What’s the Closest You’ve Ever Come to a Major Makeup or Beauty Disaster?

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Freaking out


I’m talking about that one time when you came this close to an epic beauty disaster.

Mine happened only a couple months ago…


It was during a false eyelash phase, when I was wearing them almost daily.

I was using tweezers at the time to apply a set of false lashes, and that day, like most days, I was running a little behind, so I was rushing. I grabbed the closest pair of tweezers, which happened to be a super duper pointy pair.

I think you know where this is headed… Hurrying with a pair of pointy tweezers to apply false eyelashes?

Yeah, I came this close to poking out my eyeball! It was actually really scary, and it put me off of using tweezers to apply false lashes. Now I just use my fingers, even though it’s much harder for me, but that’s vastly preferable to poking an eye with razor-sharp metal tweezers, OMG!

Seriously, babe. Be careful.

How about you? What’s the closest you’ve ever come to a major makeup or beauty disaster?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. sarahc says:

    Hi, Karen! TGIF! 🙂

  2. That’s so scary! Glad you didn’t end up injuring your eye, Karen. Happy Friday!! So glad the weekend is almost here.

  3. Eeeep! Karen, that story is TERRIFYING. No major beauty disasters come to mind for me, but I do get really nervous while applying false lashes (for just this reason!)
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale: beauty

  4. Katherine M says:

    Scary stuff! Glad you didn’t end up poking your eye. I guess you could say I’ve had several beauty disasters, but my worst one was removing eye makeup…and somehow removing my day/night contact lens with it. Note to self: no aggressive rubbing/pulling! Let the remover do its job, even when you are tired! I used to be a really bad multi tasker when driving to college when I first started – I’d put on eyeliner at traffic lights and in slow traffic. However, almost poked out my eye doing that one, so doing the makeup while driving stopped. The really funny part was that I always left the house with plenty of time to spare, so I could have easily done it in the parking lot, which I started doing after almost poking my eye out!

  5. Michele E DiCola says:

    When I was still wearing contacts, one of them actually ripped inside my eye! While that is not a beauty disaster I was teaching in front of a class ! My makeup trickled down my face & I couldn’t see anything until I could reach for my handbag .
    I actually had a spare pair of contacts !
    I felt like a goofy especially in front of a class full of high schoolers !
    I have recently had LASIK surgery ! Best thing ever . No more contacts ! Easy eye make !
    Michele DiCola

  6. Lauren says:

    I haven’t tried these yet, but they seem to be the solution:

    Eyelash applicators!

  7. Ruchita says:

    Ooo, that’s scary about the tweezers! Luckily, nothing too bad has happened. Once I was using Nair to remove hair from my upper lip and accidentally left it on too long. When I wiped it off, my skin was all puffy and red. Oh, and there have been some bad shaving accidents – I have to be really careful around my ankles. Ah, to be a cat and not have to worry about hair removal. 🙂

    Speaking of, was Tabs playing with the strings on your suit? The cats literally have a box full of toys, but a random piece of string is their favorite!

  8. Iris says:

    That is a scary incident with the tweezers. I had a similar one long ago. I used to wear nail polish regularly and my standard makeup. One day I almost grabbed the nail polish to remove my eye makeup. O_o

    I still wear makeup but have skipped the nail polish nowadays.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve almost done this too! It is really scary!

    • Laure says:

      My makeup remover and nail polish remover are in similar packaging and I’ve caught myself a few times grabbing the nail polish remover to take off my eye makeup. Luckily I’ve always noticed before actually using it on my eyes, but I’ve had a few close calls. It’s not a pleasant realisation…

  9. Alison M says:

    Yikes!!! I had an actual beauty disaster. We went back to Wisconsin to see my family two Christmases (-es? -ii? Christmasii, haha!!) ago. I had an unbelievably painful cystic bump right in the center of my forehead. I’m talking the kind so massive that any slight muscle movement anywhere in my face had me cringing.

    So I took to google (first mistake) and a home remedy (in this case a huge mistake) using apple cider vinegar. I’ve used ACV for tons of home remedies and didn’t have a problem. This time….

    I burned a hole into my forehead. And for the next few weeks I had a scab covering the ACV-induced crater.

    As awful as it was, it didn’t involve almost going blind in one eye. So at least there’s that. 😉
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  10. nai says:

    My most memorable beauty disasters seem to involve my brows, exclusively. In high school, I was overzealous with a razor (regular one; not like the Japanese face ones) to clean up the area between my brows and zhuuunk! there went the inner third of my left brow. I tried to hide it with copious eyeliner (not brow pencil. I was hopeless) but while no one said anything, I’m sure everyone could tell.

    A few years ago, I waxed the underneath of my brow, and zhuuuunk! When I zipped off the hair, I took a layer of skin underneath. So sore! I had little patches of weepy skin, rather like what you see when a scab falls off, except more raw, right under my brows. My now-husband could barely stifle a laugh before pulling me in for a hug (I’m sure he was smirking to himself above my head). I didn’t wear eyeshadow for a week.

    I now pay a lovely, very skilled woman, to do my brows.

  11. Donna says:

    Yikes Karen, that is a scary incident, so happy to hear you didn’t actually poke your eye out with a sharp tweezer. My near miss with a Chanel eye lash comb, very sharp metal teeth. I was using the comb by the handle and my hand slipped and I almost poked eye out with it. Fortunately I was fast enough with the closed eyes and only stabbed my eye lid. I now use the Chanel eye lash comb by holding onto the head of the comb. It’s a much safer way to use this dangerous device!

    Love your blog, thank you for doing it.

  12. Icequeen81 says:

    Well may beauty disaster was a few years ago when my friend insisted she saw tiny facial hair above my lip, stupid me went and bought those Nair wax strips for facial hair, I got a rash, red and very swollen, the next day I had to give lessons, I managed to keep my book in front of my face as long as I could , I guess the teens found my behavior odd. One pointed at my lip and asked me in sign language what happened I guess he notice I was trying to hide it and tried to be very discreet . He is a sweet kid, after class I told him I had a accident with a face cream that went wrong, It was Horrible

  13. Chelsea says:

    I tried to use Purity Made Simple and got hives, does that count? Gentle my dying ass.

  14. Angela says:

    I have a scar on my eye from where my arm was hit when I was putting on eyeliner back in high school many years ago.

  15. Lena says:

    i also avoid making cat eyes when i am in a hurry <– liquid eyeliner spilling into the eyes is no fun.

    tabs is so cute!
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  16. Sylirael says:

    Hm, I’ve done pretty well, really. Nothing springs to mind in particular except for some truly spectacular and unfortunately placed zits – but that’s sort of just part of life I guess, hehe!

    I have totaly stabbed myself in the eye with eyeliner pencils before, but they’re not super sharp, so it’s more of an eye watering inconvenience than an actual disaster…
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  17. Ms. Heathen says:

    I had an incident with a glitter eyeliner that has made me swear off of them for all time. This liner had larger pieces that ended up in my eyes and I was terrified they’d scratch my cornea, it burned something awful too. It took quite a bit of time flushing my eyes with water until I got it all out. I threw all my glitter liners away that very same day and now I’m super nervous around any eye makeup with a lot of sparkle. It’s unfortunate, I love the look but I think I’m just too accident prone to pull it off.

  18. Rebecca says:

    Rushing to put some nail polish in my travel bag before one holiday I managed to drop a bottle of Russian Navy polish all over our just remodelled pale blue bathroom tiles… Then I slowed down to clean up!

  19. 80sChicwithglasses says:

    I’ve managed to burn myself. The first time i heated wax in the microwave for at home waxing. I didn’t know how long I needed to heat so I put the wax in for a couple minutes. It was far too hot but upon taking it out of the microwave to cool (our microwave is an overhead unit above the stove) it caught the lip of the trap and spilled down my hand, arm and onto my foot. Talk about burning and heavy explicits out of my mouth! I’m VERY lucky it didn’t leave scars on my skin, but it has in my memory. Needless to say, I leave the waxing to the pros, lol!

  20. Natalie says:

    LOL I just realized that “flushed my eye” sounds strange. I meant flushed with water.

  21. Rachel P. says:

    I’ve always been wary of the tweezers and use my fingers, too! My closest call in beauty was actually pretty bad… I was dying my own hair back in middle school or possibly early high school (can’t remember). It was one of my first times using a box dye, and I was doing a very thorough but also extremely sloppy application of the color. In an effort to get the color ev-er-y-where, I was using both a squeeze bottle and also my gloved hands to distribute the dye. I don’t remember how it happened but at one point, some dye dripped into my eye. It didn’t hurt so bad and I immediately went to irrigate my eye in the sink, but then I started seeing this fizzling and my vision went dark gray for a second. I literally thought I had gone blind in one eye and started crying and just kept flushing and flushing my face with water. A minute later, things fizzled back and I’ve been fine ever since. It was super scary. The stupid thing is, I kept using box dye for years after that. Guess I *didn’t* learn my lesson, even though it came the hard way- but now I only get colored at salons. That’s my scary beauty story- careful with the chemicals, guys!

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