my poor cat to the vet on Wednesday.
    Happy about…: Ummm…the fact that I only have one more class today and then I can veg out tonight.
    Blush: It was an Ulta Cream blush. Not sure of the color right now.
    Nails: I’m wearing this ghetto brand I found at 5 below. I think it’s called Knock it off Shanelle, the brand is funky fingers. I don’t know. It’s a pretty shimmery dark blue and it was $2, so why not?
    Morning drink: water
    Song of the day: I have the latest Rihana song stuck in my head, I have no clue what it’s called, but I have the part stuck in my head where she’s going bum bum be dum bum bum or something LOL
    Goals for the week: Not to stress out too much.

  15. Tali says:

    Mood: Tired and sniffly.. cant feel my nose

    Eyeshadow: Toofaced lovey dovey topped with Paul & Joes sable dore gloss

    Fragrance: Amorito Body Shop

    Anxious about…: Money… not having enough to buy all my makup wishes

    Happy about…: My boyfriend just being so cute

    Blush: None.. im flushed from illness

    Nails: …er… not looking to groomed am i

    Morning drink: Lemsip medicine

    Song of the day: Cardak- Halid Beslic…..

    Goals for the week: 1. Get better
    2. Buy Philosophy products to get in the halloween/christmas season

    3. fins halloween decorations

    4. Pumpkin!!!

  16. Tali says:

    apparently im too ill to spell correctly.. i appologise everyone.. ill go sleep and shut up now!

  17. Lars says:

    Mood: Worried 🙁

    Eyeshadow: Mac Blonde’s Gold pigment (applied over blank canvas paint)

    Fragrance: I always spray myself down with Bath and Body Wild Honeysuckle but the fragance I’ve been rocking lately is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

    Anxious about…: Blah, nothing I can control

    Happy about…: That I have my Halloween costume figured out! I’m going as Elvira, I have the wig and everything. All I need is to wear a LBD and a bunch of makeup! But I think I still want to buy some cute tights (maybe some sexy fishnets?)

    Blush: None, I slept in and forgot 🙁

    Nails: Sally Hansen nail strenghener. I don’t want to break any nails before Halloween so I can have long black nails!

    Morning drink: Water

    Song of the day: It’s Raining Men~The Weather Girls. A disco classic!

    Goals for the week: Go to all of my classes! Woops, I’ve already broken that goal!

  18. Megan says:

    Mood: Ugh… it’s monday and that time of the month…:-(
    Eyeshadow: I was in a hurry today, just the pink clinique quick eyes…I can’t remember the color…and some liner
    Fragrance: None…I woke up late and forgot on my way out.
    Anxious about…: The election and actually being a responsible homeowner now.
    Happy about…: The boyf is pretty much the greatest thing since black mascara.
    Blush: MAC blushbaby… while at a red light no less. 🙂
    Nails: Clear on the figers and Bastille my Heart (OPI) on my toes
    Morning drink: Water
    Song of the day: I don’t recall what i heard this morning at all…
    Goals for the week: Finish this presentation on time…get other stuff caught up… and finish one more project at home… like painting the new closet door. 🙂

  19. tania says:

    Le list

    Mood:lusting for Heroes cuz it’s Monday!
    Eyeshadow:painterly paint pot, soft brown and vanilla eyeshadows
    Fragrance: vaseline cocoa butter lotion
    Anxious about.. A whole bunch of things
    Happy about…:the homeade hot chocolate mix I won in a basket auction
    Blush:smooth harmony beauty powder from Heatherette
    Nails: in need of some grooming
    Morning drink: diet coke
    Song of the day: Violet Hill by Coldplay
    Goals for the week:survive as my work has a huge conference at the end of the week and so I will be working late. Boo!!!

  20. Elle says:

    Exhausted–my doggie kept me up last night 🙁

    A wash with MAC’s Dreammaker shadow (quickly has become one of my favorites) and a bit of Time and Space in the crease

    Burberry’s Brit (I swear I wear this every Monday without realizing it)

    Anxious about…:
    Getting all of my work done and catching up on some personal things too

    Happy about…:
    The gray skirt I’m wearing. It’s warm and pretty and very Joan Holloway on Mad Men-ish.

    MAC’s Gentle mineralized blush

    OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes. Bare fingertips as well (for now!)

    Morning drink:
    Red Raspberry tea

    Song of the day:
    Gotta be Britney’s new one, “Womanizer”. I’m a sucker for a good Britney song, what can I say? Ooh followed closely by Estelle’s “Wait a Minute (Just a touch). Her new album is amazing!

    Goals for the week:
    Finishing up my Halloween costume (which is decidedly low-tech and geeky this year) and figuring out what to do on my hooky day on Friday!

  21. Fie says:

    Mood: Happy – I got complimented on my cooking today

    Eyeshadow: None. Just Blacktrack fluidline and some clear mascara

    Fragrance: Versace Baby Rose Jeans <3<3<3

    Anxious about…: The assignments that have yet to come

    Happy about…: I’m going home for Christmas hols. 🙂

    Blush: Warmed MSF and Joyous BPB

    Nails: Some random frosty pink

    Morning drink: Fresh milk

    Song of the day: “It Won’t Be Long” A Beatles cover by Evan Rachel Woods for the movie; Across the Universe

    Goals for the week: Get my assignments done I can party on my birthday next month and take good care of my new piercing so it won’t get infected.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Mood: Too wiped out to be in any mood at all!

    Eyeshadow: Spider Web (from Meow Cosmetics), Kitten (from Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics), Alchemy from Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics, Urban Decy 24/7 liner in Bourbon. A sort of mineral-y day.

    Fragrance: Black Amethyst from Bath and BodyWorks, it was the shower gel I grabbed this morning, so I put the matching EDT on

    Anxious about…: The growing pile of work on my desk, the economy, the election

    Happy about…: The fact that I should have a package containing new eyeshadows waiting when I get home, the fact that my kitty’s medicine for his eye irritation is working!

    Blush: Verve from Aromaleigh

    Nails: MAC Seasonal Peach

    Morning drink: Coffee

    Song of the day: Too Drunk (Buckcherry)… and NOT the edited version

    Goals for the week: Get two science articles and one chapter finally off my desk, decide what I’m going to spend next month’s makeup budget on since I get paid Friday, try and get a little more sleep than usual.

    Jennifer´s last blog post..PRODUCT REVIEW: Aromaleigh Nocturne Overnight Mineral Treatment

  23. Jennifer says:

    Mood: Too wiped out to be in any mood at all!

    Eyeshadow: Spider Web (from Meow Cosmetics), Kitten (from Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics), Alchemy from Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics, Urban Decy 24/7 liner in Bourbon. A sort of mineral-y day.

    Fragrance: Black Amethyst from Bath and BodyWorks, it was the shower gel I grabbed this morning, so I put the matching EDT on

    Anxious about…: The growing pile of work on my desk, the economy, the election

    Happy about…: The fact that I should have a package containing new eyeshadows waiting when I get home, the fact that my kitty’s medicine for his eye irritation is working!

    Blush: Verve from Aromaleigh

    Nails: MAC Seasonal Peach

    Morning drink: Coffee

    Song of the day: Too Drunk (Buckcherry)… and NOT the edited version

    Goals for the week: Get two science articles and one chapter finally off my desk, decide what I’m going to spend next month’s makeup budget on since I get paid Friday, try and get a little more sleep than usual.

  24. Jessica says:

    Hi Karen!!

    This is my first ever comment/posting/list on your site! Thanks for helping fuel my beauty addiction! 🙂

    Mood: Calm, but a little anxious.

    Eyeshadow: A combination of Cargo Georgia, Urban Decay Polyester Bride, Too Faced Skinny Dip and Nude Scene. (Yeah, I don’t get it either.)

    Fragrance: Narcisco Rodriguez

    Anxious about…: What will happen to my job after October, allergy testing on Thursday

    Happy about…: Still being able to wear capris to work!

    Blush: UD After glow in Desire

    Nails: Nicole by O.P.I. – the dark dark purple color

    Morning drink: Tazo Chai tea plus lots of water

    Song of the day: Alicia Keys “No One”

    Goals for the week: Figure out what to do about my math class. Send out resumes. (Anyone hiring??) Visit Sephora and handle myself with restraint.

  25. Karen too says:

    Le list

    Mood: Overwhelmed but determined
    Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown nude palette
    Fragrance: L’eau d’Issey
    Anxious about…: Wedding budgeting
    Happy about…: Finding gorgeous wedding underwear and jewellry this weekend!
    Blush: None right now, but I’m excited about trying my new Silk Naturals blush in Babydoll that I got in the mail today!
    Nails: Au naturel
    Morning drink: A glass of cold milk
    Song of the day: Lift Me (Madrugada/Ane Brun)
    Goals for the week: Try to be a bit more motivated at work! 😉

  26. Almira says:

    Happy, even if I’m far away from my friends!

    White sparkly ;D

    None xD

    Anxious about…:
    Going to Intro to Computers tomorrow… GHAH!

    Happy about…:
    Ditching my stupid roomie soon!


    As we speak, I’m taking off a Halloween manicure–Tequila Sunrise (orange) with black tips. =)

    Morning drink:
    Ugh water. That’s all I can afford!

    Song of the day:
    Chicken Hunting, Insane Clown Posse. Hah!

    Goals for the week:
    Bring up my intro to computers grade!

    Almira´s last blog post..10 Horror Films You MUST SEE for Halloween!

  27. Holly says:

    Mood: bored and kind of mad. my “bf” is not replying to my texts

    Eyeshadow: MAC retrospeck

    Fragrance: escada moonsparkle

    Anxious about…: getting a physics test back tomorrow and having like 3 projects due in the next two weeks!

    Happy about…: getting a new phone today… sony ericsson z750a pink! lol

    Blush: an old too faced palette i found this morning

    Nails: OPI for sephora “brunette on the internet” on my toes and french on my nails

    Morning drink: grape juice

    Song of the day: i agree with “so what”

    Goals for the week: get things done for a change!

  28. Casey Ann says:

    Le list

    Eyeshadow:Bare Escentuals Summer
    Fragrance:Blush by Marc Jacobs
    Anxious about…:A big work event tomorrow
    Happy about…:Having Friday off!
    Blush:MAC Pinch O’ Peach
    Nails:OPI Moon Over Mumbai
    Morning drink:Green Tea
    Song of the day:Love Lockdown – Kanye West
    Goals for the week: Hit the gym!

  29. Tiera says:

    Mood: Exhausted!
    Eyeshadow: MAC All That Glitters, Bamboo, Brown Down, Vanilla, Embark to line
    Fragrance: Michael Kors
    Anxious about…: All the new business prospects I’m working with
    Happy about…: My weekend makeup haul, my baby bro is enjoying Disneyland, I got a lot done this weekend!
    Blush: This shimmer stick thing from ELF, in Lilac Petal (actually it’s more of a highlight)
    Nails: A cheapo polish from Walmart, Pure Ice in Wild Thing (this bright-arse green!)
    Morning drink: POG! (Passion-Orange-Guava juice)
    Song of the day: “Live Your Life” T.I. & Rihanna
    Goals for the week: Get this mark press kit designed, hit the gym (which I did not make time for last week!), and get home early to watch Chuck tonight and House tomorrow night!

  30. Milan says:

    Mood: content
    Eyeshadow: none
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs
    Anxious about…: this week; it will be a busy one at work
    Happy about…: the homemade pot roast I made
    Blush: MAC Azalea
    Nails: clear top coat
    Morning drink: water
    Song of the day: Whatever You Like by T.I.
    Goals for the week: figure out what to do with my hair…I have an appointment friday

  31. Chamayne says:

    Mood:lightening up a bit…but still solemn
    Eyeshadow:rubenesque and soft brown
    Fragrance:escada signature
    Anxious about…: work, family health
    Happy about…: knowing that it will all work out for the greater good
    Blush:ambering rose
    Nails: in need of a manicure and pedi–
    Morning drink:water
    Song of the day:the healer by erykah badu
    Goals for the week:get through it

  32. Crystal G. says:

    Mood: Tired
    Eyeshadow: Hmm…Swish on lid, Satin Taupe around the crease, Shroom under the brow, and Handwritten in the crease/outer v
    Fragrance: Baby Phat Goddess
    Anxious about…: my outpatient surgery on Wednesday – well, I’m more anxious about the prep!
    Happy about…: being off from work and seeing my husband in a few minutes
    Blush: some pink mineral blush by Maybelline
    Nails: nonexistent!
    Morning drink: green tea
    Song of the day: n/a
    Goals for the week: get through surgery, be productive at work, call and berate my insurance company for increasing my prescription payment, and be a fully lazy bum on Friday (my day off…thank u jeebus!)

  33. Holly says:

    Le list

    Mood: tired after a late night at work but happy after chatting with my parents about our trip to NY in jan!

    Eyeshadow: MAC Mineral from the Ungaro collection on the lid with a little Carbon blended into the outer corner.

    Fragrance: Chanel No 5 Eau Premier I adore this fragrance!!

    Anxious about…: needing to sell lots and lots of makeup on wednesday night to achieve my target – I have never missed one yet and will be sad if my record is destroyed!!

    Happy about…: My lovely mummy liking her bday presents today 🙂

    Blush: the cream colour base from the Ungaro collection with a little Benefit High Beam on the tops of my cheek bones to highlight

    Nails: Rouge Noir by Chanel

    Morning drink: just a bottle of water on the go this morning – i had to rush to the drs so didnt get a chance to have my coffee!

    Song of the day: Rhiana – live your life

    Goals for the week: sell my little Chanel heart out!

  34. NurseExec says:

    Le list

    Mood: Nervous. I’m having gallbladder surgery on Wednesday, and I’m having a mild freakout over it…

    Eyeshadow: Estee Lauder Pure Color in gingerdrop on the lid, mink as liner.

    Fragrance: Paloma Picasso (I realllly need an injection of new perfumes…I’m asking for a ton for xmas)

    Anxious about…: See above about surgery on Wednesday

    Happy about…: my new outfit today–black dress pants and a black/white houndstooth jacket with thin black patent belt–I looked HOT!

    Blush: just my natural cheek flush, no blush needed

    Nails: fingernails, bare. toenails, OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

    Morning drink: iced coffee, everyday

    Song of the day: Surfing with the Aliens–Joe Satriani

    Goals for the week: get through surgery with flying colors!!

    NurseExec´s last blog post..Nervous

  35. Michelle says:

    Le list

    Mood:Excited to go to the Suns game tonight 🙂
    Eyeshadow: Revlon quad in Coffee Bean
    Fragrance: Roxy
    Anxious about…: Missing class last Sat. I need to find out what I missed ASAP!
    Happy about…: My plans tonight & a Halloween party i’m going to w/my mom next Sat.
    Blush: Revlon LE blush (the pretty flower one)
    Nails: Acrylic w/pink sparkly tips
    Morning drink: Coffee of course!
    Song of the day: hmmm, none really 🙁
    Goals for the week: HW, work out @ least 3x

  36. GG says:

    Le list

    Anxious about…:
    Happy about…:
    Morning drink:
    Song of the day:
    Goals for the week:

  37. GG says:

    Whoops!!!! Got a little trigger happy with the return key! Haha, let’s try that one again!

    Le list

    Mood: Relieved, done with my midterms!

    Eyeshadow: None

    Fragrance: Freshly laundered clothes! Yum =)

    Anxious about…: I wish this guy would CALL ME BACK… he said he’d call ‘later’!

    Happy about…: That the guy called me this morning and I was basically a stupid high schooler again with a crush.

    Blush: NARS Orgasm

    Nails: OPI Light My Sapphire… dark blue/purple

    Morning drink: Green tea. Brrrr it’s getting cold on the east coast =(

    Song of the day: Womanizer by Britney Spears. Hey, the woman might be crazy but she does make good songs!

    Goals for the week: Stop thinking about the boy, get work done.

  38. Marisol says:

    1. in pain…
    2. I went for a simple look using Benefit High Brow, Eye Bright and Brow Zings
    3. Daisy by MJ
    4. Working on a special project at work.
    5. my new haircut and color
    6. MAC Petticoat MSF
    7. Bare toes and french mani acrylics
    8. triple venti white mocha
    9. TI’s Whatever it takes… love it!
    10. Try to remain positive while the crazy times at work

    Marisol´s last blog post..Sarah Palin on SNL

  39. Erica says:

    Mood: Tired…and its only Monday!
    Eyeshadow: MAC…I forgot the color name…its a black
    Fragrance: Aveda hair product
    Anxious about…: Getting work done ahead of time
    Happy about…: Minimum day on Wednesday
    Blush: Nars the Multiple – Orgasm
    Nails: Bare
    Morning drink: COFFEE!
    Song of the day: I’ll Fly With You
    Goals for the week: Get work done ahead of time

    Erica´s last blog post..Mrs. Skincare

  40. ines says:

    hi karen!
    stopping by to say hi for the week as usual. it’s funny how tabs looks so much like daria werbowy for lancome (i guess it’s the eyes)!

    i’ve been craving a fuchsia/hot pink lip stain/sheer wash or color recently… got any recommendations? i’m fairly light skinned (MAC NC20 at my DARKEST, post-summer state) and have ivory/yellow undertones. bobbi brown lip gloss in hot pink is the closest i got to, but no lasting power on that one (and also leaves loads of hot pink on my guy’s face), and the stickiness forces me to layer it with lip balm… it’s so hard to find that one perfect holy grail color!

    wishing you a great week!

    Le list

    Mood: productive! i actually got seven hours sleep last night, so i’m running on less caffeine!

    Eyeshadow: PUPA cosmetics natural eyes 01 (satiny peach-nude), etude eyeshadow single in london brown (shimmery neutral golden brown with peach undertones), benefit high beam under the brow bones

    Fragrance: lolita lempicka le premier parfum l’eau de minuit (my boy’s favorite! makes him all drooly)

    Anxious about…: actually doing EVERYTHING that’s on my plate this week. every single day until saturday starts at six thirty, and ends at one thirty in the morning.

    Happy about…: having decaffeinated successfully.

    Blush: benefit high beam on cheekbones, l’oreal paris true match super-blendable blush in baby blossom C1/2/3 on apples.

    Nails: creative nail desigh toughen up + super shiney topcoat. filed square. trying to grow them out nicely

    Morning drink: drip coffee, black with two sugars

    Song of the day: cumparasita (electrotango remix) – my argentine tango piece for the 22th of november!

    Goals for the week: tough it out for the next two weeks and get ahead so when second round of midterms come out, i can make it to dance practice. spend one day just cuddling on the sofa with my man and a plate of nachos 🙂

  41. Karen says:

    Hi Yadiq,

    Good luck getting through this week… I’m right with you with the zen flow. I need it ASAP!

  42. Karen says:

    Hi Caro,

    How fun! I’ve never seen the Harlem Globetrotters live, but I always thought they were so cool when I saw them on TV! Enjoy your time with your family. 🙂

  43. Karen says:

    Hi Nadine,

    Girl, what did you pick up on your shopping trip? Details, details!

  44. Karen says:

    Hi Lexi,

    Oh no! Will she be at a daycare nearby? I hope so…

    I love that song by Estelle. I’ve heard a couple of her other songs on Pandora and I liked them. What your fave song from her CD? I will try to track it down!

  45. Karen says:

    Hi Jenna,

    LOL, that Dunkin doughnuts coffee is fab!

    I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who rocks out to that song. I’ve listened to it about a billion times today.

    Lemme know if you think of a costume. I’m still brain stormin’. 🙂

  46. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    I am really glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Are you feeling 100%?

    You know I’m a shoe freak so I hope you send me a pic to your new kicks!

    Wow, I’m so happy for you! Moving in with the BF is a big step… when El Hub and I first moved in together we went through a transition period (we fought a lot about cleaning, as we have different ideas of clean) where it was kinda rough, but after that everything got better and better.

    HOW CUTE are those costumes! I might get Tabs a red wig that looks like Pippi Longstocking, but I’ll end up getting that if I can’t find anything better. I also doubt that he’ll wear it for long.

  47. Karen says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am with you — I hope this week will be better, too.

    How are you liking your BB palette?

  48. Karen says:

    Hi Laura B.,

    I hear ya. When it gets cold and dreary I get bummed about the weather, too.

    Good for you for starting your Christmas shopping! I need to start mine, too.

  49. Karen says:

    Hi Gina,

    Good luck on your midterms! I need to start doing yoga again, too. 🙂

  50. Shana T says:

    Hi Karen!

    Le list
    Mood: Happy! ( my husband came home for lunch today and I did two loads of laundry before work this afternoon!)

    Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette ( I’m wearing my new MAC Ladybug lipstick so I gotta keep the eyes light. )

    Fragrance: Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Dream

    Anxious about…: My husband driving his motorcycle in the city!

    Happy about…: My new MAC and Bobbi Brown make-up purchases from last Saturday!( I’ve been carrying them around in my bag just so I can look at them every so often, it gives me a weird happy tingly feeling…)

    Blush: Stila All Over Glow in Peachy Keen

    Nails: A random light pink on hands and a bright Barbie pink on toes.

    Morning drink: A glass of cool water followed by iced pear green tea. It was pretty warm this morning!

    Song of the day: Cherry Pie by Warrant ( I think it’s the red lipstick I’m sporting today that makes me think of cherries! )

    Goals for the week: Go hiking on the weekend, finish preparing grammar lessons for my 6th grade class, and help my lil sis find an apartment in the city.

  51. Ditte says:

    Mood: Happy and excited about my party friday night.
    Eyeshadow: Too Faced, caramel colored.
    Fragrance: None.
    Anxious about…: If there will be alcohol enough for my party.
    Happy about…: Finding a new (girl) friend.
    Blush: Clinique all over in Peony.
    Nails: Bare.
    Morning drink: Coffee.
    Song of the day: “Endnu en nat” = another night, by my new friend (she’s a singer/songwriter)
    Goals for the week: Clean up the house and paint some panels before my party.

  52. Ellie Paddy says:

    Mood: Cold, hungry.
    Eyeshadow: MAC Jardin Aires pigment
    Fragrance: Vera Wang Princess
    Anxious about…: Graphics drawing due tomorrowing
    Happy about…: Microdermabrasion facial done today
    Blush: none
    Nails: none
    Morning drink: Tea
    Song of the day: Just stand up! (to cancer)
    Goals for the week: Get hair died, find outfit for Sat night & next week Wed night

  53. Ellery says:

    I’m feeling amazing now thank you. 🙂

    I’m a total clean freak, I think I’ll be the one doing the cleaning since my BF is a typical man and doesn’t care about mess. I think we’re gonna stay at his house for a few days to see what it’s like to live together, then move in, since we’ll be moving into a property his dad owns.

    Tabs would look so adorable, you have to take pictures of him! I hate the way cats are with clothes and costumes, lol, dog’s just sit there with them on.

  54. Karen B says:

    Mood: overwhelmed (too much work, for a change.. ahem)
    Eyeshadow: icon (yay!) and barefoot contessa over bare study pp
    Fragrance: Chloé (but it was very irrisistible yesterday)
    Anxious about…: my OBO test tomorrow and the 100 classical themes I have to know by heart by Thursday :s
    Happy about…: just feeling good as a person
    Blush: Guerlain 4 éclats Rosée du printemps (much, much love)
    Nails: nothing
    Morning drink: erm, water
    Song of the day: Fiddlers’ Bid: The Pumping Bass (their music just makes me so happy it’s incredible. If you want it I could upload it for you or you can check out their myspace:
    Goals for the week: get through it okay and get some work done on my bachelor paper

    Karen B´s last blog post..Top 200 my ass

  55. Lydia says:

    1. Mood: Annoyed.
    2. Eyeshadow:I’m not wearing any yet but I think I’m gonna wear this pink and brown palette from ULTA that I never wear.
    3. Fragrance: Clinique Happy Heart
    4. Anxious about…:

    Getting through the workweek also.
    5. Happy about…:

    The sun (it’s bright and crisp outside on this lovely fall day)here too!
    6. Blush: I’m gonna wear blush out of that same palette.
    7. Nails: Are seriously chipped so I need to take my polish off before work.
    8. Morning drink:Coke lol!
    9. Song of the day: Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys.
    10. Goals for the week:

    I need to To remember to *breathe* too.

    Lydia´s last blog post..Olay

  56. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Le list
    Mood: Content.
    Eyeshadow: None.
    Fragrance: None.
    Anxious about…:
    Happy about…:
    Blush: None.
    Nails: Revlon Glimmer Gloss in Grapefruit Glimmer.
    Morning drink: Earl Grey tea with sugar.
    Song of the day: Whatever you can call my bird’s whistling and chirping of “Good morning pretty boy!”
    Goals for the week: Return some library books and make it through okay.

  57. jane says:

    “So What” is a great workout song. I love it! my gym playlist looks like i stole it off of a 15 year old girls iPod and i do. not. care.

  58. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea,

    I love that Nu Shooz song. 🙂

    Have fun with your new quad and lip set. Can’t wait to hear your about your looks with the quad, woot! MAC always has great stuff out for holiday!

  59. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    Isn’t that a great song? I can’t stop rocking out to it.

    I will paint my nails (hopefully tonight, if Tabs lets me LOL) and then put up a pic. It is a beautiful color, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 🙂

  60. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Oh no! Is your kitty okay?

  61. Karen says:

    Hi Tali,

    I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself… drink lots of water, get rest, all that good stuff. 🙂

  62. Karen says:

    Hi Lars,

    Your Blonde’s Gold and Black Canvas combo sounds so pretty! I’m going to have to try and do that with a few items I have around here. 🙂

    I say go for the fishnets! In black!

  63. Karen says:

    Hi Megan,

    I am so happy to hear that you have a great guy in your life. A guy that exerts the effort to make convo about makeup because he knows it’s your hobby has gotta be special.

    I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have you, too. 🙂

  64. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    Girl, I’m having a hard time with the new season! Are you liking it so far? I am getting impatient for the story to get going already.

    I will be right along side you working late!

  65. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Hope everything with the doggie is okay. Why were you two up so late?

    I am a sucker for a good Britney song, too. I can’t lie, I’m guilty of going to a Britney concert!

    What’s your Halloween costume?

  66. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    How nice! What dish/dishes did you make? I need some cooking lessons, LOL.

    And happy early birthday!

  67. Karen says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Nice! What eyeshadows did you get?

  68. Karen says:

    Hi Jessica,

    It’s great to meet you! I’m so glad you decided to pop by and say hello. 🙂 I’m glad to help fuel your beauty addiction. 🙂 What are your favorite brands/products?

    Have a good week!

  69. Karen says:

    Hi Karen Too,

    Oh! The accessories are the best part! Do you have shoes for the dress?

  70. Karen says:

    Hi Almira,

    What a fun manicure. 🙂 I wish I could pull that off!

  71. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    Cute! How are you liking your new phone? I’m jealous that it’s pink! 🙂

  72. Karen says:

    Hi Casey Ann,

    Yay, don’t you love short weeks? Are you doing anything fun on your Friday off?

  73. Karen says:

    Hi Tiera,

    Girl, you and your POG! LOL, okay, I’m just totally jealous that I can’t get it on the mainland…

  74. Karen says:

    Hi Milan,

    Sweet!! I will have to vicariously live through your haircut. I really want to chop mine off, but I don’t want to do anything as a reaction to work stress. 🙂 Do you think you’re going to do a big change?

  75. Karen says:

    Hi Chamayne,

    I hope you’re having a good week so far… hang in there. 🙂

  76. Karen says:

    Hi Crystal G.,

    What a pretty eye! I will have to try that combo.

    I hope everything goes smoothly on Wednesday. I’ll be sending you good vibes…

  77. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    Girl, are you finally gonna get your self to Target this time around?!? I hope so! 😉

    LOL, if only I was your customer at your counter. I’d so help you make your sales goal!

    What did you get your mom for her birthday?

  78. Karen says:

    Hi NurseExec,

    Hey girlie, I hope things go smoothly for you on Wednesday. Are you all mentally ready for your surgery? I’ll be thinking of you…

  79. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Fun! How was the game? Did you have a good time?

  80. Karen says:

    Hi GG,

    I am so with you on the Britney songs! Her music is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

    Aww, those crushes can be so fun!

  81. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    Oh no… I hope you are feeling a little better. Are things alright on your end?

    Glad to hear about your new hair, though. Did you go for a big change?

  82. Karen says:

    Hi Erica,

    Aveda hair products have the *best* scents! Hope you are having a good week!

  83. Karen says:

    Hi Ines,

    It’s always so good to hear from you!

    After reading your pink lip request I immediately thought of Laura Mercier’s Rose Glace Lip Glace ($22). The website says that it’s red pink, but on me it registers as a hot pink. It packs a lot of color, but it isn’t too sticky. Dunno if you even have a LM counter near you, but if you do let me know, and I can do a swatch for you.

    If not, then we’ll move onto round two, aka, other options!

  84. Karen says:

    Hi Shana T,

    How are ya girl? Don’t you love getting laundry out of the way? I swear it’s my least favorite chore, but I love knowing that it’s done. 🙂

    And LOL, I do the same thing with new makeup! I tote it around with me, too. Sometimes I keep it with me on my desk when I write, like a pet.

  85. Karen says:

    Hi Ditte,

    FUN! What’s the party for? I’ll bring the wine and cupcakes!
    J/K! 😉 I hope it everything goes smoothly. I know it can be stressful being the hostess.

  86. Karen says:

    Hi Ellie Paddy,

    How did the facial go? I haven’t tried microdermabrasion, but have friends who love it.

    Have a good week!

  87. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    A trial run is a good idea. Maybe you two can discuss how you feel about cleaning and how chores are distributed and whatnot. Also there’s the matter of paying for groceries and bills… Getting through all the mechanics and day-to-day details can be a challenge at first, but I swear it’ll still be romantic and wonderful! You will learn so much about your partner and it’s definitely a learning experience to live with somebody you are committed to.

    Will Babycake be moving in, too?!

  88. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    Girl, you know I loves me some Stila Icon! I think I have Barefoot Contessa around here somewhere, too!

    Funny, when I wore Very Irresistible the other day I could really smell the roses, and I remembered how you said that you loved the rose scent from that perfume, too. It really is super femme and just beautiful!

  89. Karen says:

    Hi Lydia,

    Hope you’re hanging in there… if you remember to breathe, I will too. 🙂

  90. Karen says:

    Hi Music_Is_Freedom,

    How lovely! That’s so cute that he whistles and chirps that line, aww. What kind of bird is he?

  91. Karen says:

    Hi Jane,

    My ipod is the same way. Danity Kane, JoJo… I swear it’s like Limited Too exploded on my workout songs list.

  92. Karen B says:

    It is, very feminine. And a bit flirtier than my Chloé one (which also has rose notes).

    Karen B´s last blog post..Top 200 my ass

  93. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,

    I realllyyy want to get to Target, im going to research the closest ones to the city before and try and make a trip haha i think i may be reaching a new makeup related low there!!

    I bought my mum some eyelash curlers, the Chanel Spices quad and some Chance Eau Fraiche shimmering body lotion (her fave fragrance the body lotion was limited edition and they all sold out but i managed to get my hands on some in Rome so she was really happy!)

  94. Elle says:

    RE: Hi Ellie Paddy,

    How did the facial go? I haven’t tried microdermabrasion, but have friends who love it.

    Have a good week!

    REPLY: Facial went amazingly! There’s a huge difference in my skin, its softer, smoother and glowing. Highly recomnd it.

  95. Ditte says:

    I hope it will go smoothly too – no drama, please 🙂
    It is because of my birthday, but only about 60% of the guests picked up on that, because I didn’t give them a reason for my party, which is a couple of days before my birthday 😉

  96. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    He’s a cockatiel. They’re not so much talkers like budgies, but when he wants to, he’ll start whistling and repeating the few phrases he does know for all to hear. It’s cute.

  97. Megan says:

    Yeah he’s great. Actually I meant to tell you…so generally he’ll see me reading something on my laptop and laughing and his response is usually…”Is that your makeup friend.” Which is totally how he refers to you…as my makeup friend. So the other day we went to a pick your own farm and picked some apples and a few of the last tomatoes and peppers since it hadn’t frosted yet. When we left we were trying to decide where to go…and he said “Okay go home and eat now, or go to Walmart…You must Decide.” LOL I think I may talk to him too much about makeup :)…and yeah I told him that it was you must choose…

  98. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    I will have to give the Chloe scent a sniff. I love those rose notes! Have you ever smelled YSL Paris? That was the first rose perfume I ever feel deeply in love with.

  99. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    GIRL, trust me. You won’t regret going there. It’s a lot of fun… I had a similar drugstore makeup nirvana experience when I went to Boots in the UK. I went NUTS in there. My only regret is not buying more bottles of Garnier Body Cocoon. *tears*

    What a nice present! I’m sure she was thrilled when she opened it up. Did you guys go to dinner or anything?

    I swear I give my mom makeup and she doesn’t use it. 🙁

  100. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Thanks for letting me know! I’m usually pretty hands off regarding my skin — I don’t like to do anything that requires mechanical brushes or harsh buffing, but I’ve heard so many great things about microdermabrasion from my friends.

  101. Karen says:

    Hi Ditte,

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ditte… happy birthday to you!

    The last time I had a big birthday party was for my 30th birthday. My parents, my good friends and El Hub (who was El Fiancee at the time), took me to this Filipino drag queen show/karaoke bar/restaurant. It was AWESOME. 🙂

    Is everything ready to go? Cake, snacks, etc.? Maybe the birthday fairy will send you a really fast, beautiful bike!

  102. Karen says:

    Hi Music_Is_Freedom,

    That’s really precious. I wanted to get a budgie for a long time, but now that Tabs is in the picture I dunno. I don’t want to stress the poor bird out, you know? Plus, I’d want to give it the freedom to fly around the house once in awhile without fearing for its life!

    Was it hard to train him? What’s his name?

  103. Karen says:

    Hi Megan,

    LOL! That’s too cute… I now have a nickname! “Your makeup friend,” awww!

    Watch out… now that you’ve opened up the YOU MUST CHOOSE door into your everyday life you’ll start thinking of lots of warped scenarios. It happens to almost everyone, LOL.

    How did you two meet?

  104. Ditte says:

    Thanks – yeah, everything is almost ready to go 🙂
    LOL – don’t have a birthday fairy that’s rich, though 😉

  105. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    Yeah Boots is amazing, particularly the stores like I work in because they have such a wide range from high end like Chanel to bargain drug store brands!
    I have never actually tried Garnier body cocoon but i have just added it to my list of things im going to buy on monday 3rd November when we are having a special day where Boots have doubled our staff discount so i will get 25% off high end brands and 50% off boots stuff!! I think im going to try some protect and perfect stuff as it will be half price and i must be one of the only women in england who hasn’t tried it yet!!

  106. I forgot to do this on Monday but I still want to! It’s Thursday! Oh well,

    Le list

    Mood: Relaxed and happy. I’m on Fall break with two friends
    Eyeshadow: NYX pigment in charcoal pearl and pink pearl
    Fragrance: VS Dream Angels
    Anxious about…: I have a genetics lab note book due on Monday! Ahhhh!
    Happy about…: Being on fall break with two best friends!!!
    Blush: Amuse Shimmer Mineral Blush in dusty rose, I think
    Nails: Pure Ice in Jaguar (gold)
    Morning drink: Coffee with pumpkin spice creamer! Yum!
    Song of the day: Nerd Girl by MC Chris
    Goals for the week: I’d like to say that I’d catch up on school work while I’m on break, but honestly, I’ll probably just make some more videos. So, I hope to upload at least two vids this week.

    Stargirl Heuser´s last blog post..Guest Review: N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lip Color

  107. Daya says:

    I had the same Spice Creamer in my coffee this morning 🙂


    I went by Sally this morning and they hadn’t heard anything about the new nail polishes you posted! 🙁

  108. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    Hmmm, that’s interesting. The Sally website just announced that they just started carrying the line (here’s the link to the site), so maybe they haven’t rolled it out to that store yet.

    You could always order online from 8ty8beauty — it’s cheaper per bottle!

  109. Megan says:

    LOL It’s funny to me now how we met because the boyf is pretty shy… but anyway one evening after work last January I decided to go to circuit city to look for a phone charger because I had lost mine over the holidays and it was right down the street. So being the Klutz that I am, I spilled like half the contents of my purse in the parking lot and he was coming out of circuit city and happened to walk by and he was nice enough to stop and help me pick up my stuff… and I of course thanked him and made some comment about being a klutz and we just started talking. It’s funny now…because when I remember back I can in my mind see how uncomfortable he was…although it didn’t fully register at the time LOL I mean I don’t really go out of my way to talk to strangers…but I’m pretty friendly once I do talk to someone. The thing is that the DC area is not really a super-friendly area. So the boyf had just days before made a new years resolution to make efforts to meet new people…because he only had a couple friends in the area…and the aforementioned shyness did not lend to getting out and making tons of friends. So thus when I started talking to him he decided it was the perfect opportunity to try to overcome his shyness and talk to me. 🙂

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