Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Jan. 12

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Puppet shop, Fisherman’s Warf

  1. Mood:
  2. Steady and peaceful

  3. Eyeshadow:
  4. MAC 100 Strokes on the lid and Folie in the crease

  5. Current obsessions:
  6. Tea roses, chocolate chip cookies, old school Notorious B.I.G. songs and acai bowls

  7. First concert:
  8. Harry Connick Jr., when I was a wee lass of 16

  9. Shoes:
  10. Brown and orange Keds sneakers with laces that are always coming untied at the most inopportune times

  11. My friends say that I’m _____:
  12. Wacky, obsessed with makeup and waaaay too easily amused

  13. Cheeks and lips:
  14. MAC Brunette MSF on the cheeks, What a Do! lipstick and Soft Wave Lipglass on lips (yup, it’s a Brunette Blonde Redhead kinda day)

  15. Favorite drink:
  16. Mmm… low-fat Starbucks lattes are my crack

  17. Last dream I can remember:
  18. When I was visiting family on Oahu last Christmas I dreamt that I ran into the President-elect and his family at Matsumoto’s Shave Ice on the North Shore. I must have made a good impression because they offered me a job as the “Presidential Nanny,” so I moved out to DC to live and work in the White House and started a site called “The Presidential Nanny Blog,” LOLOLOLZ!

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. To do my push-ups every day, to remember to do my deep breathing exercises when I’m feeling stressed out and to buy books for next semester

Are you ready for Monday? Let me know how you’re feeling. Just copy the empty list, and paste it with your answers in the comments. 🙂


Le list

Current obsessions:
First concert:
My friends say that I’m _____:
Cheeks and lips:
Favorite drink:
Last dream I can remember:
Weekly goals:

Here’s to hoping for a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tali says:

    Mood: Exhausted… mother is being nasty and we are not speaking 1 week and counting. Why must they get more difficult with every year

    Eyeshadow: Painpot in Fresco Rose color with some urban decay burbon and zero eyeliner smudged to give a smokey eye

    Current obsessions: AllSaints shoes and of course my new urban decay liners!!

    First concert: Engling band Blue when i was 15

    Shoes: Allsaints black ankle height biker boots which are suprisingly elegant!!!

    My friends say that I’m _____: Exotic looking and tempremental

    Cheeks and lips: Burts bees balm and maybelline mousse bronzer.. its a low key day!

    Favorite drink: Oj and vodka 🙂 I mean what could be better!!? But I love my skinny late with extra shot of coffee at Starucks too!!

    Last dream I can remember: My teeth falling out last night.. it was very unsettling!! However it did then change into some meaningless stuff about coffeeing with friends!

    Weekly goals: To finish my assignment!!!!! Deadline… errr tomorrow!!!!!

    Hope you had a good Weekend Karen… im loving your videos! So nice to see you in person!!

  2. Rose says:

    Mood: Happy, but tired
    Eyeshadow: none today
    Current obsessions: TWILIGHT series! Almost done with book 4
    First concert: If warped tour counts, thats the only “concert”s ive been to
    Shoes: Uggs
    My friends say that I’m _____: loyal
    Cheeks and lips: HG covergirl blush in Rose Silk (been using this for like 6 years) Lips: Hershey’s Almond Lip Balm (sephora)
    Favorite drink: COFEEEEEE
    Last dream I can remember: The other night, i dreamed i had a baby boy, his name was either brandon or tyler, 2 names i would never pick for my child. hmmm
    Weekly goals: eat on track, save money.

    Rose´s last blog post..My Vanity and Organization

  3. Jess says:

    Mood: Optimistic
    Eyeshadow: Stila Kitten
    Current obsessions: Teapots, my Clarisonic brush
    First concert: Third Eye Blind freshman year of high school … memories 🙂
    Shoes: Black Steve Madden flats
    My friends say that I’m _____: always running late!
    Cheeks and lips: Nars Orgasm Blush and MAC Rich & Ripe Lipglass
    Favorite drink: Crystal Light and Diet Coke. Apparently I love artifical sweetners.
    Last dream I can remember: Taking my dogs to the park with a friend’s new puppy — it’s fuzzy but apparently I was talking about puppies in my sleep!
    Weekly goals: Finish organizing home office, exercise and start planning our anniversary trip

  4. katee says:

    Eyeshadow: Nothing yet, it isn’t even 8:00 a.m. yet!
    Current obsessions: SpaRitual nail lacquer
    First concert: Pearl Jam in – went to see them in the 8th grade. My mom took me and my best friend. That is so wrong!!
    My friends say that I’m _____: generous
    Cheeks and lips:see my eyeshadow answer LOL
    Favorite drink:lately I am loving a good bloody mary
    Last dream I can remember:wow, I haven’t had a dream that I remember in a long long time!
    Weekly goals: swatching the spring 2009 nail polish collections

    katee´s last blog post..Zoya Twist Collection Spring 2009 Swatches

  5. TUPRNUT says:

    Mood: Uneasy

    Eyeshadow: None – makeup free day today

    Current obsessions: Scarves – a great way to play up an outfit

    First concert: A guy named Steve Green with my parents – I was like 7

    Shoes: just socks today – staying home

    My friends say that I’m _____: Reliable, fun and the go-to girl with beauty-related questions

    Cheeks and lips: Just my new Nivea lip balm

    Favorite drink: Non-Fat Iced Carmel Macchiato (yum)

    Last dream I can remember: Last night I dreamt that Jim from “The Office” and I were at Walgreens looking at false eyelashes. Random. I know.

    Weekly goals: Try some new recipes, work-out on the elliptical more, write my thank-you’s for Christmas and organize my daughter’s too-small clothes

  6. Gemma says:

    Mood: Pumped up after spontaneously dropping and doing 20!

    Eyeshadow: Clinique quickliner

    Current obsessions: Victoria Secret workout pants, Aretha Franklin, Cappuccinos

    First concert: violinist Itzhak Perlman

    Shoes: Steve Madden Wedge Sneakers

    My friends say that I’m _____: a bear because if I had it my way, I’d sleep all day.

    Cheeks and lips: MSF in So Ceylon (I’m trying to kill my desire for the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead MSFs)

    Favorite drink: Diet Coke with crushed ice

    Last dream I can remember: My boyfriend came out of the closet and I was mad hahaha!

    Weekly goals: To get along swimmingly with my group members for our Board of Nursing Legal Practice Presentation eeeeeeek!!

    Gemma´s last blog post..My xppinkxx Entry : THE BIPOLAR ATHLETE

  7. DivaGurl says:

    Mood: Happy
    Eyeshadow:Rimmel London Smokey Brun Quad
    Current obsessions: All Christian Louboutin shoes
    First concert: LL Cool J when I was 16
    Shoes: Black wedge Timberlands (Timbos) Hey I live in Michigan!!
    My friends say that I’m a workaholic:
    Cheeks and lips:No cheeks & lips Loreal infallible “Dulce De Leche”
    Favorite drink: Ciroc & OJ YES!!!
    Last dream I can remember: none
    Weekly goals: Complete all items on the TO DO list by Friday, drink 6 glasses of water each day, no drinking or partying during a work week.

    Karen, Love your site and everyone have a great day!!

  8. YadiQ says:

    Le list

    Mood: hopeful but tired (battling insomnia for 2 weeks now)

    Eyeshadow: mika shu palette in midnight winter sakura ( used brown, olive and gold shade from the palette)

    Current obsessions: tarte the brush with greatness

    First concert: marc anthony at the roseland ballroom i was still in HS and i camped out for 12 hours prior to the concert to have front row standing space

    Shoes: dr scholls FABLE boots in olive green they are from like 2 years ago but are super cute and comfortable

    My friends say that I’m _____: crazy off the wall and workout obsessed and makeup obsessed

    Cheeks and lips:korres cherry oil lipgloss in plum – bare cheeks

    Favorite drink: COFFEE, ACAI JUICE, ginger ale, CHAMPAGNE lol… pop champage ohhhh ohhhh… song stuck in my head lol

    Last dream I can remember: a brief dream i had in the 30 minutes of sleep i managed to get on my train ride to work today… someone was messing with me at the bank and riled me up so i turned around and kicked the guys ass for being stupid and obnoxious – i really have low tolerance for people with lack of common sense!!!

    Weekly goals: keep up with my workout regimen went to the gym 4 days in a row last week ! try out muay thai fighting and take a capoeira class this week – keep my house clean!! i am the worst at keeping the house clean after busting my behind to get it like that !

  9. ines says:

    Le list

    Mood: energetic

    Eyeshadow: nars the multiple in copacabana

    Current obsessions: stretching every day, so i can do that full squat (sideway split) that i haven’t been able to do since i was 10

    First concert: not a concert kind of girl, don’t like crowded places with smelly people! XD

    Shoes: ugg adirondack II boots in otter

    My friends say that I’m _____: direct, clear and obssessed with dance

    Cheeks and lips: bobbi brown cream blush in stonewashed pink and nars the multiple in copacabana + benetint layered with chapstick on lips

    Favorite drink: plain water, black coffee, gin and tonic, red wine

    Last dream I can remember: dreamt my betta fish died 🙁

    Weekly goals: work off the christmas flab!!!

  10. Nessa says:

    Mood: Tired and don’t want to work this week
    Eyeshadow: Ulta Seashell and Victoria’s Secret Blue Streak
    Current obsessions: Zoya nail polishes and getting a pill case, preferably Coach…
    First concert: Phil Collins…haha I was 11
    Shoes: Big, clunky man-boots, but they keep my feet warm
    My friends say that I’m _____: Fun, when I finally go out with them (I’m kinda lazy)
    Cheeks and lips: Blistex Menthal Chapstick and BareMinerals Warmth
    Favorite drink: Sparkling White Grapejuice at the moment!
    Last dream I can remember: I don’t know, but I woke up screaming ‘Godd*****, Bella’ at my dog
    Weekly goals: To get some work don’t while my boss is away 🙂

  11. Megan says:

    Mood: Eh…not too bad for a Monday
    Eyeshadow: Some random cream and brown shades from an estee lauder palette…not sure what colors
    Current obsessions: pandora radio, Nexxus Therappe and Humectress, the center of the chocolate chip pecan cookie cake I made for the boyf…who knew cookie cakes were so easy?
    First concert: Boyz II Men…my older sister took me…I think I was like 12…which means she would have been 18.
    Shoes: Black ballet flats I scored at Targhay for cheap
    My friends say that I’m _____: always up to something, icredibly loyal and occasionally very stubborn.
    Cheeks and lips: MAC Blushbaby and blistex silk and shine
    Favorite drink: Probably cherry zero, but I’ve been drinking some spiced apple cider lately that’s too die for with the cold weather…
    Last dream I can remember: LOL I was back in college, but with my current boyf (we didn’t go to school together at all)…and we were in his dorm room…and some lady was knocking on the window and asking us questions… LOL I am laughing just remembering it. Girl if you move to DC we will so hang out!
    Weekly goals: Get ready for my big Friday meeting, Go to bed on time, write those two cards I keep putting off.

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Tali,

    Sorry to hear that you and your mom aren’t speaking. My parents and I went through a patch earlier this year where we didn’t speak for months. Hang in there — it’ll pass.

    I will try to do a few more videos this week. If you have a request on a topic, please let me know!

  13. Elle says:

    Bummed! Another one bites the dust…

    I woke up super late, so nothing but MAC Rubenesque paint pot on my lids.

    Current obsessions:
    Maltesers, hazlenut coffee, and the new Fall Out Boy song (I’m an old fart, never really heard their music before)

    First concert:
    New Kids on the Block, when I was 7 or 8

    Black boots, kinda boring today

    My friends say that I’m _____:
    Random, sweet, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing 🙂

    Cheeks and lips:
    MAC MSF in Petticoat and MAC’s Rich and Ripe lipglass

    Favorite drink:
    When they’re around, Starbucks Espresso Truffles, otherwise I’m a skim mocha girl…and if we’re talking alcohol either caipirinhas or vodka tonics (Effen!).

    Last dream I can remember:
    Had a dream I was supposed to meet someone to ride the train. Boring! 🙂

    Weekly goals:
    To not stress and to keep studying and planning my next trip to the west coast 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Rose,

    Yay! Which book from the series is your favorite so far?

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Jess,

    You aren’t the only one with a teapots obsession! I have been lusting after this teapot by Vera Wang for a few months…

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,

    Too funny about the concert!

    Speaking of parents watching Pearl Jam, mine went to a Rolling Stones concert a few years ago and Pearl Jam was the opening act. They called me from the concert to tell me that they were watching “The Pearl Jam” on stage, LOLOLOL!

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Tuprnut,

    Oh no… why are you uneasy today?

    I like scarves, too. During the winter I like colorful pashmina scarves (yeah, I know they’re totally out of style but I still love them) because they are warm but not bulky. In the spring I like to wear printed ones from Banana Republic. 🙂

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Gemma,

    LOL! I will have to stop and do 20 after I answer a few emails!

    BTW, what’s your favorite brush to use with your MSF?

  19. Karen says:

    Hi DivaGurl,

    You are so sweet! Thank you. 🙂

    Girl, I rocked the Timbos back in the day. I loved those shoes and wore them with everything!

  20. Karen says:

    Hi YadiQ,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having trubs sleeping. My last two nights have been rough, too. Having Tabs go crazy in the wee hours doesn’t seem to help, either.

    LOL, you are the only other person I know who likes ginger ale!

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Ines,

    Gah! Thank you for reminding me that I need to stretch! I have terribly tight hamstrings and need to get myself to yoga class ASAP.

    Have a good week!

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Nessa,

    LOL, Phil Collins ROCKS! I just rocked out to Don’t Lose My Number… it’s a great song!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Megan,

    Okay! You will have to make occasional appearance on “The Presidential Nanny Blog”, though. We could hang out on my days off and go to Ulta together, ha!

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Nice! Where will you be visiting out here?

  25. TUPRNUT says:

    Hi Karen!

    I know – scarves are too much fun. I really like the ones from GAP and I’m going to check out some at Target this week!

    My hubby’s getting deployed again in a few weeks. It’s Germany this time, which is way better than another trip to Iraq. But, I always get super anxious before he deploys – just thinking of all the to-do’s before he leaves and worried how Grace will do without Daddy at home. I’m very blessed to have a great support system of family and friends nearby who take great care of me! All in all, I just want to enjoy this time as a family and not get caught up in my endless list of to-do’s!!! 🙂

  26. Ellery says:

    Mood: Fabulous.
    Eyeshadow: None.
    Current obsessions: Foxy Brown, pasta, pigtails.
    First concert: I’ve never been to one!
    Shoes: None, I didn’t leave the house today.
    My friends say that I’m _____: Crazy & out of control. But some say I’m a good listener, others say I talk too much.
    Cheeks and lips: a cupcake flavored lipgloss on my lips.
    Favorite drink: Water!
    Last dream I can remember: My gran gave me a rare turtle-fish, it had to be kept in special water but my brother put it in the bathtub. It grew into a 50ft tall purple fluffy monster and chased us around a miniature sized town. (And that’s nothing compared to how weird my other dreams are!)
    Weekly goals: Chillax. Go out with my friends for lunch more. Stop eating so many chocolate crepes. Don’t randomly start singing opera when walking my dog, I always do it without realizing…

    I hope you had a good Monday, mine was fabulous. WOOOO!

  27. Karen too says:

    Especially good le list this week! 🙂 Here we gooooo:

    Le list

    Mood: Steady and harmonic.

    Eyeshadow: The light peach color from the Stila Vanity Fair eye shadow palette on the lid, the taupe color from the L’Oreal 203 Natural Eyes duo in the crease and Clarins 27 Blazing Brown in the outer v. Yeah, I was suprisingly advanced today! 🙂

    Current obsessions: Overnight oatmeal, yoga, HDR photography (just found out what it is and am excited to try it!)

    First concert: A norwegian band called Postgirobygget. My toes got trampled on soooo bad because I wore (soooo ugly) black platform strappy sandals. The next concert I went to I wore (also ugly) steal tip Dr Martens, LOL!

    Shoes: Just socks right now. Earlier today I wore laceup furry boots (outside) and light, metallic sneakers (at work)

    My friends say that I’m _____: A bit like Bree (Desperate housewives)! But I do think I’m a lot nicer, or they would not hang out with me, LOL…

    Cheeks and lips: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 14 Soft Pink and Lancome Juicy Tubes in a light pink sparkly color.

    Favorite drink: Green tea right now!

    Last dream I can remember: I had a dream last night actually, and it was about my husband selling our apartment and buying a new one without me knowing. I was a bit excited about the new apartment at first, but then I went to see it… It had this superold kitchen (we spent months redoing the kitchen in our current apartment ourseves when we moved in, and it turned out really well!), only one bedroom, and a strange multilevel livingroom that was shared with the apartment next door by a curtain… The funny thing is that when I dream about being annoyed with my husband, I sort of still am when I wake up. I’ll tell him that I’m mad about what he did in my dream, and he’ll laugh at me. 🙂

    Weekly goals: Work out three times, eat healthy, get enough sleep.

  28. Music_Is_Freedom says:

    Le list
    Mood: Energetic, but not hyper.
    Eyeshadow: MAC Pincurl with Felt Blue and Hyacinth eye kohl.
    Current obsessions: Diana Krall’s discography, Flight of the Conchords (when the second season starts in a week, it’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong, haha 🙂 ), and some random classical albums I found hiding in my CD collection.
    First concert: Pascale Picard a few years ago. And Karen, your first concert sounds great. Wish I could see him live!
    Shoes: Snow boots. It’s too cold to wear anything else!
    My friends say that I’m _____: Cultured and smart.
    Cheeks and lips: Nothing on my cheeks, and MAC Chignon lipstick with Strawberry Blonde lipglass.
    Favorite drink: Tea with sugar.
    Last dream I can remember: Shopping the MAC website.
    Weekly goals: Read the book “Einstein’s Dreams” (I read an excerpt of it an luuurved the concept), but first find it at the library.

  29. Karen says:

    Hi Tuprnut,

    Whew — Germany is a big relief, I bet. I hope that you guys get to spend lots of good family time before he leaves. Just remember that he’ll be back sooner than you think! Thank goodness for all of the new electronic doo-dads we have at our disposal to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones who are stationed overseas. When my best guy friend from high school went to boot camp years about a billion years ago the only thing we had to stay in touch were old school handwritten letters.

    Oh, yah, Gap makes some really cute scarves… they always seem to have good sales, too. I’m all about the discount, ha!

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    That’s great to hear! I’m glad you had a fantastic day. 🙂

    You crack me up with your Foxy Brown obsession. I like her, too.

  31. Karen says:

    Hi Karen Too,

    Your eye look sounds pretty. I gotta check out Blazing Brown. 🙂

    Have a fabulous week!

  32. Karen says:

    Hi Music_Is_Freedom,

    Yah, it was fun! I totally had a thing for Harry back in the day. 🙂

    Oh, I like Diana Krall, too. I like her Love Scenes album, especially Peel Me a Grape.

  33. Christina says:

    Le list

    Mood: Tired but confident

    Eyeshadow: a greenish gray from the Revlon (?) Hope quad

    Current obsessions: Shazam (iPhone app that identifies songs wherever I go!), finding a dress for my cousin’s March wedding

    First concert: Gosh… so long ago! I think it was an outdoor festival of local bands…

    Shoes: blue and gray flats from Target

    My friends say that I’m _____: unintentionally funny 😉

    Cheeks and lips: NYC in a plum color, and a peach flavored lip balm

    Favorite drink: Karen, I’m with you… Starbucks is my gasoline.

    Last dream I can remember: Fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure people were chasing me… I wasn’t scared, just annoyed.

    Weekly goals: Clean my house and remember to eat on a regular basis. I gave up on the exercising goal and will settle for sitting on my exercise ball. 😉

    Christina´s last blog post..Engaged? I Guess So…

  34. Jess says:

    How funny, I lust after a Vera teapot too! Glad to know it’s not just me. This would be the ultimate in my collection:

    It matches my wedding china, but I can’t justify buying it when I could have sooo much make up for the same price 🙂

    BTW, I love your site and the new videos are great. Not sure how you find the time, but keep it up!

  35. Shopgal says:

    Le list
    Mood: sleepy. working nights this week so i can be off for inauguration festivities. and happy that i live soooo close to dc!! yay!

    Eyeshadow: absolutely none. haven’t laid eyes on another human so far today.

    Current obsessions: grey’s anatomy. and politics for some reason. the impeachments and indictments are better than a soap opera.

    First concert: janet jackson’s rhythm nation when i was 8 or 9. mc hammer concert followed shortly thereafter. lol.

    Shoes: just tube socks in front of this ancient PC.

    My friends say that I’m _____: hilarious…made my friend snot while driving/laughing at a story i told. made me feel all warm inside.

    Cheeks and lips: just a natural flush and some cocoa butter.

    Favorite drink: quadruple venti nonfat with whip no foam extra hot half sweet white mocha. yeah, i’m one of THOSE people.

    Last dream I can remember: on a date with Obama. it was awesome.

    Weekly goals: try to make it through the spring floor set, and inventory this week with enough energy to stay awake for grey’s anatomy this thursday and partyin for my friend’s birthday on saturday. oh!! and get a vehicle while the gettin’s good.

    have a good week karen. nothin wrong with rockin out to biggie with nestle’s tollhouse.

  36. Elle says:

    Hey Karen!

    I definitely have to stop by LA, since I have friends to visit out there, but I wanna stop by the SF area, too. Looks absolutely gorgeous and I love hearing about it on your blog 🙂

  37. Elissa says:

    Mood: Charging ahead – and same as another person posted – not speaking to my mom for 1 week.
    Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown Galaxy cream shadow with Bobbi Brown Black Plus shadow on top.
    Current obsessions: Bobbi Brown eye products.
    First concert: John Mayer
    Shoes: Black Dansko Clogs
    My friends say that I’m _____: A granola girl glammed up.
    Cheeks and lips: Nars “O” on cheeks, MAC Sophisto on lips (my fav)
    Favorite drink: Diet Root Beer
    Last dream I can remember: I can’t remember – I have a newborn keeping me up at night.
    Weekly goals: Get my presentation done ASAP.

  38. Karen4 says:

    Le list

    Mood: Energized and relaxed at the same time–just came home from a fantastic morning of skiing!
    Eyeshadow: None at the moment.
    Current obsessions: MAC redhead collection
    First concert: Rod Stewart back in his “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” days! LOL! That man can totally rock!
    Shoes: Uggs slides
    My friends say that I’m _____: thoughtful
    Cheeks and lips: cocoa butter lip balm and Everon face balm under my sunscreen. No make-up yet today.
    Favorite drink: Pellegrino sparkling water and wine–they’re both tops in my book!
    Last dream I can remember: I was working on our new show concept for my company, and a big healthcare company called me to tell me they wanted to be the main sponsor.
    Weekly goals: stay on top of my work, getting exercise everyday, and trying to eat healthfully.

  39. Lehea says:

    Eyeshadow: None
    Current obsessions: Playing my Wii and my new Samsung Eternity phone
    First concert: Backstreet Boys. Haha!
    Shoes: Black Vans
    My friends say that I’m _____: Fun loving and a good dancer.
    Cheeks and lips: Nothing on cheeks, Clinique gloss in Bonfire
    Favorite drink: Coke
    Last dream I can remember: I can’t! I don’t dream much. Is that weird?
    Weekly goals: Get everything set by Wednesday so I have no worries on Friday when I fly into Vegas for my birthday weekend. Woohoo!

  40. Shefali says:

    Mood: Stressed…still studying.

    Eyeshadow: Nada…at home today

    Current obsessions: The new MAC collection info posted on for upcoming 2009 collections

    First concert: Lollapalooza – the very, very first one in 1991

    Shoes: Black Havaianas

    My friends say that I’m _____: the most organized, on-top-of-everything, how-do-you-do-it being married and having a toddler and full-time job person they know

    Cheeks and lips: Cheeks, nada; lips, Stila Grapefruit lip glaze (it actually smells like grapefruit!)

    Favorite drink: Non-alc – Dr. Pepper; Alc – Cosmopolitan

    Last dream I can remember: Last night’s dream – I was getting married to an ex and on the day of the wedding, realized I was making a mistake because I only wanted to be with Hubs. It was really weird and I woke up sweating and realized I was with Hubs in reality. Phew!

    Weekly goals: Gym 4 times this week; finish the last 2 sections in my study manual so I can start doing timed practice tests; stay on with my spending freeze – I’ve only spent $50 this entire month (on MAC – of course!). Haven’t eaten out since December 31. We’ve been cooking at home every single day. I can’t believe I’ve done it.

  41. YJ says:

    Le list

    Mood: Really really hating Mondays… Why are the weekends so short?!

    Eyeshadow: Dior 5-colour eyeshadow in sunset cafe… But just the gold and some liner =)

    Current obsessions: it’s a great way to kill some time when nothing’s going on at work!

    First concert: I’ve only been to two. First was Backstreet Boys in Middle school!

    Shoes: Pointy black pumps for work

    My friends say that I’m _____: A party animal… I’m just social 😉

    Cheeks and lips: NARS Orgasm & Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

    Favorite drink: Water. I know, so boring. =( It just goes with everything! (except when I’m eating heavier foods I’ll go crazy and have a sprite!)

    Last dream I can remember: Some hussy stole my cell phone. I woke up totally panicky/angry!

    Weekly goals: Be on time to work, eat more vegetables, and set up internet at my mother’s house (the last one isn’t voluntary…)

  42. Zoulikha says:

    Hurray! My first Le list!
    Le list
    Mood: exhausted, worried and worried…
    Eyeshadow: Club by M.A.C.
    Current obsessions: Everything to do with make up.
    First concert: First proper one was Eric Clapton in Malahide Castle last summer.
    Shoes: Nike runners (sporty mood today).
    My friends say that I’m _____: loyal…. I don’t think so… 🙁
    Cheeks and lips: Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Intermix.
    Favorite drink: Diet Coke
    Last dream I can remember: Can’t remember. I dream a lot but never remember it 🙁
    Weekly goals: Start preparing for the next college assignment. Finish this one tomorrow (god help me).

  43. Almira says:

    Wow, this blog poll is a little different!

    Excited/scared for work/school!

    I rarely wear it 😉

    Current obsessions:
    Hanzel Und Gretyl!

    First concert:
    Never been to one! Weird huh? I’m 19 =)

    cobat inspired ankle boots by Mudd.

    My friends say that I’m _____:
    CRAZY! Random too =)

    Cheeks and lips:
    Tinted chapstick ;D Just regular old moisterizer on the cheeks.

    Favorite drink:
    Koolaid! No, probably Mellow Yellow… but I’m quitting pop!

    Last dream I can remember:
    I had phonesex with a galpal of mine and it was AWESOME! Sorry, inapropriate I know.

    Weekly goals:
    Surviving another semester of community college!

    Almira´s last blog post..New Layout

  44. Lydia says:

    1. Mood:I am peaceful too.
    2. Eyeshadow:None today.
    3. Current obsessions: Eating right.
    4. First concert: Oh my gosh I think it was reel big fish.
    5. Shoes: I am wearing my winter boots today lol.
    6. My friends say that I’m _____:

    Wacky, obsessed with makeup and waaaay too easily amused (same for me)
    7. Cheeks and lips: Wow I totally put on the bare minimum today lol!
    8. Favorite drink: Coke.
    9. Last dream I can remember: I was having a nightmare this morning and when I woke up my arms were all like twisted behind my back lol!
    10. Weekly goals:

    I need To do my push-ups every day too.

    Lydia´s last blog post..OPI Colorcopia

  45. Le list

    *Mood: Happy! Classes start tonight (or tomorrow if you don’t have day classes) and I’m a total nerd. I can’t wait to be back in the class room
    *Eyeshadow: ULTA Pink and ELF Silver Lining
    *Current obsessions: Organizing! I just got back to school and everything needs to be reorganized in my dorm room
    *First concert: They Might Be Giants. LOVE THEM
    *Shoes: Now, some fuzzy black boots, dunno the brand
    *My friends say that I’m: a book nerd. Seriously, who besides me actually WANTS classes to start back.
    *Cheeks and lips: WNW Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink and Avon Pro-to-Go lipstick in Golden Rose
    *Favorite drink: Cherry Cola, C-O-L-A Cola
    *Last dream I can remember: Oh, it was bizzaro, I’m not even going there. I can only ever remember the really odd ones.
    *Weekly goals: Get back to the Y.

    Stargirl Heuser´s last blog post..UpDate

  46. Milan says:

    Mood: bleh. Mentally tired
    Eyeshadow: Mac Glamour Check! on lid, Brown Script in Crease, Time & Space highlight
    Current obsessions: Nintendo DS, Twilight book series
    First concert: The Boys…I think
    Shoes: brown quilted boots
    My friends say that I’m _____: funny, short, feisty, compassionate
    Cheeks and lips: Nars Taj Mahal blush, Mahogany l/l with MAC Saplicious lip gelee
    Favorite drink: Coca Cola, Cherry Coke, Limeade
    Last dream I can remember: was unpleasant. I really choose to forget
    Weekly goals: Get through it with my sanity intact

  47. Caro says:

    Mood: I’m exhausted. I went to McAllen this weekend (I live at Mexico City) on a shopping spree and I haven’t sleep right. Currently I’m at work and I can’t stay awake.
    Eyeshadow: Clinique’s pink shade from Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad Pink Chocolate…
    Current obsessions: architecture, “Diablo Guardián” (a novel I’m reading)and Civet (an all gril punk band).
    First concert: Depeche Mode when I was 13.
    Shoes: Anne Klein shoes…
    My friends say that I’m _____: that I am shameless.
    Cheeks and lips: Cheeks, Clinique’s Smoldering Plum… lips: some random My Scene’s bubble-gum flavored lipgloss.
    Favorite drink: strawberry lemonade, Dr Pepper
    Last dream I can remember: me swimming on a pink-water pool.
    Weekly goals: As usual, manage to finish all of my work and succeed on my first French class this Saturday.

  48. Fie says:

    Mood: Frustrated. Trying to book flight tickets back for Easter but there’s something wrong with my card.

    Eyeshadow: Satin Taupe e/s. With a spiced up waterline; Spare Change Pearlglide Eyeliner.

    Current obsessions: Purple and Banofee pie. :9 Yummy.

    First concert: Micheal Jackson when I was 5! 😀

    Shoes: Black suede calf boots.

    My friends say that I’m _____: Silly, spoilt and prosperous (referring to my epic weight gain after getting together with the boy)

    Cheeks and lips: MAC Warmed MSF + NARS Orgasm. MAC Hot & Saucy Tendertone.

    Favorite drink: Ribena

    Last dream I can remember:..was last night’s. I was cradling the most beautiful baby girl in my arms and watching her grow up with my boyfriend(husband at that moment).

    Weekly goals: Get over being homesick, lose a little bit more weight, finish assignments and BOOK A FLIGHT HOME!

  49. Mood: I am LOVING the sun so I am quite cheerful!

    Eyeshadow: MAC Moth Brown and Trucco Venus

    Current obsessions: Zoya Malia nail polish, and trying to get my new hair cut to look as good as it did when I walked out of the salon!

    First concert: This is going to date me…Billy Squier at The Cow Palace when I was 12

    Shoes: Slippers (yes I’m telecommuting again today LOL)

    My friends say that I’m _____: Quiet & reserved at first then totally wacky and kooky once they get to know me

    Cheeks and lips: MAC Pink Swoon and Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss

    Favorite drink: Diet Dr. Pepper or Gin & Tonic (if alcoholic)

    Last dream I can remember: OMG last night! I woke up smiling when my hubbie was getting ready for work and he was like “Why are you smiling, were you dreaming?”. I was dreaming that he was wearing womens’ tight low rise jeans and he was laying on his side in a really feminine pose and his stomach looked pregnant and I was laughing at him. How weird is that??

    Weekly goals: Do some website updating at work I have been putting off and work out 3 times!

  50. Vanessa H says:

    Mood: Sleepy, a little apathetic about starting school again today. I wish I could get through college already!
    Eyeshadow: None today, just black winged liner and mascara
    Current obsessions: boots, sweaters, growing my hair long, and coffee
    First concert: Justin Timberlake *swoon*
    Shoes: White slip-on Vans
    My friends say that I’m _____: Fashion inclined, good with make up, a good listener, and a neat freak
    Cheeks and lips: Dainty blush, Smiths Rosebud Salve on lips (have you tried it, Karen?)
    Favorite drink: Right now, a Long Island Iced Tea would go down well lol…otherwise, Dr. Pepper or iced tea
    Last dream I can remember: I was a queen in Narnia (watched the movie before bed last night)
    Weekly goals:
    Get back into the school rhythm, work out at least twice, eat healthy, and get at least 7 hrs of sleep a night.

  51. Ellie says:

    Mood: Dying to go on holiday!
    Eyeshadow: Nothing
    Current obsessions: Grilled cheese. Having my nails constantly painted.
    First concert: Pink
    Shoes: My cute boho laces.
    My friends say that I’m a workaholic.
    Cheeks and lips: MAC style & MAC Heatherette – boombox
    Favorite drink: ‘V’
    Last dream I can remember:Cheating on my boyfriend :\ baaad dream.
    Weekly goals: Get really tan on holiday! LOL

  52. Tiffany says:

    Le list

    Mood: mentally exhausted
    Eyeshadow: just a light wash of MAC all that glitters
    Current obsessions: my doggie, tarte bronzer in park ave princess, ferrero coconut candies (just discovered these and they are the BEST candy ever ever ever)
    First concert: korn, LOL. I didn’t even really like them, but we had a suite with free food and alcohol (I was underage! gasp!)
    Shoes: gray flats that are SO comfy
    My friends say that I’m _____:
    Cheeks and lips: NARS orgasm blush, and prestige lightshine lip liner (this is awesome!) and MAC lip conditioner in petting pink. except I applied at like 6:30 this morning so now it’s all gone.
    Favorite drink: creamsicles!
    Last dream I can remember: omg, I can’t even remember…
    Weekly goals: do all my reading for class (so far so good, even though this is an almost impossible task)

  53. tatiana says:

    Le list
    Mood: antsy
    Eyeshadow: Rubenesque paint pot all over the lid; Urban Decay 24/7 (I can’t remember the name!) eyeliner in Stash, smudged on upper & lower line (LOVING this look right now, especially since it’s so simple)
    Current obsessions: Sally Hansen Natual Beauty Inspired by Carmindy lipstick, thank you Karen for introducing me!!! They are so creamy!!! Great for when you’re on the go. I can’t wait to buy more!
    First concert: Beastie Boys Hello Nasty tour in 1998 (Beastie Boys fan for life!)
    Shoes: taupe open toed Bandolino pumps, i heart my foot flower petals
    My friends say that I’m _____: silly
    Cheeks and lips: Shiseido Terra Cotta bronzer & Nars lip gloss in Stella (loving this lip gloss too! no more MAC glosses for me)
    Favorite drink: pink lemonade from Trader Joes!
    Last dream I can remember: yikes i can’t remember!
    Weekly goals: try out that yoga class at 24 hour on Thursday night even though I will be sacrificing Ugly Betty, wake up early enough so i can do nice hair and face without speeding to the bart station and parking in the area where i might get more citations

  54. Amy says:

    Le list

    Mood: Tired
    Eyeshadow: BE Sex Pots Kit- Desire, Fling and Lust
    Current obsessions: The City
    First concert: Marky Mark
    Shoes: Aerosoles black suede booties
    My friends say that I’m _____: tech savvy and goofy
    Cheeks and lips: BE first blush and Mac Blow Dry (Blonde, Brunette, Redhead)
    Favorite drink: Chai Tea Latte on Ice
    Last dream I can remember: Zoombies last night. I woke up so many times. Zoombies are the only thing that really disturbs me.
    Weekly goals: Make it through the week without using a sick day. How can I already feel so tired when it is only Monday?

  55. Tiera says:

    Mood: Sleepy (It’s Monday, ya know!)

    Eyeshadow: Brule, Saddle, Embark

    Current obsessions: Twitter!

    First concert: New Kids on the Block!

    Shoes: Nine West that I got waaay cheap at Ross!

    My friends say that I’m _____: Random 🙂

    Cheeks and lips: MAC Mineralize in Gleeful

    Favorite drink: POG!

    Last dream I can remember: Seeing an ex at the beach and thinking, “dayum!” (Oops!)

    Weekly goals: Consolidate my multiple cell phones, finish my book (The Face by Dean Koontz — an oldie, I know!), find somebody worthy of gifting my Nintendo DS Lite and all my games – seeing as how I play with my iPhone all day, anyway!

    Tiera´s last blog post..Look: Afternoon Tea(l)

  56. Brittany says:

    Mood: Exhausted. First day of classes after winter break and I was on campus for 10 hours. Long day.
    Eyeshadow: It’s probably long gone by now, but I had on Ulta’s eyeshadow in Truffle on my lid with Toast in the crease.
    Current obsessions: Pinot grigio, MAC’s Redhead collection, Chocolate covered strawberries, the Beastie Boys, Football, sadly 😛
    First concert: N*Sync. Oh yeah.
    Shoes: I’m barefoot now. I had on comfy Ugg-like boots from AE today though.
    My friends say that I’m _____: Crazy, funny, sarcastic, and also makeup obsessed 😛
    Cheeks and lips: Benefit 10 and BE Buxom lips in Tempest.
    Favorite drink: I’m craving white wine right now, but my all time favorite drink is probably coffee. I think I’d die without coffee.
    Last dream I can remember: I was having a conversation with my boyfriend’s mom about how serious I was getting with her son (which is crazy because we’ve only been seriously dating like a month..what is my brain trying to tell me?!…lol)
    Weekly goals: Buy text books (UGH!), Start all my reading and make a schedule so that I am forced to follow it and not procrastinate. It’s my last semester, so it’s bound to happen 😛

  57. Michelle says:

    Le list

    Mood:Pissed off. I think it’s time to find a new job.
    Eyeshadow:MAC Mineralize eye shadow in Love Connection
    Current obsessions: Well I can’t wait for the MAC Hello Kitty collection
    First concert: Korn
    Shoes: Brown mocs
    My friends say that I’m _sweet_:
    Cheeks and lips: Stila rouge pot in Lotus, Bobbi Brown metallic lip color in Pretty Pink and MAC lipglass in Cherry Blossom
    Favorite drink:Iced Tea
    Last dream I can remember:I can’t remember
    Weekly goals: Not to walk out on my job

  58. Erica says:

    Mood: at first, i dreaded going back to work after my 3 weeks off, but now that i faced the music, i’m relieved it went well!
    Eyeshadow: chanel spring quad…love the colors!
    Current obsessions: chocolate chip cookies are good, but i am in love with cream puffs from beard pappa!
    First concert: DURAN DURAN! (of course) and i was only 8 years old!
    Shoes: target flats
    My friends say that I’m _____: crafty…gotta love martha stewart!
    Cheeks and lips: cheeks – NARS multiple in Orgasm; lips – carmex (it sure is dry here in OC!)
    Favorite drink: Coca-Cola classic (NEVER pepsi)
    Last dream I can remember: i actually can’t remember! but i daydream on my drive to and from work…since i’ve been listening to the Twilight soundtrack, its usually just a replay of the movie in my head. =P (yeah, its a disease, i tell ya!)
    Weekly goals: keep up the chipper mood for most of the week, laundry, change my sheets, sell my snowboard (anyone need a snowboard with boots and bindings? i’m in OC, CA!) do lots of grading, and as always – lesson plan.

  59. Vivien says:

    Le list

    Mood: BLAH!
    Eyeshadow: too lazy for makeup today [this rarely happens i hate leaving the house bare-faced] however, i would have worn sable on the lid, carbon in crease, and shroom for highlight, lame i know.
    Current obsessions: um BBR, mostly Blonde MSF, and strawberry blonde lipglass [SOO glad i got this]
    First concert:HANSON! ’97, i was so young and still love them
    Shoes: ugly worn out work shoes
    My friends say that I’m _____: obsessed with makeup and kate moss haha. and a little paranoid.
    Cheeks and lips: again, too lazy, but would have worn stark naked [go-to everyday blush], and peroxide lipglass
    Favorite drink:starbucks soy chai latte, sprite zero, orange juice
    Last dream I can remember:o man idkk
    Weekly goals: buy books!

  60. Karen says:

    Hi Christina,

    How are you liking the Shazam app? I’m thinking of getting it!

    And hey, at least sitting on the exercise ball works your abs. 😉

  61. Karen says:

    Hi Jess,


    I hope to someday own Vera’s “Lace” collection. I am also wishing that somehow the matching teapot will miraculously appear one morning from the great beyond, LOL. I can dream, right?

    Thanks for the feedback about the videos. They are a pretty new thing for me. Let me know if there are ever any topics you want me to cover.

    Have a good week! 🙂

  62. Karen says:

    Hi Shopgal,

    How exciting for you! I hope you have a good time at the festivities. You are so lucky to live so close so that you can witness history in the making.

    Have a lovely week… Now I’m off to listen to Juicy for the billionth time today!

  63. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    Hopefully when you are here the weather will be nice. Fall is usually the best time for consistently good weather, but maybe you’ll be one of those lucky visitors who arrives during a warm patch!

    Oh, and if you come and visit be sure to bring layers. 🙂

  64. Karen says:

    Hi Elissa,

    Okay, so you’ll totally laugh, but John Mayer smiled at me while he was playing at the Fillmore in SF a few years ago. My homegirl and I pushed our way to the front and while he was rocking out on his guitar he stared down and gave me a huge smile. At first I thought I imagined it, but my friend totally saw it too, LOL. Soooo lame, I know, but it totally made me happy for weeks.

  65. Karen says:

    Hi Karen4,

    I agree about Rod — plus, back in the day he rocked that fierce hair. 🙂 I remember watching the video to Young Turks in the 80s and wishing that I was in it, LOL.

  66. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea,

    Ha! I am not ashamed to admit I own a Backstreet Boys CD or two, LOL. Cheesy pop music? I’m sooo there. 🙂

    Lucky you to be going to Vegas for your birthday weekend. What makeup are you bringing?

  67. Karen says:

    Hi Shefali,

    Thanks for the heads up on the MAC stuff on Specktra. It’s been a while since I’ve given Janice a holla so I gotta hop on over and say hi to her, too. 🙂 What collection are you most excited about? Can’t wait to see what’s coming up!

  68. Karen says:

    Hi YJ,

    Thank you for that link! My mom loves sodoku so I’m going to send it to her, yay!

  69. Karen says:

    Hi Zoulikha,

    Yay! Thanks for joining us and doing the list today. 🙂

    Oh, you are wearing one of my favorite MAC colors, Club!

  70. Karen says:

    Hi Almira,

    LOL, you crack me up!

    Have a good week in school. What classes are you taking?

  71. Karen says:

    Hi Lydia,

    Girl, we are in the same pushup boat. 🙂 I did mine this morning, how about you?

  72. Karen says:

    Hi Stargirl Heuser,

    How exciting for you! I actually love school, too (nerds unite). Got any fun classes lined up?

  73. Allie says:

    Le list
    Mood: Hopeful
    Eyeshadow: The brown and beige from Almay Bring Out the Brown kit
    Current obsessions: Greek yogurt and my new Sprint Rumor phone
    First concert: No Doubt, which is strange because I am pretty much straight hip hop
    Shoes: Just toasty socks right now, about to go to bed
    My friends say that I’m _____: Ambitious, entertaining and slightly neurotic
    Cheeks and lips: Nars Orgasm (cheeks) and Nars Jungle Red (lips)
    Favorite drink: The Key Lime Martini at Brick Alley Pub
    Last dream I can remember: My friend no-showed at her bartending job so I had to cover for her (even though I’ve never bartended)
    Weekly goals: Still working on that full-time job search…

  74. Cindy says:

    Hi Karen,

    First want to tell you how amazing your blog is, i am so glad to have stumbled upon you, your blog is like therapy to my brain after a long day at school.

    Le list

    Mood: Quiet

    Eyeshadow:not wearing anything right now it’s almost midnight here in miami, but i was wearing a deep blue smokey eye from the Kat Von D true romance eyeshadow palette

    Current obsessions:Anything vintage looking

    First concert:Chris Brown at Grad Bash 2006

    Shoes: Metallic flower sandals from Gap

    My friends say that I’m _____:Hard to live without

    Cheeks and lips:Nars Orgasm & MAC Prr tinted lipglass

    Favorite drink: Bacardi Coco with Pineapple juice uggh! its delish!!

    Last dream I can remember: I’m falling like from a plane or something, and then i suddenly wake up and my heart is rasing as if i was really falling.It’s really WIERD!!!. I’ve always had this dream ever since i was small.

    Weekly goals:Get myself organized for school, workout & eat healhy, finally spend more time with my friends and boyfriend.

    Hope you have a great week!!!

    p.s: LOVE the videos

  75. Shefali says:

    Hey Karen! I’m excited about all of them, LOL. But the Naked Honey collection sounds cool. I love new body products.

  76. Karen says:

    Hi Milan,

    I hope your week gets better. Hang in there. 🙂

  77. Karen says:

    Hi Caro,

    French is such a beautiful language. Are you excited about going to class?

  78. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    I’m dying to know — what is banofee pie?

  79. Karen says:

    Hi Vampy Varnish,

    That’s too funny! Was he wearing skinny jeans? HA HA!

  80. Karen says:

    Hi Vanessa H.,

    I saw Justin last year in concert and I am totes with you on the swoon-age. I like him better with his head shaved — not a fan of his curly hair!

  81. Karen says:

    Hi Ellie,

    You and me both! I wish I was some place tropical, with a really great surfboard and some killer waves. Of course, in this dream I’d weigh 10 pounds less and have defined abs, ha ha. Might as well dream big!

  82. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Prestige is a fantastic drugstore brand. Have you tried their eyeliners? They’re pretty good.

  83. Karen says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    YAY! I am so glad you love those Carmindy lipsticks! What color did you get?

  84. Karen says:

    Hi Amy,

    Oh no… I hope you don’t get sick! Take care of yourself…

  85. Karen says:

    Hi Tiera,

    Ha! I hear you on the iPhone game obsession. The ones I like are pretty lame though — I mean, Bejeweled 2? Not very excited, but totally my thing.

  86. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Ahhh, you’re gonna get senior-itis! Everybody does! 🙂

    You and I crave the same drinks — although I prefer reds on most days.

  87. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle,

    What kind of work do you do now? I hope that it gets better for you soon.

  88. Karen says:

    Hi Erica,

    That’s so FREAKING AWESOME that you watched Duran Duran when you were eight. Seeing them in concert was my goal in life circa third grade, LOL! I am totally jealous.

  89. Karen says:

    Hi Vivien,

    I still can’t get over the fact that the Hanson boys actually grew up!

  90. Karen says:

    Hi Allie,

    How is the hunt going? Any prospects?

  91. Karen says:

    Hi Cindy,

    It’s good to meet you! I am glad you are enjoying the site and the new videos. Let me know if there’s ever something you want me to cover. 🙂

    Funny you should mention Chris Brown — the past Christmas I was at my in-laws’ house and I found out that my father-in-law thinks Chris Brown is super cool, LOL! It was so random…

    Anyway, have a good night and hopefully we’ll chat again soon!

  92. Fie says:

    Hi Karen!

    It’s my indulgence and the most awesome pie, IMO!

    My take on it is a little bit more rustic. Bottom layer is crushes digestive biscuits rubbed in with butter. Second layer is homemade gooey toffee. Third layer is freshly sliced bananas. Last but not least, a good amount of cream on top sprinkled with some chocolate powder/shavings. For those who wants a little bit more kick, sprikle powdered coffee as well. 😀

  93. maya says:

    Le list
    Mood: stressed and bored
    Eyeshadow: combo? time+space, ricepaper & espresso!
    Current obsessions: the BBR collection, so waiting for it to reach MAC stores here in Rome (Italy)
    First concert: Bryan Adams
    Shoes: Black and silver Alviero Martini’s Boots
    My friends say that I’m _____: makeup addicted!
    Cheeks and lips: so cylon, Freckletone & guerlain’s pearl lipglossin 847 (very similar to MAC dazzleglasses)
    Favorite drink: hot cocoa
    Last dream I can remember: I don’t remember, i’m too stressed!!!!
    Weekly goals: try not eat candies and chocolate stuff!!!!

  94. tatiana says:

    I got Plum Shimmer and Berry Wine but I gave that one to my mom, d’oh, shoulda kept it for me, hee hee. Ulta was having a sale which might be ending this weekend, buy one, get the second for half off. I might be hitting that up! thanks again, I heart them =)

  95. Cindy says:

    Hi Karen,

    YAH!! it’s so random when you see older people liking new artists, I have an uncle who everytime he hears Chris Brown is starts to dance like Chris, it is so embarrassing!!!

    have a great day!

  96. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    Thank you for passing that link along. My BFF *loves* pie so I’ll have to send her it… and perhaps a recipe if I can find one.

    Mmm, gooey toffee. *drools*

  97. Karen says:

    Hi Maya,

    LOL, Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69 is one of my favorite tunes.

    What items from BBR are you most excited about?

  98. Karen says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    Aww, that’s so sweet of you to give your mom a tube. I hope she likes it!

    Girl, that Ulta sale sounds too good to pass up. When it’s buy one get the second half off it’s hard to say no.

  99. Karen says:

    Hi Cindy,

    That’s too funny! What is it about Chris Brown? I am gonna burn some Chris Brown songs and send it over to my in-laws along with some Usher songs. Yes, they also like Usher, too. 🙂

    Hope you had a lovely Wednesday. I’m about to turn in soon. But first: Law and Order: SVU!

  100. fidigum says:

    Le list

    Mood: slow
    Eyeshadow: MAC paints in canton candy and MAC feast (infatuating rose: 6 cool eyes palette)
    Current obsessions: Intuitive eating
    First concert: Hanson… oh, those were the days
    Shoes: crocs lillac flats
    My friends say that I’m _____: insane
    Cheeks and lips: Stark Naked and Lovelorn, both MAC
    Favorite drink: Mineral Water and Whiskey
    Last dream I can remember: I was dancing with this guy. I hate dancing in public. but apparently, I was having a good time.
    Weekly goals: ahh, too many…

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