Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, June 23

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  1. Mood: Groggy but happy

  3. Lips: Chanel Astral Glossimer

  5. Fragrance: Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

  7. Food craving: Vegetable pad Thai

  9. Makeup craving: The NARS Bridal Palette, which I saw on Bella Sugar the other day

  11. Theme song: Whatever U Like, by Nicole Scherzinger

  13. Nail polish: My fingertips are bare with the exception of the nail on my left pointer finger, which is painted with two layers of Dior Liquorice nail enamel. My toes are still rockin’ It’s Delovely, the coral shade from my visit to the Lippmann nail bar a couple weeks ago.

  15. Hair: I’m wearing it down, with loose waves a la Jennifer Aniston.

  17. Shoes: Hot pink Havaianas flip flops

  19. Goal of the day: To start a new journal, to survive work and to eat a ton of ice cream.

Your turn! Just copy the list, insert your answers and leave ’em for me in the comments. 🙂


Le list

Food craving:
Makeup craving:
Theme song:
Nail polish:
Goal of the day:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Marisol says:

    Mood: A bit anxious
    Lips: Smith’s Rosebud Salve
    Fragrance: Daisy by Marc Jacobs ~ my summer fragrance
    Food craving: sushi
    Makeup craving: The purple/lilac nail polish from the Chanel Robertson Boulevard collection. I think it is called Rodeo Drive.
    Theme song: not sure about my theme song but the song that I have been listening to lately is Lost by Anouk.
    Nail polish: That’s Berry Daring by OPI.
    Hair: in a messy pony tail
    Shoes: barefoot
    Goal of the day: to tidy up my apartment and get through my Google Reader which has 1000+ items.

    Marisols last blog post..P.S. I Love You

  2. Holly says:

    I love these games!

    Le list

    Mood: Annoyed (with a friend!)
    Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure l/s in Evocation with Chanel Glossimer in scintillance over
    Fragrance:Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche
    Food craving:ice cream!
    Makeup craving:a selection of MAC eye shadows (to fill up my new palette)
    Theme song: Rhianna take a bow
    Nail polish:French polish but with Chanel Balerina over
    Hair:currently covered in intensive conditioner so feels horrible!
    Shoes:none at the moment but was wearing flat gold ballet pumps a moment ago
    Goal of the day: to finalise my shopping list of things to buy in work tomorrow to take away with me on my trip next week!

  3. Aleks says:

    Le list

    Mood: content yet sad since this is my last night in Stockholm
    Lips: Estée Lauder High Gloss Plump in Melon Plump
    Fragrance: Hugo Boss ‘Femme’
    Food craving: my stomach is full of pizza so I have to say nothing (this isn’t normal, lol)
    Makeup craving: MAC e/s ‘Romp’, Cool Heat Slimshines
    Theme song: Jason Nevins ft. Holly James – I’m in Heaven
    Nail polish: nada
    Hair: messy bun
    Shoes: golden ballerinas
    Goal of the day: to fit all the clothes I’ve bought into my suitcase

    Lists are so much fun! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Karen!

  4. Shefali says:

    Mood: Really good and happy!
    Lips: MAC’s Full On Lust lipglass
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Cucumber
    Food craving: Cupcake from Violet’s Cakes in Pasadena, CA (where I live)
    Makeup craving: Chanel’s new gold polish…waiting, waiting, waiting
    Theme song: In the Club by Usher (not really my theme…but can’t stop listening to that song on the CD)
    Nail polish: Keys to My Karma by OPI
    Hair: Down with a headband
    Shoes: Black patentleather summer sandals
    Goal of the day: To finish writing some reports at work so I can go home and go SWIMMING!

  5. Bridget says:

    This is fun!

    Mood: Excited(to see Rob my UPS man.)
    Lips: Just some chapstick.
    Fragrance: Amazing Grace by Philosopy
    Food craving: Grilled Cheese and a pickle!
    Makeup craving: Something to make me glowy.
    Theme song: “Something Good This Way Comes” by Jakob Dylan.
    (Yay Rob just dropped off something from Sephora!)
    Nail polish: Naked on the fingers but hot pink on the toes.
    Hair: In a bun, it’s gross in NY today.
    Shoes: my favorite black Tevas
    Goal of the day: I don’t really have one. Maybe that’s why I got nothing done. 🙂

    Have a nice day!

    Bridgets last blog post..Exploring….

  6. Elle says:

    I love these 🙂

    Mood: Anxious (long story)
    Lips: MAC’s Tendertone in Hush, Hush (I’m obsessed…and now have 4 backups of this thing)
    Fragrance: Bulgari’s Au The Rouge
    Food craving: A big steak sandwich from my friend’s sandwich place out in the ‘burbs of Chicago (fine, shameless plug: Read the menu and *try* not to drool).
    Makeup craving: God, sadly? More MAC. That discount last week led to 2 big hauls, but I want more.
    Theme song: Today it’s “Seven Days” by Craig David.
    Nail polish: None on my fingers, but I have OPI’s “Senorita Rose-alita” on my toes.
    Hair: Like I ever do anything with my hair 😉 Loose and wavy as usual
    Shoes: Brown andals
    Goal of the day: To get through this afternoon and make the right decisions 😉

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    Wow! You’ve got a lot of reading to do, girl. Have fun!

    BTW, I love sushi, too. Mmm, salmon nigiri!

    Happy Monday 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    Yum! Ice cream! What’s your favorite flavor? Mine is dolce de leche. I also like sorbets, too, especially really tart lemon sorbet.

    Where are ya going next week?

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Aleks,

    Funny, last night my tummy was full of pizza, too. 🙂

    I know that happy/sad feeling you are feeling. Sending you safe travel vibes …

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Shefali,

    Have fun swimming. 🙂 I really miss being in the water, and will have to live vicariously through you.

    Full on Lust is a beautiful color. I haven’t taken it out for a while so maybe I’ll wear that this week! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Bridget,

    LOL! What goodies did you get?!? And were you excited to see your UPS guy because of the sephora goodies or because he’s cute? 😉

    You have a nice day, too!

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Aww, I hope you feel better, and less anxious, soon.

    Take care, and I’m sure you’ll be able to make the right choices today!

  13. Duygu says:

    Mood:dinamic,happy but also missing my BF
    Lips: stila lipglaze vanilla
    Fragrance: chanel chance
    Food craving: Turkish pizza
    Makeup craving: want ’em all
    Theme song: American Boy by Estelle
    Nail polish: french
    Shoes: keds ballerina
    Goal of the day: I am the best assistant @ university 🙂

  14. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    My favourite flavour in the world is Ben and Jerrys Phish food but we just dont have the amazing selection of ice creams in the UK that you lucky people over your side of the pond do! I love love love lemon sorbet too though, really tart lemmony ones though not too sugary! I love traditional lemonade too with no sugar at all, now i want that too!!

    I am just going away to a music festival in a beautiful part of Wales for 4 nights, I think I have told you about it before I cant wait for all the music and fun but am not particularly looking forward to the camping part so im taking LOTs of toiletries!!

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    Oh yeah! I remember you telling me about that months ago, how exciting. 🙂 Did you ever find a product to protect your hair in the sun? Right now I’m using a protectant spray from Pureology called ColorMax. I like it so far, and put it on before I go running.

    LOL, I’m like the worst camper, ever. I need my creature comforts, for sure.

    I love Phish Food too! I guess us Yanks love our sweet treats. Next time you are here in NY you’ll have to pick up a pint of the Haagen Daz Lemon sorbet! It’s one of my favorites.

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Duygu,

    Glad to hear you’re happy today. Hopefully you’ll see your BF soon!

  17. vivien says:

    Mood: Conflicted
    Lips: High 90’s slimshine
    Fragrance: Amazing Grace by Philosophy
    Food craving: Mongolian Beef, bout to go to P.F. Chang’s for dinner!
    Makeup craving: More slimshines!
    Theme song: Georgia by Hanson [LOVE THEM!]
    Nail polish: ARGH, I lifeguard at a water park and they made me take it off!! It was MAC’s plasma blu, I was pissed!!!!!
    Hair: Long and straight, my hair is always the same!
    Shoes: Cute pink wedges I got on sale at Kohls for like $13!
    Goal of the day: Get happy!! 🙂

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Vivien,

    I’m going to get happy today too. 🙂 Your shoes sound cute, btw. What a great deal!

    Bummer they made you take off your nail polish. Grrr…

  19. Carly says:

    Mood: post-shopping day content
    Lips: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
    Fragrance: Valenino Absolu
    Food craving: chicken wing pizza
    Makeup craving: Bare Minerals foundation… I just realized how heavy and cakey mine feels in the summer
    Theme song: “Dress You Up” by Madonna
    Nail polish: Sally Hansen Diamon Strength No Chip Nail Color in Diamonds & Rubies (by far the best nail polish I’ve ever used… I can wear it for a week with no chips at all)
    Hair: Shoulder-lenghth and straightened… I decided not to gel-scrunch it today
    Shoes: No Nonsense white cotton socks 🙂
    Goal of the day: Accomplished! I shopped til I dropped!

  20. Bridget says:

    haha It’s definitely because he’s so cute. We are good pals though, we go to lunch on his lunch break. 🙂 But he did bring me some fun stuff today!
    I’m trying out “That Gal” by benefit. They also sent me a bottle of vanilla cupcake bath gel for my birthday. It smells so yummy!

    Bridgets last blog post..Exploring….

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Carly,

    I need some no-chip polish in my life. I’ll have to give that stuff a go.

    BTW, “Dress You Up” is one of my fave Madonna songs/videos. I so wanted that blue outfit she wore on stage.

    “You’ve got style, that’s what all the girls say!”

  22. Jessica says:

    Mood: slow and steady
    Lips: MAC Hot Tahiti
    Fragrance: none, sadly
    Food craving: cake!
    Makeup craving: pressed powder foundation with SPF
    Theme song: “Love Is the Only Way” by Robert Randolph and the Family Band
    Nail polish: tips: OPI Kennebunkport, toes: Zoya Suvi … didn’t mean to be Christmassy; am telling myself I’m channeling the palette from the movie Penelope
    Hair: was up until about 15 min. ago; now it’s down and piece-y curly
    Shoes: Keds mary janes, faded blue with frayed edges
    Goal of the day: keep working and get some work done (work!)

    Jessicas last blog post..America’s Finest City

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Bridget,

    LOL! I know it’s totally cliche for those UPS guys to be cute, but they totally are. I wonder sometimes if UPS guys ever get women trying the “Bend and Snap” on ’em (from the movie, Legally Blonde). You gotta ask Rob!

    I haven’t smelled that shower gel but oh, it sounds yummy!

  24. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    we get Haagen Daz here too I LOVE that sorbet! I also love their Belgian Chocolate flavour but I can only eat a little bit of that before I begin to feel a bit ill because it is soo rich and chocolatey!

    No I still haven’t found a great protector I bought bumble and bumble surf spray which i think will be good to turn hair that is just messy into hair that looks purposely messy but i hate how it makes my hair feel! I think as long as i have LOTs of dry shampoo I will get along fine! Im sooo excited to get away for a few days, im just putting the camping part to the back of my mind and praying it doesnt rain!!

  25. tania says:

    Hey Karen here’s my list sorry its blah I’m recovering from camp!
    Mood; zoned out

    Lips:smiths strawberry salve

    Fragrance:bbw rainkissed leaves

    Food craving:pie

    Makeup craving:MAC lots of MAC

    Theme song:enjoy the silence by depeche mode

    Nailpolish:nails are bare,in need of a pedi

    Hair:texturized bob with super straight bangs

    Shoes:my usual mary janes

    Goals of the day: to take out the trash and to unpack

  26. rachel says:

    Mood: content :]
    Lips: clinique plump wear in lilac something
    Fragrance: gucci rush 2. daddy got it for me on valentines, i’m in love
    Food craving: potstickers. that’s the first thing that came to mind
    Makeup craving: oh gosh. i smelled that private collection perfume you have on karen. i want :[
    Theme song: hmm. for today? i’m going to soccer. and my pump up song is remember the name by fort minor
    Nail polish: about to put on essie bermuda blue. toes are lippman’s pop life
    Hair: pin straight and shiny, one of my better days
    Shoes: soccer cleats
    Goal of the day:

  27. rachel says:

    oh and goal of the day is to kick up my endurance during running at practice.

  28. babyu21 says:

    Le list
    Mood: anxious and a tad bit down
    Lips: Smashbox afterglow
    Fragrance: victoria secret more pink please (luv it)
    Food craving: chic-fil-a (does it count it I had it for lunch?)
    Makeup craving: NAR dark brown eye shadow (forgot the name)
    Theme song: After Tonight by Justin Nozuka
    Nail polish: golden coral color
    Hair: all natural curls
    Shoes: gap flip flops
    Goal of the day: to stay as positive as possible

  29. Jana says:

    Mood: .. half asleep!
    Lips: MAC dazzleglass in steppin’ out 🙂
    Fragrance: babybench cotton candy
    Food craving: lobster mornay & chips! =D OR baskin robins love potion#31
    Makeup craving: the stuff my dad is going to buy me from MAC today .. YAY!!
    Theme song: hrm! hard choice but i think its gotta be ‘through the rain’ by mariah carey 🙂
    Nail polish: i don’t really wear nail polish because of my skin condition .. but i wish i did..
    Hair: bed hair much?
    Shoes: my white flats ..that cost 15dollars! BARGAIN!!
    Goal of the day: stop arguing with my mother and to find a JOB

    ohhkay have a good day karen! takecaree!

    Janas last blog post..drama queen

  30. Lucky says:

    (this is LaurenIvy, changin’ my username!)
    Le List:
    Mood: a little tired, ready to unwind
    Lips: Carol’s Daughter Lip Balm, VS lipgloss in Oatstanding
    Fragrance: VS Pretty in Pink
    Food craving: Chicken Lo Mein! and chocolate
    Makeup craving: bronze eyeliner
    Theme song: “I Don’t Mind” by Lloyd (it’s on the iPod now)
    Nail polish: OPI in I’ll Take the Cake
    Hair: Messy post-work ponytail
    Shoes: barefoot/faded pink house-shoes
    Goal of the day: clean my room/finish laundry/watch a movie

    Awesome idea, Karen

    Luckys last blog post..Ironing Makes Me Think

  31. Tiffany says:

    FUN! Here’s mine:

    Mood: content and relaxed 🙂
    Lips: burt’s bees replenishing lip balm
    Fragrance: none, but I am scented with some bath and body works lotion
    Food craving: italian… yummmm
    Makeup craving: benefit talk to the tan, and the balm lip gloss in cocoa my coconut (cutest name EVER)
    Theme song: I dunno, but the song stuck in my head today is overcome by tricky
    Nail polish: translucent tangerine by creative nail design
    Hair: just air drying after my shower
    Shoes: barefoot!
    Goal of the day: just to survive monday 🙂

  32. Shea says:

    Hey Karen,
    This Bostonian <3’s your blog!!!

    Anyway, here’s my answers:

    Mood: Sleepy 🙁
    Lips: MAC pink carat
    Fragrance: L.A.M.B
    Food craving: Can you say bur-ri-to? 🙂
    Makeup craving: Anything MAC of course… and some good brushes!
    Theme song: Ummmm… 4 today it has to be “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child… it was one of those days! LOL
    Nail polish: OPI’s Sea Ya Later Sailor… but i’m thinking about Essie’s Mini Shorts
    Hair: Wash and go curly… I have wild & crazy hair like Tanika Ray!
    Shoes: My fav pair of glads…
    Goal of the day: To work out… i’ve been soooo lazy lately!

    Have a good one Karen!

  33. Glosslizard says:

    Yay! Lists!

    Mood: Cheerful and motivated
    Lips: Clinique long-lasting glosswear in Cabana Crush
    Fragrance: None today (lazy beast syndrome)
    Food craving: Hot fudge sundae
    Makeup craving: Chanel nail polish in Rodeo Drive
    Theme song: Indiana Jones theme song
    Nail polish: None, just removed my old polish and haven’t put anything new on yet (LBS again!)
    Hair: Long, loose & curly
    Shoes: Vans old skools, black with pink stripe
    Goal of the day: Clean the house… done baby! 🙂

    Wow, looking at that list, I feel like I’ve been pretty productive today! Points for me! 😀

    Hope your Monday was as good as mine, and have a great week!

  34. Meaghan says:

    Le list
    Mood: Tired (always on a Monday!)
    Lips: MAC Dazzleglass
    Fragrance: cb Day At The Beach 1966
    Food craving: Blood Orange Gelato
    Makeup craving: Chanel’s Fall Collection
    Theme song: Coldplay’s Vida La Vida
    Nail polish: NARS Orgasm
    Hair: long and straight (incident with a curling iron last week left me with a big ol second degree burn on my neck!)
    Shoes: Tory Burch flip flops
    Goal of the day: To make it through without falling asleep!

    Meaghans last blog post..Cool Heat Face of the Day- Take 2

  35. christine says:

    Mood: tired but feeling content
    Lips: vaseline
    Fragrance: fresh shower smell
    Food craving: 5 piece chickn nuggets from wendy’s!
    Makeup craving: ‘gentle simmer’ slimshine from the MAC cool heat line
    Theme song: ‘labels and love’ by fergie from sex and the city
    Nail polish: french tips
    Hair: air drying
    Shoes: barefoot
    Goal of the day: finish studying and getting a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s exam

  36. Mood: Cranky, sleep-deprived
    Lips: M.A.C Electro Lipstick with M.A.C Glamour O.D. Dazzleglass
    Fragrance: Gucci by Gucci
    Food craving: Pasta
    Makeup craving: Sonic Chic Mineralize Blush Collection
    Theme song: Umbrella for the gazillionth time
    Nail polish: None
    Hair: Long and straight
    Shoes: Lanvin flats
    Goal of the day: Study for 5 chapter test tomorrow

    i♥makeups last blog post..Vogue India Speaks to Vimi Joshi

  37. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    Glad to see ya back! How was camp? Did you have lots of good fun? I hope so!

  38. Karen says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Ahh! Gucci Rush… that’s a scent that takes me back. It’s a good one.

    I swear Private Collection is like fragrance crack. I’ve been wearing it practically every day. 🙂 I hope a bottle comes into your life, too, soon.

    Have fun at soccer practice. Work it, girl!

  39. Karen says:

    Hi Babyu21,

    I hope you feel better soon, girlie. Take care and try to think positive. If you will, I will too!

  40. Karen says:

    Hi Jana,

    Sweet! That’s so nice of your dad to buy you makeup. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your loot.

  41. Karen says:

    Hi Lucky aka the artist formerly known as LaurenIvy (J/K!),

    Do you like dark or milk chocolate? I’ve got some See’s candies with my name on
    ’em that I’m saving for dessert tonight. WOOT!

  42. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I like your shoe selection! 🙂

    So random, but I just dug out a B&BW lotion out this morning out of my lotion stash called Green Clover & Aloe. Have you smelled it before?

  43. Karen says:

    Hi Shea,

    Helloooo from Cali! 🙂

    I hear ya about lazy. I’m really tired but I’m forcing myself to go to dance tonight, because I know I’ll feel better afterwards. I hope you get to exercise tonight, too! Work it!

  44. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    LOL, are the Imps playing that Indian Jones game again?

    Good for you for cleaning the house. I think you should reward yourself with some makeup. 🙂

  45. Karen says:

    Hi Meaghan,

    Girl, I hear you about tired. Stay awake, girlfriend! You can do it!

    BTW, I’ve lemming that NARS polish, big time. So pretty!

  46. Karen says:

    Hi Christine,

    Study hard tonight, and good luck on your test tomorrow! What’s it on?

  47. Karen says:

    Hi Iheartmakeup,

    Your lips sound so pretty! I bet that combo looks amazing.

    Girl, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to Umbrella. It’s a great running song.

    Have fun studying and good luck on your test!

  48. Tiffany says:

    Le list

    Mood: Blah
    Lips: Chapped
    Fragrance: Just got out of the shower, so I can smell flowers from my shampoo & bodywash 🙂
    Food craving: Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream from Baskin Robbins <3
    Makeup craving: I bought a CRAZY amount of makeup today, so no cravings! Surprisingly!
    Theme song: Right now, it’s PIECE OF ME, but Britney Spears. I’m 21, okay?
    Nail polish: OPI’s “California Raspberry”
    Hair: Loose, damp and wavy. Before I break out the flat-iron, anyway!
    Shoes: None on!
    Goal of the day: To study for my midterm tomorrow :S

  49. Glosslizard says:

    Ha! I think I should too! Unfortunately my monthly makeup budget has been sapped by Cool Heat, so I’ll have to wait until next month! I want Plumage too! 🙂

  50. Elle says:

    Thanks Karen! Actually the decision was made for me 😉 so, less work for me! But, in the spirit of sharing…what’s up with guys I meet being total dogs? I have lots of good guy friends but every time I come across a guy who, uh, isn’t good, it always makes me a bit skeptical of guys in general. Gotta love it…

    Have a good night everyone 🙂

  51. stefania says:

    Lips:lancome sweet caprice lip balm and dior adddict ultra-gloss reflect in peach lame 237
    Fragrance:chanel chance eau fraiche and eau fraiche hair mist
    Food craving:drink : mojito
    Makeup craving:chanel fall collection and estee lauder tuberose gardenia fragrance
    Theme song:l.o.v.e
    Nail polish:chanel duo platinum silver
    Hair:long , loose waves
    Shoes:staccato high heels
    Goal of the day:to finish my book”The sound of waves”by Mishimo

  52. KK says:

    Mood: Full and sleepy!

    Lips: Burts Bees lip balm

    Fragrance: Amazing Grace body lotion (just got out a the shower!)

    Food craving: Waffles!!!!!!!

    Makeup craving: Glowy stuff and any stilla I can find!

    Theme song: These days I cant get the sex in the city song out of my head!

    Nail polish: Nada, just buffed and cute!

    Hair:its short now…just chopped it on saturday so its kind messy and a little damp

    Shoes: Pink Uggs

    Goal of the day: Go to bed brfore midnight!

  53. Lehea says:

    Here’s my list!

    Mood: Bored
    Lips: Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Bonfire
    Fragrance: My Degree deodorant, haha!
    Food craving: Frozen yogurt
    Makeup craving: Anything from the upcoming MAC Colourforms Collection
    Theme song: In Da Club by 50 Cent
    Nail polish: On the hands – Essie Real Simple, On the toes – China Glaze 2Nite
    Hair: Low ponytail
    Shoes: All black Chucks
    Goal of the day: Run errands and clean up my room.

  54. Laura says:

    Here We Go!

    Mood: Studious & Broken Hearted
    Lips: Clinique Super Balm in Mango
    Fragrance: Soap
    Food craving: Tarte Au Sucre. In English it’s called Sugar Pie! If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right!
    Makeup craving: Nars Nail Polish in Orgasm but I don’t want to have to pay for another lip gloss.
    Theme song: Bring It On by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Everything I ever hoped a man to say to me is said in this song…Sigh!
    Nail polish: China Glaze: Tree Hugger
    Hair: It’s in two puffy ponytails
    Shoes: Barefoot
    Goal of the day: Get a good night’s sleep. It can be such a luxury.

    Lauras last blog post..Taffy Likes…Piles of Sleeping Lovebirds!

  55. tania says:

    OMG karen it was a blast! It was at my alma mater so I kept seeing peeps I knew. I saw my old ceramics teacher who’s just great! Random thought I need to find a nordstrom cuz that colorforms collection looks hot. What do you think Karen?

  56. Lucky says:

    LOL, I remember how my dad laughed soo hard when Prince turned into “The artist formerly known as Prince”. I was young so I didn’t really get it, but now I totally get a kick out of it!

    I heard dark chocolate is better for you, but I still lurrrrve the taste of regular ol’ milk chocolate! As a matter of fact, I’m gonna buy myself some this Feb 14, whether I have a Valentine or not!

    Luckys last blog post..That Was an Overshare…

  57. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Yum! Jamoca Almond Fudge one of my favorite flavors at Baskin Robbins.

    What makeup did you buy? Let’s hear about the haul!

    Good luck on your midterm!

  58. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    I don’t have Plumage… looks very pretty. I want that, and Freshwater 🙂

    Gimme, gimme, blues and greens!

  59. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Hmm, I hear ya.They aren’t all that bad, though. One day when you aren’t looking you’ll find him, or he’ll find you. 🙂

    BTW, where are you meeting these guys? When I was single, I had a general rule not to date guys I met in clubs (including the D.J. … beware of them D.J.’s, girls!).

    You have a good night, too!

  60. Karen says:

    Hi Stefania,

    How is your book? Do you like it enough to recommend?

    I’ve been reading “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult; I’m half way through it and I don’t think I’ll make it to the end.

  61. Karen says:

    Hi KK,

    G’night, girl! Get to bed. 🙂

  62. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea,

    Ha, ha, we totally played that song at my wedding. El Hub and I had all of our guests e-mail their favorite dance songs and In Da Club was one of them.

    I’m looking forward to MAC Colourforms, too!

  63. Karen says:

    Hi Laura,

    Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry you’re feeling broken hearted.

    Before I found El Hub, when I felt broken hearted my song of choice was Give it Up, Turn it Loose by En Vogue. It’s a song about having a broken heart, but being strong enough to move on. I still like listening to it, and thinking about all the tough times it got me through.

    Get good sleep tonight. Take care of yourself and feel better soon…

  64. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun! It’s always so much fun to see people from your past, right? I always look forward to seeing my girls from high school and college. 🙂

    As for the Nordie’s Colourforms, I’m excited about the Cool and Warm Eyes sets. I find that I don’t always reach for lip palettes (I’m more a tube kinda girl), so I’ll probably skin those. I am not a fan of the short handled SE brushes so I’m gonna skip those, too. But yeah, those eye palettes look so pretty! I hope they are just as gorgeous in person! How about you?

  65. Karen says:

    Hi Lucky,

    ME TOO! I like dark chocolate/semi sweet for certain things, like cookies and cakes, but when it comes to candy I lurrves me some milk chocolate. I just finished my See’s candies, yum. 🙂

    I think that’s a great idea to buy yourself some chocolate for Valentine’s Day! I just might do the same thing (and then I’ll schedule some extra workouts!).

  66. shockingpink says:

    Le list

    Mood: lazy and bored, just got out of bed and headed right to lunch
    Lips: bare
    Fragrance: vanilla
    Food craving: roasted duck in cherry sauce
    Makeup craving: velvet matte lip pencil by NARS in roman holiday
    Theme song: captain planet’s
    Nail polish: OPI’s “it” yellow mod color
    Hair: hair down, a little wavy messy, I just woke up! haha
    Shoes: bedroom slippers
    Goal of the day: movie marathon day at home

  67. Ditte says:

    The list:
    Mood: Tired, but happy.
    Lips: Estee Lauder pure color crystal lipstick 365 copperlight.
    Fragrance: None, but wearing a heavyscented body balm with macadamia nut.
    Food craving: Grapes.
    Makeup craving: Bobbi Brown nude eye/lip palette.
    Theme song: Sexual revolution, Macy Gray.
    Nail polish: None.
    Hair: Swept back in a bun.
    Shoes: Boots – it’s cold here – brrr.
    Goal of the day: To get through my piles at work and head home and work in the garden.

  68. stefania says:

    Hi Karen.
    I really like this novel,it’s a love story in a small fishing village in Japan. A young fisherman is entranced at the sight of the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the village. They fall in love, but must then endure the calumny and gossip of the villagers. I hope for a happy-end for this romantic First Love,but who knows. I’m still at chapter 8. :):):)

  69. Yellow Fever says:

    Oooh Fun!

    Mood: hungry…stupid diets
    Lips: MAC Hug Me
    Fragrance: Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Desire (on sale for $5!)
    Food craving: eeek…everything…a cheese danish
    Makeup craving: lancome l’extreme waterproof mascara
    Theme song: I Can’t Fight this Feeling ANymooooore lol I think that’s the name of it
    Nail polish: none
    Hair: clipped back
    Shoes: my wedge sneakers! they make me tall and they’re comfy!
    Goal of the day: stop midnight snackin’

    Yellow Fevers last blog post..Thevi Cosmetics

  70. Miss QQ says:

    Mood: Quite happy but tired
    Lips: Chanel Rose Flamingo & MAC Prrr l/g
    Fragrance: Chance Eau Fraiche
    Food craving: Vanilla ice cream
    Makeup craving: Chanel Fall Collection
    Theme song: No Matter by Angel
    Nail polish: Bare fingernails, OPI Elephantastic Pink on toenails
    Hair: Air-dried
    Shoes: Patent leather black sandals to show off my nails
    Goal of the day: Eat well so that my stomach will be in good condition

  71. Laura B says:

    Mood: Bored at work, but happy that it’s sunny
    Lips: Nude
    Fragrance: Philosophy Pure Grace – I can only wear it at work because my husband hates it – what does he know?!
    Food craving: Chocolate, as always
    Makeup craving: MAC Face & Body Foundation – dull I know, but I can’t stop thinking about it! I usually wear mineral foundation and I am craving a smoother base…
    Theme song: Spooky by Dusty Springfield
    Nail polish: Bare
    Hair: Long, wavy and slightly wild
    Shoes: Awesome $20 grey leather courts with a stacked heel
    Goal of the day: Clear my desk of paperwork – it’s bringing me down!

  72. Ellery says:

    Le list

    Mood: excited.
    Lips: mac lip conditioner.
    Fragrance: covet by sarah jessica parker
    Food craving: cheeselets
    Makeup craving: mac solar riche bronzer (should be here tomorrow!)
    Theme song: rachel stevens – sweet dreams my la ex
    Nail polish: opi matte nail envy (i don’t wear nail polish exept that)
    Hair: dry. ugly. i just dyed it dark brown from platinum blonde and i HATE IT.
    Shoes: gray gladiator sandals. (: love them
    Goal of the day: to stop eating cheeselets.

  73. Elle says:

    Thanks Karen! Haha, I’m 25 and have had my share of relationships (not very many, and an almost-engagement) but I’m always kind of astonished at how different guys are. It’s sad when even my mom, who has been married for 30+ years and obviously has not dated lately, notices the difference. 😉

    Also: “BTW, where are you meeting these guys? When I was single, I had a general rule not to date guys I met in clubs (including the D.J. … beware of them D.J.’s, girls!).” There are no truer words than those right there. Hahaha! Beware of the DJs! And to answer your question, two of the last guys I dated (and turned out to be sketchy) I met on, of all places, my train. I’ve heard stories about people falling in love on the train and having a happy ending, but trust me–if it doesn’t work out, it’s a total pain in the ass. I’m not about to change my route for anyone, so it makes things a bit awkward if things don’t work out! I never really meet guys anywhere else though…I’m in grad school and everyone seems to be married, don’t really like the bar/club scene for meeting guys who want little more than a few fun nights since I’m more of a relationship person…it’s crazy!

    Ah, the Makeup and Beauty Blog–also good for guy therapy. 😉 Happy Tuesday!

  74. Sanita says:

    omg! I love that Dior liquorice nail polish. I usually use it on my toes. Such an unusual color!

  75. Dao says:

    Mood: tired and grumpy (PMS induced)
    Lips: nothing!
    Fragrance: natural 😀
    Food craving: some fried food (again, pms)
    Makeup craving: my orders from 2 weeks ago are still not here, so mad!
    Theme song: Gimme More by Britney, that so is addictive
    Nail polish: red nail polish on the toes because I felt brazen
    Hair: tied up in a bun, so un-glamorous!
    Shoes: at home, no shoes
    Goal of the day: finish writing, damn it!

  76. Brittany K. says:

    Mood:Kind of tired, in that afternoon slump.
    Lips: CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy
    Food craving: I just ate lunch — so none right now, but I had Hawaiian Pizza and it was pretty awesome 🙂
    Makeup craving: I want the Nars Bridal palette too!
    Theme song: I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry – super catchy.
    Nail polish: Sally Hasen by Tracy Reese in Arabian Night – it’s a pretty sparkle-ish purple color.
    Hair: Down and air dried kinda wavy.
    Shoes: Old navy flip flops
    Goal of the day: Make some bad ass cookies 😛

    I’ve been lurking around you blog for the past couple months and I have yet to comment, I just wanted to let you know that you are definitely one of my fav. beauty blogs out there!

  77. Tori says:

    Le list

    Mood: Bubbly (:
    Lips: Bare
    Fragrance: Bath and Body’s Island Coconut
    Food craving: Strawberry and Kiwi’s
    Makeup craving: All the urban decay products.
    Theme song: I’m a Bitch Meridith Brooks
    Nail polish: None.
    Hair: I had damp hair from taking a shower so I put it in a bun and slept on it. Then I took it out this morning and I put it half up half down.
    Shoes: Nada.
    Goal of the day: Save up spending money for my Florida vacation.

  78. Kelly says:

    Mood: Annoyed (waiting for prospective beau to contact me about a date)
    Lips: Silk Naturals in “Swept Away”
    Fragrance: B&BW “Honeysuckle”
    Food craving: Reeces Cups
    Makeup craving: Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Bronze Collection
    Theme song: “Here with Me” Dido
    Nail polish: OPI “Elephantastic Pink” on toes
    Hair: Long, loose waves
    Shoes: Nine West black slides w/ little heel
    Goal of the day: Contact two close friends from college about a visit

  79. Beth says:

    Mood: Relaxed
    Lips: Bare – just got out of the shower
    Fragrance: Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner. I realise its not perfume, but its what I smell of because my hair is still wet!
    Food craving: Spaghetti Carbonara or a cheeseburger. Maybe both.
    Makeup craving: Not makeup, but I’m thinking of switching back to the Clinique 3-step routine.
    Theme song: No Rain – Blind Melon
    Nail polish: French manicure on both fingers and toes.
    Hair: Wet!
    Shoes: Barefoot!
    Goal of the day: Get through it without crying from my back/neck pain. The lovely osteopath fixed that for me and really if he wasn’t 20 years older than me and already married I would have offered to have his babies. THATS how much better I felt!

  80. Michelle says:

    Le list
    Mood: Hungry
    Lips:Revlon Mix & Mingle lip Palette in Meet Magenta
    Fragrance: Escada Moon Sparkle
    Food craving:Greek Salad
    Makeup craving:Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 which I also saw on Bella Sugar
    Theme song: Summer Love by Justin Timberlake
    Nail polish:Avon nail enamel in Viva Pink
    Hair: Blow out
    Shoes:White Anchor Blue corkscrew wedges
    Goal of the day: Finish reading my book, get through work quickly

  81. Maria says:

    Mood: Lazy
    Lips: MAC lipglass is Viva Glam 6
    Fragrance: YSL Babydoll (yay my MICHAEL kors perfume is on its way)
    Food craving: Cheese Steak sandwich wit onions and cheez wiz
    Makeup craving: All the MAC paint pots
    Theme song: ?? dont have one
    Nail polish: Coral with glitter heart decals
    Hair: Twisted up in a clip
    Shoes: Black ballet flats
    Goal of the day: To run all my errands today

  82. jeannie says:

    I LOVE pad thai!!!

  83. Louise Gray says:

    Mood:Worried in my usual hypochondriacal manner
    Lips: Chanel Perplex
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs’ Pear
    Food craving: Wine (Yes, it is a food!!!!)
    Makeup craving: Can you believe I have none at the moment
    Theme song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Nail polish: Tarzan Likes Me Better Bare (i.e., none)
    Hair: Stacked bob
    Shoes: white sandals
    Goal of the day: To repot all of my plants that I have started from seeds-sugar baby watermelon, swiss chard, hummingbird mix, moonflower, and zucchini

    Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  84. Karen says:

    Hi Shockingpink,

    How fun! What movies did you watch?

  85. Karen says:

    Hi Ditte,

    Good luck with getting your work done! Gardening sounds like fun. What kind of gardening do you do? Last year I got my first taste of gardening by growing some tomato plants on my deck. I really enjoyed it.

  86. Karen says:

    Hi Stefania,

    It sounds like a pretty story. I tried to start an autobiography last night but I ended up falling instantly asleep. I need more books in my life. 🙂

  87. Karen says:

    Hi Yellow Fever,

    NICE! Did you get your Dream Angels scent at the sale? I gotta go back!

    I think that song is by REO Speedwagon. That’s a GREAT song to sing to in the car.

    “I can’t fight this feeling anymore… I’ve forgotten what I’ve started fighting for!”

  88. Karen says:

    Hi Miss QQ.,

    Your sandals sound so cute!

  89. Karen says:

    Hi Laura B.,

    I hope you clear your desk! Damn that paperwork… it’s the bane of my existence. 🙂

  90. Karen says:


    What the heck are cheeselets? They sound DELICIOUS!

  91. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    It’s interesting that both you and your mom have noticed this change. My friend, a beautiful, successful girl in her 30s, is still single, and she’s told me something along the same lines. She lives in San Francisco, and what she tells me is that the guys she runs into are all very immature (and these are guys in their 30s and 40s)! She says the ones she runs into all act like they are stuck in college and they don’t want to be serious. I dunno if it’s a geography issue, or just a change in younger male culture in general.

    It’s been a few years since I’ve been in the game, but lemme tell ya… it gets infinitely more difficult when you start working, ugh. I ended up meeting El Hub through a friend at work, but honestly, if we hadn’t met I think my only real options to meet guys would’ve been at the gym (which is kind of similar to meeting guys on the train — if it goes to sour then you are stuck watching this guy doing squats with the knowledge that you’ve swapped spit).

    Hmm, maybe your married friends in school know people? Married folks always want to set up their single friends (gives us something to do, ha!). What are you studying, btw?

  92. Karen says:

    Hi Sanita,

    It’s so pretty! I love the dark shade, but oh, it’s so high maintenance.

  93. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    GIRRRRRL, I hear that! Finish that writing! 😉

    That Britney song totally sticks in your head, doesn’t it? Once you hear it, it won’t go away!

  94. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany K,

    Thanks, girl! It’s so great to finally meet you. What kind of bad ass cookies are you making today? Gosh, I think my stomach just rumbled!

  95. Karen says:

    Hi Tori,

    Where/when are you going to Florida? I’m going to be there in November for the first time since I was 14, and I’m pretty excited to go. It’ll be for a wedding, but I’m sure I’ll get to sneak in some fun sightseeing!

  96. Karen says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Fun! Are you two buds close friends from college? I haven’t seen my college girls in a long time; I probably won’t see them all until the fall, which is when one of my friends is getting married. 🙂

    BTW, I have that B&BW Honeysuckle spray. I love it!

  97. Karen says:

    Hi Beth,

    LOL, you crack me up. I hope your back and neck are feeling better. Both mine are sore, too, but it’s sore in a good way from dance class.

    Spaghetti sounds really delish right now!

  98. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Isn’t Bella Sugar a great site? I really enjoy it.

    Hope work is going fast for you today!

  99. Karen says:

    Hi Maria,

    The MAC Paint Pots are fab! I’m wearing Nice Vice today (from Fafi).

    Your nails sound cute! Have a good day. 🙂

  100. Karen says:

    Hi Jeannie,

    Me too! I’m still craving it big time today.

  101. Karen says:

    Hi Louise Gray,

    How cool! It must be need to see your plants growing and getting bigger. Are you a big gardening person? I have house plants, and last year for the first time I grew tomato plants.

  102. Rachel, London says:

    Hi Karen
    Love your blog.

    Mood: tired
    Lips: bare
    Fragrance: SJP Covert
    Food craving: chocolate
    Makeup craving: some really good eyelash curlers
    Theme song: That’s not my name. The Tings Tings
    Nail polish: Chanel White Satin
    Hair: high pony
    Shoes: none
    Goal of the day: get to bed with my book!

  103. music_is_freedom says:

    Le list
    Mood: Pensive but calm
    Lips: MAC Fafi lipstick in Flash-N-Dash
    Fragrance: None
    Food craving: Bubble tea
    Makeup craving: The entire Cult of Cherry collection from MAC for Fall 2008
    Theme song: The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room by Flight of the Conchords…it’s been on-and-off stuck in my head
    Nail polish: None
    Hair: Cropped short
    Shoes: Barefoot
    Goal of the day: Get some sleep

  104. Megan says:

    Mood: Happy but sleepy
    Lips: Strawberry Rosebud Salve
    Fragrance: Daisy by Marc Jacobs (so yummy!)
    Food craving: Chocolate Ice Cream
    Makeup craving:Cargo Oil Free Foundation and all of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Nail Polishes!
    Theme song: Chocolate- Snow Patrol
    Nail polish: Nails- Bare Toes- Driven by the Lippman Collection
    Hair: pulled back with a headband
    Shoes: Barefoot now but just took off a pair of super cute, super preppy plaid Sperrys!
    Goal of the day: Take a nap 🙂

  105. Josay says:


    I’m from Montreal, Canada and I just want to let you know that I love your blog and you are a huge source of inspiration for me.

    These days I’m a little bit lazy regarding beauty and makeup. Since the end of April, I’ve been through a tough breakup with my partner of almost 10 years and I have to say that with your “Monday Poll” you gave me energy and the taste to be beautiful again …

    Thank you for your EXCELLENT work 🙂

  106. bella says:

    Le list
    Mood: pretty good, actually!
    Lips: california dreamin’ lipstick from mac. it’s so overrated!
    Fragrance: vera wang princess.
    Food craving: beer and a dodger dog with garlic fries..i’m going to the dodger/white sox game tonight!
    Makeup craving: more slimshines. i think i’m in love with them.
    Theme song: heartbeat by annie (mstrkrft remix)
    Nail polish: russian navy by OPI. its my alltime favorite, i don’t care if its too dark for summer. and my toes are hot pink and black zebra!
    Hair: wet and down. about to be blow dried and straightened.
    Shoes: none. brown leather marc jacobs gladiators earlier today.
    Goal of the day: get ready, then pick up my friends, and fight traffic into los angeles, make it to the dodger game on time…

  107. Josay says:

    Mood: Optimistic
    Lips: Nada
    Fragrance: Happy by Clinique
    Food craving: Ben & Gerry ice cream (Cherry/Fudge)
    Makeup craving: Victoria’s Secrets lip gloss
    Theme song: When I grow up by the Pussycat Dolls
    Nail polish: Essie Ballet Slippers (hands/toes)
    Hair: Curly from yesterday … with an headband
    Shoes: Flip Flop
    Goal of the day: Some cleaning in my stuff

  108. Thanks girly..

    i♥makeups last blog post..Vogue India Speaks to Vimi Joshi

  109. Ditte says:

    Hi again Karen,
    have a gigantic garden, where I have just cleared the long flower bed of weeds – now I’m gonna fill the space between the flowers with wood scraps. Afterwards, there’s the rest of the garden to tend to (heeeelp :)). Veggies are something I at the earliest will consider next spring.
    I do have 3 apple trees, grapes and strawberries out there, so I’m content for now with fruit plants.
    Tomatoes sounds like fun – I might consider some of those next year – or eggplants (grilled with olive oil and salt/pepper, yum).

  110. Elle says:

    Hey Karen!

    Hmmm…interesting that your friend has noticed the same thing in San Francisco…because it’s totally the same here. My almost-30-year-old guy friend *totally* acts like he’s still in college. I love the guy, but eeesh. It’s pretty common, and while I’m definitely not the most mature person out there (I still find some episodes of “Jackass” funny…), I can’t deal with a guy who still has that frat-guy mentality all around!

    I can only imagine the awkwardness of having something go sour with someone you see at the gym. It’s totally awkward enough being on the same train schedule, but then having to see someone while you’re on your elliptical? Ugh.

    I’m studying biology, and while I love it I’m having a crisis in terms of deciding whether or not I want to finish (I’m doing it part-time) or go onto law school. Ugh. I’ve always been interested in too many things and that makes it really hard to figure out what I want to do! Gotta keep trying things out, though 😉 Have a great day!

  111. Aleks says:

    Haha, would be too coincidental if your tummy had been full of tuna&ham pizza, too, lol. 😀

    Thanks for the safe travel vibes, I think they did help! I’m safely back at home, feels great to get to sleep in my own bed and get to hang out with mom. It’s awesome traveling but every now and then coming back doesn’t feel that bad either. 🙂

    Have a great day! Your FOTD was gorgeous, you can pull off purples and blues so well! I would look like as if I had been mugged, lol.

    Alekss last blog post..Life Update

  112. Karen says:

    Hi Rachel, London,

    Hello from across the pond! Hope you are feeling less tired today. What book are you reading?

  113. Karen says:

    Hi Music_is_freedom,

    Yum, bubble tea… too bad I have to cross the bridge when I get the urge for it (grrr). I hear ya about getting some sleep. Get some good Z’s girl!

  114. Karen says:

    Hi Megan,

    Cute! I gotta say, plaid shoes, when done well, are *very* cute.

    I am craving Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, too.

  115. Karen says:

    Hi Josay,

    Aww, sweetie. My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to relearn how to live your life again after parting with a person who’s been part of you for a decade. I hate to quote Celine Dion (hey, she’s from Canada, too!) but your heart will go on.

    In all seriousness, though, stay strong, and concentrate on yourself… and when you don’t feel good, please know that if you need a little strength, you have people in your life (and in this lil’ blog) that will give you girl power when you need it most. 🙂

    Big hugs!

  116. Karen says:

    Hi Bella,

    OMG… seriously, I just got back from dance class and I’m eating some crappy noodles out of a box, and after I reading about your food craving my stomach rumbled REALLY LOUDLY. Gimme, gimme, garlic fries!

    Hope you had fun at the game with your friends, and that you made it there on time!

  117. Karen says:

    Hi Iheartmakeup,

    You’re welcome! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good night!

  118. Karen says:

    Hi Ditte,

    Wow! You have quite the green thumb, girlie. 🙂 I have only eaten home grown strawberries a few times. Aren’t they heavenly?

    Tomatoes are fun. I had a three plants on my deck, and grew them “upside down” with this cool tomato planter called the Topsy Turvy. Have you heard of it? It’s a hanging planter which keeps the roots at the top, so that the plant grows downward and you don’t need to cage it. Mine got pretty big; I had both yellow and red heirlooms. They were delicious.

  119. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Hmm, maybe we have a nationwide epidemic of male immaturity. I bet somebody is doing a study on it, and that we’ll eventually read about it on Yahoo or something one of these days. I think there’s lots of great guys out there, but finding them is kind of like playing craps: it all eventually boils down to dumb luck. I guess dating more could increase one’s odds. Another friend of mine who’s single (I was the first in the batch to get hitched) actually is looking for guys online. She uses this site called Crazy Blind Date. Have you heard of it? She’s gone on several dates, and although she hasn’t made a serious connection with anybody, it does get her out there.

    OH GIRL! I worked in the legal field for a long time. All I gottta say is work in a law firm/legal department first before taking the jump into law school. It’s definitely not as sexy as those lawyer shows on TV.

  120. Karen says:


    Glad to hear you are back. Don’t you love finally getting to sleep in your own bed? I bet it feels like a fluffy cloud.

    What was the best part of your trip? I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. 🙂

  121. Elle says:

    OK, seriously? I’m coming here to ALL of my advice now. Hahaha! You rock, Karen! Thanks for the career advice and the tip-off to the website…I’ll let you know if anything comes about! Have a great night!

  122. Karen says:

    LOL! Thanks Elle!

    If you ever have any questions about the law school route/working in a legal environment I’d be happy to answer them. I took the LSATS right out of school, and then worked for several years as legal support in litigation and in the in-house legal department for a large company. I learned a ton, but the biggest lesson was that I was NOT destined for law school. But alas, that’s another story for another time.

    You have a good night, too!

  123. lexi says:

    Mood: Anxious
    Lips: (faded) pink grapefruit lipglass over cushy cremestick liner
    Fragrance: (faded) sugar lemon – Fresh
    Food craving: salty and sweet (i’m pregnant!)
    Makeup craving: expensive pink and magnetic field eyes – thanks for that post, Karen!
    Theme song: Buttons – Pussycat Dolls (keeps me feeling sexy even though i’m 9 months pregnant with swollen ankles! BOO!)
    Nail polish: Macks (essie)
    Hair: flat ironed second day hair! bless Bumble and bumble products!
    Shoes: flip flops from Old Navy – again swollen feet!
    Goal of the day: Not to open the unopened bag of chips in the cupboard that’s calling my name…HELP!!!!

  124. tasha says:

    Le list
    Lips:bare,it’s sunday and sometimes i like to have a makeup free day
    Fragrance: marc jacobs
    Food craving:a big fat ass salad
    Makeup craving:my dior purelight foundation
    Theme song:free by powerman 5000
    Nail polish:wicked by essie
    Hair:very dirty and too lazy too wash it(i know ew)but it’s normally curly
    Shoes:yes please and lots of it,hahaha.
    Goal of the day: relax some more then later i have a massage client.

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