Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Mar. 23

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  1. Mood:
  2. Hopeful. This week I’m trying a new strategy! Each day I’m going to take at least one small step to organize my life.

  3. Favorite eyeshadow:
  4. MAC Soft Brown! I can wear it in the crease with everything.

  5. Favorite lipgloss:
  6. This fluctuates often, but as of last week it’s been Chanel’s Tangerine Dream.

  7. Favorite hair product:
  8. Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Nourishing Masque. It smells divine and totes gets my hair to behave.

  9. How’d ya sleep last night?
  10. Pretty well, but I could have used a couple more hours.

  11. Breakfast:
  12. Bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, a cup of orange/mango juice and coffee.

  13. Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:
  14. How to handle stress better and figure out a to-do list system that works for me.

  15. Outfit:
  16. Still in jammies for now… but my outfit for the day will be green cargo pants, a white long sleeve shirt and a brown and white knit sweater.

  17. Song stuck in my head:
  18. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s Love Touch by Rod Stewart.

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Develop a work schedule or a to-do list and stick to it, buy some gum and houseplants, exercise every day because yesterday I tried on some pants and they were a little too snug — so NOT crackin’.

Hey, honeys! How are you feeling this morning? Take a second to check in. Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments.


Le list

Favorite eyeshadow:
Favorite lipgloss:
Favorite hair product:
How’d ya sleep last night?
Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:
Song stuck in my head:
Weekly goals:

Here’s to Monday — *raises coffee cup*. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Mikele says:

    Mood: Somber. I’m from Oakland and my guy friend is on the force. He had to drive a fallen comrade to the hospital. 🙁
    Favorite eyeshadow: A HIP combo, not sure the name but its beige and brown
    Favorite lipgloss: Also an old school L’Oreal Hip gloss called Pixie
    Favorite hair product: My stylist! I don’t do much to my own hair
    How’d ya sleep last night? Ehhh… I’ve had better. lol
    Breakfast: Couple sips of Limeade so far.. Will eat a Luna Bar soon
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: I want to brush up on my salsa dancing!
    Outfit: Beige courdoroys and a grey turtleneck, black loafers (ugly monday work outfit!) lol
    Song stuck in my head: Kiss Me Through The Phone.. How old am I!?! LOL
    Weekly goals: Cheer up! Get to the gym three times! Spread love! 😀

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mikele,

      I saw that on the news this morning. My thoughts go out to you and your friend.

      Funny that you mention salsa dancing. I watched a ton of random dance movies this weekend. Now I want to learn how to ballroom dance and salsa. 🙂

  2. YadiQ says:

    Mood: tired

    Favorite eyeshadow: anything chanel!

    Favorite lipgloss: chanel aqualumiere in candy glow and smashbox in spark

    Favorite hair product: all of the BB curl concious line cant live without it

    How’d ya sleep last night? barely was wired off of 4 cups of coffee

    Breakfast: whole wheat bagel with low fat veggie cream cheese

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: how to keep a positive outlook in trying situations

    Outfit: light blue jeans, thin brown turtle neck, and mustard colored minnetonka moccasin booties

    Song stuck in my head: blame it on the alcohol by jaime fox

    Weekly goals: get through it alive keep my house immpeccably clean for my house guests arriving on thursday ( MY BFF AND HER 6 mo old daughter are coming from fla for the weekend!!) keep up my workouts and stay calm around my agitating sales crew

  3. Sarah says:

    Mood: so tired, dragged myself into work this morning…

    Favorite eyeshadow: sable & retrospec. i can wear those early day.

    Favorite lipgloss: Bath & Body works Menta lip tint in “Pink Mint” my all time favorite & keeps ur breath fresh too!

    Favorite hair product: Biosilk serum.

    How’d ya sleep last night? ehh, slept okay… didnt wanna wake up this morning thats forsure! haha

    Breakfast: Hazelnut coffee and graham crackers.

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: cooking healthy like a pro!

    Outfit: black slacks, black V-neck sweater with a bright coral scarf and flats. (such a ‘monday’ outfit!! haha)

    Song stuck in my head: Jason Mraz – Im yours.

    Weekly goals: pack my things ahead of time cus im going to Hawaiiiiiii this weekend 😛

  4. Stephie says:

    Mood: Good, I feel like today is gonna be a productive day. Woo!
    Favorite eyeshadow: Hmm. I don’t think I have a favorite..
    Favorite lipgloss: Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Tenderheart
    Favorite hair product: Still looking for it :/
    How’d ya sleep last night? Wierd. Lately, I’ve been having the strangest dreams so I’ve been feeling like I’m getting half the sleep I should. I’ve been going on a subconscious emotional rollar coaster in my sleep.
    Breakfast: Nothing. I believe I will trudge downstairs to find me some after this.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:How to sew
    Outfit: A teal flutter sleeve top and black jeans
    Song stuck in my head: Britney If you seek Amy [I just caught on to the “hidden message” ahaha]
    Weekly goals: Absolutely excel in my classes this week 😛 and change my room up a bit and find some time to catch up w/ my friends who are on spring break right now and give myself a pedi 😛

  5. Sarah says:

    Hey Karen,
    Im heading off to Oahu! cant wait!! 🙂

  6. YadiQ says:

    HI K

    well my cupcake tower didnt work out -i had a terrible time getting my cupcakes to rise – it was humid here on friday and i live on a 5th floor so i think thats where i was having issues – i baked the cupcakes 3 times and they were just flat each time – GIRL – i was irrate
    🙁 i made a nice layer cake though which impressed me i will send you a pic!
    whic h was originally supposed to be my base – my baking skills have been getting better and better along with my decorative skills lol

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yadi,

      OH snap! I’m bummed to hear that the cupcakes were so troublesome. I would’ve been really annoyed, too. Many, many expletives would’ve come out of me, for sure!

      I will check my mail for your pic. I can’t wait to see it! Back when I was in heavy baking mode I used to take pictures of all my cakes, too. I can’t frost decently to save my life, LOL!

  7. ZDubb says:

    Mood: Somber… I’m in the lab unable to think
    Favorite eyeshadow: None right now – I’m having trouble transitioning from winter to spring shades. Any suggestions?
    Favorite lipgloss: Mac Hello Kitty Nice Kitty
    Favorite hair product: Right now it’s Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz serum…
    How’d ya sleep last night? Great when I finally went – stayed up late talking to the bestie on the phone
    Breakfast: Oatmeal with Wyman’s Blueberries
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Time-management and discipline. Apparently, I have neither.
    Outfit: Martin & Osa jeans which I love, T-shirt, and a Hoodie
    Song stuck in my head: Every track from The-Dream’s new album
    Weekly goals: Complete my proposal for this course and organize some preliminary data I’ve generated

  8. Janet says:

    Mood: Excited. I’m meeting my best friend for coffee in an hour! (Haven’t seen her in 3 months)
    Favorite eyeshadow: I love my Stila Mazatlan trio
    Favorite lipgloss: Smith’s Rosebud Salve
    Favorite hair product: Bio Silk
    How’d ya sleep last night?: Pretty well 🙂
    Breakfast: Will be Starbucks
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Well, it used to be learn how to drive stick but I just learned how to do that…maybe perfect my stick-driving abilities 🙂
    Outfit: SJ Sharks tshirt & shorts (PJs)
    Song stuck in my head: Time to Pretend by MGMT
    Weekly goals: RELAX! It’s Spring Break!

  9. Janet says:


    About “If You Seek Amy”…if you say it kinda fast it sounds like she’s spelling out a four letter word (Starts with F) and then saying “me”. So, the words go “all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy”. Tricky tricky, Britney!

  10. SMarie says:

    Mood: Upbeat
    Favorite eyeshadow: Right now I am loving the Cargo Essential Eyes Palette, I have worn it everyday since I got it!
    Favorite lipgloss: Nars Stolen Kisses
    Favorite hair product: Sebastian Shaper Hairspray, I cant live without it!
    How’d ya sleep last night? Awesome, I fell asleep about 9:30pm watching Celebrity Apprentice…lol
    Breakfast: Vanilla Yogurt with Fruit and Cereal
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to lose weight!!!
    Outfit: black dress pants, blue banana republic top, and black flats
    Song stuck in my head: KISS ME THROUGH THE PHONE!!! lol I love that song!
    Weekly goals:
    Get ready for my Mom and Aunt’s visit by cleaning house, getting all my work stuff done, etc.

  11. Kiran says:

    Mood:tired but otherwise optimistic 🙂
    Favorite eyeshadow: mac expensive pink
    Favorite lipgloss: mac prr
    Favorite hair product: biosilk! Can’t live without it
    How’d ya sleep last night? Good but wish I could have slept in
    Breakfast: green tea and a banana
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: hmmm learning how to knit would be cool or actually beating my bf at xbox lol
    Outfit:lulus and a hoody
    Song stuck in my head:love you 4 life – jodeci <3
    Weekly goals: get my passport, study hard and work out 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kiran,

      Awww, I haven’t heard that Jodeci sound in a long time! I’ll have to hunt it down. 🙂

      Knitting is fun! It’s actually pretty easy to learn. I learned by reading a book and making lots of really ugly scarves, LOL! It’s a very relaxing hobby.

  12. Kristen says:

    Mood: excited, not a lot of work to do today 🙂
    Favorite eyeshadow: don’t really have one, digging the neutral shades in my smashbox set right now
    Favorite lipgloss: bare essentials
    Favorite hair product: ff glossing cream
    How’d ya sleep last night? okay, too early to get up
    Breakfast: special k strawberry breakfast bar
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: better organzation lol
    Outfit: syracuse u sweatpants and tshirt
    Song stuck in my head: mostly anything by taylor swift
    Weekly goals: get more work done so its not all left to the weekend lol

  13. shivotra says:

    Mood: Restless, I have to finish this paper before Friday and study for my midterm soon.
    Favorite eyeshadow: MAC eyeshadow in Juxt. The golden green just picks me up.
    Favorite lipgloss: Lancome Juicy tube in Miracle
    Favorite hair product: Bumble and Bumble hair spray – it smells fantastic.
    How’d ya sleep last night? Got enough i guess.
    Breakfast: Tea with bagel/cream cheese.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: trying to get back into dancing and yoga
    Outfit: lululemon pants and tna sweatshirt.
    Song stuck in my head: none
    Weekly goals: get everything done.

  14. Tatiana says:

    Mood: everything else but relaxed
    Favorite eyeshadow: as of now, Naked Lunch
    Favorite lipgloss: NARS Stella
    Favorite hair product: Frederic Fekkai Volume foamy mousse thing I just bought
    How’d ya sleep last night? just ok, my boyfriend called to say he couldn’t sleep at 2am
    Breakfast: choc. chip waffle with PB and a choc. chip granola bar
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: drive a stick shift!
    Outfit: white cardigan, teal shirt underneath, khakis
    Song stuck in my head: “Ms Independent” re-mix
    Weekly goals: pack, edit, maintain composure

  15. Bj says:

    Mood: Pretty happy for a monday
    Favorite eyeshadow: ive got this new palette from pantina im currently obsessed with, and aquavert from mac
    Favorite lipgloss: C-thru Mac Lipglass, my absolute fave!
    Favorite hair product: Frederic Fekkai Glossing cream
    How’d ya sleep last night? Great, woke up in my man’s arm nothings better
    Breakfast: a blueberry poptart, im so bad
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: learnin how to cut and color hair other than my own, cosmetology school here i come
    Outfit: mint green v-neck tshirt from target, and navy gym shorts, ill change before i go out in public
    Song stuck in my head: Sucka for love-Danity Kane
    Weekly goals: start trying out my diff spring makeup looks, eat right, exercise at least 4 days, be happy and optimistic everyday!

  16. kia says:

    hi karen! love soft brown e/s. i’ve been using it as my default crease color with everything for a while now. i also use it sometimes before a darker color (in the v or crease). isn’t it fab? it was hard to come by as girls that are a bit darker usually use cork as their default crease color (which is what i use for my brows)… tete a teint (sp?) is like soft brown kicked up 10 notches! ha!

    kia´s last blog post..New Hair Accessories!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kia,

      I could use Soft Brown every day of the year, too. Whenever I reach for Cork I think of you — I know it’s your brow color!

      Have you ever used Brownscript? It’s very nice in the crease as well.

  17. Elissa says:

    Mood: Mellow
    Favorite eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Black Plum
    Favorite lipgloss: Philosophy Carmel Apple
    Favorite hair product: Pantene Deep Conditioner
    How’d ya sleep last night? My baby cried for an hour at 3:00 a.m. – not great.
    Breakfast: Fresh squeezed juice made of celery, cucumber, chard, and a green apple.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to roast an egglant.
    Outfit: Opaque black tights, a graphic skirt, black shirt – not appropriate for spring, I know, but hey – it fits my post-natal body.
    Song stuck in my head: Blue River
    Weekly goals: To wittle down my task list.

  18. wendy says:

    Mood: tired
    Favorite eyeshadow: Magnetic fields MAC
    Favorite lipgloss: Pink Grapefruit MAC
    Favorite hair product: TITGi – S Factor conditioner
    How’d ya sleep last night? – in total 3 hours, my daughter is sick..
    Breakfast: none
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:
    Outfit: grey slimfit jeans, black uggs and black vest
    Song stuck in my head: Got the whole world in…
    Weekly goals: got some sleep

    • Karen says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Magnetic Fields! I haven’t thought of that one in awhile. I’ll have to take her out for a spin. 🙂

      Hope you had a nice Monday!

  19. tanya says:

    sounds like a good plan! I think I’m going to get some gum and houseplants today after work as well 🙂

  20. Indian Girl says:

    Mood: Curious… I had a really bad experience with the International Marketing team of a Cosmetic Giant. I wrote to somebody I know who works there. Waiting to see what happens next…
    Favorite eyeshadow: This Purple shadw from Susan Posnick.
    Favorite lipgloss: Julie Hewett Harlow for now
    Favorite hair product: Coconut oil :p
    How’d ya sleep last night? Way too much…I overslept like crazy
    Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal with Honey bunches of oats cereal
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Designing websites
    Outfit: Jammies
    Song stuck in my head: Poker Face
    Weekly goals: Stick to being Low Carb

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..Eye Makeup Application Tutorial

  21. Shiny says:

    Mood: Surprisingly positive seeing how I am in crunch mode for papers being due.
    Favorite eyeshadow: Body Shop Shimmer cubes
    Favorite lipgloss: Body Shop – some raspberry shade… got it on markdown after Christmas
    Favorite hair product: Nothing, I am having a good hair day though, clean and flat ironed
    How’d ya sleep last night? Couldn’t fall asleep but not too tired today
    Breakfast: Mini wheats and soy milk
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Work on my written hindi, become disciplined about school work
    Outfit: Dark jeans, gray beater and pink cardigan
    Song stuck in my head: Farewell Rocketship.
    Weekly goals: Meeting some very firm deadlines on assignments worth most of my grade.

  22. beautifuldae says:

    What up, K! Happy Monday!

    Mood: Ambitious–I’ve got some great yet challenging goals to accomplish in a very small amount of time comin up soon, but I’m so excited to see how i execute them. *baring my teeth*
    Favorite eyeshadow: a mixture of Urban Decay’s Adore and Ransom with MAC’s Carbon *smokey, smokey*
    Favorite lipgloss: Stila Lip Glaze in Raisin for every day, MAC’s 2N from The N Collection *LOVE nudes!*
    Favorite hair product: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion
    How’d ya sleep last night?: Troubled. Got a lot on my mind..
    Breakfast: Kix
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: how to BALANCE home, work, and social life without going insane!
    Outfit: Black skinny jeans, favorite black top, black ballet flats
    Song stuck in my head: “Fire” by Babyface and Des’Ree
    Weekly goals: Find a co-signer, apply for financial aid, contact every Sephora known to man, and continue to look for housing

  23. LayLa says:

    >>>bored, i hate lazy, no-work

    Favorite eyeshadow:
    >>>a shimery bold-bright blue torquise i bought saturday,
    from the supermarket, is not a well know brand, but
    the color is soo pretty.

    Favorite lipgloss:
    >>>Lancome’s Color Fever Gloss, the color is 331,
    but is a fiusha pink love the way it

    Favorite hair product:
    >>>ION hydrating mask, gets my hair nice,
    always, rescues from all the flat iron i

    How’d ya sleep last night?
    >>>pretty good, ThankS!!

    >>>a yogurt and a granola bar,
    and a chamomille hot tea.

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:
    >>>blend, and color better my eyes.

    >>>black flats, dark jeans, purple bell shaped
    blouse, and a little black cardigang.
    Song stuck in my head:
    Weekly goals:
    >>>try to pay all my dues before
    i go to the beach =S !!

    EVERYONE !!!!!!

  24. Mood: I’m in class and have as short attention span today for some reason. I am also a bit surly because I’m getting hungry and my butt hurts from sitting too long

    Favorite eyeshadow: Cargo Peacock

    Favorite lipgloss: I can’t think of my fav one at the moment…

    Favorite hair product: Aveda hair powder styling stuff (can’t remember exact name) but it comes out as a powder, you rub hands together and it turns into liquid form!

    How’d ya sleep last night? Eh, not great not horrible. One of my cats was VERY active crawling all over me and meowing in my face all night

    Breakfast: Cheese danish and Peet’s coffee (yikes)

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: CSS and more Photoshop

    Outfit: Jeans, gray sweater with bowling shoes

    Song stuck in my head: For some reason I woke up with the Happy Days theme in my head, LOL!

    Weekly goals: Try not to think about the changes going on at work and enjoy the sunny weather

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..BB Couture New Colors!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Vampy Varnish,

      Oh no! I feel your cat mom pain! Tabs has taken it upon himself to wake me in the wee hours of the morning. He likes to climb on either my head or my bladder. SO NOT FUN!

      Which of your kitties is the culprit? Sammy?

  25. tania says:

    Happy Monday Karen!!!
    Le list
    Mood: dazed
    Favorite eyeshadow: mac carbon I love it on top of my eyeliner
    Favorite lipgloss: hard candy’s 10 years of gloss. Yummy!
    Favorite hair product: aussie 3 minute miracle omg smells so good!
    How’d ya sleep last night? Pretty good
    Breakfast: waffles with fresh strawberries and a dollop of choc whipped cream
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: I’m with you karen! I need a better organizational system
    Outfit: my fav nightgown from target.
    Song stuck in my head: sweet about me by gabriella chilmi
    Weekly goals: survive. I have meetings and what not. Uggh!

  26. Alexis says:

    Mood: Tired, but optimistic 🙂
    Favorite eyeshadow: Seedy Pearl over Soft Brown, with any neutral highlight :).
    Favorite lipgloss: Revlon cream lipgloss (I left it in my car and don’t remember the full name).
    Favorite hair product: Big Sexy Hair volumizing detangler
    How’d ya sleep last night? great! I took half a muscle relaxer and it was all zzz’s from there :).
    Breakfast: Coffee and 1 egg w/ light toast
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: how to make awesome tutorial videos with confidence
    Outfit: jeans, sneakers, tank top
    Song stuck in my head: none at the moment…
    Weekly goals: Go to the gym 3 times, de-stress… I’m starting to get burnt out and need to take a break from everything.

  27. Daya says:

    Hey Karen! Lots of encouragement on getting your life organized! You can do it 🙂

    Mood: Hopeful
    Favorite eyeshadow: Lancome’s Makeover
    Favorite lipgloss: MAC’s Strawberry Blonde
    Favorite hair product: VaVoom Freezing spray
    How’d ya sleep last night: 6:30 came too soon LOL
    Breakfast: one banana, strawberry yogurt and coffee
    Skill I’d like to learn: waterpainting
    Outfit: jeans, and purple striped tee and purple flipflops
    Song Stuck in my head: Hot N Cold-Katy Perry
    Weekly Goals: study, do homework, walk everyday

  28. Caro says:

    * Mood: I’m sleeepyyy… I attended my gf’s wedding last Saturday and I didn’t sleep at all…

    * Favorite eyeshadow: right now, Clinique’s pink chocolate

    * Favorite lipgloss: Clinique’s blackberry bloom

    * Favorite hair product: Giovanni’s Green Tea shampoo and conditioner… and ANYTHING coming from Biosilk.

    * How’d ya sleep last night? mmmhh…

    * Breakfast: yoghurt, a banana and a sandwich.

    * Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: to improve my makeup skills!

    * Outfit: gray Zara pants, pink Bershka blouse and Anne Klein iFlex loafers… my feet are sore!

    * Song stuck in my head: Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills”…

    * Weekly goals: avoid stress (so far, I’ve failed), eating better.

    Karen: I followed your Clinique Blackberry Bloom Look tutorial for my friend’s wedding… I loved it! Thank you very much…

    Happy week to all of you girls!

  29. Heidi says:

    Mood: Slightly irritated
    Favorite eyeshadow: MAC woodwinked
    Favorite lipgloss: Don’t have a favorite
    Favorite hair product: Biosilk silk therapy. Mmmm…
    How’d ya sleep last night? not very well b/c my sis was being loud.
    Breakfast: more like brunch. bowl of noodles
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: adjust to university life and balance work and play.
    Outfit: jeans, vintage belt, vintage suede jacket, gap tshirt
    Song stuck in my head: poker face by lady gaga
    Weekly goals: keep up with school work and work out more. My endurance went WAYY down. Not good lol

  30. Kate says:

    La Liste:

    Mood: Sleepy

    Favorite eyeshadow: HIP Duo in “Shady” and there’s these new I-Shimmers from Wet N’ Wild that I’m in love with as they are very pigmented like HIP with just a touch o’ shimmer. I bought all three!

    Favorite lipgloss: My HIP Jelly Balms….all three of them (Plush, Delectable and I bought an orangey one yesterday that’s divine). Applied like a balm but look like a gloss.

    Favorite hair product: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. That stuff gets rid of hair product build-up like no tomorrow. I use the stuff religiously every week to rid of build-up in my fine tresses.

    How’d ya sleep last night? Well, but it’s cloudy and dingy outside so I feel like I could use another four hours.

    Breakfast: I don’t eat breakfast. It kills my stomach. I do plan on a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch (I’m three hours ahead of you so it’s 2:39 here).

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How about the skill of what in the world am I going to do for an occupation as being an interior designer isn’t going to pan out apparently.

    Outfit: Still in my “I Love Snoopy” pajamas, red Old Navy robe and slippers.

    Song stuck in my head: “The Creationist” by Kerli

    Weekly goals: Test out my new Wet N’ Wild I-shimmers and fawn over the Biore Polish for transitional skin. That thing is godly (thank you for doing a review on it). It got my skin glowing for once and the scent actually doesn’t irritate my super-sensitive nose.

  31. Jacks says:

    Mood: slightly pessimistic
    Favorite eyeshadow: right now it’s MAC’s Stars ‘n Rockets…what a pretty colour!
    Favorite lipgloss: argh how can you make me choose? Hehe but I would say my fave gloss of all time is either MAC Nymphette or NARS Sweet Dreams (that one is sentimental to me)
    Favorite hair product: I haven’t found my HG hair product yet, but I really like Pantene’s volumizing gel
    How’d ya sleep last night? pretty soundly, but I had an interesting (and slightly depressing!) dream
    Breakfast: chocolate croissant
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: how to cope positively when things don’t seem to be going right
    Outfit: white AE hoodie, dark wash jeans, Adidas sneaks
    Song stuck in my head: nothing at the moment, strangely
    Weekly goals: get back on track with my fitness, take care of all my errands, and be less hard on myself.

    Hope you have a great week, Karen!

  32. Karen too says:

    Le list

    Mood: Energetic! I went for a run after work, and it was wonderful. After some yoga and streching, a hot shower and yummy dinner I feel pretty darn good.

    Favorite eyeshadow: MAC Satin Taupe

    Favorite lipgloss: Rosebud’s

    Favorite hair product: KMS California Hot Pressed Spray. Helps me get a straight and slick look.

    How’d ya sleep last night? Pretty well! I slept a lot this weekend, so this morning I felt rested.

    Breakfast: Overnight oats with almond butter and banana.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: I’m trying to become better at running!

    Outfit: Citizens of Humanity navy jeans and soft pink longsleeve t-skirt

    Song stuck in my head: “Fairytail” by Alexander Rybak… It’s Norway’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest – and I liked it, I’ve just heard it tooooooo many times…. Check it out on YouTube:

    Weekly goals: Don’t really have any I think… Can you post about what you do to organize your life? Sounds interesting!

    Have a good week! 🙂

  33. Elissa says:

    Hey Karen and Karen too,

    In regards to getting oranizated and staying on top of all of the stuff that floats through your head, I really recommend this training that I took.!readform&pg=prodGTEo

    I took it through my work, if you work for one of the companies listed then you may be in luck, if not, then it looks like you can take the training on your own. It was one of the most helpful training classes I have ever taken – WARNING – it does require a bit of a change in habits, but it really gives you strong guidance in the right direction.

  34. Liliana says:


    How’d ya sleep last night?NOT SO GOOD I DIDN’T FALL ASLEEP TILL 2 AM BUMMER.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:HOW TO BUDGET AND NOT WASTE MONEY JUST BECAUSE
    Song stuck in my head:LUNA BY EDDY LOVER

  35. Lauren says:

    Mood: Happy and stress-free. Love being on spring break!

    Favorite eyeshadow: My Jumbo Eye Pencil in Beige by Sephora. Cheap ($6!), quick and easy to put on, and looks amazing… it’s my go-to eyeshadow when I’m in a hurry.

    Favorite lipgloss: Soo hard to choose, I have a million! Maybe my Rose Fishnets Juicy Tube?

    Favorite hair product: Johnathan Create Weightless Smooth.. it’s the perfect hold for my curly hair and it smells good, sort of like watermelon.

    How’d ya sleep last night? Very well. It’s very quiet at home, not at all like my dorm, so I always sleep well here.

    Breakfast: I woke up at noon, so I had leftover tomato-vodka gnocchi and chicken parmesan from Maggianos for brunch. 🙂

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to pick up boys. I’m tired of waiting for them to make the first move.

    Outfit: I’ve been in pajamas or workout clothes all day. After my shower I’ll probably put on jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fancy.

    Song stuck in my head: Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

    Weekly goals: Relax, spend time with my family, work out lots and lots!

  36. Chelsea says:

    Mood: Discouraged
    Favorite eyeshadow: Love all MAC eyeshadows
    Favorite lipgloss: MAC Lipglass “Full For You”
    Favorite hair product: Enjoy Luxury Shampoo
    How’d ya sleep last night?: Well, do to the Advil PM I took at 9 🙂
    Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel – toasted, Light chive cream cheese
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Yoga
    Outfit: Juicy Couture velour sweatpants, Hanes white tee, Lucky brand zip up hoodie with embroidery
    Song stuck in my head: “If U Seek Amy” by Britney Spears is kind of on repeat on my itunes at the moment
    Weekly goals: Get together for dinner with a good friend from college, George, go out this weekend because usually I’m a bum

  37. penelope says:

    Mood: ok
    Favorite eyeshadow: no clue
    Favorite lipgloss: one from elf so cute!
    Favorite hair product: my tresemme conditioner
    How’d ya sleep last night? very good 😉
    Breakfast: cherrios with pepsi (i know)
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: to ride a bike {so embarrassed)
    Outfit: right now im also in pjs but i wore to school a grat t-shirt with some skinny jeans and some beige ankle boots
    Song stuck in my head: the one you showed from alicia keys
    Weekly goals: go to get new prescriptions for my glasses, do good on my spanish test, go to practice, and do the youth service at my church this friday!

  38. redhead says:

    Mood: Tired and hungry – but relieved I have minimal homework tonight! 😀
    Favorite eyeshadow: MAC Sable, dusted with The Body Shop Eye Color in Chocolate – gives me the perfect warm chocolate-bronze color I love!!
    Favorite lipgloss: Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lipgloss – I only have one color, but the formula is great! Thick and sticky – not the kind of flypaper sticky that catches your hair and glues your fingers together, but the sticky that sticks to your lips for hours!
    Favorite hair product: Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shime Hair Cream. (I don’t know if this is the exact title- its the lime green, cylindrical Garnier bottle that has an orange circle on the front that says SLEEK on it.)
    How’d ya sleep last night? Pretty well!
    Breakfast: Oxygen, lol… I don’t normally eat breakfast! 😉
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to act without using my hands and arms so much – that’s a habit for me!
    Outfit: Straight-leg dark blue skinnies, with a mint green tank top and long-sleeved green Aeropostale henley.
    Song stuck in my head: “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway play “Wicked”.
    Weekly goals: I don’t have any as of yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of some once I’m out of my rut-of-tiredness – oh, I got one! Get out of my rut-or-tiredness! 😀

  39. AnneMarie says:

    Mood: So-so. Ok for a Monday.

    Favorite eyeshadow: At the moment NYX Chrome Eye Shadow in Hard Core. It is a cool blue with a lot of colors reflecting in it and it stays on nicely.

    Favorite lipgloss: It’s a Sephora quad of lip gloss.

    Favorite hair product: got2b fat-tastic thickening hair spray

    How’d ya sleep last night? Not so good.

    Breakfast: “Smart Ones” English Muffin sandwich. Yum!

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: I’m on the downside of my husband’s one year deployment… so in the next six months I’d like to be better organized in getting things accomplished around the house before he returns. And just be better overall organized about my time and the kids’ activities.

    Outfit: Turquoise blouse, multi-colored skirt, black hose & black pumps. Work attire.

    Song stuck in my head: Believe it or not… “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama. “My lip gloss…. is jammin'” Don’t ask me why – I am way too old to be listening to that.

    Weekly goals: Get all the kids where they’re supposed to be on time. Finish cleaning my closet!

  40. Laura says:

    Mood: Tiiiiired… first day back from spring break, ugh.
    Favorite eyeshadow: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. Sometimes I use it as a primer, but its pretty enough to wear on its own!
    Favorite lipgloss: Nars Pillowtalk
    Favorite hair product: Moroccan Oil. Smells DIVINE, and makes my hair so shiny!
    How’d ya sleep last night? Had a hard time falling asleep, and the morning came way, way too early.
    Breakfast: Yam Nua, a spicy thai steak salad. Not too big on typical breakfast foods.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Time management!
    Outfit:BCBG Max Azaria white eyelet trench coat, Levi’s, American Apparel Tri-blend deep V-neck in white
    Song stuck in my head: Lady Gaga “Poker Face”
    Weekly goals: Get my head wrapped around this calculus chapter.

  41. Stephie says:

    Hi Karen

    So I still don’t really get the song but I found out today that the line “If you seek Amy” sounds like something drrty. Say it fast aloud to yourself 😛

  42. wehkwas says:

    wow, i didn’t realize how many people reply to these weekly questions. well i guess i just sort of assumed it happened which is why i never replied until now. hopefully its as interesting as yours.

    Mood: Kind of lazy to be honest. I think its the lousy weather.
    Favorite eyeshadow: I still haven’t gotten over my 88 Coastal Scents palette.
    Favorite lipstick: Up The Amp from MAC. I seriously don’t use that often enough.
    Favorite hair product: Anti-frizz by got2b. I go through shine serum like crazy.
    How’d ya sleep last night? Could have used an extra hour. I adore my sleep so yeah, I always could have had an extra hour.
    Breakfast: Mom’s french toast.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Piano. I know its crazy, but I was listening to this symphony last night and it got me thinking how cool it would be if I actually could play my piano. It makes me sad to think I own such a expensive piano and I can’t play it.
    Outfit: ‘Make Love, Not War” tee w/ purple jeans. I know purple jeans are sort of old but these ones are sooo soft and comfy.
    Song stuck in my head: ‘Through and though and though’ by Joel Plaskett. It’s my bus ride to school song.
    Weekly goals: To do something! I’ve been feeling rather non-progressive these past few weeks.

  43. Suri says:

    Le list

    Mood:Tired..long day at work..

    Favorite eyeshadow: NYX 3 palette with some brown shades I can’t remember the name of

    Favorite lipgloss: oh too many right now..

    Favorite hair product: Coconut hair conditioner

    How’d ya sleep last night? Not good, went to sleep at 1am and woke up at 5:45am cold and sleepy..

    Breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat toast with pbj and coffee

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: kickboxing..coming up in april

    Outfit:beige sweater with a white tank, blue jeans, brown flats

    Song stuck in my head: Turn My Swag On-Soulja Boy =p

    Weekly goals:work out 2xs, finish some paperwork for work, plan a mini vacation for spring break

    Happy Monday!

  44. YJ says:

    Mood: Grumpy to the max! (Every girl’s favorite aunt is in town…)

    Favorite eyeshadow: I don’t usually use eyeshadow (it’s hard with my asian eyes) but I do really love my Laura Mercier eye-basics. I have mine in Flax!

    Favorite lipgloss: I’m a fan of good ole’ original Chapstick! But I love the pale pink in NARS’ Turkish Delight.

    Favorite hair product: There’s this thing called “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product” and it seriously amazing.

    How’d ya sleep last night?: Good! I would’ve slept better if my bf wouldn’t snore so loud though…

    Breakfast: A few Vienna fingers that I grabbed while running out of the apartment.

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Time management.

    Outfit: Black cigarette jeans, Black Brooks Brothers dress shirt, grey cardigan, skinny white rope/black leather belt, flats.

    Song stuck in my head: None. It’s been a pretty music-free day so far!

    Weekly goals: Stop eating compulsively and call my mother more often.

    YJ´s last blog post..Inspiring.

  45. Marisol says:

    Hope you are having a great Monday!

    Mood: Cold – it’s freaking cold in SF although sunny
    Favorite eyeshadow: MAC Soft Brown… use it all the time in the crease
    Favorite lipgloss: MAC Ample Pink Plushglass
    Favorite hair product: BioSilk
    How’d ya sleep last night? Not too good. I took a nap during the day so it messed up my night sleeping schedule.
    Breakfast: Banana & green tea
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: come out of my shell… is that a skill? I want to be more of an extrovert
    Outfit: My PJ’s and slippers
    Song stuck in my head: Kings of Leon – Use Somebody & The Killer’s Spaceman
    Weekly goals: laundry is about it and oh yeah, go to work

    Marisol´s last blog post..Sisterly Love

  46. Andrea says:

    Mood: Thankful/relieved that I didn’t receive a layoff notice at work today!!!
    Favorite eyeshadow: Femme Fi + Mulch – these always work!
    Favorite lipgloss: just Kiehl’s lip balm
    Favorite hair product:
    How’d ya sleep last night? Never can fall asleep on Sunday night, because I stay up late on the weekend!
    Breakfast: boiled egg + green tea. And yes, I was hungry by lunchtime!
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: time management!
    Outfit: I just worked out on my elliptical trainer, so yellow T w/ gray shorts
    Song stuck in my head: Madonna “Hung Up”
    Weekly goals: Stick to budget (spend less on cosmetics? that won’t happen! 🙂 )

  47. RetroRiotGrrrl says:

    Mood: anxious
    Favorite eyeshadow: otherworldly paint pot (alexander mcqueen for MAC) or smoke and diamonds (starflash)
    Favorite lipgloss: rosefishnet or orgasm
    Favorite hair product: mane and tail conditioner
    How’d ya sleep last night? didn’t
    Breakfast: don’t
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: better piano playing
    Outfit: jeans flip flops and black polka dot shirt
    Song stuck in my head: level-the raconteurs
    Weekly goals: hmmmm idk

  48. Shana T says:

    Hiya Karen!

    Le list
    Mood: Relaxed ( cause it’s Tuesday, rainy , and I don’t need to go anywhere hehehehe!)

    Favorite eyeshadow: OOOOhh! Hard to choose…. ummm I guess I’d have to say MAC Chocolate Brown pigment

    Favorite lipgloss:Too many to count

    Favorite hair product: Lemon Shine, a shine enhancer I got in the Phillipines. It has a nice lemon smell and it makes my hair shiny not greasy. Mine is almost gone so I’ll have to have my friend in the Phillipines send me more.

    How’d ya sleep last night? Really good! The sound of the rain was really soothing!

    Breakfast: Toast with cream cheese

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to do chest “pops”, it looks so cool!

    Outfit: Navy blue wide leg American Eagle pants, funky green T shirt I got in Korea, white rhinestone belt

    Song stuck in my head:”Like a Rhinestone Cowboy” ( must be the belt ) by Neil Diamond

    Weekly goals: Be charming and winning at my school’s Open House, find a nice way to tell one mom that her son is the devil at Parent Teacher interview, and do lots of laundry!!

  49. jess says:

    Mood: ecstatic! just got home from the lady gaga concert!

    Favorite eyeshadow: Estee’s new bronze goddess summer palette has bethroven me! my all time fav is mac femme fi.

    Favorite lipgloss: Chanel sirop, Nars chihuahua, Clinique cabana crush, Lancome fever gloss in mercury rising, Mac peroxide

    Favorite hair product: graham webb vivid color reperative shine serum

    How’d ya sleep last night? enough to keep me happy

    Breakfast: english muffin with peanut butter

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: how to make myself clean more often

    Outfit: I wore a target alex mcqueen tshirt, cardigan and jeans

    Song stuck in my head: white tie affair cover of heartless by kanye west

    Weekly goals: workout 4 more times, attempt to relax, get hw done and see a movie with the bf

  50. Elle says:

    Mood: Exhusted, upset.
    Favorite eyeshadow: MAC nylon.
    Favorite lipgloss: NARS turklish delight.
    Favorite hair product: Sea salt spray
    How’d ya sleep last night? Pretty good.
    Breakfast: 2x Tomato/Avacado on toast.
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Master sophmore maths!
    Outfit: White baby doll dress.
    Song stuck in my head: If you seek amy :\
    Weekly goals: To get my hair died.

  51. Jana says:

    OOOH i haven’t done these in agess!

    Mood: you those moods where all you want to do is be alone? .. well that kinda mood
    Favorite eyeshadow: umm right now i like the bare study paint pot from mac
    Favorite lipgloss: smashbox o-gloss!
    Favorite hair product:i can’t use much product cuz my psoriasis .. but i use hairspray every now and then!
    How’d ya sleep last night? slept like a baby ..and then woke up in the middle of the night and then fell back asleep
    Breakfast: soy black tea with lotsa sugar!!
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: hrm i’ll get back to you on that!
    Outfit: supatubes & black singlet top .. damn jeans are getting loose -_-
    Song stuck in my head: try – jesse barrera

    mmkais … i hope i’m not late!! it’s already tuesday here and time for me to go cuz my aussie soapies are on *blushes* hehehe take care karen =]

    Weekly goals:

    Jana´s last blog’s been a month

  52. Wait4Sum1 says:

    Hi Karen,

    I have been reading your blog for a while and I gotta say “I love it!”. Well it’s hardly find a nice blog and review about cosmetic for cosmetic junkie as me in Bangkok.

    Favorite eyeshadow:Bobbi Brown – Sparkle Eye Shadow – Mica

    Favorite lipgloss: Bobbi Brown – Glitter Lip Balm – Pink Crystal

    Favorite hair product: I don’t have any. Too bad. . .

    How’d ya sleep last night? Not good, coz I stayed up late to catch TV program, LOL.

    Breakfast: Rice (as always in Thailand) and fried egg

    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Hummmmmm

    Outfit: I go to work today with long plaid skirt and black t-shirt

    Song stuck in my head: Shattered (Turn the car around) by O.A.R.

    Weekly goals:Stop biting my tounque when I am nervouse or stressed.

    By the way, I am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown as you can see from my answers.

    Take care you all

  53. Lydia says:

    1. Mood: Good
    2. Favorite eyeshadow: ULTA Mineral Shadow in Gold.
    3. Favorite lip gloss: Mine fluctuates often too but this week I think it’s a mark juice gem in fig.
    4. Favorite hair product: This thickening stuff I got at Sally that smells so freaking good.
    5. How’d ya sleep last night?

    Pretty well
    6. Breakfast: Um a coke and some chips lol.
    7. Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months:

    How to handle stress better and figure out a to-do list system that works for me.<– Ditto.
    8. Outfit: I’m still in my pajamas ha ha.
    9. Song stuck in my head: Must be the a aa aaa alcohol haha.
    10. Weekly goals:

    I also need to make a work schedule or a to-do list and stick to it.

  54. Actually it’s been Chewbacca, the little turd! He also likes to launch himself off the head board of my bed onto my stomach at full force which KILLS me. I think he’s secretly trying to kill me in my sleep 😉

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..butter LONDON Turn in Your Toxins!

  55. charlene says:

    Mood: laid-back
    Favorite eyeshadow: today?…Satin Taupe – MAC
    Favorite lipgloss: at this moment-my High 90’s Slimshine w/ Bubble-it-up – Beauty Rush gloss (LOVE)
    Favorite hair product: YOU grow hair oil,YOU Gloss spray, the whole YOU (him+her)line
    How’d ya sleep last night? half good/half bad…i kept getting hot, then getting cold, so it woke me up a lot
    Breakfast: Nestle Fitness Fruits Cereal
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: Massage
    Outfit: little denim jacket…jeans, cute blue top
    Song stuck in my head: Love Game – LADY GAGA!! LOVE HER!
    Weekly goals: pay my debts off thank GOD!

  56. InfiniteKitty says:

    Mood: Tired
    Favorite eyeshadow: Changes a lot, but right now the pale highlight color from the MAC Holiday ’08 Warm Eyes palette.
    Favorite lipgloss: Also changes a lot, but right now it’s probably Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Glossy Rose.
    Favorite hair product: Don’t have one
    How’d ya sleep last night? I didn’t, haha
    Breakfast: Nothing (wow, I’m so not healthy)
    Skill I’d like to learn in the next sixth months: How to be a passable dancer (Right now I’m just a big mess!)
    Outfit: Jammies
    Song stuck in my head: either Poker Face by Lady Gaga or Baila Maria by Alabina
    Weekly goals: to finish reading The Time Machine, and to start working out every day…I’m noticing some extra dimpling and cellulite on my body…not cool

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