Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, May 25

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  1. Mood:
  2. Torn. Sad because we fly home to Cali today; happy because I can’t wait to see Tabs.

  3. Hobbies other than makeup?
  4. Surfing, reading, gardening and knitting.

  5. Hair:
  6. Side-swept bangs and a low ponytail.

  7. What’s your favorite snack?
  8. Any kind of fruit salad that doesn’t have cantaloupe.

  9. Outfit:
  10. Skinny stretch jeans (oops, I ate too many malasadas on this trip) and a loose yellow and brown top with a hibiscus flower print.

  11. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  12. I’m in travel mode today, wearing a basic look with Stila Lash Visor Mascara, Cargo Blu Ray High Definition Gloss in Belize on my lips and NARS the Multiple in Portofino on my cheeks.

  13. What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
  14. I wax my upper lip, pluck my brows and shave everywhere else. I’m a hairy beast, and hairy beasts gotta do what hairy beasts gotta do, ya know?

  15. What are your plans this summer?
  16. El Hub and I are hoping to move into a new place, assuming I don’t have a nervous breakdown while we look for it, LOL!

  17. Are you a night or a morning person?
  18. I love the night life. I got to boogie… on the disco ’round, oh yeah.

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Get back into the groove of things with my freelance writing, go through all of the e-mail I missed, catch up on my blogging, pay some extra attention to Tabs, and do some push-ups because I feel weak!

Aloha, homies. El Hub and I are getting ready to leave for the airport and to head on home to California. It was great to see our family, but we have to get back to work.

Are you doing anything for Memorial Day? Let me know how you’re doing by copying the following list and pasting it with your answers to the Monday Poll in the comments. :)

Le List

What’s your favorite snack?
What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
Summer plans?
Are you a night or a morning person?
Weekly goals:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. ines says:

    hey karen!
    happy long weekend!
    my cousin flew up to montreal from chicago so we had a bit of fun together.

    new things… just got approved to adopt a cat from a local foster-based rescue. the cat i will hopefully get to take home is an orange and white tabby boy who i don’t have a name for yet.

    time for a quick poll: cat names… help me decide!
    the names are obviously going to be dance related names, since i’m that obsessed with it.
    a) cha cha (orange cat seems like a cha cha i don’t know why)
    b) samba (this seems more like a girl’s name, but all of these are gender neutral)
    c) rumba (if the cat was a black, sleek cat?
    d) mr. jive

    Le List
    Mood: good.
    Hobbies? ballroom/dancesport.
    Hair: au naturel right now.
    What’s your favorite snack? possibly chips & extra spicy salsa.
    Outfit: pink muffin-print pajama pants and a tank top
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: nada…
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving/nair cream
    Summer plans? adopt a cat, visit chicago.
    Are you a night or a morning person? night owl
    Weekly goals: visit my kitty, don’t eat junk.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ines,

      Ooh, lucky girl and lucky kitty!

      I love all of these names… but I think I like Cha Cha. :) You’ll have to try it on him and see if it sticks. I used to call Tabs “F.T.” for Fussy Tabby, but that didn’t quite work. Somehow the name Tabs came along organically. So if your tabby boy doesn’t take to Cha Cha I think eventually his name will come to you!

      When do you get to bring him home?

  2. redhead says:

    Hobbies? Sketching art, singing, acting, and – here’s the big surprise! – SCHOOL! I love school. 😀
    Hair: I just got up (this is my SUPER lazy Monday off!) so my hair is in a messy bun (no, not the fashionable sort) and sticking up in irregular tufts at the crown, LOL! I look like a mad scientist.
    What’s your favorite snack? Cape Cod Salt and Cracked Pepper Potato Chips. Sure, I need a glass of water or 2 every time I eat them and nobody else in my household likes them, but for me, they’re like a spicier version of sour cream & onion chips!
    Outfit: Dunn and Cordoba tee (my orthodontist) and pajama bottoms with cupcakes on them, haha!
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Au naturale as of now, but later I’m gonna do a summery blue eye and cool pink lip with MAC Filament on the inner lid, L’Oreal Wear Infinite Shadow Quad in Out Of The Blue (the lighter blue on the middle lid, dark blue on the outer lid and crease with Filament to diffuse crease), Navy Stain Powerpoint on the lower lashline, Well Dressed blush and Pink Nouveau lipstick.
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shaving, with hair conditioner instead of shaving gel. It makes the hair so much easier to remove and silkens my skin!
    Summer plans? Art classes with an AMAZING artist at my local folk art gallery, auditions for the junior production of The Wizard of Oz at my local theater, and lazing about with friends. No traveling for me.. The economy sucks too much! 😉
    Are you a night or a morning person? Night person, mostly because I’m cranky in the morning.
    Weekly goals: Fix my geography folder, use my new L’Oreal shadow, find a solution for my auful split ends!

  3. redhead says:

    Woops! Forgot to include my mood.
    Mood: Excited for summer/excited to try out my new L’Oreal shadow quad that I swatched on my hand. SOOOO pretty!! I bought Out Of The Blue, and the shades are: Metallic golden copper, metallic deep bronze, sea foamy sky blue with golden green shimmer, and dark, dark blue with no black tones and subtle aqua shimmer. HAWT!

  4. Jacks says:

    Hi Karen! That’s sad you have to fly back from vay-cay but I bet Tabs misses his mommy so much!

    Mood: Yearning to go outside, it’s hella sunny and warm
    Hobbies? Photography (hoping to make it more than a hobby someday), makeup, ink drawing
    Hair: Just scrunched some mousse into it and let it air dry
    What’s your favorite snack? Sour cream & onion chips, but only on occasion
    Outfit: light grey cropped hoodie, soccer jersey, jeans and runners (thank goodness for my work’s non-existant dress policy)
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Revlon liquid eyeliner (tested it out this morning, really easy to use) and MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? I’m used to shaving but last week I tried out those Parissa wax strips. Pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how well it worked!
    Summer plans? Work on my portfolio
    Are you a night or a morning person? Definitely a NIGHT OWL.
    Weekly goals: Finalize my birthday plans (reservations, etc.), look for a birthday outfit, drink more water

  5. Katherine says:

    Mood: Happy! Happy Memorial Day
    Hobbies? YOUTUBE, blog, Cooking
    Hair: About to style it
    What’s your favorite snack? chocolate! i love it!
    Outfit: Cute Summer Dress
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: No Make up now!
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shave, eyebrows was, twizze
    Summer plans? Enjoy everyday of it till its over!
    Are you a night or a morning person? Omg iam such a day person, i hate waking up in the morning!
    Weekly goals: To study for my finals and enjoy every min of my life! ANd i hope to win a giveaway on this blog! lol

    love the blog!

    Katherine´s last blog post..Have A Happy Memorial Day Guys!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Good luck on your finals.

      Oh yah — I love that one of your goals is to enjoy every minute of your life. I’m gonna borrow that one from you. :)

  6. LayLa says:

    Le List
    >>>By LayLa

    >>>boored, it’s memorial day and here in work, if
    USA doesnt work, i dont have work, hehehe.

    >>>looking for good YouTube tutorials, wrinting,
    running, reading, and painting my nails hehe.

    >>>like you Karen, side bangs,
    looow pony tail.

    What’s your favorite snack?:
    >>>apples’ or something chewy.

    >>>gray skinny pants, black flats,
    lime shirt.

    >>>still playing around with my coastal
    colors from Mary-kay, for the lips Chanel
    candy glow, and for cheeks my first
    MAC blush =D!!

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
    >>> well for my upper lip i
    use a special cream, and other thing

    Summer plans?
    >>> mm nothing in special,
    just get a very nice tan.

    Are you a night or a morning person?
    >>>both depending what i’m doing.

    Weekly goals:
    >>>start doing the donkey
    kick, to have a behind
    like Kim K. haha well i

  7. Tanya says:

    Mood: Good :) Feeling fresh on this day off and going shopping with my family.

    Hobbies? Collecting records, doing anything relating to music, bowling.

    Hair: “plain” just down and looking more straight than usual (but I’ll probably get hot later and pin it up and slap a headband on).

    What’s your favorite snack? Cheese!

    Outfit: Beige & White tunic-like top, dark jeans, flippy-flops.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Smudgy black liner (Sonia Kashuk Gel Liner) and some sparkly taupe shadow on the lid (NYX Mocha Pearl Mania) and trying out the set of mini Fresh mascaras. Sonia Kashuk creme blush in Blossom topped with SK powder blush in Pink. Sonia Kashuk gloss in Fairy….uhh, I’m wearing a lot of SK today! 😀

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? I like to tweeze my brows, shave everything else. It’s just easier for me.

    Summer plans? Concerts. Baseball games. Bowling. Sounds like a usual summer for me!

    Are you a night or a morning person? Definitely night. I do most of my work late at night/early in the morning.

    Weekly goals: Get through another work week free of drama, catch up on filing and some spreadsheets, organize my closet and get rid of things for a yard sale, be happy! :)

    Tanya´s last blog post..Memoral Day Special From Cherry Culture.

  8. Christina says:

    * Mood: tired and sluggish… did my first call-in segment last night for a webshow, and stress-ate in preparation. Not a recipe for a good morning.

    * Hobbies? love to read, but I’m a nerd… currently finishing up a textbook (yes, for fun) called The Cultural Creatives.

    * Hair: curly.

    * What’s your favorite snack? depends on the day… yesterday it was Haagen Daz 5 ice cream.

    * Outfit: denim capris, lavender top, moccasins

    * Eyes/lips/cheeks: Maybelline Volum, Clinique gloss

    * What’s your preferred method of hair removal? wax or shave, depending on the location

    * Summer plans? ghost tours through the South!

    * Are you a night or a morning person? night, for sure! Thanks, grad school…

    * Weekly goals: make some serious headway on the book project… start submitting articles to journals…

    Christina´s last blog post..Rough Love

  9. Nikki says:

    Mood: sad. i had a rough night(homesickness kicked in) and i woke up this morning and realized i won’t be doing all my normal memorial day stuff with my family

    Hobbies?: im a HUGE videogame nerd. and i love reading
    Hair: pulled back into a bun

    What’s your favorite snack?: cheese and crackers

    Outfit: waist high skirt and green tank top

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: burts bees lip balm, clear gloss from maybeliene

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?: probably shaving and waxing. though i would LOVE to get laser hair removal.

    Summer plans?: getting married(1 month and 2 days ahh!). then going to the states for the 4th and going to north carolina in august :)

    Are you a night or a morning person?: night for sure, i really despise mornings.

    Weekly goals: keep doing my daily crunches to lose my tummy i gained during the winter

  10. wendy says:

    Hobbies: make up, my children, rock music
    Hair: straight and dark
    What’s your favorite snack? kroketten (typical dutch snack: )
    Outfit:leopard dress with black flip flops
    Eyes/lips/cheeks:Enough said blush, 1000 strokes and henna es, tendertone balm.
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving with a razor.
    Summer plans? this weekend we will go to the Efteling and in about 5 weeks we will go for a holiday in Spain (Menorca)can’t wait!
    Are you a night or a morning person? morning for sure!
    Weekly goals:enjoy the weather

    Have a nice day lovely people!

  11. Lydia says:

    Hey Karen!
    Mood: Good.

    Hobbies other than makeup?


    What’s your favorite snack?

    Grey pants and a pink tank top.


    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?

    What are your plans this summer?
    Going on a vacation to Michigan in August.

    Are you a night or a morning person?
    I love the night life too.

    Weekly goals:
    Work out.

    Lydia´s last blog post..Last Post of The Day…

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lydia,

      Fun! I’ve never been to Michigan… but I’ve heard you can actually surf on the Great Lakes, which would be one reason for me to go. Are you heading there to visit family?

  12. butternutty says:

    Mood: Rushed

    Hobbies? Playing with make-up, make-up swaps, baking

    Hair: Pulled back and contained with added headwrap

    What’s your favorite snack? On lazy days, a cookie. On busy days, an oatmeal bar.

    Outfit: ON striped tank, jeans. Not put together today!

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Nothing yet. Daydreaming about sushi flower + beige-ing and some liquid liner later.

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Waxing the brows, shaving everything else.

    Summer plans? School, school, and more school. Graduating this summer!

    Are you a night or a morning person? Night, definitely. I am grumpy and unpleasant in the morning!

    Weekly goals: Finishing my presentation, setting up a bloghosting for class, and reading, research, and more.

  13. Rachel says:

    Mood: Good, hangin’ out :) Watching Law and Order.
    Hobbies? Being an internet-hobbit, watching TV, walking aimlessly, reading blogs, taking paid surveys on various sites, writing, hanging out on Slickdeals.
    Hair: tied back at nape.
    What’s your favorite snack? blackberries in Puffins cereal with Equal.
    Outfit: jeans, long-sleeved tee.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: eyes – nada, lips – Nivea lip balm Kiss of Rejuvenation, cheeks nada, except the Neutrogena SPF 30 I have allover my face.
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving for the pits and legs. for eyebrows, I use a tweezer primarily. Summer plans? more of the same, hanging out in nature, taking walks/hiking, relaxing.
    Are you a night or a morning person? morning. I usually wake up before 7 AM, naturally.
    Weekly goals: stay organized; keep up with housework bleh – hate that term, but it’s better than chores *yuck*.

  14. Elissa says:

    Mood: Feeling overwhelmed with tasks.
    Hobbies? Cooking, knitting, reading, self-development.
    Hair: Washed but not styled.
    What’s your favorite snack? Chocolate.
    Outfit: Joes jeans that I bought as motivation on my path of loosing weight, and now I’m wearing a belt to hold them up. Tee-hee!
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: I’m wearing Eve Pearl HD foundation, and am liking it. Eyes is some Ben Nye that I grabbed really quickly, cheeks is a hot pink mineralized blush by MAC, and lips is an Eve Pearl gloss.
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shaving.
    Summer plans? Going to Orlando in June.
    Are you a night or a morning person? Both.
    Weekly goals: Try to stay positive while simultaneously getting all my sh*t done.

  15. Zara says:

    Mood: Tired… Just finished my small workout routine

    Hobbies? When I have the time (HA!) I like to draw, or play with makeup. I’ll knit/crochet if the spirits move me, I guess.

    Hair: Messy Ponytail… looks like my bangs are deciding to be bad for the day, ha!

    What’s your favorite snack? I’ve been trying to eat more healthy nowadays, so fruit. :) Cuties are always a treat.

    Outfit: Lazy Monday– Blue wifebeater and some gym shorts

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Nekkid! ‘Cept some clinique dramatically different moisturizer

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? I shave my legs n’ underarms, pluck everywhere else. Self wax my lip if I get lazy, LOL!

    Summer plans? Summer School! And lab work out in the field (for a Plant Bio. Prof.)

    Are you a night or a morning person? Hmm… I’d like to say both? I remember sleeping till three sometimes and not complaining about getting up at 7 the next day.

    Weekly goals: FINISH MY RESEARCH PAPER!!! And feel moderately prepared for finals next week. GAH.

  16. Kristine says:

    Hobbies? Photgraphy, reading, shopping
    Hair: Growing out so nothing exciting
    What’s your favorite snack? Right now – Triscuit Olive Oil and Cracked pepper crackers. Sooo addictive!
    Outfit:Silver Jeans,kersh grey cowl neck ss sweater
    Eyes/lips/cheeks:Naked lunch MAC Shadow, Rimmel lip gloss (forget the color)Stila blush (forget the color)
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shaving, because it’s quick and cheap and relatively painless.
    Summer plans? Hopefully spend time at the lake, go camping, build a deck and fence, plant grass in the yard, do some landscaping.
    Are you a night or a morning person? Night all the way.
    Weekly goals:To get through the week without going crazy.

    Kristine´s last blog post..Awesome Drugstore Concealer Find!

  17. gio says:

    Mood: happy

    Hobbies? reading, playing with makeup
    Hair: straight down
    What’s your favorite snack? chocolate
    Outfit: red top and denim mini skirt
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving
    Summer plans? nothing special, just relax
    Are you a night or a morning person? morning.
    Weekly goals: read more

    gio´s last blog post..What does alcohol-free mean?

  18. flora says:

    Mood: content :)

    Hobbies: jewelry making (beads and wire)

    Hair: in cutesy pigtails which hubby thinks it looks like my dog’s floppy ears LOL

    What’s your favorite snack? Question is what ISNT?? LOL I am lemming sum Sour Patch gummies right now though…

    Outfit: green tank top that has a cute monkey detail and dark brown floor length boho skirt — so comfy :)

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Too Faced glamour gloss in Love Bites

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving

    Summer plans? my 1 1/2 week OREGON trip!! im soooo excited!!!

    Are you a night or a morning person? Afternoon?! lol

    Weekly goals: Keep the momentum going baby!!

  19. Meredith says:

    Mood: excited! i just bought my graduation dress!

    Hobbies? shopping, makeup, volleyball, reading, writing, talking

    Hair: bangs pinned back in a little poof, the rest is down and kinda wild with my natural wave :)

    What’s your favorite snack? the raspberry special k bliss bars or strawberries!

    Outfit: gray babydoll shirt with a pink tank underneath, straight leg jeans, and black rainbows

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: eyes- one coat of maybelline colossal volum and one coat of dior iconic mascaras, Urban Decay YDK shadow all over. lips- cocoa butter lip balm. cheeks- Nars Orgasm and MAC skinfinish in Redhead.

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving, and waxing for my brows.

    Summer plans? enjoy my last summer at home before college and experience new things!

    Are you a night or a morning person? night, definitely.

    Weekly goals: it’s my last week before graduation, so just make it through i guess. haha!

  20. Karen4 says:

    Mood:Mellow–allergy medicine does that to me!

    Hobbies? photography and reading to name a couple. I don’t classify sports or exercise as a hobby.

    Hair: sweaty from my workout.

    What’s your favorite snack? popcorn

    Outfit: Nike workout capris & T shirt; running shoes

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: bare naked today! That’s what sunglasses are for! LOL!

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving–and thank goodness I’m not that hairy!

    Summer plans? Spend time at our home in the mountains of NH, play golf, and entertain visiting friends.

    Are you a night or a morning person? Absolutely a morning person. Not that I’m perky first thing in the morning, but I’m highly productive and focused.

    Weekly goals: finish spring cleaning

  21. Gracie says:

    Le List
    Mood: Lazzzyyy….I am in the laziest mood this weekend and have done nothing except for shopping at the local outdoor mall and gettin’ the brows waxed.
    Hobbies? Dancing (for real, not at clubs lol), doing all kinds of art, playing the sims 2 (lol soo much fun) and sun bathing
    Hair: really gross, like 3 day old hair…yuck i seriously need to take a shower.
    What’s your favorite snack? Hmmm…this is hard. Probably doritos. I always eat them.
    Outfit: A t-shirt that has the high school i go to on it and some striped pajama shorts
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing at the moment, but i’m thinking i’ll wear: eyes: NYX eyeshadow in Apricot Moose all over the lid with MAC Amber Lights in the crease, then bare escentuals loose eyeshadow in azure as eyeliner on the top lash line. This is one of my favorite looks, a peachy golden eye with blue eyeliner on the top lash line. [=
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
    Summer plans? About a gazillion camps, but the one i’m most excited for is a two week camp at a really nice camp where we’re gonna go horseback riding, and rafting. fun [= also my family and i are gonna go to california (san jose, san francisco), lake tahoe and the beach where i live (not gonna tell :) )
    Are you a night or a morning person? Definitly night. I hate getting up in the morning, blech. I can barely wake up, it takes me forever. Plus i like staying up late.
    Weekly goals: Hmm… Not too many goals, schools almost out so I’m just coasting through the weeks before school ends. I guess it’s mostly just explore my makeup and try new combos. Also, i’m trying to branch out my style from just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, instead i’m piecing together fun shirts and jackets and i’m wearing more jewelry.

  22. Gracie says:

    sorry, forgot:
    lips/cheeks: For lips, probably nyx lipgloss in kiss. Nothing special. Cheeks will most likely be orgasm.
    Method of hair removal: Well, if you read my mood, you’ll notice that i wax my eyebrows. Plucking hurts too much and takes waaayyy too much time. I shave everything else tho.

    bye karen, have a great memorial day!

  23. Stef says:

    Mood: Missing my six year old, she spent the night away from home Saturday and Sunday, and today she’s spending the day at her Aunt’s house. I want my kid back!

    Hobbies? Learning to sew, knitting, cooking, gardening, playing with the two kids.

    Hair: Ponytail and bangs are clipped back.

    What’s your favorite snack? Chocolate covered pretzels.

    Outfit: Shorts and a tank top, my summer time uniform.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Au natural right now, moisturizer (Aveeno positively radiant with SPF 30), and Chapstick.

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? I shave mostly everything, pluck the eyebrows, and use my husband’s clippers to uhhhh, trim the bush! ha ha ha I need to start plucking my upper lip, but I’m afraid of those red bumps.

    Summer plans? Hanging out with the kids, bonding with friends and neighbors, lots of BBQ’s.

    Are you a night or a morning person? Night, but I want to switch to mornings, since my three year old believes in going to bed when it gets dark and waking up at the crack of dawn because it’s light outside, “Mama, I’m awake, it’s light, it’s a beautiful day!” I hear that daily!

    Weekly goals: To get my big butt to the gym more, to play with my neighbors’ 9 puppies every day, to make and stick to a healthy grocery list!

  24. Kate & Zena says:

    Mood: A bit eh. My day started out crappy but it’s been improving slowly because there’s a Law & Order: SVU marathon on USA today! Yay!

    Hobbies? Reading, drawing, coloring, crocheting, sewing, singing, listening to music, anything dealing with Zena (walking brushing, petting, loving, etc.), watching House, Groomer Has It and a couple of other television shows

    Hair: Down at the moment. I woke up from a nap an hour ago.

    What’s your favorite snack? Mint Mentos, Orbit Gum, Tillamook Colby Jack Cheese, Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks, Peppermint Puffs, it depends on my mood.

    Outfit: Pajamas!

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: None at the moment. I’ll get dressed, eventually.

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shaving and tweezing

    Summer plans? Chilling out at home. I have to see my counselor at college too.

    Are you a night or a morning person? Afternoon/evening person. The years of being a morning person have switched to the opposite side of the spectrum it seems.

    Weekly goals: I have no idea.

  25. Karen B says:

    Mood: Chipper
    Hobbies? Music, musicals, theatre, writing, photography
    Hair: loose all day (good hair day actually) now up in a bun, it’s just soooo hot!
    What’s your favorite snack? Good chocolate :)
    Outfit: Blue floral top from h&m, jeans, red sandals
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: brown technakohl liner, mascara x, guerlain bronzer
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shave, tweezers
    Summer plans? Summer school at Guildhall for drama :):):) And to visit an erasmus friend in Ibiza
    Are you a night or a morning person? morning, weirdly enough
    Weekly goals: study study study!

  26. Annmarie says:

    1. Mood:
    Sleepy, I have been up since yesterday so add a little grumpy to sleepy!

    2. Hobbies other than makeup?
    Yes! Shopping, Working out, Going to the beach, and recently I’ve wanted to take a Bellydancing class, so I may add that as one of the things that I do! LOL! That should be something!

    3. Hair:
    Do you mean what is it like now, or how I like to where it?
    I’ll just answer both. Right now because of all the rain I have not been using the flat iron and embracing my curls, so that means it’s in a ponytail, with a side part, and sideswept bangs. My favorite way to wear my hair is straightned with a flat iron, then curl certain sections.

    4. What’s your favorite snack?
    This is going to sound weird but roasted and salted soybeans! They are the best! I know they sound gross, but it’s a great source of protein and so good for you and they really taste good!

    5. Outfit:
    Black yoga pants, pink t-shirt, pink sweatshirt.

    6. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
    I love makeup and usually prefer a more dramatic look, but not so much today.
    Eyes: M.A.C. Mineralized Eye Shadow in Heat Element, Black Fluidline, MAC Sharkskin pencil under the eyeshadow, DiorShow Mascara, False Eyelashes Ardell #105
    Lips: MAC Prrr…
    Cheeks: I’m wearing my normal combo of MAC Enough Said as contour, and M.A.C. Springsheen on the apples etc..

    7. What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
    I am a wax virgin! yes, there is one out there…I shave after I tried to wax at home…that wasn’t pleasant…

    8. What are your plans this summer?
    I’ve got to get prepared to start Nursing school in August, so right after I finish this up I’ll be reading and studying and that is probably what my summer will consist of…but it’s worth it! Right?…LOL!

    9. Are you a night or a morning person?
    Night person all the way! I come alive at 8 p.m.! I thought that would change as I got older but I still am better at night.

    10. Weekly goals:
    Get back into the groove of things with my freelance writing, go through all of the e-mail I missed, catch up on my blogging, pay some extra attention to Tabs, and do some push-ups because I feel weak!
    Aloha, homies. El Hub and I are getting ready to leave for the airport and to head on home to California. It was great to see our family, but we have to get back to work.
    Are you doing anything for Memorial Day? Let me know how you’re doing by copying the following list and pasting it with your answers to the Monday Poll in the comments.
    Le List
    What’s your favorite snack?
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
    Summer plans?
    Are you a night or a morning person?

    Weekly goals:
    Wow! There are a lot of them! Mop the floors, clean bathrooms, brush up on my chemistry and algebra for a Nursing Aptitude test I have Thursday (everyone cross your fingers!), we just got into our first house, and all of our possessions were ruined due to tropical storm fay, so my goal is to at least try to go through 2 boxes a day, but there’s no where to put it? LOL! Maybe I’ll knock that one off the list. As long as I have my makeup and hair products I’ll be fine!

    Have a great weekend!

  27. Denny says:

    Le List

    1. Mood:
    Not so good, I went to an after hours clinic on Sat. and got the results today that I have strep throat. No wonder I couldn’t swallow good all weekend and oh how I hate that!

    2. Hobbies?
    Reading nail polish and beauty blogs, reading, catching up on movies, photography, & scrapbooking. With a 9 & 2 year old, I don’t get to go out to the movies like I used to. lol

    3. Hair:
    A managable bob cut just under the chin. I love this haircut.

    4. What’s your favorite snack?
    I like sweet stuff for snacks such as cake and cookies and when I want salty – only doritos will do. lol

    5. Outfit:
    I enjoy wearing jeans, a casual top with sandals.

    6. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
    Today I am au natural (since I’ve got strep throat). Ugh!!!
    If I weren’t sick, I’d wear my minerals makeup, blush and a light colored lipgloss. I like poppy gloss lipstick by clinique.

    7. What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
    I had unwanted chin hair lasered off about 3/4 months ago. I now have my eyebrows waxed when I am going ALL out.

    8. Summer plans?
    My hubby and I are planning on going to New Orleans next month…without kids and then maybe take our children to Sea World later in the summer.

    9. Are you a night or a morning person?
    I am a morning person because once I’m up…I’m up (even if I don’t want to be).

    10. Weekly goals:
    Get over being sick so that I can return to work on Wednesday and then fast forward to next weekend so I can do something fun with my hubby and 2 sons.

  28. Suri says:

    Le List

    Mood:relaxed..3 day weekend!

    Hobbies? reading, surfin the net, shopping

    Hair: pulled up into a bun

    What’s your favorite snack? fruit

    Outfit: brown tank top, gray sweats, flip flops-it’s laundry day

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing! Just some Avon Magix primer, undereye concealer, blush and carmex

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shave the legs and underarms, wax or thread the eyebrows

    Summer plans? relax, the beach, maybe PR

    Are you a night or a morning person? anytime after 12pm is good

    Weekly goals: put together the IKEA furniture, begin to clean out my classroom and the usual workout.

    Have a great week ladies!

  29. Jeri says:

    Le list:

    Mood: Relaxed…home and change from the bbq, enjoying a lazy no work Monday afternoon, thinking about a glass of wine and watching a movie.
    Hobbies? training my shar-pei, continual search for the miracle products so I won’t ever be as wrinkly as her, cooking, trying to keep the plants alive – both indoors and my first attempt at herbs and peppers outside.
    Hair: low pony (no bangs)
    What’s your favorite snack? chocolate covered peanuts
    Outfit: now in a white tank top and gray yoga pants
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: eyes: bobby brown champagne eye shimmer, gel eye line in indigo; DiorShow mascara. Cheeks – Nars orgasm; lips – blistex
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? threading eyebrows and upper lip; shaving everywhere else.
    Summer plans? lots of swimming and bbqs with friends, having my knee scoped after a nasty fall, reading
    Are you a night or a morning person? morning – love the quiet peace before the world gets started; it’s also the best time to walk in Texas in the summer
    Weekly goals: finish work project (not likely but it is a goal), cleaning out the closet, cooking healthy meals, surviving until Friday – half day at work and having my hair done (gotta cover the gray)!

    Have a great week!

  30. Mary says:

    Le List
    Mood: Tired! A houseful of barbecue lovers just left!
    Hobbies? Knitting and reading
    Hair: natural all the way–just started an experiment to never shampoo again!
    What’s your favorite snack? today? chocolate. Ask me again in a week.
    Outfit: jeans and a tee with a cardigan and slippers–too much a/c for me.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: totally naked today
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving when it’s needed
    Summer plans? trying to find things for my 2 boys to do
    Are you a night or a morning person? morning, now that I’m over 40
    Weekly goals: to plan my biz for June, weed the garden, and organize my closet. I sorted all my makeup Sat because I did a wedding, so I kinda had to–it had been a while!

  31. YadiQ says:

    Mood: unhappy

    Hobbies? baking

    Hair: curly messy pony tail

    What’s your favorite snack? i am a snacker i cant decide on just one – in all honesty i can snack on anything at anytime

    Outfit: floor length green maxi dress

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: eyes i have a green yellow and steel gray combo, clarins mascara and ud eyeliner in covet, lips i have chanel candy glow cheeks bare

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? i wax or tweeze brows then shave elsewhere

    Summer plans? as of now nothing exciting

    Are you a night or a morning person? hmm how about an afternoon person lol i hate waking up early but i also cant stay up past 11pm

    Weekly goals try to get my emotions in check, try to be productive at work and try to stretch more- my calves cause me extreme pain cause they cramp when i walk fast for long distances

  32. S says:

    Hi, Karen,

    Hope you have a safe trip home, and do say hi to Tabs from me (fellow cat lover here- my cat is 13 years old, incredible how they get under your skin, right?)

    Still not tired enough to be sleepy. Which is a miracle, since I slept only 3 h in 48 h.

    Hobbies other than makeup?
    Sketching, photography, badly playing piano, walking, traveling, reading.

    Up in al loose bun

    What’s your favorite snack?
    During the summer watermelons. And peaches with cinnamon. And Whole Grain Cherioos always. And Ice-cream, loads of ice-cream.

    i’m in my PJ which consists of a oversized Eric Clapton tour shirt. It’s way too warm for anything else tonight.

    Whatever s left of this mornings Iconic Dior mascara and Chanel Eclat concealer and 50SPF sun cream (La Roche Posay). I was too tired to do anything more complicated than that…

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?
    Pluck eyebrows, wax and/or shave legs, depends on the mood…

    What are your plans this summer?
    Hopefully finish all exams and visit a friend in Nice,France. I desperately need a vacation.

    Are you a night or a morning person?
    Night all the way. Hate the mornings more than anything! I don’t go to bed before 4 am and get up before 8.

    Weekly goals:
    Finish the sketches, sleep more than 3 h per night, pass a killer exam, and RELAX a bit.

  33. Michelle says:

    Mood: Sad because my husband just left for work. He tried getting today off but it didn’t work out in the end :(

    Hobbies? Reading, does watching movies count as a hobby? We do that a lot.

    Hair: Wavy, loose.

    What’s your favorite snack? sliced strawberries & sliced bananas.

    Outfit: Betsey Johnson black nightie.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Au natural today.

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Wax eyebrows/upper lip. Shave everywhere else.

    Summer plans? Disneyland

    Are you a night or a morning person? Neither. I’m asleep by 11 and don’t wake up ’til 9:30ish (on days off I mean). I love to sleep. I’d rather stay up late than wake up early though.

    Weekly goals: Work out on my treadmill at least 3x, throw in some strength training on my non cardio days, eat as healthy as I can.

  34. jessica says:

    Mood: not happy.
    Hobbies? makeup
    Hair: messy high ponytail with side swept bangs
    What’s your favorite snack? haha too hard to decide, i love food.
    Outfit: yellow “pink” sweats, madeline tshirt
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: revlon liquid liner, rimmel glam eyes mascara and blonde msf.
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? NO MORE SHAVING FOR ME, ive learned im not allowed to use a razor, my legs have too many scars to count.
    Summer plans? staying home
    Are you a night or a morning person? definetly night
    Weekly goals: get through the week.

  35. shivotra says:

    Mood: Empty and hopeless 😐
    Hobbies? Yoga, Dancing, Shopping 😛
    Hair: straightened and tied back in a low, side way pony tail.
    What’s your favorite snack? Burrito.
    Outfit: A gray cardigan, blue ruffled miniskirt, grey t-shirt that aptly says: “beauty, not bombs.” 😉
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: eyes: lancome quad in 4tranquility dark blue and grey used, Urban Decay eyeliner in zero, clinique high impact mascara.
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? waxing. it’s painful, but it works!
    Summer plans? Study, study, study…stay in school :(
    Are you a night or a morning person? Definitely a night person, trying to be a morning person.
    Weekly goals: Study, yoga, workout.

  36. Marcela says:

    Hey Karen!!! What’s up???

    La Lista, LOL

    Mood: Relaxed…25 de mayo, holiday!!!
    Hobbies?: Cooking, painting…makeup would be like a passionate hobby…
    Hair: Ponytail for now
    What’s your favorite snack?: Um, I don’t know!!! Unfortunately it would most likely be something sweet and chock-ful of calories.
    Outfit: Cutesy shirt I wore to my godfathers partay, running pants cos I don’t like wearing jeans at home…
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC MSFN from New View in Medium on eyes (matte on whole lid, sparkly bit on inner corners), MAC Engraved liner, Lancome mascara, Natura concealer, MAC MSFN on face. Nothing on lips!
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal?: Waxing, I don’t know why but I love checking out all the roots of the hairs I removed…weird huh?
    Summer plans?: Summer’s a long way away…Can I tell you my winter plans? LOL
    Are you a night or a morning person?: Depends on what I have to do.
    Weekly goals: Finish all my stuff for uni, read the newspapers, go to my driving lessons and practice with makeup a bit…

  37. shivotra says:

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: eyes: lancome quad in 4tranquility dark blue and grey used, Urban Decay eyeliner in zero, clinique high impact mascara. lips: MAC lipglass in big baby, cheeks: clinique all over color in almond blossom :)

  38. Stephie says:

    Mood: TIRED. My family threw my sister a 17th bday party at the house and my legs were about to fall off by the end of the night.
    Hobbies? Cooking, Writing, Shopping, and lying around..
    Hair: Kinda gross. I showered yesterday morning but considering all the cooking yesterday there’s probably a mixture of smells accumulated in there.
    What’s your favorite snack? anything w/ pastry, chocolate and cheesecake 😛
    Outfit: pj pants and a black long sleeve. it’s just one of those lazy days
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC all that glitters and black winged eyeliner/ chapstick/ nothing GASP!!
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? hmm, i like to wax but frankly i wax, tweeze and shave when necessary 😛
    Summer plans? to work it [ my summer job that is ]
    Are you a night or a morning person? either? depends on the day and how much sleep i’ve gotten the night before 😛
    Weekly goals: Make a good impression at my new job and do well. make friends w/ my new co workers. YIKES!

  39. Amanda says:

    Mood: relaxed and happy
    Hobbies? golf, mountain biking, reading, walking the dogs, generally spoiling the dogs, jewelry making (beading)
    Hair: boirng bob, grrrr. long story short-not the haircut I asked for, it’s too short! just wanting it to grow
    What’s your favorite snack? chips! cheetos and chili fritos, tortilla chips with salsa
    Outfit: was old comfty tie waist cargo pants, red hoodie and flip flops. now is flannel pjs pants and an old oversize sweatshirt. :-)
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: lighter side of mac family silver duo as a wash, stila copper smudgepot-did a cat eye, cargo miami beach bronzer on cheeks, nars chihuahua lipgloss
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shave, pluck
    Summer plans? none yet….
    Are you a night or a morning person? night, but try to go to bed early when I have to get up and BE a morning person, ugh.
    Weekly goals: get up early, haha. read my book club book. laundry.

  40. Chelsea says:

    Mood: Ansy about what’s going on at work

    Hobbies? Twittering every second of every day at the moment

    Hair: Kinda ratty and in a bun on top of my head

    What’s your favorite snack? Cheese melted on crackers

    Outfit: Juicy Couture Terry sweatpants BRIGHT blue, American Apparel stretchy long sleeved shirt

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Dioshow Waterproof Mascara Black/Vaseline/NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Tweeze the eyebrows, brazilian wax on occasion usually shave, bleach the upper lip

    Summer plans? Working and going to Martha’s Vineyard with the fam :)

    Are you a night or a morning person? Night night night

    Weekly goals: Speak to some important people about what lies in my future

  41. Cas says:

    Mood: Happy coz I just booked a trip to Boracay and Chiang Mai

    Hobbies: Surfing the net, reading, traveling and shopping

    Hair: Black, long and one length

    What’s your favorite snack: Chocolates and pistachio

    Outfit: Black blouse and black skirt

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Smashbox Tokidoki in Celebrita, Bonnebelle masacara, pink gloss from the Too Faced Tropical Tease Palette

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal: Threading for the eyebrows and shaving for the rest

    Summer plans: Travel!

    Are you a night or a morning person: Night for sure

    Weekly goals: Spend more time with the hubs coz he’s off to the Philippines soon

  42. Kandice says:

    Mood: Worn out and confused regarding a personal situation.

    Hobbies? Shopping, makeup!, reading, surfing the net, making scrapbooks for my boys, dancing, hanging with my girls, going to rockabilly shows and 80’s clubs, getting tattoos.

    Hair: Half up with a pouf in the front, sideswept bangs, blue rose in my hair.

    What’s your favorite snack? Hmmm…probably brownies or wheat thins. Random, I know.

    Outfit: Blue v-neck shirt, white cardigan, dark denim cuffed capris, white wedges.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Blue NYX shadow with a hint of MAC Deep Truth on the outer V, MAC Hello Kitty lipglass in Mimmy, and Benefit Coralista

    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shaving (legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area)…no need to wax my face as of yet but I’m bracing myself for that.

    Summer plans? Ink n Iron (tattoo convention on the Queen Mary), Hootenanny (big rockabilly festival on July 4th), Depeche Mode concert in August, going to the beach, taking the kids to the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park a few times (gotta get our money’s worth out of the annual passes!), football practice for my eight year old (two hours a day, five nights a week starting the end of July!)

    Are you a night or a morning person? Definitely night!

    Weekly goals: Working all week, finishing my final papers for my college course, signing up my youngest son for soccer, requesting my boys’ teachers for next year, taking the boys to Invention Day at our local museum on Saturday, checking out a new 80’s club for some dancing, and scheduling a much needed doctor’s visit.

  43. Rita says:

    Mood: Sad-ish.
    Hobbies? Gym, boule, indoor gardening, knitting, upholstering & other handy works
    Hair: Red! One lenght over shoulders. Ponytail today.
    What’s your favorite snack? I’m not really into snacks. Banana, Brasilian nuts, soya drink?
    Outfit: Tailored dress in 50’s style.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC A Rose Romance stuff
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Shaving.
    Summer plans? London in July!
    Are you a night or a morning person? Definitely NOT a morning person, but nowadays the Nordic light wakes me really early.
    Weekly goals: Cleaning the flat. A friend is coming over on the weekend.

  44. NINA says:

    Mood: Pretty upbeat … :-)
    Hobbies? Reading, watching movies and japanese drama :-P, browsing the aisles of Target, cooking…
    Hair: Finally getting long yay! Just washed this morning, just loose, no product. Thats mostly how I wear my hair everyday.
    What’s your favorite snack? Chocolate! Also watermelon and corn chips.
    Outfit: Gray and red striped dress, silver sandals – thank heavens for a casual dress workplace
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: NYX Eyeshadow Stick in Yogurt + Rimmel Exaggerate in Gunmetal + usual brows and some Clinique Lengthening Mascara == Burts Bees Shimmer Lip Balm in Champagne == Eye Cream + Skin Tone Corrector + Monistat as Primer + Superfit Makeup + Posie Tint + Milani Luminous + Clinique Loose Powder
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Not very hairy but I have my brows threaded every month or so (just for grooming), in between, I use my Tweezerman to take away stray hairs.
    Summer plans? Read. Go to the beach. Be lazy. Take thing slow.
    Are you a night or a morning person? Generally both, im just a bit quiet in the first hour or two after I wake up.
    Weekly goals: Finish the cross stitch birth announcement im making for my best friend’s new baby and then start shopping for Christening gifts – im a godmother!

    Have a smashin’ week, Karen!

  45. penelope says:

    Mood: stressed
    Hobbies? computer
    Hair: tied back in a pony
    What’s your favorite snack? munchies
    Outfit: dark skinnies with a yellow graphic shirt and my black sneakers
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: lip balm
    What’s your preferred method of hair removal? shaving
    Summer plans? Dominican Republic
    Are you a night or a morning person? night person
    Weekly goals:

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