Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Jan. 19

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San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

  1. Mood:
  2. Still sleepy but slowly waking up

  3. Weekend highlights:
  4. 1) Being able to go for a run outside in shorts and t-shirt thanks to unseasonably warm weather, and 2) watching The Duchess on DVD

  5. Favorite TV show(s):
  6. 30 Rock, Law and Order SVU and The Mentalist

  7. Outfit:
  8. Jeans and a brown sweater

  9. What I wore to the prom:
  10. A long black halter dress with white detailing on the bustier. If I remember correctly, it had a slit in the back, and I wore it with white, elbow-length gloves, LOL! I remember choosing the dress because I thought it was something the ladies of En Vogue would have worn.

  11. Something I’d like to learn:
  12. Stand up paddle surfing

  13. Cheeks and lips:
  14. Stila Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain on both!

  15. Favorite pair of shoes:
  16. Yellow platform sandals from Aerosoles, because they’re comfortable and make me feel like I’m six feet tall

  17. Hobbies:
  18. Blogging, knitting (although I’m not very good at it), photography, collecting old books and baking

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. To make it to my first class on time, to watch my food portions, to go to bed early and to start a bunch of Excel tracking spreadsheets for writing projects

Your turn, homie! Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments.


Le list

Weekend highlights:
Favorite TV show(s):
What I wore to the prom:
Something I’d like to learn:
Cheeks and lips:
Favorite pair of shoes:
Weekly goals:

Shall we get this party started? 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. tania says:

    Hey Karen I didn’t know that you watch SVU. Olivia’s hair is phenom, Munch and Fin are hilarious, and Elliot has a smokin hot bod!
    Le list
    Weekend highlights:watching the youth cyber bowl, eating Chipotle
    Favorite TV show(s):Law & Order SVU, Ugly Betty, Real Housewives of OC Outfit:pj’s
    What I wore to the prom:Jr prom- burgundy dress with a cool top part that had swirls and mesh with a velvet bottom. Ridiculously inexpensive. Sr Prom-gold corset ball gown that was hella expensive
    Something I’d like to learn: how to knit faster cuz my projects take so long
    Cheeks and lips:nothing really yet but some rosebud salve on the smacker
    Favorite pair of shoes:my old doc martens that are amazing and I will never part with them
    Hobbies:knitting, rockin out, reading, lurking at the library, baking
    Weekly goals:accomplish everything on my to-do lists. Regulate my sleep schedule-im becoming nocturnal. Eek!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Mood: ok
    Weekend highlights: staying home and surfing the web
    Favorite TV show(s): Ugly Betty
    Outfit: my PJ’s LOL!!
    What I wore to the prom:I haven’t gone to the prom yet! Still young!
    Something I’d like to learn:how to sew my own clothes
    Cheeks and lips:MAC blush in Nuance and MAC lipglass in Silly Girl
    Favorite pair of shoes: Van’s flats
    Hobbies: reading blogs, staring at my makeup and reading
    Weekly goals:
    losing weight!

  3. Vanessa H says:

    Surprisingly awake, I got very little sleep last night…I kept waking up :-/

    Weekend highlights:
    Karaoke and pool at the local sports bar, so fun!

    Favorite TV show(s):
    CSI, Ghost Hunters, Food Network

    New grey v neck sweater, white tank, new super dark blue skinny jeans, white Vans, red earrings.

    What I wore to the prom:
    Jeans and a pink tank top! My best friend and I decided to ditch prom and go to Disneyland 🙂

    Something I’d like to learn:
    To sew and cook better

    Cheeks and lips:
    Dainty blush, chapstick

    Favorite pair of shoes:
    I can’t chose! Currently, my brown suede boots

    Reading, listening to music, organizing lol

    Weekly goals:
    Start my diet, go to the gym, bff date (bride wars!!) hopefully, and get to bed on time.

  4. Mood: Slightly crampy, but so happy it’s sunny out yet again!

    Weekend highlights: Sleeping in, eating Udon noodle at the Public Market in Emeryville and not working today

    Favorite TV show(s): The Office, 30 Rock, CSI, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Damages, Rescue Me

    Outfit: Robe & slippers still!

    What I wore to the prom: I wasn’t a prom kinda teen, so I never went to any dance

    Something I’d like to learn: Photoshop and how to knit

    Cheeks and lips: Nothing yet

    Favorite pair of shoes: Jessica Simpson super soft light brown leather boots, they are AMAZINGLY comfortable!

    Hobbies: Reading tons of books, blogging,

    Weekly goals: Work out 3 times and watch those white carbs!

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection – Warm

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    Yup, I’m a long time SVU fan!


  6. Karen B says:

    Mood: a bit moody, my roommate has ditched me to go cooking somewhere with other erasmus students even though I’m a bit ill 🙁 Not fun
    Weekend highlights: Going to my first Swedish IKEA and going jamming with Swedish musicians, that was awesome
    Favorite TV show(s): erm, not really one..
    Outfit: pj’s (stripey trousers and a mickey tshirt I got for christmas from my mum)
    What I wore to the prom: I didn’t have a prom (being Belgian and all)
    Something I’d like to learn: to learn more about my new camera (all the ISO settings and stuff like that)
    Cheeks and lips: nothing on either
    Favorite pair of shoes: the pair of heels I bought in Spain, they look so so fab
    Hobbies: music 🙂
    Weekly goals: get settled in here in Sweden, find out what exactly I have to do to get my grades for school correctly

    Karen B´s last blog post..a thought

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Crystal!

    It’s so neat to get to know all the ladies here and to see all the different walks of life that we come from. I didn’t realize you were so young. You have so much to look forward to! 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Vanessa H.,

    Disneyland “prom” sounds like it was a blast. I love that place. I haven’t been in a few years and I’m way overdue for a visit.

    Have fun watching Bride Wars with your BFF. 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Vampy Varnish,

    I, too, struggle with the battle against the white carbs. Pasta, French bread, pastries, OH MY!

  10. Medina says:

    Le list

    Mood: terrified
    Weekend highlights: bellydancing at a Lebanese restaurant until 1am
    Favorite TV show(s): “Come Dine With Me” and QI both on BBC
    Outfit: Brown tweed breeches, burnt orange cashmere v-neck
    What I wore to the prom: ivory silk two-piece, looked way too dressed down swamped in ball gowns
    Something I’d like to learn: to surf
    Cheeks and lips: Nars Beautiful Liar l/s and Nars Orgasm blush
    Favorite pair of shoes: Forest green velvet and patent leather shoots by Kurt Geiger
    Hobbies: reading beauty blogs, reading books, reading magazines, one gets to do a lot of reading riding the tube every day
    Weekly goals: close two deals and get few new ones going

  11. YadiQ says:

    Le list

    Mood: ok i guess for a monday

    Weekend highlights: rested a lot and prepared food for the whole week

    Favorite TV show(s): HEROES, LAW AND ORDER SVU ( totally addicted for years !!) anything on food network ( i am a major foodie)

    Outfit: long grey sweater with emerald green turtle neck underneath and dark denim jeans, warm hush puppies boots

    What I wore to the prom: black floor length empire seamed, a line gown, black strappy platform heeled sandals and gold nail polish with gold and brown toned makeup – i was way ahead of the time while everyone had frilly dresses i was totally nyc chic i have to thank my mom for that! i still have the dress in my closet in hoep that one day i will be a size 4 again lol

    Something I’d like to learn: surf boarding – my dad was a major surf boarder dude in PR growing up he used to ride some major waves back in the day – he used to try to teach me when i was young but i was way uncoordinated back then !!

    Cheeks and lips: bare cheeks, plum cherry oil gloss by korres

    Favorite pair of shoes: none they all hurt my feet lol

    Hobbies: BAKING, photography, capoeira and street fighting

    Weekly goals: stay positive, try to get to work early every day , try not to get home so late from the gym

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    YAY! Your adventure begins. 🙂

    Are you all settled into your room? Is your roommate nice? I hope so!

  13. Violet says:

    Mood: Pretty good for a Monday

    Weekend highlights: Sleeping in on Saturday!

    Favorite TV show(s): Life, Lost, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Family Guy

    Outfit: Green and black print shirt, black cardi, black pants, black boots

    What I wore to the prom: Didn’t go to the prom 🙂

    Something I’d like to learn: I like drawing/doodling and I would love to learn how to paint.

    Cheeks and lips: Carmindy for Sally Hansen cream blush, Vincent Longo lip gloss in Ciao Amore

    Favorite pair of shoes: Ooo, that’s a hard one. I couldn’t live without my black and brown Impo booties in the winter. In the summer, I have a pair of wedge sandals that make me tall and are comfortable!

    Hobbies: Reading

    Weekly goals: Cardio 4x and ab exercies 2x this week. I already got one cardio down!

  14. Erica says:

    Mood: sick…i have strep throat! =(
    Weekend highlights: spending time with the bf and watching the food network
    Favorite TV show(s): dawson’s creek, lost
    Outfit: turquoise juicy couture velour pants and matching zip hoddie
    What I wore to the prom: pink ball gown because my fav movie is pretty in pink
    Something I’d like to learn: chinese
    Cheeks and lips: bare…home sick in bed…umm, carmex when feeling chapped
    Favorite pair of shoes: linea paolo gold stilettos with jeweled soles
    Hobbies: blogging, knitting, (as of late) reading, cooking/baking
    Weekly goals: tidy the bedroom, laundry, make a hair n dentist appointment, plan valentines day!

  15. Alison says:

    Le list
    Mood: Relaxed, I had the day off today!

    Weekend highlights: Sleeping in yesterday.

    Favorite TV show(s): Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Ugly Betty, Sex and the City.

    Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt and hoodie, I’m just chillin’ today!

    What I wore to the prom: A black chiffon gown with a fistail hem.

    Something I’d like to learn: I’d like to learn to speak another language, Italien or French I think.

    Cheeks and lips: Chanel Joues Contrast in Rose petale and Chanel Rouge Allure in Tender

    Favorite pair of shoes: My really high black satin peep toes which have a ruffle of ribbon across the back, stunning (even more do dince I got them on sale!)

    Hobbies: Cooking, salsa dancing, cycling, hiking, shopping for shoes and make-up LOL!

    Weekly goals: To really crack on with my masters dissertation, to watch what I eat, and to kick start my exercise regime

  16. katee says:

    Mood: Kind of one of those “ugh” moods because I have so much to do!
    Weekend highlights: Brunch@ the whisknladle in La Jolla and also going to Griffith Park in LA
    Favorite TV show(s): 24
    Outfit:bath robe
    What I wore to the prom:I had a really pretty ball gown style dress.
    Something I’d like to learn: To speak a 2nd language
    Cheeks and lips:nothing yet!
    Favorite pair of shoes:my birkenstocks
    Hobbies:tennis, nail polish collecting
    Weekly goals: serious house cleaning

    katee´s last blog post..Reader Requests: Comparison Swatches Part 2

  17. Christina says:

    Le list

    Mood: frustrated… my computer is giving me problems.

    Weekend highlights: movie night with the girls, and receiving some sloppy late night texts telling me how great I am. 😉

    Favorite TV show(s): House, 30 Rock, The Office

    Outfit: beige tee with bright green cardigan thrown over it… wide leg jeans and grey booties. Wearing diamond stud earrings and my tree of life necklace (both graduation gifts!).

    What I wore to the prom: which time? The most memorable would be the pepto-bismol pink sparkly Barbie dress I wore with long white gloves and a tiara. Yes, I was THAT girl.

    Something I’d like to learn: how to better connect with my students so they can have those light bulb moments!

    Cheeks and lips: nothing on either… I guess I’m bumming it today.

    Favorite pair of shoes: I’m kind of bleh on all my shoes right now, though I’ve been wearing these grey booties a lot lately.

    Hobbies: cooking, reading (just finished Three Cups of Tea — definitely recommend it!)

    Weekly goals: exercise. I actually made myself do it last week, and I’d like to keep it up.

  18. Stephie says:

    Mood: kinda disoriented. just woke up..
    Weekend highlights: watching new Psych episodes on the internet
    Favorite TV show(s): Psych, Law & Order: CI, CSI, The Office
    Outfit: a black tank top and pink pj pants 😛
    What I wore to the prom: the dress i was supposed to change into in the middle of my debut [18th birthday] but ended up not. it was a strapless, champagne gold floor length dress with a sweetheart corset like top with heavy beading detail. got it at downtown LA for only $100, i believe :]. that year practically one girl from every clique had the same imitation satin low cut in front & backless dress [in diff colors] from downtown LA i thought was very in appropriate…
    Something I’d like to learn: muay thai kick boxing [haha]
    Cheeks and lips: moisturizer and vaseline..
    Favorite pair of shoes: none, my GAP slippers
    Hobbies: baking, playing w/ makeup, watching movies, bellydancing [not so much anymore though]
    Weekly goals: get ready for school!! clean my room, sell my books

  19. Karen too says:

    Le list

    Mood: Determined!

    Weekend highlights: Sleep-over at my place on friday with two of my best friends!

    Favorite TV show(s): Of all times: Sex and the City. Right now: Frustrated housewifes.

    Outfit: Citizens of humanity dark blue jeans, black cotton top and navy cable-knit cardigan.

    What I wore to the prom: We don’t have proms where I live! 🙂

    Something I’d like to learn: To draw well

    Cheeks and lips: Max Factor Creamy Blush in Soft Pink (a new favorite of mine!) and Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother in Glisten.

    Favorite pair of shoes: Silver open toe pumps, sooo classic… But that’s not what I trot around in every day, LOL!

    Hobbies: Photography, baking, sewing, decorating

    Weekly goals: Give a good presentation at work on Wednesday, then celebrate my birthday, also on Wednesday! 🙂

  20. Jess says:

    Mood: Jealous – I’m working today and my husband is off!
    Weekend highlights: Going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a friend’s birthday
    Favorite TV show(s): Gossip Girl (I know, I’m 10 yrs too old for it, but I CANNOT STOP), 30 Rock, Barefoot Contessa
    Outfit: Bright blue blouse with gray dress pants
    What I wore to the prom: Sigh…I love the prom! I went to 5 while I was in high school. Favorite dress was a pale yellow ball gown.
    Something I’d like to learn: To sew
    Cheeks and lips: Nars Orgasm blush and MAC Cult of Cherry lipglass
    Favorite pair of shoes: The hot pink heels I wore with my wedding dress 🙂
    Hobbies: Cooking, entertaining, travelling, reading
    Weekly goals: Do a fabulous job on my presentation for work, make lasagne AND stay on diet by not eating it all myself

  21. Elle says:


    Weekend highlights:
    Lunch with my best friend from college and the heat wave we had on Sunday (yay 30 degree weather!)

    Favorite TV show(s):
    Scrubs, L&O, CSI NY, Ugly Betty, SNL, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, and House

    Black pants, maroon sweater, black boots

    What I wore to the prom:
    A long black dress with velvety flowers on it. I was the only girl who wore black, which apparently was a big no-no…?

    Something I’d like to learn:
    Another language, fluently

    Cheeks and lips:
    MAC’s Redhead MSF on cheeks, MAC’s Creme Cerise and Liqueur on lips

    Favorite pair of shoes:
    Haha, I have too many favorite shoes, but I love my black knee-high boots.

    Cooking, reading, watching sports, rollerblading

    Weekly goals:
    To manage my money and stick to my budget 🙂

  22. Lydia says:

    I am Still sleepy too even though it’s 1:15 lol

    Weekend highlights:
    Going to see the reader.

    Favorite TV show(s):

    I’m still in my pajamas because its a holiday.

    What I wore to the prom:
    A really pretty white dress with a corset top and the bottom was like really poufy.

    Something I’d like to learn:
    How to speak spanish better

    Cheeks and lips:
    I can’t currently get in the bathroom because the repair guy is here.

    Favorite pair of shoes:
    My red crocodile wedges.

    Blogging also.

    Weekly goals:
    I need to watch my food portions as well.

    Lydia´s last blog post..Introducing Mark Kissink!

  23. Karen4 says:

    Le list

    Mood: stressed out from work

    Weekend highlights: socializing with friends, enjoying some great food and wine.

    Favorite TV show(s): Big Bang Theory (those guys just crack me up!), Ugly Betty, Bones, Gray’s Anatomy

    Outfit: beige cords, olive green boucle wool sweater

    What I wore to the prom: I didn’t go to the prom :0( Had mono and had to stay home.

    Something I’d like to learn: How to speak French fluently.

    Cheeks and lips: M.A.C. Lillium, Cocoa Care Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

    Favorite pair of shoes:My vintage Prada black suede kitten heels with a silver buckle

    Hobbies: reading, skiing, golf, snowshoeing, cooking, travel, photography and reading Karen’s blog!

    Weekly goals: watch the inauguration, keep my sanity at work!

  24. gio says:

    Mood: tired

    Weekend highlights: spending time with my bf

    Favorite TV show(s): Friends, Desperate Housewives

    Outfit: black jeans, green sweater

    What I wore to the prom: we don’t have proms here in Italy 🙁

    Something I’d like to learn: how to speak French

    Cheeks and lips: max factor blush and MAC Viva Glam VI lipglass

    Favorite pair of shoes: black high-heeled boots

    Hobbies: reading

    Weekly goals: exercise

    gio´s last blog post..What is mineral makeup?

  25. Justine says:

    What kind of classes are you taking? I am thinking about going back to get my ceritification in Critical Care Nursing…

    Mood: Happy
    Weekend highlights: Cousin #2 arrived from Toronto, wasn’t working.
    Favorite TV show(s): How I Met Your Mother
    Outfit: Brown courderoy (?sp) pants and an emerald green shirt; white/brown/pink hoodie for a jacket
    What I wore to the prom: A black and pink strapless dress
    Something I’d like to learn: How to speak Japanese!
    Cheeks and lips: YSL Touche Blush #2; ck Calvin Klein Delicious Light lip gloss in knockout
    Favorite pair of shoes: White with black/silver/pink flower GEOX flats
    Hobbies: Reading, Make-up, swimming, looking at pretty JE boys
    Weekly goals: Drive my car; enjoy work; apply for a credit limit increase; book tickets to Japan

    Justine´s last blog post..Snapshot Thoughts

  26. meimei says:

    Mood: Does “phlegmy” count? I’m still laid up with bronchitis, but I’m getting a little better.

    Weekend highlights: Making rice soup (recipe available on my blog)

    Favorite TV show(s): I fell in love with The Mentalist all over again last night; it was the perfect antidote to missing PBS since I got the analog-to-digital converter (yeah, I know, I’ll have to call the cable guy soon). I also watch a lot of late night TV (Letterman and Craig Ferguson in particular), and have been known to zone out in front of the Food Network, HGTV, and Style.

    Outfit: Pajamas

    What I wore to the prom: I’d rather forget everything about my prom ;). But I do remember a white short-sleeved, Empire-waist number that was kinda short and had beading up top. I also remember having big hair.

    Something I’d like to learn: Surfing – or even paddleboarding, in a pinch

    Cheeks and lips: L’Occitane Lavender Shea Butter

    Favorite pair of shoes: Dress-up – a pair of copper-colored kitten heels that I purchased in Manila three years ago. Frequent use – a tie between FitFlops and my Reebok running shoes.

    Hobbies: Blogging, cooking, knitting, writing fiction

    Weekly goals: If I wake up without coughing, everything else should be good. 🙂

    meimei´s last blog post..Not Another Recipe!

  27. Karen B says:

    I know, it’s exciting. She’s not that much fun. She ditched me to go cooking with the other Belgian girls. Luckily Philipp, a German erasmus student came over with some tangerines and we watched According to Jim together.

    Karen B´s last blog post..a thought

  28. Caro says:

    Mood: I am feeling sad. My best friend’s grampa passed away… but I also believe that it has something to do with this

    Weekend highlights: my first French lesson (you were right Karen, French is such a beautiful language), a Medieval themed party I attended and yesterday’s lunch with my parents.

    Favorite TV show(s): Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, My Name is Earl, Criminal Minds.

    Outfit: gray pants with white stripes from Zara, black Anne Taylor long sleeved blouse and black boots.

    What I wore to the prom: a thrifted BCBG dress with pink adidas sneakers.

    Something I’d like to learn: since I’m already in French lessons, I’d say… kitting!

    Cheeks and lips: Nothing on my cheeks and Carmex on my lips(didn’t feel like wearing makeup today).

    Favorite pair of shoes: Old Navy flip flops and Panam $10 sneakers.

    Hobbies: reading, surfing the net, architecture, music (concerts!).

    Weekly goals: getting through this week.

  29. Kate says:


    Weekend highlights:
    Hm, watching Memoirs of a Geisha for the 10th time at home, new make-up on Sunday and a migraine on Sunday. In other words, nothing special.

    Favorite TV show(s):
    House!!!!, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Desperate Housewives, House, AFV, did I mention House?, Mythbusters, etc. etc. etc.

    I’m still in my Snoopy pajamas from Kohls (they are my FAVORITE pajamas). I haven’t yet gotten dressed.

    What I wore to the prom:
    I didn’t go to my prom. However, for Homecoming I wore a 1950s inspired dress and Marilyn Monroe-like stilettos. It’s very cute. I have a picture of it somewhere.

    Something I’d like to learn:
    Learn more French

    Cheeks and lips:
    Covergirl TruShade blush in 1 and L’Oreal HIP in Delectable

    Favorite pair of shoes:
    My flats (all of them)

    Reading, Singing, Interior decorating, Watching movies, listening to music, watching House, playing with my Decker Terrier Zena, etc.

    Weekly goals:
    Oh geez, wake up before noon?

  30. Fie says:


    Weekend highlights: Shopping in London with friends 🙂

    Favorite TV show(s): Veronica Mars (which is rumored to be coming out with a movie! woo hoo) and CSI:NY!

    Outfit: Grey skinny jeans, White pink button up shity with little hot pink flowers and a black cardigan over it. Matched with my Adidas Superstars with black stripes.

    What I wore to the prom: A knee-length black tube dress with gold and black lace overlapping the black satin-ish material.

    Something I’d like to learn: Flying a plane!

    Cheeks and lips: (Was) Merrily Mineralized blush (very light hand) and Lychee Luxe l/g

    Favorite pair of shoes: Nine West gladiator sandals and Adidas Superstars

    Hobbies: Playing paintball (semi-retired though), photography, traveling for food!

    Weekly goals: Going to IMATS this weekend..meeting up with fellow MAC-ers from LJ comm; mac_cosmetics and buying a whole lot of stuff from the trade show. 😀

  31. Fie says:

    Lol… omg I meant SHIRT. X_X

  32. Tiera says:

    Mood: Like I’m hiking up a hill that never ends!

    Weekend highlights: Changeling, KFC (exciting, I know!)

    Favorite TV show(s): House! Leverage, The Office, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, anything on Bravo/MTV/VH1

    Outfit: Gap jeans, white tuxedo-ish top from Old Navy, flats from Aldo

    What I wore to the prom: I wanted Versace, ha! But it was the prom of a friend of a family friend, and he said I should wear black, so I did. It was a floor length halter dress with this bangin’ Chinese Laundry heels. Could not dance. At all.

    Something I’d like to learn: How to speak Japanese and/or French

    Cheeks and lips: Mark After Glo on the cheeks, Loreal HIP Jelly Balm in Plush on the lips

    Favorite pair of shoes: These strappy Steve Madden’s that I whip out for special occasions

    Hobbies: Reading, TV, movies, hula, makeup!

    Weekly goals: A couple of work letters I need to write, and a new hula song I need to learn

    Tiera´s last blog post..Child’s Play: Too Faced Smurfette Collection

  33. Daya says:

    Weekend highlights:
    Favorite TV show(s): Private Practice, Housewives of the OC (my husband laughs at me when I yell at the tv! LOL)
    Outfit: jeans, long-sleeve purple tee and hoodie
    What I wore to the prom: sleeveless long red dress (bought for $38 at now Macy’s)
    Something I’d like to learn: watercolor painting and windsurfing
    Cheeks and lips: MAC True Romantic and All’s Fair
    Favorite pair of shoes: any of Yellowbox flip flops LOL
    Hobbies: besides shopping?? Reading
    Weekly goals: get through two birthdays, finish loan paperwork, make travel plans for March

  34. Daya says:

    Oh and I skipped a few! My mood: so-so Weekend highlights: I was lazy!! LOL

  35. Briana says:

    Mood: Lazy… Do not want this weekend to end.
    Weekend highlights: Going to the Motorcycle Show
    Favorite TV show(s): The Hills, Daily Planet, Mythbusters
    Outfit: sweats lol
    What I wore to the prom: Black halter top with some simple white & ivory flower embroidery around the waist, ivory elbow length gloves
    Something I’d like to learn: French & how everything works
    Cheeks and lips: Bare faced today. haven’t left the house yet
    Favorite pair of shoes: tan suede stiletto boots
    Hobbies: reading
    Weekly goals: to get through. And then I will be one week closer to being done this job, and moving away from this crappy town.

  36. Miss Detroit says:

    Mood: excited…yes we did!!!

    Weekend highlights: slow weekend…saved up energy for trip to DC

    Favorite TV show(s): all law and order(s), real housewives of atl (team nene), top chef, gossip girl

    Outfit: juicy pj’s

    What I wore to the prom: sample sale donna karan red strapless gown, custom made cream strapless dress

    Something I’d like to learn: dressmaking

    Cheeks and lips: mac desert rose, mac viva glam 6

    Favorite pair of shoes: Christian Louboutin Patent Platform Pumps

    Hobbies: blogging, shopping, traveling, reading

    Weekly goals: finish my liquid detox

  37. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Mood: Sleepy.
    Weekend highlights: Walking through Chinatown in the snow. It’s the only area where you can hear birds chirping all year long.
    Favorite TV show(s): The Big Bang Theory, The Rick Mercer Report, and any Law & Order episodes when I can watch them.
    Outfit: Teal blue shirt and jeans.
    What I wore to the prom: I didn’t go to my prom. 🙂
    Something I’d like to learn: How to play the guitar or violin
    Cheeks and lips: Benefit Dandelion on cheeks, MAC All’s Fair lipstick and MAC Cherry Blossom lipglass.
    Favorite pair of shoes: Silver ballet flats or black gladiator sandals.
    Hobbies: Reading, music…
    Weekly goals: Get to my classes on time (I’m with you on that one, Karen!), figure out the campus, get organized, and get some sleep in while I’m at it.

  38. Rennah says:

    Mood: Relaxed… but sick
    Weekend highlights: Doing some ‘window shopping’ on Saturday after work
    Favorite TV show(s): CSI, VH1 reality shows, America’s Next Top Model, Iron Chef
    Outfit: Jeans, Roxy long-sleeved grey t-shirt, teal hoodie
    What I wore to the prom: A pink princess dress! Pic 1 Pic 2
    Something I’d like to learn: German & Italian
    Cheeks and lips: Nothing on cheeks today. Lips: C.O Bigelow Orange Mentha Lipgloss
    Favorite pair of shoes: Comfy black Vans
    Hobbies: Photography, makeup, TV, movies, reading, board/card games, shopping
    Weekly goals: Get all my reading/homework done for school

  39. meimei says:

    And I suddenly remembered: I never thought I could ever become a fan of Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, but I am – and my Monday nights are never complete without them!

    meimei´s last blog post..Not Another Recipe!

  40. ines says:

    Le list
    Mood: hopeful that this week will be productive.

    Weekend highlights: going to an irish bar with friends, being the only asian person in the irish bar to be dancing with irish people – i learned how to jig! also, dancing slow waltz, jive and rumba at said irish pub, when the band decided to play non-irish music also.

    Favorite TV show(s): scrubs, house, queer eye for the straight guy, iron chef, meerkat manor, futurama, so you think you can dance

    Outfit: earnest sewn harlan jean (cigarette/skinny leg) in a dark indigo wash, blush pink tank, argyle cardigan, tucked into chestnut colored stack-heeled suede boots. a russian-style fur hat, my canada goose parka, matching pink pashmina scarf. small diamon stud earrings and matching necklace.

    What I wore to the prom: turquoise mermaid-hemmed dress with halter neck and scooped backline from diane von furstenburg, silver-gray satin clutch with swarovski, 5-inch stiletto peep toed silver leather and silk pumps from a shoemaker in china who handmakes shoes. huge silver chandelier earrings

    Something I’d like to learn: dressmaking. i would save a fortune making my own dance costumes.

    Cheeks and lips: bobbi brown shimmer wash blush in pink sugar, benetint on lips layered with lancome juicy tubes in raspberry ice

    Favorite pair of shoes: dance naturals art.509 latin shoes and international dancewear ICS superstar standard shoes

    Hobbies: ballroom dancing, caffeinating, salsa/club latin, argentine tango, COOKING/eating

    Weekly goals: beeeee productive!

  41. ines says:

    ps –
    hey karen!
    hope your weekend was fun… relatively warmer (still -12 celsius) in montreal!

    totally belated dance pictures from november have finally been developed (the photographer is uberslow), will send them to your blog email – feel free to look/post!

    makeup used in the dance pictures –
    tango (in the black outfit) – make up for ever eyelashes in long black swoop and lower lash; swarovski crystals added onto the eyelashes; bobbi brown long lasting gel eyeliner in ivy shimmer ink; nars the multiple in copacabana (the dance club name is coincidental?) to highlight and sculpt browbones/cheekbones; benefit 10 box-o-powder on cheeks; MAC black tied, bobbi brown shimmer wash gunmetal/champagne quartz, pupa natural eyes 01 shadows on eyes; chanel rouge hydrabase in vamp on lips; MAC select moisturecover in NC 20, applied to key areas; id bareminerals powder foundation in light to set.

    foxtrot (in the pink dress) – same for the face, but on the lips is just lorac sheer wash in sheer emotion layered under c.o. bigelow ultra mentha lip shine.

    sorry this took so long!

  42. Ellery says:

    Mood: Sick.
    Weekend highlights: Sleeping. 🙂
    Favorite TV show(s): I don’t really watch TV but I like The Family which is a UK show where they put cameras in this family’s house… and we basically sit and watch them doing normal things…. yeah. Hahaha.
    Outfit: Pajamas.
    What I wore to the prom: I didn’t go to prom. 🙁
    Something I’d like to learn: How to play violin.
    Cheeks and lips: Carmex on my lips.
    Favorite pair of shoes: TopShop Agatha booties.
    Hobbies: Being fabulous. Woo!
    Weekly goals: Stop being sick. Go buy a new mouse.

    I hope you had a good Monday. 😀

  43. Shana T says:

    Le list
    Hi Karen!

    Mood:Happy! I have two weeks off! It’s almost Chinese New Year!

    Weekend highlights:Catching up with some old friends, attending one of my student’s art exhibit ( 12 year old genius!!)

    Favorite TV show(s):So you think you can dance, CSI, anything about cooking

    Outfit:Navy wide leg pants from American Eagle, bright red sparkly belt, blue tank top ( it’s pretty warm here today )

    What I wore to the prom: Didn’t go to prom

    Something I’d like to learn: to speak Russian fluently and oil painting

    Cheeks and lips: Bobbi Brown Tawny bronzer and Stila random pale pink gloss ( label is rubbed off )

    Favorite pair of shoes: I don’t play favorites with loved ones ( LOL)

    Hobbies: reading historical fiction ( I just finished Sea Of Poppies by Amitar Ghosh. It’s a really good book, but it ends with a cliff hanger so I’m waiting for the sequel.), anything make up related.

    Weekly goals: Rest and repaint my living room!

  44. Ami says:

    Mood: time to goooo
    Weekend highlights: dinner with my best friend for her birthdayyy (and the eagles losing!!, i know i’m awful)
    Favorite TV show(s): GOSSIP GIRL, hgtv and food network, LOST, the office, PTI
    Outfit: slacks, teal cami under a white shirt with a shawl from indiaa
    What I wore to the prom: red tube a-line dress with silver embroidery on the top, it was cute…
    Something I’d like to learn: photography
    Cheeks and lips: mac sunbasque on cheek, and blistex silk and shineee
    Favorite pair of shoes:currently my uggs, cuz the northeast is ridic cold
    Hobbies:cooking, all things make up, blogging, lol stuff…
    Weekly goals: get through the week, tie up some loose ends, return phone calls

  45. Sisi says:

    Mood:Stressed out
    Weekend highlights:Vedging out and hanging out with family
    Favorite TV show(s):the Soup, desperate housewives
    Outfit:pj’s lol
    What I wore to the prom:haven’t gone yet…in june
    Something I’d like to learn:to do perfect makeup
    Cheeks and lips:juicy tubes
    Favorite pair of shoes:magneta/pink flats
    Hobbies:dancing, reading
    Weekly goals:to get through all my work without dying from exhaustion

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