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Pray for Paris Good morning, my sweet friend, wherever you are. Today my heart is with the thoughtful, kind, wonderful people of France. I’m overwhelmed by the events in Paris last night. I know that many of you who visit the blog and have for many years are from Paris and other parts of France, and I wish I could reach out and pull you into a huge hug right now.

You are loved very much, and people all around the world, including this small corner of Novato, California, have you in their thoughts and prayers.

I almost cancelled the giveaway this morning because it just didn’t feel right, but I don’t think anything really does right now. I hope something about it puts a smile on someone’s face.


Tabs and I are still waking up, so I’m going to keep this short. Thank you as always for stopping by on your journey, my friend. I hope you have a good weekend, whatever you’re up to, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:

    • Your favorite eyeshadow formula and finish?
    • Have you ever worn a disguise?
    • What’s your favorite spice?
    • Who is the most noble person you know?
    • What would be a good name for a nail polish color?
    • Combine the titles of two of your favorite movies in a fun way (e.g., “The Godfather at Tiffany’s”)
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, November 16, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Marieke says:

    Cinnamon everything!
    I’ll let you decide if that’s my favourite spice or a nail polish name…

  2. Amanda Zweig says:

    I am obsessed with matte eyeshadows, they are forsure my favorite.

    – Praying for Peace in Paris.

  3. Chelsea B says:

    My favorite spice cinnamon!

  4. Chelsea B says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon!

  5. Laura says:

    First of all, we are praying for Paris from Atlanta, Ga. Cinnamon Sugar is my favorite spice, we use it on toast and baked apples year-round. I do believe this would also be a great nail polish color for a shimmery fall metallic gold paired with a glittery top coat. πŸ™‚

  6. April says:

    I’ve always wanted to create a nail Polish called Confident πŸ™‚

  7. Sanda Remakus says:

    Favorite spice….is sriracha considered a spice? I put it on everything! Love your blog and YouTube videos (recently discovered them)!

  8. rosalyn says:

    My favorite spice has always been cinnamon =)

  9. Cherry says:

    Hi Karen,
    I prefer apply a cream eyeshadow as a base layer, then apply a layer of matte eyeshadow for makeup every day, or finish with sparkling eyeshadow for evening makeup.
    Thank you ^^

  10. Preena says:

    I feel so sad for the people of France right now…

  11. Andrea says:

    It’s so sad what is happening in Paris and all around the world.
    It’s even more sad that I have become numb to these types of news and that nothing shocks me anymore. I would like to think that I’m not a bad person, but it’s just so much is happening, nothing surprises me anymore.
    It’s so sad, and I pray that all this violence stops – not just in Paris, but world wide, because everyone deserves to be happy and no one deserves to live in fear.

    Sorry that got serious, hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday.

  12. Melissa says:

    I am so obsessed with makeup right now it’s ridiculous! This Sephora sale is driving me nuts! I had set out a list of certain things I wanted to buy so I wouldn’t overspend…. I ended up buying a lot more than I had intended! Thank you so much for your constant inspiration πŸ’•πŸ’• #prayforworld

  13. JackieC says:

    My favorite all time spice is saffron. After my recent trip to Spain and eating tons of paella, I have made it my mission to incorporate saffron into my cooking more. I love it!

  14. Tiffanie says:

    Praying for France.❀️

  15. jeanie says:

    polish name — unplumbed depths. hoping for healing and peace in Paris, Baghdad, and Beirut. so crazy.

  16. Dawn says:

    How about a nail polish called Snickerdoodle which would be a cream color with fine cinammon colored shimmer?

    The world is a sad place right now. Thanks for the small respite of beauty related indulgences. 8)

  17. Anny says:

    I like paprika! Adds a little kick to everything πŸ™‚

  18. Cheryl says:

    Right now I am obsessed with anything Rose Gold in makeup.

  19. Jennifer Pham says:

    Does curry count as spice? I love curry dishes!

  20. Joanna says:

    I love cumin! Jeni’s Ice Cream makes this flavor called cumin honey buttercake that sounds weird but is amazing.

  21. HM says:

    Animal by-product allergies make it that much harder to find make-up, but it is still so worth it for those pretty colors!

  22. Connie says:

    Sriracha on anything and everything! Love that stuff.

  23. Colleen Boudreau says:

    My favorite spice is cayenne pepper.

  24. Tara says:

    Good morning Karen,

    My favorite eyeshadow formula is matte, but I do love satin as well.

  25. Nia says:

    Pray for Paris

  26. Joni M says:

    Hi karen, hope you are having a great weekend. Hope your pregnancy is going well. Is your skin care routine changing much with the pregnancy? I never paid any attention during my first but with my daughter (2nd pregnancy), I got a little oilier than usual, through my t-zone and cheeks even. Then after she was born, I had a dry patch on the left side of my forehead, it flares up from time to time if I don’t keep a good moisturizer on it weekly.

  27. Sara P. says:

    Have a good weekend!

  28. My thoughts are with Paris and really the whole world today. On a lighter note, Lorac eyeshadow formula is my favorite, especially the Pros and Unzipped Gold!

  29. Lisa says:

    like everyone else, my thoughts are with Paris as well – such a horrible tragedy.

    it’s so impossible to choose, but my favorite spice is probably cumin – it’s so versatile.

  30. Daniela says:


    Extra cumin in hummus, chili flakes with everything (especially with sea salt on avocado toast) and last but not least cinnamon!

  31. MeaganS says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  32. susan says:

    Prayers for Paris
    I love Lorac shadows ~ all!

  33. CK says:

    I think my favorite spice is cumin!

  34. Aviva says:

    I definitely like matte eye shadows best πŸ™‚

  35. CS says:

    Favorite spice is cumin. Very spicy!

  36. 80sChicwithglasses says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula/ finish has to satin or matte. Never a fan of glitter on myself, but looks nice on others.

    Praying for Peace and for Paris

  37. Rosemary says:

    Prayers for Paris.

    Favorite spice and no one has mentioned Posh? OK, bad joke, cinnamon is always delish.

  38. Kirsten says:

    I love cayenne !!

  39. Laurel says:

    The Breakfast Gun (Top Gun and The Breakfast Club)

  40. Nicole says:

    Ooh until this year it’s always been matte until Mac came out with the wonderful L.E collection of dazzle shadows, I bought 8 of them and absolutely love them, hopefully one day they will make them part of the regular lineup (:

  41. RM says:

    My favorite spice is ginger.

  42. Coline T. says:

    garlic is an excellent spice! πŸ™‚

  43. Nicole says:

    Happy Caturday!!! =)

  44. Cassidy Harmon says:

    Pray for Paris! And also happy Diabetes Day!

  45. Agata says:

    Very wise words, Karen and you’re right-nothing seems right today…World is such a scary place…

    Have a good weekend though.
    Agata recently posted … A Pumpkin Spice FOTD feat. Makeup Geek Pigment in Vegas Lights

  46. Jennifer says:

    Sending my to love to Paris and all around. Thanks Karen for continuing the giveaway.

  47. Debora covasa says:

    Adams family in Vacation. Haha that wpuld actually be a good movie lol.
    A good nailpolish: blue stars

  48. Andee says:

    Hooray, Saturday the 14th!

  49. Loris Ayoub says:

    The most noble person I know is my mother. It breaks my heart that I haven’t seeing her in almost 9 years and she hasn’t even met my children. Life hasn’t being fair for her and she still always has a smile and a positive comment. I miss her.

  50. Paol Trenny says:

    My favorite spice is Ceylon cinnamon.

  51. Rachel R. says:

    I share your shock and sorrow over the terrorist attacks in Paris. It’s heartbreaking.

    My favorite spice is ginger.

  52. Trillina Palemi says:

    I think my favorite spice is cumin!

  53. Michelle says:

    My favorite eye shadow formula is a quad palette from Bare Minerals I got from Sephora over a year ago. I’m not sure if they still sell it, but it’s really pigmented and beautiful neutral colors.

  54. Olivia M says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula would have to be Too Faced’s! Ultimately I love matte finishes and Too Faced makes great mattes.

  55. Tori says:

    Cinnamon!!!! <3
    On a side note it would be amazing to win this as bow and arrow has literally just been restocked !

  56. Ambritt says:

    My favorite movies would be Ferris Buellers Day Off Beetlejuice Lol thanks for this giveaway!

  57. Nlm8 says:

    Cinnamon is a great spice! Happy Caturday!

  58. heather says:

    i am all about matte eyeshadows, i don;t like wearing anything with glitter or too much shimmer.

  59. Candace says:

    My favorite spice is paprika, I love the smoky flavor. On a more serious note as a New Yorker I will never forget the kindness showed to us by French people when we were attacked and I want to say we are keeping them in our hearts today too.

  60. Cory says:

    My heart is very much with the people of France right now…
    I don’t understand how people can be so violent yet consider themselves to be completely & devoutly religious… Where are their morals? Unless they are a true psychopath, each person has a very real moral compass. We all know the difference between right & wrong…

  61. carol clark says:

    i hate the cold weather i woke up freezing like ughhh but besides that i cant wait for christmas and i love tea and cherry drpepper

  62. Kara says:

    My favorite spice is dill!

  63. sandyhills says:

    My favorite side dish are honey glazed carrots

  64. FIONA says:

    I abso-damn-lutely love nutmeg. Maybe it’s just the delicious foods it normally goes with (custard, egg nog, pie…) or maybe I actually just find the flavor delectable. Either way, or maybe a combination of both, it’s starting nutmeg season and I couldn’t be happier.

  65. Lisa Brown says:

    A good name for a nail polish color: Aurora Borealis

  66. Maria says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the people in France.

  67. Isabella says:

    “Pulp where art thou?” (Pulp fiction and Oh brother where art thou) Sounds like something i would ask a pulp free juice πŸ˜‰

  68. Laura says:

    My favorite spice is pumpkin pie spice.

  69. Amy says:

    I love cinnamon. It’s so versatile with both sweet and savory dishes.

  70. Sandy P says:

    Love ginger! I also am so sad for the people in Paris.

  71. bearby says:

    Hi Karen,

    As sad as it sounds, I don’t look good with any eyeshadow colours. I have tried matte/shimmer, dark/light, expensive brands/drugstore brands. I am giving up! On the possible side, it is one of the areas that I don’t have to spend too much money on. A palette will last me forever.


  72. Janetta says:

    I love matte eyeshadows! They give a chic look imo.

  73. Aeris says:

    I love spices in general but if I have to choose, I’d say cardamom and ginger!

    Also, a special thought for the people in Paris… I live in Belgium and Paris is only 2 hour away by train so I often go there… It’s just awful!

  74. jules m. says:

    my favorite spice girl is Ginger Spice. πŸ˜›

  75. Nadia A. says:

    I am hugging my family even tighter today and saying even more “I Love You’s” while keeping the people of Paris and all humanity in my thoughts and prayers.

  76. Shelley says:

    May the people of France feel love from all over the world today. May kindness and peace overcome hate and fear today and every day.

  77. NFJ says:

    I know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet but I was wondering if Tabs has sent his wish list to Santa Paws?

  78. Caitie says:

    I’m all about a good shimmery eye shadow πŸ™‚

  79. Rachel says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon. My prayers go out to France.

  80. Jill says:

    I went absolutely crazy during the VIB Rouge sale so now I have about 1 million eye shadow palettes!I think my favorite formulas are Viseart, UD and Shu.

    Have a great day!

  81. Emily says:

    Favorite spice—oregano!! <3

  82. Kris says:

    I hit VIB Rouge status today at Sephora!!!

  83. Lorraine says:

    Nail Polish name- Bats in the Belfry.

  84. Katrina says:

    Cinnamon! Hence my blog & youtube name “CinnamonSugar” ☺️
    Katrina recently posted … My Picosure Experience at Belo Medical Group

  85. Susan T. says:

    My favorite spice is cumin but I also have a soft spot for turmeric. I just discovered a skin cream from India that is made of turmeric and it is amazing! I saw other people raving about it online and had to pick some up on ebay for myself.

  86. Jennifer says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon. I put cinnamon-flavored syrup in my DD coffee every day.

  87. Lilly says:

    Thanks for being a peaceful place where I know I can find some lighthearted fun.

  88. Maria T says:

    Hope you and your bump are doing well
    Nail polish colour … Kitten paw…

  89. Laurinha says:

    Hi Karen, have a nice weekend

  90. Kathy T says:

    If I were to combine two movie names I like…. Inside Up?? LOL

  91. Trudy Erickson says:

    My whole life I have adored Paris & the people in France…… It has truly been my role model for class, good taste and impeccable manners. I believe, as usual, France will continue to be the symbol of haute couture even in the middle of such a horrible crisis! Viva la France. Be blessed and our hearts are with you….

  92. Sam says:

    I don’t know why but lately I have been absolutely obsessed with sampling different fragrances. I just want to smell everything!

  93. Trudy Erickson says:

    And remember Karen – they adore the beauty & elegance of kitties just like we do ☺️

  94. Emily C says:

    I used to love shimmer eyeshadows but now I’m all about the mattes!

  95. Byanka Johnson says:

    My favorite eyeshadow finishes are satin and matte. Love the glitter ones too πŸ™‚

  96. Ashley says:

    My favorite spice (along with many other people, I saw) is cinnamon!!!

  97. Tracey E. says:

    For me today, the noble are those who came to the aid of people affected by the gruesome attacks in Paris: from those who provided shelter, who aided the injured, helped people to safety, connected people to confirm their safety, provided dignity to those fatally wounded, to those who will continue to go about their lives, not letting evil organize their activities.

  98. Mary W says:

    Name for nail polish – My Heart Bleeds For Paris. Fits the mood today.

  99. Ren says:

    My favorite spice is rosemary, especially in cornbread! Awesome question, by the way. It’s a topic that certainly doesn’t get enough attention.

  100. Chris Singh says:

    Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist go to White Castle!

    Such varied taste!

  101. Lesia says:

    Um…Boy do I love cilantro! The smell, the taste, and it removes unwanted metals from your system! A bonus!

  102. Tatiana says:

    I am so saddened and dismayed by the events in Paris. I pray for a world without violence, where there is respect for all our differences.

    I looked up the definition for noble to make sure I got it right. While my husband doesn’t fit the first definition, he is definitely the embodiment of the second one. And I am one lucky gal, to have this really great guy in my life.
    1. belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic.

    2. having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.
    synonyms: righteous, virtuous, good, honorable, upright, decent, worthy, moral, ethical, reputable

  103. Tracy Robertson says:

    I’ve never worn a disguise, but I’ve indulged myself in fantasizing about how I’d try to pull one off if I was a famous celebrity and wanted to go out without being recognized.

  104. Lydia says:

    I like eye-shadow that is just a little bit shimmery.

  105. Kait says:

    I like mattes mostly but shimmery/metallic finishes on the lid.

  106. Anne Tran says:

    I really really REALLY miss painting my nails and having long nails. Since I’m a nursing student, we’re not allowed to have nail polish on, long nails, false nails or perfume on for that matter. I compensated from being a nail polish junkie to a makeup and skincare junkie. That’s how I found you Karen πŸ™‚

  107. BJW says:

    I think my favorite spice is cinnamon.

  108. Karyn Kirke says:

    Paris, Beirut, Kenya….I really don’t understand religious fervor.

  109. Nicole says:

    I’m a big fan of matte or satin eyeshadows.


  110. Carolina says:

    My thoughts are with the people of France!!!

  111. karleena says:

    i looove love cinnamon!

  112. Alexandra Estevao says:

    Praying for France

  113. Remi says:

    I want a chrome silver polish with red star shaped glitter in it. Call it Zimniy Soldat.

  114. Farah D says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon!

  115. Kasia says:

    I recently discovered Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation, and it is absolutely amazing. It has satin finish and, if applied in thin layers, looks flawless but without looking cakey

  116. latanya says:

    I love cardamon

  117. Lynn T. says:

    I love ginger it gives coffee a nice kick

  118. Analy Rodriguez says:

    Love Actually & Jurassic Park would be… Jurassic Actually? haha

  119. Katherine says:

    Like many others, I am a huge fan of cinnamon! πŸ™‚

  120. Trish says:

    I like cinnamon best!

  121. Lulubelle says:

    My current favorite spice is turmeric. I’ve been putting a teaspoon in my morning smoothie which gives it a nice kick πŸ™‚

  122. Mel says:

    My favorite spice would be black pepper or cinnamon they’re both so fiery and homey to me

  123. Kecia S. says:

    My Big Fat Princess Bride.

    My heart goes out to those in Paris. The actions of a few are trying to ruin it for everyone else. It’s not right.

  124. lisa says:

    the most noble person i know is my mom!

  125. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    I like my eyeshadows matte, as I use an eye concealer that already has a light reflecting shimmer (IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye).
    And Paprika rocks my spice world!


  126. Mardi says:

    I like shimmering Urban Decay eyeshadow. Wet N Wild is great too.

  127. Sarah Sq. says:

    I’m all about cinnamon!

  128. Kellyn says:

    I’ve never worn a disguise, but sometimes I feel like I’m wearing one when I see people I knew before I cut all my hair off! LOL

  129. Ingrid says:

    I’d have to agree with the majority here and say that I absolutely love cinnamon!!

    And can we talk about eyeshadows?? I love a good matte or satin eyeshadow!

  130. Jessie C. says:

    I love cinnamon!

  131. maria says:

    So many spices to choose from…my favorite is cinnamon today. My heart goes out to the victims of terror attacks all over the world.

  132. Sarah says:

    Thinking of the people of France. ❀️

  133. Peggy says:

    Im currently obsessed with liquid lipsticks. My favourites are from Jeffree star, Kat Von D, Stila, ABH. All lasted whole day on me after drinking, eating and kissing the husband.

  134. Oli says:

    I love Buxom primer infused eyeshadows

  135. Brian says:

    My favorite finish for eyeshadows are duochromes.

  136. Jenn says:

    Cinnamon is my fave spice.

  137. Maria says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula would have to be Burberry!

  138. Tiph says:

    after this dark night, I just wanna thank you to speak about what happened in Paris, my City. Merci.

  139. Nicole says:

    My favorite finishes are duo chromes that have a pretty sheen. I love the Nars duel intensity shadows and Urban Decay’s shadow formulas.

  140. Shari Antmann says:

    The Phantom of Mamma Mia

  141. Elle says:

    The Silence of La Femme Nikita

  142. Claudia Longoria says:

    My thoughts & prayers go out to France- all the best to the county & the world.

  143. Angie says:

    Praying for Paris.
    I enjoy ginger and pepper!

  144. Tiffany says:

    I’m very late to the game but discovered the magic of cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks. Better late than never right?

  145. Terri says:

    I really like rosemary and thyme.

  146. Jackeline says:

    What dreams Good will would be to of my favorite movies combined.

  147. Jen C says:

    Nail polish color name: Tiffany Blue

  148. Rose, Z. says:

    I’m a therapist and my client rescheduled our usual session to Saturday mornings. At first I was annoyed but after I saw improvement in today’s session, I was proud that I played a role in their improvement. Atrocities like what happened in France are evil. I’m glad to work in a field that I help others become better themselves. Today I contributed positivity into the universe to oppose the negativity out there.

  149. Marie E. says:

    My favorite spice is cardamom.

  150. Rachel says:

    It is a hard call between cinnamon and peppermint. I love both so much! I guess technically peppermint is an extract, not a spice, so cinnamon!

  151. Whitney says:

    I cannot think of my own polish name so I’ll vote for April’s – Confidence!

  152. Cindy says:

    I know most people hate them but my favorite eyeshadow is glitter eyeshadow! Midnight Cowboy rules!

  153. Stella Martis says:

    You always have a great great event here πŸ™‚

  154. Tania G says:

    Love garlic powder and paprika. Use it in pretty much all the dishes I make.

  155. Kelly D says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon.

  156. Denay says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon … I literally put it on everything !11

  157. Rina says:

    Mint is on my mind, not sure it counts as a spice.

  158. Jennifer says:

    My favorite spice is cumin-use it all the time1

  159. Amoure Jones says:

    My prayers to all of those in Paris, their friends and family. It’s truly a sad thing that has happened.

    Your favorite eyeshadow formula and finish?

    I really like a more matte or satin finish when it comes to eyeshadows.

    Have you ever worn a disguise?


    What’s your favorite spice?

    Sriacha – That’s a spice right? lol

    Who is the most noble person you know?


    What would be a good name for a nail polish color?

    Amoure to love (More to love)

    Combine the titles of two of your favorite movies in a fun way (e.g., β€œThe Godfather at Tiffany’s”)

    Love Infinity (Love Jones and Amour Infinity)

  160. nicolthepickle says:

    Praying for France.
    The most noble person I know is a mom I just met of a little kid with cystic fybrosis. I can’t imagine how hard that would be.

  161. Lyse Davitt says:

    To eat, thyme. To smell, cloves.

  162. jonna says:

    My thoughts for Paris
    Beauty will save the world; and the French have done their part. They have given us so much beauty. (Paraphrased quote from the novel The Idiot.)

    Nail color
    I live in Seattle so
    Seattle Grey- a sort of marbalized trusted grey like the sky (grey like that silly book title) or
    Seattle green a in Emerald city.

  163. Denise S says:

    Cinnamon is my favorite spice — and it seems I’m not alone in that. πŸ™‚ Also, I love matte eyeshadows the best.

  164. annalisa says:

    I like the dark pearlized finish shadows from colour pop for a dramatic eye look, but otherwise any matte shadows for everyday makeup =)

  165. Ashleigh says:

    I have the honor of knowing several really noble, strong women! They inspire me to be a more compassionate person, and are great examples of people who are leaders and who care about the world. One in particular is in my thoughts, my best friend from high school and the time we spent in Paris together. She was working there up until recently.

  166. Abby says:

    I <3 creamy glittery eyeshadows!

  167. Chelsea says:

    I don’t know that I can combine my favorite movies in an interesting way! They’re Gypsy and Cry Baby.

  168. Al says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Karen! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

  169. Charlotte says:

    I’m going to learn to do makeup

  170. BB says:

    I love the extra dimension type formulas like MAC and Ardency Inn (maybe they are not the same but I find them a bit similar).

  171. KJ says:

    My FAVE spice is definitely cumin. It goes on so many delicious things. I think a batch of chili may be in order….

  172. Audrey McGeorge says:

    Right now I’m all about any formulation of eye shadows, but powder. Gel, cream, whipped, oil based, etc.

  173. Regina says:

    I’m happy for my day off tomorrow to spend some quality time with my kids.

  174. Heather ツ (@aitch77) says:

    Pray for Paris.

  175. hanna says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    hanna recently posted … Review: Bella Reina Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

  176. Melinda says:

    Drop dead dirty dancing πŸ™‚ shew talk about alliteration

  177. Susan Parker says:

    My favourite spice is basil. I love both the scent and the flavour!

  178. Joselyn Hernandez says:

    Pepper is the spice I’d need to have, not that I loads on everything, but I use it quite a bit.

  179. Lori P says:

    I’m getting to watch the football game between Oklahoma and Baylor!

  180. Brittany Jones says:

    I have a confession: I don’t like Pumpkin Spice-ANYTHING! I tried to, I really did, but it’s just not my thing. For a fall drink, I prefer Cinnamon Spice or something along those lines. Good luck everyone!

  181. Savannah says:

    Praying that everyone involved in last nights attack finds peace. I hope their physical and emotional pain lessens πŸ™ the entire world needs peace and
    I wish it was easier to access.

  182. Erin says:

    Does salt count as a spice? I love salt. Especially smoked salts.

    I’m very upset about the Beirut and Paris too, it’s hard.
    Erin recently posted … Etat Libre d’Orange Fat Electrician

  183. Christina says:

    I only wore shimmer eyeshadows for years. I started wearing matte ones recently and they are definitely my new favorite!

  184. Renee says:

    My heart is so so heavy for those in Paris, love and good will to them…

    On a lighter note…
    Favorite shadow formula: MAC paint pots
    Favorite spice: Sage
    Combo of favorite movies: Good Will Brockovich
    No disguise for me πŸ™‚
    Most notable person I know: probably my late Grandmother who had received awards from Pope John Paul for her service in the Catholic Church
    A good name for nail polish: Healing touch

  185. Nataya A says:

    It’s horror everytime new news comes up about war and terror. Peace not only to Paris but to the whole world.

    By the way, chilli and peppers are definitely my favorite spices. I also would love to name a nail polish series something with wine or cocktails, or tropical something, or shakes..:)

  186. michaela says:

    i’m definitely shopping the sephora sale tonight, maybe a bit of retail therapy will help uplift my spirit.

  187. Calli says:

    Ginger is my favorite spice!

  188. Maddie says:

    My favorite spice is cloves.

  189. Lesley says:

    My favourite spice is ginger and my favourite herb is basil.

  190. Becca M says:

    Is garlic an herb or a spice? Either way, it’s my favorite!

  191. Jill says:

    Happy weekend! Yay giveaway time!

  192. em says:

    The Dragon of Oz

  193. Krystle says:

    I like matte powder eyeshadow

  194. Illy Junus says:

    My favorite spice is basil and pepper, and eye shadow finishes is satin. My prayers for people in Paris

  195. Jen says:

    Viva la France. I stand with France. Paris IS the most beautiful city in the world and tonight the Eiffel Tower is dark in mourning. My heart aches yet again, for the French. Je suis Charlie. Saw a car today here in the East Bay, San Ramon, with one of those little USA flag things attached and flying from its window. Wish I had a USA and a French flag with which to bedeck my car. Viva la France! We are with you!

  196. Devis says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula is from colourpop and makeup geek!

    Thank you for the giveaway, my heart is heavy as well.

  197. Rachel says:

    Yes, the tragedy in Paris has really thrown me off. My prayers are certainly there and the many other places in the world hurting.

    My favorite eyeshadow is a satin/shimmer finish. No obvious glitter or anything but not just a flat matte either.

  198. Lala says:

    My favourite spice is cinnamon πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great contest and blog! It’s always both informative and entertaining.

  199. Rena says:

    My favorite spice is peace.
    Praying for paris and all of humanity tonight

  200. Amber says:

    I love saffron and ginger.

  201. Lizzie says:

    I love cayenne pepper!!!

  202. shrav says:

    Nars palette is calling my name. The gift card would help me go for it.

  203. Amy Z. says:

    Salt and pepper is my favorite spice mix.

  204. Kristin says:

    Prayers for Paris! πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

  205. Michelle says:

    My favourite eyeshadow finish are the Veluxe Pearl ones from MAC. I often don’t have time for complicated eye makeup, so I like how the colour shifts on them to make it a little more interesting if I have time to only apply one colour of shadow.

    I love cardamom! Cardamom in ice cream, cookies or lattes is my favourite.

  206. Meg says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formulas are Kat Von D and MUFE. I can’t pick just one. I also can’t pick one finish because I love them all! lol
    Meg recently posted … Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks- 2015 Holiday Colors!

  207. Lauren says:

    im a big fan of cream shadows in general bc they are one and done. Laura mercier, Charlotte Tilbury are both awesome

  208. Jess Lim says:

    I can’t wait for Game of Thrones next year

  209. Hilary says:

    My favorite spices are cinnamon and cumin! mmm

  210. Anita says:

    Not to sound like a Miss Universe Contestant, but I do wish for world peace. If all of us wish for World peace and acceptances, we would have no war, no attacks, and no broken families. World Peace starts with you and me.

  211. Holly says:

    Wasabi would be a great name for a nail polish. Heck, you could do an entire sushi themed line: salmon, edamame, nori, black sesame, sake, pickled ginger, etc. Incidentally, fresh or candied ginger is my favorite seasoning ever.

  212. Alona Y says:

    Eternal Sunshine of the Departed! Love both those movies.

  213. buckycatt says:

    K & T – My brother Ira, his wife Jody & my 3 awesome nephews live in Pittsburgh. This year I discovered a company – Steel City Cotton Works. They make the softest tees ever!!! Most of the designs are Pit inspired which I’m fine with, but they also have plain shirts that are to die for. The problem is they are all I want to wear now. Hope you have found something comfy to wear w the changing weather. Have a good week!

  214. Metta says:

    Being Thai I love any spice as long as it’s so spicy you pass outπŸ˜‚ But I use a lot of chili peppers and grind them down in a mortar and pestle. Can’t do the flakes or powder.

  215. I returned the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette today, I’d been on the fence but in the end it just didn’t make sense to keep for the two blushes.
    Nicole – Beyond the Pale and Freckled recently posted … Recent Beauty Favorites – October 2015

  216. Lena says:

    it’s indeed terrible, what happened in paris. the senselessness of it.
    je suis parisienne.:(
    Lena recently posted … Best of Beauty for over a Decade

  217. Hannah Clou says:

    Anyone else watching the democratic debate? Loving the bright lip colors on the debate moderators!!!

  218. Sarah W says:

    My husband is the most noble person I know

  219. Deb says:

    Thoughts and prayers to Paris. It’s just too much to even comprehend.

    Thank you for having this giveaway.

    My movie…Remember the Dirty Dancing.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  220. Stacy Z says:

    My favorite spice is pumpkin spice!

  221. Heather R says:

    My favorite spice is garam masala (or rather a blend of spices).

  222. Nancy says:

    I don’t necessarily have a eyeshadow formula but I love priming my eyelids with the urban decay eyeshadow primer I sometimes apply that to my lips to get a longer wear from it. I’ve only dressed up for Halloween I never quite wore a disguise.

  223. Kirsten says:

    I think the best thing we can do to spit in the eye of these terrorists is to live our lives normally and love people more.

    Your favorite eyeshadow formula and finish? I like mild shimmers.

    Have you ever worn a disguise? No! I’d like to though.

    What’s your favorite spice? Cardomon. Chai everything!

  224. Jocelyn says:

    I’ve started to appreciate thyme a lot more lately.

    Paris breaks my heart. I hope the people who lost loved ones can find a sense of peace someday.

  225. BooBooNinja says:

    My thoughts are with the people of France.

  226. Cyndi says:

    For the longest time I preferred to wear shimmer or satin eyeshadows on the lid, but as of late I’ve been all about the mattes!

  227. Nikki says:

    I think a good nail polish name would be Fire. Then I could say I have fiery fingers πŸ˜‰

  228. Alana R. says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula is matte!

  229. Kimm says:

    The most noble person I know, besides my amazing parents, is my incredible husband. We have been friends since we were 10 (27 years!) and although he was a little punk as a kid, he had grown up to be one of the most honest, sincere, hard working, brave, tough, noble people I know and I am so lucky to be married to him πŸ™‚
    Praying for all those suffering around the world. Praying so hard.

  230. Leah says:

    I always loved the Wizard of Oz and Mean Girls……so you get either Mean Wizards or The Wizard of Girls, both of which sound like some weird Disney Channel movies!

  231. ann b says:

    The Shawshank Clue

  232. Kathleen says:

    My heart and thoughts are with the people of Paris and their loved ones.

  233. Maren says:

    Nail polish color: The Club. Or maybe Up In The Club.
    Maren recently posted … Use Your Powers For Good (For Those Who Love to Argue)

  234. Kristen says:

    Love vanilla

  235. Rachel says:

    I love shimmer and frosh shadows, even though I’ve read those with hooded eyes (like myself) should stick to mattes. WHATEVS! I wear what I want! πŸ˜€

  236. CL says:

    Friday’s terrorist attack reminded me why Twain said that “man is the lowest animal.”

  237. Brittany says:

    My favorite spice would have to be green cardamom. I use it frequently to make tea and it adds a lovely sweetness to the overall flavor.

  238. Taylor says:

    Praying for peace in the world

  239. Meghan P says:

    My mom is def the most noble person I know πŸ’•

  240. Jo Cayabyab says:

    The French have shown us courage, grace and hope during these very dark times. From my corner of the world in Manila, saludo kami sa inyo (we salute you).

  241. Stephanie says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon closely followed by nutmeg. A pinch of nutmeg always seems to make everything taste a little bit better.

  242. Melissa says:

    I’m praying for peace in everyone’s heart

  243. mrsshukra says:

    Fried Green ELF!

  244. Judy says:

    Waiting for snow~

  245. farheen says:

    i don’t know anything about makeup! But i’m learning, thanks a ton to this blog!

    and for the movie name mashup:
    ‘Harry potter and the 40 year old virgin!’
    (it will be about snape lmao)

  246. Vanna says:

    Thank you for your words on the events in Paris. Praying for peace.

  247. sara says:

    A good name for a nail polish would be Starlight

  248. Florence says:

    Thank you. But it’s so strange because we know that we will have more attacks, somewhere in Europe. It’s like that. We must live with that.Merci de penser Γ  nous et gros bisous Γ  tous ( and of course for the beautiful Tabs!).Have a nice day.

    • Astrild says:

      That’s true. Eleven years ago we suffered here, in Madrid, the worst terrorist attack in Europe. 192 people were killed when several terrorists put bombs in 4 trains at the same time. Eleven years after that, we are crying for new innocents killed. What will happened in the future? This have bring us our worst memories.

      Our heart is with Paris, all the victims and their families.

  249. Liz says:

    My favorite herb is basil. I would put basil on everything if I could.

  250. Kimberly says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon.

  251. MelodyJ says:

    I love cinnamon just like so many others here.

  252. Rhoda K says:

    Keeping the people of Paris and indeed the whole of France in my thoughts x

  253. Becky says:

    Oohhhhhhh MATTE EYESHADOWS. Yes indeed. Anything grey/purpley toned. Particularly the Viseart palettes, they are divine. Cripplingly expensive but oh-so-buttery. Karen, if you haven’t already-I urge you to try them!

  254. Lauren says:

    I am happy that you didn’t cancel the give away…it will put a huge smile on someone’s face. My wish is that one of your readers in France wins!! <3 <3 <3

  255. Tenley Erickson says:

    Cinnamon is my favorite spice, hands down! Keeping with that thought…how about “Cinnagold” for a nail polish color? It could be brown with gold flecks in it!

  256. Anastasia T. says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon πŸ™‚

  257. Nathalia says:

    I’m totally a cinnamonholic!

  258. Aurelie Red says:

    Thanks for your message (I’m french, I live near Paris) β™₯
    So… my favorite spice is…CUMIN ! Love it !


  259. Hi Karen, I hope you’re having a good weekend so far. Ours has been a weird one so far, with the Paris attacks and a family situation… πŸ™
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Video | Beautiful Zermatt

  260. Wayne says:

    Hoping for an uneventful weekend.

  261. Katrina says:

    I’ve been obsessed with matte eyeshadows! So in love with my KVD Shade+Light Eye Palette!

    Wishing you and baby a happy and healthy pregnancy (:

  262. Maria says:

    Hi Karen
    Thanks for a very inspirational blogg.
    My absolute favorit eyeshadow is Chanel Illussion DΒ΄ombre Illusoire.
    I never get tired of that color.
    Greetings from Sweden,

  263. Jamie says:

    MAC’s Extra Dimension eyeshadows are the best formula ever! I keep hoping for them to come out with more colors, like orange, yellow, lime green, red, etc.

  264. Poppy says:

    Garlic is one of my favorite spices.


  265. Justine says:

    Turmeric gets my vote.

  266. Elena says:

    Cinnamon is My favorite Spice!!!!!
    Thanks Karen😊

  267. Lisa Foster says:

    Just happy to get up and find it raining this morning.

  268. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    Pretty Woman Legally Blonde! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  269. Bertha says:

    I like a shimmery cream shadow.

  270. Efrain says:

    I know Paris is more famous than other cities but we must not forget other places like Lebanon, Syria, even Mexico.

    Have a happy Sunday sweetheart.

  271. Cathy says:

    My favorite desert spices are cinnamon and pumpkin and my favorite “meal” spices are the Italian and Mexican spices, oregano, cumin, chili powder, etc.

  272. Chris says:

    If a baseball cap and sunglasses counts as a disguise, then YES! =)

  273. Adriana says:

    I’ve only started wearing eyeshadow for the past couple months, and I really REALLY want to get my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. *swoon*

  274. Barbara B says:

    Cinnamon everything!
    But pumpkin spice is good too lol!

  275. daniella says:

    “Moonrise Trainspotting”😁

  276. Sylvia says:

    My favorite eyeshadow is Wet N a Wild Nutty. The color is a perfect taupe for me and the formula is gorgeous, and best of all its $1.

  277. Katrina says:

    Matte eyeshadows are my favorite but I’m trying to incorporate more shimmer back into my life.

  278. Genesis says:

    I think cinnamon is my favorite spice.

  279. Miki says:

    Today’s my birthday!
    Miki recently posted … Most Repurchased Skincare Products

  280. Teresa says:

    Burt’s Bees came out with new lipsticks!

  281. Kim Henrichs says:

    Alien Fight Club! Have a good weekend!!

  282. Arlene says:

    My prayers go out to all in Paris and for the safety of everyone around the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our only problem was how can I make this world a better place for all mankind and to genuinely love one another?

  283. Lindsay says:

    Favorite spice is curry powder!

  284. Bruna says:

    My favorite spice is nutmeg.

  285. Deanna says:

    Favorite spice: cinnamon.

  286. Maggie says:

    Favorite eyeshadow formula is a mix between Dior, bareminerals (the palettes), and Viseart. If someone could create an in-between of all these worlds I would so buy it!

  287. Stacey says:

    My favourite spice is definitely cardamom! It is so lovely in sweet goods, and makes curries just right!

  288. Kalli Melia says:

    My favorite spice is chili!

  289. Jackie Kim says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon, especially around this time of year!

  290. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Cinnamon !

  291. Alexandra says:

    My absolute favorite eyeshadow and finish are the Diamond shades from the Makeup Forever Artist shadows!!!

  292. BlackAsphodel says:

    What’s your favorite spice? A combination of garlic powder & oregano on French fries.

  293. Anastassia says:

    What happened in Paris? Tragic. I feel so very sorry for all of the people who died and got injured. Have a nice week.

  294. Jordi says:

    I’m not sure we can officially count this as a spice, but ground ancho chili pepper is amazing in brownies, with everyone else’s favorite spice – cinnamon!

  295. Nika says:

    Praying for the entire world ❀️

  296. Sara says:

    Do costumes for Halloween count as a disguise? I usually do something each year for that.

  297. heather wesley says:

    I would love to learn about contouring and shading

  298. Sienna says:

    My fave spice is cardamom!

  299. Rachel says:

    Praying for Paris. I can’t even imagine how painful and hard this healing process is going to be.

    And on a lighter note, I love cinnamon. It is good in everything from churros to spaghetti. And red pepper.

  300. Ali says:

    The Naked 3 palette is my jam!

  301. Pamela Haddad says:

    How about: So I Married an Axe Murderer, Sherlock Holmes.
    We all need a little diversion after the tragic events of the past few days in Paris and Beirut. And we just found out that my husband will have a triple bypass on Thursday. But we are in good spirits.
    May you and your family be safe!

  302. wina says:

    what happened in paris was a shock. I don’t understand why people like to do stuff like that.

  303. Brittany says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula is Tarte’s Tartlette Palette. I love how smoothly it blends and leaves a gorgeous smokey finish. Definitely my fav. It makes me want to buy a backup… but that also seems a bit excessive lol

  304. Hayley says:

    Who is the most noble person you know?

    Jesus. And my Dad.

  305. monica says:

    I love the mix of spices in chai tea lattes! I think it’s mainly cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and pepper?

  306. Rayto says:

    My favourite spice is salt. I know it sounds unhealthy but salt does make food taste a lot better. Besides, our body needs sodium chloride to function.

    Go Salt Go!

  307. Anna says:

    I can’t believe it’s already November!! Perfect time to use cinnamon to make plenty of pumpkin and apple pies!!!

  308. Bonnie k says:

    My favourite spice is paprika!! It’s so good! I put it in everything, especially .. sweet potato friesss!!!

  309. TrippyPixie says:

    Favorite spice? Ooo, I’m obsessed with them…while I love sprinkling sea salt on my food, lemon pepper will always be my favorite.

  310. irene says:

    thank you for everything you do. you are appreciated <3

  311. Victoria says:

    I love matte eye shadows. In particular I am loving the Laura Mercier ones! So smooth and creamy. Although lately I’ve just been doing liner and no shadow. Saves a lot of time!

  312. Victoria says:

    Fight Club + The Breakfast Club = The Fight Club? haha

  313. cmb says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i love candy
    and makeup too!

  314. Amber says:

    I love cinnamon for sure!

  315. Shannon M says:

    Eyeshadow formula doesn’t matter so much to me, but I always find I have good results if I use a quality primer before applying shadow. Also, if I want bright colors to really pop, I start with a base of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

  316. Emily says:

    I like the Tom Ford has a nail polish called “Bitter Bitch”, but I don’t really like the color of it

  317. Sheri Holzel says:

    Just bought Viseart matte palette – luv it!

  318. Lisa says:

    I love curry. And our prayers are with France.

  319. Sandy says:

    My favorite spice has got to be cinnamon. I put it in my oatmeal, coffee and anything else I can think of.

  320. Jacqueline B says:

    I’m really loving the makeup forever eye shadows. They are super smooth, like butter! ahhh, I must have them all!

  321. Tara Hill says:

    Absolutely in love with Kat Von D!!! My favourite spice is Pumpkin spice in my coffee mmmm

  322. melody brown says:

    Cinnamon. And Garlic… Thank you for the chance!!!

  323. Alexandria says:

    I usually go for really shimmery and buttery powder eyeshadows (such as Urban Decay’s Naked palettes) but lately I have been really adoring a natural matte look, such as the ones I make with my Smashbox Full Exposure palette or Naked Basics πŸ™‚ Both of these are such high quality matte shadows, and are a great simple compliment to my favorite vampy fall lipsticks!

  324. Sus says:

    definitely cumin!

  325. Amber Y says:

    I love the list of questions you’ve offered up. Lots to choose from! My favourite spice has got to be cumin. I love the smell and the flavour and I add it to any dish I can!!

  326. Teddie says:

    Time to think about putting the summer fragrances away and going to Sephora for a fall/winter fragrance. Thanks for doing the giveaway~ not living our lives allows them to win.

  327. McWoo says:

    I remember when I found out about France I was shocked and saddened. It was that same feeling when I remembered 9/11. πŸ—ΌπŸ‡«πŸ‡·

    If I had to choose a title for any 2 movies; I would choose my two favorites lord of the rings and avengers so it would be Avenger of the Ring. πŸ€“

  328. Aenea says:

    Prayers for paris

  329. bridget says:

    My favorite spice at the moment is probably coriander. Super versatile and I feel like it adds WARMTH to a dish.

  330. Rayshawn says:

    I express my sympathies to France at this moment.

  331. knoet2007 says:

    yeah what’s the chance πŸ˜‰

  332. Gina B. says:

    So far, my favorite eyeshadow is MUFE. They are so buttery and almost no fallout!!! I do really prefer mattes at my age, but what the heck, who cares about rules? It’s make up, not law!!! Have fun!!!!
    Gina B. recently posted … Faith and Fear

  333. Oliwa Jacobson says:

    When Dirty Harry Met Sally Dancing! Lol! ( When Harry Met Sally and Dirty Dancing)

  334. My favorite spice is tumeric. πŸ™‚

  335. Frank says:

    I’ve been staying up for way too long again, but there’s still a lot to write. So I’ll just grab this chance on the way out πŸ˜€

  336. Aarti says:

    I used to mainly use eyeshadows with shimmer, but I have been loving the matte finishes lately! They look professional for the 9-5, but I can easily glam them up for night.

  337. Caitlin says:

    I’ve worn a fake moustache with an outfit as a disguise. The rest of me was sneaky sneaky; I only wore the moustache because I knew there was little chance of me being seen. So fun!

  338. Jacqueline McClain says:

    Pray for Paris

  339. Tiffany says:

    Stand By the Labyrinth! Haha.

  340. Kiki Mac says:

    How about a polish called “Yaas Qween”?

  341. Hannah says:

    My favorite spice is ‘extra spicy’ cinnamon from my local farmer’s market. It has 2x the concentration of volatile oils compared to regular cinnamon so it gives an extra zing to my recipes. Perfect for fall baking!

  342. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    I’m a cinnamon girl, I use it on everything. And I love anything that color, it is so Fall!

  343. XO, Noelle says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon πŸ™‚

  344. sabrina says:

    Nail polish color name- Whip it Red

  345. Sally says:

    The Nightmare Before Office Space

  346. Jennifer says:

    My eyebrows are growing in so nicely.

  347. Haley Uno says:

    I LOVE makeup geek eyeshadows! They’re so smooth and easy to apply/blend. Hands down the best eyeshadows I have ever used!

    Also my prayers go out to everyone in Paris/France <3

  348. Kaysie Douglas says:

    The most noble person I know is my dad. My dad had to raise me & my 3 siblings after a car wreck took my mom’s life when I was young. He managed to provide for us all before he provided for himself and he still does to this day. He is my hero and biggest role model and I love him so much for what he’s done!

  349. Karen Y. says:

    I definitely did some damage during the VIB sale. This is the perfect opportunity for buying stuff I’ve always wanted to try. I went a little crazy with lip products…

  350. Michelle L says:

    Have you ever worn a disguise? I wore a mask I bought in Venice for a ball party. Its an art form!

  351. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    I’m so happy with my mohawk <3

  352. Emily says:

    I love sourdough crisps from Costco.

  353. Toan Tran says:

    My favorite spice is curry powder.

  354. Angela Stevens says:

    I love the scent of cinnamon it smalls like home.

  355. Donna W. says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon – I always get that in my car as well

  356. brenda disimone says:

    I love formula x nail wraps they last a long time and look great !

  357. emmanuel says:

    #iloveparis very much

  358. Leah says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite spice! πŸ˜› And I love bronze-y eyeshadow πŸ™‚

  359. Krizzie says:

    I just bought Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush and I. CANNOT. WAIT! To try it heehee

  360. Jana says:

    I love the smell, the scent, the taste of cinnamon – IsaDora had an adorable limited edition lipstick out a few years ago…
    I love close to all of the Sleek palettes, they make me try out colours I would’t have bought otherwise.
    Eyeshadow is allowed to be metallic like Molten Chocolate in MakeUpRevolution’s Flawless palette. And I’m always looking out for duo-chrome effects.

  361. Julie Murphy says:

    my favorite spice is black pepper

  362. Jo says:

    Let’s talk about “About Last Night”…it was “Crazy Stupid Love”!!! πŸ™‚

  363. teodor says:

    Good luck

  364. Susan Christy says:

    Spices?!? Love them! My favorite is curry. The smell, the taste – oh I’m going to have to make chicken curry now!

  365. Gail says:

    Name for polish – No where to run Baby

    Prayers to France

  366. Hollie says:

    First, I want to say God bless all those in Paris who have been affected by yet, another inhumane tragedy. I just cannot wrap my mind around how these “people” think…. My favorite spice is garlic. I don’t care what I’m eating but if I add garlic, it’s 10 times better!!!

  367. Kelly says:

    Hey Karen! Hmm, if I combined two of my favorite movies, the title might be “500 Days Of Elf”. I must say, I watch Elf at least three times a year (once in July, at least twice in November/December), but I’m not sure about 500 days of it! I also love 500 Days of Summer, it’s such a great movie and one of the best interpretations of love and relationships I’ve seen. πŸ™‚
    Kelly recently posted … Covergirl Limited Edition Star Wars Lipstick in Lilac, Shade 20

  368. Majick says:

    Peace to ALL! Prayers for France! THank you for the opportunity to win a gift card. XO

  369. Sakura says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon!

  370. Kim says:

    Truly a tragedy for the people of France and their friends around the world. I hope they’ll be given support and shown compassion by all. <3

  371. deena becker says:

    Sephora is one of my favourite stores

  372. Amanda Nagy says:

    My favorite eyeshadow, hands down, is from NARS. Velvety smooth, richly pigmented, and easy to blend. I can’t remember my makeup life before NARS.

  373. Alyssa Lee says:

    I love cinammon. It has so many great uses and smells awesome.

  374. Kevin K says:

    Name for polish: Icy

  375. Birgit L. says:

    How about merging “Pillow Talk” with Doris Day and “The Hunger Games”?
    That be … “Hunger Talk” or “The Pillow Games”. Yep, I like the second one better. πŸ˜‰

  376. Grace says:

    I love Cardamon esp in Chai lattes πŸ™‚ I was looking at jams yesterday, and came across Quince jam, I think it’d make a cute polish too! the name not the jam lol Vive La France

  377. Vidya says:

    I love a good metallic eyeshadow with no glitter!
    Vidya recently posted … Sephora 20% VIB/VIB Rouge Sale Recommendations & Wishlist

  378. Nikolina says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula is matte!! πŸ™‚

  379. Andrea says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Paris. Pray for Paris, pray for the world.

  380. arijana birston says:

    i love sephora i love the makeup they have and love the birthday freebies/etc.

  381. gabby says:

    My favorite spice is cumin. Hands down, it just adds that something to anything. I use it on soups and meat dishes. It’s kinda of stinky but the taste is amazing

  382. Dawn says:

    My favourite spice is cinnamon

  383. Ida says:

    Once upon a time, Helena Rubenstein (which I can’t in the US anyway :'( ) had a liquid to powder eyeshadow. It was a little tube, you squeezed it out, it dried on your lid and lasted long without creasing. You couldn’t really blend it, but it lasted long and it was fun to put on.

    I don’t know it is my favorite eyeshadow formula, but I liked it a lot.

  384. TC says:

    Sleeping Beauty + Parent Trap = Sleeping Trap?

  385. Liz says:

    Just tried the Ardency Inn pigments and they are gorgeous!

  386. Ellen says:

    My favorite herb is oregano thyme, you have to grow it yourself!

  387. pegg says:

    Prayers for Paris and also the refugees πŸ™

    My favorite spice lately is cumin. I use it in main dishes and also recently tried it in a guacamole recipe. Added a nice flavor!

  388. Lena says:

    My favourite spice is cinnamon

  389. Wendy Gough says:

    Love Sephora !!! Promote inner & outer beauty.

  390. Eda G. says:

    I looove cinnamon, i love that it can substitute sugar

  391. Nikki says:

    The most noble person – Mother Theresa. If only I could do 1/4th of what she did in her life.

  392. laurie damrose says:

    The most noble person I know personally is my dad,and the pope

  393. Andrea says:

    A good name for a nail polish would be Nailed It. haha Not sure what color it would be though. πŸ™‚

  394. Ame says:

    Shimmery powder. MUFE Iridescent and Metallic seem to be clear winners right now. I used to love Cargo but they changed theirs considerably. I am a little miffed at MUFE right not for not properly labeling the Diamond line though — the glitterbombs that they are just cut the crap out of my eye. Never. Again.

  395. Daisy says:

    I thought of a few nail polish names:

    Paradise Breeze
    Fun in the Sun
    Bold and Beautiful

  396. Shars says:

    Right now I’m loving the Viseart matte eyeshadows!

  397. Lisa K says:

    I β™‘ Sephora!

  398. Jordan says:

    My dad is the most noble person I know.

  399. Liza says:

    I don’t know if this is a lame brand or not, but I really like the formula on Stars Makeup Haven shadows.

  400. Katie says:

    My favorite spice is cumin.

  401. christina p says:

    I definitely love cinnamon scents for Fall & winter.

  402. meka says:

    My favorite eyeshadow formula is probably MAC’s veluxe pearl!

  403. Trinh says:

    Thank you for being generous and doing these giveaway pretty often :).

    I am loving the mild weather we are having this Fall

  404. Andrea Darst says:

    Legends of the Dancing! (Legends of the Fall, Dirty Dancing)

  405. jessy says:

    my favorite spice is garlic! but cumin is a close second.

  406. Cynthia Richardson says:

    Raging Gump

  407. alice says:

    nutmeg or cloves…always reminds me of a pumpkin pie, which is so delicious.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  408. Oswald Lau says:

    It would be nice to win> Thank You sponsor.

  409. Piroska says:

    My favourite spice is paprika. Sweet Hungarian paprika.

  410. Lauren says:

    I love makeup! I have loved it since I was a kid watching my mom get ready every day taking time to do her eyeliner perfectly and sometimes she would put her favorite lipstick on me which made my day. It made me feel grown up like my beautiful mom.

  411. brittany says:

    been crazy about glam glow lately and would love a flashmud!

  412. Ellen says:

    Absolutely cinnamon!

  413. christine burd says:

    I like Cayenne for heat and cinnamon for sweet

  414. Maryna says:

    I light acandle for French people! Never give up!!!!

  415. Swati says:

    I love the smell of cumin πŸ™‚

  416. Alexandra says:

    My favourite eyeshadow formula is cream. So hard to find on today’s market. Wherever did they all go?

  417. Gaya says:

    Current favorite eyeshadow formula is Too Faced’s mattes, from the natural matte palette. Favorite spice is most definitely cinnamon; I add a teeeeny bit to my coffee every morning and it’s so so lovely.

  418. Jayasree says:

    My favorite spice is coriander seed powder

  419. Debbie says:

    My favorite spice is coriander, but I also love ginger.

  420. Audrey says:

    My favorite eyeshadow finish is satin!

  421. meghan says:

    My favorite spice, just going by how much I use it…would have to be garlic for savory food and cinnamon for sweet foods!

    Thanks for the giveaway Karen, I hope Monday was easy on you. πŸ™‚

  422. Maria R says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon! It’s soooo good.

  423. Clemence says:

    Love Viseart shadows!

  424. Rachel P. says:

    I have worn a disguise, more than once! I would make a great private eye or secret agent… if I could think a little quicker on my feet, hahah!

  425. Yazzi says:

    I love matte eye shadows… especially the Naked palettes!

  426. Kiyanna says:

    β€’Your favorite eyeshadow formula and finish? Matte
    β€’Have you ever worn a disguise? NO
    β€’What’s your favorite spice?Obay
    β€’Who is the most noble person you know? My Mom
    β€’What would be a good name for a nail polish color? Spicy Lady
    β€’Combine the titles of two of your favorite movies in a fun way (e.g., β€œThe Godfather at Tiffany’s”) Grease Big Momma’s House

  427. Valentina says:


  428. renu says:

    Favourite spice, very tough but I love star anise to smell and look at, while All spice is an amazing combination of clove and cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper!

  429. Julie Simpson says:

    My condolences to our ally and friends . I am a savory person my fav is black fresh ground pepper rosemary garlic more so that flavor profile. If my honey is coming over I put a. Little pot of water with vanilla and cinnamon on and let it simmer. Does wonders. Matte shadows are all I wear creme shadows tend to date you unless you’re an expert.

  430. Stephanie says:

    Sneaking in that late night comment like a ninja!

  431. Roz says:

    I really enjoy rosemary.

  432. kor says:

    I love milani matte everything.

  433. indayluvs says:

    I was so excited to see Daryl on TWD on Sunday!!

  434. Kathy says:

    Nail polish: La vie en rose

  435. Linda says:

    The news from Paris is terrible and disheartening. I’ve been focusing on French companies (Guerlain cosmetics, Dior perfume, Hermes scarves) – not much, but it keeps my mind on them while reminding me of all their great contributions.

    My favorite spice is cinnamon (looks like I’m not alone there). It reminds me of fall and is so delish (I like adding it along with some chopped apples into my oatmeal on cold morning).

  436. Tosha H says:

    It’s storming like crazy here, I love it!

  437. Natalie says:

    How about “The Bourne Ever After”. I love the Bourne Ultimatum and Ever After.

  438. Kiana says:

    I’d love to name nail polishes full-time, but I can pretend for now! I’d go for “Pom-Pomegranate Red” or “Royal Crush” for a deep purple color!

  439. Ree says:

    I love nutmeg <3

  440. Patti says:

    Been dying to try one of those Becca highlighters but they’re just so expensive!

  441. Rina Louise says:

    I’m so happy Glenn is alive on TWD. It’d be cool if Maggie could get a quick holiday makeover at Sephora in Alexandria. But it is the zombie-acocolypse after all! lol

  442. Letty Seidl says:

    Wow Karen, that’s all I can say. I came upon this page by accident. I don’t even know how and hope I’ll be able to locate it again. I’ve only recently gotten into makeup. I was raising four kids and working so my life was full. Now everyone is gone and I find myself lost. I used to volunteer everywhere because of my kids. Where they went, I went so it was a little difficult when all of a sudden I was at home, in a new city all alone. And a chronic illness to boot. I’m homebound and don’t really leave the house unless I have a doctor’s appointment or I visit my daughter that lives 3 blocks over. Anyway, I have really gotten into makeup and purchase as much as I can whenever I can. I watch youtube everyday. It makes me happy. Makeup makes me happy. Especially when I get a box in the mail that’s full of product because of a 50% off sale. Happy, happy happy. I’ve been thinking about starting my own beauty blog for mature women and mature skin but I had never actually looked into it seriously enough to search all the blogs out there. Your’s is the first and I have to say, it’s awesome. I don’t think I could ever do what you do. But I am very grateful that I found it because you a new loyal follower. Any advise would be greatly appreciated but that’s not why I’m in love with your page so no worries. I’ll just read and watch your video’s. By the way, Mac is my favorite cosmetic brand too. Keep doing what your doing. You’re awesome. I’m so sorry this was so long and I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to post this correctly because like I said before, I’m a major newbie. You may have to read this in sections. Lol. I noticed you asked for a URL and I have no idea what that is so I’m sorry if for screwing up that part.

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