Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, August 4

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  1. Mood: Hopeful
  2. Mascara: Exceptionnel de Chanel (I’m finally getting the hang of the brush)
  3. Fragrance: Estee Lauder’s Sensuous
  4. Morning beverage: Starbuck’s Breakfast Blend with lots of milk and a teaspoon of sugar
  5. First song I heard today:

    “I still go to Taco Bell
    Drive-through, raw as Hell”

  6. Food craving: Chocolate croissant
  7. Outfit: Blue, plaid Old Navy pajamas 🙂
  8. Lovin’:
  9. Glasses, zip-up hoodies, lists

  10. Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 266 Small Angle Brush because it makes filling in my brows easy!
  11. My goals for this week: Get better about using my calendar, take Tabs to the vet (again), get all my dates and details sorted out for the weddings I’m going to in the fall, plan a weekend trip to Tahoe

Now it’s your turn. Just copy and paste this list, insert your answers and leave ’em for me in the comments. 🙂


Le list

Morning beverage:
First song I heard today:
Food craving:
Favorite makeup brush and why:
Goals for the week:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Lisabrelle says:

    Le list

    Mood: peaceful
    Mascara: Imju Fiberwig
    Fragrance: Kenzo Amour
    Morning beverage: Diet Peach Snapple
    First song I heard today: American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye
    Food craving: Jamba Juice
    Outfit: Red dress, black sandals
    Lovin’: Bright Nail Polish
    Favorite makeup brush and why: n/a
    Goals for the week: Start back to running. I have a 10k in 4 weeks!

  2. Tania says:

    Le list
    Mood: focused yet distracted all at the same time
    Mascara: Maybelline Define A Lash
    Fragrance: Fire Me Up! by Avon
    Morning beverage: Dr. Pepper thought I’m on a quest for some Celestial Seasonings Pomegranate Red Tea.
    First song I heard today: I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
    Food craving: macarroni
    Outfit: my fav pink and white top, fav black pants, my new Hello Kitty “Y” shaped necklace
    Lovin’: Hard Candy’s 10 Years of Gloss. I used to wear it all of the time and now it’s back on my smacker!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: my Sonia Kashuk’s angled blush brush (white handle). It puts my blush right where I want AND it doesn’t cost a fortune.
    Goals for the week: send lots of e-mails, send the newsletter to the printer

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Lisabrelle,

    Good luck on your training! Do you have your running schedule set?

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    You know I loves me some Sonia brushes. 🙂 Have a good day!

  5. Jessica says:

    Mood: psyched!
    Mascara: Diorshow Blackout, although it’s time to replace it, and I want that new Givenchy with the brush that looks like a mace
    Fragrance: none
    Morning beverage: tall Pike Place in grande cup with lots of half and half
    First song I heard today: none; listened to NPR on the commute
    Food craving: sushi
    Outfit: denim A-line skirt, blue and green print top, cork wedges
    Lovin’: Flickr, my husband, the future
    Favorite makeup brush and why: eyeshadow brush (black handle) from Sephora travel set because it’s little and cute and gets the job done
    Goals for the week: shred old docs, take care of moving admin for my stepson

  6. Elle says:

    Mood: A little gloomy, but not really for any reason apart from the gloomy weather!
    Mascara: None today
    Fragrance: Burberry Summer (I swear I’m always wearing Summer when I fill out this list!)
    Morning beverage: Water and green tea with lemon
    First song I heard today: Hmmm…on my iPod I think it was “Loving You” by Paolo Nutini
    Food craving: Ceviche
    Outfit: Black embroidered skirt, gold sandals, pinky-plummy vneck top with a black cami underneath
    Lovin’: My new glasses and the dresses I got from Delia’s (yes I am 25 and shop at Delias sometimes!)
    Favorite makeup brush and why: I can only pick one?? Well I got one of the MAC Color Forms brush sets (not like I needed it) but I wanted to check out the 187 without caving on the “original”. I like it a lot and it works well with the MAC skin finish I’m currently using. And, it’s reallllly soft. I thought I’d be disappointed but so far I love it.
    Goals for the week: Ugh, to get my lazy self out of bed and start working out seriously. I’ve been too lazy and I’d like to get in better shape and have more energy by the end of this month.

  7. PeeChee says:

    Le list

    Mood: frazzled
    Mascara: Diorshow blackout (on the right) Mac Mascara X (left). Testing it out to see which one can last my hectic day. 🙂
    Fragrance: none..unless you count baby lotion scent.
    Morning beverage: Green Tea Latte
    First song I heard today: “Move, B-@#$, get out the way”..uh, Ludacris
    Food craving: Nothing and everything.
    Outfit: Jeans and a T
    Lovin’: party planning since I’m about to start planning my gals wedding bachelorette/bridal party. 🙂
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 266 (same reason as you, Karen) and Loew-Cornell mop brush 3/8″ (applies eyeshadow effortlessly for me).
    Goals for the week: NOT TO KILL MY BOSS! Apparently, he’s not management material….

  8. Kelly says:

    Mood: tired
    Mascara: benefit badgal lash
    Fragrance: tresor
    Morning beverage: crystal lite fruit punch
    First song I heard today: somebody, told me “boy, everything she wants is everything she sees”
    Food craving: dulche de leche ice cream
    Outfit: blue dress, black sweater
    Lovin’: breaking dawn, pix of best friend’s twin boys, kat von d beethoven palette
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Mac small angle brush because I use powder liner and this brush makes it easy to line my eyes.
    Goals for the week: Register for fall classes

  9. kareen chen says:

    Mood:Happy Giddy, just woke up 🙂
    Mascara:L’oeal Volumious , classic
    Fragrance:I LOVE LOVE,MOSCHINO…i think it’s becoming my morning signature scent hehe
    Morning beverage:milk…gotta have strong bones 🙂
    First song I heard today:The way that i love you
    Food craving:candies , gummies
    Outfit:plaid shorts with tank
    Lovin’:My perfume 🙂
    Favorite makeup brush and why:blush brush, perfect cheeks =D
    Goals for the week:loose another few pounds

  10. Dao says:

    Le list

    Mood: energetic!
    Mascara: CG LashBlast, it is awesome!
    Fragrance: Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean
    Morning beverage: green tea
    First song I heard today: didn’t hear any song yet
    Food craving: nothing yet 🙂
    Outfit: relaxed style
    Lovin’: The Dark Knight
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Sonia Kashuk blending brush. That brush makes blending eyeshadows so easy! And it’s also much cheaper than MAC 217.
    Goals for the week: kick some major arse, y’all!

    Daos last blog post..Sephora Beauty Fever Palette in Action

  11. lynbird says:

    Mood:uncertain – we’re watching tropical storm Edouard, here in coastal TX.
    Mascara: CG lash blast waterproof
    Fragrance: philosophy Pure Grace
    Morning beverage: iced black tea
    First song I heard today: “You’re My Satellite” – Guster
    Food craving: sushi
    Outfit: black linen wide-leg trousers, grey elbow sleeve cardigan, pink beaded cami, low black wedge sandals
    Lovin’: all the text messages and myspace bulletins inviting me to hurricane parties tonight!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 266 (mine does brow and eyeliner duty) and Everyday Minerals Flat-top Brush (so soft and so inexpensive!)
    Goals for the week: Well, that all depends on Edouard’s arrival, tomorrow.

  12. Jaimie says:

    Le list

    Mood: Sleepy
    Mascara: None today
    Fragrance: Burbrery Brit
    Morning beverage: SmartWater
    First song I heard today: Jesus for the Jugular
    Food craving: Cookie Dough
    Outfit: black work outfit
    Lovin’: My new photographs
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC’s 219 – its so precise!!
    Goals for the week: eat healthier

    Jaimies last blog post..Product Review: Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial

  13. Lehea says:

    Mood: Excited
    Mascara: None
    Fragrance: VS My Desire
    Morning beverage:Milk….does a body good!
    First song I heard today: Some of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”
    Food craving: Froyo!
    Outfit: Still deciding what to wear for work…
    Lovin’: That I’m leaving for Hawaii in 2 days. 😀
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush. It makes applying my Fluidline so much easier.
    Goals for the week: Start and finish packing, pay some bills, go to the gym, and hang out with friends before my trip.

  14. babyu21 says:

    Mood: humorous
    Mascara: none
    Fragrance: Japanese Cherry Blossom (oh so sexy can I)
    Morning beverage: Fruit, granola bar, aloe vera juice
    First song I heard today: I wanna be where you are Jackson 5
    Food craving: TGIF’s sausage pasta
    Outfit: red V neck dress
    Lovin’: my work buddy he makes the day tolerable (God bless him) and the wonderful weather
    Favorite makeup brush and why: kabuki lets me put my foundation on in a minute
    Goals for the week: read, work out and upate resume, put new linen on bed

  15. Megan says:

    Le list
    Mood: Positive, Focused
    Mascara: Oddly enough Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black. I got to work and realized I didn’t put any mascara on, but I keep a stash of samples in my drawerI guess my eyeliner was so rocking this morning I figured no need for mascara 🙂 LOL actually… just rushing since it was Monday and I didn’t want to get up this morning.
    Fragrance: Ellen Tracy
    Morning beverage: Water, onto some Diet Dr. Pepper now though
    First song I heard today: No Air – Jordin Sparks and CB
    Food craving: Ummm not sure yet, but I’m ready for lunch. I’m about to go find something.
    Outfit:Black wedges, Black and white floral print A line dress with and empire waist and black trim.
    Lovin’: The Sonia Kashuk Palette I scored at Target on Saturday. It’s for Auburn hair…but the colors look awesome on me…ever though I am more brownish with maybe an auburn twinge here and there since it’s summer. It has two eyeshadows a powder liner for wet/dry, two concealers, a blush, a lipstick and a lipgloss as well as an eyebrow pencil
    Favorite makeup brush and why: hmm this is a hard one because I don’t think I can live without any of them. I’m going with the CVS Essence of beaty dual end liner brush/lash and eyebrow comb because I love powder liners and the brush rocks my world as much as a more expensive one that I reach for less (I won’t name names)…and this one was like $4.
    Goals for the week: Get through closing without my hand falling off. Not stress too much, not panic etc. when thinking about a mortgage for 30 years.

  16. Megan says:

    Oh and the palette was on clearance for like $7 from original $16! 🙂

  17. Jess says:

    Le list

    Mood: Ready and fired up
    Mascara: None
    Fragrance: Degree antipersperant
    Morning beverage: massive quantities of coffee with cream and sugar
    First song I heard today: I haven’t heard one yet 🙁
    Food craving: onion bagel with cream cheese
    Outfit: black slacks and a tucked in white blouse
    Lovin’: Dark Knight, sudafed, jamba juice, coffee, coca cola, this blog!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 266, because it’s da bomb!
    Goals for the week: stay productive all day long every day and if I do slack that I don’t let it bother me. 🙂

  18. Brittany says:

    Mood: Kind of sleepy. I have Monday blah’s.
    Mascara: None. for some reason my allergies are going crazy today. My eyes are irritated, so I went without today.
    Fragrance: Nothing fancy, I put on BBW Irresistible Apple on when I got out of the shower.
    Morning beverage: Water.
    First song I heard today: Hm…I think it was Cold Play’s Viva La Vida?
    Food craving: Grilled chicken salad sounds really good right about me.
    Outfit: New dark jeans from Gap and a cute white top from Old Navy, I think. Bronze flats. And really cute jewelry from Forever 21.
    Lovin’: Sunshine and suntans 🙂
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 212 Flat Definer Brush. A little bit more expensive than a drugstore brand, but I use it almost every single day. It’s perfect for lining with shadows, which I love to do.
    Goals for the week: Write up my final philosophy paper, get my laundry done, wash my car.

  19. Star says:

    Le list

    Mood: expressive
    Mascara: Maybelline waterproof
    Fragrance: Victoria Secret “Love Spell”
    Morning beverage: Bottle of Water
    First song I heard today: “Air Hostess” -Busted
    Food craving: steak with some really good steak sauce
    Outfit: loose red striped tank and some tight cute blue jeans
    Lovin’:Music, Busted, my life, my hair today, This survey
    Favorite makeup brush and why: well i’m only 17 so i don’t use much makeup other than mascara, eyeliner and some blush. I don’t need it 🙂
    Goals for the week: finish my summer homework, buy some good mascara <3

  20. Tekoa says:

    Le list
    Mood: Excited. Less than two weeks before the Cult of Cherry MAC party. Apparently the desserts are chocolate and cherry inspired. Oh, be still my eager heart.

    Mascara: Zoom lash. We have a love-hate relationship

    Fragrance: MAC MV1

    Morning beverage: Milk

    First song I heard today: Let it Whip by SR-71

    Food craving: Jugo Juice smoothies

    Outfit: Good ol’ jeans and t-shirt

    Lovin’: Not having any essays to do. WOOT!

    Favorite makeup brush and why: The small MAC buffer brush. Great for blending out foundation.

    Goals for the week: Take over the world

  21. katy says:

    Mood: Anxious. Going to a wedding on Friday.
    Mascara: Lancome, Hypnose Waterproof in black.
    Fragrance: None.
    Morning beverage: Sprite Zero.
    First song I heard today: We Didn’t Start the Fire, Billy Joel.
    Food craving: Cheez-It Party Mix
    Outfit: Black top from Banana Republic; dark wash Hudson jeans, green (faux) python flats from Banana Republic.
    Lovin’: That I’m taking Friday off of work. Which kind of makes this Monday more like a Tuesday. Yay four-day work weeks!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Heavenly Face from Bare Escentuals. It buffs on enough minerals to provide full-coverage over my freckles.
    Goals for the week: Unpack everything and put it away in my new apartment.

  22. Amanda says:

    Le list
    Mood: annoyed and a little stressed
    Mascara: stila major lash
    Fragrance: none, degree deo
    Morning beverage: coffee and water
    First song I heard today: dont know
    Food craving: cheetos
    Outfit: red tshirt, denim miniskirt, leopard ballet flats
    Lovin’: afternoon showers
    Favorite makeup brush and why: mac 242, cause know I can finally apply loose pigments as eyeyshadow! but I love all my brushes equally.
    Goals for the week: do some laundry and chores here and there, so i have the weekend free!

  23. Michelle says:

    Le list
    Mood: Happy and sad. Today’s my son’s first day of Kindergarten 🙂
    Mascara:J ane Max Lash2
    Fragrance:Escada Moon Sparkle
    Morning beverage: Coffee with Irish Cream flavored creamer
    First song I heard today: Closer by NIN
    Food craving: California rolls
    Outfit: Black with gray pinstripe slacks, black v-neck tunic top, silver snakeskin flats, silver colored pearls
    Lovin’: Lemon flavored potatoes from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant i’m eating for lunch. Mmmm.
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Clinique’s concealer brush. Makes applying my concealer so much easier than using my fingers. Especially since I have long nails.
    Goals for the week: Clean my bathrooms 🙁 purchase my school book, don’t do any shopping (i’m saving up for fall stuff).

  24. Glosslizard says:

    Mood: Cheery! Got some good news today about our eternal building project!
    Mascara: Covergirl Lashblast
    Fragrance: Testing Stella by Stella McCartney
    Morning beverage: Peets coffee, muy strong with cream!
    First song I heard today: Give Me Novocaine by Green Day
    Food craving: Beef jerky, Hubby is making some (!!!) and it’s making the whole house smell like home-made beef jerky! It won’t be ready for another eight hours! Aaagh!
    Outfit: DKNY jeans, purple turtleneck (gotta love the Bay Area in August!), and slip-on Converse sneakers
    Lovin’: My new purple snake print flats!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 217 blending brush, makes the outer V a dream!
    Goals for the week: Gotta get the wee beasties’ hair trimmed…ok, mowed, get my brows waxed and go to my High School reunion! 🙂

  25. Tanya says:

    Mood: Bright-eyed a bushy-tailed!
    Mascara: Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft.
    Fragrance: Juicy Couture.
    Morning beverage: H2o.
    First song I heard today: Something by Diana Ross & The Supremes.
    Food craving: My grandmas cookies 😀 They’re waiting in my lunchbag to be my afternoon snack.
    Outfit: Navy Blue blouse with small white polka dots (from Anne Taylor), Light Tan pencil skirt, Navy pumps.
    Lovin’: My family!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 242. It just does it all.
    Goals for the week: Clean my stash (insert laugh track here)….yeah, right. I say that every week!

    Tanyas last blog post..Haulin’ – Cherry Culture Wets My Whistle.

  26. Lisabrelle says:

    Karen –
    I don’t really have a training schedule, just to get back to running 4 miles or so, three days a week at least. I’ve done a half marathon and a full, so I know the stamina is in there somewhere!!!

  27. Beth says:

    Le list

    Mood: Relaxed. My week off starts today. Woo!

    Mascara: I’m not wearing any, but I just got my Avon order and got their Supershock Mascara in Fall Plum which looks so pretty.

    Fragrance: No perfume, but I’m using baby oil as my body moisturiser so I think thats what I smell like.

    Morning beverage: Its almost 10:30pm here, so I’m doing an evening beverage and I’m drinking Magners Cider – yum!

    First song I heard today: We Made It – Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park.

    Food craving: Chocolate. I went out for lunch today and had Orange Liquer Profiteroles for dessert and I could happily eat them all over agian.

    Outfit: Mint Green shorts and a black t-shirt which are acting as PJs today.

    Lovin’: Not having to go to work tomorrow, the fact that Crown Brushes now have a UK website so I can place an order and not have to wait ages for it AND that I’ll hopefully be able to have a look around one of the MAC pro stores in London later this week.

    Favorite makeup brush and why: I’ve got a Smashbox blending brush thats pearl white with white goat hair bristles and its gorgeous – really soft and I love using it even if I’m not much of a blender!

    Goals for the week: Relax and enjoy my time off!

    My foot is all better now, so I’m back to my usual “walk-everywhere” self, thank you for asking! I hope your Monday has gone well so far!


    Beths last blog post..Random Beth Facts #2

  28. Melinda says:

    Mood: Anxious
    Mascara: None currently, still love my Imju.
    Fragrance: Lovely by SJP
    Morning beverage: Lemon water
    First song I heard today: Mercyme- bring the rain
    Food craving: pasta! yum!
    Outfit: old navy tank, lounge shorts and flip flops. lazy day!
    Lovin’: Life
    Favorite makeup brush and why: My Benefit hard angled eyebrow brush because it helps me achieve amazing eyebrows 😀
    Goals for the week: workout, stick to my diet, update my blog 😀

    Melindas last blog post..Neutogena Visibly Even

  29. Rachel says:

    Mood: accomplished
    Mascara: smashbox bionic. i just bought, it’s not too shabby
    Fragrance: gucci rush 2
    Morning beverage: easy-ice nonfat mocha
    First song I heard today: doooont stop, belieeeevin! by journey
    Food craving: hm…turkey wrap
    Outfit: express jeans, empire waist purple tank
    Lovin’: shopping for other people. i just bought all the gifts [both from me and my fam] for my sister’s 18th birthday. got some small things for lil ol’ me as well 🙂
    Favorite makeup brush and why: sonia kasuk eye shadow brush. great size, great handle, and cheap.
    Goals for the week: spend as much time as i can with my best friend who’s in town for the week.

    have a great day erveryone! 😀

  30. Aleks says:


    Thanks for the recs! I’ve been thinking about Margin but never tried it on so I’ll keep an eye on those! Nope, unfortunately we don’t have Neutrogena in Finland. But I’mma check that one out online and keep it in mind for the future 🙂

    Agreed, I thought Heath was very frightening as a Joker, too. Besides, he seemed at least fifteen years older! I wonder what’s up with suits as they seem to make any man look at least decent, lol! C. Bale is such a hottie in a suit!

    Lol, I’m the worst wimp ever! I rode a rollercoaster for the first and the LAST time in my life! It wasn’t even big or super scary and my friend and I were one of the oldest kids in the queue, lol. It was just awful and I felt sick afterwards, lol. We realized we’re too old for amusement parks, lucky you for being able to have such a happy child in you! 😉 I understand why El Hub needs to be tricked to a rollercoaster ride.. 😀

    Le list

    Mood: alright

    Mascara: Lancôme L’extreme in Brown

    Fragrance: Emerald Dream by Estée Lauder (my summer fave)

    Morning beverage: a glass of juice

    First song I heard today: Tequila Moonlight by Self Against City

    Food craving: Chinese

    Outfit: gray college pants, blue UCLA Bruins t-shirt, white Converse
    All Star low-top sneakers, denim coat (I’ve only been to the post office today so it’s super casual), white star earrings

    Lovin’: long walks, sunset, iPod

    Favorite makeup brush and why: my brushes are pathetic so I gotta say none BUT I’m planning on getting a decent MAC e/s brush soon

    Goals for the week: do something useful, be positive

    PS. I remember you saying that you like Paris. I saw ‘Paris, je t’aime’ some weeks ago and really liked it. I wonder if you’ve seen it as you could like it as well.. it’s a collection of short movies of Paris. 🙂

  31. christine says:

    Mood: frantic–ive got a lot of stuff still left to do
    Mascara: covergirl lashblast waterproof
    Fragrance: burberry brit
    Morning beverage: orange juice with extra pulp
    First song I heard today: ‘disturbia’ by rihanna
    Food craving: jack in the box’ curly fries (w/ buttermilk ranch!)
    Outfit: boxer shorts, simple gray t-shirt, mismatching socks lol
    Lovin’: MAC starflash in ‘top hat’ and ‘lotusland’
    Favorite makeup brush and why: shu uemura blush brush (pony #20); this brush is awesome bc it’s the erfect size to fit the cheek area, and is tapered perfectly for blending. the stiffness yet flexibility of the bristles is just right for the perfect distribution of any color. its incredibly soft, easy to wash (and fast drying too), and is the best brush i own! 🙂
    Goals for the week: finish everything up for graduation!! 🙂

  32. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. Glad that you are getting the hang of Exceptionnel mascara; that brush is huge! I think it must be because I’m generally clumsy and unskilful with mascara, even those with smaller brush. I need more practice! 😉
    Mood: Mentally tired
    Mascara: None (I only wear mascara on special occasions and weekends).
    Fragrance: Chance Eau Fraiche
    Morning beverage: Warm milk
    First song I heard today: I don’t know the title…
    Food craving: Chocolate banana smoothie
    Outfit: White stripped blouse and black-brown pants
    Lovin’: Estee Lauder Chocolate Decadence collection
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC duo fibre brush because it blends out patchy blush easily.
    Goals for the week: Nothing. This week is not particularly pleasant and it could be worse because of spillover from last week.

  33. Marisol says:

    Mood: satisfied – just finished a yummy dinner and now I am browsing my Google reader
    Mascara: CG Lash Blast
    Fragrance: D & G Light Blue
    Morning beverage: I had a iced venti caramel machiato
    First song I heard today: Tone Loc’s Funky Cold Medina – it is my ring tone and my friend called me first thing this morning
    Food craving: ball park corn dog
    Outfit: black pants, pink print blouse…
    Lovin’: Sugar Free Strawberry Vines
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC’s 187 – best brush for liquid foundation and applying blush
    Goals for the week: continue the job search

  34. Kristina says:

    Le list
    Mood: dog tired
    Mascara: Diorshow blackout waterproof
    Fragrance: palmers cocoa butter (does that count?)
    Morning beverage: Starbucks house blend cream & sugar
    First song I heard today: Wanna make a memory – Bon Jovi
    Food craving: chocolate pudding
    Outfit: black pants, white top & cheetah flats
    Lovin’: my husband & my puppies
    Favorite makeup brush and why: sephora angled eye liner (but for brows) – really helps to fill in the blanks
    Goals for the week: clean house for girlfriends visit

  35. Hannah says:

    Mood: content
    Mascara: Sana Extra Large- my all time fave for holding curl
    Fragrance: Chanel No.19
    Morning beverage: Root Beer, unhealthy I know.
    First song I heard today: Dance Machine, the Jackson Five
    Food craving: sausages!
    Outfit: little black dress from GAP, sky high stilletos (how do you walk in these things?)
    Lovin’: fountain pens, matte, the cinema
    Favorite makeup brush and why: umm..I don’t know the name because I picked it up in Taiwan and the name has since rubbed off. But itd great at blending.
    Goals for the week: Wake up earlier e.g before 10am, eat less chocolate and remember to pack for the moving house.

  36. Shefali says:

    Mood: Tired as all hell…I’ve been up since 6:30am, dropped the tot off at daycare at 7:45am, met with my colleague at 8am to go over some project plans until 9:30am, took some of our child clients to the beach until 3pm, rushed to a meeting, finished that at 5:15, and while driving home found out my husband is very, very sick. Been taking care of him while making dinner and taking care of my in-laws. It’s been a ridiculous day.
    Mascara: CG Waterproof Lash Blast in Very Black
    Fragrance: Nada, forgot
    Morning beverage: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte
    First song I heard today: I haven’t heard a song today, it’s been that crazy
    Food craving: 31 Flavors Gold Medal Ribbon
    Outfit: Nightshirt
    Lovin’: Sleep
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 239 – it works with EVERYTHING
    Goals for the week: Stay caught on progress notes – then I’m on VACATION BABY!! until June 20. Woo hoo!!!

  37. ines says:

    Le list
    Mood: focused. prepping for a seminar i’m giving on the social interactions and relationship psychology of koreans. also happy – GOING BACK TO MONTREAL NEXT WEEK WHEE!

    Mascara: MAC splashproof lash – blacksplash

    Fragrance: calvin klein CK one

    Morning beverage: tall starbucks coffee of the day – verona roast, black with raw sugar only

    First song I heard today: el sol (merengue remix) – don omar

    Food craving: enchiladas con salsa verde, the way my boo makes it.

    Outfit: seven for all mankind wide leg jeans, silver gladiator sandals, white fitted v-neck t-shirt, bottle green shrunken vest, forest green headscarf and peridot butterfly necklace

    Lovin’: Favorite makeup brush and why: benefit get bent brush dipped in napoleon perdis cake eyeliner sealer – the best for cat eyes!

    Goals for the week: actually finish packing a day before my flight, not spending the night before my flight rushing it (and not getting any sleep…). FIX MY SLEEPING PATTERNS, so i don’t look like a member of the living dead when i land in montreal.

  38. Megan says:

    Mascara:stila multi effect
    Morning beverage:orange juice
    First song I heard today:I kissed a girl
    Food craving:something salty
    Outfit:Abercrombie moose pjs and a white T
    Lovin’:Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (SOOOOO good!)
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC eyeliner brush! couldnt live without it!
    Goals for the week: Be productive, stick to my diet and work out!

  39. bella says:

    Le list
    Mood: accomplished, and tired.
    Mascara: benefit bad gal with the white side from maybelline XXL as a primer underneath.
    Fragrance: L by LAMB
    Morning beverage: blended frozen lemonade from coffee bean. it was already 91* at 10 am this morning.
    First song I heard today: sugar by ladytron.
    Food craving: haribo gummi bears.
    Outfit: dark laurel canyons with ivory embroidered roses on the back pockets by paige premium, white beater, racerback mauve vest by young, fabulous and broke, havaianas.
    Lovin’: tomorrow! (shopping at the beach), leaving next week for a vacation up the california coastline.
    Favorite makeup brush and why: 266 for brows and 181 baby kabuki for buffing in face products. both by mac.
    Goals for the week: relax, pack, get a tan, not spend money.

  40. Ditte says:

    Mood: Happy and rested (the cat slept in the kitchen last night, instead of in my bed, waking me every few hours to receive petting)
    Mascara: L’oréal double extension beauty tubes, black.
    Fragrance: None.
    Morning beverage: Vienna coffee with skimmed milk.
    First song I heard today: “Last girl on earth”, presidents of the united states of america.
    Food craving: Pizza, from the new italian (for reals) pizza place in town. They use pesto and rucola salad, mmm.
    Outfit: Laced old-fashion white shirt and black pants.
    Lovin’: My new John Frieda Brilliant Brunette hair mousse.
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Youngblood kabuki – because it stays soft and rarely sheds.
    Goals for the week: Get my hair to bob and curl in that 20s way with tools – blowdryer and flat iron. Got a theme party saturday 😉

  41. Le list

    Mood: Exhausted
    Mascara: Maybelline Colossal + Diorshow Mascara
    Fragrance: Juicy Couture
    Morning beverage: Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea
    First song I heard today: I wanna make love in this club (Usher)
    Food craving: Pasta, Chicken Marsala
    Outfit: All black, black skinny pants, black shirt which had the back opened all the way to the middle. It’s one of my ‘I feel hot today’ shirts
    Lovin’: My eyes, a mix of green and purple (M.A.C Sweet Sage as base, M.A.C Swimming on inner half, M.A.C Purple Haze and Stars and Rockets on outter half)♥♥♥
    Favorite makeup brush and why: M.A.C 187, makes me look airbrushed
    Goals for the week: Get on top of schoolwork. Finish final exam ASAP.

    i♥makeups last blog post..A Desi Match

  42. Brenda says:

    Le list
    Mood: Worried
    Mascara: Not wearing any today
    Fragrance: Lolita lempicka L
    Morning beverage: Um…Green tea I think?
    First song I heard today: I kissed a girl…I believe
    Food craving: Strawberry vanilla cake drizzled in dark chocolate…
    Outfit: Black yoga pants and a teal top
    Lovin’: My new shoes <3
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Stippling brush, so soft… and what can’t it blend?!
    Goals for the week: Go work out at least 3 times

  43. Ping. says:

    is it a female thing to enjoy doing list. haha
    i love doing list/ poll like this.

    Mascara:maybelline XXL
    Fragrance:body odour? haha
    Morning beverage: starbuck green tea ice blended.. yummy.
    First song I heard today:MLTR – 25 minutes
    Food craving: err… ice cream ?
    Outfit: shorts and tank top
    Lovin’: holidays and boyfriend ahha…
    Favorite makeup brush and why: shu blusher brush.. well. .my only blusher brush.. ahha
    Goals for the week: try to find a permanent job..

  44. chrisTY says:

    Le list
    Mood: Is it 5pm yet?
    Mascara: L’Oreal Volume Shocking Step 1 as primer, MAC Zoomlash in zoomblack
    Fragrance: KenzoAMOUR
    Morning beverage: h2o
    First song I heard today: can’t remember!
    Food craving: ALL BAD STUFF! (DIETS SUCK so bad)
    Outfit: Summer dress with vintage ruffled shirt over, tied at the waist
    Lovin’: My credit card rewards refund!
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 187 (because its my newest one and does as it promises!)
    Goals for the week: Keep working out without slacking.
    <3 chrisTY

  45. jane says:

    Mood: Inspired
    Mascara: Lancome Fatale-brown
    Fragrance: Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau Friache
    Morning beverage: Crappy deli coffee
    First song I heard today: Night train-Guns n Roses (my ringtone)
    Food craving: Chocolate pudding
    Outfit: Camo pants,clean white tank top,tattoos
    Lovin’: My little japanese chin dog
    Favorite makeup brush and why: Mac 210 eyeliner..not too skinny,not too thick.
    Goals for the week:Find a way to come up with 1500 bucks to buy back my credits from beauty school in NY so I can transfer them to CT.

  46. Ellery says:

    I’m late but I love doing these. (:

    Mood: Great!
    Mascara: MAC Plush lash.
    Fragrance: Christina Aguilera’s! Finally something other than SJP.
    Morning beverage: Latte.
    First song I heard today: Macy Gray – Slap a Bitch.
    Food craving: Peanut butter cups…
    Outfit: Pajamas. *blush*
    Lovin’: Freeze pops.
    Favorite makeup brush and why: MAC 266, because it makes perfect lines and I only wear liquid liner. The brushes that come with them always suck though.
    Goals for the week: Go grocery shopping.. that’s all.

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