Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Jan. 5

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Kailua Beach, Oahu

  1. Mood:
  2. A mish-mash this morning: feisty (ready to kick booty, haaaaay!), ravenous (mmm Eggo Waffles) and cheerful

  3. Eyeshadow:
  4. Chanel Mystic Eyes quad from the 2009 Spring Bohemian Fantasy Collection

  5. One random thing you don’t know about me:
  6. I don’t like calamari.

  7. Fragrance:
  8. Vera Wang Princess

  9. Outfit:
  10. Skinny jeans, black turtleneck, black knee-high boots, black striped hat and gold hoops

  11. MAC essentials:
  12. Concrete eyeshadow, 266 brush, Blushbaby blush, Select Moisturecover Concealer

  13. I would really love to ____:
  14. Get back in shape, to write full time, to care less about what other people think and to take a trip to Italy

  15. Makeup lust:
  16. MAC Redhead!

  17. Nails:
  18. Chanel Vendetta

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. To go to spinning class at least twice, to write a tutorial for the blog, and to start looking for some new freelance writing projects.

Let me know how you’re doing today. Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments. 🙂


Le list

One random thing you don’t know about me:
MAC essentials:
I would really love to ____:
Makeup lust:
Weekly goals:

Not even Monday can stand in our way!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Elle says:

    Happy Monday Karen!

    A bit tired from staying up too late chatting, but cheerful and hopeful 🙂

    MAC’s Rubenesque paint pot, with Honey Lust and Mulch eyeshadows

    One random thing you don’t know about me:
    I love tattoos but don’t have one yet

    Kenzo’s Amour

    Gray and black houndstooth-print pants, black v-neck sweater, purple cami, gold hoops, black boots

    MAC essentials:
    Everything I just listed in the “eyeshadow” question, Humid and Woodwinked eyeshadows, Sophisto and Dubonnet lipsticks, 239 brush, 182 brush, MSF Natural in Medium Dark, MSF in So Ceylon, Blushbaby blush, Select Moisturecover Concealer, and their Technakohl eyeliners

    I would really love to ____:
    Get into shape, get my own place soon, learn how to ride a motorcycle and take a trip around the world a la Ewan McGregor and his best friend, and have my best friend living here in Chicago with me

    Makeup lust:
    MAC Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection

    OPI’s Got the Blues for Red

    Weekly goals:
    To work out at least twice, get started on school stuff, start reading the new book I just bought, and keep getting to know someone I just met 🙂

  2. Tania says:

    Le list
    Mood: excited cuz I got to leave work way early
    Eyeshadow: some colors from Fafi eye quad
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I don’t like steak oh and I’m a lefty
    Fragrance: Caress Morrocan Body wash (omg this smells so good)
    Outfit: brown pants, button up shirt, tank top
    MAC essentials: Smooth Harmony BP, Painterly Paint Pot, Flashmode Lusterglass, Viva Glam VI Lipglass, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Blot Powder, Cleanse Off Oil, Brush Cleaner
    I would really love to ____: move to New York like now. *sigh*
    Makeup lust: MAC for Hello Kitty
    Nails: need to be filed something fierce
    Weekly goals: get stuff squared away for youth group, organize my crap in my place, get back in the groove of work.

  3. Holly says:

    Le list

    Mood: Im a bit of a mishmash today too feeling a bit deflated as things dont seem to be going right at the moment but am focussing on the positive and getting excited for my trip to NY on saturday yey!!

    Eyeshadow:Chanel sparkling satins with Feline power kohl liner

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I went to a girls only private bording school (but somehow came out normal haha!)

    Fragrance: Chanel Chance – never liked this before but im loving it now!

    Outfit: black knitted sweater dress, thick tights and riding boots

    MAC essentials: carbon eye shadow, 219 brush, 217 brush, fluidline in blacktrack, sweet william cremeblush plus many many more!

    I would really love to ____: work a ski season in Europe – a friend of mine is doing that at the moment and im super jelous i love to ski!

    Makeup lust: ALL of the blonde products in the new MAC collection!

    Nails: Chanel Rouge Noir

    Weekly goals: strip the wallpaper from my wall, pack for NY, spend NO money haha!

  4. Gemma says:

    Le list

    Mood: not yet awake
    Eyeshadow: Victoria’s Secret Photography cream/powder duo
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I’ve got stretch marks on my booty and I don’t care lol. I call them tiger stripes.
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs Daisy Luminous Lotion
    Outfit: dark jeans, black boots, and a black puff jacket
    MAC essentials: MSF Natural, 266 brush
    I would really love to ____: be unapologetically bold and charmingly self-confident
    Makeup lust: Chanel double perfection compact and Nars blush/bronzer duo in Sin/Casino
    Nails: getting them done today!
    Weekly goals: to stay calm and balanced, maintain my weight, and make a new friend

    Gemma´s last blog post..More Hauling and 2009

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Happy Monday to you, too! What’s the title of your new book?

  6. Karen says:

    Yay, Fafi!

    You should move to NY so I can vicariously live through you. 🙂 I live in the burbs but I’m a city girl at heart.

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    I can’t believe your trip is just around the corner. I remember talking to you months ago and planning (plotting? LOL) how to get to Target. Do you have your makeup list all finalized?

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Gemma,

    LOL, I am going to own my tiger stripes, too!

    Have a happy Monday. 🙂

  9. Brittany says:

    Mood: Very happy! I met the new boy’s fam last night and it went GREAT.
    Eyeshadow: Stila Eyeshadow in pigalle and oasis.
    One random thing you don’t know about me: Hmmm…I’m left handed..haha.
    Fragrance: Marc Jacobs
    Outfit: Dark jeans, black cardigan, white cami, black flats, and I think I’m going to put on a silver scarf before I leave.
    MAC essentials: MAC Plush Lash, Plushglass in Big Baby, Mineralize Blush in Nuance, PP in Rubenesque. Plus tons of others 😛
    I would really love to ____: Go to Paris.
    Makeup lust: Armani lip wax and Lipstick Queen’s Medieval Lip Treatment.
    Nails: I have on a really sheer nude shade from Essie. I think it’s Naked Truth.
    Weekly goals: Enjoy my last week of vacation. Laundry. Groceries. Read horrible sappy chick lit 😛

  10. Bethany says:

    Mood: tired, first day back at work after 1 1/2 week vacation
    Eyeshadow: Rimmell, brown something, Estee Lauder blue something, can’t remember, too sleepy
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I don’t like country music
    Fragrance: Dolce Gabbana
    Outfit: black pants, teal sweater, black wedge peep toe pumps
    MAC essentials: none today
    I would really love to ____: sleep right now
    Makeup lust: Carmindy line
    Nails: Sally Hansen Double Duty base coat/top coat
    Weekly goals: make dental appts for the kids, take tree down, finish cleaning bedroom

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    That’s so fantastic! I’m glad that it went well with the new guy’s family. Did ya’ll have dinner together?

  12. Erica says:

    Mood: Is ‘allergic’ a mood? Thats how I feel.
    Eyeshadow: None
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I too don’t like calamari! One other thing – I don’t know how to swim.
    Fragrance: None
    Outfit: Hudson jeans, Weezer shirt, Nike sneaks
    MAC essentials: Studio Fix Concealer
    I would really love to ____: Not feel so cramped up…Worked out the abs a couple of days ago and they STILL hurt!
    Makeup lust: Chanel spring collection
    Nails: Bare…that is, till I get Vendetta
    Weekly goals: Plan what I’m going to teach for the next 6 weeks, post something on Skin Trade, laundry

  13. katee says:

    Mood:A bit sad that all of the holiday fun is over! BF went back to work today so I am home alone.
    Eyeshadow: Dude, nothing yet! It’s only 9:20 here. Just having my morning coffee. But I think I will also use my mystic eye quad today.
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I think I love my 2 cats more than I could ever love kids! I don’t have kids.
    Fragrance: Nothing yet but it will be my one and only Jo Malone Grapefruit.
    Outfit: Bathrobe and fluffy socks.
    MAC essentials: None. I don’t use MAC. I fell out of love w/MAC a long long time ago. Now Chanel is my HG.
    I would really love to ____: Get on a plane and jet off to France right now.
    Makeup lust: Nothing really at the moment except maybe some new brushes.
    Nails:SpaRitual Mood but changing later today to SpaRitual Surreal probably, or maybe Vendtta. Not sure yet.
    Weekly goals: As always, to clean the house.


    katee´s last blog post..NOTD: Mood by SpaRitual

  14. Elle says:

    Hey Karen!

    It’s called “The Year of Living Bibilically”. A friend recommended it, and it was written by someone who literally tried to live according to the Bible for a year. I’m trying to get back on the reading bandwagon…last book I read was over the summer (Paulo Coelho’s “Eleven Minutes”, loved it 🙂 ) so I have to back into it!

  15. Tali says:

    Mood: Happy but freezing cold!

    Eyeshadow: Painpot mac in Rubenesque (online purchases were delivered today!!!!!)

    One random thing you don’t know about me: Im a 1st degree balck belt in Karate which ive done since I was 4…i do 5 different martial arts but look all skinny and helpless female!

    Fragrance: Body Shop Amorito!

    Outfit: Boyfriends new sweater…aka my new pijama top and la senza grumpy but gorgeous pj bottoms (Fluffy slippers under the bed)

    MAC essentials: Lip glass in any light pink color for full lips (that are natural) and Golden bronzer for the perfect year round, non streaky bronze! Also the perfect smokey eye with Carbon or Gilded ash shadows!

    I would really love to ____: Be 19 again!! I have a few re-dos I wish I could do!

    Makeup lust: Everything I see from Mac apart from the Lipgelees which are SO dissapointing!

    Nails: Oh dear… nothing!!

    Wow that picture is amazing.. i wish i was lying on a beach somewhere instead of -10 london!!!

    Weekly goals:

  16. ines says:

    hey karen! back to school/work now!
    hope you and tabs are feeling rested after the break.

    Le list
    Mood: motivated… for once.

    Eyeshadow: nars copacabana multiple stick under browbone, bobbi brown heather mauve and copper sand on lid. santa came with some makeup booty!

    One random thing you don’t know about me: i have a luxating patella (loose kneecap) – i can wiggle it around and freak people out with it!

    Fragrance: clean shower fresh edp

    Outfit: rock and republic boot cut jeans, old navy gray tank top, black cardigan, purple scarf, ugg boots and a newsboy cap.

    MAC essentials: lipstick in delish, russian red and dubonnet, select moisturecover in NC20 and fix + mist

    I would really love to ____: not go to class today… break was so short!

    Makeup lust: the bobbi brown 6-pan palette with four eyeshadows (champagne quartz, heather mauve, copper sand, gunmetal) and two blushes (bahama brown, pink sugar) santa brought this christmas!

    Nails: orly moonlit madness (a deep black cherry) on toes and essie mademoiselle on fingers

    Weekly goals: actually work out three times a week; get back to dance class; get my life back on track and to be good to my pet betta, hansel (as in hansel from zoolander, not the fairytale)

  17. Mandy says:

    First and foremost I want to tell you how flippin excited I am I stumbled acrossed your website! I happened to google reviews for olay micro sculpting cream and wham I found your blog! I just want to say I love it and thank you 🙂

    Mood: Happy the sun is finally shinning…a rare thing in Michigan for the winter sad my bestest left to go back to Texas though 🙁

    Eyeshadow:not wearing any at the moment…

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I’m addicted to Vikkis a.k.a Victoria Secret…and I do mean ADDICTED and I go to Paul Mitchell The School for cosmetology but am secretly in love with RedKen..shhh don’t tell..

    Fragrance:Vera wang princess…I just got it for christmas and I can’t seem to get it to last long on my skin…maybe my skin is really a sponge?

    Outfit:vikkis sweats and a tank, did I mention I was addicted?

    MAC essentials:Charged water hydrating mist and Barbie fab frost powder blush

    I would really love to ____: Be on the beach enjoying the ocean waves..god I live in the wrong state.

    Makeup lust:Some new mascara sample I got from sephora

    Nails:O.P.I Eiffel for this color. (I love their names)

    Weekly goals: To get my ass to the gym that I pay for monthly but havent gone to in almost 3 weeks.

  18. Laurie says:

    Hi Karen, Happy belated New Year. It’s a tough Monday – back after two weeks of vacation. Sidebar: Why is everyone in a bubbly mood today at work?? I’m not meshing with that!

    Mood: Skeptical (of everyone else’s cheery Monday mood!!)

    Eyeshadow: The two from Bobbi Brown’s Pink Raspberry palette

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I’m pretty OCD about certain things – must put an ice cube in my orange juice, can’t set the alarm on an “even” number, e.g. 6:30a.m. (has to be like 6:33 or something off)

    Fragrance: Estee Lauder Sensuors

    Outfit: Black/gray herringbone pants, black s/s tneck with puffed shoulders

    MAC essentials: Moisturelush eye cream, Fix+, 187 brush

    I would really love to ____: go to Hawaii again (your pictures always encourage this!)

    Makeup lust: MAC BBR – I’m liking all of the MSFs, just have to see which one will suit me. I’m thinking Redhead or Blonde!

    Nails: bare

    Weekly goals: Become as cheery as everyone else, spend quality time with my husband and puppy and watch The Bachelor tonight!!!

    Laurie´s last blog post..Farewell 2008

  19. Kelley says:

    Mood: anxious
    Eyeshadow: none at the moment
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I am still active in my college sorority
    Fragrance: CK Euphoria
    Outfit: Jeans and a sweatshirt – it’s cleaning day at my house
    MAC essentials: 224 brush
    I would really love to ____: have a facial
    Makeup lust: Chanel foundation/concealer
    Nails: just removed OPI An Affair in Red Square, now they are naked
    Weekly goals: To clean the house and get all my errands done around town

    On another note, I can’t stand calamari either!!! I always think it tastes like fried pieces of elastic – LOL.

    Have a great week!!!

  20. YadiQ says:

    Mood: hopeful

    Eyeshadow: korres plum eyeshadow and mac pigment in a color i cant read cause the label wore off shimmery pale champagne LOL!

    One random thing you don’t know about me: i went to laguardia hs of music art and performing arts (formerly known as FAME) yes dorky i know lol began my formative years of studying art and art history back then !

    Fragrance: chanel eau fraiche

    Outfit: dark denim trouser jeans, long sleeves flutter sleeved turtle neck by michael kors in black, my little chanel sneakers 😀

    MAC essentials: emmanuel ungaro lipstain !

    I would really love to ____: lose 20 pounds

    Makeup lust: these days i am all about the eyeliner!! some sort of eyeliner fixer to stay put better than they already do any suggestions i was looking at one from too faced and one from makeup forever but i am torn cause they have mixed reviews

    Nails: 2 coats essie pink glove service and 1 coat of orly love each other topped off with seche vite !talk about glossy yo!

    Weekly goals: WORK OUT gonna start some more mixed martial arts at the gym – gonna try muay thai along with my street fighting class! detox and start a diet cause holidays broke my diet real bad, stay positive and attempt to put makeup on BEFORE i get to work once i am here i forget!

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Erica,

    Eek, I’m glad to know I’m not alone when it comes to calamari. I can’t stand the texture — too damn chewy, blech!

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,

    How’s the weather down there? It’s overcast, rainy and gloomy here in Nor Cal.

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    I haven’t heard of that one. It sounds interesting… 🙂 I’m going to try and read more too. I got a book light for Christmas, so that should help with some late night reading!

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Tali,

    That’s freaking awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn a martial art and be a secret ass kicker! Which is your favorite martial art?

  25. Nadine says:

    Le list

    Mood: unhappy about the weather – it’s snowing the whole day

    Eyeshadow: Mac Smoke & Diamonds with Vanilla pigment

    One random thing you don’t know about me: Supernatural is my favorite TV series of all times. Just love Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!

    Fragrance: Serge Lutens Un bois vanille

    Outfit: Jeans, turtleneck and comfy cardigan in grey

    MAC essentials: Viva Glam V lipgloss, Dainty blush and the 181 brush

    I would really love to ____: go on vacation with my boyfriend

    Makeup lust: Mac Blonde brunette redhead

    Nails: bare

    Weekly goals: buy a new car! Yay! BMW 118i used but from march with very little miles on it. I am wanting this for ages and I am going to sign the contract on wednesday hopefully.

  26. Nadine says:

    Le list

    Mood: unhappy about the weather – it’s snowing the whole day

    Eyeshadow: Mac Smoke & Diamonds with Vanilla pigment

    One random thing you don’t know about me: Supernatural is my favorite TV series of all times. Just love Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!

    Fragrance: Serge Lutens Un bois vanille

    Outfit: Jeans, turtleneck and comfy cardigan in grey

    MAC essentials: Viva Glam V lipgloss, Dainty blush and the 181 brush

    I would really love to ____: go on vacation with my boyfriend

    Makeup lust: Mac Blonde brunette redhead

    Nails: bare

    Weekly goals: buy a new car! Yay! BMW 118i used but from march with very little miles on it. I am wanting this for ages and I am going to sign the contract on wednesday hopefully.

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Ines,

    Hansel — what a cute name for your betta. Does he pose for you? 😉

  28. Karen says:

    Hi Mandy,

    It’s nice to meet you! Glad to hear that you like the site. 🙂 LOL, I got Vera Wang Princess for Christmas, too!

    Ugh, I hear you about the gym membership. I haven’t gone consistently in months. Time to get back on the wagon (sigh). What type of exercise do you like to do?

  29. Karen says:

    Hi Laurie,

    Happy New Year to you, too, girl!

    LOL regarding the bubbly mood — maybe somebody slipped a lil’ bit of granpappy’s cough syrup into the coffee?!?

    Aww, your pup is SO CUTE! I miss the days when my dog, Shauna (really, she’s my dad’s dog now), was a wee babe!

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Kelley,

    LOL! For me it’s a texture thing — it reminds me of seafood gum, yuk!

    You have a fabulous week, too. 🙂 I hope you get all your errands done!

  31. Evie says:

    Mood: Mostly content–it’s my birthday today, and I’m a teensy bit freaked out about getting older.
    Eyeshadow: Chanel Magic Night & Mystic Eyes quad
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I am named after my mother’s shrink. Yes, really.
    Fragrance: None.
    Outfit: Black wrap dress from Banana Republic.
    MAC essentials: Naked Lunch.
    I would really love to ____: Get my PhD before I turn 30. See: mood 😛
    Makeup lust: Something Chanel that’s an Asia/Europe exclusive. Any recs, Karen? I’m going to the Makeup Studio today 🙂
    Nails: Chanel Kaleidescope. Man, I am *all about* the Chanel, today…
    Weekly goals: Get back to the gym on a regular basis!! Find a way to combat the winter blues.

  32. Karen too says:

    Le list

    Mood: Still in the haze of 2 weeks Christmas holiday!
    Eyeshadow: MAC satin taupe
    One random thing you don’t know about me:
    Fragrance: Calvin Klein Euphoria
    Outfit: Wide black trousers, lilac wool sweater
    MAC essentials: Brushes – 219 and 224
    I would really love to ____: Win the lottery this week and spend some cash on a totally new winter/spring wardrobe!
    Makeup lust: CHANEL
    Nails: Newly manicured (by moi) in an awful pink color. Note to self: Remove tonight!
    Weekly goals: Start to finish living room curtains, work out.

  33. Brittany says:

    Yup, I met his ENTIRE family. All 4 bros, sister-in-laws, kids, parents, and grandparents. It was interesting to say the least. One of his sister-in-laws made meatloaf for dinner.

  34. Shefali says:

    Mood: Freakin’ stressed! I’m studying all month for my BBS licensing exam so I can finally be a licensed marriage and family therapist!

    Eyeshadow: None – I’m home studying 🙁

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I don’t like chocolate chip cookies

    Fragrance: Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache body cream. Delish!

    Outfit: Black sweatpants, white sweatshirt

    MAC essentials: All of their brushes!

    I would really love to…Get this stupid exam over with!

    Makeup lust: BBR – Studying all week, Thursday is my reward day to go buy the stuff I want!

    Nails: OPI’s Glamour Game from Holiday in Toyland collection

    Weekly goals: 1. Study, study, study! Get through the Crisis Management section of my study manual.
    2. Go to the gym at least 4x this week. I’ve got to lose 15 pounds by April 1.
    3. Lose at least 1 pound this week.

  35. Ellery says:

    Mood: Happy!
    Eyeshadow: None.
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I hate chocolate.
    Fragrance: Estee Lauder Sensuous.
    Outfit: Latex leggings and long black vest top but I’m about to change into pajamas.
    MAC essentials: Lip conditioner, Plushlash mascara and microfine refinisher.
    I would really love to ____: Lay on a beach in Jamaica all day long.
    Makeup lust: Nothing right now actually…
    Nails: None.
    Weekly goals: Do some major shopping.

    I hope you have a great Monday! 😀

  36. meimei says:

    Oh happy day – and what a great picture of Kailua!

    Mood: Rarin’ to go
    Eyeshadow: None yet – I’m planning to be barefaced today because of all the errands
    One random thing you don’t know about me: Knitting relaxes me! I just got started on a baby sweater.
    Fragrance: Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille
    Outfit: Jeans and a T-shirt
    MAC essentials: Painterly paint pot, Colour Forms 5 Warm Eyes (Nordstrom exclusive); Brush Cleaner. I recently reorganized my makeup, and all my MAC stuff has their own baggy!
    I would really love to ____: Write full time (same as you!) – or at least get some time to freelance on top of my existing work
    Makeup lust: MAC Brunette and Redhead; also, anything from the Sephora 75% off sale
    Nails: Bare
    Weekly goals: Blog about my apartment, use LinkedIn to my full advantage, exercise

    meimei´s last blog post..Randomesticity: Absolute Last Post of the Year, I Swear

  37. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    I know I cant believe how quickly Christmas came and went this year!
    My makeup shopping list is pretty huge but im not sure i will ever really be able to say it is complete haha it is growing by the day and i just know when i get there i will see a million extra things I didnt know i wanted!

  38. Karen4 says:

    Le list

    Mood: Motivated–year-end tax document preparations are done!
    Eyeshadow: Bobbie Brown Champagne Shimmer Wash with Cocoa used as liner
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I know how to play the violin
    Fragrance: an Aveda personal blend
    Outfit: green J. Crew vintage cords, J. Crew navy thermal tee, orange Land’s End down vest
    MAC essentials: all short-handled eye and face brushes, power point eye pencils, Prep & Prime Eye, lipglass, shadow. Really, what AREN’T the essentials by MAC?
    I would really love to ____: speak French fluently.
    Makeup lust: Cargo Blu-Ray Face Powder and Lip Gloss. I missed out on the special-priced collection that Sephora does not have in stock–Darn!
    Nails: short and bare, except for my left thumb where I was sampling Rimmel’s Play Fast quick dry nail polish in “Don’t Touch”, a beautiful mocha shot with gold shimmer. Can’t wait to do a pedi with it!
    Weekly goals: Organize my work files for upcoming projects; practice my French; try to get back on a healthier eating plan after the goodie-loaded holidays!

  39. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Le list
    Mood: Happy. A bit tired, but happy.
    Eyeshadow: MAC Carbon.
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I can barely stand the taste of coffee, but I love the smell of it or anything coffee-flavoured.
    Fragrance: None.
    Outfit: Black graphic hooded t-shirt, jeans, snow boots.
    MAC essentials: Lipglass, lipstick (don’t make me choose a single colour!), Fascinating eye kohl.
    I would really love to ____: Sit outside and just take in everything around me, really appreciate the moment.
    Makeup lust: MAC in general!
    Nails: None.
    Weekly goals: Hmm…None that I can think of now…I’m feeling rather lazy.

  40. Hi Karen!

    Mood: The weather makes me sleepy but I am excited about the roller blades I for a Tarjay this weekend and am dying to try them out!

    Eyeshadow: No makeup today because I am telecommuting. You may be thinking “Damn, does this chick ever actually go to work?”. Yes I do but I usually telecommute on Monday when you have this poll LOL!

    One random thing you don’t know about me: Katee and I are like long lost twins, I swear we are the same. I too LOVE my damn cats more than practically anything!

    Fragrance: Caress soap haha

    Outfit: Good god it’s BAD. Red fleece sweats, gray t-shirt, grey sweatshirt and fluffy slippers

    MAC essentials: I have a million MAC lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners and lip glasses but my daily essentials are Omega ES for my eyebrows and I use the eyebrow, eyeshadow and blush brush daily.

    I would really love to ____: Get a job where I could write and do things I like instead of just make money doing boring tasks

    Makeup lust: MAC Blonde & Redhead collection, I am DYING for them!

    Nails: China Glaze Gel Calcium Fortifier

    Weekly goals: Get back to the gym at least 2-3 times this week and eat WAY better!

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..China Glaze OMG Nail Polish

  41. Oops that was supposed to say I was excited about the roller blades I got at Tarjay!

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..China Glaze OMG Nail Polish

  42. Tiera says:

    Mood: I feel like I’m in “warm up” mode for the week!

    Eyeshadow: Soba, Brown Down, Vanilla, Carbon

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was already 10 years old!

    Fragrance: SJP Lovely

    Outfit: Lucky jeans, top from Forever 21, Aldo wedges

    MAC essentials: 217 brush, Carbon eyeshadow, Viva Glam VI lipglass, Fix+ spray

    I would really love to ____: Sleep in on a daily basis!

    Makeup lust: Lancome Oscillating mascara!

    Nails: MAC Gee Whiz

    Weekly goals: Pimp out my iPhone!

    Tiera´s last blog post..Urban Decay Spring 2009 Collection Now Available Online

  43. Tiffany says:

    What a gorgeous picture!

    Le list

    Mood: very anxious
    Eyeshadow: just a wash of light gold
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I just got my ears pierced last year. although technically that was the third time, lol. but I never kept the earrings in long enough the last two times when I was a kid.
    Fragrance: L de Lolita Lempicka
    Outfit: trouser jeans, gray tee, green zip hoodie, gray flats
    MAC essentials: 187 brush, beauty powder blush, satin taupe eyeshadow
    I would really love to ____: get my masters this year, go to the bahamas this year, be more motivated at work, work out regularly
    Makeup lust: new MAC mineralize skinfinishes, a new blush brush, smashbox master’s class vol. 4
    Nails: nada
    Weekly goals: workout 3x, get through the first week of class, make some progress at work, and NO shopping! need to save money! ugh, my week sounds boring…

  44. Camellia says:

    Le list

    Mood: depressed


    One random thing you don’t know about me: I love That 70’s Show &clothes that remind me of the 70’s

    Fragrance: None

    Outfit: Dark blue jeans, purple cami, zebra cardigan, black boots

    MAC essentials: 217 ^& 224 brush, Penultimate liner, Blush in Enough Said, Soft Brown &Carbon eyeshadow

    I would really love to ____:

    Makeup lust: MAC BBR, NARS duo eyeshadows

    Nails: Sally Hansens’ Pat on the Black

    Weekly goals: Exercise, eat right, clean up, drink lots of water (:

  45. lindsay says:

    Mood: Angry
    Eyeshadow: None today!
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I’m scared of butterflies..something about them is just so..ugh.
    Fragrance: Philosophy Inner Grace
    Outfit: White colared shirt and jeans
    MAC essentials: 217 brush
    I would really love to ____: get my 2nd degree black belt and work out a lot more
    Makeup lust: Bare Minerals Sweet Decadence Eyeshadow set
    Nails: French tips
    Weekly goals: Play the piano more before I start forgetting!

  46. Karen says:

    Hi Evie,

    Happy birthday! Awww… if you are below 30 you’re still a baby. You can’t officially start freaking out until you hit 33. 😉

    When I visited the Makeup Studio a few weeks ago I saw two nice blushes… and crap, I can’t remember their names. I’m sure I’ll remember them when I the cat wakes me up at 3:00 am, LOL. When I remember them I’ll be sure to let you know.

  47. Karen says:

    Hi Karen Too,

    LOL, I would really love to win the lottery and spring for some workout pants without holes!

  48. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Girl, that’s a STEP! Did you get along with his mom?

  49. RetroRiotGrrrl says:

    Mood: Tired
    Eyeshadow: MAC Vex and MAC Smoke and Diamonds (from starflash)
    One random thing you don’t know about me: I hate reality TV (even though i watch it all the time)
    Fragrance: Donna Karen Gold
    Outfit: Green Sweatery thing, dark wash skinny jeans, classic red, white, and blue chucks
    MAC essentials: Everything esp. black zoomlash mascara and well dressed blush oh and w10 full coverage foundation
    I would really love to ____: be done with school
    Makeup lust: anything MAC and Rose Fishnet juicy tube omg i’ve almost used half of my tube *tear
    Nails: essie don’t know what the color is the sticker is gone but its like a sheer cream color
    Weekly goals: give polly her present, actually do my assignments, and party like a rockstar lol

  50. Shana T says:

    Hi Karen! Hope you’re having a great Monday! Of course it’s Tuesday over here.

    Le list
    Mood: Happy,and excited because there’s only 9 more working days untill Chinese New Year!! No work for two weeks!!

    Eyeshadow: Mac Navy Stain eyepencil as liner and a random shimmery beige color from my Costal Scents Neutral pallete

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I’m terrified of rats…. really, really terrified. I couldn’t even watch the previews for that cartoon about the rat that wants to be a cook. YUCK!

    Fragrance: Bvlgari Rose Essentielle

    Outfit: Long sleeved tee shirt with puff sleeves and black and white stripes, short purple pencil skirt, thick tights and black Ugg boots

    MAC essentials: Prep and Prime Skin Base, any red lipstick matte or lustre, all eyeliners, pigments and the list goes on…

    I would really love to ____: go to Europe again.. sigh..

    Makeup lust: Nars blushes, Chanel eyeshadow quads, and the MAC Redhead Collection

    Nails: bare as always

    Weekly goals: keep the apartment clean, trim my doggie’s nails ( hellish ordeal!! ) and start chosing paint samples for my living room

  51. Marisol says:

    Mood: happy & sad. Today was the first day at my new job in SF but also the first anniversary of my cousin’s death. Mixed bag of emotions.
    Eyeshadow: Tarte champagne color from the Day to Night palette
    One random thing you don’t know about me: There are 100 people on my mom’s side of the family including in laws, cousins, nieces and nephews. Trust me, I counted them all.
    Fragrance: DKNY Be Delicious
    Outfit: pjs right now
    MAC essentials: strobe cream and tendertone
    I would really love to ____: not feel sick. Never fails. Everytime I fly I get sick.
    Makeup lust: Chanel Vendetta Nail Lacquer
    Nails: pink/white acrylics which need a fill
    Weekly goals: go to sleep early. get through my Google reader, organize room & enjoy my new job

    Marisol´s last blog post..One year ago today…

  52. Rachel says:

    well technically it’s tuesday, but whatever! :]

    Mood: headache, but still quite content
    Eyeshadow: nars nymphea
    One random thing you don’t know about me: i HATE all things lemon.
    Fragrance: VS sexy little things noir
    Outfit: jeans, white tank, plaid zipup
    MAC essentials: gleeful blush, moisturecover concealer, sable eyeshadow
    I would really love to ____: also get back in shape, and get all a’s and b’s this semester
    Makeup lust: i would give an arm and leg for some chanel foundation right now
    Nails: creative in deep velvet. it’s a dark slightly shimmery purple
    Weekly goals: buy all my textbooks cheap!

  53. Rouge Caroline says:

    Anxious and spoiled

    Brown(insert proper name here) – MAC

    One random thing you don’t know about me:
    I hate “Diet Coke” (US Version), I love Coca-Cola Light (Mexican Version)

    Euphoria – Calvin Klein

    Guess Jeans, Flats (Crocs), Black Target Tshirt with a Christmas Tree

    MAC essentials:

    I would really love to ____:
    Be asleep

    Makeup lust:
    Chanel Spring Collection (all)

    MAC – Pink something

    Weekly goals:
    Sleep more, attend the gym religiously and go to my guitar lessons

  54. Karen says:

    Hi Shefali,

    Good luck with studying this week! I’m sure you’ll do great on your test. 🙂

  55. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    Yay, there’s my happy Monday friend! What are you shopping for this week? 🙂

    And helloooo — how can you hate chocolate? That’s like my favorite thing in the entire world.

  56. Karen says:

    Hi Meimei,

    Oh! I love to knit, too. I’m pretty terrible at it, though. I can to scarves and that’s about it, LOL. I tried making a hat once and it was the UGLIEST thing I’d ever seen before in my life, ha!

  57. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    I figured! You will have so much fun at Target, seriously… I hope you make it out there this time.

  58. Karen says:

    Hi Karen4,

    How cool! I have always wanted to play a string instrument but never got around to learning. How long have you been playing the violin?

  59. Karen says:

    Hi Music_Is_Freedom,

    Ahhh, the scent of coffee is the only thing that’ll get me out of bed on a cold day.

    So how do you feel about the taste of coffee flavored ice-cream? No?

  60. Karen says:

    Hi Vampy Varnish,

    How fun! I haven’t been on a pair of roller blades in years. I want a pair of old school roller skates though — you know, with the two wheels in the front, two wheels in the back. Back in the day I used to hustle pretty fast around the roller skating rink in those, LOL…

  61. Karen says:

    Hi Tiera,

    Fun! Did you pick out a skin for your iPhone yet?

  62. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I have gone through phases where NOT shopping is extremely challenging, too. One thing I’ve found that helps is to just make myself wait — if I’m still lusting after whatever I wanted to buy in two weeks I’ll go back and get it. Usually that’s enough time for me to forget about wanting it, LOL.

  63. Karen says:

    Hi Camellia,

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling very well. I hope it gets better for you soon. 🙂

  64. Karen says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    Why so angry today, my friend?

  65. Karen says:

    Hi RetroRiotGrrrl,

    Yay, MAC Vex! I heart it so. 🙂

    How much do you have left for school? Will you be done soon?

  66. Karen says:

    Hi Shana T.,

    Nice! Will you be doing anything over your holiday?

    OMG — I’m terrified of rats, too. I *hate* their tails. Blech!

  67. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. Big hugs… both for the sadness of the anniversary and the happiness of the new phase of your career/life.

  68. Karen says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Looks like many of us are in the same workout boat! What type of exercise do you like to do?

  69. Karen says:

    Hi Rouge Caroline,

    LOL, I would really love to be asleep too. Have a good day!

  70. Brittany says:

    She loved me, which is awesome considering my last BF’s mom HATED me…haha.

  71. Lydia says:

    1. Mood: OK.
    2. Eyeshadow: Um I don’t have any on yet but I think I am going to use Mark eyeshadow in Nomad and Tiki.
    3. One random thing you don’t know about me:

    I don’t like calamari either lol.
    4. Fragrance: Kenzo Amour.
    5. Outfit: Shh I am still wearing my pajamas but I am going to wear this super cute top I got from Maurice’s yesterday 🙂
    6. MAC essentials: Odd Couple Duo, and Frost Pigment.
    7. I would really love to ____:

    Get back in shape too!
    8. Makeup lust: I like the MAC Redhead collection too because I am a natural redhead and it seems like there’s never anything directed @ us!
    9. Nails: Orly Haute Red.
    10. Weekly goals: To start working out again!

    Lydia´s last blog post..Our Favorite Products from Top Bargain Brand‏

  72. Diva Style says:

    Le list
    Mood: Fine

    Eyeshadow: Mac Bisque mixed with 1/2 of the Suite Liaison duo, (the lighter color), on the lid and up to the crease; in the crease, Mac Bold & Brazen mixed with Glamour Check!

    One random thing you don’t know about me: I’m a writer, too, Karen!

    Fragrance: None today

    Outfit: Black pants from White House Black Market, Black v-neck 3/4 sleeves top, green Tahari blazer, BCBGirls black stilettos with white sailor-inspired piping, silver accessories

    MAC essentials: The pot concealer

    I would really love to ____: get to the boxing gym this week.

    Makeup lust: MAC “gold deposit”, loving Glamour Check! and Go shadows, also by MAC

    Nails: none now, took off the Laura Mercier “Caviar Dreams” the other day…it was chipping. blah.

    Weekly goals: To go running at least once, clean up my house from the cocktail party I had on Sunday, finish Mom’s resume.

    Diva Style´s last blog post..Image I Love~

  73. Amy says:

    Le list

    Mood: peppy
    Eyeshadow:no eyeshadow today only Loreal Lineur Intense Eyeliner in black
    One random thing you don’t know about me:I can crotchet
    Fragrance:Coach perfume (original)
    Outfit:Khaki trousers, Cobalt Blue Sweater over a white cami, brown pointy boots, gold hoops
    MAC essentials: brushes
    I would really love to ____: be done with my Masters already (only 4 more classes to go!) and get my 19 mo old to sleep in her own bed (yes…I am embarrassed to say she STILL sleeps with us
    Makeup lust: Barbie Loves Mac, BBR
    Nails: bare- how can anyone keep from chipping them? I can never maintain fingernail polish. Although, I just got a pedi with some really cute OPI Watermelon nail polish.
    Weekly goals: Buy my textbooks for Spring, finish the novel I’m reading, get ahead at work

  74. Tiffany says:

    that is a great tip for not shopping! thanks Karen, I’m gonna try it! the other thing I need to do is stop shopping online entirely. it’s just too easy, ya know? I know I’ll shop less if I have to drag my lazy ass to the store and hand over my debit card, lol.

  75. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Coffee ice cream? I love it. I’m just not that into the actual beverage of coffee. 🙂

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